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After That Night Chapter IV

Here's the new chapter. Sorry for the delay, I made sure to feature more growth and strength details. Hope you enjoy!

Previous Chapters I II III

Chapter IV

(The earlier hours of day 4)

Dwayne had convinced me to stop by our gym club to check my awesome new stats (like I need his machines to tell me that I now looked simply ?massilicious?. Anyway, I guess he was just trying to make up for the terrible slip he had committed earlier, and for that reason I just played along, especially because I could get off those cheap clothes I had to borrow from that bouncer.

I was right, by the way. Unnatural fabrics give me rashes. I could feel the red areas even on my flimsy skin. I felt so relieved to be out of the tightness of them. Standing nearly buck naked with the white boxers which looked almost like a thong on my immense thighs and crotch bulge, I just watched as Dwayne got ready to take my stats.

?So, first we have to take your measurements?for scientific purposes?? Dwayne said in flattering tone.

?Yeah, I can see your Einstein all excited about that?? I teased.

Dwayne blushed. ?I can?t help it??

My dutiful personal trainer carefully checked every single stat on my engrossed figure, and at each new number he collected, I could tell that he was almost sure that it was some sort of new world record.

?Well, you?re 5?10 and ? inches tall, which is actually a tremendous height growth spurt at your age??

I lifted the guy off the ground. ?Are you implying that I?m old??

?What? No?it?s just?? Dwayne noticed I was giggling, my dental bracers showing through my opened smile, so the hunky personal trainer relaxed a bit.

?Still?you?re 378 pounds of sheer massive muscle, which is by any means awesome! If you were an Olympia contender, the other guys up stage would like toothpicks at your side. Your height/weight combination makes your physique breath taking!? Dwayne commented still lifted off the ground.

?Well, maybe I can compete with them. I have one hot bright pink thong that would make me just phenomenal on stage??

?I? don?t think they allow something so?peculiar, but you would certainly look awesome!? Dwayne petted his cock and I could tell he lusted after my humongous muscular butt and the monstrous legs.

?So, what about all these measurements you took? Care to tell me what they mean anyway??

?Are you kidding? Shit?Benny, how I can put this?Everybody is just crazy with the size on Jay Cutler?s 31.5 inches around. Well, yours are 38 inches around!?

?Really? That?s over three feet around, are you sure, my thighs are that massive?? I casually commented and flexed them, creating real tsunamis of contracting fibers through the rugged surface of my ginormous quads.

Dwayne just nodded. ?Y-yeah, they?re amazing?But they?re just the tip of your muscle iceberg. Your calves are 28.5 inches around, which is bigger than most bodybuilder?s arms. They?d kill for 25 inches arms and your calves are even bigger!?

I giggled. ?The guys always said I had thin legs?I bet those new calves are actually big as bulls huh? But wait, if my calves are the size most bodybuilders would love their arms to be??

?Your arms are 32 inches around. I couldn?t believe the number so I took the measures three times, this number is fantastic. Normally, guys want their calves to be nearly the size of their arms for symmetry issues, but you are so massive that your arms can be that immense! Shit, your arms are bigger than Mister Olympia?s thighs! That?s just powerful!?

I flexed the monstrous peak right in front of Dwayne?s face and heard him moaning intensely.

?So what do you think about my waist? I mean, I?m eating so much latterly that I fear I?m gaining a gut...?

Dwayne reacted almost like I?ve insulted him.

?Are you crazy? Benny, your waist is 34 inches around, it is actually just the same as Jay Cutler?s. The ?thickness? you might think comes from the size of your abdominal muscles, each one of your impressive 8 knots is so massive and thick that they mount around your waist and make you seem so much larger than you used to be, but that?s?so hot. I mean most of huge bodybuilders have ?steroid guts?, I?ve seen my fair share of them, but in your case?that?s just so?freaking hot!?

?And what do you have to say about those huge pecs of mine??

Dwayne gasped. ?They would be my favorite part of you?if I could ever choose just one part to be my favorite?I mean they?re freaking 72 inches around! They?re bigger than the measuring tape

?What do you mean? I?ve been eating like a maniac, all this extra bulk has to have some fat on it too??

