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Old April 10th, 2012, 06:56 PM
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Bigger Bro

Drew glanced quickly at his reflection in the mirror as he walked toward the bench. He smiled devilishly at what he saw. The gym was pretty empty, so he knew he could steal a lustful gander at his huge arms without anyone noticing. He lifted one of the dumbbells he was carrying slightly to make his biceps bulge, a sight that created a myriad of feelings inside the man ? pride, desire, admiration, and a thirst for more, much more muscle. Arms were one of the best body parts on the frame of the twenty-eight year old, 5? 8? tall, and one hundred and seventy-pound veteran lifter. And Drew clearly knew how hot his arms especially looked in a string tank top ? it was look he had been working hard to achieve for a long time. His gray Gold?s Gym tank barely met the dress code for the fitness center where he was a member and that?s the way he liked it. The big young stud was no stranger to the gym and he found much satisfaction in his accomplishments, especially showing off those accomplishments. Of course he wanted more, no aspiring bodybuilder didn?t, but he could appreciate the gains he had made thus far. He also learned early on how satisfying it could be to admire his own body ? after all, who knew what a guy likes more than he, himself, right?

Drew?s pleasurable moment of self-worship faltered only after he glanced up and saw Mr. A enter the free-weights section of the gym. That wasn?t the guy?s real name, but it was what Drew nicknamed him when he first set eyes on the guy about a half a year earlier. The nickname stood for Mr. Alpha ? since the guy was one of the thickest and biggest men in the place ? and the largest dude Drew had ever seen. He was linebacker size ? but not just any linebacker, he was a massively huge linebacker. Drew guessed that Mr. A was about 6? 2? and definitely tipped the scale way over 200 pounds. He looked to be the size of one of Drew?s heroes ? Peyton Hillis of the Kansas City Chiefs, who stood 6? 2? and weighed 250 pounds. Both big men had the same insane thick neck, the super wide shoulders and the intense solidness that you rarely saw on a guy out in public. It was definitely probable that Mr. A was actually bigger than Peyton, but it was hard to tell since he always wore some of the largest baggy sweats Drew had ever seen. And Mr. A was older than Peyton, probably much older, but his enormous size made him seem to be a young man. Drew was pretty sure that four regular sized men could have fit in the articles of clothing covering up his object of desire. Suddenly, the string tank didn?t seem that impressive. How could a man look so massive in baggy sweats? Drew felt inadequate. The smaller man sat on the bench and watched Mr. Alpha?s huge frame swagger across to another side of the wide-open space and prepare for some bench presses. Everything around the guy looked small ? the bench, the weights, and definitely any guy standing near him. Drew smiled to himself as he noticed numerous inferior beings slink away from that part of the gym as soon as Mr. A set up shop ? the man?s muscles were just too intimidating.

For warm ups, Mr. A slid one plate on each side of the bar and cranked out perfect reps with 135 lbs. ? making it clear it was nothing. The giant man rested for about sixty seconds and then slapped another plate on both ends and repped 10 clean lifts of 225 pounds. Mr. A rested another sixty seconds and then proceeded to add more plates and methodically pumped out 10 more beautiful repetitions with 315 lbs. ? making it look as easy as eating a piece of cherry pie. When the man sat up he didn?t look tired at all, but actually appeared much larger than he had when he had entered the place. Drew was floored beyond belief and just sat there, staring at the behemoth across the room. Again, it wasn?t that Drew was tiny or anything, he certainly got his share of attention ? especially when people got a look at his 18 inch arms - but he knew, instinctively, that Mr. A was in a totally different league. It was like the difference between a six-ounce steak and a twelve-ounce steak at a restaurant. Both steaks were good, but it had everything to do with the amount of meat that was stacked on the plate or, in this case, the body. Drew knew what it felt like to have men drool over him, his face and his body caused sensations most places he went, but he also realized he lusted after Mr. A in the same way other men longed for his own body. It was like some bizarre muscle worship evolutionary chain and Drew looked for someone bigger for inspiration, as well as someone to hopefully worship.

For a few seconds Drew sat there and let his imagination run wild. He envisioned what it would be like if his body was stretched out across Mr. A?s upturned palms instead of the heavily weighted barbell. Drew scratched the deep valley between his own pectoral muscles as he dreamed about the big man?s huge hand pressing against him there, as the other hand latched onto his crotch and used his hardened cock as a handle to steady his body as it rose up and down in the air. The younger man knew that an aerial view of the alpha?s bulging arms and massive chest would be like a wet dream come true. Drew, himself, was big enough to lift some guys and it had actually been a request of some of the men he had dated, but the idea of his own muscled body being easily propelled into the air by a bigger and stronger man was almost too much for him to handle. If Mr. A tossed around 315 pounds without even breathing hard, then it was probably possible for him to do one handed presses with Drew?s 170 pound frame. That notion sent chills throughout Drew?s entire body. It was wild to think that even as he got much larger and more powerful himself, Drew?s lust for some colossal beast who would tower over him became much more intense. Drew knew he was in a gifted position ? since he had awareness of what it was to be strong enough to be dominant, but also understood how awesome it felt to be dominated. Drew longed for the day when someone as big as Mr. A would look at him and say, ?Hey bro, you?re turning into a beast!? and then invite him over for a little big-man-worshipping-the-bigger-man action. Drew loved how huge he was getting, but he also still loved the thought of a more powerful man leading him into some wild and muscle-filled temptations.

