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Old September 23rd, 2011, 10:00 AM
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Ambrosia PT. 2

So, I got some positive responses for the first part--hurray! Now here's the second, where the growth starts. >:3 It isn't much for now, but as the story progresses they'll get bigger.

?So, you live by yourself?? Tommy asked. Ray nodded as he sipped his coffee. ?Don?t most people have roommates??

Ray chuckled. ?I don?t have many friends, and most of them don?t live in New York anymore.?

Tommy looked down at his cup and twirled the stirrer between his fingers. ?Same here,? he said.

?Live by yourself too??

?Yeah.? He took a sip. ?My mom and dad are business people. They were never really a part of my childhood, so when they didn?t mind when I said I was going to be living by myself.?

?They just let you go off?? Ray said, arching an eyebrow. ?Jeez, my mom had to kick me out.?

?They purchased my apartment and everything.? He smiled and sipped at his coffee. ?I didn?t want them to, but they insisted. I?m not sure how they feel about me doing things for myself. I guess it doesn?t bother them all that much, though.?

Ray shifted in his seat and finished off his coffee. After tossing out his cup, he looked over to Tommy and frowned. He hadn?t noticed it at first, but the kid looked pretty lonely. Maybe he looked that way too?

?Listen, why don?t I come back to your apartment with you? We can take the pills together, see what happens,? Ray said.

Tommy looked up. ?Really?? Ray nodded. ?I?d like that. I?ve never had anyone over before.?

?Then I?ll be the first.?

They took two trains over before walking the rest of the way. Ray nearly laughed when he realized they were standing on Park Avenue. This kid must have really had some money.

His apartment only solidified Ray?s beliefs. Tommy was loaded.

He?d never been in an apartment this big before. The kitchen took up nearly as much space as his apartment. The bathroom was huge, and, jeez, there were so many rooms he didn?t know which one was the living room.

?This is one hell of a place you?ve got,? Ray said. ?Christ?? It was well decorated too, to say the least. The walls had a nice beige coat of paint, and the hardwood floors were shiny and well cleaned. The tables were made of glass, and they looked as if they had been untouched.

?Thanks,? Tommy said. ?Shall we?? He took his bottle of pills out of his jacket and held them up, rattling them a few feet from Ray?s face.

?Yeah?? Ray pulled out his own bottle and twisted the cap off. Tommy brought out two glasses of water for them, and they sat down on one of the leather couches. ?Here goes nothing.? Ray plopped one of the pills into his palm; Tommy did the same. They tossed them into their mouths at the same time and immediately chased them down with a gulp of water.

After a few seconds of silence Tommy spoke up. ?Feel anything??

?No?? Ray couldn?t disguise the disappointment in his voice. Honestly, he hadn?t been expecting anything, or at least thought he hadn?t expected anything. ?Maybe we just need to wait a bit. Read the bottle. It may say something.?

?Pill takes an hour to go into effect,? he read, and frowned slightly. ?Well, Law and Order?s on. We could watch that until it starts to work.?

?Fine by me.?


They started watching at three o?clock, and the show?s credits started rolling at three fifty-five, almost an hour after they had taken the pills. Tommy shut off the T.V. and set the remote down on the table. He frowned and stretched his arms, folding his hands behind his head. ?Nothing,? he sighed.

?They said it would work,? Ray said.

?Maybe we need to take more than one? Or maybe the results only show after we finish the bottle??

?Or maybe we?re not supposed to feel anything,? Ray added. ?Kinda sucks? I was hoping for someth??

Tommy?s hand gripped Ray?s wrist. Ray looked up to him. His eyes were wide, and his jaw was clenched. Beads of sweat formed on his brow. ?Whoa?? His pupils dilated, then shrunk back down to normal size. His grip tightened on Ray?s wrists. And then suddenly Ray felt it too. He dug his free hand into the cough and squeeze. The world seemed to lurch forward, and then jumped back. He fell back into the couch. Sweat trickled down the side of his face.

His clothes felt hot. He clawed at them. They were tight, too. Why were they so tight? He could feel the fabric stretching over his chest; the sleeves felt tight against his arms. Even his jeans felt crowded.

The room stopped shaking. His sweat dried up, and his hand unclenched the piece of sofa. Placing his hand to the side of his head, he tried to lean up. Part of him had expected a sudden rush, but there was nothing.

