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Old August 31st, 2011, 10:25 PM
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Barbaric Times

?Alright Brett, just don?t forget to lock up.?

With that, the imposing gray steel doors to the gym shut, and I was left alone. Just the cavernous hall where I had proven my stuff, and me.

I take a deep breath and whack a puck into the net situated on the opposite side of the gym. Knocks from afar have always been my specialty, and I always make sure to show off my skills for the crowd. I could hear the screaming of my friends and family, watching their beloved star beating the crap out of the away team and showing the rest of the team how hockey was really played. None of those fuckers could touch me.

None of them.

With a loud huff, I whack another puck into the net. I throw my stick out toward the net and cross my arms, staring intently at the net as if it had done something to me. It?s not the net?s fault, it?s Tobey?s fault.

So many people think they can touch me, so many people think they?re as good as me, but they?re not. Fuck ?em. Some fucking punk may try to knock me off of my throne, they may take my fucking title from me, but who cares? Being captain?s just a fucking vanity title. Everyone knows I run the fucking show. Tobey can fucking parade around all he wants, cause he?s SUCH a fucking awesome new guy, arm around Molly, the girl I had until he suddenly because master of the fucking sport.

Yeah, I?m bitter. But I worked my ass off for this fucking team for four years, since the day I started here at Helm High. And then, all of a sudden, this fucking hot-shot guy from fucking Montana or wherever the fuck he came from swoops in and decides he?s a fucking star. Fresh out of the Abercrombie and Bitch catalog, all fucking pretty. Yeah, we?ll see how pretty he is when I knock his fucking teeth out on the next game.

I hurled my hockey stick at the net, breathing heavily? I wanted to beat the living fucking shit out of him. This motherfucker took my title, my girl, and my pride. No fucking way am I letting him just push me over like that.

I take a couple of deep breaths and shut my eyes for a bit. As soon as they open, I?m down on the ground cranking out pushups. Five, ten, fifteen, thirty, fifty, a hundred, slight muttering accompanying almost every one. I do a couple one-handed before standing back up. There?s no motivator quite like rage.

I pull off my shirt and toss it to the ground, admiring my sweaty body. Arms ripped, that sweet chiseled six-pack, pecs all the girls drool over. I flex my biceps and relish in the pump. I bet that fucking pansy country boy doesn?t have a real bod like this one. I head over to the bench, drop and start working on sit-ups, easily making it to the usual hundred spot. I bet that skinny bitch can?t even crank out half that. I stand up and grab my shirt, throwing it over my back as I head to the locker room. It?s about five-thirty, and everyone at the school is long gone.

I toss my shirt on a bench and open my locker, pulling out my shampoo, body wash, and a towel before heading to the showers. I stow my stuff outside and stand beneath the shower head, letting the warm water flow over my shoulders and down my back, and I start washing myself down thinking of just how eventful our next game would be?

?What the fuck?? I jump and fall back against the wall. The water turned ice cold.

?Glad I caught your attention, mortal.? A loud, booming voice echoes through the shower stalls. I look up to the ceiling, confused. It?s probably some fucking freshmen pulling a prank.

?Go home, dickheads!? I yell as I reach over and turn the dial on the shower to hot. ?Don?t get on my fucking bad side.? I go back to washing my hair, when the water turns scalding hot. I jump away from the water with a ?SHIT!?, as thunderous laughter booms through the hall.

?Do not ignore me, mortal. I can do far more than these simple games.? The voice said.

?Okay, who is this?? I ask, reaching over to turn the water off. ?What are you trying to pull.?

With a loud CRASH, a row of lockers in my field of vision fly open, causing another jump from me. Holy shit? something?s really happening here!

?Who are YOU, MORTAL??

?What is this, some Scare Tactics bullshit?? I yell at the ceiling.

?I am not here to scare you. I am here to help you, and I can only do that if I know your name, mortal.? The voice begins to soften, into more of a polite and less powerful tone.

