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Bait and Switch

*This is my first try at writing something so let me know if more or no more is what you want*

As Antonio stepped out from the warm interior of the Metropolitan Opera House, he removed his black, lambskin leather gloves from the deep, silk-lined pockets of his thick, cashmere coat. He then proceeded to work them onto his masculine, yet beautifully manicured hands, adjusting one or two of his rings along the way.
?Ah. What a night!? he exclaimed, to no one in particular.
Strutting down the main steps of the performance house, Antonio could not help but feel stimulated and alive. The performance he had just witnessed had been both mesmerizing and erotic. Actually, the entire evening was turning out to be sheer perfection and it filled him with great pleasure ? he was looking hot in his brand new, perfectly tailored tuxedo, he had a wallet filled with cash just aching to be blown and he was feeling particularly playful.
Pausing, for a moment, on the edge of the main courtyard, near one of the many fountains, Antonio scanned the crowd of departing patrons. He hoped, but doubted, that he would spot someone he knew. Perhaps, he thought, the young, suited stud he had shared a drink with earlier in the evening would meet up with him, even if it meant that his fianc?e had to join them. The night was young; he was edging for a good time and was hoping to do it in the company of another.
It was not until he was just about to give up his search that a deep and seductive voice from behind him played across his ears.
?So, sexy, where are you heading tonight?? the male voice asked.
Before Antonio turned, he immediately knew, from the smooth tone, who spoke these words.
?Ricardo, my friend,? Antonio responded, as he turned to face the man now.
?Antonio, you stud,? Ricardo replied, taking his friend into his arms to apply a very firm and intense hug.
?How are you?? Antonio questioned, as he pulled back now to get a good look at his friend.
?I?m doing well. Very well,? Ricardo noted, as he too pulled back to eye his friend up and down.
?Damn, look at you. You are one hot mother fucker,? Antonio barked, as he took inventory of the man standing before him.
?Yeah, well, you are not so bad yourself,? Ricardo barked back with a wicked smirk on his thick lips.
The two men stood now and allowed their eyes to work upon one another.
Antonio was never disappointed when he looked upon the image of his friend Ricardo ? tall, dark and irresistibly handsome, the man was drool-worthy. With a beautiful head of thick, jet-black hair that brushed his broad shoulders, piercing blue eyes that spoke to the soul and smooth, lick-able, sun kissed skin, the man was a vision to behold and lust over. Antonio, having spent countless hours in the gym with him, also knew that every inch of Ricardo?s 6?3? frame was sculpted to near perfection under his precisely tailored garments.
As Ricardo stood before him now, Antonio ? almost unable to believe it possible ? was startled even more by his captivating good looks. The man was dressed to the nines from head to toe. Antonio could only assume, dressed as he was, that his friend was coming from the same formal venue.
?Enjoy the show?? Antonio questioned, as he continued to give his friend the once over.
?Perhaps,? Ricardo replied, as he remained in his place, allowing his friend the pleasure of ogling him in public.
?Good, but you should have told me you were coming. We could have come together,? Antonio commented, as he continued along his visual feast.
What struck Antonio most about Ricardo?s appearance was the beautiful, thick, black leather trench coat that he wore over his tuxedo. It framed the tailored suit to perfection. The scent of the leather was intoxicating too and it mixed delightfully with Ricardo?s heady cologne. The combination was perfect for a man so strikingly masculine and butch. With this top coat, Ricardo wore a long, white, silk scarf, as well as a pair of black leather gloves ? two perfect additions that only enhanced the overall look more.
?I?m sorry. It was a last minute decision,? Ricardo replied, as he belted up his leather trench. ?Shall we continue this discussion over drinks??
?Sure, why not?? Antonio responded, as he belted his own thick top coat.
As the two men strode down the last set of steps, leading to the main sidewalk, their attention turned to a disturbance at the curb. There, before them, was a construction crew, packing things up for the night. It appeared to Antonio that the crew had been working on one of the many recently formed sinkholes, which were a product of the heavy rains they had had over the last week. The city currently seemed to need an around-the-clock crew when it came to maintenance and repairs.
?Damn, I?d hate to be working this late at night,? Ricardo commented.
?I know. It?s a shame, isn?t it?? Antonio replied, as he proceeded to skirt the area where the men were loading their equipment into a utility truck.
Ricardo made a move to follow his friend when, suddenly, one of the construction workers started in on him.
?Hey, mother fucker, watch where you are going!? the filthy, blue-collar grunt barked.
?Uh, excuse me, asshole, but there?s no need to mouth off at me. I can see you and your pack,? Ricardo replied, as he took a step back and away.
?Well, fucker, I can smell you coming a mile away. Ya may want to cut back on the cologne dude,? the guy replied, as he stepped closer to Ricardo.
?Yeah, well, you may want to invest in some. You smell like the sewer you crawled out of,? Ricardo barked back.
?Hey! Knock it off guys. Cool it Dick. Leave the guy alone,? a second construction worker suddenly shouted.
?Damn, Vin, I was just playing with the guy,? Dick barked back to Vinny, his co-worker, as he kept his fierce gaze on Ricardo.
?Yeah, Ricardo, let?s go,? Antonio suddenly stepped in and pulled his friend away.
?Yeah, Ricardo, go off and play with your pretty boyfriend,? Dick muttered just loud enough for Antonio to hear.
?Don?t let that jerk get to you man,? Antonio commented, as he escorted Ricardo across the street. ?He?s just envious,? he continued, feeling the intense stare of Dick on their backs.
?Yeah, you?re right, I can?t let it get to me, but some guys?,? Ricardo replied, clenching his gloved hands into fists.
?I know man. I know. Say no more. Just fuck it. Let?s focus on getting our private party for two started. I?ve got a wallet full of cash just burning a hole in my pocket,? Antonio noted.
?Nice,? Ricardo replied, as a grin returned to his full lips.
As the two men strode down the sidewalk, keeping pace with one another, both men couldn?t help but notice the glances they were getting from those passing by.
?Jeez, you?d think these people have never seen two sharp dressed men walking together,? Ricardo noted.
?Uh, I have a feeling it?s not the two of us they are checking out, but him?,? Antonio replied, as he raised a gloved hand and pointed to the street.
There, sitting in the open flatbed of the utility truck ? which was now slowly moving down the street ? was the obnoxious construction worker, Dick, making obscene gestures and faces at Ricardo and Antonio.
?Fuck, this guy just doesn?t give up,? Ricardo barked, as he glared at the guy who had undone the zipper to his work coverall and was now flashing his very fleshy testicles at the two of them, while licking his lips and making vulgar sucking sounds.
?Come on, this guy is absolutely nuts. Let?s get off of the street and inside. We can wash away that alarming image with a drink or two,? Antonio replied, as he sized up the street and scanned it for the closest drinking establishment.
?Sure, that sounds good to me. I guess any place will do for now,? Ricardo commented, as he led Antonio through the closest door, keeping one eye on the utility truck as it rolled to a stop just down the street.
Within minutes of entering the bar, the two formally dressed men could tell that their situation, and probably their entire evening, was rapidly deteriorating.
?Uh, maybe we should look for another place to have a drink,? Antonio commented to Ricardo as they foolishly went deeper into the dim, smoke-filled room.
They could feel many sets of eyes watching them as they awkwardly approached the edge of the bar. Oddly enough, the two handsome men ? normally the center of attention and comfortable in almost any situation ? suddenly felt very out of place, but Ricardo wasn?t willing to give in so easily.
?No,? Ricardo replied, as he unbelted his leather trench. ?I need a drink pretty bad now. This place will have to do, not to mention the fact that that freak is still out there. I saw his truck slow down as we entered this place.?
?Damn. You?re kidding me.? Antonio replied with a look of concern on his face.
?No man, I wish I was,? Ricardo stated, as he turned now to place his order with the surly bartender who was quickly growing impatient with them.
?Can I get a vodka scotch?? Ricardo asked the gruff bartender.
?I don?t know. Can you?? the bartender replied with a snicker, as he eyed the two formally dressed studs up and down.
