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Old November 4th, 2011, 05:26 AM
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A Change in Consciousness: Part 1

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]PART 1: More Than A Suggestion[/COLOR]

Frank checked himself out in the mirror and adjusted his tie. His doctor was droning on and on about the results of the physical. Frank let the MD continue to talk because there really wasn't much point in stopping it. Frank was in excellent physical condition. He had been training religiously at the gym for well on 20 years. The gym had become the focus of his life. It was therapy, it was a second home, and for the most part it was filled with people who looked at life like he did. His working out may have cost him his marriage, but the guys at the gym were really his family. They had been lifting together for years.

Sure, there were also the faggots that stared at him and any other big guy around. On the gym floor. In the locker room. But they were everywhere these days. They pissed him off, but Frank did his best to ignore them. Just that morning in the showers, that scrawny little blond fucker was starting to-

Then he heard it.

"...and if it continues, I'm afraid I'll have to pull your medical certificate. I'm sorry, Frank, but that's the way it is."

Frank swung around and faced his doctor. "What did you say?"

"It's the smoking. That persistent cough. I know it comes and goes. But the sputum analysis was worrying to say the least. You've got to stop smoking. And I mean the sooner the better."

"Dr. Malone, you know I'm in great shape-"

The doctor looked him straight in the eyes. "If I asked you to climb five flights of stairs, could you do it without resting before you reached the top?"

Frank closed his eyes. He could feel his gut started to harden in irritation. "No I couldn't. Could you?"

A patient man, Dr. Malone sat back and smiled at his patient. "I run triathlons three times a year. We runners don't carry as much muscle as you weightlifters, we're prone to be more agile. But the point is, you need to stop smoking. I could prescribe some drugs that would help, but I get the sense you wouldn't want to go down that road."

The irritation continued to grow. Frank ran his hand across his forehead. His hand came away wet with sweat. "No. No. I avoid drugs whenever I can. They're a sign of weakness."

Dr. Malone sat very still for a moment. "Have you ever tried hypnosis? A lot of people benefit from hypnosis, especially when quitting smoking. I think you should give it a try.

Frank looked down and saw that there was a thick band of sweat on his shirt under his pecs. In his mind, he had lumped hypnosis together with crystals and psychics. But if his doctor was recommending it-

"Would you really pull my medical certificate?," he asked.

Dr. Malone lifted a piece of paper from his desk. "As a condition of your employment, you should know that you are required to have this form signed off and submitted by me. Remember, I've got three weeks to submit it to the authorities after our appointment. How about you have a few sessions with a good hypnotherapist in that time and we'll see if that doesn't make a difference. I can suggest a good hypnotherapist if you like."

The nurse in the clinic had made the call and had scheduled his first hypnosis appointment for later that afternoon. His emotions in turmoil, Frank walked to his car, lit a cigarette, and started driving. His mind raced with thoughts: Was the bastard doc really justified in pulling his cert? And what had he gotten into with this hypnosis crap?

He stopped at a light. He smashed out the end of the cigarette and started a new one. As he smoked he glanced out the passenger window. There. On the sidewalk. That little blond fucker was watching him, a coy smile on his face. Frank wanted to smash that face. To take that blond head between his two strong hands and crush it against his flexed-

Then the light changed and Frank drove away, tires squealing.


The hypnotherapist was young, brown-haired, smiling, and Frank thought, probably a queer. It was only for a few sessions, he told himself. Just three sessions and then that medical cert would be signed and submitted. Frank didn't care if it worked or not. He just needed to get through the sessions.

It all seemed fairly normal. The hypnotherapist was named Jeremy. They talked about Frank's smoking, when he started, why he liked it, the few times he had tried to quit, why he had started up again. Frank started to relax. The questions were honest, respectful, and Jeremy seemed genuinely interested in helping him.

About a half an hour later, Jeremy announced that they were going to do "a trance induction" as he called it. Frank was instructed to close his eyes and and take a couple deep breaths. As he listened to that voice, Frank felt himself gliding deep into a dark and velvety space that was safe and enveloping. Occasionally a word would reach his conscious mind: release, accepting, transforming. Each one just seemed to make his happy. The flow of words went on and on. Going deeper. The soft flow of words. Flex. Big. Must. Hard. Must. Bigger. He just felt happy inside.

