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Built that way 14

Chad?s meaty hands pushed and slapped against my heavily muscled back with every step forward, shoving me toward the locker room. The fucker. No one else in this fucking gym would dare try to push me around like that. My thick lats clenched with each heavy slap of his palm, pushing back against the force he delivered. I bit and chewed my lip almost so hard it drew blood. Dark anger surrounded me. I was aware of three things. One, the jarring force of Chad?s powerful shoves. Two, the way the other patrons stepped backwards out of our way. And three? three, the swelling power of my own body, my heavy and deliberate steps forward because I wanted?and ONLY because I wanted?to get him behind closed doors.

Our massive bulk passed by a skinny ass prick who slid out of the chest fly machine and stepped behind it, positioning it between us and him. I turned and looked at him darkly but Chad shoved me forward with his muscled right hand, then almost simultaneously shoved against the fly machine with his meaty left. The machine slid back a full two inches with the angry whines metal scraping against concrete, its ton of weight shoving hard and frighteningly fast toward the skinny prick, whose eyes suddenly rolled back in his heat as his body convulsed, his hips buckled, and a wet stain spread across his crotch.

Such fucking strength. I grinned and clenched my fists, readying myself to unleash some strength of my own. Hold it in, hold it in, I said. Why? Because when I let it out, it was going to fucking kill.

?Yeah, you?re a sexy fucking bastard, aren?t you?? Chad said, pushing again into my heavy right lat. ?Not some skinny ass prick.?

I?d come a fucking long way from that, I thought, flexing the meat of my heavy chest, admiring the thick veins that snaked down my deeply muscled arms, heady with my body?s sheer unadulterated power. I remember the first day my muscles had grown heavy enough that I could feel them flex. Not like when you raise your bicep and ?make a muscle.? No. Like when the muscle has gotten a life, a presence, a power of its own? packed onto your body? it?s there, you will it to flex, and it does, and you can feel its weight and its strength and its power and you want more.

I remember how my clothes were suddenly tight? and how at first I covered up with heavy flannels and longer sleeves but soon they were tight too and weren?t able to cover my body?s swelling power. And the day I realized my body was no longer some skinny-ass frame to be ashamed of. That I was more built and ripped than any fucking senior in my school. That my muscled weight demanded to be desired. Jealous of. Worshiped.

I was a junior now, and there was fucking no one who had anything on me. I breathed deeply, feeling the heavy weight, the fucking power of my thickly muscled body. No one was built like me.

Not even Chad.

?Nope, definitely not some skinny ass prick,? he said again. We entered the locker room and I spun around to face him. His dark face leered with appreciation. ?But don?t think can?t still fucking break you in two,? he growled, tensing and flexing the thick, hard muscles of his jacked 230 pound body.

?The fuck!? I roared and hit him across the jaw. His chisled, stubbled jaw. The force of my blow turned his head to his right, but barely. The veins in his thick bull neck pulsed as he brought his face back around and stepped up to me, eye to eye, the hard heavy mass of his chest pressing hard against my own thick, ripped, naked, sweaty pecs. My nipples grew hard.

We stared hard into each other?s eyes. Daring each to take the first move.

And then Chad did.

He stepped back, brought his two meaty hooks up to grab the sweaty V-collar of my shirt, and pulled to each side, ripping the shirt open straight down the front, exposing the full fucking glory and power of my meaty 51? chest and my tight and cobbled 31? waist.

A wimper and moan sounded from somewhere behind Chad. The gasped shock of another skinny ass prick. I met the little guy's eyes, grinned darkly, and without moving my actual body a fucking inch, willed all of my muscles to flex and contract?. the meat of my chest swelling and shredding and striating, the cobblestone ridges of my rock-hard abs hardening and deepening unimaginably? my serratus forming ripped superman cobbles along my torso? thick veins pulsing and pressing hard against my skin... every single muscle, right down to my heavy cock, pulsing in graphic detail.

The guy grabbed his dick straight through his pants, tugging as he fell breathless against the lockers, moaning as his cum made a dark wet stain across the crotch of his red gym shorts.

2 for 2.

Chad grinned darkly, looking at the fuck?s limp body splayed against the cold metal lockers. I grinned back and tightened my muscles even harder, once more, just for him, every single fiber swelling and twitching and pulsing under my paper-thin skin. I remembered how powerful Chad had seemed before. And I knew how powerful I was now.

?You think you?re just the shit, don?t you,? he laughed, moving his considerable bulk right into my face. But his voice was hollow and his eyes betrayed him.

Yeah. I was the shit.

And now I was gonna make him understand.
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