?Well, I guess that?s up to you,? Antonio interjected, as he slid his leather gloves off.
?Yeah, I guess it is,? the bartender snorted, ?that and a lot more,? he added with a depraved grin.
?Uh, can I just get my drink?? Ricardo questioned with an edge of attitude in his deep voice.
?Yeah, I?ll get right on that Mr. Bond. Shaken, not stirred. I got it,? the bartender replied with a sneer, as he turned away.
?Damn, this is not the night I was hoping for,? Antonio commented, as he looked around the seedy bar, taking note of the rough and tough atmosphere.
?Well, we can hit the road right after I bang back this drink and hopefully that lunatic will be gone when we get outside,? Ricardo commented, as his dark eyes locked with Antonio?s.
?A lunatic, huh?? a booming voice from behind them suddenly barked.
As the two formal studs slowly turned to view the origin of this outburst, they suddenly found themselves face to face with Dick, as well as his co-worker Vinny.
The two blue-collar grunts stood only inches apart and just a few feet away from Antonio and Ricardo. They were no longer wearing their work coveralls; instead, they were both dressed in their sweaty street clothes.
Dick was in a pair of tight and torn, black-colored jeans, as well as a white, cotton wife beater that he wore like a second skin on his ample upper-body muscles. On his feet, he had on a pair of black leather boots. Slung over his shoulder was a black, leather biker jacket.
Vinny was also in a pair of jeans, but his were a faded blue, and they encased his well-muscled legs to perfection. Upon his upper body, he wore a cotton tank top that was stretched to its very limit across rock hard muscles. He also had on a pair of traditional, tan-colored work boots, as well as a brown, leather jacket grasped in one of his oversized, work-worn paws.
The two men, if cleaned up, were probably very handsome ? gorgeous even ? but at the end of an intense workday, that was difficult to tell upon first glance. With their skin coated in a layer of grit and their hair slicked back, soaked in sweat, they were far from attractive, although, truth be told, there was a certain animalistic appeal to their current look.
Dick?s hair was thick, dark and wavy, framing his face like a mane, with the damp, stringy tips brushing upon his broad shoulders as he shifted his gaze. He had a five-o-clock shadow running along his firm jaw-line, which only helped to draw attention to his sensual, full lips. His eyes, framed in dark, long lashes, were the color of the night sky. His skin, while callused in spots from hard labor, was a beautiful tan color from hours in the sun. In his left ear, he wore two gold hoops.
Vinny was the fairer of the two, with spiked, golden-blond hair and pale, sky-blue eyes. He too wore a five-o-clock shadow, but his was far more subtle in its appearance, allowing his thick, rosebud lips to stand out on their own. He had a cleft in his strong chin and dimples that appeared out of nowhere when he smirked, which was what he was doing now.
?My buddy asked you a question,? Vinny commented now, as he leaned in to get a better look at the two visibly shaken men. ?I think you better answer him, because, this time, unlike out on the street, I?m not playing the peacekeeper. This time I?m gonna let him rip into you, while I sit back and watch.?
?Uh, listen guys, we don?t want any trouble,? Antonio blurted out, as he moved between Dick and Ricardo, keeping an eye on Vinny.
?Well, pretty boy, then your buddy better give me a damn good answer as to why he?s calling me a lunatic,? Dick barked back, as he poked Antonio square in the center of his tuxedo clad chest, leaving a faint smudge on the stark white material of his crisp, freshly starched shirt.
?He was just surprised by your actions out on the street. You have to admit, they were not what we would call normal public behavior,? Antonio quickly replied, with an air of caution in his voice.
?Oh, normal you say?? Dick spat back, as he moved even closer, his hot breath washing over Antonio?s smooth skin, as one of his free hands subconsciously groped the bulging crotch of his dark jeans.
?What exactly is normal?? Vinny questioned, sizing Ricardo and Antonio up.
?Yeah, come on boys. I mean, with the two of you dressed the way you are, standing here in the middle of a leather bar?is that what you would consider normal?? Dick inquired, with a doubtful look on his face.
?Hey, Dick,? the bartender suddenly interjected. ?You better watch how you talk to these two guys. Do you know who the blond one is??
?Uh, no, Buck, I have no idea. Would you care to shed some light on the situation?? Dick replied, as he crossed his massive arms over his equally massive pecs.
?That there is the Police Chiefs son. Tony I believe it is,? Buck replied, as he pointed to Antonio.
?Oh really?,? Dick murmured, stroking his crotch a bit further down the leg now.
?Well, that makes this situation even better,? Vinny added. ?I?m sure your super-butch Dad wouldn?t want to hear about how his only son was seen playing around in a leather bar.?
?Come on guys, really, let?s not start any trouble. All we want is a drink and to be left alone,? Antonio replied, with a dead serious look on his handsome face.
?Well, first of all, your friend still hasn?t given me a good reason why he?s walking around calling me a lunatic and, second, I?m not sure the two of you realize the situation you have put yourselves in,? Dick commented now with a wicked grin on his thick lips.
?Yeah,? Vinny added, ?it seems that the two of you are going nowhere. At least not dressed like that you?re not. I mean, come on guys, you certainly can?t just walk out those doors and act like nothing happened in here. If my hunch is right, Buck here has already called his reporter friend and he?s on his way over, ready to snap some pics the moment you two get outside.?
Antonio locked eyes with the sleazy bartender, and from the look on his face, he knew this to be true.
?Shit,? Antonio muttered, looking to Ricardo now, as he anxiously ran a hand through his neatly styled, thick, blond-brown hair.
Ricardo, quietly and quickly sizing up their situation, was unable to put Antonio?s mind at ease and, instead, just shrugged inside of his thick, leather trench coat.
?That?s right boys. Admit you have lost this round and just give in,? Vinny taunted them both. ?It will only help to make this evening more enjoyable for all of us.?
?Right, I mean, come now, do you honestly expect us to believe that the two of you ?accidentally? stumbled into this dive?? Dick questioned Antonio.
?Believe what you want fuckers! We?re leaving,? Ricardo suddenly spat, as he grabbed Antonio by the arm and proceeded to push him toward the nearest exit.
?I wouldn?t do that if I were you,? Buck shouted to the two of them as they broke through the front door and out onto the street.
Within seconds of exiting the bar, Antonio and Ricardo found themselves caught in the stark white blasts of a photographers flash.
?Shit,? Antonio cursed, as he stumbled back into the bar, practically dragging Ricardo with him.
?Fuck, we can?t leave. We?re fucking trapped man,? Ricardo spat, as he leaned against a nearby table.
?So it seems,? Dick interjected, as he approached the two startled men. ?So, I think the two of you need to make yourselves comfortable. Let?s start with taking off these beautiful coats? What do you say??
With that, Vinny stepped in and proceeded to undo the belt on Antonio?s cashmere coat, as Dick did the same to Ricardo?s trench, only after sliding the white silk scarf from around his neck.
?Don?t fight us. Look around. We outnumber you guys and you know it,? Dick muttered into Ricardo?s ear, as he slid the thick leather coat from his tuxedoed body. ?I?ll take those pretty leather gloves too,? Dick added with a grin.
The two friends locked eyes at this point, and each man knew ? without speaking a single word ? they needed to play along or things would get horrifically worse ? if that was even possible. Ricardo inwardly decided it was, as he slid the skin-tight gloves from his hands and handed them to the filthy bastard.
?There we go. Isn?t that better?? Vinny questioned the two men. ?Now, let?s talk about how we are going to go about enjoying ourselves this evening.?
?Yeah,? Dick added, ?I think it may be time to play a game Vin. What do you think??
?Sure,? Vinny replied. ?What do you have in mind??
?It?s a game I like to call ?Gear Shift?,? Dick responded, as he eyed the two formal studs up and down.
?I see. How does that one go Dick?? Vinny replied, as he took a step closer to Antonio, drinking in the man?s masculine cologne.
?Well, let?s start by inspecting the playing pieces,? Dick responded with a smirk on his face. ?Let?s see if this is going to work.?
