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Old September 7th, 2011, 03:15 PM
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A Weapon Named Rickey - Season 1

For those who read it, I wrote a quick one shot muscle growth story awhile back entitled "Evil Plans for Rickey". Got some good feedback on it as well as an interest for the story to continue. I hit writer's block right after that, but I recently got inspired and started planning out more of a story, and now I'm ready to post the first part. I'm gonna present it as a series of "episodes", posting them on roughly a weekly basis. It'll come to some sort of climax and the "season" will end and just as on tv, there will be a break. That way I don't go crazy coming up with new parts in a rush mode, and I can satisfy my evil little interest in leaving people hanging on cliffhangers So without further delay, here's the first episode, picking up where my one shot left off, so if you want to get familiar with the foundation, make sure to check out "Evil Plans for Rickey" first.


************************************************** *******

A Weapon Named Rickey : Episode 1

“Rickey! Rickey, wake up!”

Rickey’s body thrashed around in bed until he finally became aware of the voice urging him to wake. With a gasp and slight convulsion, Rickey bolted upright in his bed. Sweat saturated his skin and sheets. He looked around wildly until his vision focused in on his dorm room, and the guy standing over him with a look of worry on his face.

“Chris,” Rickey gasped.

“Dude, that was one wicked nightmare!” Chris exclaimed, “Are you okay?”

Rickey continued panting as he sat on the edge of his bed. His muscled body trembled and he felt like throwing up, but he wanted to maintain control of the situation.

“I’m fine, man,” Rickey said, “Just a dream.”

“What was it about?” Chris asked.

“I…don’t remember,” Rickey answered.

That was a lie. Rickey fully remembered every detail. Being strapped to a chair and having some serum injected into him. Rickey subconsciously rubbed the spot on his arm where the needle punctured his skin. Rickey could clearly see himself as the serum caused his muscles to bulge. He remembered the cloaked figure urging him to embrace the change, and eventually Rickey did. He turned into a muscle-bound monster, and was willing and eager to do whatever the cloaked figure wanted.

“Rickey?” Chris pressed.

“Fine,” Rickey answered too quickly, “I’m fine. What time is it?”

“Eight,” Chris said, “Class starts in a half hour. We better get moving.”

“Right,” Rickey said, still gazing off into nowhere as he got up and started changing.

Rickey Thompson was entering his junior year at Central University. He met his roommate, Chris Stapleton, in his freshmen year and the two had been a dynamic duo ever since. Rickey stood at a tall 6’1” and at 195 pounds, he had a well-developed body thanks to working out ever since coming to college. Chris was also physically fit, but not nearly as bulky as Rickey. He was 5’9” and 145 pounds. He had lean muscle and a six pack. Chris was still very strong though. His proudest feature was actually his biceps, which were pretty hidden until he flexed, and then they would swell up nicely and surprise any unsuspecting person. Separately they could almost be mistaken as shy, quiet guys, but when they were together their personalities really flourished as if they fed off each other’s energy, thus earning them the title around campus as the “dynamic duo”.

The guys finished changing, put their books in the backpacks and headed out the door. Summer was still holding its grip on the weather, so everyone was mostly dressed in shorts and t-shirts. Rickey and Chris both majored in political science, so their schedules were almost identical. Upon getting to class, Chris greeted their friends. Rickey gave them a wave, but quickly sat down and retreated into his own mind. The lecture proved impossible to concentrate on for Rickey. Try as he might, he could not get the images out of his head. He was sure it was all a dream, but he never remembered a dream staying this crystal clear in his head. He rubbed his arm in the area where the syringe stuck him. Was he really feeling a soreness there? Or was his mind playing tricks on him? The thoughts kept swirling around in Rickey’s head until he was sure his head would explode. A tap on his shoulder made him jump.

“Dude,” Chris said, “Class is over.”

Rickey looked at the clock. Had eighty minutes really just passed by?

“Are you sure you’re alright, man?” Chris asked, “You looked majorly zoned out all class.”

“I’m fine,” Rickey insisted, “I’m just tired. I have a bit of a headache.”

Chris looked Rickey over. They had become good enough friends to the point where Chris knew when Rickey was lying. This was a definite lie, but Chris also knew when not to push.

“Alright, dude,” Chris said, “I gotta head off to environmental policy. I’ll catch you later?”

“Yea, later,” Rickey said lowly.