?I thought that too, but I can?t find any! Your muscular tissue is so thick that it can grow denser and the fat levels on you are even lower of those before the growth. You don?t look like those competing bodybuilders on stage, all hungry, drained of water and most of their strength. You look so healthy, powerful, the perfect offseason glorious thickness but with the same shredded, rugged condition that wins competitions!?

?You sound like surprised with that?Does it mean I am more than you have imagined mister ?I only like super massive guys?? I chuckled, though noticing that it actually stung a little more than I originally planned.

?I?am sorry about that Benny. I didn?t know it was you, but that?s no excuse for treating you in such manner??

?No, you don?t have to, I overreacted anyway. You were just being nice?? I hugged him and noticed he was chuckling, and then he just told me the reason.

?You didn?t even notice that you were holding me off the ground for all that time, did you?? Dwayne chuckled, feeling excited about my enhanced strength.

?Well, you?re so light I just forgot I was holding you, it feels like holding a grain of salt. You just feel the weight of your own arm?? I teased him, but Dwayne?s got a naughty mind on his own.

?Which takes us to the next part of our experiment?I hope you don?t mind but I called someone else to join us??

?Who did?? I didn?t even finish the sentence and the deliciously augmented figure of Corey running into the room.

?Dwayne?are you alright? What happened? Where?s Benny?? The muscular Emo was so nervous he didn?t even notice my humongous bulk, which was great because it gave me the opportunity to compare my body with my roomies. I simply groped Corey?s butt with a strong grip and he nearly jumped off his skin.

?I?m right behind here sweetie!? I greeted Corey flexing my augmented guns and he turned even whiter.

?F-fuck?Benny, you look?HUGE!?

?Please don?t be offended, Corey, but I expected something more elaborate from an English graduate?? I gently laughed at his shocked expression while continuing to flex my humongous muscles right in his pretty face.

?Take it easy with him, Benny?I texted him while you were dancing in the club. The poor guy was just too worried about you.? Dwayne said still comfortably set on my arms.

?Damn?I?m still carrying you, aren?t I? Doesn?t it bother you??

Dwayne waved his head with utmost sureness. ?Of course not, I am so glad you are that strong, it will only make our tests even more impressing.?

?What do you mean by that?? Corey suddenly overcame his shock.

?Oh you know how obsessed Dwayne is with numbers and data?he wants me to display a bit of my super strength to him.? I forced a casual tone on my explanation, and Dwayne suddenly understood the reason for him being summoned.

?Damn?I can?t believe I ditched my precious Geoffrey because of some fetish?? Corey sighed but I cheered him up with a nice grab of his humongous cock.

?Cheer up, Corey. You know that playing hard is the best way to conquer your guy. Besides?you can see my humongous muscles in action! In case you didn?t notice, I?m quite much heavier than you now??

Corey?s attention was drawn back into my humongous physique, and he cupped my huge pecs and we kissed very tenderly. The way our muscular bodies rubbed against each other made loud sounds, almost like rocks rolling over each other, and Dwayne surely enjoyed being the delicious filling of our massive beef sandwich.

?That reminds me, how did you get to grow that big? None of us did.? Corey didn?t know but his question just made me so freaking happy that I lifted him off the ground as well, holding these two muscular men, who were both taller than me, and yet so less muscular and impressive than my magnificent brawniness.

?Gee?I don?t know. I just fucked some random muscle guy and when I noticed I was blowing up like one of these cartoon shows?? I commented casually, knowing it only raised more questions than answered them.

I have to say that Dwayne actually had a very clever and naughty idea to compare the strength levels. He personally started each test, using his maximum cargo on each exercise, to demonstrate the ?normal? strength level a man of his impressive physique would develop after years of serious training and dedication.

Then, Corey followed our personal trainer ? although my augmented roommate was not that much heavier than Dwayne himself, we were both impressed that he could perform the same routine for much longer periods and dealing with a total cargo at least 50% heavier than Dwayne had lifted.

?Wow?I didn?t realize I was that much stronger than you Dwayne!? Corey looked so adorable with his blushing cheeks. I was actually very impressed with my donkey boy, although now we had to call him a true stallion, his cock had grown so much bigger and thick; it looked mind-blowing massive between his own muscular thighs.

?I have to say I didn?t expect such strength difference from someone who?s not even 20 pounds heavier than me, but then again, you guys have been through a unique experience.

?As a matter of fact, there are thousands of reports of other third degree encounters?? Corey was about to start again, but I simply wouldn?t let him do it.

