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Mike Gets Huge

part 4 -- Restored

"Come on Mike!" Donny cried, panting and trying to catch his breath.
"He went," gasp, "into the hotel." Donny leaned over, hands to his
knees to support himself as he tried to catch his breath.

Donny had gotten ahead of Mike as they chased Mr. Barker. Mike
lumbered like a wounded cow. His face was red and he was breathing
hard. When he got to the back of the hotel, he fell against the wall.
Donny looked up. "Mike! Are you OK!"

Mike couldn't speak, but kept panting. "So," he let out a wheeze that
sounded like a pinhole in a balloon, "weak." He panted heavily for
another minute. "Donny, where'd he go." Mike panted some more.

"I saw him go in here," Donny walked over to his now fat friend.

"We gotta find him," Mike cried, a tear running down his cheek. "Look
at me. I'm covered in sweat and can barely move. I use to be able to
run the 100 in 18 seconds. Now look at me." He pulled on the door,
and grunted as he had trouble with the taut hinges.

Donny followed Mike in. "We'll find him." They began to walk through
the hotel, searching for their teacher and the box of supplements he
had taken.

As they approached the lobby, Donny saw a muscular young man leaving
the rest room. He was carrying their box.

"Mike, look!"

"Who is that? Shit, has he been at the stuff! Look at that body."

"Shhhh...." warned Donny. "We don't want him to see us." Donny and
Mike got closer, as the man walked over to a phone. "Ya, he's
definitely big, but no where as big as you were Mike. We gotta get
that box!"

They listened as the man called their principal. It only took them a
second to realize that the young man was Mr. Barker, and that he was
quitting his job. He put the phone down and started walking toward
the front door. Mike and Donny quietly followed him.

Mr. Barker strode with new confidence. Donny and Mike followed
behind, watching their teacher's new muscles ripple and flex with each
step he took. He seemed oblivious to the fact that he was being
followed, too caught up in his new muscular vigor. He probably
wouldn't care if he did notice. His powerful body could now easily
out muscle both of the weakened jocks with no problem.

Mr. Barker turned the corner and walked down a residential street.
"What's he doing?" asked Mike.

"Looks like he's looking for a house. Hey, doesn't Amy live somewhere
near here?"

"That slut! Hasn't she been all over you?"

"Ya," Donny admitted. "She wants out of this town and was using me.
Doubt she'd like the new me though. Justin was always hot for her.
Wonder if Mr. Barker..."

"Dude, that's sick. He's like way older than we are."

"Ya, but look at him now! He's just her type." Just then Donny saw
someone approaching from the other direction. Even from this
distance, the man was huge. "Quick Mike. Over here!"

"But isn't that Amy's house there?"

"Ya, but isn't that Justin coming down the street! We gotta hide!"

As the hulking figure walked under a street light, Mike could see that
it was Justin. But he was huge, even bigger than the last time they
saw him. In fact, he looked almost as big as Kyle. Justin was
wearing shorts, and his thickly muscled legs were deeply ripped. He
had a tank top that was cropped to show a perfect 6-pack, and his pecs
created a thick shelf that tented the shirt over his thin waist. His
arms were thick and strong, and he walked with the same confidence
that Mr. Barker displayed.

Mr. Barker stopped in his tracks when he saw the other man. He was
concealed by darkness, and the large interloper had not yet seen him.
He walked over to some shrubs and put the box down, hiding it. He
then stepped into the light. The other man stopped, and Mr. Barker
approached the huge stranger.

Justin flexed his chest, bouncing the thick muscles as a primal
challenge to the other man. The man was big, but not as big as
Justin. "Wassup," Jason said, not as a question, but as a challenge.

"I'm here to visit someone," replied Barker, trying not to be
intimidated. He now recognized the man as Justin, but he was even
bigger and more powerful than the last time he had seen him.

"Me too," replied Justin, then adding after a brief pause, "little guy."

Mr. Barker's felt a swarm of butterflies in his stomach at this
challenge. He took a deep breath, and felt his now thick pecs rub
against his shirt. "Not that little," he challenged back. He tried
to make it sound convincing.

Justin paused. "Don't recall seeing you before," he said, looking the
guy up and down. He grabbed the base of his top, and in one fluid
motion, lifted it over his head. He flared his lats and flexed his
pecs, showing off every inch of his 60 inch chest. "This is what I
got. You?" Justin stood, hands on his hips, muscle flexed and stared
at the Mr. Barker.

Mr. Barker accepted the challenge. He removed his shirt and began to
flex in front of Justin. Both men began to circle each other.

Unknown to Mr. Barker, Donny and Mike had been making their move.
Once he put down the box, Mike started to run toward it.

"Hey, careful Mike. We don't want him to see us!" Donny warned.
Working in the shadows, the two powerless ex-jocks snuck up to the
box. It was trash night on the street, and as they snuck over to
their target, Donny grabbed another cardboard box about the same size.

"What's that for?" Mike asked.

"So Barker doesn't know we took the sups!"

"Fuck man! That's thinking ahead," Mike said.

While the now buff Mr. Barker and super-buff Justin parried, Mike and
Donny substituted their garbage box for the supplements. Mike could
barely carry the box, he was so weak, but they managed to get away.

"Nice man," said Justin, groping Barker's hard chest. "But not as
nice as mine." He grabbed Barker's hand and raised it to his own
chest. Justin flexed, trapping the man's hand between the two
melon-sized mounds. Barker tried to pull away, his arm flexing in
rebellion, but Justin's flex was too strong. "Ya man, when Amy checks
out my bod, she'll forget all about Captain America."

"Amy?" Mr. Barker said. "Amy Pilkington?"

Justin unflexed and Mr. Barker pulled his hand out, stretching the
fingers now that they were free from the crushing power of Justin's
chest. "Ya, is that who you're looking for? Shit. Why would she
want a wimp like you when she could have a handsome, sexy stud like
me." Justin hit a double bicep pose, showing the size of his superior

Mr. Barker flexed, but his arms, though peaked and muscular, were
dwarfed compared to Justin's superior guns. Justin laughed, brought
his arms down and grabbed his crotch. "Besides, my muscles ain't the
only thing big on me." He reached down, grabbed his shirt and pulled
it on. Justin walked toward Mr. Barker, placed his hand on Barker's
shoulder and pushed him out of the way with ease.

Barker watched as Justin walked up to a door. He knocked, and Amy
opened it. A look of surprise changed to giggles of delight as she
let Justin in her house. A few moments later, he saw a light turn on
on the second floor. A shirtless Justin walked to the window and
closed the blinds.

Mr. Barker felt his anger building. "We'll see about that." He went
to the shrubs and grab the box he had hidden there.

Mike and Donny carried their treasure through the shadows between two
homes. They found a detached garage with an open door, went in and
turned on the light. Mike put the box down with a thud and shook out
his hand. Looking around, it appeared that the garage had been
converted to some kind of workshop, with a sink and lots of power

"I hate feeling this weak. That box should be nothing, but I could
barely carry it here." Mike complained.

Donny locked the door and went to the box. He started lifting bottles
out, reading the notes on them.

"Come on Donny. Someone might come. They can't see me like this!"
Mike lifted his flabby stomach and dropped it. It vibrated like

"I gotta get this right Mike. We can't make another mistake like last

Donny looked around. He lifted a bottle, took it out, then reached in
and grabbed a note. "Bingo! Here's a key." Donny looked at the
paper. "OK, this paper says what each bottle does."

Donny looked at the bottle he pulled out. "This one is MNR.
According to the sheet, that means 'muscle neutralizing reaction'.
This must be the one we took before."

"Keep that away from me. I barely have any muscle left for it to
neutralize," said Mike.

Donny began pulling bottles out, looking for something. He pulled
three bottles out. They were labeled 'FM', 'MGF' and 'MB'. "I can't
see anything that will definitely restore our muscles, but I think
this might work. This one is a fat metabolizer. This one says that
it converts food into muscle, but is marked a failure."

"But that's the one we took originally!" Mike exclaimed.

"Ya. The guy who invited this stuff must have believed our little
gambit." Donny picked up the third bottle. "This one is called
muscle boost. I think if we mix the three together, it might reverse
the effects."

Donny walked over to the sink. There were a couple of glasses. He
took a scoop of each of the powders and mixed it with water.

"Give it to me," said Mike.

"No, let me try it first. If it doesn't work..." Donny downed the

Donny stood there for what seemed to Mike like hours, but was only a
minute. Donny began to wobble a bit, like he was losing his balance
and began to stagger. "Mike, I feel funny. Something is happeni..."

Mike ran to try and support Donny. As he grabbed the thin man to
support him, he felt something. Donny's soft body began to harden.
He waist become hard and he felt abs pushing through the skin. Donny
also seemed to be getting heavier, and his chest was pressing against
his shirt. "Donny! It's working!" Donny's legs began to thicken in
his shorts and his tank top began to pull tight as his lats spread
like wings and his shoulders broadened. His arms thickened and Mike
began to rub them, feeling the power return to his friend.

In less than a minute, Donny once again had his Captain America body.
His good looks and brilliant smile showed his pleasure. "Ya, that's
more like it!"

"My turn." Mike ran to the sink and made up his own cocktail. He
downed it in a single gulp. "Come here Donny, I may need your help.
It looked like it was a bit disorienting on you."

Donny walked over and Mike began to wobble, his 350 pounds of flab
nearly falling to the floor. Donny's restored muscles flexed to
support the big man. Mike's waist began to thin as his mass
redistributed itself. His pecs grew and his arms became firm. "Oh
ya, feeling stronger" Mike said as he raised his arms and felt his
chest growing larger. Donny put his arm on Mike's bicep and felt the
28-inchers become like steel. Mike's thighs ripped and his calves
became like diamonds. Mike's lats expanded and pushed against Donny,
forcing him to step backward while he continued to support the
strengthening behemoth. Within a minute, Mike stood under his own
power and flexed his mountainous arms. "YA!" he cried, and flexed
into a crab pose that strained against his clothes.

Suddenly, Donny cried, "Mike!" He grabbed his stomach and hunched
over, "Something's wrong!" Mike looked at Donny, and saw that his
muscles were throbbing and seemed to be growing larger. Mike grabbed
Donny's arm and felt his grip being forced apart by Donny's
strengthening bicep. "Must be the muscle boost. Didn't think..."
Donny's stood up straight and his head snapped back. Mike heard a
tear as Donny's tank top couldn't stretch any larger and his lats and
pecs expanded. Donny's ripped waist became a perfect muscle gut. His
legs thickened and strengthened. Mike watched as Donny became as
large as Kyle, then kept growing. He rubbed his hand over his
friend's muscle pecs, feeling their strength and weight and soon
realized that Donny was approaching his massive size. Mike felt a
pang of jealousy as Donny's growth slowed.

"Donny, flex!" Mike ordered. Donny reacted, raising his arm in a
huge bicep. Mike flexed his own arm. Donny's bicep was at least as
big as Mike's, if not slightly larger. Before Mike could react, he
felt a strong cramp in his own gut. "Oaaaaahhh!" he cried, "Yes!"
Mike began to feel even stronger.

Donny watched as Mike's already stretched shirt ripped from his body.
His massive 80 inch chest exploded with more size, his ballooning pecs
forcing into the man's chin. His traps pressed into his thickening
neck, and his lats pressed his arms wide from his sides. His shorts
ripped as his thigh muscles fought against each other for more room.
Whatever fat remained around Mike's gut vanished as row after row of
abs burst into view and his intercostals came into view as ripped
perfection. Mike flexed his strengthening muscles as he grew. Donny
couldn't help himself, his hands groping and pressing into Mike's ever
more powerful body. As Mike's growth slowed, Mike's hands joined
Donny's in appreciating his larger body.

"Fuck Mike! You're a fucking hulking muscle freak!"

"Damn right I am! Can't wait to see Kyle's face when he sees these
cannons." Mike hit a bicep that was inches higher than Donny's 28s.
Mike grinned, no longer jealous of Donny's growth. Mike was obviously
number one.

"Hey Mike. There's a tape. Let's measure those peaks!"

Donnie grabbed the tape as Mike's hands continued to appreciate his
massive body. Mike placed his hand under the inches deep pec shelf
and hefted the heavy meat, weighing it and admiring its dense
hardness. When Donny came back with the tape, Mike flexed his left
arm, and rubbed his right hand over the incredible boulder. Donny
wrapped the tape around Mike's massive arm, and read out the number.
"Fucking forty inches. That's a foot bigger than you were before."

Mike felt his cock press against his already straining pants as he
realized just how big he was.

Donny tried to wrap the tape around Mike's chest, but the 8 foot tape
was too small. Mike's waist was 35 inches of rock hard ripped muscle,
and each thigh had passed the 50 inch mark. Every time Mike flexed,
striations of thick muscle pushed through paper thin skin as muscle
dominated every aspect of his body.

As Mike posed for Donny, he saw some metal pipes and braces. He
pushed Donny aside and grabbed a three inch thick pipe. Grinning, he
held it between his hands and flexed. The pipe squealed its
objections, but bent in half as if it were a piece of clay. Not
satisfied, Mike forced the straining steel to bend over on itself and
tied the pipe into a knot. "Oh ya! Fucking easy for these!" Mike
flexed his arms showing their superiority.

Next, Mike grabbed a half inch steel dowel. Mike positioned it across
his stomachs, between his rock like abs. Mike flexed into a crab
pose, trapping the steel between his flexed muscles. Mike squeezed
hard. When he relaxed, he pulled the rod out. Not only had it been
forced to conform to the outline of the muscles, it had actually been
flattened. Mike tossed it to Donny whose eyes widened as he looked at
the 'V' in the steel that represented Mike's main divide and the round
outline of his bricklike abs, now preserved in steel.

"Damn, I missed having abs more than I knew," said Mike as his hands
traced the contours of has muscle gut.

Finally, it was too much for Mike. He shed his pants and his erect
cock bounced off his powerful abs. Mike grabbed his long dick and
squeezed, his popeye-like forearms commanding his fingers to stimulate
his manhood. 'Like a steel pipe,' he though as his powerful hand met
the resistance of his turgid meat.

Donny dropped his pants and joined Mike as the two muscle monsters
circle jerked in appreciation of their returned power.

In Amy Pilkington's house, another sexual act was occurring. When Amy
saw Justin's new body, she had to find out what happened. He didn't
hesitate when she invited him up to her room and closed the door. She
let out an audible gasp when he pulled off his shirt, and flexed his
Mr. Olympia sized chest and arms.

Amy didn't refuse when Justin offered to let her feel his muscles, and
he laughed at the awe in her voice when she said he was bigger and
more handsome than Captain America.

"Donny's a skinny weak wimp," he said as he moved her hand to his
muscle gut and flexed hard.

Amy rubbed her hand over the mounds of muscle, then began to trace
their contours. Finally, she let her fingers run down the center of
his abs, over his belly button, and into his shorts. She gasped when
she touched his cock. Her had grabbed it, her breath becoming deeper
and more excited as she felt its thickness and weight. Her hand tried
to judge its length, but it was too big.

"I'm bigger than Donny everywhere," bragged Justin. "Go ahead, see
for yourself."

Amy didn't have to be told twice. In a flash, she had Justin naked.
As she saw his monster cock, she became hypnotized by Justin's

Justin pulled Amy toward him, and lifted her top. Undoing her bra, he
marveled at her firm, perky, perfectly formed breasts. He felt his
organ hardening and thickening as he began to kiss her passionately.
As they kissed, he slid her shorts down and she kicked them off. He
rubbed his organ against her underpants, and felt them moisten with
her warm juices. Amy's body heat was rising with desire for Justin
and his magnificent body.

"You've got the greatest breasts," Justin whispered to her. "How'd
you like to feel my monster cock between them?"

Amy's answer was to bend down. Grabbing both her girls she
wrapped them around Justin's manhood and squeezed, rubbing her soft
female skin against his hard rod. Justin's meat began to leak precum
as he watched Amy's eyes widen at feeling his power rod between her
firm breasts.

Sighing heavily, she looked at him and cooed, "Can I suck it, please,"
her eyes begging him for permission.

"Only if I can return the favor," Justin said, putting his arms under
hers and lifting her up. He then moved one of his big hands to her
crotch, and began to rub it.

"Ohhhh..." Justin had to steady Amy as her knees nearly gave out.

Justin lifted Amy and placed her gently on her bed. He lay next to
her in a sixty-nine position. As he felt her warm tongue begin to lap
at his organ, he pressed his face into her crotch and forced his
tongue between her womanly lips. Justin worked his powerful tongue as
Amy ran her mouth over his prodigious meat. He could feel her warm
mouth sucking on his head, then her tongue running along his shaft,
and her mouth sucking on his balls. Her arms were stroking his
massive thighs and calves, testing the muscle as she squeezed and
stroked them. It felt so good. He returned the favor by massaging her
clit with his tongue and inserting it powerfully into her tube. As
he did this, she began to have mini orgasms as any control she had
left her body. The more he stimulated her, the more sounds of
pleasure she began to make.

Pulling back, Justin asked, "Do you want me to fuck you?"

"Oh yes... oh god yes... but..."

"I'll be gentle. Don't worry, you're so wet, so sexy..." Justin
reassured her. He pulled wrapped his arms around her, hugging her as
he kissed her pussy before flipping over. He began to kiss her as he
ground his cock against her, rubbing her clit with his hard, long
shaft. His muscles flexed as he gyrated his groin into her. Amy
rubbed her hands over Justin's powerful torso, her body heat rising.

Justin moved to the corner of the bed. Lifting Amy like a china doll,
he sat up and stroked his organ. "Come here babe. You sit on it. Go
as slow as you want." She strattled him, and he kissed each of her
breasts as one of her hands grabbed a hold of his traps and the other
positioned his monster meat. She pressed his fat head against the
opening to her vagina. Justin pressed. He felt her warmth engulf his
head, and Amy screamed with pleasure. Justin's legs flexed as he
pumped his meat into her, all the while letting her control just how
much of his length she took. Slowly, she took more and more of his
manhood into her while he kissed and sucked on her breasts. She
stroke his arms and pecs, and he flexed for her. He could feel her
getting wetter and wetter as her pants turned into coos of pleasure.

When about nine of his hard throbbing inches had invaded her, he felt
her tighten around him. Amy's head flew back, and she screamed, "OH
GOD YES". Justin felt her warm juices flowing over his cock, and he
gently pressed further into her. "Justin! Never imagined. Oh god!"
He felt her spasm as her orgasms continued. "So big. So strong. Oh!
More. Oh please." Justin flexed his dick, stretching her as he
thrust inch after inch in and out of her. Amy's fingers dug into
Justin's massive pecs, his steely-hard flex easily resisting her
hands. "So manly... biggest... oh..." Amy's words trailed off into
inarticulate grunts and pants as Justin's monster pressed deeper into
her. Her juices lubricated his passage, and she was able to take
every inch of his incredible length. When his groin rubbed against
hers, he pressed into her clit, causing her orgasms to accelerate. He
felt her tightening against him, so he flexed his cock, forcing it
harder. Amy screamed with pleasure.

"You ain't seen nothing yet," Justin whispered to her. Hugging her,
he began to stand. Amy wrapper her legs around his waist, and his
thighs flexed as he lifter her. His abs flexed as he continued to
thrust his massive cock in and out of her, holding her up with his
powerful body.

"OH. SO... STRONG..." She kissed him passionately as his muscles and
strength made his fucking her so much more intense.
"MORE... AMAZING... OH GOD... CAN'T STOP CUMMING... JUSTIN..." Amy's screams were exciting the muscle god more than he ever imagined.

"God Amy... You are so good. I'm close to cumming... Want me to cum?"

Amy's eyes had rolled back in her head, but she grunted a yes. Justin
kissed her deeply, feeling her sexy small body against his big
muscular form. The thought of his new strength and sexual prowess
filled his mind. He felt his balls tighten and his dick becoming even
harder. Amy's breathing was heavy as his powerful muscle fuck
continued to cause her to orgasm uncontrollably.

Justin's cock exploded into her, mixing his cum with her juices. Their
crotches become soaked with man and woman liquids as Justin squirted
more and more into Amy. Justin's body tensed and his muscles flexed
as he screamed and creamed. He felt his balls pumping his seed into
Amy. Justin's orgasm lasted for fifteen seconds or more. When he
finished, Amy fell limp in his arms, passed out from the power of his
love making.

Justin pulled out of her and lay her on his bed. He looked at her
firm breasts rising and lowering with each breath. He leaned over and
kissed her.

Suddenly, Amy's body began to convulse. Her ample breasts seemed to
deflate, and her thin waist bulged with fat. Her toned body became
flabby. Her white skin became blotchy and her hair lost its sheen.
Justin was about to react when he felt light headed. His huge balls
seemed to pulse, and a wave of strength and energy rolled through his
body. Justin felt heavier, bigger, and turned to look in the mirror.

It was happening again. He watched as his pecs began to balloon
larger. His already ripped waist thickened with more muscle, and
became more shredded. His arms pulsed with more energy. He struck a
bicep pose, and watched the peak grow higher and higher. His quads
pressed into his big nuts, pushing them forward. His calves
thickened, and he felt strong and fast, as if he could run a hundred
yards in seconds.

"Ya! Grow!" Justin hit a crab pose and watched every muscle flex
larger, getting totally ripped. He grinned, noticing that his
features were becoming even more handsome and manly than before. He
turned to the side, and struck a side chest pose, noting his growing
pecs and their roundness. His rack now hung almost a foot over his
rock-like abs. "Bigger," he growled as he raised his arms into a
twisting double bicep. That's when it hit him. He was as big as Mike
had been. As his growth slowed, he bounced his eighty-inch chest and
admired his twenty-eight inch arms. He grinned, noting that he was
easily as handsome as Donny had been. And his posing was as fluid and
graceful as Kyle.

He looked at the ugly fat Amy and laughed. "Thanks girl. Looks like
fucking you made my transformation complete. Can't wait to hit the
football field! I suspect you were just fucked by the new

Mr. Barker got back to his apartment. He threw the box on his coffee
table and opened it. It was filled with magazines. Frantically, he
began to rip through the paper looking desperately for the amazing
powders that were no longer there. "NO! I've got to find them!"
Mr. Barker turned to return to Amy's house to trace his route.

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thank you!

Great job! I'm really glad you decided to pick up this storyline. It's always been one of my favorites -- there's something about Justin that is so incredibly hot even though he's an a$$ (which you you picked up on perfectly!). Looking forward to seeing where it goes next!
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Part 5: Worshipping Mr. Barker

Kyle sat on the football field, watching the sun come up. After
leaving Justin's house, he wandered aimlessly. His body felt so
weird. His belly jiggled when he walked, and his body conformed to
his shirt rather than the shirt stretching to his body. He tired
easily. It was wrong. He walked without purpose. When he realized
where he was, he had gone to the place he had always felt safe -- the
football field.

He tried running its length. He was so slow, running less than thirty
yards in the time it would have taken him to run the whole field. He
pushed himself, only to trip and land face first.

Kyle's mind couldn't understand how to control his new body. It was
so bloated and strange. He had to know how bad the damage was. He
stood up, and his knees and elbows hurt. He couldn't see his legs
over his fat stomach, but his elbows were skinned and bloodied. He
found the keys the coach had given him to get into the locker room and
weight room so he could train whenever he wanted, and walked to the door.

Kyle began to feel at home. He had spent countless hours building his
muscles and flaunting them for all to see in places like this. He
turned on the light and instinctively took off his shirt. He turned
toward the mirror, and didn't recognize the person looking back. His
face was puffy and lacked the rugged manliness that he normally
saw reflected from the mirror. His massive chest that caused awe in men and women alike
was flat and saggy. His firm stomach was bloated. The only good
thing was that it drooped over his crotch, hiding where his small cock
would be. He had always been ashamed that his manly proportions did
not extend to his dick. His normally ripped legs were round and his
knees were indeed skinned and bleeding. He looked like the Pillsbury
dough boy.

"I HATE THIS!" he screamed, and made his way into the weight room.
"Gotta lift! Maybe that will reverse this curse!"

Mike walked into the weight room, and turned on the light. He looked
around, and saw that someone had left a bar and weights on the bench.
There were two plates on each side. Kyle smiled. "Ya, something
light like that!" He walked over, and positioned himself under the
225 pound bar. "No prob. This was my warm up weight!"

Kyle grabbed the bar, took a deep breath, and ordered his arms to lift
it. Nothing happened. He arched his back and pressed with all his
might, but the bar didn't move. Kyle held his breath and pushed
harder than he had ever pushed, but the weight continued to defeat
him. Kyle's stomach tied in knots as he realized that this wimpy
weight -- this warm-up weight -- was too heavy for him.

Kyle stopped. His shoulders hurt from the exertion of his failure.
Slowly, he got up. He unlocked the collar and began to remove one
plate. It nearly fell to the floor as he was unable to control it.
"No, it can't be too heavy for me. It can't!" He put the collar back
and removed the plate from the other side. This time, he was more
careful but it was still so heavy.

Kyle got back on the bench. 135 pounds. Never in his life had he
been unable to bench this light a weight. The first time he ever
lifted, he did 175 for reps. Kyle positioned his hands. He pressed.
Harder. His arms shook and the bar slid. He arched his back and he
thought he felt the bar move a bit. He screamed, willing strength
into his weak muscles. He began to cry as the bar stayed on the
bench, disobeying his orders to move.

Kyle sat up and rubbed his hands over his pecs. Flabby. Soft. He
had loved to have his chest worshipped for its size, hardness and
power. His sadness turned into anger and then hate for Justin. The
weight room, always a source of comfort and pride for him had suddenly
become a place of shame. No longer was he its monarch, a muscle god
who commanded there. Now, he was nothing. He stood up, grabbed his
shirt, and left.

He sat on the field until sun up, unable to move. His dreams, his
work, and his life had been taken from him. His depression was
interrupted when a car pulled into the school drive. The car stopped
by the front door, and someone got out. The person unlocked the front door
and ran inside. "On a Saturday?" thought Kyle. He watched, and the
light in Mr. Barker's classroom turned on.

Kyle got up and went inside the building. He heard someone in the
classroom, and peeked inside. A muscular young man was rummaging
around Mr. Barker's desk, putting things in a box. He opened the
middle drawer, and pulled out Mr. Barker's class roster and started
looking through it.

'Shit. The school is being robbed,' thought Kyle. The guy was big,
but Kyle had been bigger. He could have taken him. Then he
remembered his failure in the weight room. His power was gone, and he
was too weak. He had to get away. To call for help or something. He
turned, but tripped on his feet and slammed into a row of lockers,
causing a loud crash.

Kyle lay stunned for a second. As he began to get up, a man was
standing over him. The first thing Kyle noticed was the man's calves
straining at the bottom of his pants. Looking up, the pants were like
a second skin around a pair of ripped quads and thick hamstrings. The
man had a significant bulge which made Kyle gulp. The man's shirt
hung lose around his waist, and his pecs formed a ledge that forced
the shirt to tent forward. The man's face was grimaced as he looked
at Kyle. "What are you doing here, pig boy," he said.

Kyle recognized the voice. "Mr. Barker?"

The man looked. A glean of recognition entered his eyes. "Kyle?"

Kyle tried to back away, but the man offered his hand. Kyle took it
and with a forceful pull, Kyle was lifted off the ground. "What
happened to you?" asked Kyle.

"Found Mike's little secret. And you?"

Kyle stared, then started to cry. Once he started talking, his whole
nightmare just blurted out. He told how he and Justin had been
searching for the source of Mike's strength.

"Ya, I followed you," admitted Mr. Barker.

Kyle told how they took the supplements back to Justin's house, and
Mike and Donny broke in. Mike couldn't help but lord his massive arms
over Kyle, and then it happened. He recounted how Mike and Donny's
strength seemed to flow into their cocks, and how they came on Justin.
Their muscle evaporated, and Justin grew bigger.

"I saw Justin last night. He's huge."

"Ya, but not from just Mike. He stole my muscle too." Kyle recounted
how Justin's cock had become enormous. "He made me suck it," Kyle

"Really?" said Mr. Barker.

"He put some of the powder on it, and forced it into my mouth. Then I
became dizzy. My cock hurt, and when I lost it, Justin was there
sucking me off. That's when I changed." Kyle began to cry. "He
stole my muscles. My beautiful muscles."

Mr. Barker looked at Kyle. He grinned, then lifted off his shirt.
"Muscles like these?" he asked. Mr. Barker struck a crab pose,
flexing his big pecs inward, forcing them to ball up and become
striated as he flexed his thick arms into his torso and forced his gut
into eight bricks of power. He then stood up, raised his arms and performed a twisting double bicep pose.

Kyle whimpered a yes.

Mr. Barker smirked, then unflexed. He unbuttoned his pants, then
pushed them down, standing in front of Kyle in his white
fruit-of-the-looms. "And like these?" he said, sticking his leg out
and tightening the quads to show their hardness, then relaxing and
shaking the substantial muscle.

Kyle sobbed.

"Ya know, I loved to worship your big body," Mr. Barker admitted,
raising his hands to his pecs and massaging the heavy meat. "I loved
to feel all that power. Your manly strength under my fingers. I
loved it." Mr. Barker's briefs bulged larger, straining to contain
his heavy meat.

Kyle's mouth began to feel dry and he remembered being worshipped.
Ya, he liked it too. He liked to feel his power, and to let other's
feel his strength, jealous of what he had.

"Now I love having it," Mr. Barker admitted. Come here Kyle," Mr. Barker
commanded. "It's time for you to worship my superior manhood. Feel these muscles."

Kyle hesitated. He loved being worshipped, but being the worshipper?
He watched Mr. Barker move his hands, weighing his pecs, pinching them
then sliding his hands over his cobblestone abs. He rearranged his
shorts, and the head of his growing erection forced itself above the

Kyle stood, his hand shaking. Slowly, he raised it to Mr. Barker's
chest. It was warm... no hot. It felt like living steel. He
measured it with his fingers, weighing it. His skin was so smooth,
yet the flesh so hard. Mr. Barker flexed his pecs, causing it to
ripple upward under Kyle's fingers. Kyle let out a slight moan and
felt a pressure growing in his pants.

