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Old February 25th, 2011, 12:08 PM
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Brian's Chest: Part 2

[COLOR=Silver]The following work of fiction portrays men in sexual situations. Please do not read if you are not interested in stories written for erotic purposes, if [/COLOR][COLOR=Silver]you are not of legal age, or if it is illegal for you to read sexually explicit material in this format or through this medium.

All characters in this work are fictional. As such, they are immune to any and all types of infectious diseases, including the AIDS virus. You are not fictional and therefore you are not immune. Follow safer sex guidelines (which can be found here) or risk having some brainless disease write the ending of your life story for you.

Copyright 2011 by [email protected][/COLOR]

Part 1

[COLOR=Silver]Brian’s Chest
Part 2

[COLOR=Silver]Brian drove home in a state of confusion, trying to comprehend what had just occurred at the gym. It was like Eddie had been coming on to him, feeling his chest and asking for his phone number. It seemed impossible that a big dude like that could be interested in guys. Hell, he’d seen Eddie with his girlfriend lots of times. She was a fitness model, a beautiful woman that any guy would kill to be with.

[COLOR=Silver]So why had he given Eddie his number? Surprise, probably – the request came out of the blue, after all, and they’d always been kinda friendly at the gym. Obviously whatever Eddie was thinking he, Brian, was in a whole different frame of mind and he’d make that very clear if the big guy ever actually called. He probably wouldn’t. He was probably embarrassed after he saw how quickly Brian got of there. It’d probably be all weird next time they saw each other.

[COLOR=Silver]At home he had his post-workout protein shake and then took a shower. He relaxed under the hot water and convinced himself it had all been some sort of misunderstanding. Maybe Eddie thought he was weird because of how he reacted. When they did see each other again Brian decided he’d act like nothing had happened and they were just two buddies from the gym, both trying to get big.

[COLOR=Silver]Through the sound of the water he heard his cell phone ringing in the bedroom. He froze, one hand cupping the heavy mass of his left pec and the other holding his balls, then slowly turned his head and looked through the shower curtain at the distorted room beyond the bathroom door. It was probably Stuart or one of the guys calling about where they were meeting up that night. They’d leave a message and he’d call them later in the weekend to say he hadn’t been in the mood.

[COLOR=Silver]It rang for a long while and finally stopped. It was only then that he realized he was holding his breath. He shook his head, turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. While he was drying himself the phone rang again. This time he padded into the bedroom and looked down at it on the bed. He didn’t recognize the number.

[COLOR=Silver]“Hello?” he said after finally convincing himself to answer.

[COLOR=Silver]“Hey, what’s up? It’s Eddie.”

[COLOR=Silver]“Hey man,” he replied in a quiet voice.

[COLOR=Silver]“Where you at?” the big man asked. It sounded like he was outside and Brian could imagine the Latino bodybuilder striding across the parking lot of the gym on the way to his car. He’d seen him driving up to the place and knew he drove a big red SUV.

[COLOR=Silver]Brian gave Eddie directions and the other man told him he’d be over in a little while. Afterwards he stood there with the cell phone in one hand and a damp towel in the other and wondered what the hell was happening.

[COLOR=Silver]When the doorbell rang Brian was sitting on the sofa trying to watch a sitcom. He’d dressed in sweat pants and a tight t-shirt though all his t-shirts had become so tight lately there wasn’t much of an option in that department. When he opened to door Eddie seemed to fill doorway, his freshly pumped body gleaming under the porch light. He smiled and said hello but Brian couldn’t miss the way the big guy’s eyes fell and lingered a moment on the tight fit of his shirt across his chest.

[COLOR=Silver]With both of them sitting down the sofa seemed a lot more crowded but that was because Eddie took up so much of it. They talked about the gym for a while, about the machines that needed to be fixed and the smelly guy who always had some part of the workout floor to himself. Eddie mentioned the contest he was preparing for in May. Last year he’d come in second in his weight class and this year he was determined to win. It was all innocent talk but out of the blue Eddie changed the tone of the conversation.

[COLOR=Silver]“So what’ve you been taking?” he asked as his eyes once again studied Brian’s body. “You’ve been getting big lately so I guess you found some good stuff.”

[COLOR=Silver]“No, I haven’t,” Brian answered uneasily. “It’s kinda weird but I guess I just it a growth spurt or something.”

[COLOR=Silver]Eddie laughed but not unkindly. He had one big arm on the back of the sofa with his hand resting just behind Brian’s head. He reached across with the other one and slid it around the mass of Brian’s left pec, his finger brushing the plump nipple that was clearly visible through the tight cloth. Brian couldn’t hold back an involuntary gasp.

[COLOR=Silver]“You trying to tell me all this is natural?” Eddie asked with a smile but his voice was lower now and he didn’t seem to expect an answer.

[COLOR=Silver]He slid closer while massaging Brian’s chest with one big paw. The hand on the back of the couch palmed the back of Brian’s head and pulled him over until his cheek was right up against Eddie’s deltoid muscle. Brian heard himself saying some nonsense words about there being a misunderstanding, that somehow Eddie had gotten the wrong impression but neither of them paid much attention and soon the words died away.

[COLOR=Silver]Eddie was grabbing his chest through the shirt now, tightly gripping the muscle while pinching his nipple. It was like nothing Brian had ever felt before and he moaned with a mixture of pleasure and pain. No woman had ever played with his chest like that and he’d never done it himself when he was jerking off. Somehow Eddie seemed to know exactly what to do.

