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Blessing or Curse? Chapter 9

Blessing or Curse?
by Ultra GMan

Chapter 9

When I woke up in Aaron and Paul's bed, it took me a minute to remember everything that had happened in the past 24 hours; the huge amounts of growing, and then Aaron and Paul helping whittle me down to a reasonable size. I had to laugh at myself at that last thought, as if having a full twelve inches of cock was a "reasonable" size! As it was, my penis and balls both felt very heavy and full. I'd probably slept for a few hours, based on the light outside, and even thought I'd knocked two inches back off, I'd done enough growing this weekend that my balls and sex drive were both still supercharged.

I shook my head, trying to regain control even as my libido began to ramp up. The best thing to do, I decided, was to find Dom and bugger him silly. My swimsuit and flip-flops had been laid out for me while I was asleep (I must have been really out of it), and I tentatively tugged on my yellow suit. It was tight. Really, really tight. My balls and semi-soft cock were straining the fabric in the front, and my glute muscles in my ass weren't helping matters either. It looked less like I had a swimsuit on, and more like I'd been attacked by a can of spray paint. I found myself rather relieved that I'd been smart enough to buy a larger size suit earlier in the weekend, because this one was barely enough to get me back to my own room.

Heading down the stairs, I heard some quiet sounds in the living room. When I got to the bottom, Aaron and Paul were there sitting on the couch. Based on the position they were in, I think they'd probably been making out but stopped for decorum's sake. Well, they had each just grown an inch to help me out, of course they were horny.

"Daaaaaaamn," Paul said, looking up and down at me in my swimsuit. "Still looking like sex on a stick, hold the stick."

I laughed at Paul's blatant tease, it was hard not to. "Thanks so much," I said. "You really saved my ass back there in more ways than one."

Aaron fanned a hand through the air. "Think nothing of it. It was our pleasure. VERY much a pleasure, in fact."

"I'd forgotten what it was like to be ten inches," Paul said, rubbing the back of his neck absently. "My hormones haven't raged like this in years." He smiled sweetly at Aaron, who grinned back.

"I hope I didn't put you out," I quickly said. "If there's anything at all I can do, please, please just let me know."

"Don't worry," Aaron said. "We're going to have fun being a little bigger down below, after all. It's nothing we can't handle." He paused for a minute. "In fact, we're probably going to have a lot of fun right now. If you're interested."

I paused at that. I was awfully horny, and I was going to need to blow off some steam (and cum) if I was going to make it through the day. And Aaron and Paul were not only both attractive, but sweet guys who had helped me out a lot.

"If it helps," Paul added, "when the other guys checked out, they were going to go hiking one last time on the way home, and Dom went with them and will get dropped off later in the evening."

"Well," I said, "that makes the decision much easier." I paused for a second. "But I better take off this suit before it explodes." Already the thought of sex with these two handsome guys was starting to make my balls tingle and I could feel the fabric beginning to strain a bit more.

They laughed, and then Aaron cocked an eyebrow at me. "So... anything you can do, just let you know?"

I thought about that for a minute and then clarified. "As long as it doesn't involve golden showers, scat, or blood. It's always too early in the relationship for golden showers."

They both grinned at that, and then Paul walked over to an end table and opened up a drawer. He pulled out a sleep mask from it and walked on over. "Trust us when I say none of that will happen," he said softly, then slipped the mask over my eyes while Aaron pulled my suit off of me.

And you know, I did trust them. After all, they could have done whatever they wanted to me earlier in the morning. So I stood there as they each took one hand, and then gently led me down a set of stairs into the basement of their home. I was walked into the center of the room, and then my hands were raised up into the air. First one wrist, then the other, were gently snapped into wrist restraints. There was a bit of movement and then I could hear them step back. I tried to lower my hands, but there was clearly something between the two cuffs that was hooked to the ceiling. They weren't all the way straight up, so there was enough give that it wasn't uncomfortable.

Standing there, anxious and excited, I suddenly felt a warm mouth move onto my balls, one at a time, licking and sucking them. A little shiver ran all over my body, and my balls began to throb with anticipation. I gave out a little gasp, one that turned into a bigger one as a second mouth began to eat out my ass. It felt fantastic, and slowly I began to grind my crotch in the air.

After a few minutes, though, both mouths pulled off for a second. It wasn't much of a wait, though, before one went down on my gigantic cock, sucking a good two thirds of it down. I bucked forward a tiny bit, instinctively, but then a pair of hands landed on my shoulders and I felt the head of a large cock pushing at my asshole. I started twitching with need, and instead of pushing forward I was now leaning back into the cockhead, desperately wanting it inside of me. That big ol' ten inch cock started sliding into me with ease, and with each new inch I gave off a groan. Whichever of the two of them was fucking me, he was doing it with such a practiced slow motion that it was perfect; it made it feel like the cock was just pushing into me for miles and miles as it kept marching on my prostate.

