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?Dammit, Ray, I need the rent!? Andrea slapped Ray upside the head with a gentle but firm hand. Ray sighed and ran his fingers over his scalp, separating the unkempt strands of brown hair. He inched away from Andrea and shook his head a few times.

?I just need a few more days,? he said.

?It?s already a week overdue! I can?t keep doing this, Ray!? Andrea tossed his hands in the air and grumbled beneath his breath. Ray managed to make some of it out, though, having been in Italian, he couldn?t understand what it meant. ?Every month it?s like this. Ah, my mother??

?Listen, I mean it this time. I?ll have it,? Ray said, turning to Andrea. He placed his hands on the shorter, older man?s shoulder and gripped. ?I promise.?

?You always promise. You always look at me with those puppy dog eyes like it?s going to get you something. I?ve been too nice already. I need that rent by twelve o?clock tonight, or else you?re gone by tomorrow morning, understand?? He pushed Ray?s hands away from him and strode out the door, feet pounding against the hardwood flooring.

?How the hell am I??

?I don?t care,? Andrea growled. ?Figure something out, or you?re gone.?

The door slammed shut. Ray let himself fall against the wall. He slid down until his rear sat against the floor. Folding his legs, he tilted his head back and tried to think.

Money? Money? He?d been fired from his job two weeks ago and hadn?t been able to find one since. His mother had an apartment; if he couldn?t find money then he could move in with her, as much as she?d hate the idea. She was the one who kicked him out in the first place. But she wouldn?t deny him if he had nowhere else to go, would she?

She?d have to be a last resort, or else she?d never take him in. He could lie, of course, but lying to your mother was almost as bad as killing a man.

Take a walk. Maybe there?d be some help wanted sign somewhere. Maybe someone needed a tutor. He wasn?t in school anymore?he?d dropped out last year after just one semester?but he wasn?t stupid. He?d always been partial to history and English. But, of course, the opportunity would first have to present itself. Though, he?d never know just sitting here.

?Get off your ass,? he mumbled to himself, and he did.

New York City had been praised as an expanse of opportunities. Though, perhaps that was only a legend now, a legend from better days. That was not to say the city was poor or unkind, but the economic climate had been particularly sour as of late, and it had made finding a job?a decent job that would pay the rent?fairly difficult. But there was always something. There had to be something.

For the first hour Ray made sure to take note of every little flyer he came across. They were taped and stapled everywhere, it seemed, and whenever you ripped one off you?d find another revealed just beneath it. Good deals of them were advertising bands and shows and other little events that took place all over the city. None of them, however, mentioned jobs. There were no ?Help Wanted? signs either. There were several instances when he slipped into a store and inquired about a position, but nothing was available.

The sun had set a few hours later, and with all of his walking and searching, nothing had come up. Cursing to himself, Ray stumbled over to the side of a building and lightly bumped his forehead against it. ?This can?t be real.?


Ray turned to see what had made the sound. It was a lone flyer scraping across the concrete sidewalk. The wind was kicking it about. Frowning, Ray decided to give it a shot. Plucking the paper from the air, he uncrumpled it and held it up to the nearest streetlight.

It was an advertisement for a clinical trial. He?d heard of them before; they paid you to test out a drug, or something of that sort. The address was a legitimate university medical center, so it couldn?t have been a scam. And he?d get paid. Granted, he was getting paid for being a drug lackey, but he wasn?t so prideful that he?d let that get between him and a dollar. Rather, a thousand hundred dollars. The thought made his mouth water. That was enough for rent, at least for the next month, and maybe he?d be able to go back, do some other things for them, make some more cash.

He was getting ahead of himself, but he didn?t care. He just needed to call them. The trial was tomorrow morning. Maybe there was some room left for him.

When he returned to his apartment he made sure to notify Andrea, who, while still slightly frustrated, allowed for Ray to take the time to go through with everything.

?Don?t take too long,? he said. ?I?m happy for you, but I still need to have that money soon.?

?I?ll get it to you. I promise. And this is a real promise,? Ray said.

?Good.? Andrea shooed him off and closed the door with a thud.

The next thing Ray knew he was on the phone with the clinic.

?There are two spots left, actually. We?re glad you?re interested. There?ll be a more in-depth explanation when you come in tomorrow,? the voice on the receiving end said. ?We look forward to meeting you.?

?Thanks. Can?t wait,? Ray said, and bid the voice good night.

That morning Ray set out for the medical center. After a brief train ride and even briefer walk Ray found himself in the center of a perfectly white medical center. He asked for directions and soon came upon a small conference room. There was a large rectangular table in the center, surrounded by at least twenty cushioned chairs. Most of them were occupied, forcing Ray to take one wedged between two rotund men. He tried to edge himself away, but it was difficult to move the chair over the carpet, so he gave in and tried to make himself as comfortable as possible.

After a few minutes two men in lab coats?both of them looking well into their forties, perhaps even their early fifties?strode in. They were carrying clipboards and wore thick-rimmed glasses, fitting the stereotype perfectly. They both stood at the front of the room and loudly cleared their throats to garner the attention of the room?s occupants.

?Before we begin we?d like to thank you all for coming,? the right most one said. ?And, not only that, but we?d like to make a quick announcement.? They both smiled, and the one on the left tapped his fingers against the back of his clipboard. ?In order to participate in this trial, and in order for us to gain the most successful results, we require that our patients meet certain criteria. For instance, if any of you are currently taking drugs, be they illegal or prescribed medicine, you cannot participate. We must ask you to leave.? Silence spread over the room. A few people looked around, and after about thirty seconds at least five of them stood and made their way out, grumbling all the way.

?Excellent,? the left one said. ?Also, if you are either over-weight, we must ask you to leave, for health reasons.? Ray sighed with relief as the two fat men slid their chairs back?after some struggle?and made their way through the door.

?Why did you mention that now?? One of the remaining occupants asked. Ray glanced over to him. He was young, younger than Ray, even. He couldn?t have been more than eighteen. ?You could have had a bigger group to test on.?

