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Spice Part 39

by Mad Dog and Mr. X

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Dan woke up from restless sleep. Today was the day... the day he'd been looking forward to for months: the day of the local bodybuilding competition! It seemed like half the town had been bulking and dieting lately, including everyone in the Stockwell household! Dan was excited, but nervous. He'd never had to have a posing routine before and he'd spent the last several weeks developing and practicing his own. He hoped he didn't forget his cues or screw up a pose, that'd be pretty embarrassing. He was also a little grumpy from the dieting that his father had made everyone in the house adhere to. Dan wondered if he had any fat in his body at all left from the spice, but it seemed he did as the strict diet suctioned his skin to his brawn, bringing out yet more definition to his colossal bulk.

The competition had been coming up for so long, now that it was finally here, there had been a frenzy of preparations. Phil in particular had been working out like mad, pumping himself up to a freaky 375 pounds, even as his bodyfat seemed to disappear, leaving him thoroughly ripped. The one thing Phil had not been able to do was shave his body hair. He simply couldn't bring himself to shave it off, even though he knew it was necessary. No bodybuilder, no matter how sexy, could hope to win a competition with hair obscuring his definition and striations. So, with some trepidation, Phil knocked on Dan's door, a fresh razor in one hand, a can of shaving cream in the other.

Dan had just finished his shower that morning and had been in the middle of dressing to leave for the community center where the competition was going to be held. His lower half was clad in gray sweatpants that only hoped they could conceal the bulk of his quad muscles when in fact it seemed like they practically clung to his wedges of striated mass. His upper body was still bare and it seemed he had still had a few drops of moisture clinging to his massive torso. Phil doubted there was a bath towel big enough to do justice to his cousin's body, anyways. "Seriously, Phil? You're waiting until now to do this?" Dan sighed as he put two and two together just from seeing the shorter muscle man at his doorway. "I thought you said you'd get it done by last night, at the latest!"

Phil blushed a bit. "I know. You've been telling me to start getting it under control for a while now... I just... I just couldn't." Phil bit his lower lip, an uncharacteristically nervous gesture. His confidence and self-assurance had been high of late, as he strutted about, king of the local bears. But right now, Dan could see the old Phil in front of him, admittedly now with the body of a freakily muscled 375 pound bodybuilder. "When I finally got my body hair... it made me feel like a real man, you know? And I just couldn't shave it... even though I know I have to. I mean, you can't compete in fur like this!" Phil chuckled a bit, his nervousness easing. "But I couldn't do it until now. Not until the last minute. Do or die time, I guess." The blush returned to Phil's cheeks. "And, uh, Brick really likes it..." Phil grinned. "So do I, of course... but really... he really, really likes my hair."

Dan found it hard to hold a grudge against his cousin for waiting until the last moment to shave off his pelt. He had to admit, it was damn fine on him, even now as it tufted out of his shirt's collar. The colossal teen feigned exasperation as he sighed, "Well, we can't inconvenience Brick, now can we? C'mon in, we'll fix this up." Dan stepped out of the doorway and swung a titanically-built arm out to invite his cousin inside, the veined bicep hanging off of the bone like a slab of raw meat.

Phil grinned gratefully, and headed in. His eyes strayed for a moment, noting Dan's monstrous arm. Even living with the big man, Phil never quite got over his cousin's impossible size. The truly titanic quality of Dan's body catching Phil unawares at odd times, like now. He stepped into the room, slowly pulling his shirt off, and tossing it aside, onto the bed. The insane definition of his back immediately apparent. Truly, Phil's work in the gym had paid off, even without an extra hit of spice. His bodyfat was low, and his vascularity was high, even before hitting the pump room. He turned, showing off his huge, fur-covered pecs, the luxurious hair all over the thick slabs of muscle, yet not hiding Phil's impressive size. He slowly pulled off his shorts next, his big, hairy quads emerging. The shorts joined the shirt on the bed, and Phil took a deep breath, his huge body packed into a pair of simple briefs. "Let's do this, then," he growled, trying not to sound nervous.

