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Beauty and the Bear

[Sorry, just a story of flirtation and surprises. Here's to romance! Please let me know what you think.]

I’m six feet tall, about two hundred and ten pounds of lean muscle, and handsome as shit. People stop and stare at my face sometimes – that’s how taken they are with my beauty. I’m a confident investment banker and I pretty much have the pick of the litter when it comes to bringing home fuck-toys for the evening. I’m the dominant master that usually doesn’t remember a guy’s name the next morning – even if I bless with the opportunity to stay the night, which usually doesn’t happen. This has been my life for the last ten years, reaching my prime and staying there. I wear tailored suits and Italian leather shoes – seeking guys that equal my taste and my style. I like a clean cut business man that I can control. I have never wavered from that pattern until two nights ago and I still don’t know what happened.

It was a Friday night and I was out with clients. That’s the only way I could explain ending up at a straight sports bar watching the Stanley Cup finals – acting like I cared who won. No one in the entire place was even close to being dressed like me. I was waiting out my obligatory two hours with the dudes from this German company we were courting and pulling out my cellular constantly to check to see if any recent trick was up for another pounding in the ass. I was going to need some hot senseless man-on-man action after being around so much testosterone for a horrible meal and equally terrible beer. And to top it off I never watched sports – but here I was acting all interested.

At least there were quite a few huge Neanderthals hanging around the bar to glance at discreetly – something that made the time go by a little faster. No one deserved a longer perusal than just a quick once-over, but there was some decent good-old-boy hick muscle in the place. I wanted my men lean and toned from swimming, but when bored out of your mind you’ll do anything for a distraction. I finally could not avoid the inevitable – I needed to get rid of some of the bad beer I had been drinking. I never liked the bathrooms in bars like this, but I also knew it couldn’t wait until I got home. I excused myself and went to find what I was sure would be a long trough-like metal urinal where drunken assholes still somehow missed the mark. To my surprise the place had four unisex private bathrooms that were kept in pristine condition – it was a pleasant shock. I stepped into one and shut the door behind me. I was standing at the toilet when I heard the door open – quickly shouting ‘taken’ – and then I heard the door shut just as fast. I could not believe I had forgotten to lock the darn thing.

After using my foot to flush, I stepped to the sink to wash my hands. I dried them and then decided to take a look at my hair in the mirror – to make sure I still looked great for the person I was going to meet later on when I dropped by my favorite trick-finding bar. As soon as I glanced at myself I immediately saw him – the giant of a man standing just inside the shut door. He startled me and I quickly turned around.

“I’m sorry, man. I didn’t know you were in here. You must really need to go, so okay – the place is all yours.”

I stepped toward the guy, thinking he would step to the side and let me pass, but he didn’t move at all. He just stared at me and then grabbed my arm with his big right hand, squeezing like he was a farmer checking out livestock. His grip was strong and it actually hurt my biceps, which I flexed instinctively in reply to his forwardness. I was so surprised by his action that I lost my cool and reached up with my other hand to shove him away from me. I pushed hard against his flannel shirt, noting that his ample chest felt like a brick wall, but he didn’t move at all. I thought for a second he must be up against the door or something and then I noticed that there was a good two to three feet between the monstrous guy and any part of the structure of the room. His big body resisted my shove like it had been a piece of cotton flung at him. Without even thinking about it I kept my hand against his shirt – taking notice of how solid as hell the guy really was – a thought that actually scared me a little.

“Thought there might be some muscle under that fancy suit. Arm’s pretty big. What’s a pretty boy like you doing in a place like this?”

His voice caught me off guard. I detected an accent of some kind, but it wasn’t foreign or anything – unless you considered the south a different country. It was clear the big man was not someone who went for subtlety – or even small talk, for that matter. His grip tightened to very painful status on my arm and I let out a small whimpering noise. He immediately lessened his tight hold on me.

“A low threshold for pain, huh? Good to know. So, what you doing here, pretty boy?”

“None of your damn business!”

The grip tightened again and lifted up – causing me to go up on my toes. The huge man’s chest suddenly turned even harder and that’s when I realized I was still pressing my hand into his shirt. I quickly dropped it back to my side and my face scrunched up from the pain at my biceps. He said nothing else – just stood there holding me in place. I sensed quickly that the big lug didn’t like rudeness. I changed tactics.

