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Old March 29th, 2012, 06:06 PM
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[NEW STORY] The Mask of Vldar

Quick note: this is a supernatural power story. It's my first on these boards.


Unlike Loki, the norse god of trickery, Vldar was the god of vengeance. Many no longer remember Vldar and history has forgotten his reputation as being a powerful and vengeful god. Vldar was an important part of his clan: he was powerful, able to hold and exhibit the powers of his brothers, and much more. He often used his powers for good, restoring the norse society to peace and going after their enemies with wrathful vengeance. He was cunning, smart and brutal. He could wipe out entire tribes with a flick of his fingers, summoning nature and bending human minds to his will. Although he always had a purpose to his motives and was good to those loyal to him, eventually Vldar met his demise. In a long battle between the norse and germanic gods, Vldar saw the demise of his fellow kind. One by one these gods crafted powerful and cunning magic to absorb the power of the norse, and demolish them, taking their own identities in place. Vldar fought for centuries attempting to survive and carry on the faith of his people, but as the norse began to lose faith, so too did he.

But Vldar was smart and knew there was a way he could avoid being absorbed. Hearing that his relative Loki had recently stored his own powers into that of a mask, Vldar sought to achieve the same fate. Using the power of his fellow, fallen god Hermodr, Vldar transformed himself to a mask, one that contained his lifeforce and all his powers, plus those of Hermodr, in order to be kept locked away and safe from the ensuing forces of the rival pagan clans. He hid in this state for centuries, millennia, waiting for a human to wear the mask and release him to be free again. Throughout history the mask moved unnoticed throughout the world, just recognized as a piece of art. He waited patiently to find the right partner, the right body to share his lifeforce with. And now, he found someone.


Although just a freshman in college, Jon was a smart guy. Talented, good looking, smart, Jon felt like he had it all going for him. He was a shorter guy, not as buff as his fellow football players on the small school's team, but he was liked and well-respected. He had to go to the local museum for his school's art history class, and as he walked along jotting down whatever short and minimal notes he needed to take, he noticed an intriguing mask sitting on a shelf. It didn't look like it was on display, simply sitting there, almost as if someone left it. Thinking it might be something cool to show his professor, he snatched it and threw it into his backpack.

He headed down to the athletic center for football practice. He walked into the locker room and began removing his clothing. He threw his backpack, then his clothes into his locker and noticed his buddy Jeff rounding the corner, already in uniform.

?What's up?? he asked, ?running late aren't you?? ?Yea,? Jon answered, ?had to hurry from the museum, some art history project.? ?Oh yea,? Jeff replied, ?I think Mike's in that class too isn't he??

?Yup,? Jon answered, pulling down his briefs and grabbing his compression shorts, ?it's pretty easy, just something to get the art credit you know?? saying as he slid them on. ?I found something kind of interesting too,? Jon said, pulling out his uniform and setting it on the bench behind him, ?some kind of mask just sitting around there.?

?Oh yea?? Jeff answered, ?do you have it?? ?Yea I think so,? Jon replied, pulling the mask out of his backpack. ?Pretty weird, huh??

?Woah cool,? Jeff replied. Mike ran in from outside, throwing down his backpack and stripping as fast as he could, ?shit I'm running late again I think coach is going to cut me.?

?Relax,? Jon said, ?you were in class. By the way, were you able to go down to that museum for Art?? ?Huh?? Mike said, hurrying to get his uniform on, ?oh yea, I almost had to skip it though, damn tell me why I'm double major again...??

?Uhh, guys?? Jeff said, still staring at the mask. ?This thing is...err...glowing.? Jon picked up his pads and pants to put them on, but dropped them when he saw that Jeff was right. The mask was glowing. A green, luminescent light from the inside portion of the mask. ?Holy...? Jon said, picking it up off of Jeff's hands. ?What the hell is this thing??

Mike, now only in his boxers, looked over too. ?Woah dude, what is that thing?? he asked. ?I found it near the museum just a few minutes ago. I didn't think it was worth anything, thought I'd just bring it to class tomorrow,? Jon replied.

