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Old March 5th, 2012, 06:43 AM
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Big Redefined - 1

So, I?ve been a long (LONG) time lurker on the forum and, except for a few posts on my failed attempts on growing some muscle, I never posted before. Gotta say I?m a big fan of Londonboy, muscl4life, vlad and many other great authors who have incited me so many times over the years. And well? I decided to give it a shot myself. I actually have something else much bigger and important to write (a play script of my own) and thought that writing about something interesting for me would get my creative juices flowing. Before it starts, I gotta say this story is ? in some elements ? auto-biographic and might as well bring me some peace over old ghosts which have been hunting me this last year. Keep in mind I?m Brazilian ? English is not my first language? So you may find some problems on my grammar or some difficulty on descriptions.
Well? Let?s get going. This is not your typical super muscle growth story. All the characters are according to my own preference on guys ? which may not be everyone?s. Criticism is always appreciated (and I mean it, not just saying =).

I?ve been into big guys since I can remember it. Big in any way, I would say ? tall, muscled, even superchubby guys would get my attention from time to time. The thing that turns me on is size, or perhaps size difference. See, I?m not a very small guy. At 5?8?, 150 pounds, I can say I?m average in many ways. My weight would be sometimes more muscle than fat or the other way around, depending on my mood on going to the gym.

When I say I?m an average guy I also mean I?m not incredibly handsome or horribly ugly as well. Some have said I?ve got this thing with my smile and my eyes that are kind of hypnotizing but I can?t say I really know how to use those on my advantage at all. I work at an multinational Company specialized in Imports and Exports. Working in a cubicle hasn?t always been my dream but due to financial reasons I had to pursue some career which would offer me some steady money to rely on. And I am pretty successful at what I do, making enough money to support myself and a little extra for an occasional trip, expensive dinners and some eccentricities.

What really drives my passion, though, is arts in general. I especially like singing and I?ve got a degree in acting ? other than my international business degree. So, I try to get it out of my system by visiting karaokes and watching as many plays as I possibly can. The karaoke thing is pretty much in my routine. I visit this one special place every weekend, bringing different friends each time and, over the years, I got kinda good at singing.

Three or four years after frequenting the karaoke I met him. I was at the stage the moment he came in and I couldn?t help but stuttering a little while singing. Man, he was tall. Like the tallest guy I had ever seen in my entire life. Not just tall but beefy, nothing like the usual beanpole tall guy you might expect. His darkish skin and heavy beard caught my attention immediately and, while singing, I couldn?t stop looking at him.

By his side he had this beautiful little man. Like a pocket super model or something. I knew they were together, or so it seemed. Other than the obvious guy at his side, he didn?t seem to be gay at all, which got me a little puzzled at first. I had this ?thing? with my girl friend in which we tested the guys like ?let?s go and sing a song together, if the guy looks at you, he?s straight, if he looks at me, he?s gay?. We did it so, and tall guy really couldn?t stop starring at me. ?Good sign? ? I thought to myself. I was singing "Need you Now", by Lady Antebellum, and I would learn later it was one of his favorite songs.

I didn?t try any kind of approach that day, since he was obviously with the little model boy and, like a good family man I am, I don?t hit on guys with boyfriends. We did start talking to his friends, though, who seemed very inviting and pleasant to talk to. Tall guy kept his distance, attached to his little model guy. It turned me on the way the little guy?s head wouldn?t reach tall guy?s pecs as he was so tall, and little model wasn?t so little as well. It was only a matter of perspective. He was actually my height. Other than tall, the big guy was very well proportioned, with good wide shoulders and legs that stretched his jeans. A small tummy was visible but nothing that I would object. His face had this ?mean? look at it. Maybe because of the dense beard, maybe because of the heavy eyebrows. But each time he smiled he seemed like a gentle giant.

Talking to his friends was all that happened that night. We exchanged names and a little conversation and called it a night. We all left the karaoke house together, he and his friends, I and my girl friend. Over the way home I couldn?t stop talking about him. She knew my tastes pretty well and she agreed ? that was the perfect guy for me physically. Tall, burly, butch. My regrets were only on not having enough time to talk to him and see if he was a nice person.

That changed as soon as I got home. As I opened my facebook, there was a message from him. He said he would?ve liked to get to know me better but he couldn?t since he was with the little pocket model for the night. They weren?t boyfriends or anything but he felt it would be disrespectful for the guy.
I replied that I really liked what I saw of him and wished to see him again, the sooner the better. Next Saturday, same place, we agreed.

