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Old May 12th, 2012, 02:28 PM
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Bromance - Part Two

Part One

I was only out for a few minutes. I slowly regained consciousness and realized that I was still surrounded by hard humongous muscles. My face was plastered against a massive pectoral muscle and I was sucking on a huge nipple like I was a small child napping with his mother?s tit in his mouth. The first thing I realized ? after regaining full awareness ? was that my cock had remained rock hard, even while I was blacked out. The second thing I remembered was that my little brother had informed me of two important things ? his chest had ballooned to over seventy inches thick and he could lift our father?s toyota truck - over his head. Those two thoughts were the best things to wake up to ever ? and that was also the reason I was still harder than hell. The behemoth on top of me could tell I was regaining consciousness.

?Hello, big bro. Did you have a good nap? Sorry that my body made you black out for a while. I know my massiveness is just too much for you. You?re simply too weak. You?re itty-bitty younger brother has been busy turning into a monster while you were away and I know that gets you so excited. And here?s something even wilder, bro - I?m still growing. Yeah, I love how that thought makes your entire body shiver, big time. Even with all this heavy muscle on top of you, your puny body vibrates with enthusiasm over my monstrous body. Big bro wants his giant little brother to get fucking huge, doesn?t he? I can?t get big enough for you, can I? That?s why we?re perfect for each other; buddy ? because we both want the same thing. We want me to grow the size of a small house. Yeah, I can feel your little body pumping gallons of jizz inside, just thinking about how big I?m gonna get. And the crazy thing, bro, is that I can?t stop the growth ? it just happens because of all you?ve told me to do.?

?Ah man, you got to let up a little. My entire body feels like a giant prick busting into a painful hard-on. I?m going to explode if you don?t shut up.?

?What?s that, puny bro? You can?t handle me talking all this shit about muscle and size. You mean you don?t want me to shove my SUV sized pec harder into your face so you can feel how massive I?ve become? You don?t want me to wrap this gargantuan arm around your head and squeeze so hard that you feel like your brain is going to shoot out your ears? And you don?t want me to put your little torso between my monster thighs and squeeze you in half? Yeah, I can feel how all that started you leaking some heavy pre-cum didn?t it? Man, you?re so turned on by my body that just a little bounce of these big slabs of beef in your face would send your cock into blast off, wouldn?t it. Hell, I?ll count down for you, big bro. I?ll be the massive launching pad that?s going to help get your little missile off ? wouldn?t that make you happy? Ten . . . nine . . .?

My giant brother had maneuvered my face into the deep cavern between his two muscled pecs and as he counted down he tensed the humongous bulging beef into my face, squeezing my cheeks and temples hard. For a few seconds, each time, I was unable to breathe because of the dense muscle completely smothering me. It didn?t matter, though, because my cock was so wound up and so on target for release that I knew it would happen if I was conscious or not. I simply gave up on any attempt at resistance and gave into all the glorious feelings my little brother?s body was giving me. His incredible weight on top of me had started to make a lot of my body go numb and my face continued to benefit from the expert control he had over his mighty chest.

?Eight . . . I can tell you?ve decided it?s futile to try and resist me . . . seven . . . that?s a good little big bro . . . six . . . cause the more you try to fight reacting to all my massiveness . . . the more you?re going to build up that painful explosion . . . five . . . we?re going to feel the warmth of your juicy semen as it seeps between our bodies . . . four . . . and then it will kind of cement our lust for each other . . . three . . . take a big breath, bro, because you?re about to detonate like a nuclear warhead ? you couldn?t stop it even if you wanted to . . . in two . . . and blast off!?