?Hey guys!? Mike answered, excitedly. Some more upperclassmen came over to see what the fuss was about. ?Look at this thing Jon found!? A group of 10 guys came over and they too stared at the glow of the mask. ?What the hell?? one asked.

?Try it!? Jeff exclaimed. ?What does it do?? Jon answered. ?Who knows, man, you won't know unless you try it!?

Jon looked back down at the mask again. Thoughts began to swirl around his head. He wasn't sure who the mask belonged to or any way of characterizing it formally, but he began to see visions of power, of a powerful man, or so he thought. He saw visions of super powers too, stuff he had long forgotten about since his comic book-reading days as a kid. They excited him, he started fantasizing about the possibility of this thing being actually real.

?Jesus guys,? he said, ?this might actually be something.? He felt his dick rustling. ?Shit I'm getting excited just looking at this thing!?

?Well then put the fucking thing on and see what happens!? one of the upperclassmen said. Jon looked up and around at his friends, they all seemed to be encouraging him. He looked down at his tight protruding compression shorts and chuckled, ?this is fucking crazy!?

?You're dick's gonna pop out if you don't do something just put it on!? Mike said laughing. The other guys starting laughing too.

Soon coach Daniels voice came echoing down the halls, ?gents!? he shouted. ?We got an injured baseball player out on the field you all gotta stand down for a few while I take care of it. We'll do roll when I get back? and with that he was gone.

Now Jon had no choice. He had time to do this, everyone wanted him to. He smiled and looked back down at the mask. ?Well,? he said, ?I'm certainly feeling something from it. Should I do it??

?Yes!? they almost all uniformly said, almost as if it was the mask itself convincing them and not Jon. He cupped the mask with his hands and slowly moved it toward his face. Almost as if it was out of his control, almost as if he couldn't do anything to stop it, as the mask moved slowly forward he began to have more flash visions of power, of transformation, of a naked and muscle-studded he was getting the sense it was a god!...exercising powers he could not in his lifetime dream of. As the mask grew closer and closer he could feel the visions as if they were real, and he was completely convinced that he had to to this. He had to see what would happen. He had to feel it.

He touched the mask to his face and it immediately suctioned onto him. ?Oh shit!? he shouted though his muted lips could barely be audible behind the mask. It was stuck! It was stuck onto him! He tried taking his hands and shoving it off, tried rolling his head around, he was deathly afraid, but it was of no use, the thing was suctioned onto his face and seemed to be pulling on every tiny pore of his skin. He let out a muffled ?ahhh!? as the mask became active and moving; it was freaking Jon out.

Standing only in a pair of white socks and his white compression shorts, he could see that his friends were starting to get worried. ?What should we do?? one of them asked, ?what's going on with him?!? another answered, they were scared. But the longer the mask held onto Jon's face, the more he was starting to like it. He slowly let his hands go to his sides as he could feel the mask starting to grow from its sides and up and over his head. His screams turned to grunts, first of fear and surprise, then to curiosity. His pores were starting to open on his face, and it felt like the mask, as a liquid of some sort, was entering his body.

?Hold it!? one of the upperclassmen shouted to Jeff as he ran to get help, ?look at him. Something's happening? Jeff turned around to see a formerly resistant Jon stand up straight and tall. He was no longer struggling. His eyes wide open through the holes in the mask, he looked intently at his body.

It was changing. Lines of some sort of thick fluid were running down from his face, under his skin; Jeff assumed it was coming from the mask The mask was somehow liquifying and pouring into his body from his head. Snaking along his chest the liquid burrowed itself into his body, causing his already slightly bulky pecs to grow under his olive skin. They grew out, protruding, adding layers of additional muscle over his body.

Jeff noticed Jon start to chuckle. Although he was audibly low, Jon seemed to be liking what was happening to hm. Jeff was still worried for Jon, but slowly his worry began to be replaced by excitement for his friend. He was turning into something else, and it looked incredible!

