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Old May 12th, 2011, 03:21 PM
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A Fresh Start - Chapter 3: The General's Homecoming

To Everyone who is still interested and reading, here is the long long long overdue Chapter 3. I've got work done on Chapter 4 already, so I promise the delay won't be as long! As always I love to hear your thoughts! I know I'm no Dickens or even Stephen King. I'll take all the help I can get!

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

A Fresh Start
Chapter 3: The General?s Homecoming

?So General, You finally decided to join the party?? I rumbled arrogantly, crossing my thick arms across my even thicker chest.

?What did you think of the show?? I asked playfully, ?Dan here certainly enjoyed it, didn?t you Danny Boy?? I said looking down at Dan as he sat transfixed by my 18?? cock.

Dan just nodded his head, clearly afraid to say anything that might upset either me or the General.

?Why don?t you come out General? I can give you a show like I gave Danny,? I said flexing my incredible biceps, ?satisfaction is guaranteed.?

The speaker crackled as he replied, ?I don?t think a further demonstration will be needed Mike, I?ve seen enough to make my judgement. Unfortunately, it appears that you aren?t a great a fit to our program.?

?I?m a solider and I require obedience. From the physiological profiles we?ve been analyzing and the few minutes we?ve allowed you free reign here, I think its safe to say you aren?t going to be obedient, ever. I simply can?t have that.?

As he talked, I listened intently to his words trying to determine exactly where the sound was coming from. Unfortunately, even my superhuman hearing was failing me with all the echoing from the speakers.

?We built safe-guards into the Mark VII, knowing that the introduction of a human brain could make for an unstable product. So it?s time we hit the reset button. Ethan, activate the ?God-kill protocol? and let?s get moving on a Mark VIII...?

I turned in time to watch Ethan hit a series of button?s on the computer before nodding to a video screen in front of him.

?God-kill active, Sir.?


Instantly I collapsed to the floor, by body simply refusing to stand or follow any command of my own any more. I was helpless.


After suffering a near death collision, paralysis, and finally being reborn into this god-like body I was not about to let some asshole military brat take this away from me. I had to do something!

Suddenly breaking my concentration, Dan?s face filled my field of vision.

He had tears in his eyes. As he told me, ?The General wants us to destroy you. I won?t let that happen. God-kill can be stopped and I will make sure it happens. You don?t deserve this, you?re just a kids. I will just...?

Unfortunately Dan?s heartwarming speech was interrupted as the door slid open and heavy booted footsteps started heading our way.

?Daniel, step away from the body,? commanded General Thompson, ?We need to make sure he?s safely contained.?

The General appeared in my field of vision and placed a reassuring hand on Dan?s shoulder. ?Are you alright son? He didn?t hurt you did he??

? I?m fine Sir, just a little shooken up I think....I think he was preparing to rape me though...or worse. Thank god you came back Sir.?

?I?m just glad you are safe Dan. Why don?t you go get Ethan out of the observation booth. Then the two of you can get the restraints together. I want to get him back into the lab ASAP. We need to disassemble him while we have the opportunity. I?m not wasting years of research and a multi-billion project on some punk kid with a bad attitude!?

Dan just stared into the distance, unblinking.

?That?s an order son, get moving!? Barked the General.

?Yyyy...Yes Sir, right away Sir.? Dan said as he turned to walked quickly towards the observation booth.

As Dan?s footsteps dissipated, I mentally prepared myself for my second face-to-face with the General. Once again I was helpless, and once again I instantly didn?t like him.

?So Michael,? He said as he took a seat on my colossal chest, ?still feeling God-like are you??

I just stared at him, unable to speak or move. Inside I was yelling a string of curses, but it did me little good.

?What?s a matter little Mikey-wikey? Cat got your tongue?? he said with a sadistic chuckle.

?You really didn?t think we?d be this stupid did you? That we would give some punk kid off the street the ultimate gift and not take any precautions? I?ve been a military man for 32 years Mikey. I am ALWAYS prepared.?

?Since you can?t handle this powerful gift, once those scientists get back here we will work on what should have done originally. I will become the new Mark VII. Then I, General Martin Thompson will personally secure America?s freedom forever. You...?

At this point, I couldn?t take much more of the General?s rambling. I?m glad he wanted to be a modern day Captain America, I didn?t have to hear about it!

I decided to focus my attention on the heated debate occurring in the observation room between Dan and Ethan...

?Dan, we have to listen to the General.? Ethan pleaded, ?We can?t just ignore a direct order!?

