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Ultra GMan
Blessing or Curse? Chapter 5

Blessing or Curse?
by Ultra Gman

Chapter 5

Everything was pretty quiet early in the morning; got ready for work, grabbed a bag and filled it with clothes for a long weekend at the Bluestone Valley Guest House, and dashed out the door to work. I'd gotten everything done in record time, and as according to plan, Dominic pulled up his car outside the BGA office just after lunch and we hit the road.

We weren't even five minutes on the road, just about at the Roosevelt Bridge and I-66, when Dom asked the question that I knew had been driving him crazy ever since we met up last night. "So John," he slyly asked. "How much are you packin' these days?" Unlike most of my friends, Dom knows all about the blessing/curse. Honestly, at times I think that's why I hear from him as much as I do. Dom's a dedicated bottom and a massive size queen, you see. So when things get big for me, well, Dom is perpetually ready and willing to get nailed a dozen or so times.

I laughed at Dom's blatant question. "So that's why you asked me along," I said, teasing him by evading the question. "This isn't a vacation, you just want to have sex all weekend long."

Dom gasped in mock surprise. "You wound me! Wound me!" he gasped. "I do want to go hiking and swimming this weekend, honest. It's a good break from the rounds of sex I plan on having." And then, before I could say anything else, he took one hand off the wheel and grabbed my crotch. Unsurprisingly, I sprang to attention, my briefs filling up quite nicely.

"Daaaaaaamn," he said. "You've been getting ready for me, haven't you? That's more than eight inches, easily." A big grin came over his face at that.

I sighed, amused but also a tiny bit tired by Dom's one-track mind. "It's ten," I finally said. "So yeah. I'm more than ready for you." And then suddenly, something Dom had said a minute earlier sunk in.

"Dammit!" I exclaimed. "We need to stop at the mall when we get out to Tysons. I forgot to pack my swimsuits."

Which is why, about 20 minutes later, we were off the highway and pulling into the mall parking lot. I have to say, if you're going to hit Tysons Corner, do so just after lunch. All the business meals are over, as well as the lunch-hour shoppers. Add in a crappy economy these days and the place was the closest to empty I'd ever seen it. We headed down the hall at a brisk walk, although out of the corner of my eye I could see Dominic trying to check out my package as we walked. Horndog. I mean, I know I'm bad (especially once I'm packing a lot of girth) but he's out of control.

We headed into the swimwear store, and it was literally just us and the two employees, who both looked bored out of their minds. A young woman was stationed at the register, and a guy in his early 40s was re-organizing the racks. We got a single nod by way of greeting, and I headed right over to the men's suits. I pulled a pair of board shorts off the rack, but honestly, they were just backup in case nothing else fit properly. From there it was over to the stretchy trunks. There are a few brands that provide a little more room in the front, so I grabbed a couple of pairs of each. Glancing at the dressing room entrance, I saw a big "Limit 3 items" sign overhead. Rather than argue, I handed three of them to Dom and hung onto three myself. "C'mon," I said.

Dom dutifully followed me, and back in the dressing room I took the one farthest from the entrance and stepped inside. "Hang onto the others," I said, shutting the door behind me. The board shorts fit, of course, and from there I went to the trunks. The first pair was waaaaaay too tight. I mean, we're going to a gay guest house, I want to show off my assets, but that was too much even for me. The next pair was a little better, the bright yellow trunks really lifting up my well-developed glute muscles and showing a sexy but not pornographic package in the front. I opened the door and reached my hand out. "Give me the rest," I ordered.

Dom's response, though, was to push his way in and shut the door behind him. He looked down at the yellow shorts I was wearing and whistled. "God damn, you look good," he said. He dropped the other three suits to the floor, but then followed down onto his knees. And then his hands were pulling down my suit, and his mouth moving onto my penis.

