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Big Student Athlete Gets Bigger

Port Town Freshman Finally Finds Size 21 Cleats

Gwen Hendrickson asked the Cardinals to see if they had a pair of football cleats big enough to fit her 14-year-old's feet.
No luck. Nobody on the Cardinals wear a size 21.

Finally, after a month looking online and at retail stores -- none of which had a size bigger than 18 -- Hendrickson was able to get through to somebody at Nike's world headquarters.

The biggest shoe they had ever made was a size 20. But, she said, they stretched a pair of 20s football cleats for five days to get them to fit her son's humongous feet.

Last week, they were delivered -- free of charge -- to Ken Hendrickson, a 6-foot-3, 210-pound, incoming freshman at Port Town High. He'll play offensive and defensive line.

"We're so relieved," she said.

Ken's father, Bill Hendrickson, is 6-5 and wears a size 15 shoe.

"We thought his were big until Ken passed him up when he was 12," Gwen said.

Ken's biggest passion is basketball. He's got shoes that fit for that. He plays in the post, and is currently going through another big growth spurt, Gwen said. They've been icing sore ankles and knees every night.

Mostly, Gwen said she's worried about Ken "eating me out of house and home."

Ken read the article three times before finally setting it down. He carefully clipped it out of the newspaper and put it away in his drawer, then sprawled out on the floor while opening up his laptop. He ran a google search for "ken hendrickson size 21." The article came up on several blogs, associate news sites, and even a few message boards. His insides churned with electricity while he read some of the comments, which were mostly comprised of speculation about how much bigger he might become.

He had never thought much of his size before. He was just always taller than the other kids in his class, which didn't really make him feel any better or worse. When he reached 200 pounds in the eighth grade, it didn't even occur to him that he outweighed his father. But now with all the attention paid to him over the article, he began to think about his growth a lot more intensely. When being interviewed for the article, he was asked if he wanted to grow any bigger...

He went to his Facebook page and posted a link to the article. He tried not to seem overly boastful. "I was mentioned in the newspaper, cool!" he posted. He was proud though. He was huge, and he knew he would get bigger. The thought excited him.
By his senior year, Ken had reached 6'5". His shoe size had only increased a little bit to a size 22, but finding a custom pair through the school's basketball program was not a problem. During his sophomore year he had dropped football to focus solely on basketball, due to inferred likelihood of a full scholarship.

"Move your feet, move your feet! Everyone STOP." said one of the older coaches while approaching Ken.

Coach Peters moved behind Ken to pull his legs into the defensive position he wanted to see.

"Lower, lower!"

The other players couldn't help but notice how much smaller the coach was than Ken, and it was a bit comical to see him reaching up as high as he could to adjust the angle of Ken's shoulders.

Practice broke up, and Ken headed home. Nobody else was around, so he didn't bother putting on anything besides underwear after getting out of the shower. He hopped on his laptop to surf around a bit, and then began to wander towards some porn. Even though every girl in the school practically threw themselves at him, he still had a nearly insatiable sex drive. He usually masturbated at least twice a day, even on days when he had hooked up with whichever flavor of the month had decided to go after him. Besides, the only kind of girl he had ever been with were not really his type at all. Only away from the superficial highschool hierarchy could he indulge in his real desire, which was bigger women. He found a hot thread about a curvy girl with a gorgeous face who had gone from 200 pounds to 300 pounds in the span of just two years. He didn't know what he was more turned on by - the fact that she had grown so much, or the end result of the growth itself. Her pendulous breasts overflowed out of a bra that looked to have been outgrown three months ago. A tiny bit of her areola peeked out from behind the straining fabric. He begin massaging his heavy bulge while fantasizing about meeting a girl like her...or maybe even one of his usual stereotypical hotties gaining weight to please him.

He took off his underwear and examined himself in the mirror. He liked what he saw. His husky frame still had a bit of baby fat, but he definitely had an athletic look. The veins on top of his wide feet looked fat as he leaned his full weight forward. The thin layer of hair on his chest was dark, and he massaged his huge bull balls while continuing to glance down at the pictures on his computer. Each egg sized testicle shifted a bit as he thought about the elevated levels of testosterone coursing through his body. He was so big. He was so strong. But he still wanted to be bigger. Was there any hope for an 18 year old to continue growing? He thought back to the most recent national ranking report that mentioned his name.

Ken Hendrickson,, Port Town Senior, FHas a size 22 shoe, so he must still be growing. Displayed a good work ethic and at 6 foot 5 ran the floor well and must continue to work. Great upside with raw skills.

After cleaning up his load and tossing away the tissues, he stepped onto the bathroom scale.

