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Call of Madness part 4



Elizabeth was going to head to downtown and go to Indepence Square, but the locals made a rucuss saying the portal there just suddenly vanished. With a sigh she adjusts her scooter and rides on a steady pace to the Merchant District streets and parks a few houses down from the Unnamed house. She felt now was a good time to crack open that book and see whats in it before she runs into any monsters. Fortunetly she found several of the pages highlighted and translated to english for her. Some one was being thoughtful. Inside she found a healing spell, which will be useful if she ever needs medical aid. The rest of the book was untranslated so she tucks it away in her scooter's trunk. Loading her Derringer with bullets she preps for the battle. She spent a good deal of money having the mini gun upgraded with a 3 slot revovler for bullets so she can do 3 shots instead of 1.

She holds her purse close to her as she walks down the sidewalk. In the middle of the street she sees a man hudled over a corpse. At first she assumed it was a zombie, but the body didnt looked decayed enough to be a zombie. Her only other thought was a ghoul, which means she is dealing with something not so much undead as it is a lethal cannibal. Most of the bodies, while roughly bipedal, had a forward slumping, and a vaguely canine cast. The texture of the majority was a kind of unpleasent rubberiness to the skin that made it seem more dummy than lifeform. Though she tried to ambush it, it instead tried to ambush her too. The shock did not phase her one bit, drawing her derringer quickly she fires a shot at its head and drops it.

Now reports did say there was two monsters, and that witnesses did not see them leave the area of the house. However several houses had their doors wide open, a safe assumption the people inside are dead now. She seen it emerge from the Unnamed house. It was bald, wearing a torn black coat, skin drawn tightly over its body. It had sharp claws, red eyes, and sharp teeth. It was a beast born in the grave. It stretched its hands toward her and curled its lips, drawn to the blood in her veins. She was not even shocked by this and was waiting for a fight. Most horror movies prove that where there are ghouls there is usually a vampire nearby. Digging deep inside she loses a part of her sanity to cast an old spell that was left to her by her sister. The voice of Ra echoes in her mind, increasing her skills alittle. Vampires being Naturally resistent to most physical attacks has left her with little opens, but a slim chance none the less.

It makes a leap for her, she barely side steps, shooting it once in the head and then running her hunting knife into its heart. The creatuire lasys dead on the assphault. She leaves the knife in it, hoping it will stay dead. She walks into the house, seeing the part of the ceiling collapsed. She can feel the dark energy coming from upstairs, but instead makes her way around to the kitchen. She digs around and finds a kitchen knife. She slides it into her purse and walks upstairs. She walks to the room where the floor fell in, there she felt the energy. The portal was in the hole, with eyes closed and faith in her heart she drops through, landing in a strange area.

Inside this otherworld is a city. A city of gold and steel, alien lookign statues are at every street corner and on every building. She never thought of this place, but then again, she never thought the world was gonna end soon eigther. The streets are full of weird artifacts but among them she finds an odd tablet with a star written on with a name as well. She has enough info gathered to seal the portal herself, and if this is what she thinks it is, she can now seal two portals should that ever happen. As she continues to explore the inner workings of the city she runs across a pair of lifeforms. They appear to be shadow people in her eyes, her brain unable to rejister the true forms of the beings talking to her. The buzzing language from these creatures begins to make sence to her, giving her some insite on how these guys operate. As they try to tell her the origins of mankind she quickly runs away as the image almost flood her mind to drive her insane. As she runs through a dark alley she finds herself slothing through wet dirt and moss.

Coming to her sences she finds she came out in the city graveyard. She didnt understand, then again there was a portal report in this area so maybe the two portals where connected to the same place. Shrugging she looks around the graveyard and noticed many defiled head stones. She figures the headstones had something to do with the portal, so carefully she moves to each one and sets them back up again, thank goodness they where small stones. She then begins chanting the words she wrote on a peice of paper and feels the air grow cold. The wind moves fast and then suddenly dies. Looking around the place feels different, at peice. This was a good sign that the portal was closed. Now if only she can get back to the otherside of town and get her scooter. Walking down the street she notices many of the people seem to be coming down from a strange plague, no medical assitance can stop the bleeding, as if something is accelerating the decay of the wounds. While she walks she finds a tv stating that a portal opened up in Independence Square again, releasing another monster that looks like a large Goat Man. What she didnt know is that the witch has left the French Hill streets through her web tunnels and showed back up in the Rivertown Streets, waiting to ambush Elizabeth.

---------------JACOB MATHIS------

Jacob opens his bag on his motorcycle and pulls out a book. He flips through the pages and begins translating some of it. As he flips through the pages, he finds information on the other worlds connected to this one, some stuff on the ancient ones, and how that this terrible darkness happened 200 years ago, and 800 years before that. Nearly 1,000 years ago the ancient ones almost came to this world, and where somehow stopped. Then 200 years ago some of the cultists fled the witch hunts and established a village comprised of four leaders. Any one with the ability to kill demons or seal the portals was branded as evil and killed by any means. The rest of the journal is rotted away from time so he puts it back in his bag for later use.