?Anyway, now that you bitches have attempted, can a REAL man show you what?s strength all about?? I teased them both and flexed my humongous arms and made each one kiss the heavy peak in a sign of respect to the soaring mountains.

I tried the same cargo Corey had finished, but it simply didn?t work, the weights were too light. Then, we tried doubling the same amount, but the effect was the same. We tripled, quadrupled and finally we had set every single weight available in the gym, and I was lifting the humongous cargo with one pinky finger, repeating the exercise for over 100 times and still it didn?t even feel like I was doing any effort at all.

?Are you sure, there?s nothing heavier I could lift? I could lift the machines with all their weight, they seem heavy enough?oh perhaps not, that would cause a real mess?? I casually said while I continued performing flawless reps with my pinky finger.

?There?s nothing else I can think of?we could try lifting cars, but we?d have to wait until the morning members arrive??

?That?s a nice thought; maybe after we fuck for the whole night, I come back and lift their cars with one hand only.? I teased my very impressed and hard cocked personal trainer.

?Holy crap, you?re a powerhouse, Benny!? Dwayne said in a low tone as he watched me, and I just blew him a kiss.

?Now you believe me? Nothing in this world could have made a skinny weak guy like Benny into this super strong musclebound stud!? Corey still tried to persuade Dwayne with his alien encounter theory, but the personal trainer was lost in his own naughty thoughts to even consider such ridiculous hypothesis.

The loud sound of the steel plates being crushed, bent, twisted and simply molded my huge muscles like fresh dough easily shut his mouth. I actually didn?t even realize what I was doing, I guess I was really irritated with the fact that I was actually considering Corey?s idea.

I suddenly felt my hunger and lust boiling inside my body. The same surge of power rushing through my muscles, each veins thickened with an unexpected explosion of renewed muscle flex. I knew my body now demanded more growth, and I subconsciously knew how to give in to such cravings.

?Cut the crap Corey?Why would any super advanced civilization come all the way to Earth just to change a bunch of twinks into muscle studs? There?s just no sense in this! Now shut the fuck up and come here because I want to suck on your huge cock! And you Dwayne, better stick your own pecker in my butt or I?m gonna hunt you down!?
The reflection of my humongous hairy muscular physique was so amazing that for one moment I didn?t recognize the manly, powerful, glorious bearded blond muscle god that demanded to be properly serviced by the other hunks in the room.

Corey went immediately quiet and walked towards me, trying to get out of his leather pants as fast as possible, but in the end, I simply lifted him off the ground with a single finger and ripped them with my bare teeth. Corey gasped as he noticed that I was so much stronger than he could ever imagine, my moist lips engulfed his humongous cock and gently laid on the bench, lifting my humongous hairy thick legs so my sweet Dwayne could find my cherry among all that massive fur and muscle.

I was sucking the 6?2? 250 pounds hunk like he was nothing but a giant lollypop, and there was even more pleasure for me to hold him so effortlessly in the air. Corey didn?t mind, he was actually having the time of his life, being sucked and lifted at the same time. Meanwhile, I noticed the lack of any worshipping action on my lower body.

?Dwayne, you?d better get inside me, you?ll not like to see me in a bad mood, or perhaps you will, because I get much stronger than I already am?? I chuckled. Truth was that I couldn?t see much because of my humongous hairy pecs and the freaking thick thighs.

?D-don?t worry Benny, I just heard your stomach roaring and thought that you?d like a protein shake?or a few dozen of them?? Dwayne said from the juice bar.

?Oh, in that case, you?re excused. Just make sure you have made everything you can to feed me properly.? I could hear the blenders working and licked my own lips before getting back to suck Corey with even more voracity.

?Erm?could you make some for me too?? My roommate begged, his own muscular stomach was aching for food, but as my sucking action grew hungrier, Corey went quiet. He was just in pure ecstasy because of the intensity of the situation.

I actually didn?t realize but being the ultra-strong musclebound stud made even the simply facts much different. For instance, if I lifted all that weight without any effort, can you imagine the kind of suction I could apply on lips? I?m glad Corey was much more resistant than before, so he was able to enjoy and actually surviving my hungry blowjob.
Dwayne got back with lots of shakes and even some providential tuna steaks right in time. Corey screamed at the top of his lungs as I sucked him dry like a little juice box. I never felt so hungry for his cum before, but I was so strong that it didn?t take much for me to dry him out. So I just lifted my torso and set him on the ground, right in time to grab a full blender of fresh strawberry protein shake.