And finally he felt himself coming back the office, back to time and space. Jeremy was asking him to stand up, to take a couple of deep breaths. They agreed to meet at the same time next week. The drive home was very quiet and eerily focused. He parked in the driveway, pulled the gym bag out of the back seat and walked through the garage toward the kitchen door. He had a simple weight set in the garage, and a full length mirror. As he caught his reflection in the mirror, he stopped. He walked toward the mirror and began taking off his clothes. It seemed like the most natural thing in the world, to do a flexing session right when he got home. It was good to appreciate all the work he had done. And so, without any intent on his part, he stood naked before the mirror.

And his mind began to splinter in different directions.

One analytical part was looking at his proportions, the width of his lats in comparison to his quads, the V at the base of his abdomen. Another part was wondering over and over again why he didn't keep his body shaved. The striations would be more apparent if he shaved himself. He really should do something about that.

Then another part of him rose up like a wave, fierce and defiant. And everything was suddenly fogged out and he was back in that enveloping space. His eyes smiled at the reflection in the mirror and he started to flex. Front double bi. Ab and thigh. He couldn't stop. Soon, the sweat was dripping in splotches onto the rubber mat. As he continued, his mind started hallucinating: his pecs swelled to twice their size, jutting out like a shelf; his biceps formed enormous peaks, reflected by the triceps below, his quads became like barrels marked with deep vertical grooves. With each new revelation, he became more excited, more driven. He was addicted to this vision of his future self, to feeling it, to owning it.

While he hit pose after pose, there were several things that his subconscious mind decided to hide from him. Like the huge erection he had immediately gotten. The intense blast of cum after a particularly amazing vacuum pose. The delicious, driving, intense, hunger to get bigger, to be bigger. No, his subconscious carefully hid these things for the time being.

Along with the whimpering. The whimpering that came with the hunger. Whimpering like a scrawny dog begging to be let in. It was loud, that whimpering. It came from deep in his core. But Frank didn't hear it come from his own throat. No, the change in muscle was amazing, mesmerizing. Seeing it, feeling it engorged in blood, that was the only thing that mattered.

The next morning, he woke up in bed with his whole body sore: every muscle in his body hurt, his throat hurt, he felt hot and feverish. He called in sick at work, called his best workout buddy, and went back to bed. He had no memory of the night before. Just a hunger in every part of him that he couldn't explain or ignore. A hunger that seemed to be preparing for the week ahead.

(And in the back of his mind, unnoticed by anyone, that whimpering quietly continued....)

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Old November 4th, 2011, 12:09 PM
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AWESOME! Moarmoarmoar!
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Old November 5th, 2011, 01:09 PM
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The whimpering! I can almost hear it! Excellent storyline! "O" should really enjoy this one!
--It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. Charles Darwin
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Old November 5th, 2011, 06:27 PM
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Nice. I look forward to more
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Old November 6th, 2011, 12:33 PM
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Uh OH! Look out Frank!....

Bet that "queer" little hypnotist left a few subliminal suggestions!!

Twilight Zone theme music plays.....
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Old November 7th, 2011, 04:12 AM
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I love the part about the splintered consciousness--very intriguing. More!
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Old November 9th, 2011, 02:43 PM
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Hmmm, interesting... After the first paragraph I have Frank figured to be a real ass hole, an arrogant former HS/College jock that is so into himself he maintain his jock build but is more interested in things other than a clean lifestyle, homophobic and likely latent nomosexual... Frankly I really dislike Frank right now and think he deserves to be humbled a bit... For now, I am assuming there is not a conspiracy between Dr Malone, the "little blond" guy and Jeremy, the hypnotist...

I assume and can understand Jeremy would have interviewed in Frank in trance, I would expect that Jeremy must have picked up that Frank was not there willingly and wanted to explore why. And Frank gave Jeremy a report on everything we have seen and many "The little queer fucker was watching me/tried to touch me/etc" stories and lots of homophobic rhetoric. I suspect Jeremy learned some other stuff about Frank's wants, needs and fears that are yet to be revealed.

Based on Frank's behavior after his session with Jeremy I think Jeremy may have suggested that rather than smoking Frank get more into the person he "really" is deep down, and to be unawareness of how he "indulges" the inner Frank. Right now I'm not really sure how interpret the whimpering lonely hungry dog image.

Looking forward the more clues to what is happening here...


Last edited by Ender; November 9th, 2011 at 07:30 PM.
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Old November 10th, 2011, 04:01 AM
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GREAT! I wonder which were the orders the hypnotist gave him, appart from stop smoking lol
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