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Old February 3rd, 2011, 04:19 PM
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A Real Hot Topic

(After a couple weeks of trying to get my previous account reinstated, I figured it would be better just to post my well-loved stories back up in the meantime. Enjoy!)

(A clean version of this story can be found on my DeviantArt, link located in my signature.)

High school is a time where you truly begin to find yourself.

What your style is, what your true attitude is?

And for me, I found out what my true sexuality was. After a couple years of denial, I finally told my parents I was gay. Surprisingly, they were pretty okay with it.

My friends, on the other hand?

The large group of friends I had amassed during my middle school and high school years had decided to shun me for being different. I had pretty much lost everything I had worked so hard for over the years because people suddenly found out I wasn't the one-dimensional skater stereotype they had expected.

Did it destroy me on the inside? Absolutely.

Who am I? My name is Trevor Lawrence. I currently attend UCLA and major in sports medicine, and I live a pretty unique life. I grew up rather well-off and I had what everyone wanted: a decent body (6'3, 160 pounds, mop of brown hair, a modest seven-incher that bulged perfectly in my skinny jeans), plenty of money, an amazing house, you name it. But the one thing money can't buy? Love.

I had found love during middle school in the form of Alexander. He's that one kid every school has: tall, scrawny, draped in black clothes and pale makeup, the town gothic. He was also one of those kids where, if you got to know him, you'd definitely fall in love with him. He was sweet, funny, and really just wanted to get where he wanted to be in life. He wasn't happy with his body or standing, but he dealt with it and kept going forth.

He was also the only person who cared enough to remain my friend when I had come out.

So naturally, all I wanted was to give a little back to him. He was self-conscious about the gym and didn't have the money to afford a membership, nor did he feel like he could successfully work out. As a graduation present, I decided I absolutely had to help him out? somehow, some way; he'd have the body he wanted.

On a whim I had been searching the internet to find fast ways to bulk Alex up for graduation, so he could show off to everyone as a final "FUCK YOU!" moment to the school that had shunned him. After a bit of searching, I had come across one of those novelty witchcraft sites that promised results to those deranged enough to believe in what they sold. You know what? I have money to blow and the clock is running out. Why the fuck not. I grabbed my credit card and bought the spell marked "Everything You Want", designed to morph your romantic interest into someone that matched their wildest dreams and fantasies. It didn't guarantee Alex would fall in love with me, but maybe I could work it in there.

Anywho, the instructions were simple: find an object or pair of objects, enchant said objects with the spell, get target to wear said objects, and let the magic do the rest.

I had seen Alex without a shirt on before, and one of his hottest features were the black nipple rings hanging from his pale chest. He had nose rings, ear piercings, there was even evidence he had a Prince Albert at one point, but those nipple rings were gorgeous and complimented him perfectly. What better object to try out the spell on?

So off to the mall I went, to the only place I could think of that sold what I was looking for: Hot Topic. The store gets a ton of shit now that the scene kids have claimed it for themselves, but occasionally they have decent stuff. And sure enough, in the jewelry cabinet hung a pair of two shiny silver nipple rings. I purchased them and headed back to my house. I made a circle around them with baking soda (they weren't specific when they said "powder-like substance") and placed the rings in the center, and went to work.

I take a look at the spell, briefly memorize it, and shut my eyes.

"Demon of my inner desire, come fourth and bring with you my fire, change his fate so he may show, what his heart and body know."

A light WHOOSH is heard as I open my eyes, and suddenly a spark ignites the baking powder. Fire begins spreading around the circle as I step back is slight fear, the fire growing more and more rampant, and with a BANG the fire starts to spread inward, five streaks heading directly for the rings. I watch intently and with a stare of awe as the flames envelope the rings, a purple glow cast from the center, and with another loud WHOOSH the flames dissipate entirely leaving the rings in the center? now glowing in the same purple glow that had been cast.

"Amazing?" I say under my breath as I grab the rings, slightly warm to the touch, and place them in the jewelry box that had come with them. I wrap the box in black plaid fabric and tie it off with a purple bow, place it next to my bed, and continue with my evening. When I return to head to sleep, the package seeming glows in the dark from the contents? only heightening my anticipation.

Tomorrow's going to be a good day.

I wake up the next day to my alarm and get dressed, tight purple tee hugging my youthful pecs, black skinny jeans accenting my lightly-toned legs and lovely package. I smile at the mirror and put on my lucky shoes, a pair of gray lace-up Vans with cyan laces, and grab Alex's present and walk out the door.