"Ya boy. Feel my power. You like muscles, don't you. You liked
having them, and I love having them. Feel these abs." It was another
command, but this time Kyle didn't hesitate.

Mr. Barker flexed, his dick now pressing into his belly button. Kyle
rubbed each muscle, pressing his stubby fingers into the groves. As
his hand moved toward Mr. Barker's naval, his little finger brushed
against Mr. Barker's fat cockhead, causing the muscle man to shudder.
A trail of precum tracked Kyle's progress over Mr. Barker's hard

"Turn around," Kyle asked. Mr. Barker looked at him, but complied,
turning and looking out the window at the football field. He saw to people
approaching, but was distracted by Kyle's touch.

Kyle grabbed Mr. Barker's traps, feeling the iron-like muscles. He
tried to squeeze, to massage the powerful back, but his weak hands
could barely dent it.

Kyle rubbed Mr. Barker's bull neck, feeling his heart beat in the
veins just below the skin.

Mr. Barker flexed his lats, stretching the wings wide then pulling
them back creating a rippled mass of powerful muscle that met at his
spine, two mountain ranges of muscle protecting his backbone in grand
canyon sized valley.

Kyle felt every ridge, testing the depth of the canyon and the width
of his wings. He moved his mouth to the top of Mr. Barker's back, and
pressed his tongue into the muscle-walled valley and traced it.

Mr. Barker laughed. When Kyle had finished he turned around. He
placed his big hand on Kyle's crotch and felt the hard cock. "Oh ya,
you do love muscle, don't you!" Mr. Barker flexed his big arm, making
the baseball-sized bicep explode upward. "You like these muscles, and
you liked having them. Show me." Mr. Barker nodded to Kyle's groin.

Kyle didn't need to be told twice. He was so horny worshipping this
new muscle god. He so longed for the power again. He pulled his
pants down, and his five inch erection sprang up as if spring-loaded.
Mr. Barker wrapped his hand around the thin rod and squeezed, but Kyle
was so turned on not even Mr. Barker's strong hands could crush Kyle's
iron hardness. "Ya, you're turned on. So am I, but it looks like I'm
way bigger than you in this department too."

Kyle began to ooze copious amounts of precum as Mr. Barker stroked his
rod. He reached out, and grabbed Mr. Barker's big cock and rubbed it
against the muscle-god's ripped abs. Mr. Barker's cock lacked the
hypnotic appeal that Justin's had, but it was so big and heavy it
turned him on.

"Mike always lorded his big body over me," confessed Kyle. "I guess I
always wanted to do this. Right before he took the sups that changed
him, he was bragging about his big dick and muscles."

"Did he say anything else?" Mr. Barker asked, moving Kyle's other hand
up to his muscular chest and flexing his big pecs.

"He said the sups would make Justin big, and make me one of the most
muscular men ever. I wanted that. The muscles... like yours..."

"I want that for you too, Kyle."

Kyle looked at his ex-teacher and saw him for the first time. "What?"

"Think about it. I want to get you your muscles back. I want you to
be big again. But not just big, huge, a muscle freak. And I want to
be bigger too. You and me. We'll take those muscle building
supplements again, and grow huge. No one will stop us. Think about

Kyle's cock flowed with precum. His body began to shake as he oozed
cum and orgasmed. Mr. Barker joined him, but his large cock erupted
like a volcano squirting both of them with jism.

Kyle looked at Mr. Barker, his muscular body covered with white cream.
"I wish there was a way, but Donny flushed the supplements down the

"Donny lied. I'm the proof of that." Mr. Barker put his hands on his
hips and flexed into a crab pose. "Look outside." He ordered.

Kyle looked out the window. There were two people on the field. They were tossing a ball back and forth as they ran down the field toward the school. They
were men, shirtless, wearing shorts that hugged their bodies. He
looked closer, unable to fully comprehend what he was seeing. Both
men were huge, but one was a muscle monster. The smaller looked to be
as big as Mike, and the other was twice as big as him. Kyle looked,
and recognized the smaller man as Donny. The larger man was, "Oh my
god. That's Mike! He's even bigger than before. How'd he..."

"get his muscles back?" finished Mr. Barker. "He took the supplements
from me. Stole them while Justin distracted me. And if he can get
his muscles back..."

"So can I!" For the first time, Kyle smiled.

"Stand firm for what you believe in until or unless logic or experience prove you wrong. Remember, when the emperor looks naked the emperor is naked. The truth and a lie are not sort of the same thing. And there's no aspect, no facet, no moment of life that can't be improved with pizza." Daria
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Good update! I'm enjoying this one a lot! Thanks for writing it.
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Hey Corwin, any upcoming new characters?
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Donny got to Mike's house early. He wore only the pair of shorts from
last night -- none of his clothes fit his new body. The front door
was open, so he let himself in. He heard Mike in the shower, so made
himself comfortable in Mike's room.

Mike's walls were covered with stories of his exploits on the football
field. A picture of Mike and Donny winning a game against the Central
High Indians caught his attention. Donny smiled at the memory. He
turned to the full length mirror and saw his powerful body. At first
he thought it was Mike, but no, it was him. Donny flared his back and
pulled his arms into a crab. The python-like structure of his body
exuded power. Donny was huge!

He was so captured by his own powerful display, he didn't hear the
water stop. The door between Mike's room and the bathroom opened.
Mike walked through the opening sideways, too big now to fit through
the opening any other way.

"Shit!" Donny said, relaxing his pose. Light glistened off of Mike's
huge wet body. His bis jumped randomly as he rubbed a towel over his
head, drying his hair. Mike smiled and laughed, his ripped abs
gyrating with the force of his chortle.

"Lookin' good Donny," Mike said, tracking Donny's eyes as he took in
all of Mike's nude power. Mike turned and opened his wardrobe. His
lats rippled as he pulled out a shirt and pants and through them at
Donny. "There you go big guy. Change into that. They're all too
small for me now." Mike expanded his chest and placed his arms on his
hips as he grinned knowingly at Donny.

As Donny stripped off his shorts, Mike felt a tinge of longing for his
friend. Donny was so handsome and so strong. Mike may be stronger,
but there was something special about their friendship and all they
had been through the past day.

Mike turned and found a jock strap that still barely fit him. He
arranged his ample manhood in the pouch, then found a pair of spandex
shorts. He pulled the shorts over his legs, stretching the fabric to
near the breaking point. Finally, he found a triple-XL tank top that
he pulled over his head. As he pressed the fabric over his chest, it
stretched to the max. He inhaled, and the t-shirt tore around the
neck, his pecs forcing more room from the fabric. "That'll have to do
until we can go shopping," he said and walked sideways out the door.

Donny and Mike walked to the football field. They each wanted to test
their new bodies, wondering what they were now capable of. As the
passed the football for 90 yards with perfect precision, kicked field
goals the length of the field, and ran faster than any player could
imaging, they had no idea that they were being watched.

As Mr. Barker flexed and displayed his youthful power for his
more-than-willing worshipper, a blur out the window had caught his
eye. Kyle was too busy enjoying the power of his teacher to notice.
As Mr. Barker experienced the awe and devotion of his lustful student,
his attention was drawn to the two powerful figures out the window.
It wasn't long before he recognized them as Mike and Donny. Like he
and Kyle, they were changed. Unlike Kyle, though, their bodies had
become even more muscular. From what Mr. Barker could see, Mike was
now more akin to the Incredible Hulk than ever before, and Donny had
become as large as Mike had been. He became as jealous of them as
Kyle was of his new body.

When he pointed the studs out to Kyle, Kyle's determination to find
out how they had regained their muscle overrode any desire to worship
Mr. Barker. The two stared, watching Mike and Donny display athletic
ability beyond any other high school player. They could kick and pass
farther than any other player. Mr. Barker timed them as they ran the
field, and realized that they were at least twice as fast as the
school's leading track stars. Their solid muscular bulk was enough to
prove that no other team could hope to tackle them or even slow them

"Did you see that?" "Wow!" "Fuck, how fast are they!" "Nah uh!"
"Look at the size of Mike!" "Donny couldn't do that before!"
Exclamations followed exclamation as the two watched Donny and Mike
test themselves. Kyle began to rub his crotch, and Mr. Barker
adjusted his growing hard-on as the two jealously observed the two

After about twenty minutes, Mike and Donny approached the school,
entering the locker room door Kyle had unlocked earlier.

"The guys will be arriving soon for practice," Mike observed, looking
at the clock. "I want to check out the weight room before they get

"Ya, we know we're now unstoppable on the field. Let's find out what
we can do with the iron," Donny agreed. "Bet I take down a few of
those school records you set," Donny bragged, bouncing his pecs and
checking himself out in the mirror as he walked by.

"Go ahead. I'll just set new records," said Mike, adding, "with
these." He flexed his massive forty-inch arms. He raised his
monsterous right bicep to his lips and kissed it.

The lights in the weight room were on. 135 pounds were on a bench,
with two plates on either side. It looked like they had fallen there.
"What wimp left the lights on?" Mike asked as he walked over to the
bench and lifted the bar with one hand. He began to curl it, lifting
it as though it were a feather. After cranking out thirty curls and
complaining about how light it was, he lowered the weight then,
keeping his arm straight, raised it up to his side performing a
perfect lateral raise. He did thirty of these without even breaking a

"Damn, I need some real weight! These big muscles are just to damned
strong for this puny stuff," he said.

Donny was next with the bar. He too could do single arm curls it, but
after thirty, was visibly tiring. Lateral raises were also harder for
him, but his ego made him crank out the same thirty that Mike had

"Ya!" he screamed as the weight dropped to the floor.

"Pretty good, Donny," agreed Mike. Mike had moved to the power rack
and loaded a bar with 20 plates. Moving the bench underneath, he got
into position. "Here's a new record!" he bragged as he slowly lifted
the weight and began to bench press it. Donny counted off. Mike's
shirt made ripping sounds as his powerful chest expanded as he easily
lifted the weight. After 15 reps, he put the bar back. "Pretty good
warm up, but let's try and double it," he said.

"Can the bar hold that much?" Donny asked.

"Probably not, but that was just too easy for chest." Mike grinned,
then pulled the bench away. He walked over to the bar, and put his
hands around it. "But maybe not arms," he said as he lifted the
weight up. Before Donny could object, Mike curled the bar up to his
chin with perfect form. He lowered it slowly, then did another rep.
Mike's biceps burst into perfectly striated peaks, a thick vein
feeding his powerful blood to the obedient muscle. Donny's eyes
widened as Mike did eight perfect reps. Mike's breathing was
rhythmic, his arms read and beads of sweat dabbled over his body. It
had not been as easy as benching the weight or his earlier curls, but
it was nothing his powerful muscles couldn't handle.

As Mike put down the weight, he heard someone clapping behind him.
Looking in the mirror, he saw a the muscular young Mr. Barker and a
fat slovenly Kyle.

"Looks like you got your muscle back Mikey," said Kyle snidely.

Mike turned and walked confidently to the fat ex-jock. Pushing him
hard in the chest, Kyle smacked into the doorframe with a loud crash.
"Looks like you don't got any muscle, fatso," said Mike. "What did
you do to me? Drop and give me 50!" Mike put his hand on Kyle's
blubbery shoulder and with irresistible force, pushed him to the
ground. Kyle spit on Mike's feet, so Mike raised a foot and pressed
it into his back, trapping him on the floor.

"I don't know how you and Donny-boy over there did it, but you better
do it to me too. I want my muscles back!" Kyle hissed.

Mr. Barker began to move toward Mike, but Donny was on him in a flash.
He grabbed Mr. Barker around his hard waist and easily lifted him up
and threw him to the ground. Any hope that Mr. Barker could overpower
Donny was quickly dashed as Donny wrapped a powerful arm around
Mr. Barker's neck. Flexing his bicep, Donny made Mr. Barker cough and
struggle for breath. "Try anything and I'll really flex this big
arm," said Donny.

"Kyle, ain't nothing you can do to us. We got the muscle and we got
the sups. They're hidden real good where you will never find them."

"I'll tell. I know now." Kyle tried to force himself up, but nothing
could more Mike's powerful leg.

"Kyle, I don't think you get it. I'm not just strong now. I'm like
superman or the hulk or something. My muscles got muscles. I'm
fucking freaky huge AND freaky strong." Mike tilted his head,
signaling Donny to come over.

Donny dragged Mr. Barker with him, and placed his strong let on Kyle's
back. Mike moved over to the weights, and began curling the bar
again. "Nearly a half ton and this is just a warm-up for these arms.
Watch and learn, wimp!"

For the next hour, Mike lifted incredible weights as Kyle was forced to watch.

In the locker room outside, the other players began to arrive. Each
boy began to change, smacking towels and talking about the
cheerleaders they had fucked the night before. That all stopped when
Justin came in.

"Hey Mike," said one of the bigger players as the huge behemoth walked in.

"Guess again," replied Justin, sporting a white grin that nearly blinded them.

"Justin? Shit man! What happened to you! You're as big as Mike."

"Bigger," bragged Justin as he dropped his gear.

The other players felt something almost immediately. First, it was
like they were light headed. They seemed unable to take their eyes
off the handsome bodybuilder that was slowly removing his shirt. It
really hit them, though, when he dropped his pants.

"Fuck man, you're a horse!"

"Strong as one and hung like one," Justin agreed.

Justin's man scent began to fill the room. When he had awakened this
morning, his hardon was raging like never before. His balls were the
size of softballs and were straining for release. He could feel it in
the very fiber of his being. He needed sex, and he could have it with
anyone. Why not do the football team if he wanted? So, that's what
he decided to do.

As soon as they saw Justin's cock, they all wanted him. It was a
frenzy as each of the football jocks lost whatever heterosexual
feelings they had and demanded to suck Justin off. They needed to
feel the huge cock. They needed to touch it, to weigh it, to suck it.
Fights between players broke out as they demanded to worship Justin.
Sixteen guys who had come to practice football now only desired sex
with one of their own.

Justin could feel it too. He had felt it with Kyle the night before,
but he didn't realize it. He felt it with they guy outside Amy's
house as he manipulated him to Justin's will. He felt it with Amy as
he fucked her. It was now even stronger. He controlled these men
with some secret sexual energy that he had gotten for Mike and Donny's
cum. Not only had he become huge and hung, he had some hypnotic power
over other people. And it was becoming stronger. With every person
Justin fucked, he got more power, or so it seemed.

Justin started with the biggest guys. He came in their mouths, and as
soon as he did, their cocks began to swell. Within seconds, his
conquest would cum all over him. He made sure never to miss a drop.
The cum seemed to be absorbed back into his body. As it was, he
changed. He became more athletic, more handsome, stronger and more

From a player that was also a wrestler, he gained an inate knoweldge
of how to use his body to clash with another. A player that was hung
as thick as beer can caused Justin's long cock to thicken even further,
making him more desireable. As each man came, Justin's power
increased. They, in turn, seemed diminished. Each became smaller and
weaker. The guy with the thick cock found himself hung with a small
pencil dick. Justin took each player's attributes like a vampire
sucked blood from a prey. In an hour, Justin had reduced his team to
wimps that could be beaten on the field by the geeky A-V club.

As the men lay there, weak and in some hypnotic trance, Justin looked
at himself in the mirror. He was bigger and more handsome. His cock
was thick and long, but his once full balls now seemed drained and
smaller. He began to flex and admire himself.

That's when he heard a door open. From the weight room came four
figures. He recognized the fat Kyle. The guy from Amy's house was
with him. Then he saw Donny and Mike. They were huge. Mike was
shirtless and obviously way stronger than him.

"What the fuck?" said Mike.

Justin could feel his hypnotic energies reach for Mike. He felt his
balls pull tight to his body as Mike approached.

"What is going on..." Mike started to say, then froze, his eyes drawn
to Justin's crotch.

"Ya, what the fuck is going on here!" Donny said, blazing past Mike.
Justin tried to will Donny to stop, but his balls were aching. Donny
kept coming. Justin's face contorted, but he could not summon his
powers. It was taking everything he had to control Mike.

Before he could react, Donny was on Justin. Justin struggled, and
found that he was bigger than Captain America. Donny swung at Justin,
but Justin caught the punch. Arm to arm they struggled, and Justin's
thirty inchers pushed Donny's 28s back. Justin swung around, and using his newly acquired wrestling skills, got Donny in a full nelson. Donny tried to move, but found himself under the stronger boy's power.

"Mike, I could use some help," Donny screamed.

"Ya Mike, help him." Justin said.

Mike began to move. He grabbed Donny and Justin let him go. Mike lifted Donny like a rag doll and forced him into a row of lockers.

"Mike, what the fuck are you doing?"

Mr. Barker moved to stop Mike, but Mike easily threw him aside. Mike
drew back a fist and punched Donny hard in the face, knocking him out.

Mike walked to Justin. "Fuck, you got a great cock," he said.

"Bet you want to suck it, don't you?"

"Oh ya," Mike agreed.

"Well, not here. I'm a little tired from that orgy. Why don't we go
back to my place and rest a bit first."

Justin grabbed a pair of shorts and walked out, Mike following him
like an obedient puppy.

"Stand firm for what you believe in until or unless logic or experience prove you wrong. Remember, when the emperor looks naked the emperor is naked. The truth and a lie are not sort of the same thing. And there's no aspect, no facet, no moment of life that can't be improved with pizza." Daria
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Nice... Looks like things are about to get interesting. Well done...

- J.
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A plan emerges

Mike followed Justin from the gym, a hypnotized zombie following his
master. Justin's control of Mike seemed absolute, but Justin could
feel Mike's struggle and it took his all to control him. Even as they
left, the football player's Justin had drained were beginning to come

"What happened?" "Shit! LOOK AT ME! I'M FAT!" "MY BODY!" "NO!
THIS CAN'T BE" The players began to realize that they were not the
same men they had been.

"Shit! Look at Kyle!" One of them screamed. "How can we play ball
now! We're wimps or blimps!"

The kid with the beer can cock was finger himself, muttering about how
his dick wouldn't be able to make his girlfriend scream like it use

All the players were in shock. Kyle began to walk around to his
buddies, helping the off the floor or talking to them. The change was
new to them, and he had at least a few hours to adjust. "Don't worry.
We'll fix this," he'd tell them, not sure how to explain that he was
in some way to blame. If only he and Justin hadn't found those damned
supplements! He'd still be a musclegod and his team would still be
champions. Now, they're all wimps. Everyone except the guy he really
wanted to bring down.

Donny and Mr. Barker walked to one corner, talking. Some of the
player's looked longingly at Donny, wondering how he had escaped
Justin. Others asked who the new kid was. Kyle didn't answer them.

Kyle noticed that Donny and Mr. Barker seemed to be arguing. Donny
would shake his head no, as Mr. Barker was talking. Donny's arms were
crossed over his waist, his muscular pecs and thick bis unable to
cross any higher on his torso. Kyle thought he saw Donny say, "Mike",
but wasn't sure. After about 5 minutes, Donny left and Mr. Barker
came over to Kyle.

"Come on. We need to go back to my place."

"Wassup?" asked Kyle.

"I'll tell you on the way."

As soon as they left the building, they saw evidence that something
had happened. Steel lamp poles were bent to the ground. One was
ripped from the cement and twisted into a pretzel. As they walked, the
destruction became worse. Cars were overturned, then trucks. Cars
looked like they were tossed into yards, then thrown into houses. People on the
street said that The Hulk had come to life and done this, but Kyle and
Mr. Barker knew better. It was Mike. He was showing off.

Kyle wanted to stop and hear what had happened, but Mr. Barker forced
him to walk on. "We need to get back to my place. Donny will meet us there."
Kyle did as he was told until they came upon what looked like a
traffic accident, but the only vehicle involved was an 18 wheeler.
Kyle made Mr. Barker stop so he could hear the story the driver was
telling to an incredulous police officer.

The truck lay on its side in the middle of the street. Its cab was
upside down in a vacant lot about 100 yards away. The front of the
cab was bashed in, like it had hit (or been hit) by some large,
immovable object.

"I had the light," explained the driver. "He just walked into the
road. I tried to stop, but didn't have enough time. Don't know how
he did it. Looked like he punched the truck, but that don't make no
sense, does it? Anyway, next thing I know, I'm flying forward into
the windshield and the truck is flying backward, jack-knifing and
shit. Guess instincts took over, cause all I remember is climbing out
of the cab and running from the truck. Then I heard like this
creaking noise, and I turned. The guy was lifting up the truck. He
raised it above his head, and this other guy came over -- big guy, but
not as big as the monster holding the cab. Looked like the other guy
rubbed his hands over the monster's chest, kinda faggy like, but guys
like that ain't fags, are they?" The cop shrugged. "Well, anyway,
the fucking showoff then moves a little and lowers one of his arms
while holding my truck over his head with his other arm. One handed!
Then he made flexed his free arm, showing this massive gun like I
ain't never seen before! Then the faggot begins to like worship the
guy's arm -- kissing it an' shit. That's when I screamed at 'em, 'put
my truck down you cock suckers.' That got their attention, but the
fuckin' asshole threw my truck right at me. Fuck, if I hadn't had
ducked, I'd be like a bug-on-a-windshield right now."

That's all Kyle needed to hear. He and Mr. Barker left. They could
see a trail of destruction down the road behind them as they walked in
the other direction toward Mr. Barker's apartment.

"How strong is Mike? Nothing in the school's weight room even seemed
heavy for him, and now this?"

"Don't know," replied Mr. Barker. "But you can bet that Justin plans
on draining Mike like he did those other guys."

"If he does that, he'll be unstoppable!" exclaimed Kyle.

"That's why we have to stop him," replied Mr. Barker.

"But how? We don't have those supplements, and..."

"Donny has them," interrupted Mr. Barker. "And I convinced him to
work with us."

"You mean..."

"Ya. He's agreed to restore your muscles, on one condition."

"Knew there'd be a catch," grumbled Kyle.

"We have to save Mike from Justin."

"But how are we going to do that? Justin has Mike under his control somehow."

Mr. Barker pointed to an apartment building. "That's where I live.
Donny says he has some instructions for the supplements. He and I are
hoping there are some clues there to help us."

As the two entered the lobby of the building, Donny was standing there
with a box. "Took you long enough," he complained.

The three got into an elevator and went up several floors. Mr. Barker
led them to an apartment. As soon as they were inside, Kyle began to
claw for the box.

"Come on! Give it to me! I gotta be strong again!"

Donny slammed an open fist into Kyle's chest, sending him stumbling
backwards. "Get away, asshole. We do this my way or no way. It's
your fucking fault this whole thing happened. If you and Justin had
left well enough alone.."

"That's enough boys!" growled Mr. Barker. "Fighting isn't going to
solve this problem. Kyle sit down and wait. Donny, where are these
instructions you told me about."

Donny pulled out a paper from the box and Kyle sat pouting on the
couch. It seemed like an eternity to Kyle as Mr. Barker and Donny
read the paper, pointing at stuff and talking in scientific terms.
Every now and again, Kyle could make sense of what they were saying.

"But he never took the muscle gain formula like Mike and I did. It
restored us, but I don't think it will work on him."

"This is the one that turns fat to muscle, right?"

"It says here this one has some hypnotic effect on others. The only
way to counter the effect is to be exposed to someone with the same

"That means one of us..."

There was some argument which Mr. Barker obviously lost. "I don't
know if I can be restored a second time, but I know we can restore
you," Kyle heard Donny say.

"And then some," Mr. Barker added.

"Deal," replied Donny.

Donny filled a class with a combination of the supplements, and walked
over to Kyle. Mr. Barker was reading some other papers at the bottom
of the box.

"OK, here's the deal. Take it or leave it. This little cocktail
should undo your little mishap," explained Donny.

"I'll get my muscles back?"

"Isn't that what I said? Now shut up and let me finish. If I give
you this, I take the supplements and leave. I'll leave three other
drinks. You get one, and Barker gets two. The second one will boost
your muscles. With your genetics, you should turn into a real muscle
monster. You want that, right?"

"Damn right I do. I'm use to being the biggest, til I came here.
Will it make me bigger than Mike?" asked Kyle, excitement in his

"Dunno. Maybe. Anyway, I'll meet you and Barker at the school's gym.
If you want the muscles, you'll have to work for them. I'll bring the

"I don't get it, but if it will make me huge, I'm in."

"Let me finish. It took Mike and me a month to grow huge, but we
don't have that much time. We've got to rush it. We think we know
how, but only time will tell. When we're done, Barker will take his
drink. It's the one you gave us -- the one that weakened us. But
this time, you get splashed with his cum."

"No, he drinks it," corrects Mr. Barker. "The more that gets in his
system, the greater the hypnotic effect."

"OK, you suck him off. Anyway, you know what that will do, right?"
asked Donny.

"It will make me like Justin!"

"Ya, but you're going to use your muscle and cock to rescue Mike,"
stated Donny, a glare in his eyes.

"No way! I ain't helpin' him. Besides, Justin's probably turned him
back into a fat slug already," said Kyle, sitting down defiantly.

"No, probably not," chimed in Mr. Barker. "I've been reading about
these supplements. It seems the hypnotic effect is proportional to
Justin's strength. Justin's body is producing the hormone that
leeches other men's strength, but he doesn't have a limitless supply.
He needs time to rebuild his strength."

"So that's why we weren't effected in the gym?" asked Donny.

"I think so," replied Mr. Barker. "It was taking everything he had to
control Mike. Mike's a pretty powerful guy right now."

"And if Justin wants to drain Mike..." started Donny.

"He'll need some time to get back to full power. Taking the team's
abilities really took a lot out of him, so to speak," explained Mr. Barker.

"Still doesn't matter," said Kyle, arms crossed above his fat stomach.
"I'm not doing it."

"Then you don't get this," said Donny.

Kyle got an evil look on his face. "Fine, give me the drink."

Donny looked at him, and handed it to him, pulling back at the last
second. "One more thing. If you're thinking of double crossing us,
I'll give you so much of the muscle neutralizer a new born will be
stronger than you and you'll be a blob of fat without the slightest
muscle. Got that!"

Kyle hesitated, then took the drink, muttering "fuck" under his
breath as he drank the potion.

Donny walked over to the supplements, leaving three glasses behind.
"I'll see you guys at the gym. I'll get the food to feed an army so
Bluto over there has a chance to rescue Mike."

As Donny left, Kyle slumpt in his seat. "Feels... funny..." he said.
Kyle was sweating. Slowly he began to change.

"Gotta see this," Mr. Barker said as he walked to Kyle and ripped off
his shirt.

Kyle's belly was shrinking. His flabby pecs that sat on his stomach
like the Pillsbury Doughboy became more solid and began to rise,
forming a solid shelf. His shoulders, formless slabs, took on a solid
roundness then a sharp V pointing down his arms. Veins began to
appear over Kyle's arms as the flabby tubes became defined. Kyle
moved his arm and a mountainous bicep flexed upward. Kyle's legs
filled his pants, and there was a slight tearing sound as his soft
body became the hard body of an athlete once again.

Mr. Barker watched the transformation, a bulge appearing in his pants.
As Kyle's magnificent muscles returned, he approached the stud and
began to rub the boy's heavy chest, comparing the jock's hard muscles
to his own.

"Like what you feel," asked Kyle as his growth subsided and the fog
cleared from his brain.

"Always have," said Mr. Barker.

Kyle raised an arm and flexed, smiling as his familiar 23 inch bicep
blasted into view. "Looks about right," he said.

"Want me to measure it?" offered an obviously turned on Mr. Barker.

"Go ahead," smiled Kyle, bouncing his pecs and flexing his six pack,
checking to make sure he was back to his powerful self.

Mr. Barker ran to get a tape measure. When he returned, Kyle had
stripped to his underwear and was checking out his ripped, thick legs
and diamond shaped calves. "Seems about right," he said.

Mr. Barker flexed his arm, wrapping the tape around the thickest part.
He showed Kyle.

"Looks like a solid 22," replied the jock. "Now what about this," he
said, shooting his powerful gun up.

Mr. Barker unwrapped the tape and put it around Kyle's arm, rubbing it
with his hand and admiring its peak and hardness. Mr. Barker looked
at the number as Kyle flexed harder, stretching the tape.

"23 3/4" announced Mr. Barker. "But didn't you say..."

"Fuck ya! That's a new max. And look at how ripped I am. That stuff
was great, but I'm still not big enough. Give me that second drink
and let's get to the gym. I need to grow," Kyle said eagerly, adding,

"Stand firm for what you believe in until or unless logic or experience prove you wrong. Remember, when the emperor looks naked the emperor is naked. The truth and a lie are not sort of the same thing. And there's no aspect, no facet, no moment of life that can't be improved with pizza." Daria
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Donny walks into the gym carrying six large bags of groceries. Kyle
is lying on a bench, pressing 8 plates with ease. Mr. Barker is
spotting him. Both are shirtless, and sweat glistens on Barker's firm

"That's twelve," says Barker as Kyle places the weight on the bench
with ease. When Kyle sits up, Donny gasps. He was expecting Kyle to
be his normal muscular self, which he was, but he was totally ripped.
His chest was totally cut, the division between the upper and lower
pecs perfectly visible and the muscle's striations visible through
transparent skin. His shoulders and arms looked like muscle anatomy
charts, and his abs were a perfect ten pack. But what really startled
Donny was Kyle's face. It was drawn and skeletal, like the face of
someone in a concentration camp or a starving child. It it weren't
for his hypermuscularity, Donny would have believed Kyle was starving
to death.

Kyle jumped up and grabbed a gallon of milk from Donny's bags. "So
fucking hungry," he screamed as he chugged the milk down.

Mr. Barker walked over and began searching through the groceries. He
found several large protein canisters, and opened one. As Kyle
finished one gallon of milk, he took the empty container and filled it
a quarter way with protein powder. He grabbed another gallon of milk
and poured it on the powder. Putting a cap on, he shook the mixture
together and handed it to Kyle, who chugged it down.