?Damn?Benny, you?re on fire tonight!? Corey still felt dizzy, but he quickly claimed his own blender of protein shake.

?Heh, I know?but your horse long cock really kept me motivated.? I said between gulps and bites.

Dwayne chuckled. ?You should take a look at yourself, Benny. You have cum and milk mustaches over your own blond facial hair!?

I looked at the peculiar reflection and smiled, my fluorescent dental braces shone in the poor lit room and we all chuckled. Suddenly, we were all surprised with another sound. I felt the boiling again and then my cock was growing like never before. It was so intense, the monster sized phallus grew like it was being stuffed with more mass, I gasped as it easily reached, then surpassed Corey?s freaking monster.

?Dammit? What are you waiting for? Suck me Corey! Dwayne, you?d better get on my butt now, or I?m not answering for my behavior!? I said throwing the empty blender away. The two guys didn?t take a second to oblige ? Corey positioned, his cock went down my throat and he sucked on my humongous obelisk, while Dwayne found his sweet way between my muscular cheeks.

I felt so intoxicated by the hunger and the pleasure, my senses were fuzzy, but I could tell we were enjoying like never before. I had Corey?s cock in my mouth and applied even more strength to my sucking, which made him roar and try the same with my own cock, and although he wasn?t even close to my strength, the feeling was actually incredible!

Meanwhile, Dwayne also pounded my ass with all his puny strength, which was the greatest compliment I could get from that petite muscle hunk. I could hear his groaning and the loud sound of his balls slapping against the hardness of my butt, I knew he would be very much in pain after the rush of adrenaline ceased, but it was just so intense that I loved every single moment, squeezing my butt on occasion, just to make him feel my absurd strength, and in such moments he actually took long bites on my calves, letting me know when to let go of his tiny little pecker.

Dwayne came first, filling my gut with his manly seed, and I felt his warmth entering me. Then, I just flexed and relaxed my butt in such fast movements that I somehow brought Dwayne into cumming a second time, which felt so surprising he kept punching my steel hard abs, and yet I felt nothing.

Corey and I came almost at the same time, when my rock musclegod?s spunk squirted down my throat I suddenly felt like an atomic bomb of pleasure had exploded inside me. I just flexed all my muscles and felt my own flood of man juice filling Corey?s throat. The poor gasped and gagged, but there was no way he could escape the flood of my monster cock.

Dwayne eventually slipped from my moist muscular bubble butt, he just collapsed in the ground, barely able to stand up. Suddenly, he jumped up in shock.

?Fuck?Corey?s growing too!? He announced and I noticed my roommate?s body growth spurt spreading across his shoulder blades, then his own chest thickened as he threw his head back. I have to confess that for one moment I feared Corey would outgrow me.

Fortunately, that moment was soon gone.

?Shit! Benny, you?re growing too!? Dwayne pointed even more shocked as my whole figure bubbled with violent growth spasms, I just chuckled and reached for Corey?s shocked face, kissed him so intensely, we both made out as our muscles grew bigger.

That was the best thing ever ? making out while both of us were growing, we could worship the expanding biceps, the ballooning chests, the augmenting thighs. Each part of our bodies grew thicker, wider and the fibers multiplied underneath the flimsy skins of our glorious bodies. Our cocks rubbed against each other, their thick veined surfaces, slippery because of our insane amounts of pre cum, our lustful kisses and desiring tongues bathed the expanding areas of our bodies.

However, the best part of making out with another growing guy is to know that you?re growing much faster and in much more intensity than him. No matter how amazing Corey?s muscle growth happened, it simply paled in comparison with my own expansion. I knew I had a condescending grin on me.

?Don?t worry, Corey, just your Wheaties and you will be big like me?or not!? I just laughed realizing my grew in real waves of intense power. In fact, at some point we both realized I was looking at Corey at eye level. There?s something special about the realization that you?re now taller, maybe it?s a stupid sensation of self-assurance, but Corey?s awkward smile when he noticed that he was no longer taller than me was priceless. It only seconded the even more awkward smile when I was looking down at him!