"242 pounds..."

He loved how his feet hung so far over the edge of the scale. He knew he would be alone for the rest of the night, and he still felt a bit energized from his earlier session. He decided to do something he has always wanted to try. He grabbed his phone and recorded himself weighing in from his own point of view. It was just a 10 second clip, showing each gigantic foot stepping onto the scale as the LCD flashed 242. He shifted back and forth on his heels a bit before stopping the camera. He didn't say anything in the video, as his ultra-deep voice would have been too easily recognizable. Not that he expected anyone he knew to see it, but it would have been quite embarrassing to be "outed." He uploaded the video to Youtube with a title of "Big Feet on Scale."

The video description simply read:

Six feet five and a half inches tall. 242 pounds. Size 22 feet.
Tags: huge, guy, big, feet

Later that night, he masturbated again while reading the comments posted on his video.
KALAMAZOO -- Throughout his college basketball career at Western Michigan University, Ken Hendrickson has kept a firm grip on reality.

Hours after the end of his senior season, the Broncos' center sat with coaches, teammates and family members in a Cleveland restaurant and wisecracked about preparing for the riches of the NBA.

"Six-foot-7 centers are in high demand," he quipped, mocking his own limitations.

Six-foot-7 centers, maybe not. But 6-foot-7 tight ends-- so far, at least eight National Football League teams have shown interest in that idea. NFL scouts are reluctant to talk about specific prospects, but generally, when evaluating basketball players, they're looking for skills that transcend both sports. One scout, Hendricks said, would like him to come to Baltimore with the guarantee of a spot on the practice squad while he morphs his body from a 260-pound basketball player to a blocking tight end.

Ken closed his laptop after finishing the latest article about him on the school's website. He sighed while glancing at the ceiling, his dorm room in utter darkness. He peered forward at his size 23 feet hanging far off the edge of his bed. His hand drifted to his underwear as he began kneading himself aimlessly.

He was conflicted. On one hand, signing on with one of the lower pro club teams in Europe could be extremely lucrative. If he opted to try playing in the NFL without having touched a football in years, there was a good chance that he wouldn't make it. Also, he might have to drop some weight in order to pick up some speed. How fast did a tight end need to be, anyway? He wasn't thrilled with the idea of intense cardio sessions to shed some pounds. As it stood, he was a big fish in a small pond. Division 2 college basketball was a different world, and as a 6'7 center he was able to throw his weight around and bully his way to the basket with ease. Since he had stopped growing completely about two years ago, his only outlet to focus on satiating his desire to get bigger was through lifting weights. He couldn't get too bulky or the coaching staff would get on his case, but he was still quite large - even for his height. He would hate to have to give that up in the name of increasing his 40 yard dash time.He decided he wouldn't worry about it until later. In the meantime, his attention shifted to the impending end of the season party.

"Maybe I'll meet a nice fat fan there that wants to sleep with the star of the team before I leave for the NFL" he joked to himself.

Elsewhere in the dorm building, two girls were hurriedly getting ready for the party.

"I am sooooo happy to be done with finals" said the petite blonde to her roommate.

"Yeah I can imagine, I've never seen you study so hard. It must have been difficult taking 20 units in your final semester."

"All I know is that it's over with, and I need to blow off some steam. I need to get FUCKED tonight."

They both giggled. Sarah was 5'3", with delicate features. Her tiny, 90 pound body still had a shape to it, and she knew how to dress to accentuate it. After checking herself in the mirror one last time, she took off for the party.

When she arrived, she walked into the room to see a huge circle of people around Ken. Every girl there was trying to take photos with him. It almost looked like a small group of paparazzi! One girl held her hand up to his while her friend took a picture. The tips of her fingers didn't even reach the top of Ken's palm. Another girl pointed her phone down while taking a flash picture of her foot next to Ken's. A guy took a picture of his short friend having a drink next to Ken. Ken was stretching upwards toward the ceiling while causally resting his elbow on a stair landing that the other dude couldn't even have touched on his tiptoes. Sarah had found her target.

Later in the night, Ken was sitting on the couch checking his phone, one leg crossed so that his ankle was resting on his knee. Sarah casually sat next to him, and glanced over at the massive rubber sole of his foot hovering next to her. He was wearing an athletic shoe, with a sort of pinched in the middle shape to it - like a lopsided figure 8. Putting away his phone, Ken glanced over at her while smirking.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to's just"

"It's fine," Ken said. "You're not the first."