Drew tended not to lust after just any man, since he actually spent a lot of time admiring his own body ? not in a vain sort of way, but in more of an appreciative mode. Drew was proud of the body he had built and he also knew that a healthy self-esteem made him more attractive to others ? but clearly not to Mr. A. Drew was pretty sure the alpha-man was one of those straight asshole gym rats that would beat you to a pulp if he ever caught you looking at him like a piece of muscle meat. The big man hadn?t ever done anything to warrant this label, but Drew had learned during his years of working out what the serious ?keep to yourself? massive guys were really like. He had even dated a giant closet-case bodybuilder that had ended up being so psychotic that Drew?s own cell phone number had to be changed. It was still wonderful to steal as many glances of Mr. A?s thickness as possible, because the man was just so utterly beautiful. He had a shaved head of jet-black hair, a perpetual shadow of facial hair, and piercing green eyes that reflected any light beaming nearby. It was a handsome face that was unbelievably rugged at the same time. It was a dichotomy of visual stimulants that made the man even more desirable. Drew?s lusting was now preventing him from beginning his workouts. He was in some kind of muscle stupor that cast a spell on his ability to do anything. A conversation happening at a nearby bench was the only thing that shook Drew out of his lustful state. He glanced in the mirror and saw that two guys whom everyone referred to as the idiotic gym bullies had honed in on an unsuspecting victim.

?Look at what we got here, Jed, a little dweeb working out in our gym. He must not have gotten the memo that no pansies are allowed in this place.?

?Yeah, Andy, I?m pretty sure he shouldn?t be here. I think he might get hurt ? trying to lift even the smallest amount of weight this place has to offer. Those twigs he calls arms couldn?t lift a feather.?

Two guys that Drew had recently nicknamed Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum were standing on either side of a guy who was about to do some bench presses with what looked like about fifty pounds. The two morons were wannabe bodybuilders that really hung out at the gym so they appeared to be working out ? they actually almost never lifted a single weight. They were both seriously obese, but slightly taller than most guys, so they seemed to be somewhat serious bodybuilders. The two bullies were trying hard to hang on to their high school football glory days ? even after many years of drinking beer and sitting on the couch. It was clear that the only way they could feel good about themselves was to pick on someone smaller. Their skinny victim?s face looked familiar, but Drew couldn?t place how he knew him. Drew tried to ignore what was happening, but it soon became clear that he would have to intervene. The two bullies obviously intended to use brute force to move the smaller guy.

?Skinny runt, here, thinks he can take up space with his little girl weights when two big guys like us need his bench for some serious lifting. Get lost, squirt.?

?I?m sorry gentlemen, but I was here first. You can have the bench when I?m done.?

?Well, we think you?re done now, little man.?

Drew had placed his dumbbells on the ground and moved up behind the two fat slobs, who were now completely focused on the smaller guy on the bench. It was clear they were about to reach down and grab the guy at either side ? planning to toss him a few feet across the room. But before they could even lay a hand on the man, Drew reached out and placed his big paws on either guy?s shoulder, immediately squeezing with about forty percent of his strength. He wasn?t taller than either man, but he was definitely in much better shape and definitely stronger. He could feel both guys wincing in pain as he clamped down hard on their trapezius muscles. His powerful grip stopped them in their tracks and both let out a little yelp while turning their head to look at Drew.

?Hello fellows, are you bothering my good friend here? He and I were just about to start our work out and I think I came up to find you threatening him. I don?t like it when my friends are threatened. By the way, you should know that right now I?m using just a fraction of my hand strength and I can see it?s very uncomfortable for both of you. What happens if I start to add even more pressure??

Drew started squeezing harder, causing both men to grit their teeth loudly and bend their knees in an attempt to escape the powerful grip causing them pain. He had no intention, however, of letting them go. The small guy on the bench was watching with a face full of admiration and something else ? something akin to lust. Drew continued to increase the pressure on both men?s shoulder and when he reached about eighty percent of his full force they both went down on their knees, bracing their bodies against the bench.

?I think you both need to apologize to my very good friend here . . . um, what?s your name, sir??

?Uh . . . Robert . . . sir.?

?Nice to meet you. So why don?t you both apologize to Mr. Robert.?

?Fuck you.?

Tweedle Dee?s response infuriated Drew. He squeezed the trap with almost all of his might and the guy squealed like a small pig in pain. Drew turned to look at Tweedle Dum and the expression on the guy?s face made it clear that he could not handle any more pressure from the powerful hand. The guy immediately looked at Robert and started to blubber.?

?I?m so sorry Robert. We won?t bother you again. It was our mistake. We can find another bench, I?m sure. I hope you and your friend have a nice work out.?