I make it to school and sit through the classes, my mind only focused on what will transpire from Alex's gift, and by the time school lets out (blessedly, graduation day is a half-day) Alex is nowhere to be found. In a mild panic I call him as I make it to the nearby park. After a brief Panic! At The Disco ringback, he answers.

"Hello?" His soft voice echoes through the phone.

"Hey Alex, it's Trevor. Where are you? I haven't seen you around all day!"

"Riiiight? HERE!" I feel a sudden tap on my shoulder and with a "HOLY SHIT!" I turn to see Alex with his normal cheerful smile, clad in a black studded vest with fishnet sleeves and baggy black cargo pants, his fair silver hair spiked up in all angles imaginable.

"Trevor." He says with a smile.

"Hey buddy, what's up?" I ask as I cross my arms.

"I was sitting down reading a book and saw you crossing over, figured you were trying to find me."

"Oh, yeah. I didn't know where you went."

"What's that in your hand?" He looks down at the black plaid package with a curious look.

"Oh, uh, it's for you. Kind of a last-day-of-school gift before graduation."

"Really? Thanks, Trev." He says as I give the gift to him. "Should I open it now?"

"Why don't you open it back at my place? I'll give you a ride."

"Sure, works for me."

We walk back to my car, the silver Camero everyone stares at in jealousy when they pass by, and hop in. We speed off to my house, my anticipation only becoming more and more apparent as we head into my gated community, and we make it to my opulent Mission-styled mansion. My family is unsurprisingly still out doing their jobs, so I've got the house to myself.

"Dude, how many times have I told you I love your house?" Alex says as he gets out of the car. He was a regular guest and my parents adored him, so he was rather comfortable in the lavish environment.

"Heh, I think we're nearing fifty." I say with a smile as I get out. "You're going for the high score."
"I am a gamer, after all." He says with his usual happy look. How can someone so adorably cheerful be as unpopular as he is?

We walk inside of the house and head into the airy three-level open living room, where Alex flops onto the couch and stretches. I grab a Code Red for him and a Sprite for myself, and we bask in the silence as we sip our sugary sodas of choice. Finally, I break the silence.

"So how about the gift?"

"Oh, of course, derp." He chuckles as he pulls the present from one of his many pockets. He neatly unties the purple ribbon and unravels the plaid fabric. "You put some time into this, man."

"It has to be perfect, after all." I smirk.

Finally, the black box with the Hot Topic logo is revealed. "Hot Topic? You went in there for me? How precious."

"I still have hives." I joke. "Go ahead, open it!"

Alex pops open the lid. "Holy shit dude." He says as he pulls out the rings, the eerie glow not apparent but the rings now a metallic purple color. "I just broke my last pair? you're a lifesaver." He says with a wide grin. "Thanks so much man. I would have gotten you something, but you know the money situation."

"Of course I do, don't worry. Why don't you put them on?"

"Hah, sure." He stands up and unbuttons his vest, revealing his scrawny chest and protruding ribs, and pops the rings in one-by-one. He turns to me with a smile. "How do they look?"

"Awesome, really awesome?" I start breathing heavily, waiting for the magic to get into gear.

Alex starts to sweat a bit, and sure enough asks that I turn up the air conditioning. "Sure, of course." I head over to the thermostat and hear a loud CLANK and a couple moans and grunt, with a slight smile I turn to see Alex on the floor, breathing heavily. He lets out a loud groan and says my name between deep, harried breaths. I stand back, my face slightly concerned? he is my best friend after all.

With a loud "AUGH!!" his chest starts to push outward, his nipples moving to the side as his pecs swell, his stomach visibly contracting. His shoulders broaden to make room for the meaty mountains forming beneath, a deep crevice forming between them. His abdominals had begun hardening, his definition-less stomach becoming rigid as grooves form on his skin, crunching into six deep, defined bricks.

The fishnets on his arms soon begin to rip and tear, a vein snaking down his arms as his frail bicep begins filling out, distinct indents forming as his forearms thicken and pulse, his lanky upper body already starting to put my lean, toned torso to shame. Alex's neck slightly thickens, his youthful face sharpening and becoming more handsome, his pale makeup sweating off revealing lightly tanned, golden skin.

He thrusts his crotch in the air, popping the buckle on his cargo pants sending them sliding down his glistening legs, the tan color already spreading towards his feet, his black boxer-briefs starting to bulge from the crotch? of course he wanted a package.

