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Blessing or Curse? Chapter 10

Blessing or Curse?
by Ultra GMan

Chapter 10

It was late afternoon, and I was out by the pool. After our little romp had ended, we'd all cleaned up, and then Aaron and Paul had to get back to work on all the maintenance and such that is part of running the Guest House. But now I was mulling over something I had said to me right before I'd left.

"You should try and stay at this size for a while," Paul had suddenly said while Aaron was in the shower.

I was a little surprised at that, and my face must have shown it.

"No, really," he said. "I think, as strange as it sounds, your 'tolerance' is going up. You should try and get used to a twelve inch penis, see if you can handle it. Sort of like a weight that was too much at first at the gym. You want to switch back at first, and you might have to go to the lighter one. But before you give in, you should keep trying that new weight if your trainer thinks you're ready for it."

Mind you, opportunities were few and far between now anyway. Most people left Sunday morning to go home, and so while a few others were at the Guest House until Monday, I hadn't seen any of them. No doubt they, like Dom, were off hiking or such. And so I'd put on my slightly roomier bathing suit (which was now not so roomy, but at least it could hold all of my penis and ass a bit more than the yellow suit could) and laid out along side the water, relaxing.

The sun on my skin felt delicious, and while I was a little horny it wasn't anything like the one time before I'd been at twelve inches. It had helped, certainly, that Aaron and Paul had well and truly drained my balls. Sure, they were slowly starting to fill back up but that burning, must-cum-right-now sensation was replaced with a more typical, "Sex would sure be nice right about now" instead.

In spite of how I'd been raised, I stuck my hand inside my suit for a minute and gave myself a quick tug. I was plump (well, I'd be plump regardless now) but not crazily so. Maybe this was possible after all? Closing my eyes, I put my headphones on and just zoned out for about an hour, listening to a podcast and ignoring the rest of the world.

Or at least, that was the plan. Zoning out actually turned into another nap, because when I woke up the sun had moved a lot across the sky, I didn't remember much more than ten minutes of the podcast, and there was someone gently touching my shoulder. Blinking several times, I squinted before figuring out it was one of the few guests still around on a Sunday afternoon.

"Hey," he said. "You've been out for a few hours, didn't want you to bake."

"Ah man, thanks a lot," I said, a little blearily. The guy was a pale-skinned redhead, with a smattering of freckles across his face and chest, and wearing baggy board shorts. "I'm John," I said, extending my hand.

"Hey," he said again, before taking my hand with a surprisingly firm grip. "Owen." He sat down in the chair next to my chaise lounge. "All here by yourself?"

"Sort of," I said, slowly straightening up in the lounge. "I came here with a buddy of mine but he's off hiking with some guys that he's crushing on. Or supposedly hiking anyway."

Owen laughed, a high pitched giggle. I had to admit that his laugh was so silly and girly that I liked him instantly at that point, perhaps because he was so un-self-conscious about it. "Rough times," he finally said. "I won't lie, I was kind of hoping for the same thing this weekend but the place was pretty well packed and full of couples." As he said "packed and full" I noticed that his eyes subconsciously flicked over to my bathing suit, which was also pretty packed and full itself. I tried to ignore that and pushed forward.

"That's tough," I nodded. "Where're you from?"

"DC," he said. "I'm a government contractor and I had a gap between one project ending and another beginning and thought I should see if I could take advantage of the free time."

I gave off a knowing "yeah" sound, and we started chatting about work in general; me at the Big Government Agency, him at the different agencies his company has sent him to. From there the talk shifted to free time, and our shared love of the Doctor Who television program, which just goes to show that us geeks are slowly taking over the world. At one point I'd started to pull a shirt on (to keep from baking) but Owen said he'd just help put more sunscreen on me.

It was a pretty transparent ploy, but I was feeling pretty laid back and let him rub the lotion all over my back. In terms of muscle Owen was pretty scrawny (not that there's anything wrong with that) but his hands were immensely powerful; it felt almost like a massage as he applied the lotion. I ended up just giving off a long sigh of contentment. It was a nice afternoon.

Finally, though, I was ready to get out of the heat. When I told Owen as much, he scrambled to his feet as well. "Before you head off and shower, do you want to borrow that book I was telling you about?" he said. "I'm already done with it."

I make dumb decisions a lot, but I'm not actually stupid. This ploy was just as obvious as his last one. But I was a big boy (in more ways than one) and I had promised myself no growing or shrinking. So after a second, I replied with a simple, "Sure, that sounds great," and we headed off to Owen's room.

When we got there, to his credit he went right over to his shoulder bag and rooted through it for a minute, before finally fishing out a copy of the book Wetworld, then sticking a business card inside of it. "It's pretty good," he said, extending it towards me.