“I’m out with clients – they chose the place”

The painful clamping of my arm released and I went back down completely on my feet. The sensation of his fingers, however, lingered on the muscles of my upper arm. I felt my face go back to normal and, at the same time, I noticed the large aggressor holding me began to smile. Don’t ask me why, but I noticed the guy had nice teeth – now I was checking out livestock!

“Pretty boy got a name?”

“Um, yes. I’m Lance.”

“Lance what?”

“Whiteside. Lance Whiteside.”

“I’m Buck. Buck Campbell. Nice to meet you, Lance Whiteside.”

“Um, nice to meet you, too.”

“I want to buy you a beer, Lance.”

“Well, um, that’s very kind of you – but I don’t think I’ll be having another one and I’m planning to leave soon.”

“Wasn’t asking, Lance.”

“Yeah, but I’m meeting some other folks at another bar.”

“They can wait.”

I looked at Buck’s strong face covered in what I assumed was a heavy three-day shadow to see if he was joking, but the simple ‘this is how it’s going down’ gaze he gave back to me said I should accept everything as fact. I stared openly at the man – noting that my neck was bent slightly back since I actually had to look up to see his face. The man was a bull – there was just no two ways about it. He dwarfed me and I wasn’t a small dude. The flannel shirt covered a white tank top that hugged his muscled barrel chest like it was clinging for dear life. I also noticed that his arms looked twice the size of my gym-perfected biceps – noticeable even through the material of his thick shirt. He had grey eyes with flecks of brown and green. The guy had that ‘I’m outdoors a lot’ kind of glow about him and this made it impossible to guess his age. I, again, changed my tactic – although there was part of me that actually began to want to spend a few minutes with the brute.

“Well then, I can’t really leave my clients alone, now can I?”

“Come on.”

Buck sort of half dragged-half carried me out of the bathroom and down the short hallway back into the bar. He let go of my arm as soon as we were around other people, but he slid his big hand to the small of my back and guided me towards the table. When we stood in front of the German clients Buck cleared his throat loudly to get their attention from the hockey game.

“Lance is drinking with me now, fellas.”

After those few words we were off again – the hand at my back guiding me to the bar where two stools seemed to be waiting for us. I noticed an iPad and iPhone sitting by an empty glass and realized Buck had left these items at his spot to follow me into the bathroom. I also figured he assumed his stuff was safe because no one would mess with him. I began to wonder how long he had been watching me and why I hadn’t noticed – I was usually more aware than that. I had to kind of hop up onto the tall stool Buck pushed me towards, but I noticed he just spread his legs apart and slid onto his easily. He quickly motioned the bartender over and ordered a beer. Then the waiter turned to ask me what I wanted.

“He’ll have the same as me.”

The waiter nodded obediently and went away. Buck checked the time on his phone and then turned on his stool to look at me. He didn’t even try to hide the fact that he was checking me out from head to toe. The big dude was oblivious to the fact that other men around the bar noticed how he stared at me or the fact that it made those same guys feel uncomfortable. It dawned on me that Buck didn’t care because he figured no one would try to make him stop. His confidence was slightly intoxicating. I found myself actually intrigued by the guy – a feeling in complete contrast to the anger I had felt in the bathroom. I began to get some of my own confidence back and dared to look directly at the big man.

“What’s this all about, Buck?”

“Simple. I want to fuck you, Lance.”

My mouth dropped open at how natural he stayed as he answered and how he didn’t lower his voice. A man and woman sitting next to me quickly looked over and then – just as quickly – moved to another place at the bar when they saw Buck gaze at them with a ‘what the fuck’ look in his eyes. It took me a few minutes to recover from his answer – my face was red and my brain wasn’t processing too quickly.

“And I assume you think that I should find the way you are acting charming as hell and just leave with you, huh?”

“Listen, Lance, I don’t go to gay bars because it takes too long to weed through all the fakes and wimps to get to the real guys. I also don’t meet men online because you never actually know what’s going to show up for your date. I hang out at places like this because I figure if a pretty gay boy is comfortable enough to come here for a little while then he’s got to be ready to handle someone like me. I don’t believe in beating around the bush and I certainly don’t need to play games. What you see is what you get with me. I may come on strong but it’s because I need to know a guy can handle all this. If you want to go, though, there’s the door. I really hope, of course, that you’ll stay.”