?Nicely done, sir. And how about you? In a mood to apologize now??

It was clear from the pained look on the guy?s face that he was about to either pass out or receive a dislocated shoulder. He was tougher than his friend, but he couldn?t withstand the intense force Drew was exerting. He looked from his tormentor to his friend and then to the excited face of Robert. The guy could barely speak now because of the pain that was being inflicted on his shoulder.

?I?m sorry.?

?Not as elegant as your friend, sir, but it will have to do. Now if I ever find either you bothering Robert again I will hunt you down and do some serious damage to your body. I think it?s pretty clear I can back up this threat without any problem. Do I make myself clear, gentlemen??

Both men quickly nodded and Drew released his tight grip on both of them. Each man immediately reached up and began to rub his shoulder. After a few seconds of recovery they stood quickly and scooted away, like puppies with their tails between their legs. Drew watched them slink away and then turned back to Robert. He smiled at the smallish man, who was still lying on the bench staring up with a face full of admiration and now something close to fear. Drew was used to getting looks like this from men, but something in this small man?s gaze struck a soft spot in his heart. His face was so familiar. It was pretty clear the guy was not a pro in the gym and Drew decided on the spot to become his mentor. It was his way to make sure the guy never got the impression that all bigger men were muscle assholes. Drew wanted the guy to feel more comfortable around weights.

?Well, I don?t think you?ll be having any trouble with those two clowns in the future, Robert.?

?Um . . . no, I guess not . . . thank you. Thank you very much.?

?No worries, bro. They?re assholes and needed to be put in their place. So, I was thinking I really could work in with you, if you don?t mind.?

?Well, okay, but it looks like you were doing arms and I?m focusing on chest today. I don?t want to take you away from what you were doing.?

?Now Robert, does it look like I need to work on these arms??

Drew tensed his guns a little, even though they hung to his side. His biceps bulged even more than they already did and he watched Robert?s eyes grow wider. Drew knew his arms were clearly a sign of his virility and strength. He loved the amazed look that quickly crept over Robert?s face. He knew deep down that the reason he pumped his arms extra hard all the time was for moments like this, when people simply stared in awe at their size. Drew loved making men drool over his body and he knew his arms responded to lifting the quickest. He usually wore t-shirts and tank tops just to emphasize the size of his guns and today?s outfit left nothing to the imagination. Robert could see every thick vein and striation canvassing Drew?s big arms. The larger man relaxed his arms and then cleared his throat, causing Robert?s gaze to move from the giant guns to the face above.

?I don?t think you have to do anything to those arms, sir.?

?No need to be formal, Robert. I believe we?re probably around the same age.?

?Sorry, I don?t know what made me say that? I guess it was a like a sign of respect or something.?

?No worries. I get that a lot. So, I?m good with chest. Hey, is that your warm up weight??

?No, it?s what my trainer suggests I use all the time. He doesn?t want me to overdo it.?

?Wow, I think you might want to add some plates if your goal is to build mass. Who?s your trainer??

?My brother. He knows a lot about this stuff so I tend to listen to him. He also insists I don?t break from the routine he set.?

?Well, I happen to know a little about lifting too, Robert. I think my body shows that. And I think we could increase your weight if you want to, to help you get bigger. I don?t want to go against your brother, but I don?t think you?re even straining anything with that weight. It?s like your brother was scared you?d get hurt or something. We don?t have to do it ? only if you want to.?

?I really want to . . . I?ve always wanted to . . . and you really think I should??

?I do. Here, let?s start with something heavier, but still pretty easy. Let me add these plates. Try that.?

Robert easily lifted the bar and lowered it to his chest. He cranked out ten repetitions with little problem. Drew smiled at his little prot?g?e?s accomplishments. Robert?s big smile made it clear that he was happy, as well. The wide grin quickly disappeared, however, and Drew noticed that the smaller guy was staring at something in the mirror.

?Oh no, here comes my brother.?

Drew followed Robert?s gaze and looked up into the mirrors in front of them. Standing directly behind him was the massive sweat-suit covered body of Mr. Alpha. Drew and Robert both swallowed hard at the same time. Mr. A's face did not look happy.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)

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Interesting premise, as always I'm interested in seeing where this goes. I hope this is going to be a long series.
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What a way to be introduced to Mr. A.
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Old April 10th, 2012, 09:53 PM
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Another excellent story!
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Oh wow, this story is different! I like it. I'm intrigued!
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At "Oh no, here comes my brother," I could almost hear ominous music building in the background. And what will Mr. A do? Hopefully we'll know more in the next chapter.
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I just saw this story cross-posted on O's site. I remembered that I had enjoyed it here first and checked to see if I posted. I hadn't.

The story definitely has an interesting premise. I hope you go on to develop and this was just not a one-off story for you.

Great writing as usual!
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I hope this one will be continued! (Well, actually, I always want to see ALL of your stories continued but I'm eager to find out what's up with Mr. A!)


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Very enjoyable! I'm anxious to see where you take us next.
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