?Benny, you?re growing so fast?so powerful!? Dwayne said as he jumped in my arms and we both kissed each other in a furious passion. I guess the little guy was really into muscle freaks, and that particular muscle freak was growing even more humongous.

The muscles on my body grew in such raging waves of multiplying fibers that it felt like I was in some kind of reality morphing software. The dimensions of my marvelous figure only augmented and looked manlier, stronger, harder and so much more muscular! Corey joined Dwayne in the worship of my physique, despite the fact he was growing bigger as well, but it was the same than trying to see stars during a sunny day, you simply forgot they are still there!

Nonetheless, Corey continued to grow more muscular, he was actually even more of a rock musclegod than before. Standing at 6?6? at 420 pounds of hard alabaster toned muscles and totally smooth except for his love trail and crotch, my hung stallion now had a huge 20 inches soft cock. His long raven black hair now made him look like some kind of man-lion, he actually seemed so much agile and gracious, his smile almost sounded like a real purr.

?Fuck?I feel awesome!? His voice tone was so good to hear, and judging by the shock expression on Dwayne he could make a guy cum just by speaking his name.

However, as most impressive as Corey?s new body was, he just couldn?t compare to my new size. I?ve kept growing for many minutes before Corey?s growth subsided, and I could tell Dwayne was just impatient to get my freaking new stats.

?Holy mackerel, you?ve grown to 6?8 and ? inches tall, that?s almost one whole foot taller than you were right when you stepped in the gym!?

?Yeah?and I only grew like four inches?there?s really something about you huh?? My timid musclegod rocker blushed.

I looked down at Corey and kissed the top of his pretty head. ?Damn?you guys look so cute I could eat you both!?

Dwayne had to bring two scales so he could take a more accurate reading of my weight. ?That?s? 778 pounds! Fuck?Benny you?re heavier than Jay Cutler, Phil Heath and Branch Warren all together!? The guy screamed in such ecstasy, he hugged me and kissed my body in a cute worship frenzy

Corey had a puzzled expression on his face, but I waited until Dwayne recovered from his hyper aroused state.

?And these guys are important because?? Corey started.

Dwayne chuckled. ?They?re the top 3 bodybuilders in the last Olympia show!?

?I still don?t get it?? Corey felt a bit ashamed.

?Heh, it has to do with their on season weight: Cutler competes in the range of 274 pounds, Heath goes for about 245 and Warren got onstage at 250 pounds! That sums up to 769 pounds and I?m 9 pounds heavier than the three alpha dogs of the sport!? I casually affirmed.

It was Dwayne?s time to seem impressed. ?I didn?t know you followed their carriers so closely??

?I must have read it in some site while I browsed for naked pictures of bodybuilders. Anyway, if I were to compete, you?re saying they should give to me 1st, 2nd and 3rd places? That doesn?t seem quite fair?I guess I must grow so much bigger than all the prizes go to me!? I chuckled and kissed the over excited bodybuilding fan.

Corey and Dwayne took my powerful measurements. I actually didn?t care much for the actual number as my little darling Dwayne, but his excitement made me all so pride of being so huge for my little guy.

?Your chest is 110 inches! That?s so much that I am speechless, it feels so amazing and powerful!? Dwayne whispered in my ears.
?Don?t worry, babe, I?ll let you shave and massage my freaking massive nipples??

?Funny thing is that your arms are 55? when you?re not even flexing, and when you do, they reach up to 70 whole inches! That?s just so impressive, it?s like your fibers get much thicker than they should be!? Dwayne commented.

?Well, I guess I have to bring them to 70 inches cold to see how much they go flexed huh?? I teased him, but judging by his look as he kissed the peak of my flexed guns, that was a promise I had to realize.

?Oh come on! Your legs are 78?! That?s more than my own chest!? Corey faked a protest and just blushed when he measured my other monster. ?And I guess you?re the hung freak in our household now?that?s 29 inches?soft, if you call that soft??

?Oh, it is soft?for the time being?but if you keep teasing me, you?ll have a new measurement??

?Well, isn?t it interesting?? Dwayne mentioned as he checked something on his tablet.

Noticing he had our attention, Dwayne showed us the graphics he had improvised to display my growth compared to Corey?s.

?Benny, you told me that you had sex with a bouncer before you went to the restaurant right??

I nodded. ?Yeah, I was starving??

?Did you have sex in the club too, Corey??