A whistle escaped Dan's lips, almost unconsciously, as he looked over his smaller cousin. "Maybe I'd better get the garden shears for this job," he teased, noticing how it made Phil blush and squirm. It also seemed to make something else on Phil squirm. Dan had to remember not to tease the boy so much. It seemed to be... a trigger. "W-Well, where should we start?" he asked hurriedly, trying to rush past the awkward moment. "Chest? Legs?" He busied himself with picking up the razor and shaving cream, putting a dollop of the cream on one of his hands.

Phil blushed, but stood his ground. "Might as well start at the top. Chest. Arms. Legs." He stepped toward Dan, presenting his big chest. "You might want to start electric... then move on to the blade to finish that up. Otherwise, I don't know how many blades you're going to go through... might not have enough..." Phil winked, trying to sound confident, trying to regain a bit of momentum. Also, trying to force his cock to calm down a bit. Hearing Dan talk about his hair was quite the turn on though... he had to remember that Dan was going to shave it all off... all his beautiful hair... That stopped his cock dead in its tracks. It didn't subside, exactly, but it certainly stopped growing.

"Oh, right. I don't have as much as you, so I don't even bother with electric," Dan chuckled, shaking his head as he wiped the cream off his hand with a towel from his bathroom. He wasn't thinking straight all of a sudden. He was usually so focused. What was going on? This... this was just a simple request, from one cousin to another. He took out an electric razor and turned it on, he put one hand down on Phil's bulging deltoid to study him while the other hand started to shear off rolling tufts of chest hair, the dark tumbleweeds gathering on the floor, falling like some sort of masculine snow. Phil's deltoid twitched under Dan's grasp and the larger man grunted in appreciation. "Wow, you've really been working hard on your conditioning lately. The muscle under all this fur looks incredible, cuz."

Phil blushed, but looked proud. "Thanks Dan. I've been lifting like a beast!" He let out a chuckle, thinking about some of the comments he'd been getting in the gym of late - beast or animal or even monster were prominent among them. He loved it. He looked down to see his big pecs emerge from under the carpet of fur. Although there was still a coating of short hair that the electric razor left behind, the definition was obvious. Even Phil was impressed. "Damn..." he whispered, "With all that hair in the way, didn't realize how ripped I was getting..." He tensed his pec slowly, and the striations jumped across it, deep and numerous. Phil chuckled with delight, relaxing his chest reluctantly, so that Dan could continue.

"You'll definitely be giving me a run for my money, that's for sure," Dan said with some authority as he kept shearing the hair off of the hemispheres of bulging brawn. Once denuded of their furry covering, the true size and quality of the muscle leaped out at the viewer, like switching from standard to high definition. The fur hadn't hidden the fact that Phil was a big man, but without it there was no question about how much of a muscle beast the 16 year old had become. Phil's progress in the gym and due to the spice really hit Dan between the eyes as he moved on to the shorter boy's abdominals. He's a muscle freak, Dan thought to himself. I turned him into a handsome goddamn muscle freak.

Phil snorted in disbelief. "Me? Give you a run for the money? Maybe if I doubled in size, big guy..." But at the same time, Phil swelled with pride at Dan's compliment. He stood up a bit straighter, spreading his legs apart a bit more as Dan finished up with his stomach. Phil couldn't resist the urge to give his big quads a quick flex, watching the hairy masses of brawn shift and bulge. He chuckled, relaxing once more. "Okay man, let's see what all those squats, curls, and extensions have been doing for my leg definition... I've got decent mass, but for the competition, the muscles have got to really pop, and the fibers need to be showing a bit..."

As Dan lopped off the thick hairs, it became increasingly clear that Phil would have little to worry about. His legs looked like carefully-constructed bundles of fiber braided into this ultimately strong form. The quads bulged like rising bread dough and the individual fibers strained through the skin thanks to the teen's careful dieting. It looked like Phil's legs were covered in cellophane, the effect was so dramatic. "Whoa, man. Gonna have to find a better word than 'decent' to describe your lower body..." Dan told him, looking up with a smile.