He motioned for her to put the bottom of her foot up against his. She sidled over and he wrapped his hand around her dainty size 5 shoe. Her foot disappeared in his grasp, and he attached it to the bottom of Nike. After adjusting the alignment of their heels, Sarah let out a small gasp. The pointed tip of her shoe didn't even reach the pinched-in halfway point of Ken's shoe. She swung her other leg up and moved her two feet, side by side, to the top paddle section of the shoe. Both of her feet just barely equaled the width of Ken's single shoe. He laughed as a few people took pictures.

Some of the other guys in the room felt emasculated at the proceedings. Sarah thought to herself about how huge she considered her ex-boyfriend's size 13 feet. The average male foot is a size 10, which measures about ten and a half inches. At a size 13, her ex was a full inch bigger than average at eleven and a half inches. Meanwhile, Ken's foot was fifteen inches long. She thought about the significant difference between a man who was over 6 feet tall compared to someone who was just average at 5'9". That noticeable three inch gap was the same difference in size between the giant foot she was resting on now, and the formerly big foot of her old boyfriend. She didn't understand why she was so turned on by this.

They both glanced away from each other while nervously laughing. Sarah took a large gulp of her beer, and Ken did the same.

" it true what they say about guys with big feet? I bet you've never heard that one before."

Ken laughed and asked if she would like to find out for herself. Of course, they ended up back in Ken's dorm. They kissed and cuddled for hours, both enjoying the feeling of a warm body in the brisk night air. She sat in his lap, wanting to explore every aspect of his titanic body. At one point, he peeled his socks off and tried to grasp his calf with both hands. They didn't even come close to reaching all the way around. She massaged his furry pecs, marveling in their spongy depth. By the time she had him down to his briefs, she was sopping wet. She slowly lowered his waistband, one thumb on each side, and became flush at the sight of his throbbing erection. Her small fingers couldn't possibly grasp the entire seven inch girth, and after just a few moments of licking and stroking she couldn't take it any longer. She laid back and lifted her legs up as he slowly entered the tip. He rocked his hips left to right, slowly but surely, until his entire eight inch length was inserted up to the hilt. His massive body hovered over her in the darkness, her eyes just barely aligned with the bottom of his chest. He pumped slowly, as her nails dug into his broad shoulders. For both of them, it hurt so good. Soon she became acclimated, and breathlessly reached her hands onto his expansive ass. She pulled for all she was worth, urging him to thrust deeper and deeper. As the pace quickened, his fat scrotum slapped harder and harder against her, driving her into a state of ecstasy.

Ravens Rookie Blog - Bio of the Week Ken Hendricks wants to use the Hey Rookie! blog as a way to let every rookie on the roster tell a little bit about their story. We’ll have different voices speaking to you throughout the season. Offensive tackle Ken Hendricks, a former college basketball player from Western Michigan, weighs in less than a week before the first cut:

For a player in my situation, playing basketball in college, it’s a dream to have made it to this point. Whether I make the roster or make the practice squad, I just want to stick around and be a part of this team.

When I first made the transition to football, the team envisioned me as a tight end. However, they moved me to tackle to take advantage of my footwork. Though I am undersized for an offensive lineman, I'm still doing my best to get bigger. Since college, I have put on a lot of weight. I came in at around 255 pounds, but got up to 285-290 before training camp. It’s one of those things where you just have to eat, eat and eat, and then eat some more. I make it a point to eat before I go to bed every night. The main staples are peanut butter, milkshakes and a lot of eggs. It’s been tough to gain any weight now, with practices twice a day, but I’m just trying to maintain it. Hopefully, once the season starts, I can keep getting bigger and stronger.
Being heavier hasn’t felt too much different for me, but the one thing I’ve noticed is that my wind isn’t what it used to be. In football, you don’t need to be able to go long distances, though. It’s more about short bursts of energy. I still have my quickness and agility, so the weight gain has been good for me.

"Still, I can't believe they took a tackle in the first round. Didn't they tell you that this year you would be moved from the practice squad onto the full roster?"

Ken looked at Sarah and sensed genuine anger. He loved that his wife cared so deeply about his career.

"I'm still not big enough to make it off of the practice squad, but let's just be glad that I'm still collecting a paycheck."

Sarah nodded and moved over to rub Ken's belly.

"I'll fatten you up if it's the last thing I do!" she said, while laughing and hopping into his arms. Her legs couldn't fully wrap around his newfound girth, but he held her up with one arm with ease.

"Well, I've gotten a call from Indianapolis offering me a chance to make the 53 man roster. It's something worth looking into..."
Ravens Weekly News

Hendricks, who spent last season on the Ravens practice squad, figures if he's good enough, he'll play somewhere. He also knows this is a big camp for him, given he's been part of the team for a year now, and that the Ravens are expecting a lot more of him this summer and this season. He said he doesn't feel like a "basketball experiment" anymore.