?Of course not! I mean, I was talking to my precious Geoffrey and we were about to go to his place??
Dwayne smiled. ?Am I wrong to assume you had sampled the bouncer?s cum??

?Okay, I confess, I?m a cum pig!? I said rolling my eyes, but Dwayne just kissed me again.

?Let?s not forget that you also had an intense workout, although your strength doesn?t consider it to be intense at all, your muscles were pumped, and then you felt hungry and horny at the same time. You had Corey?s cum inside you twice, and he had your sample too; the two of you ate a lot too before your growth spurts started??

?So, you think these facts are causing the growth? But we?ve been sucking and having each other?s cum for a long time?? Corey argued, but then Dwayne brought the most important detail.

?Yeah, but I bet it got different after that night, right? I mean you guys have never been to a gym before, and all of a sudden you do so well on your first day? No sore bodies? No angst? I?ve noticed your strength levels were already much higher than I could expect from guys in your condition, but you were almost at the same level, with Corey winning by just a small percent, until tonight of course.?

I looked at Corey and he shrugged. ?So, what is your point??

Dwayne smiled. ?I don?t think I have any point, it?s just funny to realize that your growth spurts are preceded by hunger and lust, not to mention the fact that if you now have a birth mark exactly like mine??

The personal trainer showed the spot behind his left shoulder to Corey and they both located the very same mark on my left shoulder. I barely could see it in the mirror reflection but that was indeed startling, especially because Corey had no sign on his augmented body.

?I had never noticed it there before!? I casually commented, but the two of them seem to agree with me.

?And although your cock was massive, it wasn?t bigger than Corey?s until AFTER you drank his cum?? Dwayne commented.

?Let?s not forget that Dwayne?s cum was only inside you as a matter of fact.? Corey chuckled as they realized I grew closer to their conclusion.

?So, how do you think that happened? I just got it from you??

Dwayne nodded. ?Well, a birth mark like that is genetic, but I think you have absorbed more than just it, if you look carefully?your marvelous body is an improved version of mine?I don?t want to brag, but my body always had this impressive shoulder/waist proportion that gives me some advantage in the comparison with guys who were even bigger than me.?

?Wait?so I took Corey?s freakishly huge cock gene and made mine even bigger? Not to mention that I have features of your own physique only made better?? I asked excited.

?Well, it makes sense in theory. You must acquire some features from the guys whose cum you drink, I don?t know exactly how it happens.? Dwayne explained.

?Wait a minute?Benny?what if you had to assemble a workout routine for an elderly man who had injured his left arm during an accident??

I opened my mouth to comment on how stupid and useless Corey?s question was, but something else came out of my mouth. It was the very detailed exercise routine with the number of reps and all the especial care that situation demanded. When I finished, Dwayne?s eyes were just as wide as mine.
?H-how did you know that?? Dwayne asked Corey.

?I remembered he quoted the competition weight of those bodybuilders by heart. I know Benny well enough to realize he would never know any sports fact by heart. Unless, if you call naming all of Kim Kardashian?s ex-boyfriends a sport??

We all laughed at that, because he was absolutely right, it was only then I remembered I had Corey?s traces as well, so I closed my eyes and recited something that came into my mind, and Corey quickly came to shut my mouth.

?Are you crazy? That?s the poem I?m working for Geoffrey, you have no right to make fun of it!?

?Oh, I?m sorry?I didn?t know?but it?s good. It reminds me of the earlier Langston Hughes? work?? I casually commented.

?Stop that now, you?re giving me the creeps!? Corey demanded.

?Damn? I?m sorry?these things just came to my mind. I feel so marveled like...?

??when Karl Lagerfeld met Kimora for the first time! I didn?t even need to have your gifts inside me to guess that part.? Corey chuckled.

?Wait a minute?knowledge isn?t passed by genes is it?? I asked Dwayne, but then I answered myself.

?Some species display they have inborn knowledge about situations they have never experienced before, which can be some kind of genetic cargo.?

Dwayne chuckled. ?I guess that you are a better, bigger and more muscular amalgamation of all the men you?ve fucked Benny.?
I brought my little Dwayne into my arms and kissed him passionately. ?Well, why don?t we continued with our experiments then??