?Ok,? Vinny eagerly replied. ?Shoot. What do I need to do??
?First, we need to get some measurements on our two boys here,? Dick spoke, with a much more serious look on his face, inspecting them intently with his eyes.
?Measurements?? Vinny questioned now, somewhat confused.
?Yeah, we need to figure out which one of these two young studs is better suited ? pun intended ? for each of us.?
?I don?t understand Dick,? Vinny continued to question. ?What sort of game is this? I thought we were going to get it on with these guys.?
?Oh, we will. Trust me,? Dick replied with a wicked smile on his lips and a somewhat wild look in his eyes.
As Antonio and Ricardo stood, waiting for the two guys to shut the hell up and get started doing whatever it was they were going to do to them, they both noticed that the other men in the room were now watching with great enjoyment and anticipation.
?Uh, do you know what the hell they are talking about?? Ricardo whispered to Antonio.
?No, but I have a hunch we?re going to find out soon enough,? Antonio replied, suddenly feeling very self-conscious.
?Ok, listen up,? Dick suddenly barked to the anxious crowd. ?These two tuxed up studs are going to strip down to their birthday suits. Got it? Then Vin and I are going to do the same. After the four of are bare ass naked, we are going to swap clothes ? hence, the title of this game: Gear Shift.?
?Fuck yeah,? Vinny replied. ?I?d love to suit up real sharp and strut around town man.?
?Exactly, although, we are going to have some group fun, once we swap gear,? Dick continued to explain his plan.
?Nice man. I love the way you think,? Vinny replied with a broad grin, as he stepped closer to Antonio and ran a rough hand along the smooth fabric of his tuxedo jacket sleeve.
?So, spill those measurements boys. I have a hunch that this is going to work out perfectly,? Dick barked, as he approached Ricardo, meeting him eye to eye.
?Damn, quit the gab and get it on already,? spat one of the drunken guys, as he sat watching this scenario play out.
?Calm down fucker. Don?t you understand the art of foreplay? You?ll get what?s coming to you,? Dick barked in return, as he locked eyes with Ricardo once more.
?So, tell me, you?re about 6?3?, right?? Dick questioned.
Ricardo nodded.
?You weigh about 280?285?? Dick continued.
Ricardo nodded again.
?Nice. Perfect. Same here. I figure you have about a 33 or 34-inch waist, and those pecs have got to be a size 54 or so. Am I right??
?Yes,? Ricardo verbally confirmed now.
?Excellent man,? Dick replied with a big shit grin.
?What about you?? Vinny questioned Antonio now. ?You?re roughly 6?2? and weigh about 275. No??
Antonio nodded.
?Waist 32? Pecs 50??
?Yeah,? Antonio replied.
?Fuck. Just like me,? Vinny barked. ?Give an inch or two.?
?See, boys, was that so hard?? Dick questioned them both. ?Now, strip!?
With this command, the room went wild. Leather-clad men of every shape, size and color started hooting and hollering, begging for the show to begin. Antonio and Ricardo stood for several minutes, unable, at first, to respond to the order, worried about where this was quickly headed.
?Didn?t you hear me?? Dick barked. ?Get those fuckin? suits off or Vinny and I will strip them off of you and it won't be pretty.?
Antonio looked to Ricardo to see if he was going to agree to this or if they should attempt to bolt, regardless of who was waiting outside for them. As Ricardo?s hand went to the buttons on his double-breasted tuxedo jacket, Antonio knew what the answer was.
?There we go,? Dick commented, as he watched Ricardo slide out of his neatly tailored jacket, exposing a pair of black suspenders with silver clips and a smooth, perfectly pleated, silk cummerbund, in black, which flawlessly encased his narrow waist.
Antonio stood and watched as Ricardo walked toward Dick and handed him the jacket.
?It?s your turn,? Vinny prompted.
Antonio hesitated for yet a minute more. He wasn?t sure he could do this, but then he looked around and figured, if he didn?t do this himself, the hungry crowd would do it for him. So, grasping the buttons of his single-breasted tuxedo jacket, one at a time, he undid them and slid it off as well. The next thing he knew he was handing it over to Vinny.
?Excellent,? Dick barked, as he handled Ricardo?s jacket, running a rough hand over the silky smooth, silver-colored lining.
?More!? yelled one of the leather-clad guys.
?Yeah, take it all off!? yet another guy shouted.
Ricardo was the first one to unfasten the clasp to his cummerbund, stripping it off and handing it over to Dick. Then, he worked the taunt suspenders off his broad shoulders and let them dangle at his side, leaving them clipped to the satin waistband of his pants. Next, he worked on the silver and black, diamond-encrusted cufflinks, which held his double wide French cuffs in place. Lastly, he tugged at the meticulously tied silk bow, situated at his throat, letting it pop undone and lay across his powerful chest.
Dick reached up at this point, with a calloused hand, and slowly undid the top button of Ricardo?s lay-down collared shirt. He then proceeded to work on each shirt stud, until Ricardo?s shirt was splayed open all the way down to his tapered waist. Once he had this completed, he proceeded to run his rough hand inside the opening, groping Ricardo?s meaty pecs through his tight cotton undershirt.
?Who?s the lunatic now?? Dick muttered to Ricardo, as he felt the two nipple rings, just below the smooth, slightly damp fabric of his shirt.
?A stuck up bitch like you, pierced? I find that hard to believe,? Dick commented, as he continued to run his hand over the bumps, until finally rolling the undershirt up to expose not only the most stunning set of washboard abs, but also the meatiest, pierced pecs he?d ever seen.
?Damn, boys, I think we have ourselves a kinky one here,? Dick bellowed, as he stood back to let the others see the rings.
With more hoots and hollers from the crowd, Dick proceeded to strip Ricardo of his undone bow tie, crisp tuxedo shirt and tight undershirt, which left him, at this point, standing only in his perfectly tailored pants, silk socks and highly polished, leather shoes.
?Ok, back to you,? Vinny noted, as he poked Antonio in the chest.
Once again, Antonio took pause to assess the situation. His mind whirled with the thoughts of this filthy grunt suiting up in his very expensive and meticulously cared for gear. He wasn?t sure he could witness such an act.
?I said?your turn buddy,? Vinny prodded him again.
?Ok, calm down,? Antonio barked back, as he proceeded to undo his silk cummerbund, followed by his black suspenders with their golden clips.
After handing both items over to Vinny, Antonio proceeded to undo his gold and diamond cufflinks, slipping each one from its place in his stiff French cuffs.
?Nice. Continue...,? Vinny commented, as he watched with an admiring eye.
Antonio continued to undress, removing his hand-tied, silk bow tie, with one flick of his wrist. He then proceeded to undo the matching gold studs, in place, down the front of his beautifully pressed, arrow-collared shirt. One by one, Antonio popped out the studs and, in turn, handed them over to Vinny.
?Keep going stud,? Vinny taunted him. ?Off with the shirt.?
At this point, Antonio figured he had nothing to loose. He knew he had an amazing, perfectly sculpted body under all of this gear so, why not give the guys a show, he suddenly thought to himself!
After stripping the tuxedo shirt off, he proceeded to grab the neck of his undershirt and in one hard tug, he ripped it down the center, shredding it in the process and exposing his hard, muscular upper body.
?Fuck,? Vinny muttered, ?You may have the kinky one, but I think I got the wilder one of the two.?
?Nice,? Dick commented, watching the show along with the rest of the bar.
Antonio stood now, breathing heavily, his slightly damp muscles rippling and flexing for all to see.
?Ok, now for the pants. Both of you, at the same time,? Dick barked, taking a long swig of a beer Buck provided him with.
Antonio and Ricardo looked to one another and, for some reason, the two of them started to get into this scenario, acknowledging this turn of events with a mutual grin. There was suddenly something very erotic and appealing about stripping for a room full of animalistic, leather fuckers.