Have I mentioned that Dom is not only a dedicated bottom, but a champion cocksucker? If there was a dick sucking Olympic event, Dom would be getting the gold medal for the United States. That's why I like to think that my immediate reaction was not to pull out and push Dom away, but instead to start plumping up in his mouth and giving out an involuntary gasp of pleasure. As Dom moved his mouth up and down my penis, I could feel him caressing my thighs and butt, moving all over the area.

"D... Dom," I gasped out. "We're going to get caught." But Dom's response was to run his tongue all over the head of my (very large) penis, and I gave out another little moan. Seriously, Dom can play me like a violin when I'm this big, and it's just too hard to keep resisting. I started letting go of my inhibitions, and Dom moved down to sucking on my balls, first one and then the other.

"EXCUSE... ah..." I guiltily looked up, and the door to the dressing room stall was open and the male employee was standing there. Whatever anger he'd had over finding two guys having sex in the back of the store, though, seemed to have been replaced by his staring at my huge penis, standing straight up while Dom sucked on my heavy balls.

There was a brief moment of silence, and then Dom came up for air. "There's more enough for both of us," he said, and then moved back onto my balls.

To my surprise, the employee stepped into the stall and shut the door behind him. Kneeling slowly next to Dom, he hesitantly put his hands on my shaft, feeling it as if being unsure if it was real. And then, he dove onto my penis, licking and sucking the top of it as if there was no tomorrow.

I closed my eyes, the sensations of Dom and the employee just washing over me. This was certainly not what I'd expected to start my vacation. As the two continued to work me over, the employee's hands roved around to my backside, and started feeling and grasping my butt. Suddenly he was pulling off my penis and moving around behind me, staring at my incredibly perky and full ass. Dom took advantage of this moment to move back onto my penis; with Dom's amazing talents, that was just fine by me.

Meanwhile, the employee was slowly parting my cheeks and leaning in, and before I knew it he began to rim my asshole. Ohhhhh god. The employee may have been an ok (if spirited) giver of blowjobs, but rimming? He was a master. He was diving in, licking all around the outside before pushing deep inside, and I gave out another muffled moan. It was almost as good as getting fucked, to be honest, and he was hitting all the right spots with his thrusting tongue.

The combination of the employee taking me from behind and Dom being on my cock was finally too much to bear, and I exploded with no warning inside Dom's mouth. Gasping as each burst of cum pushed into Dom's mouth, it took almost 30 seconds for me finish. My legs were shaking a little bit, now, but god that felt amazing.

My two servicers slowly pulled off of me, Dom swallowing the last bits of my load. And then, as if nothing happened, the employee stood up, dusted off his pants, and walked back out the door while Dom struggled to his feet.

Dom and I stood there for a minute. And as a big grin came across Dom's goateed face, I shook my finger at him. "You are a very bad man," I scolded. "And very lucky."

Dom leaned down and scooped up the discarded yellow trunks. "Hurry up and try the other ones on," he said. "I want to go for a swim when we get there."

Twenty minutes later, we were back in the car, I had three new swimsuits (and got an employee discount, which was nice), and driving out to the Bluestone Valley Guest House. By the time we got there, it was almost 5pm. Dom said we had an 8pm dinner reservation, which meant we did indeed have time for a dip in the pool. The two owners (a sweet couple in their 50s) showed us to our room, and I sat down on the edge of the king-sized bed and pulled off my pants and shirt and yanked on the yellow trunks. Dom was doing the same, and before long we were down at the pool.

The age range at the Guest House is usually from the late-30s to late-50s, which means that more often than not I'm the youngest person there. For a change, though, there was a group of three guys in their late 20s who were sitting out getting some rays. No one was in the pool itself, though, just all catching the afternoon sun while they could. I could see everyone trying not to stare as Dom and I walked over, though. Partially because we were newcomers, of course, and partially because my new swimsuit was definitely giving them a show from both the front and the back.

I dove into the water, and Dom jumped in right behind me. For the next hour or so, we horsed around; sometimes just swimming around on our own, other times wrestling and teasing each other. There are a couple of rafts on the edge of the pool deck, and I pulled own down and floated around for a while, my bubble butt pointed up into the air. This was certainly the life.