"What's going on?" asked Donny.

Mr. Barker started mixing another protein drink as he explained. "It
started when I gave him the second drink. After about five minutes,
he began to complain about being hungry. Slowly, his body began to
change. He got more muscular, but all the fat began to disappear from
his body. Without food, the boosted formula seemed to be using
anything in his body to build muscle. When we got here, he was nearly
crying. I figured lifting might help take his mind off his hunger,
but it was making it worse. Thank god you got here when you did. I
was afraid he'd starve to death!"

Kyle grabbed the third protein drink. Donny noticed that his face was
beginning to look normal, then he noticed Kyle's body. He was still
ripped, but his muscles were beginning to look bigger.

Mr. Barker made up one more gallon of protein drink, which Kyle
eagerly drank down. As Kyle put the drink down, he flexed his finger
and looked at his arm, grinning.

"Man, I'm feeling it," he said excitedly. He walked over to the bench
and put two more plates on the bar. Getting below the weight, he
lifted it up and pumped out 12 quick reps. Sitting up, Kyle flexed
his pecs which showed a freaky hardness. "Damn, that was too light!
Look at how big these boys are pumped!"

Kyle got up and walked to the dumbells. Picking up the largest
weight, he began to do curls. At first, he seemed to struggle with
the weight, yelling as he forced his arm to curl the heaviest of
weights. But after a few reps, the weights were moving faster. After
twelve reps, he slowly and with perfect control lowered the weight and
put it back on the rack. "Fuck ya! Look at the size of that!
Barker, come an measure it!" Kyle demanded as he flexed his biceps in
various poses. "And Donny, make me something more to eat. I'm
getting hungry again."

Mr. Barker wrapped the tape around Kyle's flexed arm as Donny pulled
out a store-bought roast chicken.

"27 stud," said Mr. Barker as he read off the number.

Kyle raised his bicep to his mouth and kissed it. "Ya! Getting huge!
Gimme that," he said as he grabbed the chicken and ripped into it
Henry VIII style. "I'm the biggest, baddest guy around," bragged Kyle
as he ripped into the chicken.

"Mike's bigger," said Donny.

"Not for long," predicted Kyle. "Look at this bod. I'm growing so
fast now, I'll pass him up in no time."

"You did say Kyle had amazing genetics and structure," agreed Mr. Barker.

"Always have," said Kyle. "I started lift'n when I was 10. By the
time I was twelve, I was stronger than most of the teenagers in the
gym. I could bench 200 and curl over 100. I've always been the
strongest kid. Heck, how many other high school kids have 23 inch
arms. Ya, Mike was bigger, but that's because of the sups. Now I've
taken the same ones and look at me." Kyle put the carcass of the
chicken down and strikes a most-muscular pose. Grabbing the tape, he
wraps it around his upper arm and flexes, stretching the tape to 28
with ease. "Look at that, an inch just by eating the chicken. I can
FEEL myself growing, and it feels good." Kyle walks over to Donny and
pushes him out of the way, "Now get me more food so I have something
to eat. I'm going to lift now and get BIGGER!"

Donny watched as Kyle stacked weights on the power rack and began to
squat. It was a new school record, beating Mike's old record by 90


Justin's control of Mike was growing stronger. As they left the gym,
Justin could feel Mike trying to break away. He needed to channel
that energy, and asked Mike to show him how strong he was. Justin
couldn't believe it when Mike up-ended cars and stopped an oncoming
truck. Mike's power was incredible, and his body was as hard a steel.
The physical exertion quelled Mike's inner rebellion, and gave Justin
time. Justin was envious of Mike's superhuman strength, and he wanted
it for himself.

When Justin and Mike got back to his house, his control over Mike
began to wane. "Let me find my keys," Justin said as they reached the door.

"Don't need no keys with this," Mike replied, admiring his arm. He
grabbed the door knob and squeezed. The metal made a squealing cry as
Mike's fingers pressed into it. Mike turned, breaking any piddly
locking mechanism. He threw the door open. Mike's massive frame was
too big for the door. He twisted and turned like some modern
ballerina to force himself in the house. Justin followed, and closed
the door.

Suddenly, Justin felt Mike break free of his control. It was as if
all of Mike's strength suddenly fueled his desire for Justin. "God
Justin, I gotta have that cock of yours," Mike cried as he grabbed
Justin and threw him to the couch. Before Justin could react, Mike
had grabbed Justin's shorts and ripped them as if they were paper.
Justin's horsecock sprang into view.

Mike's eyes widened, and he lifted Justin like a ragdoll and placed
the monster cock in his mouth, inhaling Justin's powerful scent as
deeply as he could.

"Stop!" cried Justin. He felt horny, but not as horny as he had this
morning or last night with Amy. Instinctively Justin knew that to get
Mike's power, he had to be at his prime. He wasn't there yet.

Justin's fear fueled his hypnotic-like control of Mike. Mike froze.
"Mike, put me down!" Mike obeyed, but looked longingly at Justin.
"Not yet, big guy. I know you want it, and believe me, you'll have it
soon enough. But..." Justin needed a way to control Mike. 'What
if...' he thought, "but, I want to see you too. Come on big guy,
we're alone, show me what YOU got." 'Maybe I can turn Mike's lust for
me on himself!' It was Justin's only hope.

Mike grinned, and obeyed. He grabbed the spandex and ripped it off
with no effort. He dropped the rags to the ground and stood naked
before Justin, his cock twitching with excitement.

Justin knew that Mike was hung, but he was surprised at the sight
before him. Mike was nearly as big as he was soft. Justin felt his
own cock jump, and Mike suddenly began to become hard.

"So, you wanna see my cock, huh big guy," Justin said, tugging at his
own crotch trying to become comfortable. "You're pretty huge too.
Must make the girls all wet just looking at you."

"Don't know about that, but Donny likes it," replied Mike

"Figures," Justin muttered as his growing crotch became uncomfortable
in his pants. Finally, he succumb to the inevitable and pulled off
his shorts, his monstrous length pushing out in front of him like a
divining rod.

Mike's eyes widened and a dribble of drool escaped his lips and dripped
down his chin, but still he didn't move. Justin grinned, knowing his
control over the Herculean figure was holding.

Justin walked over to Mike, his cock bouncing up and down. Justin
grabbed Mike's dick, causing the big man to shiver and flex. Sizing
himself up, he realized that his own cock was a good three or four
inches longer and much thicker than Mike's. "You're big Mike, but
looks like I'm bigger. Way bigger."

Mike seemed to swoon as Justin's cock rubbed against his own. He
began to shake as his desire for Justin fought against Justin's order
not to move. Justin felt a cramp in his nuts like he had overshot his
load, and knew that Mike was trying to break free of his control.

Justin moved his hand to his balls, massaging the pain away, then to
Mike's. Mike's nuts were huge, at least twice as big as his were
currently. As he touched Mike's softball-sized eggs, they pulled up.
Mike looked hungrily at Justin, and his arms began to move toward him.

Justin squirmed back, screaming, "Stop," but this only slowed Mike.

"Damn, you're so strong," Justin said, flexing his dick unconsciously
as he tried to force his will on the huge man.

"I'm the biggest and strongest man ever," said Mike, moving slowly
toward Justin. "You deserve only the best, and that's me. Gotta suck
on that cock," Mike hissed.

Justin rolled off the couch away from Mike and leaped toward a book
case. He grabbed a tape measure that lay there. He pulled out a
length of tape, and placed one end at the base of his cock. Willing
himself to his hardest, his cock slapped against his stomach. Rising the tape
to the end of his cock, it measured close to 15 and a half inches.
"See that Mike! Look at this power!"

Mike froze again, his eyes wide with lust. Justin grinned, hoping his
plan was working.

Justin pulled the tape down and wrapped it around his cock. The tape
was streched just past eight and a half inches. "Check out how fat it
is, dude. Can you make yours that fat?"

Justin unwrapped the tape, flexed his arm and measured it. "Check out
these 25s, dude. I'm not as big as you," Justin said, flexing into a
crab pose, "but I'm still powerful enough to fuck anyone into
oblivion." He unflexed, but flexed his abs and thrust his cock
forward powerfully. "I don't think you can handle it."

At the challenge, Mike's lats flared and his pecs flexed. His arms
went to his sides as he crunched his abs and his traps pushed skyward
into his neck. His torso looked like a cobra. His thighs tensed into
cords of muscle, and his dick flexed large. "No one is bigger or
stronger than me," he growled. "I'm the most powerful!"

"Prove it," said Justin, tossing him the tape.

Mike's arm was a blur as he ripped the tape out of the air. He
immediately put it against his cock, reading off the impressive twelve
and a half inch number.

"I'm three inches bigger, little guy," bragged Justin. "And I got
lots of muscle to back up that extra length."

Mike's cock started to ooze precum as he wrapped the tape around his
fat dick. It was slightly thinner than seven inches.

"Not as fat as my man's cock, is it boy?" bragged Justin. His words
caused Mike to leak even more. "I'd rip you open and you'd scream
like a baby if I fucked you."

Mike growled and flexed his arm. With the end at the top, the tape
hung down to the floor. Mike began to wrap it around his peak, and
Justin caught sight of the first visible number at the bottom of
Mike's low-hanging tricep. It read 25. Mike lifted the tape up to
the start point, with increasing numbers spread over his massive arm.
He read off the number forty. "That's fucking huge. Biggest muscular
arm in the fucking world. You've seen the power! That's fifteen
inches bigger than your arm!"

"My dick is bigger than fifteen inches," Justin said calmly. He
watched Mike's dick jump at that as the stream of precum increased.
Mike's enormous nuts were beginning to pull tight. "Wanna see? Come
here and bring that mountain to my dick," said Justin.

Mike shuddered as he walked over. He kneeled down, bringing his upper
arm to Justin's crotch. Justin moved forward, positioning the base of
his cock at the lowest point of Mike's tricep. Mike flexed hard, but
Justin's schlong poked higher than Mike's peak. Mike froze, and
Justin could feel that he was entirely under his command.

Justin willed, "cum" with all his might. Suddenly, Mike's body tensed
and his cock erupted with streams of white jism that splashed into his
massive pecs. "More!" Justin willed.

Mike's face contorted as his orgasm grew more powerful. He lost his
balance and fell on his back as his cock shot wildly, spraying the
room with his seed. Justin bent over Mike and pressed his own cock
into Mike's nuts. He felt them throb as they released their contents.
"More!" he willed as he pressed his mushroom head between the
sensitive stones.

Mike began to buck up and down with such force Justin's house began to
vibrate. Mike's arm struck the floor, cracking the floor boards. "Oh
god! Justin! So fucking sexy. So huge! GOD! Not worthy of you!"
Mike screamed as his balls continued to drain.

"Ya, Mikey. Look at what this big dick did just by you looking at
it," Justin chided. "You aren't ready to suck it!" Justin willed
Mike to come more and harder.

Mike's cock exploded, spraying cum all over the roof. His fists
pounded holes into the floor. Mike's abs contracted into ten bricks,
his pecs contracted in a hard flex so that thick veins shown through
his skin forced high by the domes of his iron-like muscle. Mike began
to seize with pleasure as his cock shot uncontrollably by Justin's

Justin felt Mike's nuts throbbing, spending their seed. Mike's
eruption began to wane, and Justin could see that Mike's ballsack was
smaller than his own. He permitted Mike to stop.

Mike lay on the ground, breathing heavily. Cum soaked the room.

"How ya doin', BOY?" Justin asked, stressing the word boy.

"Tired. Weak. Undeserving," Mike muttered. "Wanna sleep."

"Ya, go to sleep and recover. When you wake up, I'll make you real
weak, I promise." Justin lay next to Mike, rubbing his hands on the
sleeping giant's muscles and knowing that soon, all that power would
be his.


Hours passed as Kyle worked out harder and heavier than he ever had.
After every set, he ate, but he always remained hungry. His body as a
machine, converting food to muscle, strength and power.

Shortly after Donny got there, Kyle's strength and size surpassed his.
Donny watched as Kyle tore through the heaviest weights, becoming
bigger and stronger. When the standard weights became to light for
him, they improvised so he could lift heavier and heavier. Kyle
curled the leg press holding the maximum weights. He did flies with
fully loaded straightbars. Whatever was needed, Kyle demanded that he
keep growing.

At the end of the day, Kyle was huge. "Ya, big as Mike!" Mr. Barker
would say.

"Bigger," bragged Kyle, looking at his huge, ripped body. "Funny,
though. Not as hungry as I have been."

"Must be maxing out," Donny said, giving Kyle a protein shake.

"Max is the word, wimp," Kyle said, taking the drink and finishing it
with one long gulp. "Man, kinda weird to feel full again," Kyle said,
rubbing his hand over his brick-like abs. "So, more lifting?"

"Not sure that would do any good," said Donny. "The supplements are
maxed out. You might get a little bigger over the next month, but for
now, you're done growing."

"Well, let's see how big I am," Kyle said, looking in the mirror.
"Shit! Fuckin'g hulkin' out!" He hit a few poses, watching as
massive mounds of muscles flexed and gyrated under his control. "Get
me a tape!"

Donny got the tape out of his bag. "Guess it's truth time," he said.
"Let's do the show muscle first. Mike's are forty."

Kyle grinned, raised an arm and forced a mountain to rise. "Look at
that mass," he said, rubbing his free hand over it admiringly.

Donny placed the end of the tape on the top of Kyle's arm, and
indicated for him to hold it. He dropped the tape, then wrapped it
around, positioning it over the thickest part of Kyle's huge arm.
Kyle's face turned red as he saw the number. He flexed hard, but the
number didn't change. "39," Donny said.

"Fuck! He's still bigger than me!" Kyle picked up a 500lb bar like
it was a feather and tossed it into a wall, cracking cement blocks.

"Calm down big guy," said Mr. Barker, taking the tape from Donny. "We
can still,"

"Get that thing away from me!" ordered Kyle. "What's the use if Mike
is bigger!"

"There's still one more drink," reminded Donny, who was reaching into
a bag and pulling out a glass. He walked over to the fountain, and
filled it with water, then handed it to Mr. Barker.

Mr. Barker hesitated. He may be the smallest of the three, but he
was young again. And handsome. And he had a body that most men would
die for.

"Don't worry, I have the restorative here," reminded Donny.

Mr. Barker took the drink. He stared at it for a second, then drank
it quickly.

He looked at the empty glass for seconds. "When will it," he started,
then closed his eyes and fell forward. "Shit, what's happening?!"
Mr. Barker rolled from side to side, a bulge growing in his pants.

"You know what you need to do," Donny said to Kyle.

"Ya." Kyle strode over to Mr. Barker and grabbed him by his pants.
Kyle's forearms flexed and his shoulders bulged as he ripped the

Mr. Barker's growing erection sprang up like a piece of bread in a toaster.

"Damn, look at that thing grow," said Kyle. "Looks like it's 10
inches now. You guys were way bigger than that when..."

"Ya," interrupted Donny. "Just don't waste anything when he explodes.
I figure he's got another five or six inches before he'll cum."

"He's gettin' there pretty fast," said Kyle, moving toward
Mr. Barker's cock. Kyle stuck his tongue out and lapped at base of
the mushroom-like head, causing Mr. Barker to groan and writhe, his
cock growing even faster.

"Ya, get into position."

Kyle looked at the massive monster, and stuck his mouth over the head.
Almost immediately, Mr. Barker exploded into him. Kyle sucked as hard
as he could, making sure to get every last drop. As the eruption
subsided, Kyle pulled his lips from the man's shrinking cock. He
jumped up, screaming, "Time to grow!"

Mr. Barker lay on the ground, unmoving. In seconds, his hard body
began to change. His defined abs became flat and saggy. His youthful
skin looked aged, his eyes sullen, but he retained a full head of
hair. His boulder-like pecs began to sag, and his thick thighs became
as thin as pencils.

As he sat up, he saw Kyle standing before him. He was pulling down
his shorts. As he stepped out of them, his eyes widened. "I feel

Kyle's body looked like a balloon attached to a can of helium. With a
sudden spurt, every muscle group began to expand larger. Kyle rans
his hands over his expanding pecs and in the deepening valley between
his cinderblock-like abs. He cupped his cock, and grinned, feeling it
becoming longer and heavier as his size and strength increased.

Donny watched Kyle in amazement. "Whoa," he said, thinking how Kyle
compared in size and strength to Mike. Donny's eyes were drawn to
Kyle's cock. Kyle had always been small, a skinny dick that barely
reached five inches. The snake that he was growing now was easily
five inches around soft, and at least eight inches long. Donny's
mouth went dry thinking about the hang the powerful man was

Kyle flexed his arm, watching veins burst our of his forearm and over
his thickening bicep. "No way Mike is bigger than this," he said.
Kyle felt like a nuclear power plant was fuelling his body. He felt
more powerful than he had ever felt. He also felt something else.
"Like what you see, Donny boy? Wanna worship this body?"

Donny stared at Kyle's massive cock. It was so big, it seemed to call
to him. He wanted it with a blood lust like he had never felt before.
"Yes, sir. Please... gotta have you."

"I bet you do," said Kyle as his new growth slowly ebbed.

"Stand firm for what you believe in until or unless logic or experience prove you wrong. Remember, when the emperor looks naked the emperor is naked. The truth and a lie are not sort of the same thing. And there's no aspect, no facet, no moment of life that can't be improved with pizza." Daria
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Sorry, Corwin, I couldn't wait for your next chapter. This is my favorite storyline going. I hope you don't mind I've picked up where you left off (I've probably taken the story in a different direction). I don't pretend to be as good a writer as you. I hope everyone enjoys it (first time post), even though there's no muscle growth in this episode.

[color=white]Chapter 7 - King Kyle[/color]

[color=white]Kyle seductively caressed his newly enlarged muscles knowing he was being watched. ?Do you want to experience how the body of a real man feels, little boy?? he said in a very masculine, baritone voice. Donny said nothing as he stared at Kyle?s massive physique. Kyle stopped rubbing his deeply sculpted abs to look at Donny. He smirked as he saw drool fall from Donny?s mouth and precum leak from his steel hard cock. Kyle snapped his thick fingers in Donny?s face to wake him from his trance. ?What, huh, oh, oh, yes, please? Donny finally answered. ?Yes, please, what?? asked Kyle. ?Yes, please, Sir? said Donny, knowing he was in the presence of a superior man who deserved respect. ?Very good, boy? Kyle responded condescendingly, ?You may worship me now?.[/color]

[color=white]Kyle stood tall and put his hands on his hips directly in front of Donny. Donny slowly raised his hands, shaking nervously, and placed them on Kyle?s massive chest. Donny let out a slight moan as he touched the warm, hard muscle. For the first time Donny thought of his hands as small when compared to Kyle?s enormous pecs. Enjoying Donny?s reaction, Kyle flexed his pecs, making them grow under Donny?s lustful grip. This was too much for Donny as he came right then, spurting cum all over Kyle?s magnificent stomach. ?Well that didn?t take long? laughed Kyle, ?I don?t know what Amy ever saw in you, boy. Now clean up your mess?. Kyle grabbed Donny by the back of the head and forced his face into his torso. Donny stuck his tongue into the deep groves between Kyle?s abdominal muscles removing his own cum, getting hard all over again. When Kyle thought he was done, he pushed Donny away easily with one hand. Donny slammed hard onto the floor, caught off guard by Kyle?s incredible strength. Kyle went to the mirror to continue the exploration of his hyper-muscular body. [/color]

[color=white]Mr. Barker, who had passed out after his transformation, woke and crawled over to Donny. ?I guess it worked? said Mr. Barker. Noticing Donny?s dazed look, ?Are you all right, Donny?? Donny stared at Mr. Barker for a moment, then his eyes focused, and said ?Yes, I?m fine. We have to stick to the plan, no matter what happens.? Mr. Barker shook his head in agreement and quietly left the room. Kyle was so enthralled by his muscles, he didn?t even notice. Donny knew he had to try to keep his mind on the plan and forget his desire to touch Kyle?s flawless body. He took a deep breath to calm himself and said, ?I?m glad Mike?s not here to see you. He would be so angry if he knew you, of all people, were bigger and stronger than him.? [/color]

[color=white]?No one?s bigger or stronger than me. Not even mighty Mike.? And to emphasize the point he went in a double bicep pose and smiled. Donny quickly turned away so he wouldn't see Kyle?s display of power. He could not be distracted now.[/color]

[color=white]?Well, Justin thinks Mike is the BMOC. He?s worshipping him right this very moment at his place. And Mike is getting to enjoy all the Justin has to offer too. I know you and Justin were very tight once. I bet if Justin saw how you look now, he would dump Mike in a minute. Being Mike?s best friend, I know if Justin picked you over him that would drive him insane with jealousy. I won?t want to see that.?[/color]

[color=white]Kyle stopped his posing routine and turned to look at Donny. ?Yeah, I would hate to get Mikey upset?, he said sarcastically. ?Of course, there?s nothing he could do to me now with this body.? Kyle went into most muscular pose, radiating strength and confidence. Kyle went over, grabbed Donny?s upper arm and lifted him effortlessly off the ground. Donny?s feet were dangling in the air supported only by Kyle huge hand. ?I think it?s time I show the World the new, improved Kyle. Find me something to wear, boy?. Kyle let go of Donny as he fell to the floor. Donny knew he would never find a shirt to fit Kyle, but he found a pair of XXL gym shorts. Kyle slid them up over his titanic thighs and perfectly rounded ass. The shorts where like a second skin over his huge muscles and cock. The elastic waistband was much too big for his tight 36? waist. Donny took a safety pin from his gym bag and gathered the excess material in back, trying with all his willpower not to touch Kyle?s rock hard ass. Kyle looked in the mirror trying to adjust his massive balls and cock in the shorts, ?Good enough. It would be a shame to cover up any more of this body anyway. Our first stop is going to be a visit to our old friends, Justin and Mikey?.[/color]

[color=white]Justin awoke from his restful sleep on the living room floor. He checked to see that his balls had returned to their full size. He needed to be at his full potency before he took on someone as powerful as Mike. He smiled as he fondled his package. Everything was bigger than he remembered. One more benefit from his encounter with the football team. He looked over at Mike who was still asleep. It looked as if Mike was flexing every muscle in his body even though he was completely relaxed. Justin had to touch and feel the power of those muscles. He started by caressing the 2,000 karat diamond shaped calf muscle. He moved up to his sculpted thighs that were the size of redwoods. He continued upward, gliding his finger in the deep groove created by this hip flexor muscle, over this brick-like abs and onto his yardstick wide chest. Even lying down on his back, his thick pecs were well defined. Justin was getting more aroused as he touched Mike?s rock hard shoulder and onto his boulder sized bicep. Passing his powerful forearm, Justin stopped at Mike?s huge hands. He couldn?t help notice Mike?s hands were about twice the size of his own. No wonder Mike could throw a football so well. Justin got competely hard thinking about how all this virility would soon be his.[/color]

[color=white]Justin willed Mike to wake up. Mike sat up immediately and stared at Justin?s throbbing cock. Its hypnotic power on Mike was even more effective now that Justin was at his full strength. Mike went to grab Justin?s man meat, but Justin wouldn?t allow it. ?Don?t rush, my mighty man. Let?s enjoy what?s going to happen. Neither one of us will ever forget this day. It will change us forever."[/color]

[color=white]Both men stood and faced each other. Each stared at the masculine beauty of the other?s face. Then they leaned in for a passionate kiss; moaning with pleasure at the taste of each other?s mouth. All of a sudden the door slammed open. There stood Kyle blocking the entire doorway with his musculature. Justin?s jaw dropped in amazement. Mike just swallowed hard. For the first time in his life he felt small. ?Well, what do we have here? A couple of fags jerking each other off? said Kyle in a nasty tone. [/color]

[color=white]?Look at you. Aren?t you the muscle god?? said Justin as he tried to take control of Kyle without losing his hold of Mike. [/color][color=white]?I?m now the man I should have always been, with the help of a few chemicals. But you know all about that don?t you, Justin? said Kyle rolling his massive pecs. Kyle?s attention was suddenly drawn to Justin?s super sized cock and he stopped in his tracks. Justin knew he had Kyle under his control now. But it took all his concentration and had to let Mike go. It didn?t matter though; Mike wasn?t the man he wanted anymore.[/color]

[color=white]Mike?s eyes left Kyle to see Donny enter behind him. Kyle?s massive size blocked Donny from being seen when they first entered the room. ?What have you done? You?re supposed to be my best friend and you betray me like this. And with Kyle of all people.? Mike fired at Donny. Donny opened his mouth to say something, but was cut off by Kyle. ?Ah, is little Mikey upset he?s not the biggest guy in school anymore. Now it?s your turn to come in second place in everything. Just like I had to be in your shadow for the last couple of years. You are no longer the king of the campus, long live the new king.? Kyle did a double bicep pose to demonstrate his dominance. [/color]

[color=white]Mike knew he couldn?t let Kyle think he was intimidated by him. After all he was still taller than Kyle. Mike walked up to Kyle, trying to hide his fear. ?You may think you?re stronger than me, but you have always been weaker than me and always will?. Mike said as he poked his powerful finger into Kyle?s chest. But Mike couldn?t even make the slightest dent Kyle?s huge pec. Both men noticed this and looked at each other. Kyle smiled and Mike has swallowed hard again. ?I?m willing to have a test of strength to prove who the superior jock is right here, right now.? Kyle said confidently.[/color]

[color=white]?I like that idea? said Justin. He loved the overdose of testosterone in the room.[/color]

[color=white]?I don?t think that?s necessary. Why don?t Mike and I just leave the two of you alone to get reacquainted?? Donny said from the other side of the room.[/color]

[color=white]?Shut up? the others said in unison. Donny was the smallest man in the room and knew there was nothing he could do against these supermen. He stepped back against the wall clutching his gym bag and looked down at his feet.[/color]

[color=white]?How about a good old fashioned arm wrestling match to decide the winner?? Justin said quickly putting the focus back on the two muscle titans in his home. [/color]

[color=white]?Fine? replied Kyle as Mike nodded. Both men followed Justin into the dining room and sat at the table. They put their right elbows on the table and grasp hands. Justin stood next to the table and grasp their hands to make sure they started even. The combatants both looked over at Justin?s huge cock which was right at table level. Even soft it was long and thick. Its power over Kyle and Mike had to compete with their hatred of each other. [/color]

[color=white]?Go?, said Justin as he released their hands. Mike got a jump on Kyle as he was more distracted by Justin?s hypnotic cock. He had Kyle?s arm half way to the table, before Kyle started to fight back. As Mike struggled, his massive arm bulging, thick veins pumping blood to feed the huge muscle with oxygen, Kyle gained ground. Within a few seconds they were back into the neutral position. Kyle just smirked as he pushed Mike?s arm down towards the table. Mike fought back and gained for a moment. But Kyle poured on the full power of his 42? bicep and smashed Mike?s forearm into the table breaking the table into pieces.[/color]

[color=white]?I am the King. You are a pathetic weakling? Kyle said triumphantly. [/color][color=white]Mike was in shock. He quickly recovered and said ?Arm wrestling is no real test of strength. It all has to do with leverage. This means nothing?.[/color]

[color=white]Both men stood and walked back into the living room. ?Face it, Mikey, you are washed up. You are nothing. I guess I?ll have to replace you as captain of the football team, just like I took the quarterback position from you. But don't worry, I'll find another position on the team for someone as weak as you. Maybe as the kicker, or better yet the waterboy? Kyle added to make Mike feel worse about his lost. Mike turned to look at Kyle, his own face red with anger. He clenched his meaty fist, stepped back and threw a punch with all his strength into Kyle?s gut. Kyle quickly reacted and tightened his abdominal muscles before Mike?s fist made contact. There was a loud ?thud? as Mike?s fist hit Kyle. Mike cried in agony as his hand was crushed by Kyle?s impenetrable stomach. Mike didn't understand, his punch had stopped a moving 18 wheeler in its tracks, but made no impact on Kyle. Was he really that strong? Kyle just smiled, surprised by the hardness of his own abs. ?My turn? he said, then punched Mike in the gut. Mike's waist by pushed in by the force of the blow. All the air was knocked out him, he fell to his knees in pain. Holding his bruised hand to his battered stomach, he knew he wasn?t number one anymore. He looked up at Kyle, hardly seeing Kyle?s face because his chest stood out several inches past his incredibly muscular waist. Kyle bent slightly to look down at Mike, as if he was talking to a scared child. [/color]

[color=white]?Like I said before, you are a pathetic weakling?, Kyle stated as he grabbed Mike?s head and pushed it into his bulging crotch proofing he was physically superior to Mike everywhere now. ?Tell me who the king is, the biggest and strongest man on campus.? Kyle pulled Mike?s face away from his crotch waiting for a reply. Mike said nothing. Kyle pushed Mike?s face back into his crotch. Mike inhaled deeply savoring the scent of this muscle god who was dominating him. Mike knew it was no use fighting back. He mumbled an answer. Kyle pulled his face away again. ?What did you say? asked Kyle. Mike replied humbly, ?You are?. Kyle smiled and said, ?You are, what??. Mike hesitated then said ?You are, Sir?. Kyle looked mad, ?No?. After a moment, Mike thought and said ?You are, King Kyle?. Kyle let go of Mike, he started getting hard from having just humiliated his former superior. He was now the man of all men. He thought about what it would feel like to muscle fuck Mike. After all Mike was big, not as big as Kyle, but still incredibly muscular and handsome. [/color]

[color=white]Seeing Kyle's growing cock, Justin took Kyle?s hand and took full control of him again. Justin was so turned on by what just happened he was leaking precum. Justin ripped Kyle?s short off his body and started running his hands all over his muscles. ?Pose for me? demanded Justin. Kyle went through several poses to showcase his superb form. Justin started to stroke Kyle?s thick cock. ?I see your muscles aren?t the only thing that got larger. Of course your cock is still petite compared to mine?, Justin said coyly. Kyle put his hands around Justin?s meat. Even using both hands there was more cock to feel. Justin could feel the strength in Kyle?s grip as he squeezed his sensitive member. Justin couldn?t wait any longer. He had to have Kyle?s strength, then maybe he would take Mike?s and Donny?s too. He could have it all. Justin ordered Kyle to ?Suck it. Suck me dry, King Kyle?.[/color]

[color=white]Donny ran to Mike?s side, as he tried to recover from his defeat. Donny showed Mike what was in the gym bag he was carrying and started whispering something in his ear.[/color]

[color=white]Kyle went down to his knees and tried to get his mouth around the beer can sized girth of Justin's cock. As he got the huge head in his mouth, Justin thrust his hips forward and almost choked Kyle. Justin ran his hands through Kyle?s thick hair and over his mountainous shoulders. Kyle ran his powerful hands over Justin?s bubble butt. Justin felt his large balls start to twitch. Kyle started to finger Justin?s asshole making Justin moan. As Kyle tickled the tip of Justin?s cock with his tongue, Justin couldn?t hold back and released a huge load into Kyle?s stomach. Justin didn?t have long to wait to see Kyle?s reaction.[/color]

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My final chapter in the saga. I hope this makes up for not having any growth in the previous chapter.