And then, it was all the way up to the hilt, and I felt a large pair of balls slap up against me. There was a pause, and the mouth moved off of my cock. If I wasn't so wonderfully stuffed from behind, I might have been disappointed. But whomever was in the front was now sucking on my nipples, first the left, then the right. A crotch was grinding into mine, and the friction between our two huge cocks felt fantastic. Just then, the cock up my ass started pumping again, and I groaned in delight. And for the next few minutes, that's what I felt; one guy fucking me slow and hard, the other licking and biting my nipples while his cock continued to rub up and stimulate my own cock and balls.

As the guys continued to work me over, I could feel myself getting closer and closer to cuming, and I let out a loud groan. But in response, they both suddenly stepped away, leaving me hanging. I struggled at that, trying to push forward and then back, desperate for that extra piece of stimulation to knock me over the edge. They'd both stepped away far enough, though, and as I squirmed with my hands still chained up into the air, there was nothing I could do.

After a few minutes of nothing, as my need died down a little bit, I suddenly felt a cock pushing up against my backside again. Slowly it slid into me, and from the front, I suddenly felt someone else's butt pushing up against my cock. Eagerly I pushed forward, and whomever was in front of me gave off a slight gasp as I quickly popped inside. The person behind me, though, quickly set the rhythm and it was a slow, steady, methodical fuck for all three of us. It was wonderful, the sensations of giving and receiving at the same time crashing up against each other, while Aaron and Paul's warm bodies on either side of me making me feel so warm and enveloped and wanted.

The more I fucked and was fucked, though, the hornier I got. Struggling to take control, I started pushing faster and faster, my sex drive starting to spike again as I began to get ready to cum. But by way of response, both guys dismounted again, leaving me high and dry.

"Nooooooo," I moaned. "Oh god, I need it so?"

And then, with no warning, a ball-gag popped into my mouth and was fastened from behind.

I think it actually turned me on more.

In about five minutes, I started getting fucked from behind again, while this time the other one licked and sucked my balls while giving me a hand job. It was great, and I began to shake with the need to come. If I didn't know better I'd have thought that my balls and cock had somehow actually grown from all of this, they felt so huge and full of cum and ready to explode at any moment. These guys were showing off their years of experience, and it was fairly amazing.

It wasn't until they'd worked me over a fourth time, then let me dangle on the edge, that one of them suddenly unhooked my arms (which had just started to get a little tired) and let me lower them. The sleep mask and ball-gag remained, though, and I was carefully lead into another room and then guided onto what felt like a bed.

Pushed onto my back, I felt my legs raised and my ass scooted to the edge of the bed. Sure enough, a second later one of them grabbed my ankles and began fucking me again, harder than before. The walk into the other room had provided a bit longer of a cooling off process, which is I suppose the only reason why I didn't just explode on the spot. (Although at this point, I almost didn't want to, for fear that this would end.)

The ball-gag was suddenly removed from my mouth, and when I opened it in surprise a large penis was pushed into it. Eagerly I sucked down on the huge penis in my mouth, rolling my tongue all over it, especially the head. Normally I'd have tried to tickle the balls with my hands, but they were still chained together. My mouth and ass were both getting pounded, and it was just lovely. Then, I could feel the person above me shift slightly and with that my own penis was getting sucked. After about thirty seconds of all this stimulation I started thrashing, knowing that I was going to cum.

They got the message and just like that, the guys disengaged. Lying on my back, I was panting with desperate need for release. My penis felt so swollen and large that it almost hurt, as if I'd had a cock ring on for far too long. I could feel the pre-cum just oozing down its shaft and onto my balls, which were aching and felt so swollen that I could imagine my scrotum being pulled tight around them.

Several minutes went by, and my need didn't lessen at all. Finally, the guys carefully flipped me over so I was now on my hands and knees, and a cock re-entered my mouth. And so, for several minutes, I worked that cock as best I could, feeling so horny and needful and needed and sexual as it continued to throb in my mouth. I could hear heavy breathing from whomever's cock I was sucking, and I had a feeling he was close to cuming.

Clearly, the guys got the same message, because another penis was suddenly shoved back up into my ass, and started pounding hard and fast. We were in the end zone now, and my pulse was racing. This was almost like last night when the guys had been both up my ass at the same time; I just felt like a sex god, being worked over and so amazingly horny and jacked up by it all.

Finally, mercifully, I came. Or should that be erupted? A volcano had nothing on me, just then. My cock just started gushing rivers of cum, and with each pump and spurt I was even more turned on. The cock in my mouth was the next to go, and it was filling up my mouth faster than I could swallow. And all the while, the other guy was pounding my ass even as I continued to shoot, until finally he too started shooting in my ass.

After what seemed like an eternity of bliss, though, we all stopped shooting; first the guy in my mouth, then the guy in my ass, and finally myself. I stood there on my hands and knees, feeling fantastic, as the guys slowly dismounted. And then, after another minute or two, they unhooked the handcuffs from my wrists. I was rolled over onto my back, but then I felt the two of them start kissing my body up and down, gently, and I practically melted in response.

When the kissing slowed down, I felt them each work their way up under my arms, and then one of them gently tugged the sleep mask off of me. I blinked my eyes as sight slowly returned, with the two guys smiling adorably at me. I turned to the left and gave Paul a kiss, then to Aaron on the right and gave him one as well.

For the first time since we'd arrived, I felt well and truly sexually sated.
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