I feel my own member begin to swell as Alex's slight thighs expand, becoming thick and rounded, his calves quickly filling out, like rounded diamonds. I look back up to his face and see very little of Alex's former youthful look. His hair has become a deep gold color, black streaks running through the glorious mane, his eyeliner becoming more apparent, black swirls emanating from his eyes as he writhes on the ground. He thrusts himself up yet again, revealing a taut, muscular ass stretching the fabric of his briefs, his package even more apparent. Black and purple tribal tattoos snake around his bicep and down his arms, a large gothic chestpiece forming on thick, square pecs.

With a loud gasp, he falls to the ground, motionless.

Gone was the skinny, youthful Alex. In his place was a golden-skinned god who looked like he played guitar for the best punk band in the world. His fishnets had ripped, leaving his vest as a tank-top, his substantial biceps straining the sleeve holes. His entire body sparkled in the sunlight, the sheen of sweat only accentuating his gorgeous, cut abs and bulbous pecs barely concealed by what was left of his vest. His body was a canvas of gothic art, delicate patterns drawn all over him, an illustrated "tear" on his left arm showing red flesh below, his pecs covered in stylized spiderwebs with a skull nestled in the middle.

He was utterly gorgeous.

He also wasn't breathing.

"Oh shit!" I yell as I snap out of admiring the man before me and realize my best friend wasn't moving. I kneel down next to him, intimidated by his new form, and feel his neck for a pulse.


Tears start welling up in my eyes and a concerned, deeply afflicted look takes over my face as I start pumping his stomach, trying to get him to breathe. Not even thinking, I attempt a bit of mouth-to-mouth as the tears start dropping onto my friend. "Please Alex, please? don't do this?" I say in a quivering voice. "Please? please? don't?" I keep pumping his stomach and trying to get him to awaken, but no avail.

With a final pump I fall back onto the floor, weeping. I look around the room, contemplating calling 911. I curl up against a wall and silently cry into my jeans.

I look back to Alex as he lies motionless on the floor, scrawled out across the tile.

"It wasn't supposed to kill you."

For what seemed like eternity, I just stared at the still body of my friend, looking for any sign of life.
With a loud gasp and the bang of his head whacking against the floor, Alex's eyes opened. I can't say I didn't hit my head on the wall in surprise as well.

"What the fuck happened?" He said in a deeper voice, sitting up slightly causing his abs to contract, rubbing the back of his head causing his bicep to ball up. I caught a view of his back, now gloriously tapered and defined, before he looked over at me. "Trevor?" He says as he yawns and stretches his arms. "Did I like, faint or something?"

A wide smile crosses my face as he looks at me with a confused face.

"What, what is it?" Alex says as he turns to look at his stomach, and his eyes go wide. Frantically he looks at his chest, then his legs, then back to his stomach. He sits up slightly again, mesmerized by his abs, before catching a glimpse of his arms. He hesitantly brings it close to him, causing his bicep to swell, and I try not to squeal like a teenage girl. His mouth drops open as he keeps curiously flexing, you can tell he's trying to make sense of everything.

"Do you like it?" I ask with a grin.

"What happened!?" He continues looking at his body, bringing his right hand to his pecs and giving them a firm squeeze, causing him to visibly shudder. He brings his hand down to his abs and then his legs, squeezing and feeling all of his new muscles, briefly admiring the art on his body before he reaches back and hefts himself up. He dizzily stands up and falls back against the wall, losing his cargo pants and shoes in the process. He shakes his head a bit, causing the mane of long, golden locks to flutter around. I get a side-view of his package? he most certainly had me beat.

"This is your house, right?" He says as he curiously looks around his surroundings.

"Yeah?" I say, slightly confused.

Alex starts off toward the bathroom, looking around the house as if he had just seen it for the first time. As he heads out I see his cargo pants start to visibly change, the sound of fabric straining becoming apparent as the material morphs to black denim, pockets disappearing, a new buckle forming, gold stitching now prevalent. I take a look at the tag, the formerly generic brand now read "7 For All Mankind", a majorly glamorous and majorly expensive clothing brand. The remains of his fishnets dissolved, his worn shoes turning into a pair of the premium black high-top Vans with black and red Quiksilver socks appearing beside them. A black studded leather belt formed in the belt loops of his jeans, and a gray Volcom baseball tee with purple sleeves appeared on the counter. It looks like the spell didn't just affect his body; it affected his lifestyle as well.