When you?re pumping your own cock you sometimes bring yourself to the edge of cumming and then stop ? just to feel how your body teeters on the brink of release. It?s one of the most incredibly erotic feelings you can give your body. What makes it so wonderful is you?re tampering with your self-control ? knowing that at any moment your entire frame could give in to the desire to ejaculate and there will be nothing you can do to stop it. Ever since my brother has started his countdown my body had gone into its airborne trajectory towards that edge. It was the longest pre-orgasm feeling I had ever encountered and I wasn?t quite sure my body could handle it. As I heard the countdown my body?s reaction to the colossal sized beef on top of me, not to mention the strong abuse to my face from his expertly manipulated pecs, increased ten fold. I knew the impending explosion was going to be something my body had never felt before and I would remember for a lifetime. It was like how your first orgasm stayed plastered in your mind many years later ? that?s how memorable this release was going to be. At the end of his counting my bro squeezed the slabs of beef together with all his might ? the sides of my temples, my ears, and my cheeks felt like they were caught between the sides of some huge nutcracker. The power scared me, but the pleasure I was feeling definitely surpassed any fear. A volcano like eruption happened on cue ? expertly controlled by my monstrous little brother.

?Fuck yeah, bro, show me what my muscles can make you do. Pay homage to all this hard meat you helped to build. Cum like you?ve never cum before!?

The insane amount of beef poundage pressing into my face and head completely silenced my loud cry. My body could not move at all in response to the eruption from my cock because there was just too much weight covering me like a muscle blanket. Warm wetness filled my crotch area and I could tell by how far the wetness reached across my lower body that I had shot a major load. My little bro kept grinding his own crotch into mine ? to make my ejaculation last longer. I could feel his body shaking a little as he chuckled to himself, extremely proud of how his hugeness so easily made me lose control. It was unbelievable how he dominated me merely by his size ? not using any of what I knew was his unfathomable power to force me into submission. I was completely his just because he towered over me and outweighed me by probably two hundred pounds. My entire psyche became totally obedient to this huge man just because of my utter awe of his size. And my big little bro understood my absolute dedication to him without a word being spoken ? he just assumed that I had nothing close to the strength needed to resist the power he had over me. I was his little manservant and that?s exactly where he wanted me.

?Hey big bro, it feels like my muscles made you create a small pond at your crotch. I bet if you didn?t have all this massive beef on top of you that cock of yours would stick straight up like a lighthouse in the middle of all that milky juice. I bet that pole is still leaking, ain?t it? You?re just too turned on by my latest growth spurt aren?t you? Just think about it, little man, I?m up to three eighty now ? thanks to you ? and soon you?re going to help me zoom past four hundred. Just imagine your little bro weighing more than a double-sided stainless steel refrigerator. Yeah, that thought turns you on, doesn?t it, you little muscle lover. Well, why don?t you think about me giving that fridge a big bear hug and squeezing all that steel into something thinner than my waist? Oh yeah, I can tell by the way your body just shivered in delight that you?d like to see me fucking destroy mom?s new appliance, wouldn?t you? Then for added pleasure, I could crush the trash compacter into just a little block of junk with only my big hands. Yeah, dude, I can tell all this chit-chat has gotten your body churning some more thick cum, hasn?t it. But I?m not ready to make you pop again so soon, tiny bro. I?ve got a whole day of fun planned for us. Mom and dad won?t be home until late tonight ? they?re going to a dinner party straight from the club. I?m gonna make you shoot so many times today that you?ll be begging me to let your aching cock rest. And then I?m going to let you plow me so hard that you won?t be able to get stiff for weeks. Yeah, man, it?s going to be a day of fun for both of us ? but first we have to get you cleaned up, just so we can make you mess yourself all over again. Time for your little brother to give you a bath.?

The immediate relief to my now numb body, after his huge frame slid off me, was overpowered only by the intense craving to have his enormous muscles smothering me once again. I was a muscle addict that immediately needed another fix after just shooting off like a busted water main. I didn?t have to wait long for the giant towering over me to treat me to another dose of his mind blowing power ? it was as if he wanted to feel my weaker body next to him as much as I desired his. The huge man reached down and with one monstrous hand he grabbed me by the side of my waist, squeezed hard, and tossed me over his shoulder on the other side. It happened so fast that I barely registered what was going on ? but my little bro had easily tossed me into a fireman?s hold. He then wrapped his forearm around my ass and held me tightly in place as he walked toward the stairs.