Phil grinned broadly at the compliment, giving his quads a hard flex, growling playfully. The cords of his thighs popping into sharp relief, every striation and vein visible to the naked eye, even without oil or bronzer. Phil relaxed slowly, not wanting to hold the flex too long -- it was turning him on too much, frankly. He let his quads relax, and handed Dan the can of shaving cream. "Someday, maybe they'll say my body is 'almost' as big as yours..." Phil grinned, and looked down at his body. The fuzz of hair on his huge muscles. "Let's finish this up. Make me totally smooth, Dan..."

Dan spread the cream across Phil's bulging muscles, perhaps using his hands to work the cream in a bit too hard, tipping over into copping a feel of his cousin's thick muscles. He practically cupped Phil's pecs and lats, admired his hulking arms. He took his time running the razor over them, wanting his cousin to look his best under the spotlight. The scratch of the razor across his skin, delicate yet also dangerous had Phil on edge. Losing the last of his precious body hair stung... but at the same time, it was a revelation, seeing his bare skin, the powerful muscles of his body lying right beneath, barely covered. He couldn't believe how much his life had changed... it was incredible. The scrawny geek that was the old Phil was gone... mostly. He tried to push those doubts away. Tried to make his mind go blank, so he could enjoy the way the razor travelled across his huge muscles, over his freaky curves, his huge body slowly unveiled as the cream was scraped away. A warm wet cloth wiped away the little bits of excess hair and cream, leaving Phil's skin smooth and damp. The soft shine of the light on wet skin highlighting just how built Phil now was.

"Okay, that part's done," Dan said softly, quietly. Somehow, the atmosphere in the room had changed so that it seemed wrong to speak at a normal tone of voice. Something private had bloomed between the two of them and Dan wasn't quite sure how to address it, so instead he chose to pretend everything was fine, normal, like he wasn't attracted to his cousin in the least. He was just another beastly-muscled stud standing half-naked in front of him. Nothing sexy about that at all. "Now we gotta do the rest," he told Phil, gulping.

Phil gulped as well, trying to suppress it, only partially succeeding. He slid his thumbs under the elastic of his briefs and slowly pulled them down to his ankles, then stepped out of them. "Got to be hairless everywhere... those posers don't leave a lot of room for stray hairs, do they?" Phil was nervous, but his cock was not nearly so shy. Freed from its cloth prison, it stretched out just a bit, hanging from Phil's powerful body, not hard, but not soft either. He spread his legs a bit further, putting his hands behind his back, stiff and formal. His chest jutting out, clean of hair now, thick and powerful. Rising slowly with each breath. A soft crimson on the young stud's cheeks.

"Yeah, if you've got a jungle goin' on down south, it'll show through," Dan nervously chuckled, getting the electric again and gently shearing off the thick pubes of his cousin. He had to look to make sure he was catching all the long hairs and consequently had time to study his cousin's dick. It was massive. Of course his was bigger, but still, Phil's was enormous. More massive than any normal man could ever hope for. He wondered if Phil realized just how ludicrously well-endowed he was now. Even Dan forgot sometimes just how stupendously built he was at times, simply because he'd fudged with the curve of muscular development and genital size so thoroughly in this town that he rarely had opportunity to size himself up to a "normal" guy. Hanging nearly ten inches soft, Phil most certainly had a package to remember, supported by jumbo egg-sized balls.

Phil's nervous chuckles added to Dan's. He was trying not to get aroused, feeling the vibrating electric shaver against his sensitive skin. Although Dan made sure to keep the machine away from Phil's dick, he couldn't help but feel his cock and balls tingle a little, blood slowly pushing into them, making his excitement grow. He bit down on his lip, willing his mischievous tool to behave, demanding it show some propriety. It cheerfully ignored him, pulsating softly. Not yet indecently hard, but certainly not soft. Phil bit down harder on his lip as Dan started on his balls, slowly cutting away the hair that surrounded him, until Phil's pubic hair was nothing but stubble. He considered telling Dan to stop there, but stayed silent instead. Today was the competition. He wanted this. He needed to be as perfect as possible. Cream and a blade would be needed.