With an "OH MY GOD" echoing from the bathroom I dart over, only to see Alex's plain black-studded vest morphing into a black down vest with a hood popping out of the back. The silver studs morphed into buttons, and a red bird outline weaved its way onto the right side of the vest. The Hollister bird symbol.

Alex was staring at the mirror, mesmerized. His eyes has turned from a muddy brown to a shimmering forest green, and it looked as if he were getting lost in them.

"You never answered my question." I say with a smile as I lean against the doorframe with crossed arms.

"Huh?" He turns to be with a still-confused look.

"Do you like it?"

Alex turns back to the mirror.

"I don't even know what happened. Is this? me?" He continues to look over his body, his face becoming a slight grin.

"It's one-hundred percent you, dude." I take a moment to admire his tight ass, his briefs perfectly accentuating both ends of his torso. My god, his package was amazing.

Alex looked over to me with a curious face, only to see my gaze transfixed onto the front of his briefs. He reached down and gave his crotch a firm squeeze, moaning lightly at the feeling.

"Can I see it?" I ask in a hushed tone, my cock now visibly outlined in my skinny jeans.

With that, Alex reached into his briefs and pulled out the monster he now possessed.

As he unraveled the hose hidden in his underwear, I noticed it starting to tense. Alex looks up at me with a smile. "See what you do to me?"

With a deep breath and kneel down in front of Alex and get eye-level with his thick member, watching it begin to harden? it was incredible. As the monster unfurled, veins pulsing with blood, I noticed the thick head had a shining silver ring attached to the bottom. "I thought you got rid of your Prince Albert?"

"I never said I wanted to?" He jokes as he tenses his cock in front of me. I reach up and begin massaging his member, feeling its power in my hands, monstrous in length? with one deep breath, I began to gorge myself on his rod. Licking the head and soon taking it as far into my mouth as I could, he was irresistible. Alex only shuddered and moaned as I went to work, his firm hands now placed on my head? I look up at him with lusty eyes as he slowly thrusts into my mouth. He starts going faster and faster, I desperately try to keep up and take him as far as I can, when he lets out a loud moan of pleasure and he explodes into me.

I suck down as much of his seed as I can, not wasting his sweet release, watching his abs crunch with each load? I grunt loudly as wet spot appears in my jeans, no doubt my own release. Alex pulls himself out of my mouth with a grin, and between deep breaths manages to stutter "That? was? amazing?"

I stand myself up and look deep into the emerald forest of his eyes, and I go in for a kiss. He follows through and we are soon down on the floor, rolling around, making out like it was meant to be. Suddenly, Alex stops and looks up at me with a concerned face.

"What is it?" I ask between breaths.

"Take me. Please." He begs, his face looking as if he were about to cry.

I smile wide and Alex suddenly flips around, surrendering his taut ass to me. I make quick work of my jeans and pull out my cock, the scent of my own release present, and I plunge into him with a loud groan.

I thrust deep into his powerful cheeks, penetrating him quickly, my lean abs and pecs rubbing all over his tapered back. Alex and I begin moaning in time as I bury myself in him, like I had never wanted anything more, when Alex grunts and I see a thick load pool on the floor beneath him. I shut my eyes as climax feels inevitable, and I latch onto him with all my strength and a tormented scream I spew my seed into his tight ass. Alex moans in unison as he bucks back into me, giving me the resistance I need to continue. As my loads slow and I lose my energy, I collapse onto Alex's powerful back with a grunt of approval. Alex slowly flips himself over, smearing his seed on my leg, and gives me a powerful hug and a graceful kiss.

"Thanks, Alex." I say with an apologetic smile. "It looks like my gift worked out for the both of us."

"It wasn't the gift that made me fall in love with you." Alex smiles. We go back in for another kiss, and after a playful shower and getting dressed in our best clothes, we walked down the aisle at graduation. We may have been met with silence, but our love for each other drowned out anything they could have said.

He had everything he wanted.

He was everything I needed.
This is alwaysmyway, my account was mistakenly banned so I'm temporarily taking up residence on this account.

You may find my stories on my DeviantArt and CYOC pages as well as here on Evolution.


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i love the characterization, very fun & real. Would love to have seen alex try out his new cock on trev xp

all the same great story!
just my thoughts as a writer

Things happen.
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very hot
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Thanks you two. This is probably my favorite story I've done because it was written more or less as a twisted love story, the sex scene was written in later but flows nicely enough.
This is alwaysmyway, my account was mistakenly banned so I'm temporarily taking up residence on this account.

You may find my stories on my DeviantArt and CYOC pages as well as here on Evolution.


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