[COLOR=Silver]One of Brian’s hands was tightly squeezing Eddie’s massive thigh while the other was clawing at the sofa. Eddie turned his face up to his and kissed him hard, his tongue forcing its way into his mouth and sucking the very life from him. The big man kissed him while his other hand continued its assault on Brian’s pecs, almost splitting the tight fabric of his t-shirt.

[COLOR=Silver]“How’d you get such a fucking big chest?” Eddie asked pulling back from the kiss. His voice was husky and his eyes dark as he stared down at Brian. “You were driving me crazy walking around the gym with your tits out like that.”

[COLOR=Silver]“I dunno,” Brian whispered, his tongue running across his sore lips. “They just – they’re just getting bigger.”

[COLOR=Silver]“Get that fucking shirt off,” Eddie demanded but didn’t wait for Brian and began pulling it up and over the smaller man’s head and threw it aside. He looked down at the swollen, rounded mass of Brian’s chest, so out of proportion despite the rest of his tight, muscular physique. Then with a growl he bent forward and latched onto one of the distended, puffy nipples and began to suck aggressively. Brian’s back arched and a low moan escaped from his mouth as the sensations from his chest overwhelmed his brain.

[COLOR=Silver]Eddie slid off the sofa and on to his knees, maneuvering between Brian’s legs and wrapping his arms around his waist. He continued to suck and chew at Brian’s nipples, one and then the other, making them wet with his saliva. At first Brian tried pulling the other man’s head away, unable to handle the sensation but soon he had his arms wrapped around Eddies head, pulling him hard into his chest. A moment later his legs were likewise wrapped around the big Latino’s small waist and he gave up any pretense of trying to resist.

[COLOR=Silver]Dimly he felt Eddie’s hands slide down his lower back and into his sweats, cupping his ass. Suddenly the big man pulled back, breaking the grip of Brian’s legs and slid his sweats the length of his thighs, past his knees and then off his bare feet. Brian’s legs remained raised and spread for a moment and Eddie looked down through them at the other man, mouth open but eyes half closed, his chest pumped and heaving. Even as Brian dropped his legs and tried to cover his hard dick with his hands Eddie had reached forward with one big hand, sliding it back around his waist and jerking the smaller man forward in a tight, possessive grip. With his other hand he grabbed and twisted Brian’s distended nipple causing him to cry out.

[COLOR=Silver]“You like that, don’t ya baby,” he growled and then kissed him hard once more. “You like me playin’ with these big titties.”

[COLOR=Silver]Brian did like it but he didn’t know how to say it aloud. He couldn’t bring himself to speak and acknowledge that he’d never been as turned on as he was now with some big muscle dude on top of him working his chest.

[COLOR=Silver]Eddie, still fully clothed, began to grind his crotch into Brian’s causing him to moan uncontrollably. The stimulation to his chest and dick were overwhelming and Brian began to shake as his legs once more tightened around the big Latino bodybuilder. Eddie’s massive arms held him close and Brian was grabbing the other man just as hard.

[COLOR=Silver]Through the sounds of their passion Brian suddenly heard the tinny notes of a salsa tune. Eddie ignored the sound for a moment then pulled back, snarled “Fuck!” and fumbled at the pockets of his sweat pants. He pulled out his cell phone and put a warning finger to his lips as he answered.

[COLOR=Silver]“Hey baby…nah, I’m just finishing up.”

[COLOR=Silver]Brian lay there for a moment, panting and looking up at Eddie, but jumped as the Latino bodybuilder’s big, calloused hand closed tightly around his dick. With a warning looking the big bodybuilder slowly began stroking the smaller man, making Brian’s back arch up off the sofa.

[COLOR=Silver]“Sure, I can do it on the way home,” Eddie continued, a smile curling at the corner of his mouth.

[COLOR=Silver]He continued his conversation with his girlfriend while also manipulating the smaller man who was gritting his teeth in an effort to keep silent. By now Brian’s own hands were on his chest, digging deep into the twin rounded masses of muscle, pulling at the erect nipples. He felt a growing heat in his groin and his mouth fell open as he began to jerk uncontrollably.

[COLOR=Silver]Eddie quickly cut short his phone call and hung up on his girlfriend just as Brian began shooting high up onto his chest. It seemed to go on forever, covering his torso and draining his very heart and soul. Afterwards he lay there gasping for breath while Eddie stood over him, smirking and shaking his head.

[COLOR=Silver]“That was hot,” the big man grunted, then added, “Next time I gotta fuck you.”

[COLOR=Silver]Next time? There wouldn’t be a next time, Brian thought as he watched the Latino bodybuilder turn and head out the front door, closing it behind him. Somehow he had to make sure there was never a next time.[/COLOR]

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Old February 26th, 2011, 03:54 PM
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Wow that was hot. Big hot pecs are an eternal turn-on...
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the biggest stud of all?
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Old February 27th, 2011, 04:44 AM
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Mdlftr will become famous soon enough
I hope Brian's chest keeps getting bigger! Maybe he could find he falls over more often!

Hyooge pecs are certainly a turn on! Loving the descriptions of the tight shirts -- and the reactions from Eddie:

"How?d you get such a fucking big chest?? Eddie asked pulling back from the kiss. His voice was husky and his eyes dark as he stared down at Brian. ?You were driving me crazy walking around the gym with your tits out like that.?
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