?I?d love to?Shit?look at the time! It?s almost a quarter to 5, the janitors will get here in a few moments!? Dwayne gulped as he noticed the mess we created: the empty blender cups, most of which were broken, steel plates crushed, the bars were bent like pretzels, and there was cum everywhere.

?Damn?Dwayne I am sorry?I?ll cover the damages.? I instinctively looking for my checkbook, but only then I realized it was still back at the club.

The tanned little guy just kissed my arm and caressed it tenderly.

?Don?t worry, big guy?I can still clean it and come up with an excuse, but not if you monsters are here?? Dwayne said as he threw his car keys to Corey.

?Make sure you put the big monster guy in the back seat okay? And please let him be careful?I know he?s absorbing our DNA, but his strength levels are much bigger, Benny can be dangerous if he is not focused.?

?Whoa?take it easy, I?m not some monster?.? I tried to protest, but right then Dwayne pointed to the plates I?ve crushed without even realizing, so I went quiet.

Corey and I went back to Dwayne?s car, and I carefully entered the back seat, feeling so cramped, but trying not to damage his property even further. Corey was not little by all means, but he still managed to drive that pick up down the street.

?Damn?this is the best night out ever!? Corey chuckled as he looked at my grinning face.

?I think Dwayne is falling for me?? I said blushing.

?Heh, I guess you became his wildest dream?? Corey commented casually as we passed by some dark alley. I looked at my side and noticed something.

?Hey isn?t that Tristan over there?? I pointed to the very pale red haired boy dressed in skimpy baby-look shirt and white denim shorts. Judging by the way he ran, we could tell the guy was in trouble. Right then we devised a bunch of jocks chasing the poor twink.

?Stop the car, Corey?? I ordered.

?Benny, don?t do anything stupid. We can call 911 and these guys will all run away?remember what Dwayne said, you?re too strong now??

The right side of Dwayne?s car flew away as I forced my way out. Corey still screamed for me, but I was possessed. I just walked towards the bastards, and by that time they had cornered Tristan.

?Please?I don?t have any money?? He cried.

?We don?t want money from you, queer. We want some blood!? The tough looking guy spat on his face.

?That?s good, because I?m about to take a lot from you!? The power in my voice tone scared the hell of them. I immediately devised the shine of the blades.

?What the fuck do you want freak?? The guy asked trying to sound angry, when in fact he was just really scared. I simply reached for him and lifted the puny dude by his collar. I heard the several blades trying to penetrate my naked monstrous muscular body, but they simply broke in pieces.

Someone else produced an aluminum baseball bat and took a good swung at my back, but it just resulted in the destruction of the expensive equipment. I reached the shocked little guy and picked him as well, and for some stupid reason, those morons thought they could outrun me, but they actually found a much more determined Corey waiting for them right at the corner of the street.

?What do we do with them?? Corey asked while holding three of them. Meanwhile, I had the remaining 5 in my powerful bear hug.

?They?re not important?? I threw the scumbags inside the dumpster and turned my attention to the shocked Tristan, who was even more scared now.

?Please, don?t hurt me??

I gently hugged him. ?It?s okay now, those guys won?t hurt you?? before he demanded any explanation, Corey touched my shoulder.

?We have to go?the police soon will be here and we still have the matter of Dwayne?s car??

?Thank you so much!? He screamed as we ran down the dark street, back to rest of Dwayne?s pick up. I just held the right door and tossed it on the trunk of the vehicle, squeezing my humongous built back inside.

Corey started the car and drove us towards home, he was quiet for most of the time but I still felt my blood boiling inside my veins.

?You did the right thing, it was a bit impulsive, but you did the right thing, Benny.? He said after all.

?Thanks for the help, sweetie. I just felt so angry??

?You?re not turning into some kind of gay superhero are you?? He finally had the urge to ask and we both laughed really hard.
?Well, I could design a fantabulous costume if I wanted. Something that would put Lady Gaga into shame, the only problem would be that I?d have to make bigger versions of it.?

Corey suddenly gulped. ?You really want to take this further huh??

?Of course?we still have two delicious sources back at home! Can you believe how much bigger we will be with Kenny and Diego?s gifts? That would be an awesome start.?

?Start of what??

I had Dwayne?s knowledge of physiology, and although I knew they weren?t enough, they would have to do for now.

?The start of something very interesting.?

End of Chapter IV
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Oooooh, intriguing! :3

I really like this story, hope the next chapter comes soon!
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