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Ultra GMan
Blessing or Curse? Chapter 12

Blessing or Curse?
by Ultra GMan

Chapter 12

I hope you won't look down at me if I admit that I still didn't know young guy's name, even after he fucked me again late Friday night in the office gym. Hell, I wasn't sure what floor he even worked on. But the sex was great, and it kept my sex drive vaguely under control.

That said? I still wanted to nail (or get nailed by) every hot guy I saw. And so I decided that this weekend, something needed to be done. Fortunately, I had a feeling I'd found a payday on Craigslist. The ad went like this:
fuck my bf - m4m (Rockville) 25yr
GL couple looking for a 3rd to fuck the vers 25 year old. have a big dick, send stats and be ready to send a face pic.
Guys advertising for big dicks were probably my only real ticket out of my current situation, after all. Not many people would be willing to put up with even a surprise ten inches, let alone twelve. I sent them an e-mail, although I actually low-balled my dick (I claimed it was ten and sent an appropriate picture of it at that size). A couple of hours later, they were asking if I could meet them up at a caf? in Rockville on Saturday afternoon, which was a good sign.

And so, that's why on Saturday I was on the Red Line of the metro, having a military guy pretend that he wasn't staring directly at my overly full crotch as I sat across the car from him. He looked fantastic, too; someone who more than hit the minimums for staying in shape, every inch of his uniform full of rock hard muscle. I could actually feel my asshole and dick both twitching at the thought of being with one of America's finest.

But my stop arrived before his, and regretfully I stepped off the train. It was a quick walk to the coffee shop the couple had mentioned, and there I saw them; two men in their mid-20s of Middle Eastern descent. They both looked beautiful, with crisp black hair and soft, gentle features.

It was Siddig who had placed the advertisement. He was a committed bottom in the bed, and in a low voice admitted that the idea of him topping was a complete turn-off. Fortunately Ali didn't mind being the top man in bed, but he missed getting to switch it around. And so, rather than have to do something he wasn't comfortable with, Siddig had gotten an idea for Ali's 25th birthday.

"So... I thought... why not?" Siddig said. "We know it's a little strange, but..."

I shook my head and grinned. "I think it's kind of sweet," I said. "Making sure Ali here still is getting his needs met. And I understand wanting to both give and receive; I wouldn't ever want to only top or bottom forever either."

Ali blushed a little bit, and I gathered that as Siddig had done all of the talking that Ali may have been the top in the bed, but not in the relationship.

"Well, good!" Siddig said brightly. He paused for a moment, and then said, "I guess I just have to be blunt. Are you ready?"

I waved over the waitress and handed her money for our lattes. "No time like the present," I replied, and my dick plumped up a little bit in my pants as if to agree. Ali had been staring at my crotch on and off out of the side of his eyes, and I saw them widen a bit in surprise and anticipation.

We were out of there in minutes, walking down the street to their condo. As we did so, I kept staring at Ali's ass, thinking how great it was that soon it would be mine. Then again, Siddig seemed the most excited out of the three of us; he was practically dancing along the sidewalk.

Their home was spartanly furnished, but Siddig whisked us into the bedroom. As we stood there, I suddenly felt uncharacteristically shy. Like I was some prostitute they'd picked up to share, or something. I froze for a second, and Siddig came over and put his arm gently around my shoulders, sitting me and him down onto the edge of the king-sized bed. "Thanks again," he said, in a soft voice. "The second we saw you we've been looking forward to this." He started pulling my shirt off of me, and once it was free he and Ali started running their hands up and down my arms and chest.

I hadn't been sure, to be honest, if this was going to be a situation where I just nailed Ali while Siddig watched in the corner, or perhaps sat in the living room, but instead it looked like he was going to stick around for at least a bit. As Siddig started sucking on my nipples (my chest and pecs were looking great these days, I must admit, just strong and tight and muscular), Ali began kissing and gently biting my neck. My pants were getting ludicrously tight in response, and I was torn between wanting to undress them and let my penis free of its confines.

The decision was made for me, though, when Siddig reached over (without even looking away from my chest which he was still worshipping) and undid Ali's belt and pants, tugging them down, while Ali started working on my own belt. Before I even realized what was going on, Siddig and Ali were down to their underwear (cute blue briefs on Siddig, and a pair of tight red boxer briefs on Ali) and I was being pushed down fully onto the bed so that they could lift my legs up enough to yank off my own pants.

