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Muscle Growth Fantasies and Story Ideas Got a great idea for a muscle growth story or want to share some of your growth fantasies? Post them here!

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Myostatin research

(this is real)There is a real buzz in the muscle development industry about myostatin research. I can't remember the actual name of the project, but it is being done at John -Hopkins univ. The basics are that muscles are programmed to grow but the body has a regulator to keep things to a certain size -myostatin. The researchers have experimented with ways to block the myostatin and so this would give more muscle size- a lot more. in one of the articles published they showed a super- mouse it was almost 3 times the size of its normal -same brood brothers. And they say that it had no side effects (but they said that it was a bit a tough guy compared to the others- it was not nervous and jumpy about being handled. They mainly were making this experiment for muscle wasting diseases, but a reporter for a bodybuilding magazine also suggested that if it were adapted for bodybuilding that we would probably see 7, 8, or even 9 foot bodybuilders weighing up to 1000lbs!
This would even help us pack on considerable muscle size, if they were to develop it for the supplement industry. But the researchers kept formulas in house. Supplement companies heard about the research and started making their own mixtures (not the real formula). That's what we are seeing on the shelves now -stuff with "myo" in the name, I bet if they were truly myostatin blockers that the guys in the before/after pics would be packing more than 50lbs of new muscle. (I know I would not be satisfied with losing 15lbs of fat and gaining 10lbs of muscle- it would look good, but wouldn't you pack on another 30, 50 or more lbs if you could?) The basics about myostatin blockers was in the muscle mags a few years ago. The supplement company that really gets the proper info and adapts it to bodybuilding will have guys knocking down doors to get it. So I think it would make a few interesting story ideas
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