Rickey didn’t have classes again until later that afternoon, but he didn’t want to go sit in his room with nothing to do but think about syringes and cloaked figures. He had gym clothes packed in his bag so he headed to the campus gym. It was a really nice gym. Fully equipped with cardio machines, cable exercises, and free weights. Rickey owed that gym his changed body.

Rickey went to the locker room and changed into gym shorts and a wife beater. He used to wear pretty baggy clothes when he first started out, feeling a bit embarrassed about working out. Now that he’s grown pretty impressive muscles, he doesn’t mind showing off a bit.

Rickey entered the gym and found it empty, which he realized he preferred given how distracted he had been. He went over to the bench and loaded up 195 pounds of weight onto the barbell. He laid down on the bench and begin pounding out his sets.

Rickey hoped that by working out hard he’d be able to clear his mind and get lost in the zone, but it wasn’t happening. In fact, the images started become more clear in his head. Rickey moved over to the dumbbells and began curling a pair of 50s. He saw himself in the chair being held down. The needle pierced his skin. Rickey felt his arm prickle but he pushed through the curls, grunting as his arms bulged. In his mind, he saw his muscles growing. They couldn’t be stopped. Rickey finished his set and put the dumbbells back. He was panting now and his face twisted into a harsh grimace. No, he refused to let these insane images cloud his head. He was going to work them out of his mind one way or the other. With his teeth gritted, Rickey grabbed a set of 60 pound dumbbells and started curling them furiously. Still his mind could only focus on his body growing. The cloaked figure laughed and praised. Rickey saw his muscles bulging until they looked ready to explode. Rickey began shouting out with each curl as he tried harder and harder to will the images away. It was no use. In his mind, Rickey saw himself burst out of the chair and let out a roar as he flexed his powerful muscles and began destroying everything in sight.

Rickey cried out and dropped the dumbbells to his side. Pain suddenly gripped him and he clutched his sides and doubled over. It felt like something was pressing itself out of him. He looked up in the mirror at himself. His eyes were bloodshot and his veins were pulsating. Under his hands he felt his lats rumble and bulge. He fell to his knees as his back arched back with a crunching sound. In the mirror Rickey saw his chest bulge. His traps pushed out and begin ripping at the straps of his wife beater. Rickey threw his head back and yelled, his voice sounding strangely deep. All of a sudden, the feeling left and Rickey collapsed to his side. His body returned to normal size and the pain left. Rickey laid panting on the floor. Slowly, he pulled himself up and leaned against the rack of dumbbells. He looked at himself in the mirror as he gasped for air.

“What the fuck is happening to me?”

* * * * * *

Far away, in another place and time, a cloaked figure walked among a series of dark, damp halls. He came to a stop near the end and pushed against the wall. It gave away and opened, revealing a doorway to a side room. He walked in and the wall shut behind him. Two men stood by a series of computers and turned around when the cloaked figure entered.

“Yes, Master Shendi,” they said in unison.

“It would appear we are making progress,” Shendi said in a dark voice.

“Yes, master,” one man answered, “The serum has firmly taken hold of the boy, and the first experiment with the trigger appears successful.”

“Indeed,” Shendi answered, “Eventually the trigger will reach its full effect, and I will be able to summon Rickey whenever I want. When that time comes, we will be able to utilize him in ensuring all the necessary steps are in place.”

“Then we will go home?” the other man asked with joy.

“Yes,” Shendi said, “Then we will return to our rightful home and reclaim it as our own!”

The room erupted with maniacal laughter.

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Old September 7th, 2011, 07:34 PM
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I'm really glad you're continuing with your evil plans!
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the biggest stud of all?
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Old September 9th, 2011, 12:06 PM
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you really are evil :P i like rickey and love watching him grow

now, just to quickly shamelessly plug my own fantasies, i really hope we get to see some romance/sexing with the roommate, chris and not just cuz that's my name and virtually same stats, either! i think it'd just be plain hot :P chris valliantly trying to save his best friend (increasingly, "lover") from the evil clutches of sendi, all while battling his own attraction to rickey's indomitable power, muscle, and feralness..... :P

anyway, great story, looking forward to more
just my thoughts as a writer

Things happen.
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Old September 9th, 2011, 08:55 PM
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Ive been wondering when you'll be continuing this series! I'm so glad that you started again. Can't wait for the next part
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