Siddig drew in his breath expectantly as he saw my huge penis, barely contained by my own underwear. He looked at Ali, then at my penis, then back at Ali. I could tell he was excited for Ali, but also a little bit... sad? I wasn't entirely sure what was going on here. Fortunately for me, though, Ali seemed to understand the look on his boyfriend's face.

Ali started kissing and licking my ear, but as he did so he started whispering to me. "Would you also be up for topping Siddig?" he said, his breath hot on my ears. Aha. Because while it looked like Ali was no slouch in the penis department as well, Siddig's expression it seemed was being the diabetic child in the candy store.

"Mmhmm," I murmured in the affirmative, even as Siddig tugged off my underwear and gave out a little moan of surprise. My penis looked even a little thicker than yesterday, if that was possible, and my balls were feeling overly full of cum. Siddig glanced nervously at Ali, who nodded, and then Siddig slipped the head of my penis into his mouth.

I guess Siddig was part boa constrictor or something, because I'd have thought someone would need an unhinged jaw to suck on my python. And to be fair, there wasn't much room for him to do that much besides suck, but I could see in his eyes the thrill of just having something that huge in his mouth. And hell, he sure did do a good job with the situation available. After a minute he had to come up for air, though, and I took that opportunity to grab Siddig and roll him onto the bed, and then straddle his stomach.

Siddig was practically drooling at the sight of my huge cock lying on top of him, and I leaned forward and pushed my tongue into his mouth for a minute or two, taking control of him. With my cock and balls throbbing on his stomach, my hand behind his head, and my dominating his mouth, he knew that for right now, he was all mine, and he loved it.

Slowly, regretfully, I dismounted and scooted back. Siddig's knees immediately went up into the air as his legs spread, making room for me. I pushed one finger up against his asshole, which was twitching with desire, and slowly inserted it into him. He gave out a little whimper of excitement as it sunk in with ease. Yes, Siddig was definitely eager for this. As I put a second and then a third finger in, he started moaning. I don't think he was expecting a fourth finger, though, but it was necessary. The curse may have guaranteed that my cock would make it inside of him, but it didn't promise that it would feel good for the receiver. At least when I was out in West Virginia, the guys there had the curse as well and between the two of us everything would automatically be good. I wanted Siddig to not just take my cock, I wanted him to never forget how great this was.

After a few minutes of pushing my fingers in and out and spreading them as wide as I could, I slowly withdrew, and then with a grin touched the head of my cock up against Siddig's opening. "Ready?" I murmured. To one side, Ali looked both excited and nervous, and before Siddig could respond, I started pushing my way in.

Siddig's eyes rolled back up into his head, a loud groan immediately escaping him as about an inch pushed in. "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh..." he started panting. I paused for a moment, making sure he was all right, then pushed in maybe half an inch or so more in. "Ohhhhhhh," Siddig responded. There might not have been much length in him, but in terms of girth it was a hell of a lot of cock. Much more than Ali's, although I had to say the more I saw of Ali's cock the more impressed I was.

Ali, meanwhile, was now behind me. As I knelt between Siddig's legs with his propped up ass towards me (thanks to a couple of well placed pillows from Ali), Ali was kissing my back, slowly moving down my spine. "You're so beautiful," I heard Ali whisper. "I just want to eat you up."

I pushed in a bit more, bit by bit, but all Siddig was doing was making loud noises that I couldn't tell if were pleasure or pain. I was maybe four inches in, when suddenly I felt Ali's tongue on my asshole, and his hands spread my bubble butt wide. Siddig wasn't the only one groaning in pleasure now; Ali was eating me out like a champ, and as great as it felt to finally top someone again, my need to get bottomed was getting cranked up as well.

Slowly I moved into Siddig, with Ali continuing to lick and suck me from behind. And all the while, Siddig just groaned. Finally, I stopped for a minute. "Do I need to go slower?" I hesitantly asked Siddig.

Siddig groaned yet again, and I paused, unsure of what to do. Ali straightened up at that point, until his mouth was next to my ear. "He needs it hard and fast," he whispered, and then paused for a moment. I could feel him fumbling behind me for a second, and then Ali suddenly said, "Like THIS," and in one fell swoop shoved a good eight inches of cock into my asshole.

At that point, I can say that I saw stars. It was an explosion of pleasure, and I gave out a little gasp of my own. But Ali was pushing into me, hard and fast, and the next thing I knew I was shoving more and more into Siddig, eight inches, then nine, then ten and a half.