[color=white]Chapter 8 ? For the Team[/color]
[color=white]Kyle fell back from his kneeling position until his back was supported by a wall. His cock started to throb even harder. His balls started to grow larger. He remembered this feeling from before. He got a panicked look on his face and he raised his eyes to meet Justin?s. ?No, not again, you can?t take my beautiful muscles from me?.[/color]
[color=white]?Some people never learn?, smirked Justin, ?But it really wasn?t your fault. No one could resist the power of this cock?. Justin was holding his prize package in anticipation of it growing even bigger and more powerful.[/color]
[color=white]Kyle began to moan. Sweat poured from his muscular form. He tried to stop the pressure that was building inside his groin. But his body couldn?t resist the influence of Justin?s cum. Kyle?s balls churned. He gripped his cock to squeeze it shut from releasing his precious muscle fluids. But even with his Herculean strength, he couldn?t close his thick, steel pipe-like meat. Kyle?s strength faded as Justin got down on his knees and placed his mouth around Kyle?s ample dick. Kyle?s balls churned and he screamed, ?Noooo!?. But it was done.[/color]
[color=white]Justin sucked the last drop from Kyle, as Kyle?s ever decreasing cock went limp. Justin stood up and raised his arms in victory. He could feel the power surging through his already impressive physique. Justin?s body actually glowed with virility. Justin looked down at Kyle. Kyle?s muscles where changing from firm, bulging mounds of ultimate strength to soft piles of disgusting fat. Kyle was now more obese than before. He was so bloated with over 500 pounds of fat, he couldn?t stand. He looked like a turtle turned on its back, flailing his arms and legs about. Tears rolled down his puffy face as he tried to move.[/color]
[color=white]Justin turned away from the appalling display and focused his attention to Mike and Donny. ?Behold the new king, no emperor of the school, if not the world?, as Justin talked he did an impressive double bicep pose. Mike and Donny watched as Justin?s biceps increased in size. In fact, every muscle was expanding on Justin?s awe inspiring body. Muscle was building on muscle. Every muscular line clearly defined through his paper thin skin. Justin never felt such power and masculinity. [/color]
[color=white]Behind Mike and Donny, the front door opened slightly as Mr. Barker poked his head in to see what was happening. Spying the overweight Kyle on the floor and the ever expanding Justin, he knew the plan was on track. He entered the room, and the entire football team followed.[/color]
[color=white]Justin noticed the group entering, ?Great, more subjects to worship the new emperor. Enjoy the show boys.? Justin?s body actually grew a few inches in trying to accommodate his new muscle mass. He was now taller than Mike. But the growth of his muscles outpaced his height. Justin kept massaging his body. Feeling the thickness of his pecs, he could now hid three fingers underneath the beefy overhang of his powerful tits. He moved his hand down to his deeply etched ten-pack. He tried to continue the exploration of his perfect body, but his hand was being pulled away by the bulk of his upper arm. His colossal bicep was fighting for space with his triceps for room on his arm bone. His growing lats forced his arm to extend out away from his body. He also had to adjust his stand, as his thighs grew to over 60? in girth. He looked down, and even though his chest was immense, he saw his growing cock stand out in front of his body. He needed to feel his manhood, it looked so powerful. But he couldn?t move his arms. Suddenly a look of terror took over Justin?s face. He was literally becoming muscle bound. His already thickly muscular physique, couldn?t handle all of Kyle?s muscle mass too. He became one enormous mass of hard muscle.[/color]
[color=white]Mike and Donny were both sporting hard-ons, mesmerized by Justin?s muscle show. Mr. Barker came up behind them and broke Donny from the trance. ?Donny, It?s time for the next part of the plan. And don?t forget, I?m first.?[/color]
[color=white]?Yes, I know? said Donny, ?Let?s go Mike. I?m going to need your help?. Donny removed a sports bottle from his gym bag as he and Mike stood and walked towards Justin?s hulking frame. Seeing the sports bottle, Justin knew something was up. He tried to turn his body away from Mike, but he only succeeded in losing his balance and fell backwards. His back hit the wall behind him, propping his body up at an angle. The impact of his 700 pound physique cracked the drywall. Justin was freaked out by his predicament; he couldn?t concentrate on anything else. He could have easily controlled everyone in the room with the increased power of his immense cock, now over 24? in length. Justin asked, ?What are you assholes trying to do?? Donny raised the sports bottle to Justin?s mouth. He quickly shut it tight. Even the muscles in his face were stronger and more defined. Donny knew he couldn?t force Justin?s mouth open. Mike started to fondle Justin?s hardened body. He never felt muscle that was so unyielding. Mike traveled up Justin?s arm over his 10' plus chest, down his cobble-stoned abs to his all powerful cock. Seeing that Mike was loosing focus of the mission, Donny punched him in the gut. Still very sore from his earlier encounter with Kyle, Mike flinched and looked down at Donny. ?Sorry, dude?, Mike said, ?But you should feel this thing, it?s incredible.? Donny responded, ?Just grab his nose?. [/color]
[color=white]?Who?s pathetic now?? asked Mike as he reached past Justin?s shelf-like chest and pinched Justin?s nose closed. Needing lots of oxygen to maintain his mass, Justin shortly started gasping for air. Donny quickly squeezed the contents of the sports bottle into Justin?s open mouth and added, ?This was the MNR formula we drank that made you the monster you are. Now it?s time to make things right. This one?s for the whole team you abused to get this freakish body you wanted so badly.?[/color]
[color=white]Immediately, Justin felt a change. His body was heavier and more of a burden as his strength left his massive muscles. All his power was going to his growing balls. They ballooned in size, from coconuts to beach balls in seconds. Justin cried, ?No, this can?t be happening to me. I?m the emperor. I?m a god. I?m all powerful?.[/color]
[color=white]Mr. Barker knew what to do next. He told the football team to stop staring at Justin and to take off all their clothes. Normally, that wouldn?t be a problem for the jocks, but since Justin took their muscle mass and big cocks, they were embarrassed to be seen nude. Noticing their lack of stripping, Mr. Barker stated, ?If you want to get your muscles and cocks back, take your clothes off now?. Mr. Barker removed his pants and stood naked in front of the whole team; his wrinkled, old body looking thin and frail. Realizing they all looked better than Mr. Barker, the team started to remove their clothing. The whole team looked like whales or wimps, with their hands cupped in front of their unimpressive erections.[/color]
[color=white]Justin?s balls and cock continued to grow as more of his muscle strength was being absorbed. Both Mike and Donny were stroking his cock now, just waiting for the eruption. They saw his balls, now resting on the floor and as round as bicycle tires, start to spasm. ?Get ready to be real men again? said Donny looking at the team of weaklings in front of him. Justin gave a guttural moan as he was on the verge of the world?s greatest orgasm. His balls tightened and Mike could feel the cum moving up through Justin?s huge hose. Mike grabbed hold near the head of Justin?s 4' cock as Mr. Barker stepped closer. Mike aimed for his mouth. The first shot came at such force it knocked Mr. Barker unto the floor. Mike kept the flow pouring onto Mr. Baker?s body, coating him in thick, sticky layer of powerful spunk. Then he moved on to his teammates. Mr. Barker scooped up the cum from his chest and drank as much as he could, then rubbed every last drop into his body. He felt his skin tightening and his muscles hardening. Knowing his body was going to be young & fit again, he focused his attention on Kyle. [/color]
[color=white]Mike continued to hose down the team with volley after volley of hot semen. Donny told them to rub it into their skin and swallow what they could. The team was changing before his eyes. The chubby ones? fat was melting away. The thin ones started to look toned. Their small cocks were increasing in length and girth. As their muscle mass increased, each man?s attention went to their team mates new, improved bodies. They started rubbing and groping each other. Their supremely athletic bodies were back. Finally their facial features became more masculine and they started kissing. Donny and Mike had a perfect view of the hot, jock orgy as they continued to spray them with the last of Justin?s cum.[/color]
[color=white]Mr. Barker was scooping the cum off the floor in his hands and carrying it over to Kyle. He started rubbing it into Kyle?s flabby bulk. He went back and forth as quickly as he could before the cum dried and became useless. When Kyle had lost about half his fat, he was able to crawl by himself and started licking the cum from the floor.[/color]
[color=white]Donny and Mike turned to watch Justin?s once majestic body and proud cock shrivel down to nothing. Justin passed out from the effect of the incredible muscle loss. He looked like a blob of loose skin hanging on a skeleton frame. Mike held Justin up with one arm wrapped around Justin?s now sunken chest. Mike looked down at Justin?s balls and said, ?Donny, it looks like there?s a little left. Do you want it?? [/color]
[color=white]Donny answered, ?No thanks, I like my body the way it is?.[/color]
[color=white]?So do I?, smiled Mike, ?I guess I could use a top-off?. With that said, Mike put one hand on Justin?s chest and another below his groin. One of Mike?s huge hands was able to hold both of Justin?s rail thin thighs now. Mike effortlessly pressed Justin up over his head. He lowered Justin down so his dangling cock entered Mike?s mouth. He pressed Justin up and down as he sucked the last of the cum. Mike repositioned his hand so to grab onto Justin?s balls. Mike squeezed hard and the remaining cum was forced out. Justin groaned as his balls were being crushed by Mike?s powerful grip. The essence of Justin?s masculinity was being forced out of his balls and digested by Mike. When Justin was dry, Mike set him down gently on the floor. He looked so frail, even smaller than before, younger, like he hadn?t yet gone through puberty. No longer a man, but a very feminine looking boy. Mike almost felt sorry for him.[/color]
[color=white]But then Mike felt something else. His body tingled all over. All his wounds healed. He felt a powerful rush through every molecule of his body. Donny looked on as the changes took effect. Mike?s legs lengthened, adding a few more inches to Mike?s already imposing stature. His hips narrowed, making his waist tighter and more compact. His shoulders broadened. His hands, feet and cock grew. Donny noticed Mike?s muscles increasing in size to match his height, keeping his perfect proportional physique. His ideally symetrical muscles looked even more defined. Mike?s pectorals stood out further from his chest defying the pull of gravity. His ass became higher and rounder. His golden bronzed skin looked like it was shrink-wrapped expertly around each muscle group. A light coating of fine hair covered his chest. Finally his face became more rugged. The jaw line sharpened and a five o?clock shadow appeared. His lips became fuller, cheek bones higher, eyes and teeth brighter. It was like Mike went through a second puberty, with every male trait raised to the ultimate level. Donny knew he was no longer the best looking guy at school. Mike was the epitome of masculine beauty. [/color]
[color=white]Mike was looking over his spectacular body, when he finally realized everyone was staring at him. And he was the only one without an erection. Even soft, Mike had the biggest cock in the room. Mike looked over the entire team of muscular hunks and smiled, ?Looks like we are going to have one hell of a football season this year. We?ll be unbeatable! Let?s get out of this place and hit the practice field.? Mike's voice cracked, until settling into a deep bass that rattled the windows in the room when he spoke. "Then we can have some real fun in the showers." The whole team cheered. At that moment Justin woke up, looked at his shriveled body and cried. Mike turned to look at Justin and said ?It looks like we have a new team water boy too.? Everyone laughed.[/color]
[color=white]Donny walked over to be with Mike and stretched up to kiss him. He then looked at the other jocks as they put on the gym shorts Mr. Barker had brought. All his teammates were as big as fitness models now. Kyle had ingested enough of Justin?s cum to get the body of an amateur bodybuilder, slightly less mass than Mr. Barker who was by Kyle?s side. Donny knew he was as big as any professional bodybuilder. Then he turned to Mike. Mike was almost indescribable. He could easily win any bodybuilding title just by stepping onto the stage. He oozed perfect virility from every pore of his flawless form. He was unique, a kind of man that others could only fantasize about being. While everybody else was big, Mike was huge. [/color]

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Your first post?! I am deeply empressed, you brought the story to a flawless conclusion. The only way I could see it getting any better is if Corwin was to start where he left off and take the story in a whole new direction. But over all that had to be one of the best stories I've read about muscle growth ever. You should both give your selfs a pat on the back, a Emmy Award, or something, that was just great! *Stands and give a standing applause.* You both have great careers ahead of you and I look forward to seeing more. Keep up the great work! / / (All at once.)
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Originally Posted by darkluster4
The only way I could see it getting any better is if Corwin was to start where he left off and take the story in a whole new direction.
Heh. Thanks, but as I told Clarence591 in a PM, he basically ended it the same way I was planning (give or take some various details and style choices)

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Any Way.....

First of all I have to again say congrates on the stories completion to all who helped with this project. Secoundly, there is one other way that I can think of to improve this line....Illistrate it! Get some one to draw the muscle growth and post it in the pic section. Hope that's ok, and if I can help in some way let me know.
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More than a Man

I edited my earlier chapters to correct some obvious errors and was reminded of how much I like this story. It's still one of my favorites. An idea came to me on how to continue the tale. I hope I don't upset anyone. Enjoy.

[color=paleturquoise]Chapter 9 [/color]

[color=paleturquoise]The team arrived back at the school. They went into the locker room to change into their practice gear. Mike and Donny headed directly to the football field to test Mike?s enhanced body. Mike walked to one of the end zones. It was getting more difficult for him to move; his muscles seemed to still be growing. Donny threw a football to him from the equipment bag left near the bleachers. Mike caught it in one of his enormous hands, his long fingers almost encircling the ball. ?Is this a joke? Get me a real football, not this toy?, Mike said looking at the tiny brown object. [/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?That is a real football, Mike? Donny responded surprised by Mike?s request.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?You?ve got to be shitting me, it?s so small? Mike said as he gently squeezed the pigskin in his hand. The ball burst like a balloon under his grip, ?Damn?.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?Are you alright, big guy?? Donny asked.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?Yeah, I guess I need a little more time to adjust to my new size and strength? Mike said dropping the destroyed ball.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?No problem. I?ll get another one?, Donny took two more balls out of the bag and quickly tossed one to his friend before running up field away from Mike. Mike caught the ball trying his best to be gentle. He pumped his arm back and threw the ball using only a small percentage of his strength. It soared high into the air passing over Donny, the goal post and the bleachers at the opposite end of the field. Seeing his friend?s frustration again, ?That?s okay; I?m prepared this time. I thought we may have needed another one. Donny?s threw the third ball to Mike. Donny?s throw rocketed through the air like a bullet, like Mike he didn?t have his new strength under control. His muscular physique gave him the strength of about five average men. The ball sped towards Mike, whose increasingly bulky arms couldn?t react fast enough to catch it this time. The comet like ball hit Mike directly in his crotch bouncing off his impressive package. Donny ran back to Mike, ?Sorry man. I didn?t mean to hit you in your nuts. Are you okay??[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?I?m fine. I didn?t feel a thing and I?m not even wearing a cup? Mike said as he forced his hand to his manhood with some difficulty, ?Are you sure it hit me there??[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?Yes. It?s a pretty large area? Donny said trying to make light of the accident.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?Wow. I felt nothing?, Mike said thinking to himself, ?I want to try something. Kick me in my balls as hard as you can?.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?What?? Donny asked dumbfounded.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?You heard me dude. Just do it?, Mike demanded while spreading his legs apart and bending forward, placing his hands on his knees. Donny stepped back and slammed his lower leg hard into Mike?s jewels. ?Again, harder? demanded Mike. Donny took two steps back and kicked Mike harder with a running start. ?I felt only some movement, absolutely no pain whatsoever.?[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?You?re like fucking Superman dude, impervious to pain?, Donny said getting turned on by his best friend?s new strength. ?Let?s see if your muscles are as hard as Superman?s too.? Donny picked up one of the tall field marker posts used by the referees and placed the pointed turf spike on Mike?s carved thigh. Mike flexed and the muscles expanded. Donny pushed the sharp tip into Mike?s leg, not even causing an indentation. Mike than relaxed his thigh but Donny still couldn?t break the skin. Donny pushed with everything he had, the steel pole finally crumbling against Mike?s impenetrable body. Donny ran his hand over Mike?s undamaged skin, the flesh underneath felt hard as steel and totally unyielding. ?Wow, you?re invincible!? Donny?s long cock was erect now, the head escaping through the leg opening of his shorts. Mike reached for his friend?s rod and stroked it. ?Ouch, go easy there Superman. I?m not like you, I can still feel pain?.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?Sorry dude. I guess I can?t do anything right today? Mike said withdrawing his hand. Mike turned and walked toward the team bench to sit down; his immense weight breaking the wooden bench in half. ?Fuck?, he said as he struggled to his feet. He walked to the field goal and leaned against it with one hand supporting his body. The 10? round steel pole creaked, quickly bending toward the ground under his grip, ?This is great, I can?t sit or even lean on anything.? Mike grabbed the pole with both hands and easily forced the top half back into the upright position. Donny walked over to his friend and put his hand on Mike?s shoulder. Donny had to reach higher than before to reach his mammoth delts. His best friend?s body, covered with beads of sweats, felt warmer than before. His muscles looked larger too. He no longer had the beautiful symmetrical lines from just an hour ago. His body was becoming a cartoon version of a super hero with massively bulky muscles. Donny lowered his hand down Mike?s right arm, his thumb following the thickest vein that snaked along its entire length. ?I know my new body is turning you on Donny, and I?m really glad about that. But I?m getting worried. I don?t feel anything anymore. Not your kicks, not the spike, and most importantly not your touch. I?ve always fantasized about being the strongest man in the universe, but I never thought about the downside. I want to be able to feel you when we?re together. I don?t want to break everything around me. To make things worse I think I?m still growing. It?s getting harder for me to move. I?m afraid I am becoming muscle bound like Justin. I don?t want to be some kind of freak-a-zoid monster.? Mike said, his powerful bass voice wavering slightly for the first time today.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]The other members of the team were entering the field, their practice uniforms clinging to their enhanced forms like second skins. They huddled around Donny and Mike. Mr.Barker went into the bleachers to watch the practice session. ?Hey guys, listen up. Are any of you still growing or have the effects have Justin?s cream worn off??, Donny asked his team mates.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?My muscles were getting larger on the walk over here. Unfortunately I don?t feel it anymore. Not since our group jerk-off session in the locker room.? Kyle said winking at Mr.Barker while running his hand over his hard, sculpted abs exposed by his mid-drift shirt. His prolonged growth period and superior genetics allowed him to finally surpass Mr.Barker in size. Even though he was now the third largest man in school, after Mike and Donny, he wanted to be bigger. He loved it when he was able to dominate the campus? alpha-male Mike. He never felt so alive and powerful as when he was forcing Mike?s face into his crotch. He stared at Mike?s hyper-muscular torso and became overwhelmed by envy.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?Have all of you jerked-off since coming into contact with Justin?s spunk?? Donny asked the crowd. Everyone nodded their head yes. ?How about you Mike?? Mike shook his head no. ?That?s the answer my man. Just go choke the chicken and that will stop the growth. I?ll be happy to help you? Donny said as he cupped Mike?s ten inch, totally soft cock through his tight shorts. It became obvious to Donny that every part of Mike?s body was getting bigger. The whole team approached Mike and volunteered their hands-on service. The hypnotic draw of Mike?s cock had them mesmerized.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?Thanks, but it wouldn?t help, I can?t feel anyone?s touch. Plus I might hurt you guys. This is a job I?ll have to do alone from now on?, Mike said as he struggled to walk to the gym. Donny and the team watched Mike leave the field, still lusting for his hulking physique. Kyle just glared at Mike, the envy growing stronger within him.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]Mike entered the gymnasium and headed toward the weight room. He picked up the half ton barbell Kyle used earlier. It felt so light to Mike. He tossed it in the air and caught it with just his index finger. He even attempted to balance the titanic weight on the tip of his finger. Mike just laughed at the realization of what his magnificent body was possible of doing. The feats of strength he did while under Justin?s control came back to him. He calculated he must have the strength of at least a thousand average men. How else could he have stopped that truck with his fist and then lifted it over his head with just one hand? He felt his cock start to harden; he then remembered what he was supposed to be doing. He waddled over to one of the large mirrors on the side wall. He hadn?t seen himself since his last metamorphosis. His rod became fully erect when he saw his own reflection. He was looking at the most masculine being he had ever seen. The new coating of dark hair on his tanned chest and forearms made him look like so virile. He ran his hands over his freakishly muscled chest and tight waist. He remembered his old roid gut and how some called him fat. Not now, he was ripped to the bone. His tight ten-pack abs would humble any gymnast. He raised his arms into a double bicep pose. Muscle appeared on top of muscle, he couldn?t bend his elbow past the 90 degree mark due to the massive size of his bicep. He couldn?t believe his body was so huge and powerful. His cock was throbbing and his balls started to grow filling with his juices; the center seam of his shorts broke open unable to confine his engorged equipment. He moved his hand to his face fascinated by his manly features. The coarse beard of his five o?clock shadow was in stark contrast to his soft chest hair. He was easily one of the most handsome men on the planet. He felt his balls spasm. Mike pulled off the damaged shorts freeing his fuck pole. He stepped back from the mirror and put his hands on his rock hard ass. He closed his eyes and forced his head back. Mike?s rigid cock was sticking straight up toward the ceiling. He squeezed his round ass cheeks and screamed. His powerful balls contracted and shot his first load high into the air; the force of the thick stream blew a hole in the ceiling. Mike saw what happened and grabbed his cock forcing it parallel to the floor, just as he was about to unleash his second volley. The second less powerful orgasm still had enough force to smash the mirror in front of him. He put his hand in front of his piss slit to block the third and final volley from doing any further damage. Feeling exhausted and covered in sweat, Mike sat down on one of the work-out benches. His weight caused the steel pipes to creak, the welded joints cracked, and Mike found himself sitting on the floor once again. ?I hoped this worked. I can?t live in this world if I get any bigger?.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]Donny entered the room and found Mike sitting on the floor of the weight room. ?All done, Mike? How do you feel??[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?I think you were right, I don?t feel my muscles growing anymore? Mike answered without looking up.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]Donny looked at the damage in the room. ?I guess it was a good thing you were alone. You could have killed someone. Of course I can?t think of a better way to die?, he said with a chuckle.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?It?s not funny man. How would you like it if you could never have sex again?? Mike said this time looking at Donny.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?Come on, Mike. We?ll figure something out? Donny spoke trying to comfort his gargantuan friend. ?I have an idea to cheer you up. Let?s take your measurements like old times.? Donny said seeing the tape measure he used on Kyle earlier that day. Mike stood on his feet and walked toward Donny. Donny felt his cock twitch at the sight of Mike?s huge body approaching him. Mike stopped his front of Donny and raised his arms over his head as far as his overdeveloped shoulders allowed.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?Let?s start with my chest?, Mike said with a sexy smile.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]Mike?s smile and sensual deep voice sent a shiver down Donny?s spine. Donny told Mike to hold one end of the tape as Donny walked around Mike?s body. The 96 inch tape was unable to fit Mike?s chest. There was about a 2 inch gap between the two ends. Mike flexed his pecs and lats forcing the gap to expand another foot. ?I?ll have to guess at 110 inches.? Donny then lowered the tape to Mike?s waist. ?45 inches, your stomach may have the same girth as before, but it sure looks different. It appears you swallowed some bricks, Mikey.? Donny ran his hands over each of the ten clearly defined ab muscles that made up Mike?s lower torso. Mike crunched his abs making them even more impressive. Donny pushed one of his fingers into the 2 inch deep grooves between each muscle, the flesh of his finger yielding to the harder muscle . ?You?re the only man I know that comes with a built-in change holder. Let?s see quarters go here?, he moved his hand down to the next row, ?dimes here, nickels here, and finally pennies.? Mike watched Donny?s exploration of his abs in the remaining mirror on the wall since he was unable to feel Donny?s hand or see below his protruding chest. Donny continued his finger exploration to the deeper groove above Mike?s left hip bone. ?And this is where you can keep the silver dollars?. Donny wiped the drool from his mouth and lowered the tape to Mike?s hips, making sure to measure his bubble butt where it was the fullest. ?58 inches, that?s bigger than most bodybuilders? chests?. Donny ran the tape along Mike?s flaccid cock, ?11 inches soft. I hope to get the hard data later?. Mike just smiled down at Donny. Donny moved down to Mike?s right thigh, he took a measurement then Mike flexed. ?That?s 48 inches relaxed, 54 inches flexed.? He did the same with Mike?s calves, ?24 inches relaxed, 27 inches flexed. Let?s get your height and weight.? Donny walked over to the medical scale. He pulled the height stick to its tallest setting and pushed the weights all the way to the left. Mike got on the scale. Donny pushed the stick down to the top of Mike?s head, ?6 feet, 11 inches. And all I can tell you is you weigh more than 500 pounds. You are definitely a super heavyweight.?[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?I wonder what I really weigh. I would like to know how much I can actually lift too. There is just not enough weight in here to max out my muscles.? Mike said looking around the room.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]Donny was silent, thinking for a moment. ?I have an idea. Let?s go to the scrap metal yard. We can get the answer to both of those questions there.? The men walked to the locker room. Mike went to find something to wear. Since his waist was about the same size, the baggy practice shorts he kept in his locker should still fit. He walked up to the locker and daintily put two fingers on the combination lock. His strength was too much for the lock and he accidentally crushed the dial. Giving up, Mike just tore the door off his locker as if it was made of tin foil. He took out his shorts. He stepped into the garment and pulled them up over his thighs and ass. The once loose material stretched to accommodate his new bulk. As Donny returned with his gym bag, Mike had his hand down the front of his tight shorts arranging his cock to run down his right leg. Mike did a full turn for Donny, his ass bouncing high with every movement of his legs. Donny was hypnotized by the movement. It was as if his favorite morphed artwork had come to life. Donny was both aroused and frightened by the sight.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?I was going to ask how I look. But I can see the answer by the bulge in your shorts? Mike remarked as he put his hands on his hips and smiled at Donny. That deep voice vibrated through Donny?s body again. Mike?s handsome face beamed pure male confidence and his muscular body emitted raw masculine power. Donny?s pelvis started to buck uncontrollably, his cock oozing cum. [/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?I?m sorry man, but I?ve been fighting it for over an hour now. You are so fucking hot, I can?t help myself?, Donny said gasping for air only slightly embarrassed.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?It?s okay dude. I understand. If I was you I would have done the same thing a long time ago. I can?t believe the way I look either.? Mike said calmly, ?did you want to change before we leave??[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?No, I have a feeling it?s going to happen again before this night is over? Donny answered. ?Let?s get going, dude?.[/color]
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Feeling Human