"Don't worry, I'll be really careful, okay?" Dan assured his cousin; of what, neither could say for certain. Dan carefully applied the cream and meticulously, gently shaved Phil's crotch, watching the stubble fall off. Dan gasped despite himself. That old rule of thumb that your junk looked bigger when your bush was shaved certainly held true in Phil's case. Or maybe the teen had just gotten harder. At any rate, the tool staring Dan in the face was big and drooling and Dan's face was so close to it (he had wanted to catch all the small hairs, he'd convinced himself) that he could feel the heat radiating from it.

Phil couldn't help but shudder softly, feeling Dan shave his crotch with the blade. The sharp tool scratching the skin, heightening Phil's sensations. Then his huge cousin lifted his cock, up and out of the way, so he could hit a few hard to reach areas... Phil chomped down on his lip so hard, it was a wonder he didn't draw blood... His cock, already in the mood for troublemaking, took the opportunity, sending pre leaking out, swelling up bigger and harder in Dan's hand. Phil blushed furiously, as his tool slowly expanded, growing bigger and harder, becoming erect...

"Damn, Phil, you, uh, sure do excite easily," Dan nervously tittered, which sounded ridiculous with his masculine voice. Phil's cock was hard, hot and heavy against his hand and slowly covering it in its slick juices. Dan could barely hear anything but the blood pounding in his head as he knelt there, holding Phil's cock inches from his face while he examined the teen's shaved crotch. Fuck, he was so turned on. But this was Phil! He had to control himself... didn't he?

"Uh, yeah, um, sorry..." Phil replied, having to let go of his abused lower lip. "I, uh, just... you know... the razor and... um... stuff..." He didn't want to say it. Didn't want to say that being shaved was only half the equation -- the other half being the huge hulk holding the razor. Which was crazy, of course. Certainly, Dan had turned him on. Heck, Dan had half the town at his feet, begging for a night of pleasure, and the other half of the town wishing they had the courage to beg! (Or at least, so it seemed to Phil.) Phil couldn't deny that Dan was one sexy brute... more massive than any other man in the town, more powerful... Phil had to shunt his thoughts to the side, hoping to avoid embarrassing himself more. But it was too late. He was quickly reaching his full fourteen inches, his big tool darkening as it filled with blood, hard and throbbing. Phil stood nervously, insanely turned on, but also quite embarrassed. Dan was his cousin, after all! He couldn't just ask the big man to show him the pleasure others in town had experienced... could he?

Dan's own inflating manhood was beginning to make the decision for him. Straightening himself a bit more, his face rising to the level of Phil's, Dan paused for a few moments, looking into his cousin's face. He saw the twinkling eyes of Phil, hopeful and unsure at the same time. He looked like a little man with his full beard, but if he shaved it off Dan knew he'd see the quivering young man that had traveled so far in the rain to seek refuge. Dan's cock once more acted before his brain could catch up and Dan found himself moving his face closer to his cousin's, lips parting.

Phil saw Dan approach. Felt the heat off of the huge man, saw the look of desire on his face. The abandonment of reason to baser wants... Phil stepped forward, his lips locking with Dan's, his hands landing on the behemoth's monstrous shoulders, squeezing them, pulling Dan toward him. He kissed the immense hulk passionately, his hunger suddenly unleashed. His cock happily rising further, pressing against Dan's immense crotch. Oh yes... Phil thought to himself, before thought itself was abandoned, replaced by instinct.

Dan grunted into the kiss, quickly pushing down his sweatpants and boxers, his hardening cock rapidly catching up to its counterpart, arching heavily out of his groin and starting to leak its own slippery fluid. Dan reached his arms around his bulky little cousin and relished squeezing the beyond-perfect globes of Phil's ass.

Phil moaned, feeling Dan's huge hands on his ass, squeezing and massaging the newly-smooth glutes. "Oh yeah..." he murmured, shoving his crotch forward, his hard dick mashing against Dan's huge balls. He kept up the kiss, as his hands travelled inward, running over Dan's immense chest, feeling the thick, bloated slabs of hard flesh. Tracing the insane striations with his hands, even pressing his palms against the thick nubs of Dan's big nips. Part of Phil recoiled in shock at what he was doing... but another, stronger part loved it, loved finally experiencing the town's most famous musclefreak, loved the way Dan's huge body felt when he touched it, loved the hunger he tasted in Dan's kiss, loved the way their big tools rubbed against one another, one huge man with another.