?Brett.? I say with a bit of hesitation. ?Who?s this supposed to be??

?I am the spirit of Visigoth, the king of barbarians.?

?Barbarians? Yeah, okay?? I roll my eyes and head back to my shower. ?So what do you want from me, oh wonderful Visi-whatever.?

?I?ve heard your cries for vengeance, young Brett. And I am here to make that vengeance all the more sweet.?

I pause briefly, thinking this through? hey, worth a shot. ?Go on?? I say with a smirk as I pour some shampoo in my hand and start lathering up my short black hair.

?You wish to teach someone a lesson, someone who has spited you, correct??

?Yeah, that fucking pansy Tobey.? I say as I start washing my hair out. ?What about him.?

?I can help you, Brett? but only if you are willing to let me.?

?And what exactly are you going to do? You?re just some voice.? I shake my head and start lathering up my body.

?As I have shown you before, I am far more powerful than just a voice. How would you like to have the strength, the intelligence, the POWER of a barbarian to aid you in your quest for revenge??

Heh, this can?t be real. ?Yeah, bring it on Visi-dude.? I say as I wash off my body.

?I need a yes, young Brett.?

?Yes.? I say with a smirk as I grab my towel and wrap it around my waist.


?YES!? I yell at the ceiling.

?Then it is DONE.?

I look around the room, not terribly sure what I should expect. As I suspected, I see nothing. I roll my eyes and start toward the locker room when the door slams shut.

?Okay?? I say aloud as I turn around. Suddenly, with a WHOOSH of air, I feel a massive weight hit me right in the face. I fall back against the door, my towel falling off. I reach up and feel my head, sore from banging against the door, when I hear a quiet whisper.

?I hope you enjoy.?

I look around the room, puzzled, when I feel an odd sensation within my feet. A loud crack his heard and I yowl in pain and my feet start to convulse and twist. Wait a second, ?Are they getting larger??

?Yes they are.? The whisper responds.

My feet crack, spreading out slightly, growing wider, toes thickening and becoming broader, far more than my usual size twelves. A light dusting of brown hair starts to appear on the surface as they continue to grow larger and larger. Veins spread all over the surface and up my leg, the sensation following as my knees begin to shift. I watch in awe as my athletic calves start to expand, growing more bulbous and thick veins spread up the sides, looking like I had stuffed a football in a pair of oversized boots. The dusting of hair starts to spread up them, giving them a light coat of fuzz as my knees become larger, thighs starting to gain definition into true quads, growing into thick slabs of vascular muscle. My entire lower body feels heavier as my legs gain even more mass.

?Enjoy this, Brett? enjoy this?? The voice continues to whisper. My cock begins to rise by itself, as if by magic. I can?t even emote, watching what?s going on with my body.

My waistline sharpens, forming a deep V groove on the sides of my legs, when my back starts to stretch. I feel like I?m being pulled apart at the spine as my back cracks and broadens, realizing that I?m gaining height, shoulders pulling apart. My stomach starts to quake and tense as my lean six-pack starts to become larger, and deeper cut. I could get used to this. I can?t help but smile as my abs stretch and crunch, turning into deeply-defined bricks. My stomach starts to pooch out slightly, but my abs retain their insane definition as the same glorious brown hair lightly spreads up my body.

My pecs start to bounce and pulse by themselves as they start to inflate, growing into thick squares of hard muscle as my nipples become erect. My shoulders start to bulk up as my arms crack and stretch, becoming longer, biceps thickening into huge spheres, forearms following as veins appear to snake all the way down their length. My hands pulse and thicken, becoming wider, fingers plumping up, hair forming on the knuckles. I rise slightly, feeling my ass becomes thicker and wider, a true muscle ass. Brown hair lightly swirls up around my bulbous pecs and down my abs, giving me a sexy treasure trail, and soon my entire body has a light spread of silky brown hair.