The mask stretched itself back as it tightly but slowly crawled over Jon's dark hair and ears, reaching back toward the rear of his head. The goo beneath his skin continued to snake from his head and down and through his body. Muscle continued enveloping over itself first at his pecs, then between them. Jon snapped his shoulders back in a tense fashion. Argh!? he shouted, muffled by the mask. As he bent his shoulder muscles back to their relaxed position, muscle grew over his shoulder blades, protruding out, then wrapped down and into his biceps. They were becoming refined, strong, and assured. Jon laughed a little to himself as he checked out his building arms. ?Jesus!? he muttered, the mask becoming malleable enough for him to talk a little. Looking down at his lower arms he saw veins begin to protrude and additional muscle warp itself. His hands cracked and grew as he stretched and moved his fingers.

At the same time he noticed his abs expand. As the power of the mask integrated into them they contorted and slimmed liquifying into almost a puddle of water, then began to grow outward: even, defined muscles forming an eight pack. They hardened as the cresses grew deep grooves into his body. ?Ahh!? Jon exclaimed. ?What's happening to me? he whispered as he continued laughing. As the muscle growth began hitting his waistline, he could feel it growing, enveloping more as his waist grew. The growing waist caused his compression to become tight as the sinew created fine and definable contours. Jon grabbed his waist as he wished for more.

His butt, formally small and flabby, began to renounce the fat, almost as if it was immediately turning it into muscle. He grabbed it and noticed it forming hard muscle on itself, growing outward, strong, further tightening the shorts. As the side ass muscles flexed and locked in place, rounding to become a tight bubble butt, he noticed hair wrapping around and onto his legs. His thighs snapped tall and grew, becoming refined and strong. He started growing from his fairly short 5'7? to 6'0? and taller. His thighs then began pecing outwards and matching the growth of his ass. They became like footballs as rock hard muscle grew into them. Hair also began to grow on his legs, then up and around his man package. His pubes began to grow over his waistline, wrapping itself around his belly button and up, in a thin line toward his chest. There, hair began growing, slightly but evenly, over his new man-pecs and chest. His arm hair grew and darkened and his arm pitts tuffed additional hair underneath.

Checking out his growing body, Jon's laughter was now clearly audible as the mask stretched and closed in on the back of Jon's head. But even as he continued to transform into this muscle god all his friends could do nothing but stare in intense interest and admiration. Now, the compression shorts so tight they could barely hold in his expanding body. Jon looked down and wanted to rid them. He no longer felt the need for any kind of clothes and though his friends had seem him naked before, he now felt different; he wanted to show himself off! He wanted to be naked now and forever. With the mere thought of it the shorts snapped into four useless pieces of cloth and fell on the ground. Admiring himself in all its naked splendor, Jon continued to see the snaking power of the mask throughout his body. He continued growing! Happy at the new naked body, his body, that was forming, he noticed a huge source of adrenaline and sex-hormone erupt from his now-exposed package. His balls were growing! As the semen inside him started duplicating and growing inside him, so too did his balls grow large as they grew down, his package stretching with it.

?Oh yes,? he said, has he reached his hands to feel it, his mask now so thin on his face it was almost completely absorbed by his body. As he did, his cock began growing too, not hardening, but matching the new size of his balls. His whole package now became proportionate to his growing legs, which were still refining. He grew a muscle crevice between his thighs and his pelvis, and began laughing as the hair finished growing on his legs, ass and feet. His lower calves locked and became defined as his feet grew 2 shoe sizes, a light spread of hair growing on top of them.

But something else was happening too. He was gaining something that was not visible. He was gaining powers. As his face, now handsomely grown and thinly formed, began to show from the last of mask absorbing into his body, a dark green cloud began to form over him. He looked up to see his friends shocked by this chain of events but Jon knew this was the last?and best part?of his transformation. He was gaining the power of this god's mask he wore. The powers of Vldar! He couldn't believe it he was gaining powers! The cloud quickly enveloped him, violent, like a tornado, wrapping around his now naked body. The transformation was still physical: his body slimmed to a even and proportionate mix of muscle; but he was also gaining supernatural powers. Electric bolts started forming within the clouds and gracefully running over Jon's skin; Vldar was depositing the powers of his norse god abilities into Jon. The power of transformation, the power to turn into anything he wanted, the power to read or control other peoples minds, to leave them at his will. The power of immortality and invisibility. The power to spread Vldar's?quickly becoming his own?power to others, if he wanted, or to enslave them. He began laughing as he gained the knowledge of all of this, realizing the liberation of becoming a god. His laughter grew louder while still under the cloud, all of these powers and more depositing them into Jon.