?Ethan, he?s going to kill him! We killed that kid once already by playing with our toys in the desert. Do you really want to have his death on your hands twice??

?No...No I don?t, but Dan the kid is crazy. You saw the power trip he was on. He could have killed you!?

?Yeah, but he didn?t. He knows he could have ripped his way right out of this room and squashed me like a bug. He was just playing with those weights earlier, I could tell it wasn?t even a challenge. But he?s grateful, Ethan. Mike knows we saved his life. Couldn?t you can see the joy in his eyes? Sure he?s having a little fun and he?s acting a little cocky, but who wouldn?t be in that body? That doesn?t make him unstable or even dangerous.?

?I?m not so sure Dan. Is he really safe or stable? If we deactivate God-kill it goes off forever. It was designed to be once and done. Once the override is sent his body he will be completely and totally independent of our systems. There will be nothing we can do to stop him.

?Ethan, you have to trust me. We have to turn it off! General Thompson is the one that needs to be stopped. He?s not going to be satisfied with killing Mike. He?ll want to be transferred into the Mark VII, and then who knows what he?ll do. You know how crazy he is, he could kill us in return just because of what we?ve seen and done for him over the years. I know it sounds crazy, but Mike will never forget what we?ve done for him. He will make sure we are safe. Please Ethan, send the code.?

?...Fine. But if this works and Mike doesn?t kill us, you owe me. And I better get first dibs on riding...?



Suddenly my body was a flurry of activity again. I could feel the ?virus? that had shut me down being overrun. Mentally I felt free as well, as if my training wheels had been removed, if that makes any sense. Finally my body was mine and mine alone. No one could get in my way now.

?....and once we?ve swapped, and I?m in you?re body and you?re in mine,? continued the General with his mindless babbling, ?I?m going to fuck you in half with that extraordinary cock of yours. Then you will really know what God-like power is all about you arrogant little brat.?

I smiled up at General Thompson.

YES! I was in control again!

Bouncing my pecs I sent him flying off my chest before climbing to my feet and stretching to my nearly 7 foot height.

?What....what?s happening. You are supposed to be a dead-weight until you?re a dead-man! Ethan! Dan! Hurry, somethings wrong with the God-kill program!? General Thompson yelled.

?Hmm, well I don?t feel dead General.? I said running my hands down my rippling abs and grabbing my thick half-hard cock, ?In fact, I feel fan-fucking-tastic.?

Without even saying a word, General Thompson turned and bolted for the door.

Now this was going to be fun...


In a flash I was across the room, standing directly in front of the General.

Running at full speed he slammed into me, knocking himself to the ground.

Although I imagine this was a painful collision for him I felt nothing. I didn?t even budge an inch. May as well have been a drop of rain for all the impact his 6? 2? and 242 lb body made on me!

?Oh I?m sorry SIR,? I said with as much sarcasm as I could add in my voice, ?Here, let me help you up.?

Reaching down I grabbed him by the arm and lifted him up. Raising him to my eye level I began to laugh.

?So you really thought you could just run away?? I asked comically, ?You honestly thought your measly human body could out maneuver me??

The General just grimaced and said nothing, so I tighten my grip on his arm just a little before continuing.

?Its a shame that you missed the show General, otherwise you would have realized how insane it was to try to cross me and then try to escape. But don?t worry, I will be merciful.?

?I?m going to give you the show of a lifetime, and then I did you say it...oh thats right. Then I?m going to ?Fuck you in half with MY extraordinary cock.?

With that I slung the General roughly onto my shoulder and swaggered to the free weight area.

?Ethan. Dan. Get out here? I rumbled as I walked, ?I think you two will enjoy this experience.?

?Now General, earlier today I was moving some incredible weight. I curled 9 tons, bench pressed 25 tons, and did squats with 40 tons. Then I ran for about 15 miles with a helicopter above my head. But I?ve got something special planned for you.?

?Now while we wait for more of these slow moving humans to walk here, lets get you situated for the show.? I said with a grin.

I dropped the General to the ground before reaching down and grabbing one of the empty barbells off the rack. With the amount of effort It would take a normal person to fold a piece of paper, I twisted the 450lb bar around General Thompson, pinning his arms to his sides and weighing him down. Satisfied he was secure, I ripped a piece off his fatigues, tied it into a bandana, and gagged him with it.

?I know you have a lot to say old man, but frankly I don?t want to hear it. All I want to hear is you moaning in pleasure before I fuck you in half with this cock.?