Eventually, having had my fill of water, I climbed out and toweled myself off. You'd have thought I was putting on a show based on the amount of attention I was getting, but oh well. I spread the towel onto a chaise lounge, and laid down for a bit. It was only 6:30, after all, and the sun hadn't gone down yet. This time it was my crotch poking out for others to see, and if anything I managed to get even more attention. I did have to laugh inwardly when one guy almost walked into the pool because of his gawking. My balls were still nice and full, after all, and even soft and angled to one side it was hard to ignore the heft of my penis underneath that lycra.

After just chilling out for a while, though, I grabbed my towel and headed back up to our room to shower off before dinner. Dom was chatting to the three guys in their 20s, and I just gave him a nod before leaving. I cleaned up as best I could, changing into a new outfit, but there was still no sign of Dom. I sat down in an easy chair and flipped through a magazine, and finally at ten-till-eight Dom ran into the room.

"Sorry, sorry, sorry," he said. "Lost track of time." Dom's suit dropped to the floor and he scampered into the bathroom. Still, he was back out and drying off within five minutes, and we were at the entrance to the Guest House's gourmet restaurant only a few seconds late. We must've had the last reservation of the evening, because almost everyone else was clearly finishing off their dinners. On the bright side, it let me glance around to see what people's food looked like, and I felt confident in ordering the salmon when our cute-as-a-button waiter finally arrived.

By the time Dom and I got our salads, it was just us and one other guy in the restaurant. The other guy was a nice sight for sore eyes, too. His hair was a deep, dark reddish brown, and he looked amazingly fit; not all muscular like He-Man, but more of a swimmer's or triathlete's build. I caught myself staring a few times, and tried to focus back on what Dom was talking about?his new crushes on all three of the younger guys?and not look like a crazy obsessive.

The other guy left before Dom and I were even halfway through our dinners (my salmon was great, Dom's pasta was apparently above average but not fantastic), which made it easier to concentrate on my food, but almost meant a lack of extra entertainment. By the time we were done, I was ready to go back to the room and lie down, but instead I let Dom lead me over to the lounge and bar area. Dom headed over almost immediately to the couches where the three 20-somethings were sitting, and I glanced around for a minute before seeing an empty stool at the bar. I was halfway across the room when I realized that sitting next to the empty stool was the guy I'd been staring at during dinner. Well, clearly it was meant to be.

I sat down and ordered a cranberry-and-vodka from the bartender, then turned to my new neighbor. "Hey there," I said. "I'm John."

The object of my obsession smiled back, and put a hand on my shoulder. "Nice to meet you, John," he said. "My name's Robert. Just get in?"

"Yeah," I said. "Here for a long weekend. Yourself?" My drink arrived and I took a large?a little too large?swallow. Damn, this was a strong drink.

"Last evening here, actually," he said. "I've been out here all week for work and thought I might as well stay somewhere nicer than the motel in town. Heading home tomorrow."

Drat. "So what do you do?" I said, pausing to take another swallow and putting down my already empty glass.

"Telecommunications," he said, nodding at the bartender who brought over a pair of drinks for us. "We're surveying this area to continue spreading high-speed cables. Pretty exciting."

"I've heard worse," I lied, drinking some more.

"You are a horrible liar," Robert laughed, and that I started laughing too. And so, for the next hour or so, we just shot the breeze. Robert just kept drinking, and I tried to match him as well as I could. For someone who was probably in his mid-40s, I was having a hard time doing that, throwing back my cranberry-and-vodkas as best I could.

And then, suddenly, Robert stood up. "I need some fresh air," he said. Sliding his credit card over to the bartender, he clapped me on the shoulder again. "Want to go for a walk?"

My head was spinning a little bit now, but I slid off the bar stool, ready to follow. "Sure," I said, reaching for my wallet.

"My treat," he said, patting my hand?and my ass. He reached over with the other hand and quickly signed the receipt, but it was at this point that I realized that he was still patting my ass. Which boded well.