Next Saturday soon arrived and I got there first. He soon showed up with his friends and as we saw each other the attraction between us was so intense it didn?t leave room for a proper ?hello? or something. We just got into each other, kissing and hugging and feeling each other?s bodies. I stood over a step or else I wouldn?t reach his face and I was so turned on by his big hands on my back I couldn?t describe it. I was something I never felt before.
You see, I tend to be a little aggressive with my guys, even though they?re always much bigger than me. I know this aggressive dominant guy turns guys on more than anything so I quickly tried to get a hold of the situation pressing him against a wall. I heard him groan and chuckle a bit. His chuckle turned into a laugh. In seconds, he grabbed both my hands and placed them behind my back.

- Two months going to the gym and you think you?re stronger than me? Really?

He turned us backwards so I was pressed between the wall and this huge guy. I had to be on my tip-toes to kiss him and still he was ducking a little. I learned later, he was 6?7? and, though he couldn?t be described as a muscle guy, the sheer size on him made him unbelievably strong. Soon I was being lifted up to meet his lips. Easily lifting my body with one arm, he used the other to caress my neck. It was pure heaven. His rough beard scratching my face, the manly scent his body exhaled, the immense power I felt on his grip that overwhelmed me with a sensation of being completely under his control. I soon gave up trying to have things my way and let him play with my body as he wished. I learned that the little gut was not soft at all. It was hard, as if I could punch it the hardest I could and still he wouldn?t feel a thing.
His free hand ran under my shirt and I was surprised that one of his hands would actually reach my entire torso. Man, this guy was BIG. I was so hard at that point that I knew I would make a mess anytime soon. I reluctantly stopped him and got him away a few inches from me, still marveling at his immense size.

Long story short, we kept seeing each other after this first date and, three months later we were officially boyfriends.

I was in heaven. By his side, I felt both bold and secure towards other people. His size drove looks everywhere we went and I loved it. We would suck each other every single time we were together and life was pretty cool for me, I?ve gotta say.

Now this is awkward? I am not a bottom nor a top. I?m not really into penetration at all. All my lust come from the guy being big and I never felt the need to fuck him or be fucked to be completely satisfied. He understood that but it was pretty clear he was a total top and, yes, he was missing it. By this time I was completely in love with my giant? so I asked a few gay friends on how to proceed.

Seriously, I am 28 now and I almost feel like a virgin sometimes. I know I?m great at giving head and all? but my ass just doesn?t feel like it was made to accommodate anything. Talking to some friends they gave me tips here and there and, by the fourth month we were together, I was ready to try and give him the pleasure he needed.

God? It hurts. So freaking bad. As I sat on his prick I tried my best to relax and let it in, inch by inch. He had a large and thick cock, which didn?t make things any easier on me. Finally, it was all in? and as I relaxed more and more I felt the pleasure. He held me with both hands and would lift me up and down his shaft and I think this display of strength helped me and increased my lust more and more. Soon I was laying back with my feet on his chest while he was fucking me hard, pounding like an animal, pulling me closer to him each time so he would go deeper and deeper. I came in seconds, spreading my milk all over my chest and face. He left his dick inside of me a little longer and pressed my butt around it which seemed to have made my orgasm last longer than I had ever experienced before. I came and came and seemed never to stop. I screamed in agony and joy as this had been the best, longest orgasm I?d ever felt in my entire life. He slowly took off his dick out of my ass and cummed all over me, exhausted, sweating and falling over my body.

The 230 pounds weight of his body compressing me against the bed made me spurt another fill of cum beneath us. His sweat pouring over me, covering me completely.

As he gained his strength back, he got off of my body, spooning me, leaving one of his huge meaty legs over mine ? a weight I was not used to so it would hurt a little after a while but would overwhelm me with lust by the mere thought of him being this big. His tummy pressing against my lower back, the big arms protecting me from anything that could happen in the world. We both fell sound asleep.


I don?t want to leave the chapters too long, so I thought ? well? better stop here. No growth yet but it will surely come. All of the above is absolutely true. Feels great getting out of my chest. Chapter 2 should be a bit more about my life as well? and then let the fantasy begin. =)
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Old March 5th, 2012, 12:10 PM
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vlad is on a distinguished road
Awesome stuff and I'm flattered to be included on your list of favorite authors. You're lucky you've had such a hot experience like that in real life! I look forward to more. =)
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Old March 5th, 2012, 10:42 PM
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Thanks, Vlad. Means a lot coming from you =)
My youtube channel
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