Ricardo made the first move and popped the clips of his suspenders. After getting them free, he swung them in the air and directed them toward Dick, releasing them mid-swing. They struck Dick square in the chest, to which, he let out an approving growl, with a wicked smile on his face. Antonio, having already removed his suspenders, started to undo his neatly tailored pants, one clasp at a time, until it was the moment to draw the zipper down. Ricardo, seeing that Antonio was on the verge of shedding his pants, followed suit and undid the clasps on his pants, tugging on his zipper as well.
At the same time, the two men slid their zippers down and, within seconds, they both had their neatly pressed pants pooling around their ankles. The room thundered with grunts and growls, as most guys leaned in to get a better look at their newfound ?entertainers.?
Ricardo had on a pair of tight, black bikini briefs, which only helped to draw attention to his muscular thighs, as well as blatantly present his full package. Antonio was much more subtle in his choice of underwear, sporting a pair of white, silk boxers, which hugged the firm globes of his very muscular and very full ass beautifully.
?Nice. Fuckin? nice.? Dick barked, as he licked his lips and groped his crotch.
Antonio and Ricardo both took a moment to step out of their pants, each bending to pick them up and then hand them to their respective playing ?partners.? As they stood now, wearing nothing but their underwear, sheer socks and leather dress shoes, the crowd proceeded to ogle, bark, whistle and howl at the two very exposed men.
?How about if we get them to serve us some drinks?? one of the drunk, leather-clad studs called out.
?Yeah,? Buck barked in agreement. ?That would be hot.?
?No,? Dick replied. ?This isn?t about humiliating these studs; it?s about bringing them down a peg or two to our level. I wanna give them a taste of a rougher life, not completely degrade them.?
?Ya saying my job is humiliating?? Buck shot back, as, ironically, he proceeded to hand one of the drunks a trashcan to vomit in.
?Well, come on, it isn?t exactly the life of luxury,? Vinny interjected with a dry smile on his face and a glance toward the vomiting patron.
?I suppose that?s true,? Buck replied, with a smirk on his lips.
?Ok, enough gabbing,? Dick suddenly barked. ?Continue!?
Antonio looked to Ricardo now, wondering if he was going to go the full mile and strip off his briefs. Within seconds, he had his answer.
Ricardo placed one finger, from each hand, into the waistband of his bikini briefs and in one quick ? almost professional move ? he had them off and swinging in his hand. The crowd roared at the site of this muscular demigod with his amazingly long cock swinging between his rock hard legs. As he walked toward Dick, presenting his briefs to the guy, his still flaccid cock swung back and forth, causing his smooth, oversized balls to bounce as well.
?Fuckin? a, you?re beautiful,? Dick moaned, as he took the briefs into his paw and then brought them up to his nose to drink in the scent left there.
Antonio watched this display and hoped he could follow through with his end of the game. Hesitating for the final time, he proceeded to work his boxers off, sliding them down his muscular legs, until they were finally around his ankles. Once again, the crowd of men howled and whistled, crying out for more. All eyes were on him now, as no one was able to look away from his massive, semi-erect cock, which was oozing a thick stream of crystal-clear pre-cum.
?Shit,? Vinny moaned.
At this point, even Ricardo had to take in the image of his friend. Antonio?s smooth, muscular, masculine body was incredibly beautiful, down to the very last inch of his throbbing, drooling cock.
?Bravo,? Buck exclaimed from behind the bar.
Vinny stepped closer to Antonio now, and hesitated for a brief moment, before bending over to help him step out of his boxers. Following Dick?s lead, Vinny brought the slightly moist shorts to his mouth and proceeded to lick the drops of pre-cum that were found all over the inside of the crotch.
?Hmm, tasty,? Vinny moaned.
?Ok, last two items on the menu, your shoes and socks,? Dick demanded.
With that, Ricardo took his place next to Antonio and the two men proceeded to slide their shoes off and then, very slowly, their sheer, over the calf socks. Once the two men were completely naked, they proceeded to hand over these last few items. At this point, Dick and Vinny took a moment to drink in the sight of their two, very muscular, and surprisingly masculine ?playing pieces.?
?Nice. Who would have guessed the two of you were so damn butch and playful even,? Dick grunted, then continued, ?I usually tend to ignore men in suits, but from now on, I?m gonna have to keep an eye on guys like you.?
?Yeah,? Vinny added, as his eyes washed over the two exposed studs, ?who would have guessed??
?Ok, enough about them. Now it?s our turn to show these guys what we are made of,? Dick commented, before he finished his beer.
The crowd cheered and barked their fellow leather studs into action.
?Come on Dick! Take it off!? one guy hollered.
?Yeah, Vinny, take it all off baby!? another grunted.
With that, the two men took center stage, pushing Antonio and Ricardo to the side. Then, slowly and somewhat erotically, they removed their worn, soiled, street clothes.
Dick was rather quick in getting himself down to his skivvies. His wife beater was off in a flash, exposing his massive, slightly hairy pecs. Next, he kicked his leather boots off, one at a time, only to reveal the soaking wet socks held within. He paused for only a moment, allowing Vinny to catch up with him, but by the time he was ready to drop trou?, Dick was almost finished with sliding his tight, slightly torn jeans down to around his ankles.
?Yeah!? Buck barked.
Vinny glanced over, as he finished removing his own work-worn jeans, and couldn?t help but pause and take notice of his amazingly butch co-worker.
On hot summer days, he?d seen Dick shirtless before and always admired his chiseled abs and massive pecs, but now that he was standing in only a pair of tight, white, cotton briefs, Vinny soon began to realize that there was much more to admire in the man.
There, resting neatly between his thick, hardened thighs was the largest bulge Vinny had ever seen. He was amazed that Dick could keep it so well hidden inside of his very tight jeans, because now that is was almost out in the open, the monster held within seemed enormous.
?Fuck man, you sure know how to live up to a name,? Vinny barked, as he continued to eye up Dick?s package.
?Yep. They didn?t deem me Dick for nothing. I?m all dick. All of the time,? he replied with a big shit grin on his face.
As Vinny stood now, mere inches away from the yet to be seen slab of meat inside of Dick?s underwear, he was tempted to tell the other two guys to fuck off, so that he and Dick could have some fun of their own.
?I know what you?re thinking man,? Dick suddenly turned and spoke to Vinny directly, ?but it?s not going to happen. We have two perfectly able studs waiting for us to play and, damn it, we are going to get it on with them. We?ll have time to play one-on-one later. Now, let?s strip these shorts and socks off and start suiting up in their gear!?
?Yeah,? Buck exclaimed from the bar, as he sorted through the formal gear, laying it out for Dick and Vinny, ?get on with it already!?
With that, Dick and Vinny rolled off their sweat soaked socks and tossed them at Ricardo and Antonio.
?Take a good long sniff on those wet boys,? Dick barked.
?Ok,? Vinny noted now, as he worked his fingers into the waistband of his boxer briefs, ?you ready??
?Shit yeah man. Just wait until you see the reaction of the crowd,? Dick replied.
?Let me go first man,? Vinny begged, knowing that he couldn?t compete with the monster inside of Dick?s shorts.
?Sure, buddy, go for it,? Dick replied, as he took a step back.
Standing on his own now, Vinny slowly worked his damp, slightly worn cotton boxers down off his narrow hips and then across his ample thighs. The moment he did that his fully erect, beautifully cut cock popped up and slapped his rock hard abs. The generous curve of his thick penis was somewhat shocking. It nearly formed a perfect ?O? as it sprang up from its massive base, bending back further and further, until the tip of his now dripping cock lay against his pierced belly button.
?Damn, size may be one thing, but you get points for style man,? Dick barked.
?Thanks man. Now it?s your turn,? Vinny replied, as he stroked his cock a bit.
Dick took center stage now, looking around the room, egging the other guys on.
?Come on men. What do ya say? Wanna see some Dick tonight?? he yelled.
The howls, barks and whistles were enough of a reply to get him going.
Turning, with his ass to Ricardo and Antonio ? who were now leaning against the bar watching this spectacle ? Dick proceeded to tauntingly remove his tight, white undies. As he drew the moist cotton briefs away from his hips, he had to tug them over his massive, ever growing bulge, until finally Dick let his thick slab of cock meat flop out and over the waistband. Several guys situated in the front of the crowd gasped. Others, standing in the rear, fought to get a better view, but soon realized that they too could make out every massive inch of his throbbing, gorgeous cock.