It was the last sentence that clenched the deal. For a few seconds I saw the real man within the huge muscled shell. His mode of operation was to come on strong to both disable a guy and also see if he was tough enough for the job. I knew instantly that Buck spent many nights alone – never finding guys that could match his aggressiveness – but, more importantly, guys not staying around long enough to see the real man on the inside. My own tough-skinned attitude helped me to see through his fa?ade. Every part of my logical body was screaming for me to leave the bar, but there was a powerful part of my psyche that said I should take a chance. Our beers were delivered while we continued to sit there in silence. Buck stared at his glass and I knew he was desperately trying to stay calm as he waited to see what I would do. I reached out and took a swig of my beer.

“Hey, that’s good beer.”

He turned to look at me – obviously surprised to see I was smiling. Seeing his pearly whites appear in response make my heart jump a little. The giant did have a gentle side – I knew it. Buck suddenly sat taller on the stool and then turned his entire body to face me. He held up his glass for a toast and I brought mine against his lightly. We both took another big swallow.

“Yeah, most of the stuff here is like drinking piss, but this one is a real man’s beer.”

“Well then, no wonder it’s your beer of choice.”

Buck looked at me with a knowing face. He sensed my comment was a compliment. He also, however, was picking up on something else and I’m not sure I liked him understanding me so well so soon. I began to regret my comment. The big man smiled again and he tilted his head in a way that made it clear he was about to say something important.

“You don’t usually go for men like me, do you, Lance?”

“Um . . . no.”

“How come?”

“I don’t know. I guess it has something to do with wanting to be the one in control.”

“I can let you be in control, Lance.”

It was clearly a statement from the heart. I felt my throat tighten and my lips parted slightly as I fully grasped what Buck meant. Again, his vulnerability was being shown and I felt honored at how much he trusted me. There was clearly a connection happening that neither of us could have predicted – and I suddenly found my cock fully hard. I was being turned on by the idea of dominating this big man.

“I’ve never fucked a bull before.”

“I prefer being called a bear, Lance.”

“Mmmmm, covered in fur, are we?”

Buck reached out and unbuttoned his right shirtsleeve and then began to roll the material upward slowly to unveil dark thick hair covering a vein draped muscular forearm. The sinew bulging all over his uncovered lower arm was mouthwatering. I stared at the muscles rippling as he tensed his fist. There was definitely a heavy dusting of fur covering his arm, so that probably meant his chest was a forest. My cocked bobbed up and down in my suit pants just thinking about burying my face between two hairy muscled pecs. I had no idea why this thought turned me on so much – since I didn’t usually go for bears or muscular dudes, but there was simply something sexy as hell about big Buck Campbell.

“You’re not even a furbie, are you, Lance?”


“That makes your reaction even hotter, man.”

“And . . . and . . . what do you . . . um . . . like, Buck?”

“Cocky, muscled, pretty boys that are smaller than me. And that’s usually all of them.”

We sat there staring at each other for a few seconds – our nerve endings tantalized beyond belief. I didn’t look at the big man’s crotch, but I knew his weathered jeans were tenting just like my slacks. My mouth was suddenly very dry. I was the first to break our gaze, just so I could take a long sip from my beer. I began to realize that I was going to need some liquid fortification to face this muscled behemoth. It didn’t help matters that when he looked at me I felt like a piece of meat being given to a starving dog – well, a very big dog.

“Um, what do you do for a living, Buck?”

“I lift things.”

“What kind of things?”

“I’ll show you in a minute.”

This comment thrilled me and I had no idea why. He was being extremely cryptic, but I didn’t care. He took a sip of his beer and then took a deep breath. It was clear he was trying to calm himself down, just like me – but seeing the flannel shirt rise and fall because of his huge chest made my stomach tighten and my cock harden even more. I looked back at my beer – desperate to do anything to regain control of my body and my desires. This was not the cool collected Lance that usually took the lead on any hookup. I needed to gain some of my confidence back. It seemed like Buck understood what was happening to me – since he didn’t take the opportunity to taunt me with verbal sparring. He allowed me to recover – which also gave him the chance to calm down.

“I bet you’re in finance, Lance.”

“Yep, investment banking.”

“Sounds hard.”

“It’s not.”

“Hey, right there . . . there you can see what I do.”

