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Call of Madness part 3


Elizabeth left the Asylum on her motorbike, heading to the downtown streets. She did not make it far as she skids to a halt, seeing one of the monsters finally show itself. The shadows gather into the center of the street. From the darkened alley a patch of darkness seemed to detach itself from the wall, curling along the bricks and rising to block her path. It looked like a large serpent at first, then more like a spined worm with a maw of sharp teeth. This formless creature shifted in and out of reality, the site of this horror does not phase her, she was prepared for the most part due to her snooping around. She did not know if she could damage such a monster so she decided to try.

She cranked up her scooter and charged the beast. She rams it at full speed, moving around it she draws her .18 Derringer and skids by again, firing a shot at close range so that the bullet cant miss. The beast writhes in agony, breaking apart into shadow and smoke as it fades back to the aetheric void it came from. Huffing with excitment she almost heads for independence square, but coming to her sences she realises she does not have enough information to deal with anything over there yet. One good place nearby happens to be is Hibb's Roadhouse on the Easttown street.

The roadhouse was well known for drifters to pass through, also a good place to get some info on the current happenings. Parking her scooter she walks inside, making sure her knife and her Derringer was secured inside her purse. She takes a seat at the bar, the signs she has been in a recent fight seen on her face from the cold sweat. The age limit on alcohol did not detere the proprietor from giving her a shot of whiskey. She drinks heavily while quizzing the locals about the strange goings-on in Alaric. She never drank before but she had begginer's luck and held her liqour as she gained info. It seems one person survived an attack from a shadowy demon in the streets, and one seen a large portal open up inside Independence square where the big thing slithered out.

She had enough information it seemed. The solution seemed sound, go to the so called portal and close it. How hard can it be really? She seen it done on so many movies all she has to do is figure it out as she goes. The TV changes from its current showing and another headline sweeps the media.
HEADLINE: Horror At Groundbreaking!
Earlyer today the Historical Society was commencing a groundbreaking ceremony that turned horribly wrong. When the mayor struck the ground they broke a stone tablet with ancient writing on it, survivors claim that a portal opened up and sucked two of the members of the Historical Society inside, while a strange man with magic guards the gate. In other news two monster sitings have been seen at the Alaric University Streets and have been found moving to the uptown streets.

Stumbling to her scooter she thinks its best she walks over to Indepenence square. The only problem she is having right now is trying to see streight. She did however pick up a useful item while inside. Seems some one slipped her an ancient tombe. She plans on reading it later, when she can see better. (Note to self: never drink at the roadhouse again till this nightmare is over....)

-------JACOB MATHIS-----
Jacob was traveling along the Rivertown Streets when he is stopped by a weird robed man standing 30ft from him. He could feel his muscles expand slowly, this guy was definetly pumping out some wicked mojo. All in black with a staff and a rusted talisman. He could hear the robed man's chanting loud and clear from where he stood.

Robed man-"Ia! Ia! Shub-Niggurath! Ph'nglui mglw'nfah Shub-Niggurath Leng wgah'nagl Fhtagn!"

The jibberish did not scare him, disturb him, or unsettle him in any way. He could feel the darkness eminating from this guy. He hops off his bike, his shirt shredding down the middle and his sleeves busting off as his chest, shoulders, biceps, and triceps expand and bulk out. His defined abs soon becoing a swollen 8 pack, his pants becoming ever so tight as he slams his large fist into the robbed man. The blow causes the cloaked individual to shatter, falling to peices as a thousand skittering bugs.

His muscles relax and shrink, but he does not return to his origional state. His muscles absorbed the dark energy from the cultist. He did not mind the mass he gained, he just hopes he does not get horny in the middle of battle and end up making a huge mistake from it. Hopping onto his motorcycle he rides over to the docks and takes a boat to the Unvisted isle. There he appraoched the portal, walking on the trees and overgrowth vanish, becoming a new area. The pleace seemed familiar to him. His old book spoke of a large casm where it seemed to go for miles below the surface. This was called THE ABYSS. It was often a subject of speculation, some say this is were a beast slept and devoured all who came close ot the bottom. Some say this is where satan fell for nine days. In any case, he had work to do, once he gathered his bearings. He walks along the casm, resting a bit beside a small, glowing pool willed with black blind fish. He notices nothing else and continues to walk along the maw.

He continues to move, seeing little else he finds a small cave leading inside the abyss. he was thankful, for a ways down he can hear breathing of a large mouth. Following the cave he comes back to the Unvisited Isle where he finds himself almost connecting with his previous footsteps. Gathering his wits about him he begins to chant, gripping his meaty hand around his talisman he channels the energy he gathered and seals the gate. A great tremor shakes the island, sealing the area off from becoming another rift. For the time being, he was safe, but very exhausted. He sits next to his bike, his massive pecs rising and lowering as he breathes. He feels his crotch sweeling, rubbing it with one hand he groans from its tenderness (DOWN BOY!). The radio kicks up, releasing another headline.

The Blue Flu Virus has hit the town, turning people's skin blue and afflicting them with the flu virus. Due to this recent epedemic, the police are busy looking for any infected civilians and moving them to the hospital. Any one left in the prison cells have been released or have escaped.
In further news, a strange rift has been seen opening at the Unnamable House with a strange shadowy figure looming about.

----------NEIL MCDAGGER---------

Neil leaves the lodge and continue on his way towards Science Building. There he finds some papers left behind by the guest speaker Alexander von Grimm speaking of the ancient ones, how this town worshiped one long ago, and that if done correctly, the portals can be permenently closed off to the area if first emerged from. It was perfect. He soon comes across a student pounding away on a strange device that he has hooked up to a massive computer. He states that it is a dimensional beam machine the guest speaker suggested he should try to make for the science fair. Neil offers to help, being a science geek n all. The machine fires up, shooting beams out in all directions, disrupting the current gates that are open. The portal at independence square closes. The portal at the Unnamable house remains open. The portal at the Historical society closes and with it the two monsters in the uptown area go as well, seeming to be connected to the realm of that portal. The portal at the Graveyard remains open as well.

Neil sighed with some releif. That ment less portals to deal with. The machine is fried sadly and cannot be used again. It was a good thing though, it baught him and his friend Jacob more time to deal with this monster menace. He picks up an ancient tablet off the desk, he will take it back to the shoppe later and translate it. He turns on the TV in the classroom and listens for any current news.

A strange man in a trenchcoat has been patroling the downtown area, clearing out both criminals and monsters alike with a strange book. Several citizens have fled the town to avoid these strange monsters and the Plague.

In further News, the strange woman who plagued the Rivertown Streets with her songs and orgies has left behind a trail of cobb-webbed corpses as she moves south to the French Hill Streets with her odd singing.

Meanwhile! another monster has been sited at the Unnamable house, what could be going on? The terror level begins to rise in this town, citizens begin to panic and stay indoors!
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Pretty good. It's like Arkham Horror with muscle growth. Let's see what a +5 to Fight artifact does...
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The story is awesome! I like the mystery in it! I can't wait for the next part, keep going like this ;-)
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