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Old September 25th, 2011, 03:50 PM
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Alpha Teen - Part 1 (Extended Version)

Hey guys! Looking over the first chapter I decided to extend some parts, adding more depth and development to the story. I think its a lot better then it was before. Hope you enjoy

Alpha Teen - Part 1
Extended Version

Ian couldn’t believe what he was seeing..

While the idea of little brother packing on muscle had crossed his mind, he never in his wildest fantasies dreamed Doug could end up like this. 16 years old and the teens wide naked torso stretched across there fathers Bowflex bigger then most bodybuilders. His thick glistening muscles pumped and bulged as he worked the machine like a play toy, almost seemingly getting bigger with each rep. The urge to make varsity football, had turned his brother into total jock god.

“See something you like?”

“Heh, just enjoying the view. Your getting huge dude!”

“I know, this workout plan dad has me on is insane”

“How much have you gained?”

“Grrahh... 22 pounds..”

“Holy.. I thought your coach only said you needed to be up 15 for fall”

“Haha yea, coach is getting a little more then he bargained for”

“I’ll say..”

“Like check this out dude..”

Doug stood up from the bench and quickly toweled off his body. Having not seen his brother shirtless all summer, Ian watched like a dog noticing for the first time Doug’s light coating of chest hair across his abs and pecs. It was like his brother had gone from boy to man over night..

“I measured them this morning.. 17 inches”

Dougie proudly raised both his arms up and his a double bicep pose. Ian’s jaw practically dropped to the floor, seeing these immense peaks of muscle explode from his brothers smooth tan arms. 18 and being a soccer player himself, Ian had a pretty incredible body, but nothing like this.


“Pretty sick huh?”

Dougie pumped them a couple more time, flashing an insane cocky grin. Ian couldn’t help himself but reach up and wrap his hand around the rock solid mound, totally in awe. His brother’s arm felt like it was made out of steel, he couldn’t even make a dent. He squeezed and rubbed his fingers around the whole circumference, feeling its incredible size and strength. Doug grinned at the attention he was getting from Ian and clenched his first as hard as possible, really blowing his bicep into a cannonball of power. Ian literally felt the bicep grow beneath his hand, watching an incredible display of veins snake across his brothers enormous arm.

While it was true most of Ian’s friends had muscles this size, he never had the guts to ask them if he could cup a feel. Touching a muscle this size for the first time was nothing short of incredible.

“..this is awesome..”

“Think so?

“Yea man”

Ian dropped his hand from the brother’s bicep

“I’ve actually been thinking about pumping them up even bigger. Like 18’ or 19’ inches”

“Shit really?”

“Yea man, I’d love to get bigger all over. I’m diggin the whole weight lifting thing. Hell If I would have known I could get this huge I would have started lifting years ago haha”

Ian felt a rush of excitement just hearing those words. He never thought anyone in his life had a craving to get huge, and now standing before him was his own muscle lusting little brother. He knew he probably shouldn’t have, but Ian couldn’t help but continue to lead

“Yea. That would be so cool though if you got that big. John Parkins, this senior, has 19 arms and there massive..”

“Exactly. That’s the kind of size I would love”

“Definitely, well I mean.. There’s still like a month and half left. You gained this first 22 pounds in only a couple months, you could probably hit 18’ before school started.”

“You think so?.

“Yea dude. If you wanna be huge, go for it! Maybe we could even get your arms up to 20” someday”

Ian felt his heart skip a beat just saying it

“Oh man 20 inches.. Damn.. I didn’t think you would be so cool about this Ian”

“Of course. What are your stats right now?”

“5’10 and 212 pounds”

“Shit your that big now?”

“Haha yea”

“Ok well.. Lets try and get you up to 220 before school starts, make it an even 30 pounds”

“Yea, you think I can do it?”


“Oh man 220 pounds.. I’d fuckin rule that football team!!”

Doug flexed in excitement practically ripping through his shirt. Ian watched his eager muscle bound bro load up even heavier weights, pumping like never before.

Ian left the room with a big fat grin, starstruck over what was happening. He never thought in a million years he would be talking his little brother into growing bigger, or for that matter feeling his biceps. The idea that his brother could grow into a real muscle hunk though, was just to good to pass up. He knew that he had just planted the biggest seed in his little brothers mind, boosting his muscle hungry ego 10 fold..

“Your brothers getting pretty huge isn’t he?”

Tom, the boys father, pulled back his newspaper overhearing some of there conversation.
“Yea, its unbelievable.. 212 pounds!”

“Yea football will do that too. I remember when I played I got pretty big”

“That big though?”

“Haha no never that big. Your brother is definitely one of the big ones”

“I told him he could probably hit 220 before school started”

“Maybe.. I’m sure he won’t get that much bigger though”

Two Weeks Later..


Ian stuck a plate of 12 pancakes in front of Dougie. The huge teen loaded on the syrup, looking crazed wit hunger, already finishing off the entire plate of bacon he put down earlier. Ian watched with a big fat grin as his huge muscle brother loaded the food into his mouth, ready to burst through his shirt from all the muscle he packed on..

“Don’t you think that’s a bit much?”

Tom looked with concern at his even bigger son

“No way, not with the way I’m growing”

Dougie chowed down like an animal, already carving into half the pancakes. The young teen had turned into a total muscle building machine over the past two weeks, eating upwards of 6,000 calories a day. 5 pounds of growth turned into 10 pounds, 10 pounds turned into 15 pounds. Ian had never seen anything like it, soon Doug found himself up 17 pounds, maxing out the Bowflex and looking totally massive.


“Jesus Doug..”


Tom got irritated..

“I think your taking this muscle building thing too far..”

“Too far? But I’m only at 18.5 inches!”