Buck was motioning to the television hanging in the corner of the bar area. I glanced up and immediately realized it was an ESPN commercial for an upcoming episode of a strongman competition. And then I kind of gasped out loud when the tensed face of Buck Campbell flashed quickly across the screen. He was carrying a round stone and placing it on a pedestal. His name flashed across the bottom of the screen and then it went on to show other contestants. The ad was quickly over and I turned to the smiling giant – my mouth wide open again.

“No way!”

“Yes way.”

“Um . . . did you win?”

“What? Tell you and spoil the show?”

“I can find it on my phone right now, Buck”

“Not if I crush it first . . . just kidding. I came in second – but that qualified me for the World’s Strongest Man competition this fall.”

“Uh, I don’t know what . . . to . . . to say, Buck.”

“How about congratulations.”


“Thank you.”

“No wonder you didn’t budge when I shoved you in the bathroom.”

“Aw, and I thought you hadn’t noticed.”

“It’s kind of hard to miss when you push something with most of your strength and it doesn’t move at all.”

“That’s the nicest compliment I’ve had in a while.”

We fell into a silence again. I was still a little shaken from learning I was flirting with one of the strongest men in the world. It should have been a thought that thrilled me completely, but my cock actually deflated quickly and I lost a lot of the bravado I usually had around any other man. There’s nothing like learning your date can pull a Mack truck a bunch of yards to make you feel inadequate. My ‘six days a week at the gym’ body suddenly felt like a ninety-pound weakling. I couldn’t get the picture of Buck’s giant arms carrying that big round ball – and it looked like he wasn’t having much of a problem. All of this suddenly disappeared, though, when a question popped into my head.

“Do people know you’re gay, Buck?”

“Who said I’m gay?”

“But earlier you said you wanted to . . . “

“Nervous much? I’m kidding with you, man. Yeah, a few other competitors know my story. I don’t keep it a secret on purpose or anything. I’ll tell anyone that asks, but usually people don’t ask.”

“I’m sure they don’t, Buck. Who in their right mind would go up to a guy as big as you and ask if they were gay? Most people would think it’s the quickest way to die.”

“I hope you know I’m not that type of guy.”

“My gut tells me you’re not – but my eyes and my head say that you’re the type of guy who could tear my Jaguar apart with his bare hands.”

“Only if you hurt my feelings, Lance.”


“I’m kidding again. Man, I’m sorry. Maybe I shouldn’t have told you what I do.”

“Yeah, maybe not . . . no, no, it’s fine. I just need to wrap my head around all of this, you know. First your attacking me in the bathroom and then basically making me change all of my plans for the evening and now revealing to me that you’re one of the strongest men in the world. It’s a little hard to take all of this in at one time.”

“I didn’t attack you. I just squeezed your arm. It’s pretty clear you have a nice body – even under that slick-looking suit. I just wanted to confirm that hunch as reality. And remember, you can leave any time you want. By the way, I hope you get to say that you’re with the strongest man in the world after the competition this fall – I’m planning to win.”

“And how . . . how does one train for such a competition?”

“Like I said, I lift things.”

Silence descended on us again. I was lost in thought – actually, lost in visions of Buck lifting cars, the back ends of busses, huge logs over his head, and so much more. Since I wasn’t really ever drawn to big muscle bears I rarely watched strongman competitions – I just skimmed them sometimes when flipping channels. I, however, was inexplicably drawn to the huge man sitting beside me. Here was this huge-as-hell fucker hitting on me and telling me he really liked pretty boys – after calling me pretty boy for a while, now. I decided to tempt fate.

“So, you’d really let me fuck you, Buck?”

“Especially if your cock is a s big as it seems. Nice wood, man.”

“I’ve never had any complaints.”

“And you don’t now, either, Lance.”

I was being cocky as shit now, knowing that such a powerful man was courting me was going straight to my head – both of them. I glanced down at his crotch to make sure my hunch was correct and the wind went out of my sails immediately. The bulge at Buck’s crotch matched all the giant bulges everywhere else on his body. The man wasn’t just sporting wood – he had a fucking redwood in his pants. I felt my own python losing some of its vigor as I took in the enormity of Buck’s endowment. The giant man obviously caught on to what was happening inside of me.

“As you can see – I’m not one of those tiny dick men that’s chose to be supersized to make up for other inadequacies.”

“Obviously not.”

“I’m the real deal, Lance. I’m packed with huge muscles and I’ve got the power to match my size. That turn on, boss?”