Hendricks is just about at his game-ready NFL weight -- he's been holding steady at 310 and was told they want him at 315 when he reports to training camp -- but is now focused on "sculpting" it into mostly muscle.

"No more 11 o'clock trips to Burger King for a Triple Whopper," Hendricks said of the weight gain. "It was fun while it lasted."
Sarah cupped her hands under her stomach as she slowly sat down next to a pile of luggage. At the last minute, Indianapolis had offered Ken a contract and they didn't have a moment to spare.

"Soon this will be as big as yours" she said, while pressing her belly up against Ken's.

At seven months pregnant, Sarah still looked miniscule next to her husband. She was glad to have someone so big around to make her still feel small while in her bloated state.
Ken Hendricks spent the last three years toiling on NFL practice squads with mostly himself in mind.

He never knew motivation until he met Joe, his infant son.

“It’s one thing when you’re out there trying to earn a job for yourself,” Hendricks said this week. “It’s another thing when you come home and look at your wife and your son and know, ‘Hey, I really do need this job.’”

Hendricks not only got the job, he landed a corner office, too. The former Western Michigan University basketball star is slated to start at left guard Sunday for the Indianapolis Colts.

Three years after he put down a basketball and put on 60 pounds, Hendricks has gone from a long shot on the Baltimore Ravens’ practice squad to protecting Peyton Manning’s blindside and surgically repaired neck — whenever Manning returns.
When Hendricks learned that he had made the team, it was an unbelievable relief. He’d exhausted his practice squad eligibility, so his future in football was at stake.

"Now three years later and 60 pounds more I'm here in Indianapolis and loving life," said Hendricks-but things have really gotten better over the last year.

"My wife brings up old pictures when I weighed 250 pounds and she's wondering why I had a six-pack then I don't have now," said the Colts offensive lineman, who now weighs in at 320 according to the team website. "Making fun of me."
All public joking aside, Sarah was actually quite turned on by Ken's expanding size. She had a healthy baby boy. She had a big, strong husband bringing home more than enough money. And best of all, she had mindblowing sex with him at every possible opportunity. Life was good. As she was reflecting on this, Ken walked through the door.

"Hey babe" she said, "your agent called today."

"Bill? I wonder what he wants."

Ken came back into the room a few moments later with a chuckle.

"You'll get a kick out of this honey. According to Bill, there's a clause in my contract that says I get a salary escalator if I am able to gain 20% of my listed playing weight. Haha, I could be making another 200,000 dollars a year!"

He plopped down on the couch while smiling. Sarah was confused.

"Oh they do stuff like that all the time, putting implausible clauses in contracts to make them sound more lucrative than they really are. They must have drawn up this contract when they were still adding all sorts of incentives for me to get up to 320. There are all sorts of front loaded NFL deals like that, it makes for a good press release to see that a player just signed a 100 million dollar deal. Most people just don't realize that he will probably never see half of that. Anyway, I just thought it was funny at all. Can you imagine? A 20% gain for me right now would put me at what - around..."

"380 pounds" she blurted out. She looked away after she realized that she had said it a little too excitedly.

There was a moment of silence as Ken realized what his wife was thinking.

"You'd really want me even bigger?"

"Well, it can't hurt your career any, right? I mean assuming you kept your strength up, any extra weight is just going to make it harder for people to get by you...wouldn't it?"

Ken laughed at his wife's description of an offensive lineman's role.

"Besides, you carry extra weight so well. I don't even think people consider you fat! You're just...a big guy. I think it's possible to have a big gut without actually being fat. Look, you don't have a double chin or anything. I think you should go for it."

She did have a point. The timing was perfect too, as a developmental sports nutrition company had just signed an exclusivity deal with the Colts. He'd talk it over with the staff, but he was sure that they would approve him for the weight gainer drug that had been discussed in team meetings.
CellTech Developmental Industries Ends Lawsuit Against NFL
INDIANAPOLIS - Months after being fired by the Indianapolis Colts, CellTech president and co-founder Ben Harris announced today that his ongoing case against the league has been dropped.

"A settlement was reached that proved beneficial for both sides, and that's all I'm going to say about the matter."

Sources indicate that Harris received upwards of twenty million dollars, along with stipulations from both parties involving non-disclosure agreements. Though the mystery over which particular drug caused so much tumult within the league still remains, it is speculated that around seven members of the Colts were affected.