?We have done that in the past,? the right one said. ?However, people don?t like to believe things unless they?re told by someone who looks official. If someone is desperate for money they?ll convince themselves of anything, even if our advertisement tells them they?re not eligible.?

?Besides, we can?t dedicate our entire flyer to explaining why they can?t partake,? the right one said. ?Anyway, if that?s all, we?d like to introduce ourselves. I?m Doctor Hammet.?

?And I?m Doctor Rackley,? the left one said. ?We?ll be giving you a brief explanation on what this trial is all about before we get into the good things.? He chuckled and took one of the empty seats, dragging it to the front of the room before plopping down in it. Hammet did the same. ?To start, we?d like to state that the purpose of this trial is entirely scientific. We haven?t found the cure for cancer, and we haven?t solved poverty. However, this drug trial can be a step in that direction.

?A few months ago an archeological dig in Greece discovered something quite interesting. Flowing beneath the ruins of an ancient city was a river of thick golden fluid. At first the archeologists didn?t know what to make of it. They studied it for a while, and finally found something quite earth shattering. When consumed, this nectar substance increases a human being?s physical prowess exponentially. If anyone is familiar with the fabled substance called ambrosia??

?Nectar of the gods, a gift from the Greek pantheon to the mortals,? Ray said. ?It?s mythology.?

?Not entirely so. We?ve come to believe that, through the eyes of a young civilization like ancient Greece, they would believe that the physical augmentations provided by the ambrosia turned men into gods. In reality its effects aren?t quite so dramatic. But still, they?re impressive nonetheless, impressive enough to send over to here, and several other places around the globe, to see what we can learn from it,? Rackley said.

?We?ve been doing our best for the past few months, and we finally came up with something interesting,? Hammer added. ?It?s a pill version of the ambrosia, one with what we hope are magnified results. The kind of physical improvements this pill can provide should strengthen the body to a point where disease and hunger become irrelevant. The pill should do what the myths claimed actual ambrosia could do.?

Rackley chuckled. ?Perhaps not that?s a bit of a dramatic statement, but you get the idea. This trial is to determine if blood type or genetics play a part in how the pill affects people, or if there are certain people who are unaffected. None of you will be given placebos. We?re quite sure that the pill can work. We just want to see how it will affect different people. Doctor Hammet, if you could bring in the bottles?? Hammet nodded and went outside for a few seconds, returning with a crate of twenty bottles in his hands. Setting it down on the table, he picked out ten?the number of people remaining in the room?and handed them out.

?Gentlemen, good luck,? Hammet said.


Ray stood outside the medical center, turning the bottle over in his hand. Tossing it up, he caught it and shoved it into his jacket pocket. He began to walk toward the subway, but a voice stopped him.

?Whaddya think??

Ray wheeled around on his heels and came face to face with the boy from before, the one who had spoken out. He was a good two inches shorter than Ray, which was still decently tall, seeing as Ray was just over six feet. His hair was red and wavy, and long enough to show the waves off without being excessive. Freckles dotted his pale cheeks.

?What do you mean?? Ray asked. He began to walk again, and the boy followed alongside him.

?About the pills,? he said. ?Nervous??

?Maybe? a little,? he said. ?I don?t care, though. I?ve got my check, and I can pay my rent.? He chuckled as he hand dug into his pocket, feeling the little slip of paper pressed between his wallet and the innards of his jeans.

?Was it just money, for you?? the boy asked.

?Yup,? Ray replied. ?Though, it certainly sounds like a nice thing??

?That?s why I came,? the boy said. ?I don?t need the money.? Ray felt a pang of jealousy, but when he turned to face the boy again he was met with a folded slip of paper. ?Take it.?

?Take it?? Ray lifted his hand hesitantly. The boy nodded, and Ray took it. ?Thanks.? He smiled and paused for a moment. ?My name?s Ray.?

?Thomas, but my friends call my Tommy.?

?It was nice meeting you,? Ray said. ?And thanks again. You don?t know how much this means to me.? He laughed and stuffed the check in his pocket. ?How can I thank you??

?You don?t need to,? Tommy said.

?But I want to,? Ray said. ?I actually have enough money for that now.? He chuckled. ?I just need to cash these checks first. I?ll buy you some coffee, or something.? For a moment Tommy looked like he was going to argue, but he finally submitted and the two went off.

?So, you live by yourself?? Tommy asked. Ray nodded as he sipped his coffee. ?Don?t most people have roommates??

Ray chuckled. ?I don?t have many friends, and most of them don?t live in New York anymore.?

Tommy looked down at his cup and twirled the stirrer between his fingers. ?Same here,? he said.

?Live by yourself too??

?Yeah.? He took a sip. ?My mom and dad are business people. They were never really a part of my childhood, so when they didn?t mind when I said I was going to be living by myself.?

?They just let you go off?? Ray said, arching an eyebrow. ?Jeez, my mom had to kick me out.?

?They purchased my apartment and everything.? He smiled and sipped at his coffee. ?I didn?t want them to, but they insisted. I?m not sure how they feel about me doing things for myself. I guess it doesn?t bother them all that much, though.?

Ray shifted in his seat and finished off his coffee. After tossing out his cup, he looked over to Tommy and frowned. He hadn?t noticed it at first, but the kid looked pretty lonely. Maybe he looked that way too?

?Listen, why don?t I come back to your apartment with you? We can take the pills together, see what happens,? Ray said.

Tommy looked up. ?Really?? Ray nodded. ?I?d like that. I?ve never had anyone over before.?

?Then I?ll be the first.?

They took two trains over before walking the rest of the way. Ray nearly laughed when he realized they were standing on Park Avenue. This kid must have really had some money.

His apartment only solidified Ray?s beliefs. Tommy was loaded.

He?d never been in an apartment this big before. The kitchen took up nearly as much space as his apartment. The bathroom was huge, and, jeez, there were so many rooms he didn?t know which one was the living room.

?This is one hell of a place you?ve got,? Ray said. ?Christ?? It was well decorated too, to say the least. The walls had a nice beige coat of paint, and the hardwood floors were shiny and well cleaned. The tables were made of glass, and they looked as if they had been untouched.