?Whoah?? I say as my cock begins to pulse and writhe. My black, curly pubes lighten slightly, connecting to my treasure trail, as I feel my balls start to drop? I feel them between my monstrous thighs, becoming thicker and more virile, like a surge of testosterone. My hard cock starts to stretch outward, eliciting a moan as the modest five-incher fattens up, a droplet of pre forming on the tip as it stretches out, widening to nearly a beer bottle in size, becoming even longer as I see the foreskin around my cock roll forward? I?m not cut anymore. It?s no match for my throbbing length, as the crimson head practically begs to be touched. I reach out cautiously, realizing my massive tool is at least a foot long, and I touch the head curiously.

I can?t even breathe as a crescendo of pleasure surges through my cock, the voice starting to laugh loudly as I grip my thick rod and give it a firm jerk. I shut my eyes as I start to frantically masturbate, my jaw cracking and sharpening, neck thickening, sharp prickles of hair growing out of my chin forming a shadow, locks becoming thick and wild as it lengthens down my back into a glorious mane. My nose flattens slightly, eyes becoming more angular, brow pushing out as my eyebrows become bushier. I keep jacking my cock, wanting the sensations to never end, as the voice starts to egg me on?

?Yes, Brett? let your desire become king? let your lust fuel your aggression? LET US BECOME ONE!?

I let out a massive, booming yell as a thick volley of hot cum spews from my throbbing cock onto the concrete floor, gasping for air as I shoot load after load of thick seed splatters around me. I fall back against the door, writhing around as I keep spewing, the room feeling hot and musty as sweat begins to pour from my body. I start to laugh as my loads slow, realizing the same booming voice that had beckoned me to become one had now become my own voice. I stand myself up, one hand firmly grasping my dripping tool, and happily step through the puddle of my own creamy essence on my way to a mirror.

I make it over to the mirror and marvel and my brutish, hulking figure.

?You make a fine barbarian, Brett? go, show off your new self.? The voice beckons.

I take a usual bicep pose and admire the massive mounds of muscle perched on my arms. I twist around, causing my wet cock to slap against my swollen thighs, and view my globular ass and back before turning to see my mess completely gone. I stretch my body and take a deep breath of the musky scent that fills the room, feeling as if nothing could stop me, and I walk to the door and pull it open. My newfound strength is far too good for the door, and it slams against the wall and cracks the plaster behind it. I smile at my handiwork and stroll to my locker, cock still throbbing but starting to soften, seeing new gear replacing my old clothes and possessions.

?Your old clothes are of no use to you right now. I?ve replaced them with items far more fitting of your stature.?

I pull out a tight loincloth and string it around my waist, smiling at how it just barely conceals the soft python below. A pair of leather straps come out next and I tie them around my chest, followed by another set of straps for my legs and feet. A tight leather headband finishes the ensemble, and I take a look into the nearby mirror and smile.

?A true barbarian in every sense of the word.? I say, the new booming tone of my voice naturally fitting my appearance. ?Tobey won?t live to see his eighteenth birthday.?

?Excellent, Brett. But we must wait until nightfall to enact our revenge.?

With a sigh, as my cock rises to attention beneath my loincloth I quickly realize a way to pass the time.

Time flew as I explored my gargantuan body, repainting the locker room with my sperm.

?It is time, Brett.? I hear as I milk my cock of one of the countless loads I?ve blown. I smirk and take a deep breath of the musty, manly stench before exiting the locker room and shutting the door behind me.

I strut out of the gym and head off campus, when I take a deep breath and begin to run through the grass separating the school from the neighborhood. The sensation, the wind against my godly body, massive, rugged feet stomping through the grass? a sense of true power that had my mind racing and my cock rising.

I run off campus and down the empty street, turning into the gated community Tobey?s posh family calls home. As if a gate could keep me out. I pull the gate open and force it back, and I stroll into the darkened neighborhood. I walk down the middle of the street, an evil smile on my face as I pass house after house, knowing Tobey?s house was dead ahead. I run toward the house and leap onto the hood of the Mercedes in front, causing the car alarm to go off. I stomp on the hood once more and it promptly quiets down as I leap onto the roof and scale a trellis to the second story balcony, Tobey?s room.