?Shit,? Buck moaned, ?now that?s a cock to be reckoned with!?
?Does it have a name?? one drunken guy questioned.
?Shit, it probably has its own mailing address,? another barked.
Dick stood there now and watched as the men ogled and drooled and fawned all over him.
?Ok boys, now for the real fun. Time to suit up!? Dick shouted, as he strode toward the bar where Buck had neatly set out the two previously formal studs gear.
?Nice job,? he commented to the bartender, who seemed eager to assist in the process of dressing, ?but I think the boys here need to give Vin and I a little instruction as to how a proper man suits up.?
With that, Antonio and Ricardo stepped closer and joined Vinny and Dick at the side of the bar. At this point, they both realized there was no need to escape this situation. Without a word spoken, the two men had decided that this could actually be enjoyable on many different levels.
?Well, first of all, you would shower and shave, but I?m not sure that that is going to happen here this evening,? Antonio noted, as he ran a hand over the items lying on the bar.
?True,? Dick replied. ?That?s not going to happen. So, what?s next??
?Well, I believe each man is rather particular in his dressing habits, but I will go with what works best for me,? Antonio replied. ?I believe we will be suiting you up in Ricardo?s gear?? he questioned now.
?Yeah, the two of us seem better suited, as in body shape and size,? Dick noted, with a very serious look on his face.
?Correct,? Antonio now noted, as he reached for Ricardo?s skimpy bikini briefs, ?although, somehow I don?t think these will work on you.?
?Hmm, let?s see,? Dick replied, as he took the briefs into his paws and attempted to try them on. Within seconds, both men knew that they were excessively small, as they barely did justice to covering his colossal, extremely hairy balls, let alone the monster that swung above them.
?They are a little snug, but they?re holding the twins rather nicely,? Dick replied, as he adjusted the thin waistband straps, allowing his thick cock to dangle freely.
?Hmm, well, that?s not really the look we are going for here, but, if you want to keep them on, that?s fine,? Antonio commented.
At this point, Ricardo couldn?t help but look down at his flaccid cock and worry that he just wasn?t measuring up to the others, regardless of the fact that his cock measured well over 9 inches.
?Ok, now for your socks. They can and, I feel, should be sheer and able to roll up and over your calves. These are known as o. t. c.?s,? Antonio instructed Dick, as he picked up Ricardo?s discarded socks.
Antonio, as well as several other men, watched as Dick took a seat and proceeded to make every attempt at sliding the socks on.
?No, you need to roll them a bit, then work them onto your toes first,? Antonio commanded, taking the socks from Dick, as he was jamming his feet into them rather roughly.
?Here, allow me,? Ricardo interjected, as he moved in and took the socks from Antonio.
Kneeling, naked, before Dick, Ricardo expertly rolled each sock and worked them onto Dick?s huge, slightly worn feet. He then proceeded to work the silky smooth socks up his hairy legs, until finally he snapped the tight bands around Dick?s massive calves.
?There we go,? Antonio commented, as he enjoyed the sight of Ricardo in a submissive position at Dick?s feet.
?Ok, now stand up. Next, we will get you into my undershirt and dress shirt,? Ricardo directed Dick.
Dick stood now and waited for Ricardo to retrieve these items from the bar. He had to admit to himself that he was slowly, but surely, getting turned on by this scenario. At first, he had thought that this would be a quick romp, but it was turning into something far more ritualistic and meaningful. He was really starting to appreciate this different way of dressing. There was something erotic about this, yet he couldn?t place his finger on it just yet.
?Get those arms up boy!? Ricardo directed Dick once more, utilizing the guys own submissive term to refer to him.
?Yes Sir,? Dick barked back with a smirk on his lips.
?That?s it, put that bastard in his place,? Buck added.
Slowly, and with great care, Ricardo worked the pristine, white, cotton undershirt over Dick?s upper body until his massive, ample pecs were encased in the fabric like a second skin. Next, Ricardo took his neatly pressed tuxedo shirt, with the lay-down collar, and helped Dick slide into it. The smooth fabric brushed over the hairs on each of his arms, causing them to tingle.
?Nice,? Dick moaned, as a result of this new sensation.
?We are far from done Richard,? Ricardo prompted him, suddenly utilizing his formal name.
?So it seems Ric,? Richard replied with an air of false self-importance in his voice.
Antonio and Vinny couldn?t help but snicker to themselves at this sudden reversal of roles. Ricardo, now referred to as Ric, was suddenly in the role of the butch, commanding dominate, while Dick played the more submissive part as Richard, the soon-to-be formal stud.
?Very good boy,? Ric noted, as he proceeded to apply each sparkling cufflink into the French cuffs of his shirt, which Richard had extended out for easy access.
Ric continued to work the matching set of shirt studs down along the front of the crisp, pleated shirt. With each stud, the fabric became fuller and more tailored to Richard?s immense body, his massive pecs and powerful arms filling the shirt to its limit. Richard reached up at this point and fastened the single pearl button at his throat. He loved the semi-claustrophobic feeling he was suddenly experiencing. The smooth, slightly cool fabric felt amazing against his body. The stiff cuffs at his wrists started to feel less constrictive and more comfortable ? still tight, but more relaxed now.
?Ok, now for the challenging part,? Ric noted, as he took the undone, silk bow tie in his hand. ?We need that collar up boy,? he continued, directing Richard to make way for the bow.
?Yes Sir,? Richard replied.
With his massive paws, he proceeded to work the stiff collar up, having to push aside his long, still slightly damp hair to allow Ric easy access. Ric stood behind Richard now, and with expert hands, flipped the soft, flaccid fabric into a sharp, perfectly styled, very erect bow.
?There. Perfect,? Ric noted now as he stepped around Richard, working the collar down around the band of the tie that wrapped around Richard?s thick neck.
?Lookin? good man,? Buck commented now, as he intently watched, mesmerized by the situation.
?Now, for the pants,? Ric barked, as he extend his arm, directing Antonio to hand them to him.
Once in his grasp, Ric proceeded to direct Richard into them, one foot at a time, until he was able to slide them up to his narrow waist and fasten them. However, the two men hit a roadblock, in the form of a massive, fully erect cock, as they attempted to fasten the pants closed.
?Hmm, well, now we have a problem,? Ric noted, as he made every attempt to work the pants up and over and around the monstrous tool.
?I think, for now, that may have to hang through the opening,? Antonio added, staring at the throbbing beast.
Realizing the same thing, at about the same time, Ric continued to work the pants to a point that he could clasp them closed, but the zipper would remain in the down position until further notice, allowing Dick?s massive prick to swing freely.
?Ok, next come the suspenders, also known as braces in other countries such as England, for example,? Ric instructed Richard.
Antonio was quick to hand these over and found enjoyment in watching his friend apply them to the blue-collar grunt. Snapping the single clasp to the rear, center of the tuxedo pants waistband, Ric now worked them over Richard?s hulking shoulders, snapping each remaining strap to the front part of the waistband, just to the side of the pleated, mid-section of the tuxedo shirt.
?Excellent,? Antonio commented.
?Lookin? sharp man,? Vinny added, with a giddy, child-like tone in his voice.
?Turn around,? Ric suddenly barked.
Richard did so and, soon enough, Ric and several of the other men had the perfect opportunity to check out his ample, muscular ass, now encased in very expensive, neatly tailored pants.
?Shoes!? Ric barked.
Antonio, foreseeing this command, was nearly in position with a pair of beautiful, imported, leather dress shoes. Richard slid his smooth, silky feet into each shoe and, once again, relished in the encapsulating sensation that occurred as his feet were placed in the most expensive set of shoes he had ever seen. After deftly tying the laces of each shoe, Antonio directed Buck for a bar rag. With rag in hand, he proceeded to polish each shoe until there was an amazing shine to the leather. Standing, and taking his place next to his friend, the two men lingered on the sight before them. Regardless of how filthy the man was or how animalistic he seemed to be when they first met, both men inwardly acknowledged that Richard was looking extremely sexy suited up in Ricardo?s tuxedo.