?Thanks,? Tommy said. ?Shall we?? He took his bottle of pills out of his jacket and held them up, rattling them a few feet from Ray?s face.

?Yeah?? Ray pulled out his own bottle and twisted the cap off. Tommy brought out two glasses of water for them, and they sat down on one of the leather couches. ?Here goes nothing.? Ray plopped one of the pills into his palm; Tommy did the same. They tossed them into their mouths at the same time and immediately chased them down with a gulp of water.

After a few seconds of silence Tommy spoke up. ?Feel anything??

?No?? Ray couldn?t disguise the disappointment in his voice. Honestly, he hadn?t been expecting anything, or at least thought he hadn?t expected anything. ?Maybe we just need to wait a bit. Read the bottle. It may say something.?

?Pill takes an hour to go into effect,? he read, and frowned slightly. ?Well, Law and Order?s on. We could watch that until it starts to work.?

?Fine by me.?


They started watching at three o?clock, and the show?s credits started rolling at three fifty-five, almost an hour after they had taken the pills. Tommy shut off the T.V. and set the remote down on the table. He frowned and stretched his arms, folding his hands behind his head. ?Nothing,? he sighed.

?They said it would work,? Ray said.

?Maybe we need to take more than one? Or maybe the results only show after we finish the bottle??

?Or maybe we?re not supposed to feel anything,? Ray added. ?Kinda sucks? I was hoping for someth??

Tommy?s hand gripped Ray?s wrist. Ray looked up to him. His eyes were wide, and his jaw was clenched. Beads of sweat formed on his brow. ?Whoa?? His pupils dilated, then shrunk back down to normal size. His grip tightened on Ray?s wrists. And then suddenly Ray felt it too. He dug his free hand into the cough and squeeze. The world seemed to lurch forward, and then jumped back. He fell back into the couch. Sweat trickled down the side of his face.

His clothes felt hot. He clawed at them. They were tight, too. Why were they so tight? He could feel the fabric stretching over his chest; the sleeves felt tight against his arms. Even his jeans felt crowded.

The room stopped shaking. His sweat dried up, and his hand unclenched the piece of sofa. Placing his hand to the side of his head, he tried to lean up. Part of him had expected a sudden rush, but there was nothing.

He reached out for his glass of water and finished it off. Tommy was gasping, still leaning against the couch. Though it went unnoticed at first, Ray realized that Tommy was still clenching his wrist; his grip had slackened, though.

?Ray, look at your arm?? he finally said. Ray cocked a brow and lifted his arm before his face. His eyes went wide.

What had once been thin and unimpressive was now thick and covered with muscle. Ray turned his arm over a few times, inspecting it. His eyes travelled up to his biceps and triceps, which were bulging against his shirtsleeve. He flexed his arm, and the muscle pressed against it further. The peak was high enough to nearly rip the fabric. Turning it over, he inspected the horseshoe-like triceps that were cut into the other side. He lifted his other arm and did the same. It was just as muscled, just as chiseled as the other. A few veins passed over the top of his bicep as he flexed it harder. The peak rose up, and he felt the fabric stretch across it. He extended his arm, letting them muscle fall flat, then brought it back, flexing it as hard as he possibly could. His arm ripped and bulked, showing off all the cords and striations in the muscles.

Ecstatic, he rose from the seat and peeled his shirt off. Tommy let out a surprised gasp, but quickly covered it up with his hands. Ray looked down at his exposed abdomen. It was thicker, more chiseled than he?d ever hoped it could be. A neatly cut six-pack sat on his stomach, and two thick slabs of beef protruded from his chest. He gave them a hard flex, watching them squeeze together, and then bounced them a few times. They were thick enough to partially obscure the few of his feet.

His fingers slid over his abs and his pecs, feeling every crease and bulge his body had to offer. Smiling, he looked up to Tommy for the first time since the convulsion. ?Well, looks like I?m not the only one.? It took Tommy a moment to realize what Ray meant, but finally he cocked his head and stood, removing his shirt as well.

?Whoa?? he laughed, staring down at a body that, at the very least, equaled Ray?s. Upon further observation Ray thought that Tommy might have been bigger. Lifting his arms behind his head, Tommy stared down at his abs and compressed them together, shifting his hips around as he watched them flex. ?I?m ripped!? He ran a hand over his body and clenched one of his pecs. It was thick enough to fill his entire palm. He gave it a firm squeeze and blushed. He bounced them just as Ray had, and then traced a few of the veins with his fingers.

Since he was wearing shorts he was able to easily pull up his pant leg and inspect his leg as well. They were thick and toned, almost teardrop shaped like a bodybuilder?s.

Ray reached out and touched one of them, sending a surprised jolt through Tommy. However, Tommy quickly warmed up to his touch and let Ray inspect his well-muscled leg from top to bottom. Ray made sure to be gentle as his fingers slid down the back of Tommy?s leg. But when he came to the calf muscle he couldn?t help but give it a firm clasp. It was as hard as any stone he?d ever felt. And when Tommy flexed it he nearly undid Ray?s grip.

Laughing, Ray stood back up and gave his muscles another flex. His arms bulged with strength and size. His shoulders and neck muscles looked ready to swallow his head. He could feel his legs pressing against the fabric of his pants, and that wasn?t the only thing that was straining for freedom down there. While inspecting Tommy? body he?d noticed his cock had started to harden. He wasn?t all that surprised. Tommy looked? gorgeous. It was like those muscles had been built to suit him.

As if reacting to Ray?s though, Tommy took a step closer and rested his hands on Ray?s chest, caressing his pecs with a gentle touch. ?That?s big?? He laughed a bit and firmed his grip. ?Really big.?

?Take a look at yourself. You?re bigger than me,? Ray said, letting his hands travel down the sides of Tommy?s arms. They floated over his shoulders and rested on Tommy?s pecs. Giving them a firm squeeze, he slowly moved down the abs, and then the hips. ?Jeez, look at us.? Ray felt his cock stiffening. His jeans had been able to conceal his erection up until now, but at full length they?d clearly display it. Feeling his face redden, he tried to step back, but Tommy?s arms flexed up and refused to release him. He grinned, and pulled Ray in closer to him, close enough for their bodies to touch.