[color=paleturquoise]Chapter 10[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]Mike and Donny arrived at the auto graveyard in Donny?s pickup. Donny was driving while Mike was sitting in the bed because he couldn?t fit inside the cab. They walked to the locked gate. Donny looked at Mike, ?I think you have the key, big guy?. Mike grabbed the large padlock and yanked, breaking the chain and squashing the lock. They entered the yard and headed for the industrial scale. Mike got on and learned his weighed 968 pounds. Both men were surprised by the reading. [/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?What?s that burning smell?? Donny asked sniffing the air. Donny narrowed the odor was coming from Mike, more exactly his crotch. Mike squatted down to expose his inner thighs. Donny saw large singed holes in Mike?s shorts. Mike didn?t feel it, but his shorts had burned due to the friction caused by his hard as concrete thighs rubbing together when he walked. Donny just laughed, ?Why don?t you find something to max out those arms of yours, then we will weigh it. You?ll know just how strong you are, Superman.?[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]Mike saw a car that had been crushed into a 4 foot cube. He reached for it, the steel bending under his grip to form a handle. He lifted with one arm and put it on the scale, which read 4,000 pounds. He saw another and grabbed it with his other hand. He did alternate curls with ease. He found a steel I-beam nearby and forced the cubes on each end creating a mega dumbbell. Mike did several repetitions with the 8,000 plus weight with one arm then the other. ?That?s a good warm-up, but I need some real weight?, Mike said smiling at Donny. Donny didn?t say a word; he just stared at the exhibition with his mouth agape and his cock hard.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]Mike found a stack of flattened autos sitting on two other I-beams. The girders held the 12 cars off the ground. Mike crawled under the cars on his back. Donny watched as suddenly the almost 50,000 pound pile of flattened steel was lifted off the beams. Donny bent down to see Mike was benching the weight. After thirty reps, Mike crawled out from under the stack. He stood and flexed his swollen pecs. He grabbed his left pec with his right hand and squeezed the mass. The hardness and size of his man tit made his cock react. His upper body felt incredible, he needed to work his legs. He saw the huge crane used to move the cars to the compactor. Mike bent down and walked underneath the belly of the crane. He went to the center trying his best to balance the machine between his shoulders. He straightened his legs lifting the crane off the ground. He did twenty squats but was unhappy with the light weight. He put his hands on the crane and lifted it over his head. He then lowered one arm and supported the 50 ton crane with the other. ?My God, he is Superman? Donny said as he shot another load into his still moist shorts.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]Mike gently set down the crane and crawled out from underneath. He stood to his full height and stretched his powerful body. He then alternately flexed each arm as he squeezed his massive bicep with the opposite hand. Mike walked up to Donny and smiled when he saw the outline of his hard cock and larger wet spot, ?I guess you enjoyed the show.? Donny just nodded still in awe of Mike?s power. Mike grabbed his own hard meat, ?Me too. Maybe you can take that measurement you wanted earlier.? Donny went to his gym bag and pulled out the tape measure. Donny pulled down Mike?s shorts and ran the tape along his vein covered rod. The tape read 19 inches from the base to the tip and eleven inches in girth.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?Wow? was all that Donny said as he ran his hand over Mike?s meat. It felt so hot it almost burned Donny?s hand. Undaunted, Donny bent down and tried to get his lips around the fantasy cock. He struggled for several minutes trying different angles before giving up. ?Sorry man, but it?s not for lack of want?, Donny said frustrated.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?I know. I?m sure you don?t want this thing rammed up your ass either. It would rip you in two. Imagine what it would due to a woman?s cunt? Mike said squeezing his softening cock. ?No man needs to be this big or strong. I don?t feel like a human anymore. I want to be a powerful man, but not too powerful to enjoy life.? Mike said as he staggered to a nearby car and sat on the hood; the metal conforming to the shape of his ass. He rubbed his temples, sweat pouring off his body. His physique was swollen and red from the blood rushing to feed his huge muscles. [/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?Are you alright, Mike?? Donny asked.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?Yeah, I felt a sudden chill and have a mother of a headache?, Mike answered still rubbing his temples.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?Chill, you?re sweating like a pig. I think you may be suffering from heat stroke. You must have really had a good workout? Donny said with some concern. He looked around and saw a fire hose near by. He used it to wet down his friend. ?This should help you cool off after that big workout. Muscles generate heat when you work them, so I guess your super muscles generate super heat. I hope the heat doesn?t cause damage to the rest of your body and more importantly, your brain?.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]Mike enjoyed the cooling effect of the water, to him the power stream that blasted his skin felt like a soft summer breeze. ?Oh, that?s great news. I have all this power, but if I use it I might suffer brain damage. And that was no real workout; everything here is too light for me.? Mike caught some of the water in his cupped hands and drank it down trying to cool his body faster. ?Sometimes I think it would have been better if I never took those supplements.? [/color]

[color=paleturquoise]After a few moments Donny saw Mike?s skin return to its normal color. He put down the hose and picked up his gym bag. He sat next to Mike and said, ?Maybe the supplements can help solve the problem they created. What if you take some of the MNR formula to reduce your muscle size??[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?No way, man. I?m not going to end up a fat slob again. If all this muscle turns to fat it would take me ten years to loose the weight. Plus it may be shallow, but I like being a muscular jock?, Mike said rubbing his cobble-stoned stomach.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?I know and I like you being a muscular jock too?, Donny commented as he rubbed Mike?s arm, ?What if we dilute the formula it will be less potent? We can reduce your muscle mass and strength without losing it all.?[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?It sounds risky. Do you think it would actually work?? Mike asked.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?We?ll cut the formula in half. If it doesn?t work we have the other supplements to reverse it again. But now we know not to ingest so much of the stuff.? Donny reached into his bag and pulled out the same sports bottle he used on Justin. ?I used only about half of this on Justin. I filled the container with water to dilute it down. Just swallow a little of it and see how it effects you.?[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]Mike took the plastic bottle from Donny using only his thumb and index finger trying not to burst the bottle like he did the football. Unfortunately, Mike still didn?t have complete control over his strength. The bottle?s top exploded off from the pressure of Mike?s grip causing most of the formula to spill to the ground. Mike looked at Donny, ?Sorry?. Mike knew he had to do something to get back to being normal. He moved the bottle to his lips, his hand visibly shaking. He sipped a few ounces. He looked at Donny again who smiled at him. Mike swallowed the chemically enhanced water. Donny took the bottle from Mike?s hand and put the top back on and placed it back in his bag. Mike waited a few moments, ?It didn?t work, nothing is happening. I don?t know if I?m disappointed or relieved?.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?Don?t worry man. We?ll think of something else to try. I promise not to give up on you? Donny reached for Mike?s hand to comfort him. He noticed that Mike was getting hard again. ?It looks like you are happy about my idea being a total failure?.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?What do you mean?? Mike asked noticing Donny?s hand on the outline of his erection. ?Why am I hard? I didn?t even feel it happening. I shouldn?t be?? Mike said before stopping in mid-sentence. His body became flush, the blood surging through each muscle again. Mike started to moan as his body shrank slightly. Donny pulled down Mike?s shorts; he saw Mike?s balls tripling in size. Mike?s cock was lengthening too. It was pressed hard against his body, growing up between his massive pecs. Mike leaned back onto the car, his fingers ripping into the metal as he gripped the hood. He bent his head backwards and screamed. He shot an enormous load straight into the air. It went so high; Donny couldn?t see it in the night sky. In seconds it was over. Donny looked into the air and then at Mike. [/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?We better move, Mike. It?s going to rain? Donny said as he pulled up Mike?s shorts. As soon as they got about six feet, gallons of thick cum fell from the sky and covered the car where they had been sitting. Donny looked at Mike, ?How do you feel??[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?Okay I guess. I feel a little looser, I can move more easily now? Mike said swinging his heavy arms back and forth. He rubbed his sculpted abs looking for fat. ?It doesn?t look like I lost any definition. Get the tape measure, Donny?. Donny took Mike?s statistics and figured Mike had lost about 20% of his muscle mass. According to the scale Mike had also lost 420 pounds. Mike didn?t understand why he had lost so much more weight than muscle. Donny told him maybe the formula affected his muscle density. His muscles weren?t as dense or powerful as they were before. To test the theory, Mike went back to the crane. But this time when he tried to hold it over his head, he barely had the strength to support the weight with both hands. He knew it couldn?t hold it up with one arm as he was able to do very easily before. It seemed Mike had lost about 60% of his strength. Mike was thrilled the experiment had worked. He still had a fantastic physique and the strength of about 400 average men. He thought he was still too strong to live a semi-normal life and asked to take another sip of the diluted formula. Donny convinced him to wait until tomorrow to see if there were any delayed side effects. [/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?If you still want to tomorrow, we?ll come back here and do the experiment again. You should jerk-off a couple times during the night to see what impact that has on your body too?, Donny told Mike. [/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?Maybe you should sleep over to make sure I follow your directions, dear doctor? Mike said as he picked Donny up in one arm and the gym bag in the other. They left the scrap yard and went to Donny?s truck.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]Once they left, a figure of a small boy appeared from the shadows. He walked over to the cum covered car and searched for some still active cream. Unfortunately, the muscle juice had dried completely. He slammed his small fist onto the hood in frustration. He yelped in pain as his weak body impacted the steel. He would have to wait to get his revenge.[/color]

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I liked how you executed your idea about being too powerful to live a normal life...that's exactly the sorts of things i was thinking about too. and oh man, Mike is so awesome. Mike part 1 is still probably my favorite story of all time. good work!
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Scents and Sensiblities

Chapter 10

[color=paleturquoise]Mike had a rough night. Since coming home from the salvage yard, he had broken two chairs, the refrigerator door and a bathroom sink. His parents bombarded him with questions when they first saw him. He simply said he didn?t want to talk about it in his commanding voice, and they never spoke again for the remainder of the evening. After Mike ate every morsel of food in the house, he went upstairs to his room. He figured the bed would collapse under his weight; so he put the mattress on the floor to sleep. But the mattress couldn?t provide him any comfort. The normal ten inch metal springs were compressed to less than an inch under his weight. His shoulders and lower legs hung over the edges, his mammoth physique wider and longer than the full size mattress. He put the mattress back on the box spring and told Donny he could sleep there, while he would use the floor tonight. He had a difficult time getting comfortable. Mike?s large rounded butt and muscle engorged shoulders prevented his lower back from reaching the floor. Mike stuffed five rolled up bath towels under the exaggerated arch to give his lumbar region some support. After several hours of restlessness, Mike finally drifted off to sleep. [/color]

[color=paleturquoise]Donny stared at Mike. Mike?s flawless nude physique glowed in the moonlight. The sheen of sweat from the always warm behemoth highlighted the shape of his muscles. All night Donny tried to close his eyes to get some sleep, but he couldn?t fight the overwhelming desire to look at the resting giant. Watching his chest rise and fall with each breath was hypnotic. For the last hour Donny had a painful erection too. Mike?s musky scent permeated the bedroom, even with the open windows to let in the cool night air. The scent, for some reason, kept Donny aroused against his own will.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]Donny could tell that Mike had finally fallen asleep, due to his snoring. For such a big man, the snoring was rather soft and soothing. Mike must have been having an erotic dream; Donny noticed Mike?s cock was starting to expand. Within a few seconds Mike was at full mast. Donny?s own erection ached as he grew even harder at the sight. Donny had to touch Mike?s sex stick, he felt compelled to do it. He silently got out of bed and walked over to Mike?s body. Donny straddled Mike?s hips and sat down, resting his own muscular ass on Mike?s powerful thighs. Donny didn?t worry about waking Mike. Mike?s super dense muscles still prevented him from feeling another person?s presence. Donny licked Mike?s rod providing lubricate for his hands to run up and down the almost two foot length. He hugged the thick fuck pole trying to force it to more upright position. Donny pulled with all his strength but soon realized his 24? arms couldn?t overpower Mike?s cock. Mike must have felt something during the struggle, his raised his hand to touch his rod and hit Donny in the shoulder. The unconscious tap knocked Donny off of is best friend and threw him into the nearby wall. Donny stayed against the wall for several minutes silently rubbing his bruised shoulder. He wanted to make sure Mike hadn?t woken up. When Mike?s snoring returned, Donny moved closer. He then straddled Mike?s upper torso, this time putting Mike?s thick cock between his ass cheeks. Donny bobbed up and down slightly as the powerful cock supported his weight as if a chair. Donny realized this was about as far as Mike?s cock could get into his inferior body. Donny looked down onto Mike?s immaculate face; the powerful square jaw the highlight of his perfect profile. He was more beautiful than any Greek statue. Even lying down, Mike had a deep valley of muscle cleavage. Donny forced his cock down between Mike?s pecs, the tip almost touching Mike?s cleft chin. Donny felt the heat from Mike's body on his sensitive cock. Donny was near orgasm, and then Mike moved slightly adjusting his arm position. Mike?s pectorals flexed and bulged with the movement of his arms trapping Donny?s cock between them. Mike then turned his head to face the other direction, the coarse beard on his chin brushing the tip of Donny?s inflamed rod. Donny lost control, but his cum backed-up due to the clamp-like pressure of Mike?s pecs. Donny was in great pain, his balls needed to release their load. Donny leaned backwards trying to pull his cock free, just then Mike relaxed his pecs. Donny?s cock sprung up towards his own chest. A large load of thick cum oozed from his bruised member covering his upper torso. Donny laid there on Mike?s cock catching his breath and rubbing his own cock. He rolled off his best friend and crawled out of the room. He went to the bathroom and washed his body. He looked into the mirror, thinking how he had used Mike?s unconscious body to jerk off. Was that rape? He knew it was wrong, but being near Mike made him do things he knew were wrong. Donny decided to spend the rest of the night downstairs on the living room couch. Keeping a distance from Mike was the only way he was going to get any sleep tonight.[/color]


[color=paleturquoise]In the morning, Mike and Donny left for football practice early. Mike couldn?t even shower because he was too big for the bathtub stall. He planned on using the school?s large shower room after practice. He knew that would make his team mates happy too.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]The coach waited for his team on the field. He wanted to have one last session before the big game. Tomorrow they were playing Valley Stream High, last year?s state champions. The coach didn?t know his team of high school jocks had been enhanced and now had better physical abilities than the best NFL team. He stood there stunned as he saw his team enter the field. Each boy, no man, was impressive. They were taller and bigger than he remembered. As they got closer he noticed even the chubbier boys had turned into ripped, muscular men. The uniforms showed every bulge of their improved physiques. Even their faces looked more mature and, surprising himself he thought, more handsome. The coach felt himself getting aroused surrounded by these ultra-jocks. He decided not to ask questions or comment on their appearance. He was happy they were on his team. He stayed focused on the game to keep his mind off of their physical improvements. But then Mike and Donny entered the field, he watched the shirtless Mike walk toward him. The coach?s jaw dropped. Mike got nearer and smiled at the older man, ?What?s up, coach?? Mike?s presence and voice sent shock waves through his body. The coach stammered as he instructed Kyle to take over the practice until he returned. The coach hurried off the field doing his best to hide his erection. He went to his office and jerked off thinking about Mike.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]The practice went very well even with the coach frequently leaving to pleasure himself. Each man honed his new physical abilities to perfection. The men had gained each other's knowledge of the game through Justin's spunk. They intuitively knew what the other was thinking during each play. Mike was put in the receiver position. Whenever he got the ball, he simply walked quickly to the end zone. His bulky thighs didn?t permit him to run. Even after being hit by seven or eight large men he didn?t fall. The men hung on to his body trying to prevent him from making a touch down; but, his sheer strength made him unstoppable. Mike could only participate in two or three plays before he became overheated. But that was enough to ensure his team?s victory in tomorrow?s game.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]At the end of the four hour practice, Mike was dripping wet. But unlike most men, his body odor attracted people to him instead of repelling them. The whole team quickly undressed and followed him into the shower. They took turns washing his body. Mike just stood in the middle of the room following their directions. He lifted his arms or flexed a muscle when instructed by his worshippers. He bent forward so someone could wash his hair. He enjoyed the shampoo, he could actually feel his team mates fingers has they ran through the hairs on his scalp. But he felt nothing from the neck down. It was obvious his peers were enjoying his physique and that made him happy. [/color]

[color=paleturquoise]After Mike was rinsed and dried by his team mates, he headed to his locker to put on another pair of too tight shorts. Suddenly he got a cramp in left hamstring. He tired rubbing the pain away but couldn?t reach it. Donny tried to punch the cramp away, but just ended up hurting his hand. Another team mate suggested Mike lie on the floor and have someone jump up and down on the back of his thigh to relieve his pain. That idea also didn?t work. Kyle came out of the groundskeeper storage room adjacent to the locker room with two sledge hammers. He gave one to Donny who was standing on the other side of Mike?s prone body. ?He should feel this?, Kyle said as he raised the ten pound steel hammer over his head and forced it down with all his strength into Mike?s thigh.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?Yes, that felt good, harder?, Mike said trying to straighten his leg completely. Kyle did it again and Donny joined in. The two men worked together. Soon the developed a rhythm taking turns whacking Mike?s thigh. ?That?s feels great, could you guys do my back too. Please?, Mike begged them, thrilled to finally feel something. Donny and Kyle worked their way up and down Mikes? entire back and legs. Donny laughed when he hit Mike?s ass cheek. The solid muscle created such a kick-back when hit with the hammer it almost knocked Donny on his ass. Kyle was like a mad man putting all his incredible strength into every hit. He was totally enjoying this opportunity to beat on his rival. His body was covered in sweat; he became obsessed with actually hurting Mike. He missed Mike's calf muscle on one strike and took a large chip out of the concrete floor making it obvious to everyone just how hard Mike's body really was. He hit Mike?s body over and over again with such force that the wooden handle on his hammer snapped in half. Donny looked at Kyle with disgust, ?What is wrong with you, man?. Donny then looked down at Mike and asked, ?Mike are you alright?? There was no response, Donny bent down to be closer to Mike?s head and asked again, ?Are you okay, man?? Donny then heard a familiar sound, it was Mike snoring. He laughed and stood up. ?He?s okay, he just fell asleep. Let him rest guys. He didn?t get much sleep last night. I?ll come back for him later?. The whole team laughed, except for Kyle upset Mike was unhurt. They all returned to their lockers and got dressed. Eventually everyone had left the building except for Mike and the coach.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]The coach toured the locker room and showers to make sure him and Mike were alone. He then stood over the sleeping student. His cock got hard again. He was surprised how many times he had cum today and yet was able to get hard just by looking at Mike. The coach had never been attracted to another man before. He found he couldn?t resist the desire to touch Mike?s body. He had to know how all that powerful muscle felt. The coach slipped off his clothes and lay on top of Mike. His huge body felt so hard and masculine. The coach positioned himself so his cock rested on Mike?s ass. He thrust his hips back and forth rubbing his hard cock along the deep groove between Mike?s ass cheeks. The coach didn?t have the strength to separate the two huge mounds of impenetrable muscle. Donny had returned to pick up his sleeping friend when he walked in on the coach. The coach was so enjoying himself so much he didn?t hear Donny. Donny quickly stepped back behind a row of lockers and watched the coach shoot his load onto Mike?s back. The coach laid there a few moments after cuming. He then stood up and said out loud, ?What have I done?? He grabbed a towel from a nearby bench to wipe his cr?me from the teenager?s ass and back. Donny couldn?t say anything or think poorly of the coach, he had done the same thing himself to Mike last night. The coach put his clothes back on and left the building looking embarrassed.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]Donny waited for the coach to leave before he approached Mike. He shouted in Mike?s ear to wake him up. Mike started to move, his eyes blinking to adjust to the bright lights. ?What happened?? he asked.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?You fell asleep during your sledge-hammer massage, dude?, Donny answered.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?Sorry man, I guess I was more tired than I thought. I didn?t sleep well last night. I just couldn?t get comfortable, plus it was so damn hot.? Mike said as he rubbed his eyes and got onto his feet. He stretched his long powerful limbs forcing blood into his stiff muscles. Donny was distracted by the flexing and just stared in awe. Mike saw his friend staring at his body and broke the silence, ?Um, what time is it??[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?What?? Donny asked.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?I asked what time it was, Donny? Mike said with a smile.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?Oh, nearly 6 o?clock?, Donny replied forcing his eyes off Mike?s chest to only have the blood rush faster to his hardening cock when he saw Mike?s sexy smile. ?Ummmm, do you still want to go to the salvage yard again tonight?? Donny moved his hands to his crotch to try to hide his growing manhood in his tight jeans.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?Definitely, dude. I?m still too big and strong. Did you see I couldn?t even run out there today? And I can only play a few minutes before I?m burning up from the heat. I can?t even play a whole quarter. That doesn?t make me a great football player does it? Plus I?m not going to spend another night breaking my parent?s furniture and not being able to sleep.? Mike walked to his door-less locker to get dressed. Both men left the locker room together. Mike jumped into the back of the truck as Donny?s pulled out of the school parking lot. As they drove off, they were followed by another car.[/color]

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What I suggested before was wrong! You didn't need illistrations to make this story better. And, you not only made it better you've taken it to the next level! I love how you described Mikes' problem, how it was dealt with, and I can't wait to see where the plot goes next. Keep up the great work.
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I know I already sent you a message but...i LOVE where this is going! i think this is the first musclegrowth story I've really enjoyed where the main character is actually trying to lose mass! hehe. but really, you've gotten the story back up to the quality like it was in the first chapter, which is still perhaps my favorite story of all time. keep going!!!
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Painful Regrets


[color=white]I'm glad to know others are enjoying these new chapters. The number of hits show people are potentially reading them, but don't indicate if they like what they read. I thank those who have posted replies or sent me PMs. To those who pointed out this is a forum for muscle growth not muscle shrinkage, this chapter has both. Enjoy.[/color]
[color=paleturquoise]Chapter 11[/color]
[color=paleturquoise]Mike and Donny walked up to the salvage yard?s gate. The chain Mike broke last night had been replaced with a stronger one and new No Trespassing signs were posted. Mike was about to snap the chain between his fingers when the sound of large barking dog came from the other side of the fence. The chain link gate was covered with a green plastic mesh, so the jocks couldn?t see what was on the other side. Suddenly a man?s voice was heard, ?We?re closed. Come back in the morning?.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise] ?We didn?t realize you were closed. Sorry to have bothered you?, Donny replied as he motioned to Mike to head back to his truck. Mike reached out and grabbed Donny?s arm to stop his departure. Donny grimaced in pain as Mike?s fingers tore into his normally rock-hard bicep. Mike saw Donny?s expression and released his grip. Donny rubbed his tanned upper arm trying to erase the white marks left by Mike?s hand.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise] ?Sorry man. But don?t give up so easily. We?ve got to get in there?, Mike said.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise] ?Mike, don?t you hear that dog barking. And the man said, they?re closed?, Donny replied stressing the word man.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise] Hearing the conversation on the other side, the yard?s new security guard announced arrogantly, ?No one is getting in here tonight guys. Like I said, we?re closed?.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]Mike turned away from Donny and faced the gate focusing on the spot the voice seemed to be coming. ?I think you will let us in?, Mike spoke in a deep commanding tone. Donny heard him use that same tone last night on his parents.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise] ?Why would I do that sir?? the voice asked meekly.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise] ?Because I want you to?, Mike answered back. In seconds, the sound of the rattling chain was heard being pulled through the gate. With a creak, one side of the gate opened about 3 feet. Mike smiled at Donny and gestured to him to enter through first. Donny entered the yard and was greeted by a sturdy man in his 30s wearing a guard?s uniform. The guard stood near the gate the fingers of one hand clenching the chain link, his other hand held the leash of a snarling German Shepard. The barking dog made Donny take a few steps back. The guard looked over Donny?s athletic form. The young man?s tight clothing showcased is muscular physique. His all-American looks seem to please the guard. Donny enjoyed being an object of desire again. Whenever he was around Mike, he usually faded into the background, going unnoticed. It happened again as the guard?s attention was redirected to Mike as he made his way through the gate. Mike had to step in sideways through the too narrow opening, his massive chest only an inch away from the guard?s stunned face. The guard involuntarily inhaled deeply as Mike?s scent reached his nostrils. Within seconds the guard?s cock started to expand. The guard scanned Mike?s body just as he had Donny, his approval much more obvious this time. The guard?s eyes widened as he saw the bulge contained in Mike?s tight shorts. The guard?s eyes continued up Mike?s exposed abdominal muscles to his titanic chest. The guard?s cock was completely hard now, the outline of his average unit easily visible in his form fitting trousers. When the guard saw Mike?s face, he paused and swallowed the vast amount of saliva that had accumulated in his mouth. ?Thank you?, Mike said and then smiled. His face was made more beautiful by his flawless white teeth. The guard let go of the gate and grabbed his crotch as he moaned softly. Donny saw a growing dark spot forming where the guard?s cock ended. The guard was completely distracted by Mike?s presence; he didn?t realize his canine companion had been barking uncontrollably at the two studs. Mike looked at the dog and said ?Quiet? in a normal volume. The dog instantly stopped barking and sat down behind the guard with a slight whimper. Donny thought to himself even animals respect Mike?s dominance. ?We are going to spend about an hour or two here. You will go to the office and stay there until we are done. When we leave you will come back here to lock the gate and you are not to mention to anyone that we were here. Do you understand?? Mike spoke to the guard in his soothing baritone voice.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise] ?Yes, I understand sir?, the guard answered very calmly. The guard, unlike the dog, didn?t appear frightened or intimidated by Mike. He just accepted Mike?s orders as a foot soldier would a commanding officer?s. There was never a question who was in charge of whom. The guard left with the dog quietly walking by his side. Donny looked up at Mike in awe. ?Don?t worry dude, I would never make you do anything you didn?t want to do?, Mike said without looking at Donny. Mike walked away heading toward the industrial scale. After a moment Donny followed him. [/color]

[color=paleturquoise] Before the guard entered the office trailer, he was distracted by his watch dog. The dog sensed another person had entered the premises through the still opened gate and stopped moving. Not wanting to disobey his orders, the guard gave a quick tug on the leash and both entered the building closing the door behind them.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]Donny checked Mike?s weight and measurements to make sure they hadn?t changed during the last 24 hours. With Mike?s statistics confirmed, Donny gave his friend the diluted formula to sip. Mike swallowed and removed his shorts. Within a few moments, Mike felt his strength fade and his body lighten. Donny watched as his team mate shrunk in height and width. At the same time Mike?s hardened cock and balls expanded dramatically. Mike?s breath quickened as he grabbed his formidable rod and stroked it roughly. He aimed for a pile of hubcaps about 20 yards in front of him as he felt the pressure building in his balls. He grunted as a thick stream of spunk burst from his hose, the force of his load scattering the hubcaps about. Quarts of his muscle cr?me pooled in the overturned wheel covers. Mike felt his cock shrink in his hand. He knew his muscles weren?t the only things decreasing in mass. He noticed Donny approaching him with the measuring tape. ?I think I may be getting down to a more manageable size?, Mike said lifting his deflated bag sack.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise] ?You?re still the biggest man I?ve ever seen?, Donny commented putting his hand on top of Mike?s. Mike was only about 6? taller than his friend now. [/color]

[color=paleturquoise]Mike moved his hand to his massive chest and rubbed his pecs. ?Seriously, I think I may be able to wear shirts and pants again like a normal person.?[/color]

[color=paleturquoise] ?Yeah, if a normal person had a 73? chest with a 38? waist? Donny said removing the tape from around Mike?s carved waist. Donny continued to take Mike?s measurements and write them down in a small notepad to chart Mike?s regression. Mike had lost about 10% of his muscle mass and a couple of inches off his cock?s length and girth. Mike?s weight was down to 431 pounds. Mike wanted to test his strength level, so he walked to the crane he lifted yesterday. Donny thought he heard a noise over by the hubcaps and was about to investigate when Mike emerged breathing hard and sweating profusely.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise] ?I can?t budge it. It?s actually too heavy for me now?, Mike said. Donny couldn?t tell if Mike was happy or upset. [/color]

[color=paleturquoise] ?Try your super dumbbell, Mike?, Donny said trying to encourage his friend. Mike walked over to the home made weight and easily lifted it over his head using both arms. He did a couple of curls with it as a smile came over his face. He tired doing one arm curls and was only able to force a single rep from each arm before his engorged biceps failed. Mike walked over to Donny who was busy calculating the results.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise] ?I figure the average guy our age could do a one arm curl with a 50 pound bar for one repetition. So you have the strength of 160 men, which means you lost about 60% of your overall strength. That?s consistent with what happened last night.? Donny said out loud while deep in thought. After reviewing the numbers again, he looked at Mike who was wiping the sweat from his forehead. Donny walked quickly to the hose and started to spray down his overheated friend. Mike?s body cooled down much more quickly tonight. He told Donny to stop after about three minutes under the hose. ?Do you fell alright, Mike? Are you okay with loosing so much power??[/color]

[color=paleturquoise] ?Yeah, I?m fine?, Mike said as he pulled on his still tight shorts. ?I was a little bummed when I couldn?t lift the crane. I feel like a failed or something. But I?m really glad to be more normal. I feel more in control of my body. All during practice today I was afraid I was going to accidentally hurt someone on the field just be touching them or stepping on their foot. Look what I did to your arm tonight?, Mike said pointing to Donny?s newly bruised bicep. ?I?m really sorry, dude. I didn?t mean to hurt you?.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise] ?I know man. It?s okay. It matches the one I have on my other shoulder?, Donny said lifting his shirt sleeve to reveal the bruise he got from the sleeping giant.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise] ?Did I do that too? Man, I don?t even remember touching you there. When did it happen?? Mike said putting his hand to his forehead trying to recall the incident.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]Donny regretted bringing it up. He wasn?t about to tell Mike how he sodomized him during the night. ?Oh, it was during practice. But it?s really no big deal. I?m a pretty tough guy myself. I?ll recover?. He said as he punched Mike hard in the shoulder, the impact causing a loud thud sound. Mike laughed then suddenly his face went sad. ?You didn?t feel my punch did you??[/color]

[color=paleturquoise] ?No. But that?s okay for now. You were right; this process should be slow and steady so we don?t make any mistakes. For the rest of the night I?m focusing on the game tomorrow. The team comes first, right??, Mike said as he smiled at Donny. Donny felt a twinge at his crotch. He quickly looked away and started to gather his belongings. He put the water bottle, notepad and tape measure back in his backpack. He took out a bottle of Gatorade and handed it to Mike. ?Drink this; it will help your body recover.?[/color]

[color=paleturquoise] ?You think my body needs help?? Mike asked coyly and continued to grin. He wanted to know if he still had the ability to get a man erect with just a smile.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise] ?Stop it Mike. You just said you were going to concentrate on the game? Donny remarked as he started to walk toward the gate.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise] ?Come back here?, Mike said in his commanding voice.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]Donny stopped in his tracks and walked quickly back to Mike?s side. ?You said you wouldn?t make me do anything I didn?t want to do?, Donny said trying his best to resist Mike.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise] ?What?s wrong with you tonight? Don?t you want to be with me?? Mike asked surprised by Donny?s resistance.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise] ?Yes?, Donny said breathlessly while looking at Mike, then he remembered how being near Mike effected him. He forced his gaze away from the muscle god, ?I mean no. I can?t tonight. You?re still too big for us to do anything, plus I?m not in the mood.?[/color]

[color=paleturquoise] ?Oh really? Mike said running his index finger down along Donny?s left pant leg following the bulge of his 9? inch monster, Mike?s finger unintentionally overpowering its rock-hard surface.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]Donny gasped in pain and stepped backwards out of Mike?s reach. Of the two bruises he received from Mike last night, the one on his cock was the most painful. ?Yes really. I?m tired of being hard all the time. And I?m tired of being ignored by everyone when I?m around you?, Donny sniped. He saw a look of hurt appear on Mike?s handsome face and regretted his words. None of that was something Mike could control. ?I guess I?m just tired, dude. I didn?t sleep well last night either. I want to focus on the game too. I think it would be best, for the team, if I slept at home tonight?.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise] ?Okay. You?re the boss?, Mike said shrugging his broad shoulders. Both men knew that wasn?t true. They left the scrap yard and parted ways when Donny dropped Mike off at his house. As Donny drove away, he looked at Mike?s reflection in his rear view mirror and felt regret for the third time that night.[/color]