At just that moment I heard Dan gulp...ahh they?d finally made it to the second show.

I knew I needed to butter up these dorky scientists. I had no idea what other surprises lay in store for me with this body. Keeping them around would make sure I would be safe and knowledgeable. Plus, what god is complete without some disciples?

?Dan! Ethan!? I said with a smile as I bent down to one knee, ?You boys ready to see what this body can do?? They simply nodded, ?Dan, I thought I?d start with biceps. I thought you might appreciate seeing what they can really do.?

?....sss...Sure Michael....I mean sir.? He said glancing nervously at Ethan.

Clearly they were scared, but I needed them to trust me for now.

?Boys boys boys.? I said patting them both gently on their shoulders and smiling. ?You can call me Mike. And don?t look so scared! I have you two to thank for all this. I will make sure you are both rewarded, and I?ve got something great in mind. But first, lets give this nasty General a little taste of his own medicine??

Again, a nod. Guess they were the small and silent types.

?Ok General, as I was saying, earlier today I curled 9 tons of solid metal. That was just for show. To help you all understand what I can really do I?m going to curl it again. But this time with one hand.?

I walked to the platform, gripped the weight rack, and simply lifted it up. Rep after careful rep I curled all nine-ton?s of free weights with ease. My massive biceps contracting into a perfect peak with each rep.

Once again my cock was rock hard as I became increasingly horny just experiencing the power I possessed. Not only was my arm the most incredible, detailed, parabolically peaked display of manliness I?d ever seen, but I was stronger than a fucking forklift! I could literally do this all day!

With a grin I set the weight rack down and turned to look at my wide-eyed admires. Dropping to one knee again I flexed my pumped arm for them, the heat and power radiating off it like a furnace.

?Touch my bicep you two. Tell the General what it feels like to touch a God.?

They both moved quickly to my side, their 4 small hands dwarfed by the size of my 36? arm.

?It feels like nothing I?ve ever touched before,? Ethan said. ?Your arm feels harder than steel, but your skin is soft and warm. Its like an I-beam wrapped in a warm silk blanket.

?But the best part,? broke in Dan, ?is the pulsating power. I can feel the blood and energy coursing through every indentation and every striation. In fact, I think some of these individual striations are bigger than my entire bicep! Thats just incredible. I feel in comparison to you?

I laughed at that, a deep chuckling that vibrated through the room. ?See General, I really am a new level of evolution. Don?t you agree??

He just sat there, a look of fear, jealousy, and anger on his face.

Hmmm....what else could I do to really get his blood pumping?

?Well boys, I don?t think that this display really elicited a proper response from the General. Lets try something totally new, shall we??

?General, you told me that you wanted to fuck me in half with this cock, isn?t that right? I?m not sure if you really thought it was possible or not, although I am sure you were willing to try. I?d like to give you a little example of what I can do with MY cock.?

I sauntered over to the weight rack, my thick 18? cock leading the way. The rack was filled with reinforced weights, all designed to look like the traditional plates but weighing 10x as much. I grabbed four of the 450lb plates, two in each of my powerful hands, and strutted back over to my ?captivate? audience.

?I?d ask you boys to help me set this exercise up, but you?re all way too weak to handle these plates.? I said arrogantly.

?Ethan and Dan, why don?t you two come over here, and tell the describe to the General how powerful this god?s cock feels right now. Give it a good rub too, make sure I?m properly stimulated for this exercise.? I said with a grin.

I?d never seen Dan move so fast! He and Ethan were on me in a second, clearly they?d been waiting for this invitation. With 18? of perfect cock and two grapefruit sized balls for them to enjoy for them to enjoy, their hands had plenty to explore.

?Boys, don?t forget to describe this for the General as you go...and don?t be so gentle. Trust me, your little hands aren?t going to hurt me!?

I didn?t bother to listen to their description, I was to wrapped up in the incredible feeling I was experiencing. My whole body was hyper-sensitive and reactive, but my manhood was beyond even that. Pure unadulterated pleasure washed over my body with every stroke, squeeze, and rub from their tiny hands.

It was at that point I decided I needed to get this show over with fast. I needed some real relief!

?Ok boys, thats enough. Now stand back so I can move on to the real show.?

Taking the nearly one ton worth of weight I?d been casually holding in my hands, I rammed the four big plates down onto protruding cock.