He reached out for his glass of water and finished it off. Tommy was gasping, still leaning against the couch. Though it went unnoticed at first, Ray realized that Tommy was still clenching his wrist; his grip had slackened, though.

?Ray, look at your arm?? he finally said. Ray cocked a brow and lifted his arm before his face. His eyes went wide.

What had once been thin and unimpressive was now thick and covered with muscle. Ray turned his arm over a few times, inspecting it. His eyes travelled up to his biceps and triceps, which were bulging against his shirtsleeve. He flexed his arm, and the muscle pressed against it further. The peak was high enough to nearly rip the fabric. Turning it over, he inspected the horseshoe-like triceps that were cut into the other side. He lifted his other arm and did the same. It was just as muscled, just as chiseled as the other. A few veins passed over the top of his bicep as he flexed it harder. The peak rose up, and he felt the fabric stretch across it. He extended his arm, letting them muscle fall flat, then brought it back, flexing it as hard as he possibly could. His arm ripped and bulked, showing off all the cords and striations in the muscles.

Ecstatic, he rose from the seat and peeled his shirt off. Tommy let out a surprised gasp, but quickly covered it up with his hands. Ray looked down at his exposed abdomen. It was thicker, more chiseled than he?d ever hoped it could be. A neatly cut six-pack sat on his stomach, and two thick slabs of beef protruded from his chest. He gave them a hard flex, watching them squeeze together, and then bounced them a few times. They were thick enough to partially obscure the few of his feet.

His fingers slid over his abs and his pecs, feeling every crease and bulge his body had to offer. Smiling, he looked up to Tommy for the first time since the convulsion. ?Well, looks like I?m not the only one.? It took Tommy a moment to realize what Ray meant, but finally he cocked his head and stood, removing his shirt as well.

?Whoa?? he laughed, staring down at a body that, at the very least, equaled Ray?s. Upon further observation Ray thought that Tommy might have been bigger. Lifting his arms behind his head, Tommy stared down at his abs and compressed them together, shifting his hips around as he watched them flex. ?I?m ripped!? He ran a hand over his body and clenched one of his pecs. It was thick enough to fill his entire palm. He gave it a firm squeeze and blushed. He bounced them just as Ray had, and then traced a few of the veins with his fingers.

Since he was wearing shorts he was able to easily pull up his pant leg and inspect his leg as well. They were thick and toned, almost teardrop shaped like a bodybuilder?s.

Ray reached out and touched one of them, sending a surprised jolt through Tommy. However, Tommy quickly warmed up to his touch and let Ray inspect his well-muscled leg from top to bottom. Ray made sure to be gentle as his fingers slid down the back of Tommy?s leg. But when he came to the calf muscle he couldn?t help but give it a firm clasp. It was as hard as any stone he?d ever felt. And when Tommy flexed it he nearly undid Ray?s grip.

Laughing, Ray stood back up and gave his muscles another flex. His arms bulged with strength and size. His shoulders and neck muscles looked ready to swallow his head. He could feel his legs pressing against the fabric of his pants, and that wasn?t the only thing that was straining for freedom down there. While inspecting Tommy? body he?d noticed his cock had started to harden. He wasn?t all that surprised. Tommy looked? gorgeous. It was like those muscles had been built to suit him.

As if reacting to Ray?s though, Tommy took a step closer and rested his hands on Ray?s chest, caressing his pecs with a gentle touch. ?That?s big?? He laughed a bit and firmed his grip. ?Really big.?

?Take a look at yourself. You?re bigger than me,? Ray said, letting his hands travel down the sides of Tommy?s arms. They floated over his shoulders and rested on Tommy?s pecs. Giving them a firm squeeze, he slowly moved down the abs, and then the hips. ?Jeez, look at us.? Ray felt his cock stiffening. His jeans had been able to conceal his erection up until now, but at full length they?d clearly display it. Feeling his face redden, he tried to step back, but Tommy?s arms flexed up and refused to release him. He grinned, and pulled Ray in closer to him, close enough for their bodies to touch.

Ray felt Tommy?s pecs press against his. He almost moaned, but somehow managed to contain it. His cock, however, now fully hardened, could not maintain such modesty. But he felt something else touching it, something that was also hard and throbbing.

Tommy was blushing, and he could barely keep his eyes focused on Ray, but there was an air of arrogance about him, bubbling beneath his surface. Their nipples touched and grew stiff against each other. This time Ray did let out a low moan. Tommy?s skin was so soft, but his muscles were so thick and firm. His chest was hairless, as was Ray?s, and it made the sensation of their pecs touching all the more enjoyable.