[color=paleturquoise] [/color]

[color=paleturquoise] A slender form stalked the two jocks staying in the shadows of the auto graveyard. He stayed close enough to hear their conversation without getting noticed. After Mike shot his load and left the area, the stalker headed straight to the pile of sum soaked hubcaps. He removed the top of his own small water bottle and carefully poured in the puddles of muscle juice that had formed inside the caps. He had intended not to ingest any of the cum until he was at home, but the desire to be strong again overcame any previous plans or rational thoughts. He licked the outside of the container to remove the excess spunk. It tasted so earthy and rich. He chugged almost all of what he collected. He removed his clothes as he waited for his body to react to the thick cr?me. Soon he felt a surge of pain radiate from his balls. He grabbed them and tried to hold on as they expanded. He had only felt pain like this once before. The torture got worse as his balls multiplied in size by over 500%. He let out a slight scream against his wish to remain quiet; the pain was too much for him to bear. He fell into unconsciousness.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]Justin awoke and looked down onto his body. His balls were still throbbing and red, but less painful. His cock was thick and standing at attention. He eyes went to his thighs which were now sculpted with muscle. He ran his hand over his washboard abs and thick chest. He flexed his arm and smiled at the large ball of muscle. He looked like a teenage athlete again instead of prepubescent boy. Justin got to his feet and remembered where he was. He saw Mike and Donny exiting through the gate. It was Justin?s turn to test the strength of his muscles. He started to walk toward Mike?s colossal barbell. The movement caused a shock of pain to run through his body emanating from his balls. He took a deep breath and got to the weight walking slowly. He tried to lift it but couldn?t. Frustrated he slammed his fit into the I-beam bar. He laughed when he saw a dent in the iron that matched the shape of his fist while his hand remained unmarked.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]Justin wanted to know how big he had gotten so he headed toward the scale. His initial weight was 270 pounds, but it kept changing, going higher and higher. It seemed he was getting heavier with every passing minute. He stayed on the scale for more than ten minutes watching the numbers change. By the time he stepped off he was at 350 pounds. As he walked he felt heavier and more powerful. Even his balls didn?t hurt as much. Justin wondered if the pain had subsided or had his pain threshold just increased along with his strength. He passed by a collection of windshields and saw his reflection. His body looked massive, each muscle perfectly formed on his fat-free frame. He did a double bicep pose and noticed how his biceps had grown over the last 15 minutes. He bounced his thick pecs and crunched his abdominal bricks as he felt each muscle. His body had become strangely numb. It was as if every muscle had been injected with Novocain. It almost felt as if he was touching someone else?s body. This must be what Mike was experiencing. No wonder he couldn?t control his power. After flexing his thighs we got closer to the glass to examine his face. Once again he had the stunning rugged features of a real man. He no longer looked feminine or fragile. He closed his eyes to fight the urge to cum. He figured the longer he held off, the bigger he would become.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]Justin walked over to Mike?s weight again. He bent down to get underneath the weight. Taking a deep breath, he used every ounce of his strength to push the weight up. He straightened his powerful legs lifting the weight. He then pressed it over his head and laughed. He lowered the 4 ton weight back to his shoulders and pressed it over his head again, then once more. The weight felt lighter with each lift. Justin?s cock became harder as he realized how powerful he was becoming. He set the weight down and did a two arm curl with ease. He then tried a one arm curl. First he had some difficulty, but soon he was on his sixth repetition. He had become stronger than Mike. It made sense; Mike had lost 60% of his strength. That strength was contained in his cum. By swallowing it, Justin was now 20% stronger than Mike. He would now be able to get revenge on the men that made him a weakling. He would make Mike and Donny beg for mercy as he crushed their balls, just like Mike did to him less than a week ago. Justin felt so masculine and powerful as he pushed the weight over his head and held it in place with just one arm. The feeling overwhelmed Justin. He couldn?t hold back any longer, he shot a large load of spunk, his balls shrinking as they emptied. Catching his breath, Justin?s arm started to shake under the weight. He no longer could support it and it crashed down to the ground in front of him. Justin felt his strength drain from his body as his balls expanded again. He released another load and his muscles shrank as his balls expanded painfully again. A third stream of cum was expelled from his shortening cock. Justin screamed as his balls filled for a fourth time. He stumbled back to where he had left his clothes. He tried to stop cumming but couldn?t. His pain threshold was decreasing along with his muscles and strength; the fifth expansion sent him reeling to the ground. He regretted not waiting to swallow Mike?s cum as he originally planned. By the tenth orgasm, Justin was near unconsciousness again. Justin?s body had returned to its abnormally slender stature. ?No it?s not fair. Why should Mike have everything and I have nothing?, Justin said out loud sounding like a child throwing a tantrum. He touched his devastated scrotum. He gasped as intense pain engulfed the sensitive sack. He thought he hadn?t felt such pain since Mike?s crushed his balls and literally sucked the masculinity out of his body. He then realized that was the problem. Mike had damaged his testicles making them unable to truly assimilate Mike?s muscle cum. That?s why he didn?t retain any mass or strength. Mike was responsible for turning him into a little boy and preventing him from being a real man again. The hatred for Mike grew in Justin?s heart even more. Justin had to think of another way to get revenge on Mike. To make him suffer for what he did.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]Justin?s planning was interrupted by the sound of a barking dog coming quickly towards him. Soon the vicious dog was nearly on top of him, held back by the rugged security guard. The guard looked at Justin?s frail body and soft facial features. He guessed Justin was about ten years old due to the small size of his genitalia and lack of pubic hair, though he was tall for his age. ?Little boy, where are your clothes?? he asked.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]Justin crawled away reaching for his clothes. ?I?m not a little boy, I?m seventeen?, he said as he pulled on his pants.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise] ?Whatever kid. You better get out of here before I call the cops and they throw your scrawny ass into juvy.? The guard said trying to best to frighten the boy.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]Justin grabbed his water bottle after putting on his shirt and shoes. ?I?m leaving. I got everything I need.? The guard escorted Justin to the gate and locked it closed. On the other side Justin lifted the translucent bottle up toward the street lamp looking at the small remaining amount of Mike?s cum. ?Yes, I?ve got everything I need.?[/color]
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Hmm, i say, hmmm...please, continue!
just my thoughts as a writer

Things happen.
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Mwa Ha Ha Ha!

[color=#c6cdf3]Great! I love how your making him suffer and postponing his return to power. It's so maniacal, so sadistic, so.... so..... Delicious! I love it! Keep it up.[/color] Oh! And the muscle transformation are great to. I can't wait for the next chapter, or the movie for that matter.
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Well, what's really fantastic about Justin's suffering is the resulting rage. Obviously, he will want to exact nothing less than the utmost in sadistic, gigantic (so for us, sextastic) vengeance on Mike & Co.
Which is great, cuz once he figures out how to get his way and get back to being big, he'll add THIS to the already existing mania for hugeness he expressed earlier...which equals: hot.
just my thoughts as a writer

Things happen.
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[color=white]This chapter is mostly character development (no pun intended) again. But don't worry, the pace will quicken in the next chapter. I'm almost done with this storyline. Thanks for hanging in there with me.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]Chapter 12 [/color]

[color=paleturquoise]On the way to the game, Donny stopped to pick-up Mike. Mike was still too tall and wide to fit comfortably in the passenger seat, so he rode in the back again. It also meant the two didn?t have to converse. Both felt a little awkward around each other after last night. When they arrived Mike headed for the locker room to change with Donny following behind as usual. It seemed natural for Donny to take the subservient position and walk several paces behind the muscle god. Donny didn?t mind, it gave him the opportunity to view the movement of Mike?s powerful ass.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]Donny stopped before entering the building when he noticed Mr.Barker?s car pull into the lot. Barker and Kyle got out of the front seat, then the back door opened and Justin appeared. The threesome was having a serious discussion near the car, with Justin doing most of the talking. Kyle noticed Donny watching them and said something to the others. The other two men looked up at Donny. Mr.Barker smiled and waved as he made a comment to his companions. The other two waved at Donny and smiled. Donny waved back and entered the building to catch up with Mike. In his gut, he felt something was wrong. [/color]

[color=paleturquoise]Donny found Mike talking to a mutual friend, Jim, who was on the basketball team. Mike had been walking around barefoot for the last several days since none of his shoes fit his larger feet. Mike called Jim last night to ask if he could borrow a pair of sneakers for the game. Mike had hoped since both were now about the same height, 6? 8?, their feet would be a similar size. Mike tried on Jim?s size 14 EEE footwear. They were very snug on Mike. ?These will have to do. I?m glad to know I?m not the only one with huge clown feet? Mike said with a laugh. Then he shook his friend?s hand. ?Thanks Jim?.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?Anything for you, dude?, Jim said admiring his school mate?s physique up close for the first time. Jim took the opportunity to move even closer to Mike and hug him, running his hand over Mike?s thick back, shoulder and bulging arm. The embrace lasted longer than Mike expected. He pulled away from Jim and smiled at him. Jim blushed, grateful his extra long shirt covered the expanding bulge in his pants. Jim left saying ?Good luck in the game today?. Donny felt a little jealousy watching the exchange. [/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?Now, let?s see if my uniform fits?, Mike said turning towards Donny. ?Are you alright? You have a strange look on your face.?[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?I?m fine. I didn?t know you and Jim were such good friends? Donny answered jealously.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?What?? Mike asked surprised by Donny?s attitude.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?Nothing. I?ve got to get dressed myself. I?ll see you on the field?, Donny said realizing he was acting foolish. He needed to get away from Mike so he could think logically again.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?Okay then, I?ll see you later dude?, Mike responded in his confusion.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]When Donny arrived at his locker, Kyle was already standing in front of his own locker. Donny?s was directly across the aisle from Kyle?s. Kyle looked into the mirror hanging on the inside of his locker door watching Donny?s reflection. He carefully notated the combination as Donny opened his locker, writing it down on a small piece of paper. Kyle continued to watch as Donny put his backpack into the locker and started to undress. Donny would be the alpha male at any other school. His pop idol looks combined with his tall, muscular physique made him breathtakingly beautiful. Donny slid his flannel shirt off of one boulder like shoulder and then the other. His hair?s golden highlights complemented the tan skin that covered his broad back. Kyle watched as Donny?s triceps rippled with power when he undid the button on his tight jeans. He lowered his pants revealing his smooth, flawless ass and massive thighs. It was obvious he liked to go commando, even when sunbathing since there were no tan lines. Donny removed an athletic supporter from his locker and stepped within the narrow straps. He bent down to grab the garment stretching the back of his thighs forcing the muscles to flex. Kyle let out a slight moan at the sight of Captain America?s exposed, vulnerable ass. He thought the sound was echoing around him, but soon realized every other man in the aisle was spying on Donny too. Donny pulled his jock into place, the tight straps accentuating the round shape of his firm cheeks. His cup fell out of his locker onto the floor. Donny turned around to pick it up and now faced Kyle. Donny inserted the cup into the supporter?s pouch, compressing his huge package into the extra-large piece of plastic. After adjusting his equipment for comfort, he looked up and noticed Kyle was watching him in the mirror. ?Enjoying the show?? he asked.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?In your dreams? Kyle said trying to sound macho. Everyone else in the aisle started to move again as if they hadn?t been watching Donny either.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?Whatever?, Donny said as he put on his football pants and tied the laced fly. After a few moments he added, ?I saw you speaking with Justin and Barker in the parking lot. What were you talking about??[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?Not that it is any of your business, but Justin wants to be the team?s water boy?, Kyle answered as he continued to change his clothes very slowly. He didn?t want Kyle to see his erect cock. [/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?You?ve got to be kidding. I hope you told him no. You can?t trust him. He?s up to something and that can?t be good for anyone?, Donny said.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?Especially for you and mighty Mike?, Kyle said with a smirk.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]Donny grabbed Kyle?s arm, ?I know you were friends once, but remember what he did to you, the team, and Amy. Justin only cares about himself. You must realize that after everything that?s happened over the last week.?[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?What I realize is how you set me up and how you used the both of us for your own gain. I blame you and Mike for what happened to me not Justin? Kyle said shaking Donny?s hand off of his foreman.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?Okay, I set you up to save Mike, true. But I didn?t do it alone. I had Barker?s help, your other close friend. And that was the second time Justin took away your muscles. How about the first time? I had nothing to do with that. You must have a really bad memory or you?re still under the control of Justin?s dick? Donny said his voice getting louder.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?What I remember is Barker bringing Justin?s cum over to me because you and Mike were purposely ignoring me. If it were up to you, I would still be a 500 pound fat man. At least Barker helped me get my muscles back. Muscles that I truly deserve unlike you and Mike?, Kyle yelled not backing down from the larger stud.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?You?re crazy man?? Donny said turning away from Kyle to face his locker again.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?Am I? You know if it wasn?t for those chemicals, I would be the most muscular dude at this school. You would be nothing but a scrawny geek and Mike would be a fat slob. I?m the only one of us to have the superior genetics to gain muscle mass easily. I?m the natural born athlete.? Kyle yelled louder, the pent up anger finally being released. His emotions were running so high, his eyes were tearing and his voice wavering. ?But now I?m third best, instead of my rightful position at the top?. [/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?Yeah, you should be the alpha male?, Donny said grabbing Kyle?s small size jock from his locker and holding it up against his own much larger cup. ?It takes more than big muscles to be a true alpha male?.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]Kyle ripped his jock away from Donny and turned back to his locker without saying a word. Donny knew he wasn?t helping the situation. He also knew a lot of what Kyle said was true. But there was no going back now and he wouldn?t want to. Donny took a deep breathe and said more softly, ?Look Kyle, you have a great physique. And you are right; you do have some natural advantages. But you wouldn?t look as good as you do right now either without the chemicals. You would?ve had to work-out heavy for years and follow restrictive diets and take all kinds of supplements to achieve that body. You?re a 17 year old boy with the muscles of a 24 year old professional athlete. You have a seven year head start on all other natural athletes in the world. Think about what that will mean when you go to college next year. Take advantage of that, man. Be thankful for what you see when you look in the mirror, like everyone else in this room. Don?t focus on the fact you aren?t as big as Mike or I. It?s your obsession to be better than Mike that caused most of your problems. Don?t let envy or Justin poison your mind. You know Justin only wants to become the water boy to somehow get revenge on us?, Donny said sincerely.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?Whatever man. There?s nothing I can do about it anyway. After all it was Mike?s idea. And whatever Mike wants, Mike gets. Right?? Kyle said turning his body to look directly into Donny?s eyes. Donny could still see the deep seeded anger there.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?Did I hear my name??, Mike said as he approached the two men attracted by the yelling. Both men looked at Mike in awe. He managed to pull on his old football pants over his thicker muscles, the stretchy material clinging to every inch of his lower body. He could only get them on by removing all the padding. He would have to do the same with his jersey. But he knew he didn?t need artificial pads anymore. He had natural padding, his super dense muscles. As all eyes focused on him, he flexed his naked upper body. He never looked more masculine. He knew he was everyone?s ultimate football locker fantasy. ?Is everything okay over here, guys??[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?Yes, we were just discussing Justin. He wants to take your advice and become the team?s water boy. He feels it will help him make mends for what he did to the team when he was under the influence of all those chemicals. He wanted me to ask you if it was okay Mike, since you are the team captain? Donny spoke as if reading from a script.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?I guess so? Mike said to Kyle. [/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?Thank you, Mike?, Kyle responded as he turned to face his locker.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]Mike looked at Donny who was shaking his head no. ?What harm could it do??[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?I still don?t think it?s a good idea?, Donny said.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?Stop worrying. Listen while I?m here, could you tie my laces? I?m afraid I?m going to snap them if I try it? Mike asked Donny.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?Sure? Donny said. ?I remember when you had to wear these pants at their largest size, now I can?t pull the laces tight enough to fit you?re slimmer waist.? Donny said forgetting all his concerns now that Mike was near him. He looked down and saw the large outline of Mike?s manhood in his skin tight uniform. ?Shouldn?t you be wearing a cup, Mike??[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?I don?t think they make one big enough to contain me. Plus I think we?ve proofed I don?t need one, remember?? Mike said pulling up on his package trying to make his pants stretch more to accommodate his mass.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?That was before you lost 85% of your strength, Mike? Donny whispered with some concern.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]Kyle quickly turned around at what he overheard. ?You?re loosing your strength Mike. I guess I was right, you aren?t meant to be the school alpha male after all?.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?I?m making myself less strong to be in more control. No one needs to have the strength of a thousand men.? Mike answered without even looking at Kyle.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?When I had that much power I was able to control it fine. In fact I was able to control you too?, Kyle gloated.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]Mike looked down at Kyle trying to contain his temper, ?That was then and this is now. I?m still stronger than you and every other man in this room, combined. I?m willing to have an arm wrestling rematch with you to proof it?. Mike crossed his thick arms over his chest putting his left hand behind his right bicep to make his appear even larger. Mike saw Kyle?s eyes look at the massive mound of muscle and swallow hard. Kyle said nothing. ?No? Then how about another stomach punching contest, you seemed to enjoy it last time.? Mike unfolded his arms and put his hands on his hips. He crunched his abs forcing the deep ridges between each muscle to grow deeper. He ran the fingers of his left hand over his armored gut. ?In fact I?ll let you hit me anywhere and if I even feel it a little, you?ll be the winner. But if I don?t, I get to hit you back.?[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]Kyle was intimidated at first, then realized that Mike wouldn?t hit him with all his strength. He was too much of a good guy for that. ?I accept?, Kyle said. Mike stood there with his hands on his hips again. Kyle widened his stance and pulled his arm back. He twisted his body and threw a fast uppercut, his fist following the deep crevice between Mike?s huge thighs, hitting Mike hard in his balls. Everyone gasped and looked at Mike?s face. There was no reaction. Kyle looked shocked. How could Mike not feel that? He put everything he had into that punch.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?I should have guessed where you would hit me. Only a woman or a coward hits a man in his balls? Mike said in disgust. ?Now it?s my turn?.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?Mike?, Donny said grabbing Mike?s arm. Mike looked at Donny and put his larger hand on top of Donny?s. Donny let his arm drop. Mike walked up to Kyle. He made a fist and put it against Kyle?s muscular stomach. Mike looked at Kyle?s panic stricken face. He opened his hand and forced back his index finger with his thumb. He then released the single finger, flicking Kyle?s abs, never taking his eyes off of Kyle?s face. Kyle bent over in pain. He grabbed his stomach and crumbled to the floor gasping for air. [/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?Are you still questioning who the school alpha male is?? Mike asked looking down at Kyle.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?No? Kyle mumbled without looking up.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?Good. I?m glad we?ve settled that matter once and for all.? Mike looked up at everyone staring at him. ?Let?s get ready men. We have an important game to play today?. Mike walked back to his locker. All eyes were on his ass as he left, the two muscular globes fighting each other for space in his tight pants. When he reached his locker, he made sure no one was watching. He then shook it left leg to loosen his balls and relief some of his discomfort. He did feel Kyle?s punch, for the first time in days he experienced a twinge of pain. He pulled on his tight shirt and tucked it into his pants. He reached farther down to adjust his manhood. He cupped and lifted his jewels before heading out onto the field. He thought again about wearing a cup, but he couldn?t even if he wanted to. He knew that no other man would purposely hit him in his balls out on the field anyway, certainly not with as much force as Kyle had done. Donny quickly finished putting on his gear. He ran to catch up with Mike along with the other members of the team. Kyle was left alone in the locker room. Suddenly a voice broke the silence, ?That was fun to watch, but not part of the plan. We have to stick to the plan, Kyle?. Kyle turned to see Justin standing at the end of the aisle.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?I know. But it was a perfect opportunity to quicken the pace of the plan a little? Kyle said.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?I?ve worked out every detail perfectly. No more improvisation please?, Justin spoke while walking up to Kyle. ?Did you get Donny?s combination??[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?Yes?, Kyle gave the notepad with the combination to Justin.[/color]

[color=paleturquoise]?Very good. Now go out there and show Valley Stream who is the best, and best looking, quarterback in the state?, Justin said while squeezing Kyle?s ass. Kyle put on his helmet and jogged out onto the field. Justin could hear the cheering crowd as he opened Donny?s locker and removed the water bottle containing the diluted MNR formula. ?And the crowd goes wild. Well hold on to your hats, folks. This game promises to have lots of surprises?.[/color]
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Justin's plan was coming together. As he and Kyle walked to Donny's locker he recalled what had transpired earlier.

Justin had come back to school after leaving the salvage yard. He had found Kyle in the gym.

Kyle was attacking the weights, his desire to be bigger driving him. Whatever was happening the passed few months, he hated it. It was a hatred he felt deep in his soul. He was meant to be the biggest. He was meant to be the strongest. Mike had cheated. Hard work built muscles, and the formula Mike had discovered had given him an unfair advantage. Worse, it had cost Kyle some of his hard earned muscle. It had cost him his place as number one.

The thought of being number three grated on him. He grabbed a bar full of weights and started to curl it. His massive arm bulged as he commanded it to curl the bar. He watched his powerful arm in the mirror, and thought of beating Mike with the hammer. His powerful arm slamming into the muscular hulk, unable to even get his attention. Kyle's hatred built.

A skinny form walked into the room unnoticed. The sound of iron meeting iron hid his approach. He saw Kyle working out shirtless, his manly form single-handedly curling a bar loaded with weight. The bar sagged as the heaviness of the disks pulled it toward the ground. Kyle's arm was huge as he defied the pull of the earth, his body glistening with sweat as he lifted. He changed hands and did a set of twelve before lowering the bar with perfect control. Kyle's eyes never left the mirror as he raised his arms into a double bicep pose, checking out his size. Kyle frowned.

"God," said Justin.

Kyle turned, surprised. He looked at the small figure. Kyle's chest heaved and flexed, and his anger built.

"You have some nerve showing up here!" Kyle made a fist and smashed it into his hand. The crack sounded like thunder. "After what you did! Your fucking plan! You took my muscle, left me fat and weak."

"You got it back," Justin wimpered, backing away.

"So did Mike, and then some. And Donny. Now they're both bigger than me!" Kyle stormed over to Justin, put his hands under Justin's arms and lifted him. Kyle shook Justin violently, "It's all your fault. You got me into this!"

Justin panicked. His heart began to race. He tried to speak, but Kyle was shaking him too hard. Justin felt a pain in his groin.

Kyle wanted to kill Justin, but knew he couldn't. He could at least scare him. As he shook, he felt something, like his grip was loosening.

Justin felt Kyle's hands slipping off his chest. He felt funny, like something was happening. He could see Kyle, and his perfect body. Kyle wasn't changing. Then he realized. He was.

Justin began to feel strong again. Kyle's hands were slipping off of Justin's growing pecs. His shirt was becoming tighter and beginning to rip. His pants felt uncomfortable as his thighs and calves bulged with new power. Justin grabbed at Kyle's biceps, watching as his arms swelled with muscle. Justin squeezed. Kyle's arms felt like steel, flexed hard with his power. But Justin felt the power growing in him again, and he squeezed harder, denting Kyle's muscle until it felt like clay in his hands.

Kyle screamed and dropped Justin. Justin looked like The Hulk, his clothes in tatters from his expanded muscle. "What happened?"

"Mike happened," replied Justin, tossing the rag that had been his shirt to the ground. He grabbed Kyle under the arms. Kyle tried to push Justin away, but Justin just laughed and lifted Kyle. He started shaking him. "How do you like it?" He shook harder. "Never! Never treat me like that again!" Kyle felt like a Barbie doll in his hands. He threw the big guy to the ground and flexed over him. "Grrrr...." he said and laughed.

Kyle tried to back away. He needed time to figure out what had happened.

Justin extended his hand to Kyle.

Kyle looked at it, and grabbed it. Justin pulled Kyle up.

Justin began to feel dizzy. His groin began to ache and throb again. "No," he whispered. "Please..." He felt his cock growing, and fell to the ground as his strength began to leave him. His body convulsed as he began to shoot a load of thick cum.

Kyle just watched. As he saw Justin shrink, Kyle grinned. When the transformation had finished, Kyle said, "Not so big anymore, are you?"

Justin was covered in sweat. "Can't maintain it," he said, somewhat out of breath. "Don't know why... thought it was only once."

"Only once?"

Justin sat up. He started talking, telling Kyle about Donny and Mike at the salvage yard. He told Kyle about Mike's strength, and how he was too strong and how he had been weakening himself. Then Justin pulled out the water bottle.

Kyle looked at it. "How do I know I can believe you?" he asked. "After all that has happened, maybe this is another trick. Maybe Mike wants to add my muscle to his? Maybe Donnie?"

"No trick," said Justin. "You saw how strong I was. Way stronger than you are now. Stronger even than Mike."

"Stronger than Mike?"

"Ya! I heard Donnie say that Mike only had 40% of the strength he started with. There must be the other 60% here." Justin said.

Kyle took the water bottle. "How do I know that I won't become a musclebound freak?"

"Your genetics," said Justin. "Before this all began, you were way bigger than Mike. You can handle it."

"And how does this help you," Kyle asked Justin skeptically.

Justin didn't say anything. "Well," he started. "Something must have happened to me when I drank some of the power-juice," Justin thought. "My body just can't maintain it. Maybe when I'm scared or excited or something, it triggers the transformation. Hmmm...."

"Hmmm?" Kyle said.

"I wonder if Mike is the key. Maybe some more of Mike's cum will make my change permanent? The two of us..."

"I didn't say I'd help you yet. I could just take this..."

"I want revenge on Mike! So do you! Please... even it it doesn't work." Justin started to sob. "Please take it. You gotta destroy Mike. If not for me, then for what he did to you. How he made you feel. Please."

Kyle looked at Justin, then the water bottle. He smiled, and stretched out his hand. Justin shook it.

"OK, you've got yourself a deal. You're the brains, and I'm the brawn. What's your plan..."

"Stand firm for what you believe in until or unless logic or experience prove you wrong. Remember, when the emperor looks naked the emperor is naked. The truth and a lie are not sort of the same thing. And there's no aspect, no facet, no moment of life that can't be improved with pizza." Daria
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sorry i'm not posting an installment of the story... all you people who've come hoping that was so.
I just wanted to point out a couple of things--inconsistencies as it were--neither of which are very serious in anyway, and only one of which having any possible impact on the storyline.
The first: i'm pretty sure that at the end of the penultimate chapter "Kyle put on his helmet and jogged out onto the field." to quote; yet at evne the beginning of the most recent chapter, "As [Justin] and Kyle walked to Donny's locker he recalled what had transpired earlier." Now of course as even this second quote indicates, it hardly matters whether Kyle's present or not: most of that chapter is a flashback. Anywya, that was the more nit-picky, less relevent thing i wanted to note.
The second: Although merely speculation on justin's part in that chapter (such that he could have been wrong, ergo room for things to work out differently than indicated in that chapter), hadn't justin's inability to retain the muscle formula's effects attributed to the damage done to his balls by Mike? (ie when Mike forcibly squeezed all the cum out of them) Yet I, in the least, got a different sense of things from corwin's installment; that justin Justin, as he puts it, "'Can't maintain it,' he said, somewhat out of breath. 'Don't know why... thought it was only once.'" So, if we grant that justin WAS merely speculating in that first instance where he concluded it was because of damage done to his balls that he couldn't maintain the size, and given this second instance (where he grows under a strikingly bruce banner-hulk conditions), one COULD conclude something about Justin's speculation the first time being brought into question by the second growth. However, there is still a gap--that could widen into a larger plot-hole, or simply degenerate into a lot of rather obnoxious handwaving--assuming that Corwin didn't intend that part as I above interpretted it, and instead did accidentally neglect the previous explanation:far too many questions can be raised that take away from teh story.
For example: if the growth stuff is somehow contained, in a way not as yet fully explained, in a man's balls and justin's are so screwed up that he can't stay big, then how did he grow as large--or at all for that matter--if it all came gushing out as he came?
There are plenty of other questions that could also be raised, and I think that the reason they can be is the discordance created by inconsistency. So I suppose my point is, if you are gonna add a chapter to one of these just make sure you've run through the others as well--more so than if if it were your own story--just to make sure that if you further a plot point you're not violating the work put forth by the other writer's involved.
Yeah, that last part of that last sentence was really what i was getting at. NOt so much all this fact checking or nitpicking, but that you should respect what's come before.
Ok then, i'll just shut up; i've probably been terribly ignorant and, worse, rude. Please, everyone forgive me if I have.
just my thoughts as a writer

Things happen.
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Tis Okay

Originally Posted by sexiscriptor all you people who've come hoping that was so.
I just wanted to point out a couple of things--inconsistencies as it were--neither of which are very serious in anyway, and only one of which having any possible impact on the storyline.
The first: i'm pretty sure that at the end of the penultimate chapter "Kyle put on his helmet and jogged out onto the field." to quote; yet at evne the beginning of the most recent chapter, "As [Justin] and Kyle walked to Donny's locker he recalled what had transpired earlier." Now of course as even this second quote indicates, it hardly matters whether Kyle's present or not: most of that chapter is a flashback. Anywya, that was the more nit-picky, less relevent thing i wanted to note.
The second: Although merely speculation on justin's part in that chapter (such that he could have been wrong, ergo room for things to work out differently than indicated in that chapter), hadn't justin's inability to retain the muscle formula's effects attributed to the damage done to his balls by Mike? (ie when Mike forcibly squeezed all the cum out of them) Yet I, in the least, got a different sense of things from corwin's installment; that justin Justin, as he puts it, "'Can't maintain it,' he said, somewhat out of breath. 'Don't know why... thought it was only once.'" So, if we grant that justin WAS merely speculating in that first instance where he concluded it was because of damage done to his balls that he couldn't maintain the size, and given this second instance (where he grows under a strikingly bruce banner-hulk conditions), one COULD conclude something about Justin's speculation the first time being brought into question by the second growth. However, there is still a gap--that could widen into a larger plot-hole, or simply degenerate into a lot of rather obnoxious handwaving--assuming that Corwin didn't intend that part as I above interpretted it, and instead did accidentally neglect the previous explanation:far too many questions can be raised that take away from teh story.
For example: if the growth stuff is somehow contained, in a way not as yet fully explained, in a man's balls and justin's are so screwed up that he can't stay big, then how did he grow as large--or at all for that matter--if it all came gushing out as he came?
There are plenty of other questions that could also be raised, and I think that the reason they can be is the discordance created by inconsistency. So I suppose my point is, if you are gonna add a chapter to one of these just make sure you've run through the others as well--more so than if if it were your own story--just to make sure that if you further a plot point you're not violating the work put forth by the other writer's involved.
Yeah, that last part of that last sentence was really what i was getting at. NOt so much all this fact checking or nitpicking, but that you should respect what's come before.
Ok then, i'll just shut up; i've probably been terribly ignorant and, worse, rude. Please, everyone forgive me if I have.
It's ok. You make some very good points that can be used as constructive [color=#c6cdf3]criticism[/color]. But, (And I can't say this enough) over all it's a great story. I can't wait for some more. Good work! *Two thumbs up.*
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Man, never be worried about making constructive criticisms. I think you made some decent points, and if anyone flames you, it's a mark against their character, not yours.