Hopping on his bike he rides through the Merchant District streets, past the Alaric University Streets, through the Uptown Streets and enters the Woods. This place was big on gang hideouts, teenage parties, making out, murders, and now apparently cult gatherings. As he walked through the woods he comes to a clearing, lined with cocoons made of leather with people inside. They where strung high up in the trees. There was a pagan altar adorned with many antlers, and hoof prints in the dirt. He did not like the looks of this. The dark energy in this place made his clothes hellishly tight, he had to think fast and get out of there before he blew out of his clothes. Just as he was leaving the woods with his newfound information, he trips over an object which turned out to be a rusty lockbox. He picks it up and forces it open with his muscles, finding a rotted human foot, partially eaten. dropping the box he freaks out a little and makes it to the streets before his clothes got any tighter. He overhears on the radio that a portal opened up at the Silver Oak Lodge with a winged beast with a squids head terrorizing the place.

--------NEIL MCDAGGER--------
Neil leaves the science building and decides to head across town through the Alaric University streets, and Over to the French Hill streets. He speeds around the horrific maccabre of spider webbed corpses hanging from street lamps and trees. He shakes at the thought of spiders, he hates them. He bypasses the Silver Oak Lodge and heads right for the Witch House. The place was named such for the families of witches who lived here. First as an old witch accused of conjuring a portal to hell, then there was the Archer triplets who where accused to kidnapping children and young men and bewitching them with potions and spells. After those deaths, the town turned the house into a witch museum, keeping the origional decour but putting up wax copies of the spells, artifacts, and ingredients.

He walks inside. It was not long that he found clues that some one else was snooping in here as well. One of the paintings was removed from the wall and papers scattered everywhere from a hidden safe inside the wall. He stops cold hearing a voice come up from behind him.

man-"Excuse me, stranger, but have you ever seen this symbol before?"

Neil is scared at first but he looks like a detective. He carefully looks at the item from a distance. "Thats one of the seal names of the Ancient Ones. Used to close a portal to an area it has oppened to. How do you have it?".

The man tips his hat and puts the object away. "The name is Thomas F. Malone. I am a police detective visitng Alaric on a case from an old friend. I am impressed you know your occult stuff. I am gonna join ya kid, with that weird spider lady moving unseen in the streets I find its better to work in a group and not alone. As for the why I have the item, I figured she was described as a witch and a demon so the famous "Witch House" seemed the right place to look."

He walks to the safe in the wall. "Now its cliche but most old families had safes. This one was spelled so if they move the painting all it shows is a wall. But I know better having personal experience with these kinds of cases. Thomas looked like a typical detective from an old black n white movie, even had the goatee to match. He handed Neil a scroll from the safe, revealing it to be a portal spell by Agatha Peterson. It described a way to open a door within the other worlds and return back to this town from where the portal opened. Neil realised she was falsy accused, she was not trying to open a door to hell, she was trying to close the door after finding an exit from the other side. However Neil needed all the help he can get. He pulls out a book and the tablet from his backpack and begins the reading and translating of these items.

The book's title reads CABALA OF SABOTH. Inside the words and symbols make almost no sence. The words are coded, as he figured out. He rearranged the words and then selected every 3rd. He soon found the book contained training lessons to make himself better. With that done he finds himself an expert Occultist, giving him a better chance of hitting with the spells he has learned. He then reads through the ancient tablet. Its made of a strange black stone, likes of which he has never seen in school before. The words glow with a strange hellfire, and with it he finds the stone ice cold to the touch, and the words written in an alien language unknown to his skills on this planet. On the bottom of the tablet he finds a large crest belonging to the Ancient Ones, but which one he does not know yet.

His mind blacks out, taking him back to the night Agatha was burned at the steak. She pleaded with the townsfolk to help her but they only condemed her. Watching her was the four elders of the town. One was the Judge, one was the Mayor, one was the Doctor, and one was the Sherrif. Just as the fires nearly consumed her face, she looked up, seeing a horrible black monster peering from the outskirts of town. He snaps back awake, forgetting nearly everything he has seen. The radio kicks on byitself, adjusting the channdel knob by itself and playing the evening news.

HEADLINE: Bizarre Dreams Plague Citizens!
The town is being ravaged by monsters and Dreams of other worlds. Many citizens go to the Asylum for help, many turned away, and many more go missing. Meanwhile, a portal is seen opening up at the science building, Fleeing students who stood late report a firery Vampire took to the air after leaving the portal. It is advised that all citizens stay indoors and keep a watersource ready for use.

In further news, in light of recent events the General Store has been forced to close down until the Nightmare Threat has been delt with. Citzens are urged to begin evacuating the town or ration their food supply until this terror has been delt with.
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