?Man, it?s like I?m carrying a sack full of feathers, bro. I?ll probably forget you?re even there by the time we get upstairs. It?s like you weigh less than two pounds or something. Hey, that?s funny ? the two pound weakling. That guy Charles Atlas would have a field day with you. My lightest dumbbell is about twice the weight of your entire body. I?ll put a belt on you later on and do some finger curls ? that?s about all your few pounds would be able to help me work out.?

The big guy took three or four stairs at a time, his big arm holding me locked in place. I had a perfect mouth-watering aerial view of the muscled ass that was barely contained by the extra large boxers. I watched as the indented cheeks squeezed together perfectly while my brother climbed the staircase. I was dizzy from seeing so much hardness rippling across a man?s butt. We passed the bathroom in the hallway ? the one he and I usually shared ? and headed toward my parents room.

?I don?t fit in that bathroom any more, bro. Mom and dad have forbidden me to use it. I took out a chunk of the wall one day when I turned too quickly. Their large Jacuzzi tub will make it easier for me to bathe your small body, anyway. I can actually kneel in their bathroom. I want to give you a sponge bath you?ll never forget. You sure are quiet, big bro. What?s the matter, my big body too much for you??

I was now so mesmerized by the bulging calf muscles below me that I didn?t even notice my brother had asked me a question. His lower legs were as wide as my waist ? maybe wider. I felt my cock stretching hard and the tip smacked up against my bro?s shoulder ? and then it couldn?t move any further. I immediately felt pain as my rod bent from the fact that it couldn?t press past the hard muscle it met. It was like someone trying to hammer into cement ? my tool bent just like a weak nail. The valley between the two muscles bulging on one of his calves was amazing ? a split surrounded by two mounds of perfect hard beef. My bro had obviously been following my instructions about never forgetting to train his lower body ? it needed to always match the size of his upper torso. I was beginning to realize that all of my visions of where my brother might go with weightlifting were being shattered ? he had obviously gone way beyond what I thought possible. I snapped out of my calf worshipping when I felt my brother easily lean over - with me still on his shoulder - and start the water of my parents? two-person tub. He then stood back up and with one simple jerk he ripped my underwear and sweats completely off of my body. My bro then reached up and hooked the neck of my t-shirt with one forefinger. Then, he pulled down and out ? tearing the material away from my upper half. For a little added pleasure he brought his huge calloused hand up to my ass and started massaging both cheeks ? his palm easily covering the entire thing. His powerful fingers started groping me roughly, causing a lot of pain and pleasure at the same time.

?Shit, you?ve got a nice ass, bro. I?ve wanked off so many times dreaming about burying my face in between those two gorgeous gobs of meat that I?ve lost count. I can?t believe that we get to make every dream of mine come true today. Don?t worry, we?ll take care of you, too, bro. I want you to be happy, as well. But today is my birthday and so we are going to make sure I get all the presents I?ve been waiting for ? ever since you started coaching me at age fifteen. Yeah, I started wanting you then, man. When I was just a kid you saw so much more potential in me than I thought was possible. Look at what you?ve created ? feel how huge and strong you?ve empowered me to become. I did it all for you, bro. Every time I lifted a weight or ran twelve miles pulling a loaded trailer or flexed a muscle I thought of you. And today I get to pay you back ? and get some pleasure in the process. What do you have to say to that, little buddy??

?A . . . little . . . light headed . . . hanging upside . . . down . . . and, uh . . . so much muscle . . . can?t handle . . . it.?

?Let me check the water first, bro. I want you to be comfortable.?