Ray felt Tommy?s pecs press against his. He almost moaned, but somehow managed to contain it. His cock, however, now fully hardened, could not maintain such modesty. But he felt something else touching it, something that was also hard and throbbing.

Tommy was blushing, and he could barely keep his eyes focused on Ray, but there was an air of arrogance about him, bubbling beneath his surface. Their nipples touched and grew stiff against each other. This time Ray did let out a low moan. Tommy?s skin was so soft, but his muscles were so thick and firm. His chest was hairless, as was Ray?s, and it made the sensation of their pecs touching all the more enjoyable.

Tommy?s grin faltered for a moment before returning, and suddenly he released Ray, but quickly swept him off of his feet and lifted him up.

?We?re strong, too,? Tommy said as he pressed Ray over his head. ?How much do you think you weigh now, two hundred pounds? I?ve lifted sheets of paper that?ve felt heavier.?

For a moment Ray enjoyed the feeling of Tommy?s hands pressing into his backside. They felt so safe, so in control. He almost shivered. ?Got a scale?? he asked. ?We can see for sure.? Tommy set Ray down and led him over to the bathroom. By then Ray?s erection had softened up again, if only slightly. There was a part of him that was hoping to avoid another encounter like that, and another part of him that was screaming for more. That latter part was definitely in control.

Ray stepped up to the scale first. He managed to look past his thick pecs and saw that it read 205 pounds. He?d been one seventy before. That was thirty-five pounds of muscle in just a few minutes. Chuckling, he lifted his arms again and gave them a hard flex, watching the peaks rise, the veins snake over the biceps. They were at least the size of softballs.

?Two-o-five? Wow,? Tommy said, placing a hand on Ray?s bicep and he peered over the older man?s shoulder. ?Lemme see what I weigh.? As Ray slid off, Tommy brushed up against him and copped a quick feel, letting his hand pinch one of Ray?s cheeks. Ray blushed, but didn?t say anything. His erection came back to full mast, and he realized that Tommy was unabashedly sporting one as well. It tented his pants, easily pushing the eight-inch mark.

Tommy stepped onto the scale and waited for the reading to come up. ?Two fifteen?? He shook his head and ran his fingers through his hair. ?That?s almost sixty pounds? Christ?? He continued to shake his head. ?And I lifted you over my head like it was nothing. Try lifting me up.?

Ray hesitated a moment, trying to figure the best angle to approach it, and decided simply to take Tommy in his arms then lift him over his head. He collected the younger boy, feeling the contrast between his soft skin and hard muscles, and pushed him up and over his head. It wasn?t quite as easy as lifting paper, but Tommy may as well have been a quarter of what he actually weighed. He looked up, inspecting Tommy?s backside before giving him a toss up and catching him back in his arms.

Tommy gasped. ?Don?t do that!? he giggled as Ray set him down.

?I caught you, didn?t I?? Ray said, placing his hands on Tommy?s hips, pulling him in. Tommy?s cock sprung up immediately as their crotches touched. His face was cherry red, and his chest heaved as he took in deep, uneven breaths. Ray ran a hand over Tommy?s pecs and caressed one of his nipples. Tommy?s looked away for a moment, then turned back and kissed Ray on the cheek.

He moved Ray?s hands away from his hips and, making his way to the door, turned back and said, ?C?mon, let?s see how much we can lift. There?s gotta be somethin? heavy around here.?

Ray frowned to himself, but quickly remembered that Tommy probably wasn?t used to all of this. He must?ve been nervous. It must have been a struggle just to muster enough courage for that little kiss. ?A fridge?? he proposed as he turned around, letting the frown disappear from his lips.

?A regular fridge only weighs about two hundred pounds,? Tommy said.

Only two hundred?they were talking about that like it was nothing. Then again, it was nothing, now. ?We?ve gotta find something heavier than that.? He snapped his fingers. ?I?ve got a car in a garage near here. C?mon.?

?Hold on a second. Are you sure about that?? Ray asked. ?I mean, we don?t even know if we can lift something that heavy, and even if we could, we?d draw so much attention to ourselves.? Tommy looked back at him, a surprised expression having formed on his face. It slackened though, and was replaced by a soft smile.

?Alright, what do you propose we do, then? There?s nothing challenging in this apartment.?

Ray scratched at his chin as he thought. ?Your pretty wealthy, right? Do you maybe have a house in a? more secluded place?? he asked.

Tommy smiled. ?I should?ve thought of that. Come on, put your shirt on. It?ll take a few hours to drive there.?


It turned out that Tommy had a house upstate. Like he said, it took them a few hours to drive there. Tommy took the wheel and Ray the front passenger seat. Much of the car ride was, much to Ray?s surprise, spent talking about each other?s lives rather than the incredible bodies they had just gained. Though, what was there to talk about, really? Ray only needed to look down at himself or over to Tommy to see the results. And how he did like to look at Tommy.

The younger boy?s shirt was so tight across his chest that a soft outline of his pecs pushed through it, and it was just cool enough inside for his hard nipples to show through. Ray made sure his jaw was clenched shut. He didn?t want to drool. Whenever Tommy clenched the wheel his arms would tense up, exposing an array of cords and striations. However brief the flex was, Ray soaked in every glorious moment of it. There were a few instances when Tommy caught him staring, and his face would color up, but he?d grown accustomed to it by the end of the ride, and that flush of embarrassment was replaced with a confident smile.

They?d tossed their pill bottles in the back. Every time the car made a turn or hit a bump they?d hear the pills rattling around. There must have been thirty or forty left in each of them. One pill had given them model-esque bodies and strength to rival some of the strongest men alive. What would another pill do? What would the rest of the bottle do? He felt his cock harden at the thought of it.

?We?re here,? Tommy said as he pulled into the driveway. The house was located in the middle of a small wood. Ray had noticed a few other houses on the way in, but they all must have been at least a mile away. It was perfectly secluded.

As they climbed out Ray noticed another car pulled into the driveway. He eyed it worriedly. Were they actually alone? Tommy didn?t seem to be making a big fuss about it.