I reached for the book, and Owen's hand shifted forward onto mine. There was a lot of desire and hope and fear on his face, and I started to wonder just how badly he'd pinned hopes on some sort of hook-up across this weekend. "I... I really hope you like it," he said, softly, and I could catch the additional meaning. (As could my penis.)

I stepped closer to him, and he cocked his head back a tiny bit, his lips trembling. Ok. I could be an adult about this. "Just a tiny bit," I said. And then, he leaned in and kissed me. Like his handshake, his lips were surprisingly strong, his salty tongue running across my teeth and through my mouth. My body was roaring to attention, and I found myself wrapping my arms around him. I was feeling like I had a little earlier, once more; just sexually powerful and dominant and ready to just fuck and be fucked my way across the world. I honestly couldn't imagine being like this for too long, even as I desperately wanted to.

We stumbled over to the bed and crashed onto it; Owen was on his back and I was on top of him, and we kept kissing while our hands moved up and down each other's torsos. At first I felt like I had to be gentle with him, but before long my inhibitions were going away and I was forcefully pulling him towards me, squeezing his body against mine as our legs intertwined.

And of course, all the while, my bathing suit was getting tighter and tighter. Owen was grabbing my ass, now, just running his hands up and down those two perfect globes, stopping occasionally to squeeze and knead those massive muscles. He could certainly feel the head of my penis rubbing against his abs now (there was no way my suit could contain my penis fully erect), and there was definitely something sizable going on inside his voluminous board shorts as well.

Trying to take control of the situation, I stopped kissing his mouth and started moving down, kissing and sucking his neck, his shoulders, his pecs, his abs. As I got lower and lower, his board shorts started tenting out, something I hadn't even thought possible based on how much extra material there was. I slowly ran my fingers along the waistband and then carefully pulled them off.

Well now. Let's just say that there was a reason Owen was wearing those board shorts; he had clearly decided that he needed to hide that massive penis he was swinging around down there. We were within just a few inches of each other, and Owen was really girthy too. (Slightly undersized balls, though. I guess no one can really have everything, though.) I started licking the plum-sized head of Owen's penis and he gave off a moan so loud I wouldn't be surprised if Aaron and Paul heard it in their own private house. Owen was dripping a lot of precum too, and it was salty like Owen's lips and tongue were, and thick like someone who hadn't orgasmed in a long time. Slowly I started moving down the shaft, and Owen began groaning, pushing up against my mouth. After a small eternity I made it down to the base of the shaft; Owen had shaved completely bare around his penis, which was great for blow jobs. All the while, my own penis was making a growing puddle of precum on the comforter, and I started running my hands along the bottom of Owen's thighs as I moved up and down his penis.

But then, suddenly, he started pulling out of my mouth. I was a little surprised, because Owen certainly seemed ready to cum, but that turned out to be the problem. "Can't... so fast..." he gasped. "Just stop for a minute..."

I obligingly climbed back up, and started kissing him again. After a few minutes, though, he suddenly rolled me over onto my back and then pulled off of my mouth. He started kissing my own chest, and it felt fantastic. He was one hell of a kisser, and his mouth was putting little shockwaves all through my body. So good, in fact, that it took me a second to realize that he was pushing my thighs up into the air. Owen clearly had in mind much more than a blow job.

And oh, did I want him to fuck me. My ass was started to twitch in anticipation, and I was feeling internally empty and needy. But I couldn't grow again, I knew what a bad thing that would be, even as I wanted it. Owen was pulling my suit off of me, and I had to act now.

"Nnnnn... nnnn... nnnno," I finally gasped out. "I... I can't."

Owen looked a tiny bit hurt, and leaned forward and kissed my mouth while pushing my thighs closer to my chest. I could feel the head of his penis against my balls, and my asshole twitched again, knowing that it could be just a matter of seconds until that mammoth cock was inside of me. The urge was getting stronger and stronger, like needing to pee for hours with nowhere to stop in sight, only instead of pain it was the urge to get fucked.

"I... I..." And then I lied. "I hurt myself inside and I'm still healing," I finally said. Owen paused at that, a look of confusion on his face. I tried to frown. "I can't get penetrated for another week or two," I fibbed. Taking advantage of Owen's momentary stop, I flipped us back around so Owen was on his back. "But I can still help you out this way," I said, and then slid my mouth back onto Owen's penis.

Based on the groans, grunts, and gasps from the next five minutes, I'd say that Owen got over his disappointment pretty quickly. And with the amount of cum that he pumped into my mouth, I'd also say that it had most definitely been quite a while since the poor boy had last cum. Finally we laid down along side each other, catching our breath. Owen looked like he was going to pass out, and I gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek. "I had a great time," I whispered, and he smiled gently.

Of course, the reality was my cock was hating me right now, but I promised myself to take care of it back in my own room's bathroom shortly. After promising to call him back in a few weeks, I picked up the book, pulled back on my swimsuit as best as possible, and left Owen to his well-earned nap.
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