The big man leaned over again and ran a hand through the water flowing into the tub. It was the action of a father filling a bath for his child. I suddenly felt a little awkward, but also secure and loved. The temperature must have met my brother?s approval because he gently grabbed me with both hands and placed me in the water. It was my first good look at the goliath that had so easily manhandled me over the last hour or so. His astounding massiveness and his intense masculine handsomeness was so overpowering that after one gaze I began to shiver with delight. My brother mistook my reaction.

?Are you cold, bro? Here, let me help. I can get some warm water up here, as well.?

He cupped his big hand in the water and poured what seemed like bucketfuls over my shoulders ? as his other hand pressed against my chest to hold me in place up against the wall behind. The big man was kneeling beside the tub and looked like a super pumped up version of a Ralph Lauren underwear model. Every part of his skin was golden tanned and unblemished. His face looked like it was chiseled from stone ? an obvious sign of how little body fat the guy possessed. His cheeks and jaw line were as sharp as hard angles on a modern piece of sculpture. The over seventy inches of power chest hung off of his huge body like two slabs of muscled beef ? tensing up each time he moved his enormous arms.


I could only nod my head in affirmation. I remained speechless as my eyes darted from his face to every other part of his bulging body and then back again. My mind was trying desperately to comprehend how much muscle my brother had put on since the last time I saw him, which was what ? a mere eight to eleven months ago? I had continued to email tips and suggestions to him as he reported his progress, but nothing he had written came close to revealing how much he had grown. I had always thought he would reach some plateau and then not be able to continue growing, but that had simply not happened. My little brother looked like a heavyweight division bodybuilder at his most ripped moment. My cock was so hard that it stuck straight up in an obvious salute to my bother?s muscles, causing the purple head to poke completely out of the water.

?God, I love your little body, bro. Your good looks have always turned me on. That sandy blonde hair ? all curly and perfect, those pouty big lips, and those gorgeous blue-green eyes all make me weak at the knees. And then there?s your small body ? I can?t believe how little you are compared to me. That makes me all hot, though ? knowing that I?m the younger one but I outsize you in every way. Look at how puny your arms are next to mine, bro. That turns you on as much as it does me, doesn?t it? Even your nipples look like teeny-tiny versions of mine. I don?t care how petite you are, bro, you?re still a beautiful specimen of man. I can?t wait to taste every part of you.?

?You?re unbelievable, Stan.?

?I?m not Stan anymore, bro. I officially changed my name to Flex.?

?Why would you do that??

?So whenever anyone calls my name I get to do this.?

My brother raised the hand that was not holding me in place and flexed his monstrous biceps. The peak shot upward and burst into multiple split-levels of sinew and hard meat. I gasped out loud and my cock twitched hard enough to make a splashing noise in the water. I was gazing at an arm that was surely twenty four to twenty seven inches thick ? or even more.

?Sweet fucking hell ? how can you be so huge??

?That?s what I keep telling you, bro ? it?s your constant coaching and the fact that I?m now lifting dad?s truck as my warm-up weight. I just don?t seem to be even close to stopping ? I only keep growing.?

?You doin? roids, man??

The flexed arm came down quickly and the hand against my chest started pressing into me with so much power that I was afraid my chest cavity was going to crack. I could tell immediately I had said the wrong thing. The quick temper of my little bro ? something I knew very well ? was suddenly back. I began to gasp for air.

?Hell no, I?m not doing steroids. Does this skin look like I?m on the juice? You made me promise to never use them, bro, and I always do what you say. I?ve worked hard for this size and I?m not going to let you think bad of me just because I?ve gotten so huge. Now you take that back before I smash you like an ant.?

?I . . . take it . . . back. I?m . . . I?m sorry . . . you?re hurting . . . me!?

The pressure suddenly released and I was able to take in a deep breath. I knew later on there would be a bruise on my chest in the shape of his large hand. Suddenly his hand was back to dipping into the warm water and rubbing over my upper body. My bro then started soaping me up ? his big hands massaging me as they cleaned. He was suddenly Mr. Nice Guy again and I realized I had offended him ? especially because he was so proud of building up his body naturally. I knew I had to say something to ease the tension even more.