?Now, for the finishing touches,? Ric muttered, as he directed Antonio to fetch the double-breasted, tuxedo jacket from the bar.
?Turn once more,? he continued, directing this statement toward Richard.
With his back to Ric, Richard extended his arms, slightly back, so that the jacket could be worked onto his arms and over his upper body. Once the jacket was in place upon Richard?s shoulders, Ric spun him around and proceeded to fasten the buttons at the front. After this was completed, he continued to fuss with the silk pocket square, which had gone slightly limp while resting on the bar.
?A perfect fit,? Ric barked to the crowd, who howled and barked in return, soaking in the image of their once rough and tough buddy, now suited to the nines. The fact that the man?s enormous cock had to remain exposed only helped to heighten the eroticism of the image.
?Now, it?s your turn Vincenzo,? Antonio barked to the man who seemed to be lost in the beautiful vision of his impeccably suited co-worker.
?Yes Sir,? Vinny replied, enjoying the sound of his given name on the lips of his suddenly commanding game partner.
?Hold on,? Ric suddenly barked. ?Before we start with you, I think Richard here needs to wear one more item.?
Walking to the bar, Ric picked up the pleated, silk cummerbund left behind on purpose.
?Turn around Richard,? he commanded, as he positioned himself behind the formally suited man, taking the cummerbund and using it as a blindfold, instead of a waist sash.
?What?s this for?? Richard questioned, slightly confused by this turn of events.
?I think I?d prefer Vincenzo?s transformation to be a surprise to you,? Ric replied.
?Perfect,? Antonio added.
With that, the two men got to work suiting Richard?s co-worker up in Antonio?s gear. They followed the same process used on Richard and within minutes Vincenzo ? as he was now being referred to ? was suited to the nines. They even went as far as to slide him into Antonio?s thick, cashmere coat, as well as finish him off with the silk scarf and leather gloves, once worn by the now stark naked man.
Richard, unable to view any of this, couldn?t help but fantasize, in his mind, what Vinny would look like in a tuxedo. He knew his buddy was handsome and, the more he thought about it, most of the crews he worked on referred to Vin as the ?Italian Stallion,? but he never thought he would have the chance to see him decked out in a tuxedo. Actually, he had never even thought of Vin in that context ? as a suited stud ? until now. What was happening to him? Where were these thoughts coming from? As he stood, waiting, and dreaming about his co-worker, he could gauge how well the process of suiting Vin up was going by the hoots and hollers of the crowd.
?Yeah, baby, lookin? sharp man,? he heard one drunken guy bellow.
?Smokin? hot,? another added.
?I?ll take a piece of that home,? yet another barked.
?Ok men, calm down,? Ric commanded, as he gave Vincenzo a once over, making sure that every detail was exact. He then motioned to Antonio, directing him to dress as well.
The two formerly formal studs proceeded to collect the discarded pieces of the construction workers gear. Sliding into their filthy, worn garments was, at first, somewhat difficult for the two previously impeccably dressed men, but once they got past the sweat and stench, they both started to get more than a little turned on by this change in dress.
Ric looked particularly hot in Richard?s skin-tight jeans and equally tight wife beater, as well as his leather cowboy boots. Once he slid on the thick, leather, biker jacket, he virtually blended in with the other guys in the bar, granted, his neatly groomed appearance still exposed him as a newbie to the underworld of leather.
Antonio ? deciding to go by Tony now ? followed Ric?s lead and proceeded to dress in the remaining gear, up to and including the brown leather jacket that Vincenzo carried into the bar.
?Nice, very nice,? Vincenzo commented to himself, as he ran a gloved hand over the cashmere coat that hung from his shoulders and framed the muscle tight tuxedo, which he wore now with a bit of unexpected pride. ?You guys look pretty fuckin? amazing too,? he added, as he gave both guys, now decked out in jeans and leather, the once over.
Richard stirred a bit, but remained silent, not wanting to disturb the three studs as they dressed, but by the way his massive cock was now throbbing and oozing pre-cum, he couldn?t control his mouth for long. He felt like he could erupt at any moment. He never fathomed how erotic wearing a tuxedo would be. The weight of it, the feel of it on his skin, the mere scent of it, was driving him wild.
?Uh, guys?? he questioned them. ?Did you forget about something??
?Shut up bitch,? Ric barked, as he strode over toward the blindfolded man, his cowboy boots clicking on the cement floor.
?Yeah,? Tony now added, as he stood shoulder to shoulder with Ric, ?we will tell you when we are ready for you.?
?Yes Sir,? Richard replied, standing more erect.
Ric and Tony proceeded to taunt, grope and caress Richard while he remained blindfolded and helpless. The two men, now leather studs, suddenly understood what it was like to take a more dominant role, while toying with a suited man. The feel of the neatly tailored tuxedo on this once filthy and vulgar grunt, was amazing. The way it hugged his rock hard, work worn, muscular body was wonderful. What made it even more exciting to the two men, was the extremely overpowering, masculine scent which he was so casually exuding.
The individual aromas of sweat, smoke and beer filled the air and mixed now with the strong cologne that still lingered from the two formally dressed men. Taking a good whiff, Ric and Tony soon found themselves lost in the moment. Ripping the blindfold off Richard, Ric turned the man to face his beautifully suited co-worker. He watched now ? as Tony did ? the reaction that formed on his slightly startled face.
?There. View your friend, Vincenzo,? Tony barked, as he scanned the man?s face and eyes for a register on what he was feeling.
It wasn?t until a thick, copious stream of pre-cum slid out of Richard?s painfully erect penis and struck the cement floor with a resounding splatter, that Tony was able to tell if they had succeeded at causing the man extreme pleasure.
Richard?s face remained focused and calm, while his throbbing member twitched, pulsed and spewed. He was shocked at how gorgeous his buddy looked. He had always heard of people saying that their breath was taken away at the sight of something so unexpectedly beautiful, but he had never experienced the sensation himself ? until now.
?Fuck,? he was finally able to mutter.
?Exactly,? Ric added. ?That is exactly what we shall do. Here, now, for all to see.?
Richard, unable at first, to draw his eyes away from Vin, suddenly looked to Ric and found himself face to face with yet another unbelievable sight. There, before him, stood two of the hottest, leather studs he had ever seen within the four walls of this bar. He found himself, once more, shocked by what he saw. Ric and Tony both stood now, leaning against the bar, staring Richard and Vincenzo down. There was a passionate, yet bestial glint in their eyes, which only heightened the eroticism of the situation.
?Are you serious?? Buck blurted out.
?Dead serious,? Tony replied, as he groped his tightly packed crotch.
?Clear the way!? Ric barked, as he motioned to the closest men. ?We have some serious fucking to do with these two suited studs. Just look at them in their formal wear. Beautiful! It?s almost a shame to mess with them.?
?But, Ric, I wonder what made them come into this bar?? Tony questioned. ?This isn?t really their sort of place. Is it??
?No, not at all. Suited men have no desire to play in such a filthy place,? Ric replied with a sarcastic tone in his voice.
?Right. Suited men have no clue how to get rough, raw and passionate,? Tony barked.
?No clue at all,? Ric mockingly spat, as he walked up to Richard, grabbed him by his dangling, dripping cock, yanked him closer and proceeded to lock lips with him in an intense, passionate, tongue-filled kiss.
The men of the bar went wild now, screaming and shouting for more.
Tony watched as several men proceeded to clear a stage-like area, just to the right of the bar, preparing it for the four of them to play on. Ric noticed this as well, as he withdrew himself from Richard?s mouth.
?Excellent,? he purred into the man?s ear, ?now we can really get down to business.?
With that, Ric and Tony directed the two formal men toward the stage. At some point, Tony had grabbed Ric?s outerwear and was now taking the time to finish suiting Richard with it. As he slid the thick leather trench onto him, Tony could tell that this was only enhancing the man?s experience even more. Once he had the silk scarf and leather gloves on him, he motioned for him to get up on the stage with Vincenzo.