"Ultimately, the NFL overstepped its bounds calling for the Colts to terminate their association with us" Harris said. "While I do regret that some of the players experienced unintended side effects during our experimental trials, they were fully aware that there may be risks. While I am legally unable to divulge the specifics of these side effects, I can safely say that they do not negatively impact day to day life. All of the players who were affected have assured me that they can easily mitigate their condition."

Ken came home from practice to find his voluptuous wife on the couch watching TV.

"Oh thank God, you're finally home. I've been starving!"

Ken walked over to the couch and sat down.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Team meetings ran late."

Ken leaned back and rested his arms on the top of the couch while Sarah pulled down his mesh shorts. She curled up on her side with her knees on Ken's thigh as she began suckling from his swollen, limp penis. Ken flicked through the channels for an hour or so, occasionally looking down and smiling at Sarah as she continued to feed. Ever since the drug trial had caused Ken's excess nutrients to be emitted through a pre-cum like substance, Sarah had become addicted. She tried to continue eating regular food at first, but eventually the hyper-nutritious substance was the only thing she craved. She was entirely dependent on her husband for all of her meals.

Even after the drug trial had ended, Ken was able to steadily put on weight. The effects of the drug seemed to be permanent, as he was able to add one or two pounds a week with just a minimal increase in eating. This had allowed him to play his most recent season at 400 pounds, earning him a Pro Bowl invitation and a unanimous reputation as the best blocker in the league. Sitting on the couch now, he was a gargantuan sight to behold. His feet had become even thicker. His 19" calves were obviously muscular, even without a hint of definition. Large tree trunk thighs led up to two ass cheeks that were each the size of a basketball. His belly was huge, but extremely taught. There wasn't even a tiny bit of sagging flesh, and when he flexed his abdominal muscles they would faintly show through the layer of fat. His 60" chest was framed by two bowling ball sized shoulders, which led down to his thickly hanging triceps. His biceps looked like over inflated water balloons - long, smooth, thick mounds that caused any shirt sleeve to strain even without having a high peak. His testicles had become the size of extra large eggs, most likely due to their increased workload. His penis had puffed up a bit too, very similar to the breast growth of a nursing mother.
Sarah herself had undergone some changes. The dense collection of nutrients from her daily feedings had caused her to undergo a second puberty of sorts. Still just 5'3, she had worked her way up to 160 pounds of curvaceous glory. Her formerly non-existent stomach now had a cute swerve to it, and her whole body in general had thickened. However, the biggest delight came in the form of her breasts. What had once been an A cup was now a 38 F. They were perfectly formed, with each pendulous teardrop resting at the ideal angle on her ribcage. Ken had taken extreme delight in these...

At 36 years old and in the final season of his legendary NFL career, Ken was looking forward to spending his Bye week with the family. His weight had settled at 405 pounds, something that seemed infinitely sustainable thanks to the effects of the drug. Sarah was still glowing and could have passed for 25, probably thanks to the feeding sessions that she still enjoyed as an occassional treat. They decided to take Joe, now 12, to the mall to buy new shoes. With his busy life on the road, Ken realized that he had never been around when it came time to buy his son clothes. After measuring his foot, the clerk from Foot Locker came out from the back with a concerned expression.

"I don't think we have anything in his size at this location...."

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darlene990988 is on a distinguished road
This story was based on several actual news articles. If you're into size comparisons/huge size differences, there are a bunch of pictures on my blog:
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arpeejay will become famous soon enough
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Great story. All along I was thinking, "This is right out of the Sizedisaparity blog!" Thanks for posting it -- your blog rocks!


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Excellent work. I hope you post more stories
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Awesome story, I love ones about a big guy who just keeps getting bigger. My only complaint is the measurements at the end should be higher; if he's a 400lb nfl player, his calves would be bigger than 19" and his chest would probably be bigger than 60".
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darlene990988 is on a distinguished road
I'm straight, so I write hetero oriented stories...but I was thinking that this one may have still been agreeable/enjoyable for everyone. Any thoughts?
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That was very hot! i loved how your worked in the articles.
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nice story
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arpeejay will become famous soon enough
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Originally Posted by darlene990988 View Post
I'm straight, so I write hetero oriented stories...but I was thinking that this one may have still been agreeable/enjoyable for everyone. Any thoughts?
I should have followed this query up a long time ago:

It's pretty clear that a majority of people who post here are gay men but there are substantial contingents of bi men, straight men, and women. Het-oriented stories are definitely welcome (even by some of us gay guys), especially if there's lots of male muscle growth! I'm not straight and I'm not into women but the sight of a huge muscle guy with a tiny hot woman gets me hard every time! Reading about it does the same! :-)

Hope this helps (and hope to see more of your work here!)


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