?I?m sorry, Stan . . . I mean Flex . . .?

His arm shot up into a biceps flex ? as promised ? and he had the biggest smile on his face. This made both of us laugh a little and I instantly knew things were going to be okay. My eyes drifted quickly to the peaked muscle again ? and the view caused me to suck in air. I was still so shocked at how huge my little brother had become.

?I?m sorry, bro. I?ll never make that mistake again. I?m glad you?ve listened to my advice. It?s just a little mind boggling to try and comprehend all that you?ve accomplished.?

?Yeah, I know. Everyone reacts the same way as you, bro. Dad freaks out every time I come up from working out in the basement ? he swears I add on muscle with each work out. And my head coach ? Mr. Simmons ? pops a big boner every time he comes into the weight room at college. He just can?t get over my size, but I really know it?s my strength that turns him on. He?s had to order two new sets of weights in the last year ? I?ve simply outgrown everything he has. It?s been really hard not to grab his muscled big body and pound his ass, but I?m not going to let a moment of lust keep me from my first desired prize ? you, big bro. I?ve been saving myself for you. No one and nothing has influenced my growth as much as you and I want my first sexual encounter to be with you. I started trying to lift dad?s truck over my head about a year ago, since you promised to have sex with me after I could do it. I easily got it up on two wheels, but strong-arming the fucker over my head was just too hard. About three months ago I got the thing up on my upper back and shoulders and then pushed it a little into the air, but then the blasted thing slammed back down onto my head. It?s a good think my neck is so thick or I could have broken something ? well, I actually kind of busted the bottom of dad?s truck. Please don?t tell him there?s a big bubble in the floor behind the seat where my head kind of smashed in the metal.?

?Shit, man, you could have hurt yourself.?

?Not a chance, bro. You should be more worried for the truck. Anyway, I finally go the thing up over my head about a month and a half ago and now I can easily crank out about a hundred reps with the fucking light thing. I?ve been doing the same thing with mom?s Escalade, but I can only pump out about forty repetitions so far. Remember, bro, you?ve got to fuck me later on ? you promised. My mind or my tight hole hasn?t wanted something this bad ever. And I can?t wait until we fucking kiss. I?ve been dreaming of that moment for years.?

I knew there?d be people who would say we were crossing the line of what respectable people did ? two brothers getting off on each other ? but I didn?t care. I was so turned on by his gigantic size and the strength existing in his powerful muscles that I became completely oblivious to what anyone else thought. It was pretty clear that my little brother felt the same way. His excitement about what was to come during the rest of our day together was exuding from every pore in his massive body. I leaned forward and pushed my body up off the bottom of the tub. I brought my face up to his chiseled features and placed my lips against his. I pressed in hard and opened my mouth, allowing my tongue to penetrate his oral cavity and give him immediate pleasure. His huge frame began to shiver as mine had done numerous times that day. I heard and felt a loud thump against the side of the tub and it was instantly clear that his cock had shot hard and smacked up against the acrylic siding, since the sound of ripping cloth preceded it. My little bro was now feeling a fraction of the uncontrollable reaction he had caused all day in me. I knew we were both definitely ready for the fun and games to begin.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)

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Wow! Another totally hot story there dude, as always it seems that you put such emphasis behind huge, bulging muscle and superhuman feats of strength, and I can't applaud you enough for it!
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It was simply POWERFUL! Thanks for sharing another amazing story!
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Oh man, I never thought you'd continue this story! I'm so excited that you did!
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Wow. I'm so happy you decided to pick this up again. The first part was awesome, the second even more so.
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I'm enjoying this very much! I just have a feeling the shoe is going to drop very soon!!!
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I am SO glad you decided to continue this story. I love brother stories! And this installment was AMAZING! Can't wait for the next chapter
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