Doug laughed and flexed both his arms in the air, watching as his biceps exploded into a cannonball of muscle. Ian just sat there floored back once again by the display of his brother’s awesome muscles. It was only a few days ago they peaked at 18 and now here they were, bulging so huge and powerful his brothers sleeves could barley contain them.

“I’m just worried coach is going to move your position..”

There dad continued to push..

“So? Just as long as I make the team I’m fine. And lets face it, now that I’m 229 pounds, he’ll have to take me in”

Doug forked down his very last bite and made another large burp. The young stud got up from the table with his shirt and jeans cracking from the strain of his bulging young body. Ian quickly chowed down his breakfast and followed Dougie back to his room, catching a glimpse of him in the bathroom instead.

Knock knock

“Hey come on in..”

Doug was bouncing his pecs in front of the mirror.

“Can you believe dad man? Any father should be proud to have a son this huge”

“I know dude, you’ve practically gained 10 pounds a week”

“Fuck yea.. its like I was made for this”

Doug flexed his arms in the bathroom mirror for both of them to see. Ian couldn’t believe that this was the shirt he gave him just a week ago. What was at first a little baggy, now strained pathetically against his little brothers body. Even there dad’s borrowed jeans looked obscene, painted on his monster legs, and cupped around his porn star ass and bulging crotch.

“Shit Ian, how much longer do you think these clothes are going to last?”

“I don’t know man, there so tight on you today”

“Haha yea, fuckin porn star”

Dougie cupped his bulge with his hand

“Ew, sick dude”

“Haha. I have to admit though.. Knowing I could just flex and shred through my clothes.. Its a fuckin rush”

“I bet..”

“I mean just look at this..”

Doug slowly lifted up his shirt, inching closer to Ian with his muscle packed teen chest. Ian noticed his brother looked even hairier since last time he saw his chest. His treasure trail sprouted out from his jeans like a thick forest, covering most of his abs and even some of his beefy pecs. Doug crunched his abs and bounced his pecs, Ian realizing more then ever that his brother was beyond being called a jock. He was now a full fledged bodybuilder.

“You want to feel?”


Doug grabbed Ian’s hand, gliding him across his sculpted 8 pack, working him through all the ridges. Ian couldn’t believe that this was actually happening. His cock began to bulge by the touch of his brothers body, as he felt every inch and detail of his enormous chest for the first time.

“Check these out”

Doug placed his brothers hand on his massively huge muscle tit. Ian’s cock practically went fully hard, feeling the almost melon sized pec, bulge beneath his hand warm with power. Doug just grinned watching his Ian’s other hand uncontrollably reach up and grab onto his mountains muscle. He had to admit it felt great being admired for his size, his achievement. He bounced both his pecs up and down and continued watching his big brother’s jaw dropped reaction.

“Pretty cool huh?”

Doug asked proudly, while letting down his shirt.

“So amazing dude..”

“Yea, arms are still my favorite though. I can’t believe how big there getting!.. I bet you dad’s going to freak when I get them up to 20”

“You still wanting that big?”

Doug turned back towards the mirror and slowly flexed his arms behind his head, hearing the sleeves strain and strain.

“More then ever dude.. When I get done growing.. Josh Parkins record arms will be a thing of the past”



Later that night..

Ian could barley get the image out of his head. Watching Doug’s biceps explode through his sleeves, replayed in his mind over and over. The sound of the fabric snapping, his sinister chuckle, the overwhelming display of power.. Not to mention the amazing worship session they had. Ian’s cock became hard again just thinking about. Even though he knew it was wrong, his life long fantasy had been played out for the first time in his life. His brothers body was practically his ultimate wet dream


Ian heard Doug yell from the bonus room. He ran out to see what was wrong and saw his muscled out brother, breathing heavily, and standing over a totally destroyed Bowflex machine..

“Holy shit dude, what happened!?”

“I don’t know, I guess I was working it to hard.. Fuck!”

Doug took one hand and crashed the machine to the floor, red in the face and pent up with rage

“Whoa dude, just calm down”

“I was SO close!! How am I going to get bigger now!?”

“I don’t know dude, will figure something out though..”



Doug suddenly smashed his fist into the wall. Ian covered his ears and practically squealed at the site of it all. His brother’s entire body suddenly bulged, like every muscle was flexing at once. Ian never thought any human could be so scary, he never imagined what a man of his size could do, and frankly he never wanted to see it again.

“I have an idea..”

Dougie just turned around with a big fat grin..


Dougie grabbed the car keys from his backpack and walked past him.

“Its time we upgrade the package”
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Old September 25th, 2011, 10:35 PM
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AMAZING! i cant wait for more!!
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Yeah man, really exciting, looking forward to more. Wonder if he'll even be allowed on the football field, by the time the season rolls around, he may be stronger than the entire team put together and bigger than the 2 biggest linemen put together. Then again, what coach would turn down that kind of ticket to an instant championship?
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Old September 26th, 2011, 07:55 AM
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Love it! This is definitely my kind of story! Can't wait to see what happens next!
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Old September 26th, 2011, 10:58 AM
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Nice! I look forward to more! I liked the eating scene too...always love stories where big, rapidly growing guys eat a ton as they grow. Gotta fuel that growth!
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Old September 26th, 2011, 11:38 AM
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Damn I had been waiting for a while for another of your stories, I'm glad you hadnt lost your touch

This was good and i liked the idea of a supportive bro
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Old September 26th, 2011, 04:26 PM
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can't wait for he next part!!!
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Oh Yea

It's good, it's hot.

Please let us have more.
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Thanks for all the great comments guys! This story has really got me going! I'm just adding a few more details for chapter 2. It should be out soon
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