?That?s one of my dad?s cars,? Tommy said. ?He keeps it here all the time. Don?t worry. We?re the only ones here. My parents are in Europe.?

Ray sighed with relief. ?Good.? He wiped some sweat from his brow and followed Tommy inside. They hadn?t packed any bags, but then again they were nearly the same height, and all of their clothes would be tight on them regardless.

Tommy started the quick grand tour. The house was three stories, not including the basement. The first one had a bedroom with a king-sized bed, bathroom, kitchen, and living room, with a few sliding doors that led to a back porch. The second story consisted only of bedrooms, and the third floor had two more bedrooms, a den, and a weight room. He mentioned that last one with a smile.

?You think anything up there?s actually heave enough for us?? Ray asked, flexing his arm, casually inspecting the peak of his bicep.

?If you put enough plates on the barbells, I don?t see why not. But that?s not what I?m really interested in lifting,? he said.

Ray chuckled. ?You mean the car? Are you sure??

?Won?t know until I try,? Tommy said. ?Besides, I can always pop another pill if I need some more strength.? He slid over to Ray and flexed his biceps, coming with just inches of him. Ray ran a finger over one of the softball sized, muscles. It was like touching living art. Giving it a playful squeeze, he felt the rock hardness underneath his fingers.

?Alright, big boy. Give it a try, but be careful,? he said. Tommy smiled and kissed him on the cheek like he had done before.

?I will,? he said, and gave Ray a quick pat on the rear. ?Why don?t you go change your clothes first? These are all sweaty. I have some shirts and shorts upstairs. I?m gonna go shirtless.? As he finished that thought he pulled his shirt off, exposing he thick, ripped body.

?Hey, I want my turn, too. I don?t wanna stink up two shirts in one day,? Ray said as he too removed his top.

Tommy stroked Ray?s nipple and started to stride out the door. ?Alright, but don?t let those muscles distract me.?

?I promise,? Ray said as followed behind, watching Tommy?s rear all the way. He couldn?t wait to see that thing unclothed. It looked so bubbly and tight, even with loose-fitting shorts covering it. And he didn?t forget to take in the sight of those sculpted traps and lats.

Tommy wasted no time. He jogged across the front laws, pecs bouncing in all their thick and meaty glory, and stepped onto the driveway. Ray was right behind him, and instructed him to approach the car slowly. The last thing they needed was a hospital visit?and what an explanation they?d have. Tommy took Ray?s advice and slowly crouched down, placing his hands beneath the back end of the car. He knew to lift with his legs; that was good.

In order to get to the center of the car he?d have to work his way in. Lifting the back didn?t seem to pose much of a problem to him. Ray guessed that the car weighed at least two tons. If Tommy could lift that much? He shook his head. He couldn?t wrap his head around it.

Tommy?s arms flexed and strained as he began to push the backside up. His biceps bulged, and veins sprouted up all over them. He grunted, and somehow managed to lift it up. The front side pressed into the concrete and lightly scraped it. Ray cringed, but remembered that a paint job would hardly make a dent in the younger boy?s wallet.

Grinning, Tommy began to make his way to the center, letting more and more weight fall onto his arms. His face turned red, and his muscles began to strain and flex. Power pumped into them, and when Tommy lifted the front of the car into the air they expanded to their full size.

Ray stammered back and gasped. Not only was Tommy ballooning with muscle, but he was actually lifting the car up. With each inch he raised it his muscles seem to expand more and more. At first he grunted and groaned, but by the time his arms had locked he was laughing.

Ray?s cock was at full mast and drooling profusely. A fairly large wet-spot had formed in the center of his crotch, where his manhood had tented his pants. It pulsed and strained against the fabric, lusting for stimulation.

?It?s so light!? Tommy shouted as he tossed the car a few feet into the air and caught it. ?And God? I?m so huge?? As he set the car down he ran his hands over his body. His muscles were so thick, so ripped. And his cock?it jutted so far out from his pants that they looked ready to rip. Not only was it long, but also it was meaty and thick. Ray wanted to do the math in his head, but there wasn?t quite enough blood flowing to his brain for that. ?Jeez, Ray, look at me.? Tommy laughed again. It was pure bliss. He strode over to Ray with incredible grace and, with his powerful arms, forced their bodies together. ?Feel this.?

Ray relished the feeling of their cocks pressing together for a moment. Waves of pleasure flowed through him, and for a moment all he wanted was to stroke Tommy?s throbbing head, but something compelled him to listen to the younger boy?s words.

His hands went immediately to Tommy?s pecs, gripping them firmly, tracing over the veins. His fingers slid into the valley before moving toward his nipples, which he cupped with his palm. God, his pecs were so big he couldn?t even fit his hands around them.

Tommy moaned and thrust his hips forward, driving his cock against Ray?s. Ray allowed his left hand to stroke at the thick, drooling head, while his right hand continued to caress Tommy?s abdomen.

?F-fuck?? Tommy cocked his head back and squeezed his eyes shut. When he opened them up again he looked back down and beheld Ray massaging his meat. ?It?s so big? God, that?s gotta be a whole foot long.? He pressed his hand against his forehead and wiped the sweat off, shuttering as he felt Ray?s soft touch pass over him abs and his dick-head.

His stomach lurched.

?What?s wrong?? Ray asked. ?Don?t you like it??

?It?s not you. It?s?? His breath left him. He looked down at his body as his muscles and cock began to shrink down to their previous sizes. ?What the?? He shook his head and held up his arms, which, to any normal person, would have been gorgeously sculpted. But to someone who?d just been a few steps below godhood, they looked? scrawny.

?Tommy, are you okay?? Ray said as he placed his hands on Tommy?s shoulders. Tommy didn?t respond at first, but when Ray gave him a light shake he nodded.

?Yeah? it was just? God, Ray, you should have felt it. All of that power?I?ve never felt that great in my life. I swear I could have lifted a mountain.? He swallowed hard and shook his head. ?I wanna feel that again? It was so incredible.? He looked up to Ray. ?Will you take another pill with me? Please. I want you to know what it felt like. I want to be that way again.?