It was fair to say that Dan had lost control with his cousin by this point and had no method of controlling his passions any longer. He reveled in the worshipful groping that he received from Phil's smaller hands and flexed his gargantuan muscles both for his own pleasure and for Phil's. He flexed his pelvic muscle and his cock jabbed at his cousin, provoking him. He kissed harder. Harder. Harder!

Phil was drowning under the wave of Dan's passion as his huge mentor kissed him fiercely. Phil felt Dan's huge tool press against his abs, against his pecs, even. He groaned softly, squeezing his chest around the thick head, flexing hard, wanting to give the huge hulk a proper reception. He loved the feel of Dan's hands on his ass, massaging, squeezing, exploring. He ran his hands over the huge muscleteen's freaky bulges, feeling Dan flex, feeling the gigantic hunks of flesh harden and swell. He pressed back against Dan, kissing him harder as well, groping more aggressively, shoving his dick against Dan's huge balls, smearing his pre all over them.

Dan grunted as he broke the kiss, reaching his hands from Phil's ass to his throbbing tool, working the spitting precum into his grip as he slid it up and down, greasing Phil's cock and stimulating his cousin immensely, ratcheting up the heat between them. They were both sweating, panting, feral. Phil let out a growl of his own, grabbing the top of Dan's huge tool, squeezing it hard, the strength in his big hands obvious as he worked the head and upper shaft over roughly. A thousand words filled his mind, dirty, lust-crazed things he wanted to say, to scream. But he just grunted, the effort of forming words was just not worth it. He moaned as Dan worked his tool over, the huge hands making Phil's big endowment seem almost ordinary. Sweat poured off of him, down his newly-shaved skin, filling the air with the aroma of sweat, musk, and lust. Phil leaned forward, giving Dan's giant pecs a long, slow lick, and then moving in on one big nip, latching onto it, sucking hungrily.

Dan moaned in blissful agony as Phil sucked on his nip, licking and nibbling in equal measure. He kept one hand on Phil's cock but the other reached up behind Phil's head and kept him glued onto Dan's chest as the bigger man grunted and growled like a beast, his big, sensitive nipple demanding to be worked over the way only a fellow big man could do it.

Phil could feel the strength in Dan's huge body. Could even feel that the big man was holding back, just a bit, despite the lust that was obviously raging in him. He grinned, and attacked the massive pec before him with new fury, licking, sucking, biting. Doing everything in his power to drive Dan wild, attacking the huge hulk's chest, while his hands worked over Dan's giant cock, squeezing and kneading it, stroking it slowly at times as well. Phil put force and power into all of his actions. He knew it was turning Dan on, and just as importantly, it turned Phil on. His new strength had been a source of wonder to him - it was also a source of erotic excitement, though. And right now, he was wallowing in it, fully immersed. His own cock aching as Dan squeezed it.

Dan would occasionally pause and fondle his cousin's big balls, feel the heft in his hand before returning to the rigid majesty of the 14" burning hot stick of erotic passion shooting up from Phil's crotch. His muscle felt like it was on fire. He couldn't get enough of Phil's or his own. Muscle and cock dominated his thoughts. His strokes on Phil's cock reached a fever pitch!

Phil was going mad, feeling that huge hand work his tool over, his insanely-muscled cousin Dan bringing him to the very brink! He forced his head up off of Dan's nip, depriving the huge man of his talented attentions. But Phil wasn't done. He blew the now lonely nip a kiss, the soft breath setting it atingle. Then Phil dived down onto Dan's other monstrous pec, the previously unmolested nip suddenly experiencing the full force of Phil's lust, kissed, licked, and bitten until it stood up proud, and thick, throbbing gently. Phil moaned approvingly, and then howled as his own cock and balls finally surrendered to the workout they'd received at Dan's hand. Phil's groans were silenced as he shoved his face against Dan's bloated pec, sucking hard on the proud nipple, while his own torpedo exploded, shooting cum all over the giant hulk who had worked him into such a frenzy.