“Oddly, yes. I haven’t ever been drawn to someone larger than me.”

“Until now, right?”

“Until now.”

“I think you’ve been waiting for someone as fucking cocky as you – that’s what I think.”

“I never thought it possible, Buck.”

“Until now, right?”

“Until now.”

For the third time silence enveloped us and we both took a long sip of beer to help ‘cool’ us down. I was a jumbled mix of emotions. Part of me was screaming that finding this guy a turn on was so not my style, but the other part of me was instantly infatuated by his size, his confidence, his newly revealed strength, and the fact that he seemed to crave me like a frat dude lusting for beer. Some out of the ordinary things about the huge man attracted me, as well. There was something about knowing his body was covered in dark hair that made my toes scrunch up with excitement. The thought of him force feeding that giant cock of his way up into my tight ass made my hole tighten, but it also made my dick quiver. And finally, the idea of feeling the weight of his gargantuan legs over my shoulders as I fucked his muscled ass silly made me pant like a rabid dog. Suddenly the vision of me slamming my hard dick into the waiting body of the world’s strongest man made pre-cum ooze from my thick pole. I could not understand my reaction to this guy – he was everything I usually didn’t go for – larger than me, cocky as shit, covered in fur, dressed like a hick, and sporting a rod twice the size of mine. What the hell was happening to me? I was always the bigger dude, the more confident master, and the prizewinner when it came to the ampleness of tools below the belt.

“I can tell you’re conflicted, Lance. And that makes me hornier than ever.”

“What do you mean?”

“You’re attracted to me, but you don’t want to be. I bet you’re used to being the obviously more dominant guy in your hookups. I bet you’re even a little shocked at your intimidation from my giant piece, aren’t you? I think everything in your confident little body is saying you shouldn’t be giving me the time of day, but right now you’re being ruled by your hard nipples, the somersaults your stomach is doing, and the cum-leaking prick pressing against your pants. I bet smaller handsome boys have always turned on a pretty boy like you – and having your cock shoot doubly hard for some massive beast like me is causing a paradigm shift in your brain. Am I right?”

“Spot on.”

“Shit that turns me on, Lance! I also bet the idea of fucking something as big as me makes your balls churn juice in double time. Did I hit the mark again?”

“Bulls-eye, Buck, bulls-eye.”

“And here’s what is going to excite you even more, man – know that I’m glad I’m sitting down because my big legs go all wobbly thinking about the same thing. Feeling you thrusting into me while I stare up at that pretty face all tensed up and covered in sweat will make me blow the biggest wad you’ve ever seen. Man, I love feeling some hot pretty boy meat inside me – it’s like sex on a stick, a greased-up throbbing stick.”

Buck was speaking softly now and he leaned into me with a grin so intoxicating that I would have taken him right there on the bar if I hadn’t been so supercharged and knew that one slight move would make me ejaculate violently. I just sat there staring at the man with an equally thrilling smile and realized that he was in the exact same shape as me. Buck was able to move first and he waved to the bartender and ordered two more beers. I quickly downed the remaining half-glass of my first one and willed my body to relax. As I sat there I began to really comprehend how much space Buck’s big body actually took up when he was around. It kind of felt like sitting beside a double-sided refrigerator or maybe something even larger and it was hot as hell. I also noticed that the man was not cut like some kind of pro-bodybuilder or fitness model – no, he was just fucking huge. And he was huge all over. I’m pretty sure I could have used his shirt as a tent or a beach blanket. I looked over and realized that the man was so brutish looking that it made him handsome. His chest heaved up and down with each breath and I started using the guy sitting on the other side of Buck to play a game – now you see him and now you don’t. The pecs would swell up and the guy would disappear from my view. Buck was watching me staring at every part of his body. He was smiling even more broadly when I finally glanced up at his face.

“You’re starting to get a clear idea of just how huge I am, aren’t you?”

“And you’re starting to finally see just how fucking gorgeous I really am, aren’t you, Buck?”

“Bravo, Mr. Whiteside, bravo. Yes, you are one incredibly handsome man. I noticed you the moment you came in with your clients. I made plans to have you right there and then.”

“Oh really? And what if I had been straight?”

“I would have turned you.”

“Lucky for us, I’m not. But if any man could actually make some guy turn I think it would be you Mr. Campbell. I think it would be you.”