Ray gulped, but he knew he couldn?t argue. He had seen Tommy, seen how massive his muscles were, how powerful they were. And he?d seemed so lost in bliss and ecstasy. How could he deny himself that? ?Of course I will.? Ray said, and kissed Tommy on the cheek.

Tommy smiled and kissed him back?a quick peck on the lips. ?I just met you a few hours ago?? he mused, ?and I?m already crazy about you.?


Ray stood with the golden gel pill in his hand. Tommy, who stood across from him, looked up and smiled. He popped the pill in his mouth and chased it down with water. Ray did the same, and for a moment he felt a pang of nervousness. However, Tommy?s warm smile settled him a bit. They were doing this together.

?Well, we have an hour until it starts to take effect,? Ray said. ?Anything you wanna do until then??

?There?s a T.V. in the bedroom,? Tommy replied as he placed his hands around Ray?s waist. Ray grinned and ran a few fingers over Tommy?s abs and obliques. That soft skin? he couldn?t get enough of it.

?Sounds good to me,? Ray said. Tommy kissed him on the lips again, this time lingering, letting his hands stroke the side of Ray?s face. When he retreated, he turned toward the bedroom and immediately stripped his pants, revealing a pair of boxer-briefs. Ray?s cock hardened up again. Tommy?s rear was perfectly rounded, perfectly bubbly.

?Coming?? Tommy turned back to him, displaying a semi-hard cock. Ray grinned and stripped his jeans, revealing a pair of what had once been loose-fitting boxers. They gripped at his legs now, revealing his bulge and his own bubble butt.

Tommy dove onto the bed, kicking off his socks and shoes; Ray followed right behind him. The two turned toward each other and kissed, pressing their hips together. Ray felt Tommy?s cock grow to full length?a good eight inches, barely longer than his own. The perfectly shaped mushroom heads pressed together, leaking pre-cum through their underwear.

Ray ran his hand down Tommy?s backside, tracing the striations in his back muscles, passing over the small of his back before finally gripping his thick, firm ass. He gave it a tight squeeze, forcing a moan from the younger boy. Tommy pressed his head into Ray?s chest and tightened their embrace. Ray felt him lapping at his nipples and gasped. His hand moved around Tommy?s underwear and gently slid past the elastic waistband. It felt so much better to touch his skin. He gave the cheek another squeeze and thrust his hips forward, forcing their cocks together. They were both drooling profusely at this point, throbbing, longing for sweet, sticky release.

?Wait!? Tommy moaned. Ray couldn?t listen. His hand gripped Tommy? cheek even tighter. ?Stop, wait for the pills.?

?Why?? Ray grunted.

?You have no clue how amazing it?s going to be. Save it. I promise, you?ll thank me,? Tommy said. ?Turn on the T.V. We can finish later.? He kissed Ray on the cheek, but was met with a frown. ?I promise, it?ll be better, better than anything you can imagine.?

?Alright, but turn around. I wanna spoon,? Ray said. Tommy obliged, and let out a soft moan as Ray pressed his hips into him. He could feel the older man?s chest heaving against his back. Ray?s thick pecs brushed against his traps, and his warm breath made the hairs on the back of his neck rise. He felt a pair of hands cupping his own pecs, giving them a gentle squeeze.

Tommy reached for the remote and turned the T.V. on, but he paid it little attention. Ray?s warmth was more stimulating, and the thoughts of their muscles growing to bodybuilder-like sizes. That just made him harder. The anticipation, the feeling of all that power rushing back into him, it was almost more than he could bear to take.

One of Ray?s hands moved upward, stroking at the waves in Tommy?s red mane. ?So, I guess were together,? Tommy chuckled.

?You bet,? Ray said before kissing Tommy on the cheek. He continued to play with Tommy?s body as the hour passed. It only made Tommy harder and more eager to feel his muscles pump up again. He lusted for that massiveness, for that bliss.

His eyes shot over to the clock built into the cable box. It was almost half-past seven?there was still another fifteen minutes until the growth started. So close, it was so close now.

And thinking of time, he realized that he hadn?t even known Ray for twelve hours yet, and they were already together. He?d never been this close to someone before, not physically, and certainly not emotionally. He was glad it was Ray, though. It was so easy to talk to him, and he was so gorgeous, what with those soft green eyes and that cute mane of tangled brown hair, just a touch wavier than his own. And he wore his muscles so well. It was like they completed his body.

?Can we start getting it on again? It?s almost time,? Ray said. Tommy looked back up at the clock. Seven minutes had passed. Thank God, usually time moved slower when you were anticipating something.

Tommy turned around to Ray and pulled him in for a kiss. Their lips pressed together, and then parted to make way for their tongues. Moaning, Tommy stroked at Ray?s nipples. He thrust his hips forward, letting their cocks stroke one another again. He?d grown so hard; he could barely think straight anymore. All he felt was lust for Ray?and for greater muscles, for more power.

They broke their kiss for a moment to catch their breaths, but immediately shoved their faces back at each other. Tommy tasted Ray?s spit as it forced its way into his mouth. He relished the feeling of their tongues struggling and tangling with each other. He relished the feeling of their muscles bulging against each other, of their cocks throbbing in near unison, drooling precum all over each other. They were so hard, and so long and thick that they were beginning to snake out of their underwear. He relished Ray?s deep moans, his whispers of lust and passion, and the cries of worship.

Tommy felt the room start to spin, but he refused to let go of Ray. It was starting, and as much as he wanted to witness his body bulge and pump he just couldn?t let go of his lover. He could feel his muscles swelling. He could feel the power flowing into him. Yes, that strength, that bliss; it was returning. It was returning, and it was so good.

His cock thickened and lengthened. A pool of precum flowed from his throbbing head. His balls swelled and expanded. They must have been peach-sized at this point.

His pecs swelled, pushing harder and harder against Ray?s. Ray groped one of them, and for the first time he realized just how meaty they were. Ray?s hand couldn?t even fit around them. Tommy flexed them, letting them swell and pump outward, and they completely undid Ray?s grip.

His abs stiffened and tightened. He could feel two more muscles pushing their way out. Yes, that coveted eight-pack. It was forming over his stomach, sculpting, ripping until it was perfectly symmetrical, perfectly formed.