I would like to point, however, that since this story is in the Continuous Muscle Growth Stories section, anyone is welcome to continue it. Clarence and Corwin have both, at turns, posted parts of this story, and even if they're not necessarily in collusion about where it's going, both of them have the writing skill to steer it toward a decent course.

One of the frustrations that I've always had with uncontrolled and uncommunicative collaborations (such as the ones on this board and the one on the NCMC) is that everyone has different tastes they want to get across and no one wants to shackle their immediate gratification to let everyone get a point in. It's one of the hazards of writing with others.


Originally Posted by sexiscriptor all you people who've come hoping that was so.
I just wanted to point out a couple of things--inconsistencies as it were--neither of which are very serious in anyway, and only one of which having any possible impact on the storyline.
The first: i'm pretty sure that at the end of the penultimate chapter "Kyle put on his helmet and jogged out onto the field." to quote; yet at evne the beginning of the most recent chapter, "As [Justin] and Kyle walked to Donny's locker he recalled what had transpired earlier." Now of course as even this second quote indicates, it hardly matters whether Kyle's present or not: most of that chapter is a flashback. Anywya, that was the more nit-picky, less relevent thing i wanted to note.
The second: Although merely speculation on justin's part in that chapter (such that he could have been wrong, ergo room for things to work out differently than indicated in that chapter), hadn't justin's inability to retain the muscle formula's effects attributed to the damage done to his balls by Mike? (ie when Mike forcibly squeezed all the cum out of them) Yet I, in the least, got a different sense of things from corwin's installment; that justin Justin, as he puts it, "'Can't maintain it,' he said, somewhat out of breath. 'Don't know why... thought it was only once.'" So, if we grant that justin WAS merely speculating in that first instance where he concluded it was because of damage done to his balls that he couldn't maintain the size, and given this second instance (where he grows under a strikingly bruce banner-hulk conditions), one COULD conclude something about Justin's speculation the first time being brought into question by the second growth. However, there is still a gap--that could widen into a larger plot-hole, or simply degenerate into a lot of rather obnoxious handwaving--assuming that Corwin didn't intend that part as I above interpretted it, and instead did accidentally neglect the previous explanation:far too many questions can be raised that take away from teh story.
For example: if the growth stuff is somehow contained, in a way not as yet fully explained, in a man's balls and justin's are so screwed up that he can't stay big, then how did he grow as large--or at all for that matter--if it all came gushing out as he came?
There are plenty of other questions that could also be raised, and I think that the reason they can be is the discordance created by inconsistency. So I suppose my point is, if you are gonna add a chapter to one of these just make sure you've run through the others as well--more so than if if it were your own story--just to make sure that if you further a plot point you're not violating the work put forth by the other writer's involved.
Yeah, that last part of that last sentence was really what i was getting at. NOt so much all this fact checking or nitpicking, but that you should respect what's come before.
Ok then, i'll just shut up; i've probably been terribly ignorant and, worse, rude. Please, everyone forgive me if I have.
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Originally Posted by Xyggurat
I would like to point, however, that since this story is in the Continuous Muscle Growth Stories section, anyone is welcome to continue it. Clarence and Corwin have both, at turns, posted parts of this story, and even if they're not necessarily in collusion about where it's going, both of them have the writing skill to steer it toward a decent course.
We were both posting at the same time. His showed up first and I modified mine (or tried to) to fit what was posted. You are most certainly correct that no one owns a thread in this section and inconsistencies are inevitable.

You're right about people's tastes, which is why I tend to both take people's comments in stride and try and incorporate them into any story that I own.

If I have a pet peeve, it is comments in a story thread

"Stand firm for what you believe in until or unless logic or experience prove you wrong. Remember, when the emperor looks naked the emperor is naked. The truth and a lie are not sort of the same thing. And there's no aspect, no facet, no moment of life that can't be improved with pizza." Daria
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Wow, went online to add my next chapter and found so much had changed. This is the kind of thing that makes this forum so interesting and challenging. I will hold off posting it until I see where the story is going. I understand what Corwin did, after all I did the same thing to him in the original storyline. I got really involved in the story and after waiting 3 weeks for the next chapter to no avail, I decided to write it myself.

I, like all the other readers, can't wait to see where this story takes us.
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FYI: Clarence591 and I are PMing about collaborating on the next chapter. With the reader's indulgence, if you give us a few days, we promise to write an interesting chapter for you.

"Stand firm for what you believe in until or unless logic or experience prove you wrong. Remember, when the emperor looks naked the emperor is naked. The truth and a lie are not sort of the same thing. And there's no aspect, no facet, no moment of life that can't be improved with pizza." Daria
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final chapter???

Justin grinned. `My plan is simple. We use this magic bottle of water to make everyone grow tails.'

Kyle smiled. It was perfect. `I can't wait to see everyone with tails.'

Suddenly, without warning, Justin and Kyle sprouted big, bushy tails.

The End.
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BWA! HA! HA! HA! HA! That was great! And, so spontanios! *Wipes a tear from eye.* You just made my day, thanks.
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Sorry for the delay

Chapter 13 Switching Teams (by Clarence591 and Corwin)

Kyle brought the water bottle to his lips while looking at
Justin. The memories of how Justin tricked him before flashed in his
mind. He lowered the bottle without taking any of its contents. "What
actually do you have planned, Justin?" he asked again.

Justin saw the skepticism in Kyle's eyes and thought
quickly. "I originally planned on using Mike's cr?me on the Valley
Stream players enabling them to humiliate Mike on the field in front
of everyone. Then making you to be the biggest and strongest man in
school, but if you can't wait, we can change the plan. I'll do
whatever you want, Kyle"

"No, I don't want to change your plan. It sounds like you
have put a lot of time and effort into it. Tell me how you're going to
humiliate mighty Mike" Kyle said as he handed the bottle back to

Kyle was brought back to the present when the bright
sunlight hit his eyes as he exited the locker room. He hoped he made
the right decision to trust Justin this time. But now he had to put
his full focus into the game and the plan.

The first quarter amazed the crowd. Valley Stream was
easily overpowered by the larger, stronger Bayville. Mike's team
mates were able to push past the other team's defensive line and sack
the quarterback almost every play. While Bayville's offensive team
formed an impenetrable wall of muscle protecting Kyle from ever being
touched. Their height and strength advantage allowed them to make
interceptions and turnovers easily. It was like a watching the
current Super Bowl champs play against a team of disorganized junior
high students. Soon Bayville was taking it easy on the field. They
would joke around by placing their huge hands on the opposing players'
helmet and hold them in place with one arm while waving to the crowd
with their other. The crowd started laughing at Valley Stream's
inferior physical capabilities.

Mike scored 4 of the 7 touchdowns for his team. Once he
was able to walk over the goal line with 5 members of the other team
hanging on to him. When Donny wasn't playing he was keeping an eye on
the terrible threesome. Kyle seemed to be concentrating on the game
and Justin was doing everything a water boy should. But Mr. Barker
spent most of the game talking with the opposing team's coach. He was
laughing and touching his peer, in what looked to Donny like flirting.
And even more curious was when Barker wasn't with the coach he was
giving the referee seductive glances.

Justin took Donny's bottle with the MNR formula and filled
it with Gatorade. He was waiting impatiently for Mike to return from
the field. He knew Mike would be tired and thirsty after expending so
much energy on the field. His large muscles still generated a lot of
heat as they powered his massive body over the goal line. As the
offensive team left the field, two of the larger members of the team
came over to Justin. The biggest lineman, Tyrone, looked at Justin
and snickered. "How the mighty have fallen. Give me some water,
boy," he commanded, reaching for the bottle."

"That's for Mike," Justin objected, holding the bottle behind him.
Tyrone grabbed Justin's bicep and squeezed. The small boy whelped in
pain as Tyrone's stronger hand easily forced the bottle from Justin.
"Give it back to me!" he said in his soprano voice, "Mike will need

Tyrone held it high above his head watching Justin jump
for it like a trained puppy. "Your time of emperor is long over,
little boy. You don't tell us men want to do anymore." Tyrone
squeezed a third of the liquid into his open mouth, swallowing every

Tyrone walked over to the bench, carrying the bottle with him. Justin
watched as Tyrone seemed to swoon, then fidget uncomfortably. "Dude,
what's wrong?" he heard another lineman ask. It was Evan, who was
only slightly smaller than the powerful Tyrone.

Tyrone handed Evan the bottle. "Just feelin antsy or something."
Tryone stood up, then almost fell on his face.

"Hey, let me help you," said Evan, jumping off the bench and
supporting the big guy. He started to lead Tyrone into the locker
room. Seeing Justin, he raised the bottle to his lips. Justin watched
the sinewy muscles on Evan's foreman bulge as he squeezed the bottle
harder, drinking another third of the liquid. Then Evan threw the
bottle back at Justin. "There you go, you little pipsqueak. Now go
and fill it up for the team captain like a good water boy". He led
Tyrone into the locker room.

Kyle stayed behind Mike as he passed Justin and headed to the water
jug to get a drink. Kyle stopped and said "What's wrong with you?
You let Mike walk right by without giving him the bottle."

Justin stopped staring at the lineman upon hearing Kyle's angry
voice. "There's another change in the plan. Tyrone and Evan drank
the formula. I couldn't stop them. It's already affecting Tyrone.
Evan almost had to carry him into the locker room. You've got to be
there when they cum, it's the only way you can absorb their strength.
You can't let any of this stuff go to waste, dude".

Kyle scowled, then walked into the locker room. Kyle and Tyron were
sitting on the floor just inside the door. They looked confused and
disoriented. They were rubbing their bodies and forehead. They stood
up and adjusted their cups, which were confining their growing cock
and balls. "Hey guys! What's wrong?"

"Feel'n funny. Strange. Kinda whoozy," Evan said.

Kyle walked up to his teammates helped them onto the bench. He
grabbed each man under an arm. Eventhough each man weighed well over
300 pounds, they felt light to him. Kyle could feel their muscles
begin to soften as he held them. He laid them down on the bench that
ran down the center of the locker aisle, their athletic legs
straddling the bench.

"It hurts, my cock is so hard, so tight" Tyrone said
groggily as he slid his hand into his pants and pulled out his thick
rod. Kyle helped by loosening the laces of his pants and pulled them
down to his thighs. He then lowered Tyrone's jockstrap, freeing his
enlarged ball sack. "That feels so good".

"I know how to make you feel even better" Kyle said as he
forced Tyrone's now weaker hand off his cock. Kyle wrapped his mouth
around the black man's impressive meat and sucked. Tyrone moaned and
ran his hand over his diminishing ab muscles. Soon Kyle was
swallowing Tyrone's muscle spunk and watched his cock shrink to half
its former size. Meanwhile Evan had undone his own pants and was
stroking his paler but just as impressive meat. Kyle was able to get
his mouth over the fuck pole just before Evan exploded. The second
dose of enhanced cum filling Kyle's stomach. "Thanks guys, I needed
that" Kyle said as he felt the effects on his body. His uniform
became tighter as did his shoes. He noticed his shirt became untucked
due to his increasing height. He ran his hands over his more deeply
etched stomach before reaching down to adjust his larger manhood that
could no longer he held by his small sized cup. He had gained the
strength of about five men, making him as strong as Donny.

"What happened, why do I feel so weak?" Evan said sitting
up and rubbing his head.

"Why do I look so much smaller? Where are my muscles?"
Tyrone said rubbing his shrunken bicep.

"They're right here." Kyle said flexing his 25 inch
arm. "Don't worry guys. You're still stronger than the average guy
your age, even stronger than most men your size. Just not as strong
as you were a few minutes ago. You boys better go home and let the
men play today." Kyle smirked as he walked back to the field. He
could feel the increased power in his body and he liked it.

The score at halftime was 77 to zip. As the marching band
took the field, Mike and his team mates went to relax in the locker
room laughing and joking with each other. Donny noticed Barker was
leading Valley Stream's coach and the ref into the teacher's lounge.
Kyle tried to avoid Donny and Mike so they wouldn't notice his larger
size. He wanted that to be a surprise later on.

The visiting team shuffled off silently to their bus to
figure out a way to regain their dignity. As the waited for their
coach to appear, they talked among themselves about the power and size
of the other team, especially Mike. They wondered what super steroid
they were using to get so big, so fast. All went silent when Justin
stepped onto the bus. "You're right it is a super steroid. And I
have it right here" he said as he held up the bottle containing the
small amount of Mike's cum.

"What are you doing here?" asked Chris, the
super-masculine team captain.

"I'm here to level the playing field. To make you guys as
big and strong as the other team", Justin answered proudly.

"Why would you help us? You're on the other team",
questioned Derek, the handsome quarterback who stood beside Chris.
They were obviously close friends. Justin assumed they were the
Valley Stream version of Mike and Donny.

"Let's just say I've lost my school spirit. Just try it.
What do you guys have to lose, beside your state title?" Justin said
with a smirk.

"You little asshole. I say we break every bone in his
scrawny body", Derek said being held back by the larger Chris.

"That is an interesting point. If this stuff works, why
are you so pathetic looking? Why haven't you used it on yourself?"
Chris asked.

"I have a temporary condition that prevents it from
working on me. But I'll put you all to shame soon enough, believe
me", Justin answered without flinching staring straight into Chris'
beautiful hazel eyes. "This is your last chance boys before I leave.
I'm sure you'll do much better in the second half just the way you
are. Maybe you will score at least one touchdown".

"You mother fucking wimp, I swear I'm going to rip your
head off", Derek lunged toward Justin again, but was still restrained
by Chris.

"Ballsy, get up here", Chris said turning his head
momentarily to the back of the bus. The place kicker, the smallest
man on the team, walked up the aisle toward Chris.

"I asked you not to call me that", the kicker said in a
soft voice.

"Your big balls are the only thing you have going for you,
loser. Do you prefer, Rob the Runt?" asked Chris. Rob just looked
down and shook his head. "Give him some and we'll see what happens"
Chris said as he pushed Rob toward Justin. Justine unscrewed the top
and used an ice tea spoon to scoop a heaping spoonful out of the
bottom of the container. He only had a quarter cup of Mike's cum for
the entire team to share. The small amount wouldn't make them as
powerful as Mike, but would easily increase their strength by 2 or 3
times equaling the power of most of Bayville's players.

"It may be a little cold. I kept in the fresh in the
freezer last night", Justin said holding the heaping teaspoon of milky
spunk in front of Rob. Rob didn't move.

"What if this is a trick and I grow a tail or something?"
Rob said meekly.

"Don't be a moron, that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Just
swallow it, be a man for a change, Runt", Derek said slapping Rob in
the back of the head.

Rob looked at Justin and opened his mouth. Justin pulled out the
empty spoon. Rob swallowed it, "It tastes like salty pudding, yuck".
Derek and Chris looked at each other, they knew that taste. "Nothing,
it didn't work" Rob said flexing his featureless arm. Chris dropped
his hand allowing Derek to approach Justin. Derek was about to push
Justin off the bus, when Rob started to moan. Everyone turned to see
Rob lifting his shirt to expose his flat gut, and then small bricks
started to appear. Rob looked up and smiled. He then flexed his arm
again and watched his bicep grow before his eyes. From behind, his
other team mates noticed he was getting taller and his ass and thighs
were expanding in his tighter pants. Rob pulled his pants away for his
muscular stomach, "Wow even my cock is growing larger," he said, his
voice deeping with power. Immediately everyone on the Valley Stream
team wanted the super steroid from Justin. Soon Rob was being pushed
to the back of the bus as his team mates rushed forward. Rob went
back to the back seat and laid down enjoying the feeling of his
growing muscles.

Justin was surrounded by the already larger men, but he tried not to
look intimidated. "I ask only one thing in return for making you
champions again" he said, "and it's something you will enjoy doing


Barker was in the teacher's lounge with the Valley Stream coach and
the referee caressing his muscular body. Barker had the same physique
of many of the players despite his age. The coach and ref were turned
on by watching the dominating power of Bayville team. They were horny
as hell and the opportunity to be with a man like Barker couldn't be
passed up. The coach was licking Barker's musky balls while the ref
was pumping his ass.

Barker was enjoying doing his part in Justin's plan. He was to
distract the coach so Justin could feed his team Mike's muscle cum,
and win over the referee. The plan would mean many fouls would take
place on the field, with the ref influenced by Barker none would be
called to effect the outcome of the game.

While Barker was a hunk, the other two men were not. Their soft,
hairy bodies made it difficult for Barker to get hard. He just
imagined he was with Kyle and Mike, a fantasy that played over and
over in his mind on many nights. He moaned with pleasure as he kept
he eyes closed tight, thinking of the muscle men.


The twelve other members of the Valley Stream team had ingested all of
Mike's cum, each receiving slightly less than Rob. The men were
sitting in the bus's seats with their eyes closed trying to fight the
impulse to masturbate. Most had pulled out their harden cocks and
laid them on their stomachs, trying not the touch them. Justin told
them the longer they held back the stronger they would become. All
could feel their bodies growing stronger and more masculine. Sensual
moans echoed throughout the otherwise silent bus. Chris looked over
at Derek and saw how more rugged his face had become. His body was
more ripped and muscular. His skin was darker and covered with a
faint coating of fine hair. His cock was longer and thicker than ever
before. Chris reached over to touch his friends beautiful rod as he
had often in the past. Derek moaned as Chris' finger lightly stroked
his manhood. "Please don't" Derek whispered to no avail. He then
reached for Chris' meat feeling its improved size. He looked at his
captain and sighed. He had the face of an angel with his dirty blond
hair, flawless face, and large pale. Derek couldn't contain himself
after seeing such beauty. He shot his large load onto his stomach.
Feeling Derek's huge muscles flex as he came, made Chris cum almost
immediately. Soon, it was a domino effect as every man came. The
entire bus smelled of men's essence.

As the team cleaned themselves up and squeezed their enhanced
equipment back into their pants, they looked at each other and laughed.
Their super tight uniforms showcased their more powerful bodies. They
knew they were just as big as their opponents now. The team hurried
off the bus eager to test their muscles on the field. Chris and Derek
watched as each man passed them to exit the bus. Everyone was there
except the Rob the Runt. "Hey Ballsy, are you still back there?"
Derek asked as he started to walk to the back of the bus. He could
partially see the nude figure of the man lying on the back seat, but
that couldn't be the Runt. When he finally reached the back he saw a
vision of maleness. Rob went from a runt to a god. The larger dose
combined with his naturally larger balls and extended exposure time
allowed him to gain more than any other man on his team. He had the
thickest muscles of any man Derek had ever seen nude. Rob's plain
face was replaced by that of the sexiest male model. He's already
larger than average package was now massive. It was rock hard and
throbbing. Derek fell to his knees. Chris walked up behind him to
see what was going on. Chris then fell to his knees beside his friend
and team mate. Rob saw Derek and Chris looking at him in awe. He sat
up, immediately Derek and Chris started to rub each of Rob's muscular
thighs. Their hands went to his cock. Rob watched as the two men he
had lusted for secretly during the past three years fought over his
cock -- each man obsessed with sucking his cum. Rob had held back
longer than any of his teammates, and he wanted more. He pushed
Derek and Chris away with his new found strength. The men watched as
Rob's cock throbbed and his muscles swelled with power.

"Fuck! Look at him!" Derek said, the lust oozing in his voice. "He's
bigger than we are!"

The thought that Rob had become bigger than the two football studs was
too much for Rob, who couldn't hold back any longer. He shot his load
high into the air splattering back onto his sculpted body. Derek and
Chris, seeing their opportunity, licked the cum off of Rob. Rob just
leaned back and placed a hand on top of each of his worshippers head,
enjoying the feeling of their thick silky hair between his fingers and
their tongues on his body. Rob raised his arm and flexed it, his
massive bicep shooting skyward, growing like a volcano. He raised his
mountain to his mouth and licked the jism off it, worshipping his

Soon Derek and Chris had cum themselves, but the three jocks quickly
recovered. Rob flexed his muscles, knowing he could never fit into
his old uniform. He hefted his huge nuts in his had -- they were the
size of grapefruits yet hard as steel. "Yo, Chris," he cried, "I
think I need your spare gear. Ain't no way this huge muscle bod could
fit in my old uniform." Chris looked at Rob, then grabbed his extra
pants and shirt. Rob packed his huge hang into a jock strap, then
pulled Chris's clothes onto his gifted body, relishing the feeling
that Chris' pants were too small for him. He loved the way his bulge
was way too big for any cup or protection. As he stood by his two
school mates, he realized he now was taller than both of them and way
more muscular. He grabbed his huge nuts. He had become the alpha
male of the school and intended to show everyone what 'Ballsy' could
do. The three men exited the bus just as the coach was returning.
The coach mouth dropped open as he saw the shirtless Rob step down
from the vehicle.

"My God, what happened to you?" the stunned coach asked.

"Had a growth spurt coach", Rob said in his new deeper voice. "We
have to talk. A man with my physical abilities shouldn't be wasted as
a kicker. I think I'll make a great tight end, don't you".

"Sure whatever you want?" the coach stammered.

"But coach, I'm the tight end" Chris whined.

"Not anymore, runt", Rob said as he struggled to pull on the borrowed
shirt. He raised his arm, and the shirt sleeve ripped, unable to
contain the huge bicep.

"Damn," said the coach.

Rob smiled, wondering just how big his arms now were. They had to be
at least two feet around, and he felt as strong as a super man!

The crowd was abuzz when Valley Stream entered the stadium. As they
lined up in front of the Bayville team it was apparent they were no
longer physically inferior. They just smiled as the meet their
opponents eye to eye for the first time. The Bayville players looked
at each other then at Mike, then to Rob. Had Bayville's monster
finally met his match?

Mike looked at Donny, who was distracted by a smiling Justin standing
by Valley Stream's team bench. The referee blew the whistle and the
second half of the game had begun.

"Stand firm for what you believe in until or unless logic or experience prove you wrong. Remember, when the emperor looks naked the emperor is naked. The truth and a lie are not sort of the same thing. And there's no aspect, no facet, no moment of life that can't be improved with pizza." Daria
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very nice continuation of the story. lots of potential. how bout more detail about the growth next time? I would have loved to know exactly how Rob felt to hold off cumming so long and get that big.

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Very nice

It's fucking gorgeous that you tied in the tail thing; made my night, haha. Keep up the always excellent work man.
just my thoughts as a writer

Things happen.

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Chapter 14

[color=lightblue]Chapter 14 ? Change in Plans (by Clarence591 and Corwin)[/color]

[color=lightblue]The ball was snapped and the Valley Stream team pushed past Bayville for the first time. But they didn?t go after Kyle, the quarterback; they were focused only on getting Mike. The Valley Stream team instinctively knew all of Bayville?s plays. Mike?s cum had given them the accumulated football knowledge and skills of the entire team. They were aware of every player?s strengths and weaknesses. Bayville?s greatest strength was Mike and they had orders to weaken him. Kyle handed the ball off to Mike who started his usual slow jog to the goal line. Each member of Valley Stream?s defensive line crashed into Mike. They made sure their hard shoulder pads slammed into Mike?s unprotected crotch. Each man would hit him, then roll off and hit him again further down the field. One by one, as if it was expertly choreographed, they took turns hitting the large, impressive target that was Mike?s manhood. By the tenth impact Mike was starting to feel each blow, especially since he was still tender from Kyle?s punch earlier in the locker room. After making the touchdown, Mike headed for the bench as the defensive team took the field. He just wanted to give his sore nuts a rest. Kyle was talking to the coach as Mike approached.[/color]

[color=lightblue]?Good idea Kyle. We?re going to need you out there Mike?, the coach said, ?I don?t know how, but they?re just too strong of a team now?. [/color]

[color=lightblue]Mike looked at the smirking Kyle and reluctantly put his helmet back on and jogged into position on the field. Mike crouched in front of Rob, the biggest player on the opposing team. When the ball was in play, Rob grabbed onto Mike?s shoulders and rammed his powerful knee into Mike?s balls. Mike felt a lot of pain but was able to continue the play. Valley Stream?s empowered quarterback tossed a perfect 60 yard spiral to the open arms of a receiver, who easily outmaneuvered Mike?s team mates. They had their first touchdown of the game. Mike headed back to the bench to speak with the coach.[/color]

[color=lightblue]?I need to rest. Can I sit out this play, coach?? Mike asked.[/color]

[color=lightblue]Before the coach could answer, Kyle ran up and said, ?Coach, we need Mike out there. He?s our best player. We?re going to lose our point advantage if Mike doesn?t play?. [/color]

[color=lightblue]The coach thought for a second, beating the state champions was his only concern now. ?Mike you?re in for one more play. We need your power on the field?.[/color]

[color=lightblue]Kyle caught the kicked ball and immediately knelt down on the field. Mike joined the others in the huddle. Kyle was going to use the same play as before. ?No. Don?t give me the ball this time, Kyle. Use someone else?, Mike interrupted rubbing his tender package.[/color]

[color=lightblue]Kyle noticed and answered slyly, ?Okay, Mike. If that?s the way you feel. But if I don?t see anyone else open, I may have to use you man. You understand it?s for the good of the team. As the quarterback it?s my decision.?[/color]

[color=lightblue]Kyle yelled out the play, with the ball in his hand he took a few steps back. Mike was soon surrounded by the other team leaving the receivers wide open. But Mike was surprised when he saw Kyle throwing the ball to him. Mike used his powerful legs to jump over the other inferior players and caught the ball with ease. Reluctantly Mike headed toward the end zone. Again the Valley Stream targeted his crotch. Each hit sent bursts of pain through his body, slowly weakening him. Almost at the goal line, Rob slammed his entire massive body weight into Mike?s masculine bulge, causing Mike to stumble for the first time since his change. Mike got into the end zone and feel to his knees. The crowd gasped at seeing a sign of weakness from the hulking giant. The Valley Stream players surrounded Mike. Rob stood in front of him. He took a few steps back as if getting ready to make a punt and kicked Mike forcibly between his legs. Mike fell unto his ass holding his battered package. Rob leaned into Mike?s tortured face and said, ?An eye for an eye. Balls for Balls. Justin sends his regards?. Rob put his hand on Mike?s helmet and pushed him back. Mike fell onto the turf still holding his nuts. The players, still surrounding him, got on their knees and started pummeling Mike?s balls with their fists. The immense pain weakened Mike dramatically, making it easy for his tormentors to push his hands out of the way. He was unable to defend himself. Tears welled up in his eyes from the assault his balls were taken. He yelled for help. Mike?s team mates ran up and pulled the other men off of him. As Rob stood he took his foot and ground his cleats into Mike?s throbbing basket. Donny got to Rob and pushed him away. Donny was the only one willing to take-on the big man. [/color]

[color=lightblue]?What?s wrong with you dude. Your whole team is fucking crazy? Donny screamed as he helped Mike stand up. Rob just raised his hands and smiled before walking away with the rest of his team. Donny put Mike?s arm around his shoulder and escorted him to the sidelines. As he passed by the referee he commented, ?And why didn?t you stop that??[/color]

[color=lightblue]?I didn?t see anything? the ref said then looked at Mr.Barker who threw him a kiss.[/color]

[color=lightblue]?Are you okay, man? I don?t know what?s got into those guys. They come back from half time all muscular and crazy.? Donny said kneeling in front of Mike who was sitting on the bench. Mike always sat at the end of the bench far from the other players. He knew his presence would arouse his team mates, so he tried to keep his distance.[/color]

[color=lightblue]?It was Justin. He gave them something to make them big in return they were told to attack me. Back at his house, I must have crushed his balls without realizing it because I was so strong. He?s using them to get his revenge on me.? Mike said softly trying to catch his breath, spreading his massive thighs wide open to give his aching balls some additional room. He rested his elbows on his thighs. His face was still red and grimacing from the stinging pain.[/color]

[color=lightblue]?Justin, I should have known. And I bet Kyle and Barker are in on this too. I wonder what he gave them? Only you and I know where we hid the supplements.? Donny stood up and saw Justin walking toward the locker room. ?I?ll be back in a minute, Mike?, Donny said as he started to walk Justin?s way. Donny made it past the bleachers when someone grabbed his arm.[/color]

[color=lightblue]?Where are you going? We need you on the field?? Donny turned to see it was Kyle.[/color]

[color=lightblue]?I?ve got to talk with your friend Justin about what he?s doing to Mike. Of course, you?d know all about it too?, Donny said jerking his arm free from Kyle?s surprisingly strong grip.[/color]