"Ohhh yes, oh oh oh, oh yessssss, like that, ooohhhhhh!" Siddig began gasping. Ali was in control now, pumping into me in a rhythm that I had to drill into Siddig. It was almost like I was a dildo that Ali was controlling, filling and taking over Siddig like he'd probably never been before. My balls were on fire, my cock felt huge and full, and there was a strange metallic tang in my mouth. What was happening? I had suddenly lost control of the situation, and of my own body, and I felt almost disconnected from the entire experience just there. Ali had reached around to my chest now, both to steady himself and also to continue to stroke my pecs and stomach. The three of us were moving as one, and I just pounded over and over into Siddig as Ali demanded it.

It was Siddig who came first, cum shooting over his stomach and onto his chest, the first blast even reaching Siddig's chin. As he came, he clenched down tight on me and then I was shooting too, and so was Ali. And as I came, the strange taste in my mouth got stronger. I felt slightly dizzy, and I wasn't sure what the gift was doing. I'd thought just a few minutes ago that I would lose two inches today, and now it looked like there would be no change, but it was hard to complain about a fuck this powerful.

And then the three of us laid on the bed, gasping and panting, trying to recover. And while there was no sound save for our breathing, I was able to try and mentally center, pull myself back together. Which is why I suddenly realized that there was a growth going on, but different than what I'd ever had before. My balls were starting to expand.

It was slow, much slower than my cock ever grew (or for that matter the rate my balls would grow to match). And it felt different here; very strong and powerful, an overwhelming sense of maleness. I felt like I needed to fuck the world right now, long and hard, until these boys became pregnant by sheer force of will and amount of cum. I needed Ali, and right now.

And as my balls grew, I could feel the cum in them churning and pounding, full of hot seed that was multiplying at a vast rate. Was that why my balls were growing? I wasn't sure, even as I somehow knew that taking Ali would stop it, shut down the strange reaction the curse had to me being the middle of a three-way sandwich.

Without a word I rolled over onto my stomach, and scooted Ali's legs up into the air. He was still catching his breath and looked a little startled, but also eager at the same time. I slithered forward and started eating him out as close as I could to the way he had done it to me, loosening him up for what was about to come. Ali was going crazy almost instantly, and I suddenly remembered that the whole reason I was here was because he was in desperate need of some ass-play. So I started licking deeper and stronger, and Ali was whimpering in delight in a matter of seconds.

When Ali's voice stopped, I looked up, but it turned out that Siddig had started kissing Ali deeply, a look of immense pride on Siddig's face. Yeah, that's right, I thought. I'm going to fuck your man, Siddig, and I can tell that you are going to love it just as much as Ali will.

I had to admit that I was ready to pound Ali as hard as he'd pounded me, and the time was now. My balls were still slowly growing, getting heavier and even more full of cum than I'd ever seen them. And so I got us into position and then, with no warning, got a good six inches of thick, enormous cock into Ali.

I could actually hear Ali cry out despite Siddig's mouth being over Ali's, but the look in Ali's eyes was not one of pain. And so with another thrust I was nine inches in, even as Ali's eyes widened in surprise, and then I really started going to town.

Ali's entire body was shaking as I drilled into him, over and over again. Normally I'd have been content to make this last as long as possible, watching shivers of pleasure just roll all over Ali's body with each thrust, even as Siddig moved from Ali's mouth to his nipples, still kissing and sucking him everywhere. But my balls were begging for release, even as they puffed up even more and I could start to feel like I was going to cum over the entire world before much longer.

But still, somehow, I held on for a good five minutes, even as I turned Ali's insides to jelly. He was just quivering and gasping, and I could feel that he was having lots of little internal orgasms with every thrust of mine. All that pent up need to be topped was finally getting released for Ali, and it was amazing to watch. But as my balls swelled even larger still, I could feel them dragging on the bedspread and I knew I had to do something before Ali and Siddig realized what was happening. They were larger than grapefruits now, just boiling with cum and... and... and I couldn't hold back any more.

As I started shooting inside of Ali, I could see that he'd begun to ejaculate too, but honestly I didn't care at that moment. Rush after rush of cum started filling Ali up, and slowly my balls deflated as they continued to push all that cum outside of me. As my semen started overflowing out of Ali, I pulled my cock out and kept shooting, with thick ropey strands going all over Ali's chest and face.

And then, finally, it was over. I glanced down briefly and while my balls were still huge by any standard, they were at least reasonable enough that I would be able to get pants on again. With a loud sigh, I flopped forward on top of Ali, with a squelching noise as I landed on my cum that was now all over Ali's body. There was a momentary pause, and then Ali started laughing gently.

"Wow," he finally said. "Just... wow."
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