His back tightened up. He could feel deep creases forming between his lats and traps. He could feel his lats? wingspan increase. And below that he could feel his rear swelling up, bubbling and rounding further, much to Ray?s pleasure. A firm hand gripped his left cheek, giving it a furious squeeze. Tommy moaned into another kiss and, with one hand still caressing Tommy?s ever growing pecs, reached down and eagerly tore his underwear from his body, tossing it over his head and away from the bed.

He thrust his drooling cock against Ray?s, and used his free hand to squeeze them together. Bliss pulsed through him, and he felt their cocks thicken and lengthen in his hand. His mouth moved away from Ray?s lips and headed southwards. He kissed his lover on the neck, in his pecs? valley, on the nipples, on his ever hardening eight-pack, his navel, and then the throbbing mushroom-head.

Eager, he began to suckle on it, slowly letting more and more of the shaft into his mouth. Pre-cum flowed down his throat, and he nearly began to gag. He hadn?t expected it to feel this big, this long. But he knew how to suppress his gag reflex. Balling his left hand, he clenched his left thumb, hard, and slipped Ray?s cock further into his mouth.

Ray groaned and thrust his hips, placing his hand behind Tommy?s head. With nearly seven inches in his mouth?out of what must have been eleven?he began to suck, swirling his tongue around the throbbing shaft, feeling every bump, every pulsating vein, and most importantly, the steel-like hardness. Tommy grabbed at Ray?s still clothed ass and vigorously tore away at the fabric until it was naked. Gripping the one of the cheeks with his unclenched hand, he let his sucking and swirling grow more and more frantic. He shoved another half inch in his throat and felt Ray?s cock lurch and throb. It was close.

By now they had finished growing, but both of them were so consumed with their animalistic fucking that they forgot to inspect their newly pumped bodies. They could feel their size, though; they could feel the strength and power coursing through them, the epic bliss that seized every inch, from their skin to the bulging muscles to their thick, meaty slabs of manhood.

Ray clenched his pecs and convulsed as Tommy continued with the blowjob. The feeling of the younger boy?s tongue swirling around his head was almost more than he could take. He felt his member swelling up and throbbing with pleasure. He was so close. He could feel his cum swimming around his thick, heavy balls.

Tommy pulled his mouth away from Ray?s cock, and then bathed it in his tongue from base to lip. Again he wrapped his lips around it, but this time flicked his tongue against the tip and used his hand to massage the base. Ray felt a wave of pleasure surge through him, causing him to involuntarily flex his muscles. Veins pumped out through his skin as his body bulged and swelled.

This was it. He could feel the cum ready to explode out from him. With one final grunt and moan he thrust his hips upward and let the pleasure wash over him.

Tommy pulled his mouth away just as Ray?s cock exploded with an oceanic amount of cum. It sprayed upward in a jet and landed on the older man?s rippling torso, covering his abs in a thin layer of sticky white. Tommy used his hands to help pump it out, and relished the feeling of the thick meat between his fingers.

Ray moaned and helped Tommy pump out the last burst of cum before he finally fell limp, completely drained. ?We?re not done yet,? Tommy chuckled. Ray, who had closed his eyes for a moment, opened them and looked over to Tommy, who was pointing at his own slab of man beef, still throbbing furiously. God, it was massive, easily just as big as it had been before, and perhaps even thicker now. He?d have loved to take that thing between his cheeks, let Tommy ride him and pound the ever living hell out of his hole... but it was just too thick.

?Put that thing right here,? Ray said, letting his index finger run between the valley of his pecs?and what a valley it was. ?I always wondered what it would be like to pec-fuck someone.?

Tommy licked his lips, and Ray noticed his cock jerk up and thicken even more. Maybe one day he?d let Tommy ram him with that, but until then he was more than happy to feel that slobbering thing between his pecs. He watched as Tommy lowered he beefy body down, placing his cock between Ray?s thick slabs of chest meat. Tommy grabbed at Ray?s pecs, giving them a firm groped as he began to buck his hips back and forth.

Tommy was heavy, but it was nothing Ray couldn?t handle. In fact, he knew he could handle much, much more than that. He flexed his pecs, compressing them together, feeling the pre-cum-covered monster convulse against him. Tommy moaned as Ray flexed harder, pumping his pecs to an even larger size. Ray could barely see past them, save for the throbbing, perfectly shaped mushroom-head staring him in the face, leaking clear fluid.

Ray used his hands to gently massage the top half of Tommy?s dick, working it from around the middle up to the head. His pectoral flexing became rhythmic, working the cock smoothly, quickly enough to satisfy the insatiable lust but slow enough for them both to enjoy it. His tongue lapped at the tip, collecting the pre and guiding it into his mouth.

Tommy tossed his head back and smiled. His grunting and moaning matched the rhythm of Ray?s flexing and pumping. ?Oh God, Ray, I don?t think I can hold it. I don?t think?? He shuddered, but no storm of cum came. Instead he leaked a small pool of pre and continued with his bucking and thrusting. His cock swelled up again. It must have been at least fourteen inches by now and easily as thick as a baseball bat. Ray grabbed at the meat and tried to shove some of it into his mouth. Tommy slid forward slightly, letting his lover suckle on the sweet juices. ?This is it!? he cried.

With an emphatic thrust he forced another four inches of his cock into Ray?s throat and let his manhood explode with a stream of white bliss. His cock pumped up again, reaching this fifteen-inch mark.

Ray greedily swallowed as much cum as he could, but a good deal out it spilled out from the corners of his mouth. He massaged the underside of Tommy?s dick, guiding more and more of the cum into his bloating stomach.

?Fuck?? Tommy moaned, caressing Ray?s meaty pecs as he finished his load. His cock gave one final pulse before it finally fell limp and, slowly, began to turn flaccid. Rolling over, Tommy rested his head against the pillow and ran his hands over his body.

Yes, this was it. This was what he?d wanted so badly. Power bulged out of him; his body could barely contain it. He could feel raw strength coursing through his ripped, beefy muscles.