[color=lightblue]?I don?t know what you?re talking. But if you feel it?s more important than the game, go ahead?, Justin said as he turned to walk back to the field.[/color]

[color=lightblue]?I?m not done talking to you, Kyle?, Donny said as he put his hand on Kyle?s upper arm to stop him just as Kyle had done to him. Donny couldn?t believe the size and hardness of the muscle he felt there. He looked up at Kyle?s face who was smirking at him. Donny thought he looked different somehow; bigger, taller, more handsome and confident. Donny started to squeeze Kyle?s bicep to show he was still the stronger man. Kyle felt Donny?s grip tightening. Kyle bent his elbow making his bicep expand. Donny tried to stop the muscle from growing, but couldn?t. Kyle?s power could not be denied, Donny?s hand was forced opened. Donny was stunned, how did Kyle get stronger than him. Kyle took advantage of Donny?s shock and slammed his fist into the weaker man?s gut. The blow knocked the wind out of Donny and caused his body to buckle. Kyle grabbed Donny?s arm and forced it behind his back.[/color]

[color=lightblue]?I wasn?t planning on doing this now, but you can say you?ve forced my hand. Ironic huh?? Kyle whispered into Donny?s ear as he made him stand upright. Kyle pushed Donny forward still holding his arm painfully behind his back. ?Let?s do what you wanted and go see Justin?, Kyle pushed Donny forward making him walk to the locker room entrance. As they entered Kyle called out for Justin. As Justin approached, Donny saw his water bottle hanging from Justin?s belt.[/color]

[color=lightblue]?Now I know you?re plan. You?re going to use the diluted formula on Mike to weaken him. Even if he drinks all that stuff he?ll still be stronger than any one else.? Donny said trying to make their plan sound futile.[/color]

[color=lightblue]?Oh, Mike?s not the only one we?re going to use the formula on? Justin said as he removed the bottle from his waist and moved closer to Donny, looking up at him with an evil grin. Donny started to struggle breaking Kyle?s hold on him and pushing Justin away. Donny turned to face Kyle, the two circling each other like warriors.[/color]

[color=lightblue]?I can?t believe you?re working with him again after what he did to you twice before. He?s more obsessed with power than even you. He?ll never let you become stronger than him.? Donny said trying to delay the inevitable fight to let his sore arm and gut recover.[/color]

[color=lightblue]?As you have seen, I already am?, Kyle said before he lunged at Donny forcing his body against a row of lockers. Donny swung his arm at Kyle?s face, but it was still felt rubbery from being forced behind his back. Kyle was able to block Donny?s punch with his left arm while his right fist hit Donny in the gut again. Donny?s body bent forward from the blow, Kyle quickly lifted his knee hitting Donny in the face, breaking his nose. Kyle grabbed the front of Donny?s shirt and held him up as he continued ravaging Donny?s face. Kyle felt so powerful beating the All-American stud. Donny was in a daze with blood coming from his nose, brow and mouth. Kyle saw that Donny was near unconsciousness and stopped hitting him. ?Now that I?ve destroyed that pretty face of yours, I?ll take your perfect body too?, he said breathing hard from his efforts. He took the water bottle from Justin and put it to Donny?s mouth. Donny quickly shut his lips. [/color]

[color=lightblue]?Allow me?, Justin said as he reached for the bottle and squeezed Donny?s battered nose closed. The pain caused Donny to scream. Justin quickly poured the liquid into Donny?s open mouth. ?Payback is a bitch isn?t it?? Justin commented as he saw Donny swallow the formula. He threw the empty bottle to the floor. Kyle let Donny?s limp body drop.[/color]

[color=lightblue]?Take off his clothes, I want to see this happen? Kyle told Justin as he started to strip himself. Justin struggled to lift off Donny?s shirt and pads. He quickly removed his shoes and socks, then untied the laces to his tight pants. He pulled them off revealing his sweat soaked jock. Justin admired the size and scent of the garment before removing it. Donny?s balls were already beginning to expand from the effects of the MNR. The now nude Kyle picked Donny up and held him next to himself as he stood in front of a large mirror. He took his free hand and grabbed Donny?s chin lifting his head. ?Look Captain America, you?re losing your superhero physique?. Donny?s saw his body shrink through his swollen, bloody eyes. He could feel his strength draining from his body into his expanding balls. Donny went from looking like an elite bodybuilder to a slender swimmer in minutes. His expanding cock ached from being so hard. Kyle went down to his knees and placed his mouth around Donny?s thick rod. Kyle kept a firm grip on Donny?s narrow hips to hold him upright. Donny tried to hold back his ejaculation but couldn?t. The power of the formula was too strong. He released his muscle load into Kyle?s eager mouth. Kyle could feel Donny?s shortening cock withdrawing from his mouth as the last bit of cum hit the back of his throat. Donny collapsed onto the floor. Kyle stood in front of the mirror to watch his body grow. His shoulders broadened, his legs lengthened, while his muscles swelled. Kyle brought his hand to his face to feel his more prominent jaw line, and then he followed the thick vein that ran down his bull neck to his more powerful chest. He continued to his more defined abdominals until he came to the most desired enhancement. He felt the weight of his egg size balls in one hand and squeezed his six inches of soft, thick meat in the other. The size and power of his body was intoxicating. [/color]

[color=lightblue]Mike walked slowly to the coach. He took small steps trying not to jostle his king-sized package too much. ?Coach have you seen Donny??[/color]

[color=lightblue]?No. All my top players are missing and we?re being crushed out there. I can?t find Evan, Tyrone, Donny or Kyle. Hell, even the fucking water boy is gone?, the coach ranted as he saw his dream of beating the state champs slipping away.[/color]

[color=lightblue]?Justin?, Mike said to himself. Maybe Baker, Kyle and Justin were working together. Maybe they were getting their revenge on Donny this very moment. He had to find Donny.[/color]

[color=lightblue]?Mike are you feeling better? I need you back in the game as soon as possible. You?re our only hope to win this game? the coach pleaded.[/color]

[color=lightblue]?Sure coach, once I find Donny?, Mike answered absentmindedly scanning the field for his friend. He turned away without looking at the coach again. Mike felt someone was staring at him, so he looked down in front of him. There he saw Tiffany, the head cheerleader. Tiffany, like all the other girls in school, has been bugging Mike about the upcoming prom. They knew since Mike would obviously be elected prom king, whomever he took would be queen. ?Sorry I don?t have time to talk now Tiffany. I?m looking for Donny?, he said slightly annoyed.[/color]

[color=lightblue]?I know I heard you talking to the coach. I saw where he and Kyle went?, Tiffany said looking up at the hulking stud.[/color]

[color=lightblue]?Great. Where did they go?? Mike said excitedly.[/color]

[color=lightblue]Tiffany didn?t answer. She just stood there staring at Mike. Being in his ultra-masculine presence and hearing his deep bass voice made Tiffany feel incredibly feminine. When Mike?s pheromone laden scent hit Tiffany?s nose, her subconscious took over her body. Erotic images flooded her mind, her pupils dilated, her breathing became shallow, her skin flush, both sets of her lips swelled, and her hardening nipples pushed out her tight uniform. Tiffany?s curvy body trembled in a combination of fear and desire. She was like a cat in heat. Mike was used to this reaction from women. He took a step back, ?Tiffany, listen to me. Where did they go??[/color]

[color=lightblue]Tiffany eyes refocused. She bit her lower lip to try to control the waves of pleasure her young body was experiencing. ?Aahhhuh, th?th..they went into the locker room a ff..few minutes ago?, she softly stammered.[/color]

[color=lightblue]?Thank you?, Mike said as he ran his manly hand down the back of her arm. Tiffany?s body shuddered and she gasped as her panties became moist. She tried to catch her breath as she watched Mike walk away.[/color]

[color=lightblue]Kyle reached for his old jock strap and held against his improved manhood, ?I don?t think this is going to fit me anymore?. He looked down at Donny?s diminished physique and dropped the soiled garment onto his battered face, ?This looks more like your size now?. Kyle walked over to where Justin had put Donny?s clothes and slipped on his team mate?s supporter. He raised the straps up over his massive thighs slowly, letting his hands caress the bulging muscles as he flexed. Kyle pulled the cup out to cover his man-meat; relishing the fact its extra-large size was barely able to hold all of him. ?A tight fit for a man like me, but it will have to do?. Kyle then put on Donny?s pants, his larger muscles stretching the shining nylon material near the breaking point. He walked over to Donny and stood directly on top of the fallen idol. ?I definitely fill out your uniform better than you ever did?, Kyle chuckled as he ran his hands over his tightly encased ass.[/color]

[color=lightblue]Donny stared up at the behemoth looking down at him, his view of Kyle?s upper body blocked by the enormous bulge protruding from between Kyle?s legs. ?You?re still number two, Kyle. You used the last of the MNR formula on me. Mike is ten times stronger than you and always will be?, Donny forced the words from his bruised face defiantly.[/color]

[color=lightblue]Kyle got angry. ?Shut up, wimp?, he said as he put his large foot on Donny?s chest and pressed down hard. Donny started to cough finding it hard to breath. Kyle looked at Justin, ?How am I supposed to get Mike?s muscles without the formula? The plan was to bash his balls to weaken him so I could force him to drink the formula and steal his powers. What are we going to do now??[/color]

[color=lightblue]?Like you said I?m the brains and you?re the brawn. I know exactly what I?m doing.? Justin answered with a strange tone in his voice. ?Don?t worry. We?ll take care of Mike?.[/color]

[color=lightblue]?Did I hear someone say my name?? All eyes turned to the doorway as Mike entered the room. [/color]
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Chapter 15 -- Healing Old Wounds (by Clarence591 and Corwin)

Mike saw the larger Kyle standing over Donny's battered, lithe body
and figured out what happened. He grabbed Kyle by the neck with his
left hand and easily lifted him off the ground. He quickly did the
same with Justin in his right hand. Both men were gasping for air and
clawing at Mike's powerful arms while trying to kick his sore balls,
his only vulnerable spot. "Are you okay, dude? You look like shit",
Mike asked Donny.

"I'll be okay. He didn't take anything I can't get back in time",
Donny said struggling to sit up.

"I'm starting to think you were right. Maybe having Justin as our
water boy is not a good idea after all", Mike said before flashing his
brilliant smile at Donny. He had to adjust his grip on Justin's neck
but didn't bother to look at him.

Donny chuckled then rubbed his bruised gut. "Stop, don't make me
laugh. It hurts too much. Thank God, you arrived in time to..". Donny
had returned his gaze back to Mike and stopped in mid-sentence at what
he saw. Mike noticed Donny's expression change from relief to
horror. Mike turned his glance toward Kyle, who was no longer
struggling, to see him grinning like a cat that had swallowed a
canary. Then he turned to Justin and was shocked. Justin's body was
mutating. While he was growing larger; all the muscles under his skin
were changing randomly, like bubbles in a pot of boiling water. His
facial features where changing in the same manner. Worse of all were
his balls. Each was expanding and deflating rapidly, independent of
each other. Justin looked like a hideous monster one second, then a
gorgeous hunk the next. Mike was having a hard time keeping his grip
as Justin's neck got thicker and his body became heavier. Justin's feet
finally touched the floor as he grew as tall as Mike. With that
leverage, Justin grabbed Mike's forearm and started to twist it
backwards. Mike resisted at first, but soon Justin's increasing
strength allowed him to overpower Mike. Mike lost his balance and had
to let go of Kyle. Kyle's massive body fell on top of Donny. The
impact causing Donny's head to hit the floor knocking him out. Justin
continued to twist Mike's arm backwards demonstrating the incredible
power his larger muscles possessed. Mike was down on one knee, his
face showing the immense pain he was experiencing. Justin just laughed
then hit Mike's square jaw with his other hand; the blow causing
Mike's head to twist violently in the opposite direction. Mike fell
onto his ass as Justin let go of this arm. Justin stood in front of

"Get up, wimp", Justin said almost growling.

Mike got back on his feet and threw a punch into Justin's gut. Justin
barely flinched and retaliated with a punch into Mike's armored
waist. He then picked Mike up over his head and throw him into a row
of lockers on the other side of the room. Mike felt fear for the first
time in years as Justin shuffled closer to him. Justin's grotesque,
but powerful physique seemed unstoppable. Mike struggled to his feet
as Justin reached him. Mike's whole body felt weak from the abuse it
had endured all day. Mike threw several combination punches using all
his depleted strength attempting to weaken his opponent, but it had
the opposite effect. Mike grew tired and winded while Justin continued
his approach not even having to defend himself from the weaker
man. Justin was now on top of Mike, who just stood there trying to
catch his breath. "Is that all you got?", Justin asked. Mike just
looked up at Justin unable to speak between deep inhales. Not giving
Mike's body the time to recover, Justin threw a punch into Mike's gut
and another at the other side of his face. Mike collapsed onto the
floor. "Get his clothes off him", Justin bellowed at Kyle. Kyle
scurried over to Mike's limp body and pulled his jersey up over his
head. He then quickly removed his shoes and loosened the laces of his
pants. Kyle pulled the tight pants down over Mike's round ass, finally
exposing his red, throbbing balls. As Kyle struggled to get the pants
past Mike's thickly corded thighs, Mike grabbed Kyle's arm.

Mike looked at Kyle. "Why?" he asked weakly.

"You made me feel inferior and no one is ever going to do that again"
Kyle snapped back, he then took his other hand and flicked Mike's
balls with his index finger. Mike clenched his teeth together in pain
while letting go of Kyle. "Not such a tough alpha male now are you?",
Kyle mocked.

"Enough playing around", Justin grunted. Kyle quickly finished
removing the pants leaving Mike completely nude. Justin picked Mike up
with one hand around his neck holding him up against the lockers. He
then started to punch Mike's entire body systematically starting with
his mountainous shoulders. The powerful blows forced Mike's super
dense muscles into the metal wall behind him. Mike was defenseless,
the relentless beating making him weaker and weaker. The lockers bent
like tin around him, encasing Mike's muscular physique, imprisoning
him in steel. Justin no longer had to hold Mike up; he was totally
supported by the molded metal. Justin stepped back suddenly feeling
weaker. He rubbed his forehead with his enormous hands.

Mike could see Justin's muscles slowly deflating. Mike could hear
Justin begin to mumble 'no, not now... no...'. Mike knew he now had
an opportunity. In his most commanding voice, he looked at Kyle and
said "Kyle find something to bind his hands behind his back. Then go
get some help". Mike's massive manhood ached as he demanded it exert
his hypnotic control over Kyle. Kyle didn't want to do what Mike
asked of him, but he couldn't resist Mike's direct order. Kyle picked
up a roll of Ace bandages that had fallen out of one of the
lockers. He grabbed one of Justin's wrists and forced it behind his
back. Then Kyle reached for the other hand, but found it more
difficult to control Justin.

As the two men struggled, Justin felt strong again. His muscles
started to grow, his strength increasing every second. Mike saw
Justin's face snarl, 'yes' as he began to flex with power. Soon he
reversed Kyle's hold on him and threw Kyle across the room, his body
slamming onto the floor.

"Your mind is as weak as your body, boy" Justin teased. He stood
up and put his face up against Mike's. "Your powers won't work on me,
wimp. And with your help, my body will soon stabilize and I'll be the
strongest man in the universe." he said before he threw another punch
into Mike's gut forcing his body deeper into the lockers. Justin
opened his fist and lowered his hand to Mike's huge fuck pole. He
started to roughly stroke Mike's cock. Mike's hyper-masculine body
produced 100 times more testosterone than the average man, making him
extremely potent. Not having felt the touch of another person in over
a week, Mike's cock started to inflate; the coursing blood quickly
bringing his manhood to its full foot long length. Justin got down on
his knees and started to suck Mike's perfectly shaped meat. Justin
sucked with such force it instantly caused Mike to orgasm. Justin then
took his hand and squeezed Mike's sore balls crushing them in his
powerful grip. Mike's thunderous scream resonated throughout the
room. Justin emptied every last drop of super cum from Mike's balls,
using his cock like a straw. "Painful isn't it. Now you know how I
felt when you did it to me", Justin said as he wiped his mouth with
the back of his huge hand. Justin felt his body calming, the violent
mutations of his muscles slowed and both balls expanded in unison. He
was able to think more logically again too. Justin's hope that Mike's
cum would heal him seemed to becoming a reality. Justin was caressing
his own painful scrotum when Mike's caught his eye. Mike's balls were
expanding too. It looked as if Mike's body was instantly healing
itself, draining power from the rest of him to protect the epicenter
of his masculinity. This made perfect sense to Justin. After all,
doctors give patients steroids to speed the healing process. Mike's
body was producing mega doses of steroids every second. Justin's hand
went to Mike's cock again and started to stroke it. His meat expanded
at the touch again.

"No, please. Not again", pleaded Mike without lifting his head.

"You can't resist my touch. Your body was meant to be a fucking
machine. Its sole purpose to provide pleasure to others" Justin said
before putting his mouth around Mike's 11" rod. After some creative
tongue work by Justin, Mike shot another load into Justin's eager
mouth. Again Justin grabbed Mike's ball sack and squeezed with all his
might. Mike screamed again, this time in a higher pitch.

Kyle was woken by Mike's screams and stumbled over to his team
mates. He saw Justin finishing his second blow job on Mike. "What are
you doing? I am the one who is supposed to be taking his cum. You
promised me I was going to be the strongest man in the world", Kyle
yelled at Justin.

"You?" Justin said looking at Kyle. Justin sat silent for a moment
enjoying the feeling the new dose of Mike's cum was having on his body
before continuing. "You literally don't have the balls for the job,
dude. Do you think it was just chance that Mike became the ultimate
man? It was his huge balls that allowed him to become a God. Mike's
always had the biggest set of low hangers in town. When I gave Mike's
cum to the Valley Stream team, their man with the biggest balls became
their alpha-male. It's that natural advantage over other men that
makes him superior. Your little peas can't take it," and Justin
started to laugh while he rubbed his own huge eggs that were pulsing
painfully and growing huge.

"Mike has a natural advantage over me? He's supposed to be the
alpha-male?" Kyle mumbled to himself trying to make sense of the
information. The last several weeks have been all about Mike taking
away something that rightfully belonged to him. Now that was all a
lie. Kyle's introspection was interrupted by another scream from
Mike. Justin had just sucked him off for a third time. Kyle looked up
at Mike. His body had changed. To heal his testicles, Mike's body was
draining the masculinity from the rest of him. His chest and forearm
arm hair had fallen out. His skin became paler and freckles formed on
his shoulders. His chiseled muscle definition and river of veins were
now hidden by a thin layer of fat. His perfect ten pack had turned
into a smooth slightly rounded belly. Even his facial features had
softened. He looked like a huge NFL linebacker or an off-season
bodybuilder, instead of the super muscular, morphed anatomy chart he
once was.

Justin sat back on his ass still rubbing his painful nuts. Mike's
smaller and shorter body fell from the custom formed metal restraint
landing in Justin's lap. Justin pushed Mike off of him. Mike's spent
body laid still on the concrete floor where he landed. Justin's balls
continued to grow in unison turning bright red and more
painful. Justin groaned loudly and grabbed his sack as he stood and
walked away; slamming his fist into the wall as he tried to
relieve the pain he felt. The burning sensation in his balls increased
dramatically like someone had poured iodine on an open wound. He fell
to his knees groaning. The burning finally subsided and his balls
started to itch like a scab on a wound. Then they started to shrink to
the perfect proportion for a man his height. His balls no longer hurt
for the first time in over a week. Justin smiled knowing Mike's cum
had healed him. Then Justin's body started to change again. Now that
Justin's maleness was whole again, his body could totally absorb all
the benefits of Mike's cum. The cum that had lain virtually dormant
within him for several days, its great power only appearing briefly
during moments of physical stress.

He walked to the mirror on the other side of the room where Kyle
admired himself earlier. Justin saw his muscles thicken and separate,
while all his body fat disappeared, making his physique exquisitely
defined. His cock grew to match the perfect proportion of his
balls. His skin deepened into a golden bronze. His shoulders widened
while his hips narrowed. The hair on his head lengthened and became
shinier. His eye color became a paler shade of blue and his teeth
brightened. Justin's face morphed into piece of art. Not as ruggedly
handsome as Mike was, but more refined like Donny. Every male trait
was now exaggerated to perfection. Justin's body had stabilized into
an ideal specimen; 6' 8" and over 390 pounds of pure
masculinity. Justin started to pose in the mirror showcasing his
flawless physique. Kyle stood by and stared in awe. Justin noticed
Kyle's hypnotized look and laughed before he spoke, "It's good to have
things back to the way they should be. You once again look like a
little puppy dog drooling over a piece of prime tube steak. That's
what you'll be, my little puppy dog. Bark for me, puppy."

Kyle was outraged; there was no way he was going to humiliate himself
like that. Then he heard barking and realized it was coming from his
mouth. He tried to stop by couldn't, Justin had total control of
him. Justin laughed louder, "I can't believe Mike was afraid of all
this power. He gave up so much of it like a fool. I can't wait to
make them worship me."

Mr.Barker entered the locker room and gasped at the bloody face and
battered body of Donny. He then raised his head and saw the diminished
Mike lying at the end of the aisle of damaged lockers. He was saddened
to see such beauty destroyed. He turned to his left and saw only the
back of a huge, nude muscular man. "Kyle!", he said with glee. Then
Justin turned to face Barker. This allowed the teacher to see his
favorite student barking like a dog with an embarrassed look on his
face. "What happened? Justin why are you so big instead of Kyle? I
only went along with your plan because Kyle asked me to help him. For
God's sake Kyle stop barking", Barker's emotions went from surprise to
anger to sorrow as he spoke. "What have you done Kyle? What have you

"Both of you shut up and be still" Justin ordered. The two weaker
men's mouth immediately snapped closed and froze in place. "He belongs
to me now, Barker. He's my new puppy dog. You'll have to find yourself
another pet. But I'll be fair and give you something in
return". Justin walked toward Barker not stopping until he was less
than an inch from the shorter man. Justin's immense chest surrounded
Barker's face. Barker's vision was totally blocked by two huge mounds
of hard man tit; his nose deep in the cavernous cleavage. Justin stood
there while Barker breathed in his scent. Instantly Barker's cock
hardened. Justin reached down and traced the outline of the large
bulge in Barker's tight shorts with his index finger. Justin's finger
was longer and thicker than older man's cock. "Cum now", Justin
whispered. Immediately Barker's pelvis thrust forward and out spurted
a large load of cr?me, the look of complete pleasure quite obvious on
Barker's face. "Again", Justin said. And Barker released another
smaller load. "Again", Justin ordered. Barker's face now grimaced as
his body tried to comply with the command, his balls contracting in
vain. "Again, I said". Barker crotch ached, his eyes pleading for
Justin to stop. Justin just laughed as Barker collapsed to the floor
in exhaustion. "Now you watch how you speak to me old man or I'll make
you cum until you have a fucking heart attack. Do I make myself
clear?" Justin asked. Barker shook his head yes. "That was fun. Maybe
I'll do the same thing to the President of the United States one day
on national TV. It's not as if anyone could stop me". Justin turned
back to the mirror to watch himself flex, "So old man, did you come
here for a reason?", Justin asked. Mr.Barker looked up at him and
pointed to his mouth. "Speak", Justin said waving his hand in front of
the teacher's mouth.

Barker took a couple of deep breathes before speaking. "Yes sir, the
coach sent me to look for all of you. Valley Stream has tied
the score and there's only a few minutes left to play. Word's got out
about what's been happening on the field. The bleachers are full and
reporters from the local TV stations and papers are here too. The
coach wants to use this opportunity to get his name in the news".

"I see", Justin said thinking for a moment. "Someone will get there
name in the news, but it won't be the coach. Kyle, fetch Mike's
uniform for me." Kyle did what he was told and brought the clothes to
Justin. Justin stepped into Mike's pants, pulling them up over his
larger frame. The inner thigh seams ripping under the pressure from
the bulkier muscles. Justin reached down and ripped the left pant leg
completly off and then the right; the super durable, rip-strop nylon
material tearing like tissue paper in his powerful hands. Justin's
pants were now shorts which barely covered his ass cheeks. His huge
basket hung lower than the shorts making it look even larger. Justin
then put on Mike's jersey inside out, to hide Mike's name. He pulled
at the tight collar tearing the shirt down the center to better
accommodate his massive chest. He flexed his arms bursting the short
sleeves to shreds. "Now I'm ready to play. I'll win the game for the
team and start my rise to fame and fortune. Maybe I'll become a
professional football player, or baseball player, or maybe an Olympic
gold medalist in weight-lifting. For that matter, being the strongest
man in the world means I can win the gold medal in every strength
sport. That will definitely make me a household name." Justin said as
he did another double bicep pose in the mirror, savoring the awesome
power his body possessed. His hand moved to adjust his hardening
manhood. "Of course I have what it takes to be the world's greatest
porn star too", he laughed. "But why choose only one; with this body I
can do it all. The world is going to enjoy me and I'm going to enjoy
taking everything the world has to offer."

Just then Mike started to wake-up, his groans echoing through the
locker room. "I almost forgot about him. Mike's the only one that can
truly challenge me one day. I'm going to have to destroy his balls for
good this time and eliminate that potential threat." Justin reached
for a sledge hammer that was leaning up against a nearby wall. It was
one that was used before for Mike's massage. "This should do the trick
in his weakened condition", Justin smirked as he tossed the thirty
pound hammer in the air like a feather.

"Please let me do it, sir", Kyle blurted out.

"You, why?", Justin asked.

"You know I have always hated Mike. I've fantasized about destroying
him over and over again", Kyle answered trying his best to convince
Justin. "Please master; it would make me a very happy puppy. Plus you
have to win the game and you're running out of time"

Justin smiled and put his hand on top of Kyle's head. "That's a good
boy, you should get used to serving my needs first", then he handed
the sledge hammer to Kyle. "Don't disappoint me". Justin gave another
tug on the enormous bulge between his legs and headed toward the
exit. "Barker you're with me". Barker gave a compassionate look at
Kyle before scurrying off to catch up with Justin.

Kyle stood over Mike's massive form looking at the fallen god. Kyle
kept asking himself why Mike didn't use all the power his body
possessed to take advantage of everyone like Justin planned to
do. Mike was even more powerful than Justin at one time. Kyle always
treated Mike as the enemy, but Mike hadn't started it. Kyle had come
to the team, taken what was Mike's without even talking to him. He
felt it was his right. When Mike had muscled it back, Kyle was
jealous and Mike had reacted to that. Kyle had started the rivalry,
and Mike had continued it.

Kyle thought about the punching contest they had earlier today. Mike
could have totally destroyed him with one punch, but didn't. He
reached down for Mike's huge ball sack cupping it in his hand and
admiring its size. It had swollen back to its huge size, but still
lacked the power to reenergize the man's body. Kyle knew this was the
natural advantage Mike had over Kyle all along.

Mike opened his eyes as Kyle let go of his nuts. Kyle raised the
sledge hammer high over his head. Kyle looked at Mike and saw no fear,
only acceptance. "I'm sorry Mike, but I don't know what else to
do". Kyle put all his power into the swing and slammed the hammer
down. Mike's horrific scream filled the room. Mike grabbed his crushed
left forearm with his right hand. Kyle let go of the hammer and got
down on his knees to whisper into Mike's ear. "I've just bought us a
little time. But you must hurry, you are the only one you can defeat
Justin. When he finds out you are still a complete man, he'll destroy
both of us." Kyle took his hand and ran it along Mike's cheek. Kyle
realized the anger he felt for Mike was just covering up his true
feelings of envy and deep ceded attraction. Kyle kissed Mike
passionately on the lips and left. Kyle stepped over Donny who was
crawling toward his best friend. Either one said a word; Kyle couldn't
even look at the man he destroyed.

Kyle was putting on his too tight jersey when he saw Justin and Barker
waiting for him at the end of the hallway by the exit door. "It
sounded like you completed your assignment. Did you? Tell me the
truth, puppy", Justin ordered as if talking to a child.

"Yes master. I can honestly tell you I did to Mike want I've always
really wanted to do to him", Kyle said sincerely.

"Good boy", Justin said as he again patted the top of Kyle's head.

Donny made his way to Mike's side. He lifted Mike's head onto his lap
and started to caress his head and chest. He never saw his friend look
was helpless before.

"I guess I'm not so super anymore, am I?" Mike asked groggily.

"You will be, I'll make sure of that", Donny said with tears running
down his face.

Mike grabbed Donny's hand that was on his chest. "I've got what I
wanted. I can feel your touch on my skin again". Mike brought Donny's
hand to his mouth and kissed it before placing back on his barrel
chest. "Just hold me Donny and don't ever let me go".

"Never, Mike", Donny said as he pulled Mike closer to him, "never".

Donny rocked Mike gently in his arms without speaking, the silence
broken only by the sounds from the game being played outside. Both
could hear the announcer's voice from the PA system over the cheering
crowd, "The new, huge Bayville player has got the ball. He's slicing
through the Valley Stream team like a chain saw through a
forest of saplings. I've never seen such carnage on a football field
before. This game is one for the record books. He's at the ten yard
line. Touchdown! Is there no one who can stop this muscle giant?"

On the field, Rob lay at Justin's feet. He looked up at the muscle
behmoth, seeing the huge bulge inside the player's shorts.
Instinctively, the one-time punter kicked with the full might of his
muscular legs. It felt as if his foot had hit a cannon ball. Justin
just laughed. "Sorry Ballsy, that won't work on me anymore," Justin
cupped his massive groin, "but after the game, why don't you and I
have a little competition and see just whose eggs fill the basket
better?" Rob's eyes glazed over with a desire he didn't understand
but could not refuse. Justin just smiled.

"Stand firm for what you believe in until or unless logic or experience prove you wrong. Remember, when the emperor looks naked the emperor is naked. The truth and a lie are not sort of the same thing. And there's no aspect, no facet, no moment of life that can't be improved with pizza." Daria
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