Dan groaned like a beast as well as his own unwieldy tower of flesh reached the point of no return. His enormous balls pulled up against his body as his dick swelled momentarily thicker while his cum surged up his shaft and spewed out of his big dick head, plastering Phil's newly shaved body with his piping hot man seed!

Phil let out a series of loud moans, his own cock still spasming, now accompanied by Dan's huge monster as the latter sent cum all over them. Phil clamped down on Dan's huge nip, sucking hard, his teeth grazing the areola, not truly biting, but certainly pressing against it noticeably. He loved the scents that were coming off of them: sweat, testosterone, and now cum. He used his hands to bring Dan's spasming cock against his powerful body, making sure that more of the young musclefreak's cum would cover Phil's body. Finally, he pulled off of Dan's giant nip, but still ground his chest against the cum-slick head of Dan's huge cock, squeezing his pecs around it, milking it for every drop.

It only served to prolong Dan's climax, the giant's orgasm lasting over a minute as Phil kept drawing forth surge after surge of Dan's liquid masculinity, the juices running down his bulging chest and tight abs. Phil's beard was caked with Dan's fluids, dripping off of the thick bristles of hair onto his chest and the floor.

Finally, Phil pulled away, as the violent spasms of Dan's big musclecock subsided. He grinned up at the huge man, his tongue reaching out to lap up a bit of cum from his beard. "That... was fucking intense!" he growled. His cheeks showed a slight blush to them, although how much of that was the flush of sex and how much was something else was impossible to say. He ran his hands up his own huge pecs, laughing as he felt the cum on them, slowly becoming stickier. He grinned broadly at Dan, his own cock still hard as a rock, but slowly becoming less rigid, less erect.

"Holy shit," Dan gasped, falling onto his ass, making a booming THUMP as his bulk settled. "I mean, wow... I don't know whether to apologize or thank you," Dan muttered, blushing the same as Phil and looking down at himself, covered in juices and sweat. "I think we made a mess. And sorry about getting it into your beard," he said sheepishly.

Phil stepped forward, going to his knees surprisingly gracefully for a man of his size. He stared Dan in the eyes, and a smile slowly came to his bearded, cum-covered face. "Don't you dare apologize, big man..." he growled. "Unless it's to apologize for waiting so long..." Phil's eyes twinkled, and he ran a hand up one of Dan's gigantic thighs. Phil leaned in closer, staring at Dan's giant, sweaty body, noting the bits of cum here and there on it. Phil grinned. "No wonder Brandon's so besotted with you..." he joked, and then playfully growled.

Dan blushed even worse. "I mean... I wasn't thinking when I kissed you! I don't know if I even really wanted... whatever this was! I mean, it's weird, right? We're... we're related!" he said, guilty.

Phil returned Dan's blush. "Yeah... I didn't really think either... I just... fuck that was hot..." He let out a chuckle. "I mean, yeah, we're related... um... and stuff... but, uh... we're not going to have babies that way..." He let out a nervous laugh. "Anyway, I think that was pretty damn hot. I mean, damn, Dan... You sure do shoot big!" Phil laughed at that point, and then slowly stood. "Now, time for the showers. As interesting as I think it would be, wearing cum to the bodybuilding competition is probably not approved in the regulations."

"R-Right," Dan said, smiling and laughing along with his cousin. It seemed like something had shifted yet again and... things were cool between him and Phil again. Now they both knew what a romp in the hay was like with the other and... it was enough just to know. They had a big day ahead of them and Dan even had a surprise or two in store for the other competitors...
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Wow super hot chapter!
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I've been curious to see when would Dan finally do something naughty with a family member. It was HOT thank you guys!

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lol I knew this was coming sooner or later, I could smell the sexual tension between those 2 from a lot of chapters away!!!!!

You really did tease us in this chapter, it was so awesome and intense!!!
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Until this, never thought of shaving as that erotic. Great job!
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Great job like the others!!
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I hope Part 40 is coming soon.
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