His face felt free from any mask, it was completely absorbed into him. But the violent power-storm remained over his body. Jon also noticed his personality starting to change. While he still felt completely in control of himself he felt the memories and tragedies of a fallen god enter into his consciousness. He wasn't just turning into a god, he was becoming Vldar! Sharing his thoughts, his personality, it was the most amazing thing he had ever experienced! He no longer cared about a football team, or college. No he was now a god and his abilities and responsibilities were going to require him to live like one. Thoughts of being a human quickly evaporated as he no longer cared about his past. He now owned a new name, a new life, that of Vldar, Norse god of Vengeance.

The cloud of power poured and evaporated itself back into Jon's body and he now stood there, in all his naked splendor, in front of the humans that were a part of his football team. Looking up at the ceiling, relishing in his power acquisition, he curled his arms in muscular relief and slowly looked down at his teammates. ?Heh,? he said, mysteriously. ?It feels good to be alive again. To be free. And in a human body too. What perfection.? He looked down at his bulked arms and protruding chest. He flexed his arms and ran his hand along his chest and abs feeling his newly defined body. He turned to see his ass, tight and refined, a beauty even to the gods. This was the perfect human! The perfect hybrid of an immortal and a man, and the new Jon, with Vldar's thoughts and personality, felt good. More than good, he felt like the most perfect specimen known to man. He looked up at his teammates and smiled.

The team was shocked, but spellbound. The man that stood in front of them was magnificent in his 6'4? naked self. Dark skin, thin layer of hair covering his body. Extremely pronounced and refined muscles, they couldn't believe it. Jon laughed again. He never knew he'd be so proud of his body he'd want to strut it naked, but it was great! And that everyone who saw him was spellbound? He realized this wasn't just a body, it was god. He was a god.

?Jon?? Jeff finally spoke up. ?Are you...uhh...still in there??

?Of course.? Jon answered, slowly, deliberately, turning to him. ?But I have become someone else too. I am...?

Before he could answer his team almost in unison said, ?a god.? As if knowing what happened.

?Yes.? he answered. He took a step to the left and smiled at Mike. ?Why are you so worried, Mike? I'm not going to hurt you.? He smiled, he didn't want to hurt his friends, but he had to somehow show them that what he was now was better. As a god, he couldn't keep this sort of power contained. He walked around the locker room, examining his friends, letting them examine him. As a prank, and to break the tense but spellbound silence, he pretended to do a gut punch right to an upperclassman. He flipped out from fear. ?Ahh!? he shouted. Jon laughed, relaxing and loosening his teammates to laugh too. ?What's it like?? one asked. ?What can you...DO now?!? Then Jon got an idea. Although it had been centuries since Vldar fell to the germanic gods years ago, and they too perished in time, he still felt an innate need for vengeance, a need to conquer and excel a group of people. His people. He needed to spread his power, to have partners to become privy and party to himself. He levitated himself onto a bench and stood above his team. Looking down he announced: ?by now you know who I am, but you don't know what I can do. I want you all to experience this. I want to turn you into demi-gods.?

The team, drunk with thoughts of becoming immortal and muscle studded, immediately nodded their heads. They could think of nothing else but becoming even a shadow of what stood in front of them.

Jon's smile grew once again. ?Well,? he said, ?remove your clothes for we no longer know of them.? And with his command, they began undressing for the last time.
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Can't wait for the next part..
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Man! Keep it going strong..
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Good story!

(...must resist urge.. to assert mythological accuracy.. Norse gods WERE Germanic gods.. Gah!)
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Cant wait for the next chapter! Super hot!!!
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Keep posting!

Great story. Looking forward to the next chapter!
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So amazing and super hot story! I hope to read another beautiful chapter very soon!
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Great introduction
Can't wait to see where you take it.
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Great Story!
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Great start! And thanks for turning me on to Vidar. Can't wait to see what happens when they get to avenging.
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Okay I am hooked! I had to read it all again to see how cool this story is. Please do not leave us hanging. Share more!
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I hope he makes another chapter soon this is hot!
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please right more this story is so hot!
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