?There we go. Two fine examples of the male species,? Ric barked, as he took a seat on the edge of the stage. ?Now, gents, how should we go about doing this? Would the two of you like to have some time to play a bit before we join in or would you rather we just get this suit and leather orgy going full tilt??
An awkward and somewhat alarming silence filled the room now, as the viewing audience waited, in anticipation, for an answer.
?Well?? Ric continued to probe. ?What?s it going to be??
The two men, growing more and more comfortable in their formal attire by the minute, admitted their desire for some group action.
?Come on up here and show us what ya got,? Vincenzo replied, as he ran a gloved hand over his beautiful new coat.
With that offer, Ric and Tony did just that. Strutting up onto the stage, the two newly transformed leather studs got to work.
?This one is mine,? Ric barked, as he pointed to Vincenzo.
This selection caught Tony off guard, thinking that each of them would take on the man suited up in his own gear, but it appeared that that wasn?t Ric?s plan. His friend quickly moved into position closer to Vincenzo and proceeded to run a hand up and down the sleeve of his thick coat, moving ever so slowly into his personal space. The heat between them built, as he leaned in to kiss the man softly on his lips. Tony followed his friends lead and advanced on Richard, doing very much the same thing. Within minutes, the four men were lost in their duel, passionate embraces, letting their mouths do most of the work.
Ric was the first one to pull away and proceed further along his quest for sexual fulfillment. Slowly, but firmly, he explored every facet of Vincenzo in his new gear. Doing so caused both men to moan ever so slightly. The feel of the different textures and fabrics drove Ric wild. He couldn?t stop groping and caressing the man. As he ran his hand from the slightly rougher texture of the cashmere coat, to the silky smooth fabric of the tux?s lapels, Ric couldn?t imagine a more erotic experience in the world. He had always loved suiting up ? wearing his best gear out and about ? but fondling this man here, in the company of others, was amazing. He glanced over at his partner in crime, only to see him enjoying Richard in very much the same way.
Tony, at first, was a tad bit rougher with Richard. As he ran his hands over the thick leather trench coat, he couldn?t help but feel the desire to rip it off of him, exposing him in his tuxedo. He then had a mental image of him shredding the tuxedo to get to his muscular body. However, showing great control, he continued to gently caress and grope the man, until he finally gave in to the throbbing, dripping beast that swung between the man?s legs. Dangling out of the neatly tailored pants, Richard?s cock was a thing of beauty and Tony decided to appreciate it a bit more intimately.
Dropping to his knees now, he proceeded to taunt and tease the man?s bulbous, oozing cock head, which was now blazing a beautiful shade of red. As he ran his hot, very talented tongue around the fat tip, Tony took the time to lap up ever ounce of pre-cum that flowed from it. Moving down along the massive shaft, Tony continued working on the slick slab, flicking his tongue wildly, until it was time to take the monster into his hot mouth. Licking his thick lips, he slowly drew Richard?s engorged penis into his moist mouth. Inch by inch, the throbbing rod slid further and further into Tony?s mouth until it took a turn at his tonsils and slid further down his tight throat.
?Fuck!? Richard groaned.
?You keep saying that. Are you begging for it?? Ric mused, as he continued along his own erotic journey with Vincenzo.
?Shit,? Richard moaned now, as Tony expertly worked on his cock.
?I?m not sure about that. Not really into scat,? Ric continued to toy with the man, as it appeared he was receiving the most amazing blowjob of his life.
Tony continued to suck the man?s throbbing tool, until he quickly pulled off ? gasping for a bit of air ? and stood, once again, only to kiss Richard deeply, feeding him his own sticky pre-cum. It was during the passion of this kiss, that Richard found himself unable to hold back his animalistic tendencies. Grabbing the neckline to Tony?s skin-tight shirt, he proceeded to shred it down the middle, exposing the rock hard pecs and abs held within. They glistened in the dim light, framed perfectly by the brown leather jacket that remained in place.
Grunting and moaning now, the two men started to dig into each other more ferociously.
Tony whipped the pure white, silk scarf from Richard?s neck and spun him around, binding his wrists with it. He then turned him around once more and forced him to his knees. Once in position, Tony withdrew his own throbbing cock, from his skin-tight jeans and began to dick whip Richard, until a thick stream of pre-cum was flowing from his piss slit.
?Yeah,? Tony moaned. ?Take that my formal bitch!?
Tony continued to strike Richard in the face, until, with one full thrust of his hips, he rammed his rock hard, dripping cock down the man?s eager throat. Richard, in turn, drank in Tony?s meat, drawing his pre-seed out.
Men barked and whistled, as they watched their formerly dominate buddy get face fucked.
?Ya see men, a suit stud, as my buddy Tony here once was, can play rough too,? Ric announced, before whispering something into Vincenzo?s ear.
Watching the spectacle for several minutes more, Vincenzo finally moved into action, as directed by Ric. Strutting over to Richard, who continued to take Tony?s powerful cock, Vincenzo proceeded to whip his own cock out and feed it to his co-worker.
Richard, gagging now, as his mouth became crammed with cock, suddenly felt a hand, much lower down, pushing aside his leather trench coat. The hand soon found its way toward the seat of his tuxedo pants. In an instant, this same hand found its way along the seam of his pants, working its way up toward the waistband, until finally, with its five-fingered partner joining in, the two invaders were tugging and pulling, fighting with the expensive material, until, with one long audible rip, it gave. The crowd went wild once again, as Ric proceeded to shred open Richard?s neatly tailored pants, exposing his firm, lightly haired ass, with the seat of his bikini briefs riding up the man?s ass crack.
?Look what we have here!? Ric barked, as he firmly slapped the exposed area and tugged on the bikini briefs, which were many sizes too small for the man.
With that, Ric yanked down his zipper, tugged out his cock and proceeded to slap the man?s ass with it. Tony and Vincenzo continued to fuck Richard?s face, as well as dick whip him, while the crowd cheered them on, eating up this erotic demonstration.
?Fuck him!? a drunken guy yelled.
?Take his muscular ass!? another barked.
?No!? Ric barked back, to the dismay of many, but then continued, with a wicked smile on his lips, ?Well, not without some protection that is.?
Within seconds, several dozen condoms littered the stage, tossed there by the way-too-eager crowd.
?Nice,? Ric chuckled, ?but, I think just one will do for now,? he concluded, bending to retrieve a single packet.
?Here, let me help you,? Vincenzo suddenly addressed Ric, as he withdrew his cock from Richard?s gapping mouth.
Kneeling before Ric, Vincenzo took the condom in his gloved hand.
?I have a trick I do,? he informed Ric, as he ripped the wrapper off the rubber.
Placing the fresh rubber into his mouth, Vincenzo grasped Ric?s throbbing shaft and proceeded to roll it on, only using his tongue and lips to do so. Ric watched in amazement, wondering how a guy went about learning such a trick. He was sure that it took hours of practice. He quickly decided, it was a hobby he could get into. Once wrapped in the condom, Ric allowed Vincenzo the honor of directing his throbbing cock into Richard?s ass. He watched as the tuxed stud pushed aside the seat of the bikini briefs and then guided him toward the dark, hairy hole found within. Slowly, inch by inch, Ric?s dick slid into the firm, yet quivering ass of Vinny?s co-worker.
Richard moaned now, as he had both of his holes filled with cock. His mind was whirling with erotic thoughts, as his body kicked into overdrive. Tony continued to thrust wildly, as Ric built up a rhythm of his own. The two men quickly found themselves repositioning Richard, after untying his bound wrists, so that he was on all fours now. This allowed both men easy access ? one on each end. Vincenzo stood to the side for several minutes, enjoying the display. He soon found himself stroking, as he watched his buddy get dicked over.
?Damn,? Vincenzo muttered, ?I had no idea he was such a cock whore!?
?Yeah, right,? Buck replied, with a chuckle, as he watched the man eagerly take them both.
Richard?s mind was reeling now as he felt the two thick, throbbing cocks attack his mouth and ass. He could only imagine what it looked like from the crowd?s point of view ? a tuxed stud worked over by two leather fuckers.