Turning over to face Ray, he placed his hand on the older man?s bloated stomach. It was completely filled with his seed. He?d never imagined that he could have ever blown such a plentiful load, but, looking down at his thick, peach-sized balls, he realized that it really wasn?t all that surprising.

?God? look at us,? Ray laughed. ?We?re massive. I?ve seen professional bodybuilders who aren?t as this big. Who can compete with us, Ronnie Coleman? He?s gotta be one of the only ones.? Tommy didn?t bother to reply. He simply snuggled up against Ray, running his fingers over his lover?s eight-pack. ?I feel like a god.?

Tommy chuckled. ?Not yet.? He looked over his shoulder, back to the counter where they?d left the pill bottles. There were so many left? but that wasn?t what he was interested in. He remembered Doctor Hammet and Doctor Rackley. When they?d brought out the pills, there had been more bottles than there were participants? That meant that there were even more pills than the ones they had. ?Soon, though.?

?I?ve never even dreamt of this kind of power.? Ray flexed his arm and watched the massive peak rise. Tommy caressed it and kissed Ray on the cheek.

?There?s still a whole bottle left, for both of us? and maybe even more?? Ray cocked his brow and waited for Tommy to continue. ?We can take what they have left,? Tommy said. ?Not all of the bottles were dispersed. Look at what two pills did to us. I feel like I could move a mountain with this body.? He grinned and flexed his arm. A vein snaked over the top of the bicep as it bulged with power. It must have been nearing twenty-four inches?two feet of solid muscle, and that was before they pushed the limits of their strength. Like before, when Tommy had lifted the car, his muscles had pumped beyond what they?d previously been capable of. If they pushed their strength now? It was almost beyond their imaginations.

Ray could feel the power within him. It throbbed through his muscles, stormed like a river through his veins. It was impossible to describe, beyond mortal comprehension. All he knew was that this power was near exploding, but it was hitting against a wall. That too was impossible to explain. It was as though he were pressing against the limits of his mortal body. The next step was what the ancient tales of ambrosia promised: godhood.

The thought sent a wave of euphoria through him. His penis became immediately erect, elongating to a solid foot in length. It pulsated and leaked a thin stream of precum that dampened the blanket currently covering him.

?What if they try to stop us?? Roy asked.

?How can they? We could move cars before. Imagine what we could do now. Do you think bullets can stop us? Another pill and we could probably withstand a bombshell exploding in our faces,? Tommy chuckled. Roy watched his lover?s manhood thicken. It lay throbbing against his eight-pack, a veritable anaconda of man meat. He could have drooled over it for hours, but it would have just led to another round of sex, and he?d already cum harder than he ever had in his life. It?d be a little bit before his balls?however massive they were now?replenished all of that seed. But it was so hard for him to say no, and he so wanted to say yes. In spite of what Tommy was saying, he did feel godly, and Tommy was almost a whole step ahead of him in terms of size and beauty. Then again, it seemed that Tommy wanted more than that. To appear godly was not the same thing as actually being a god.

?So, when do we try this plan out?? Ray asked. ?We?ve still got the rest of our own bottles.?

?Lets not waste any time, then. I wanna get through those now so we can get the rest,? Tommy said. He stood up, letting the blanket slide from his solid yet smooth form. His muscles glistened with sweat; the sheen highlighted every last bulge and crease. As he walked to the door his hips swayed, and Ray wondered if his lover was trying to seduce him or if he?d subconsciously taken to walking like that. His cheeks, still perfectly bubbled, rubbed against each other and flexed with each step. His manhood, at least eight inches long and three inches thick while flaccid, dangled in front of him. It was beyond impressive, and yet he carried himself so nonchalantly, as if all of that power was no big deal, as if he?d lived been this massive his entire life. Ray wondered if he looked like that as he moved about, too. Perhaps he could, but surely not with Tommy?s grace. There was something otherworldly about Tommy, as if godhood came naturally to him.

?You?re beautiful,? Ray uttered. Tommy looked over his shoulder and smiled at him before continuing back into the kitchen.

?You coming?? he finally said. Ray hustled his way into the other room and stood behind Tommy. He was still erect. Just thinking about feeling that surge again was more than enough to sustain his arousal, and with Tommy before him he was practically bombarded with sexual stimuli.

?What are you planning on doing?? Ray asked.

?Taking a few handfuls,? Tommy replied.

?Is that safe??

?I don?t think this stuff can harm us,? Tommy chuckled.

?We?re not gods yet??

?But we?re so close?? Tommy leaned his head back and flexed his pecs. They tightened and bounced. A surge of ecstasy ran through him, pumping his cock to a fully erect state in barely a second. ?Fuck?? A glob of precum formed at the top of his cock. ?I can feel the power. We?re so close, Ray. Nothing can stop us. Don?t you want this? Don?t you want to feel your muscles bulging out in every direction, harder than steel, thicker than mountains??

?Yes?? Ray was stroking himself now.

?Then take the pills.?

?Okay.? Tommy handed Ray his bottle. They twisted off the caps, spilled pills into their palms, tilted their heads back, and swallowed.


Okay, so I know this isn't much of an ending, but I've decided that it will only be the end of this particular part of a meta-story that I want to try out. It will all be tied together by the clinic that gave out the ambrosia, and how they have other products that they're testing on the public. Tommy and Ray will make appearances again, but for the most part these other stories will be focused on other characters.

Now, I know I'm taking on a big task, but my hope is that, along with a few bigger stories (like this one) I'm hoping to do a few one shots that will be connected solely with the clinic and one of their products. I'll still try to have those stories make some contribution to the larger arc in some way (though they won't be major contributions).

I would have continued with Tommy and Ray's story, but I couldn't think of anything good past the sex scene, since that felt like an appropriate climax, so I just wrote something that could close of their arc while still leaving some room for more.
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Thanks for putting all of the chapters together in one nifty spot. I'm excited to see where the larger tale goes.

Keep up the good work!
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jerk :P i wanted to see what those handfulls of pills would do to them--and the sex they'd have after htat

oh well, you can be sure i'll follow every part as long as they're as sexy as this has been ;p
just my thoughts as a writer

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good story, I hope you continue it!
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