I lean into the open window, realizing Tobey is still up and chatting on the phone.

?Babe, I love you and all, but I don?t care about the Real Housewives... yeah, I know? alright, it?s like, one in the morning. I gotta sleep? I know my parents aren?t home babe, but the playoffs are tomorrow. Love ya babe.? Tobey hangs up the phone and places it on his table, and he heads out into the hall. I swoop in through the window and start to quietly follow him down the hall. He turns into a bathroom, and when he goes to shut the door I quickly block it with my foot.

?What the?? he says as he opens up the door, only to see this hulking barbarian standing in his doorframe.

?OH MY GOD!? He yells as he jumps away toward the toilet area. ?WHO ARE YOU? GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE!? He starts to hurl shampoo bottles and toilet paper at me from across the room, but I grab his arm and twist it to the left eliciting a shriek from the fearful teen.

I glare straight into his eyes. ?You stole my girl??

I twist it to the right.

?You stole my title.?

I pull it up.

?You stole my pride.?

I pull it back down.

?Now? I want revenge.?
I twist his arm far back to the right and snap it out of his socket, causing another shriek, and I give him a swift punch to the face. He falls back against the wall, when Visigoth pops back into my head.

?Brett, believe me. There are far better ways to enact revenge on this mortal??

With that thought, my cock starts to harden beneath my loincloth. I smirk and start to approach Tobey, pulling my loincloth to the side. Tobey watches in horror as I massage my cock to full mast, and I grab him and throw him onto the counter.

He screams ?No, please no!? but there was no stopping it. I plunge my massive cock into his tight ass and start to viciously fuck him over the counter, pounding into him, moaning loudly as he screams in pain.

I turn toward the mirror and watch intently as I drive straight into his virgin asshole, admiring my surging and sweaty body as his shrieks getting louder and louder. Visigoth laughs in the background as I feel my climax near, my body feeling as if it were on fire, and make a final hard thrust into Tobey as I let loose a torrent of hot cum right into him. Seed trickles from his ass down his legs, forming a puddle on the ground as I thrust deep into him, loads slowing down as I start to calm down. I pull myself out from him, flip him over, and pull him close to my face.

?I will make your life one of misery and pain if you do not comply with my wishes. Understand?? I yell at the tearful, frightened teen.

He nods his head frantically.

?You will stop going to Helm High School and never return. You will break up with your girlfriend, surrender your position on the hockey team, and you will never speak of tonight?s events. Do you understand??

Once again, Tobey frantically nods his head.

I toss him aside and walk out of the room, massaging my cock as I walk through the hall and down his stairs. I kick open his door and stroll out into the night, invigorated by my conquest.

?You have done well, Brett.? Visigoth proclaims.

I smirk and nod my head in approval.

?I wish it never had to end.? I say as I continue to massage myself.

?It won?t, Brett. Taking that young man has sealed it.?

I stop in the street, confused. ?Wait, you mean??

?Yes I do, Brett. You?re my vessel now.?

My smirk turns into a wide grin. My cock jumps at the thought of being a permanent barbarian.

?I?ll check in every now and then, enjoy your new life, Brett.?

I begin to speak in unison with Visigoth as my mind starts to cloud, memories of my family and friends disappearing, replaced by a thoughts of nothing but lust, power, and mayhem.

?I?ll be living it for a very long time.?
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Will there be more ?
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hm very interesting....never seen this done before. Viscous and well written. I look forward to more if you have that planned.
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I might revisit it a while from now like I did Demon Brand Jeans, but as of right now it's a standalone. I do have another story in the works based on music and punk rock though, so be on the lookout for that sometime this, well, we'll say month. :P
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Wow, this is good!
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dodoria21 will become famous soon enough
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very well done man. love the visuals it gives of his muscles both before, during, and after growth
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