Tommy?s grin faltered for a moment before returning, and suddenly he released Ray, but quickly swept him off of his feet and lifted him up.

?We?re strong, too,? Tommy said as he pressed Ray over his head. ?How much do you think you weigh now, two hundred pounds? I?ve lifted sheets of paper that?ve felt heavier.?

For a moment Ray enjoyed the feeling of Tommy?s hands pressing into his backside. They felt so safe, so in control. He almost shivered. ?Got a scale?? he asked. ?We can see for sure.? Tommy set Ray down and led him over to the bathroom. By then Ray?s erection had softened up again, if only slightly. There was a part of him that was hoping to avoid another encounter like that, and another part of him that was screaming for more. That latter part was definitely in control.

Ray stepped up to the scale first. He managed to look past his thick pecs and saw that it read 205 pounds. He?d been one seventy before. That was thirty-five pounds of muscle in just a few minutes. Chuckling, he lifted his arms again and gave them a hard flex, watching the peaks rise, the veins snake over the biceps. They were at least the size of softballs.

?Two-o-five? Wow,? Tommy said, placing a hand on Ray?s bicep and he peered over the older man?s shoulder. ?Lemme see what I weigh.? As Ray slid off, Tommy brushed up against him and copped a quick feel, letting his hand pinch one of Ray?s cheeks. Ray blushed, but didn?t say anything. His erection came back to full mast, and he realized that Tommy was unabashedly sporting one as well. It tented his pants, easily pushing the eight-inch mark.

Tommy stepped onto the scale and waited for the reading to come up. ?Two fifteen?? He shook his head and ran his fingers through his hair. ?That?s almost sixty pounds? Christ?? He continued to shake his head. ?And I lifted you over my head like it was nothing. Try lifting me up.?

Ray hesitated a moment, trying to figure the best angle to approach it, and decided simply to take Tommy in his arms then lift him over his head. He collected the younger boy, feeling the contrast between his soft skin and hard muscles, and pushed him up and over his head. It wasn?t quite as easy as lifting paper, but Tommy may as well have been a quarter of what he actually weighed. He looked up, inspecting Tommy?s backside before giving him a toss up and catching him back in his arms.

Tommy gasped. ?Don?t do that!? he giggled as Ray set him down.

?I caught you, didn?t I?? Ray said, placing his hands on Tommy?s hips, pulling him in. Tommy?s cock sprung up immediately as their crotches touched. His face was cherry red, and his chest heaved as he took in deep, uneven breaths. Ray ran a hand over Tommy?s pecs and caressed one of his nipples. Tommy?s looked away for a moment, then turned back and kissed Ray on the cheek.

He moved Ray?s hands away from his hips and, making his way to the door, turned back and said, ?C?mon, let?s see how much we can lift. There?s gotta be somethin? heavy around here.?

Ray frowned to himself, but quickly remembered that Tommy probably wasn?t used to all of this. He must?ve been nervous. It must have been a struggle just to muster enough courage for that little kiss. ?A fridge?? he proposed as he turned around, letting the frown disappear from his lips.

?A regular fridge only weighs about two hundred pounds,? Tommy said. Only two hundred?they were talking about that like it was nothing. Then again, it was nothing, now. ?We?ve gotta find something heavier than that.? He snapped his fingers. ?I?ve got a car in a garage near here. C?mon.?

?Hold on a second. Are you sure about that?? Ray asked. ?I mean, we don?t even know if we can lift something that heavy, and even if we could, we?d draw so much attention to ourselves.? Tommy looked back at him, a surprised expression having formed on his face. It slackened though, and was replaced by a soft smile.

?Alright, what do you propose we do, then? There?s nothing challenging in this apartment.?

Ray scratched at his chin as he thought. ?Your pretty wealthy, right? Do you maybe have a house in a? more secluded place?? he asked.

Tommy smiled. ?I should?ve thought of that. Come on, put your shirt on. It?ll take a few hours to drive there.?
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Very hot! And equally intriguing, looking forward to more of this. Keep it up.

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Old September 25th, 2011, 05:59 AM
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Originally Posted by vga518 View Post
Very hot! And equally intriguing, looking forward to more of this. Keep it up.
agreed! also, wonderfully written
just my thoughts as a writer

Things happen.
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