Two gasps and a long moan filled the air as my superhuman cock easily spread the center of the plates outward. Placing my fists on my hips, in the classic superhero pose, I began to do dick curls, with 1800lbs bobbing up and down on my dick.

As the weights moved up and down I laughed, ?See General, 1800lbs and its as if I had a piece of tissue paper on my dick. I bet you couldn?t even put 5lbs on your dick without moaning in pain. Are you starting to get how superior I am now??

I reached down and tore the weights in half, freeing my swollen oozing cock.

?Boys get over here, hop up on your new God?s cock. We are going for a ride? I said commandingly.

Wasting no time the two of them jumped onto my dick, sitting comfortably with their backs against my abs. Once they were situated I grabbed the General, still in his iron prison, and carried him over to the tank platform. I?m not sure what test they had intended this for, but I had my own test in mind.

?Now General, this is the last part of our show,? I said setting him and the scientists down, ?I want to make sure you understand what I can really do.

Without another word I walked to the tank and began humping it like a horny dog. The feel of the steel, metal, rubber...ugh it felt so good!

?Ok boys, changes of plans. Get in.? I said.

I grabbed the top of the tank and ripped it off, leaving plenty of room for the three of them inside. Ethan and Dan climbed in after I?d placed General Thompson inside.

Once they were situated, I began my humping again, only this time I really pushed. Word?s can?t describe the incredible pleasure I felt as my cock grated against the metal armor of the tank. Carefully I wore a patch away on the exterior cabin wall.

Now it was time.

I started to fuck the tank.

In just a few thrusts my cock broke through the metal walls of the tank!


But I didn?t stop there, I was too turned on. I kept thrusting as four small hands continued to grope my cock on the inside of the tank. Talk about a glory hole!

?Stay back boys, I?m going to come and its going to be strong!?

Seconds later I let out an orgasm to end all orgasms. My moan of pleasure vibrated the walls as my grapefruit-sized balls pumped out buckets of cum. It as unbelievable.

After over a minute of sexual release I was finally done. I extracted my still hard cock from the walls of the tank and peered down inside.

What I saw had my laughing hysterically.

The entire cabin was filled with cum! Everything, including the passengers were covered in it. They were literally soaked from head to toe! Ethan and Dan has both passed out from the experience, their pants at their ankles and their tiny cocks soft again. Both of them had smiles on their faces.

Then there was the General.

The mixture of fear and rage in his eyes was unmistakeable. It was time to end this.

I reached in and grabbed him, lifting him out of the sticky mess I?d created. After unbending the bar, in one smooth motion I ripped his entire uniform off. I wanted him to feel as naked and powerless as he?d made me feel.

Finally I removed the bandana that was preventing him from speaking.

?Well, General, now you?ve experienced first hand the power of my incredible body. What do you have to say for yourself now??

Then he did the most unexpected thing, he stared laughing.

?You idiot,? he said with a smirk, ?I knew you?d try something like this. I was never sure if I could trust the scientists, they were all to in-love with their pet project. I?m a military man, I prepare for every contingency.?

?What?s to stop me from snapping you neck right now?? I countered, ?God-kill failed and I?m free, you can?t touch me.?

?I may be a normal pathetic human to you, but I?m too old to be so stupid. God-kill was a two part plan, there was always a nuclear failsafe in place. I never told the scientists because I didn?t want to scare them. But when I didn?t input the override code the countdown started. According to my watch we?ve only got only 6 minutes before this place implodes in a nuclear blast, which even you can?t survive. Better enjoy your godhood now, its going to be short lived.?

My mind was racing to come up with a solution for survival. Ripping off his watch to get the exact time, I tossed the General aside. I listened with great satisfaction as he landed a few hundred yards away to the sound of snapping bones and clanging weights.

Good, it serves him right I thought. He should spend him his last few minutes in agony. At least I knew he wouldn?t be going anywhere for his last few minutes.

But these were not going to be my last minutes. According to the General?s watch I had 5 minutes and 39 seconds before the blast destroyed Ethan, Dan, and my new perfect existence.

Racing to the computer terminal on the wall, I broke through the encryption and began downloading the supercomputer?s data into my enhanced brain. Almost instantly I had not only the map of the base but everything that had been done on Operation Iron-man. No more secrets, no more surprises.

14 seconds later I had a plan...

To be continued.
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YAY. I am so happy you finally added more to this story. It was one of my favorites. I can't wait for the continuation.
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Great story.. Can't wait for more
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So hot! Do you ever RP, Mr. Beemer? I know it would be hot...
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