?Yeah,? Ric moaned, as he thrust faster and faster into Richard?s tight hole.
?Damn,? Tony barked, as he worked himself deeper and deeper into Richard?s throat.
The crowd continued to whistle and holler. A few of the intoxicated men started to work on their own throbbing cocks, stroking to the erotic scene. Vincenzo watched and stroked as well, feeling his load building and boiling inside of his full balls. The site of his buddy getting worked over was such a turn on that he wasn?t sure he was going to be able to hold his load for much longer. He could feel it pulsing up his shaft, edging so close, but he did everything in his power to control its actual release.
Richard continued to work on the two cocks, one with his moist mouth and the other with his tight, dripping hole. As he did this, he felt his body overheat inside of the tuxedo. He felt the sweat pour from his body and soak through the first few layers, causing them to cling to his muscular body ? the tight cotton undershirt was first, quickly followed by the crisp dress shirt.
Tony and Ric continued to thrust deeper and deeper into Richard, until finally, Ric made a motion to his partner in crime that he was about to blow his load. Tony only responded with a nod, letting him know that he too was about to blast a hot one. Richard, expecting to feel their hot waves of seed at any moment, was sorely mistaken, as both Ric and Tony withdrew themselves in unison. Collapsing to the floor, Richard watched as the two men quickly approached his buddy.
Tony was quick to force Vincenzo to the floor, while Ric got into position, stripping the rubber from his throbbing cock. The two men stood over Vincenzo, who was staring up at them with a look of mild surprise on his handsome face, and proceeded to release their hot loads. Blast after hot blast flew from the two pulsing cocks striking Vincenzo in the face, across his thick cashmere coat, onto his perfectly tied bow tie, across his neatly pressed dress shirt and even down upon his beautifully tailored dress pants. By the time the two men were done, there were multiple rivers of seed flowing down upon Vincenzo?s gear, as well as dripping from his lips and chin. Vincenzo, remaining in place and moaning a bit now, felt the hot seed drip from his face. Within seconds he felt his own throbbing cock twitch and decided he couldn?t hold the massive load found within any longer. Spewing like a fountain, his beautifully curved cock released its thick load up and all over his tuxedo clad body, drenching him even more.
?Damn,? Tony grunted, as he watched the abundant load splash upon Vincenzo and mix with the loads already there.
?I guess that curved cock comes in handy. When you?re looking for a good cum bath that is,? Ric added.
With that, Tony and Ric each took an end of Vincenzo?s silk scarf and wiped their seed slick hands off on it.
?Ok, now back to Richard. I need several volunteers from the audience,? Ric commanded.
Hands shot up all over the room, accompanied by grunts and hollers.
?Damn, Ric, we may have a problem,? Tony commented.
?Yeah, you may be right,? Ric replied, as he eyed up the crowd.
?Let?s just make this easy for everyone,? Tony noted, as he went to Richard and pulled him up from the floor.
?Yeah, I think I see where you are going with this,? Ric replied, as he stepped out of the way, allowing Tony to escort Richard off the stage and into the crowd.
The moment Richard stepped onto the main floor of the bar men were all over him ? touching him, groping him, caressing him and then the comments came.
?Nice gear,? one drunken guy barked, as he ran a rough hand over Richard?s leather trench coat.
?Very nice,? another guy grunted, as he rubbed his exposed, pre-cum slick cock up and down the smooth surface.
Once one started to do this, others followed, until Richard felt several cocks rubbing against him. They continued to rub against his coat for several minutes, leaving pre-cum trails along the way, until they discovered the smooth, satin lining to the coat and proceeded to rub against that as well, staining it in pre-cum too. Then, they found his bare ass, still exposed from where Ric ripped the seat of his pants open, and so they rubbed there too. As more and more men joined in, Richard?s, still exposed, throbbing cock, continued to grow even more erect, oozing a river of pre-cum.
?Go for it men,? Ric announced.
?Use that formal stud as he longs to be used,? Tony added.
?Shit, what the hell am I waiting for?? Buck barked, as he jumped the bar and made his way through the crowd straight for Richard.
The men continued to grope and caress and rub the tuxedo-clad man up and down, leaving pre-cum stains all over his gear. The feel of the fabrics such as leather, silk and satin, drove them wild with passion and lust. Soon, men were stroking with parts of Richard?s clothing, using the friction of the materials to get off.
To Richard, at first, it seemed as if he saw nothing but throbbing cocks all around him, but then, soon enough, it was eruptions of hot manseed that filled his view. One after another, men blew their thick loads, coating him and his gear from head to toe.
Midway through the process, a few of the men stripped off his leather trench coat, so that they could soak down the tuxedo held within. Blast after blast of hot jizz splashed across the tuxedo jacket, the satin lapels and the silk pocket square. Then more cum came and struck his bow tie. Soon, even more seed was shot onto the lining of his tuxedo jacket. One man was even bold enough to remove Richard?s dress shoes, using his silk-socked feet to get off. The punk proceeded to rub them all over his shaft until he shot a massive load, which flowed down his cock and onto the socks themselves.
Ric and Tony stood back now and watched as the men continued to buck, moan, grunt and howl, writhing in a massive pile, with a beautiful suited stud in the center of it all.
Within seconds of taking the last blast of hot seed, Richard found himself pouring his own load, which was massive and unending, flowing from his enormous cock like a waterfall. The men stood back and watched as he dumped his load all over the leather trench coat that was now lying on the barroom floor.
?So, glad you came to the opera tonight?? Tony asked Ric with a wild smirk on his lips, as he continued to watch the men play.
?Uh, what opera?? Ric replied with a big shit grin on his face.
?You mean??? Tony questioned Ric with a look of confusion on his face now.
?That?s right man. You think I like the opera?? Ric barked back, with a chuckle.
?So, this was all a set up?? Tony replied, as he began to put the pieces together.
?Well, you could call it that,? Vincenzo added, as he stepped closer to the two men, ?but my new boyfriend, Ricardo here, prefers to call his little game ?Bait and Switch? and, as luck would have it, you stumbled into the right place, at the right time ? hook, line, and sinker.?
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Old May 10th, 2011, 05:22 AM
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Definitely a hot tale--always erotic to find two suited men in a grungy setting, threatened, and all the more allured by the threat.

I do think you could have developed the differences between your four main characters a bit more, and I do think you could have developed the mutual disdain between the suited men and the leathermen more (for instance, wouldn't Vinny and Dick find the silk hosiery to be way too effeminate for their tastes?), but I'm pleased to find that I'm not the only guy here who likes his musclemen well dressed. Thanks!
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Should the website have a separate section or identifier for clothing porn?
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I don't think that's necessary. Are there separate sections or identifiers for guys who are into bears, smooth men, age progression, age regression, hypnosis/mind control, fantasy, furries, leather, cops, firemen, cowboys, straight-to-gay TFs, gay-to-straight TFs, anthro TFs, sweat, aromas, or humiliation?

Every fetish interacts with other fetishes. The suit-and-tie and muscle growth communities are no different.
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Well I liked it. Nice muscles and cock and a unique premise.
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Thanks for the suggestions, I'll bear those in mind should I write another story. I do like finding someone on here who has similar tastes. I appreciate you sticking up for me as well. I like muscle growth as much as the next guy but sometimes they can already muscles and look very sexy in suit.
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Just for future reference, it's incredibly easy in this day and age to determine if something is plagiarized.

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. . . Then I am once the fool. But not twice.
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Sad to say, these accusations are not baseless. Far from it.
  • Visit my Tumblr. It's full of porn.
  • Visit my F-List to see how I like to RP.
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So which story is the original, so that I may properly enjoy it in its original form?
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Top Hats and Jock Straps is a book by one of the fellows who used to post fiction to the MenAtPlay forums years ago. I knew the fellow, though I never bought his book, hence why I didn't recognize the story when I first read it--and hence why I was intrigued by it, since Dutch Roberts (the author) is talented.

Needless to say, I'm disappointed.
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