We stepped towards the door, when I suddenly remembered Dom. I glanced across the room and saw Dom getting kissed on the neck by one of the young guys. Clearly Dom was doing just fine without me.

We headed out into the warm evening, and I inhaled deeply, trying to clear my head a bit. Those weren't cranberry-and-vodkas, they were clearly vodkas that had just wandered near a cranberry at one point in their life. I was more than a little drunk. "Just beautiful," Robert said.

I looked around, with the mountains rising up around us and the stars fairly popping in the night sky thanks to the lack of city lights. Then I turned and looked at Robert. "Absolutely," I said, and leaned in to kiss him.

Robert was more than ready, his arms encircling me and kissing me back gently but firmly. One of his hands cupped my bubble butt, the other one roaming around my back. After a few minutes, we came up for air and stared at each other. "I think you better come with me, young man," Robert finally said. Leading me by the hand, I happily followed him back to his room, which turned out to be next door to the one I was sharing with Dom.

Closing the door behind us, Dom unbuttoned his shirt quickly, pulling it off to show an amazing chest and flat stomach. Damn, he looked good. He stepped over to me and gently pushed me onto the bed. I eagerly laid back, and unbuttoned my own shirt while Robert removed my belt and then pants.

Before I could even pull my own shirt off, Robert was yanking off my briefs and pushing my legs up into the air. And suddenly, expertly, I was getting rimmed for the second time in one day. Doing so shot my sex drive into high gear, and I gave out a long moan as Robert eagerly lapped at my ass.

I grabbed onto my knees and pulled them closer to my head, giving Robert as much access as possible. He kept working me over, alternating between rimming me and merely kissing and licking my muscular butt itself. "Goddamn I've wanted to do this all evening," he moaned. "I've never seen an ass this amazing." And then he'd eat me out some more, and my hard dick began to throb with anticipation.

Finally he stopped, then yanked off his own pants. "I need you right now," he said, a glint in his eyes, and he climbed up on top of me, pressing my legs even further back. With no warning his dick was not only pushing up against my entrance, but part way inside. And damn, he was pretty big himself, easily a good eight inches and girthy to boot.

"Aaaahhhh!" I gasped, having not been fully prepared for so much inside me so fast. Robert's only response was to shove harder in, sinking the rest of his penis in and ramming it against my prostate. I felt at that moment so full and dominated and horny that I wanted it to last forever. And for about fifteen minutes, it did; Robert would slam hard into me over and over again, pushing me to the edge, then ease off for a few minutes until I regained self-control. Always he watched my face carefully, looking for signs that I was going to cum so that he'd know when to slow down. The thing was, beyond a certain point it no longer mattered. My whole body was tingling, the sensations from his slamming into my prostate spreading to every single pore. I was moaning non-stop now, and that just drove Robert even crazier.

Finally, he leaned in and pushed his mouth up onto mine, slamming his dick even harder and faster than I had experienced. It was too much, and my whole body was shaking and quivering with the amazing feelings pushing through me. I gave out a muffled groan (with Robert's mouth still over mine) and started cuming, thick ropey strands shooting onto Robert's perfect chest. Apparently me cuming was a signal for Robert to just push harder and harder and harder into me, and with each push it was as if he was just milking my prostate, and I shot again and again.

After a small eternity my penis started slowing down, and Robert pulled out slowly. Right as I started to lower my aching legs, Robert began stroking himself quickly and I realized that he hadn't cum yet himself. But then he started shooting, his own semen splattering on my face and chest. I just closed my eyes and let him wash over me, coating me in his fluids. It felt great.

When he finished, I opened my eyes to see him lie down next to me, his arms encircling my torso. "I wish all business trips could end so well," he whispered in my ear.

I turned my head slightly and gave him a gentle kiss, then turned back and settled into his arms. I could feel my penis starting to grow another inch, but in that moment I was too worn out to care. In what felt like only a few seconds, I dropped off to sleep.
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