“Damn, pretty boy, you know all the right things to say to get me going. I’m going to have to control myself with you or I could easily do some serious damage. You make me want to bust some heads or something – just to show you how much you excite me.”

“Um, well, let’s not go crazy there, Buck. That log in your pants makes it pretty clear how you feel. I don’t want anyone getting seriously hurt just to please me.”

“Maybe you’d settle for just watching me lift some heavy things.”

“And maybe I’d just like you to lift those huge heavy legs over my shoulders so I could give you some deep pleasure.”

“Damn, Lance, you got to shut up!”

Buck grabbed his full beer and downed it in one long gulp. He then slammed the mug on the top of the bar and shook his head from side to side – making a noise like a horse blowing air out its nostrils. My comment had excited the big man more than I could have even hoped. It was pretty clear he had to close his eyes just to order himself not to ejaculate. I could tell he was very close to erupting and that made me even more excited. I couldn’t figure out what turned me on more – causing the big man to horn up so much or knowing how his giant hairy body thrilled me in so many surprising ways. God, I wanted this man – and I wanted him more than any other person I had ever deemed worthy of flirting with. Buck was giving off some kind of testosterone pheromones that were making me lose every ounce of decorum I had slaved hard to create over the years. His body brought out something so primitive in me = something I had never known existed. I wanted to watch him break something heavy with his big bear hands. I wanted to see him arm wrestle two large guys at the same time. I wanted to drink beer and drool over his huge body as he competed in the mind-boggling events of strongman competitions. I dreamed of huge hairy muscles covering my body as we fucked each other senseless. I had no idea where all of these visions were coming from. I had never been turned on in such a visceral way – I had always loved the finer things in life, like champagne, silk shirts, and day spas. Just being around this real-life Paul Bunyan was making me long for making out in haylofts, swimming naked in a cool lake, and riding his horse dick until I couldn’t walk straight anymore. It was almost too much to handle all at one time.

“I was just thinking I would lift the back of your Jag to show off, but tossing my legs over your beautiful shoulders and looking into your eyes as you plowed me hard would be a hell of a lot better.”

“You could lift the jag as foreplay.”

“I’m pretty sure we don’t need any more foreplay, Lance.”

“Pretty ripe for busting, huh Buck?”

“Even seeing my grandmothers naked chest would make me gush like a broken fire hydrant right now – that’s how juiced up you’ve made me.”

“Then just imagine what my handsome naked body would do to you, Buck.”

“I don’t have to imagine. I hope you’re inviting me home after a few more beers.”

“Consider it a date, Mr. Campbell.”
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Fuckin-A. I always tell me that guys with strongman-type bodies turn me on the most... now you give me this extremely well-written story ABOUT a strongman. You read my mind. More, please!!
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I so agree. I have recently REALLY gotten into strongman-type guys and I can't explain it. I love a Bob Paris build, but I'm getting so turned-on lately by hulking strongman guys. What's up with that? I want to know! Shed some light, fellas!
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Originally Posted by Londonboy View Post
I so agree. I have recently REALLY gotten into strongman-type guys and I can't explain it. I love a Bob Paris build, but I'm getting so turned-on lately by hulking strongman guys. What's up with that? I want to know! Shed some light, fellas!
Sounds like too much lean meat in your diet.
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Ryan Kennelly, 6'2, 350 lbs.

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Originally Posted by Londonboy View Post
I so agree. I have recently REALLY gotten into strongman-type guys and I can't explain it. I love a Bob Paris build, but I'm getting so turned-on lately by hulking strongman guys. What's up with that? I want to know! Shed some light, fellas!
They're just so overwhelmingly massive and powerful, so much bigger and better than normal human beings. They're so burly and thick that even normal things they do seem really attractive. And they're so awesomely strong, than you know they would be in control of any situation, they'd be the dominant one no matter what.

Some of my favorites: Derek Poundstone, Brian Shaw, Zydrunas Savickas, Louis-Phillipe Jean, Stefan Solvi Petursson, Thor Bjornsson, Johnny Perry (RIP), Pall Logasson, Benni Magnusson (I have a thing for these Icelandic guys obviously), Travis Ortmayer, and Terry Hollands. I'd do just about anything to get my hands on one of those guys.
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I can't imagine how you manage to write so many great stories, but I know it's just amazing and exciting! The contrast between image and essence int this story was a terrific sauce for a sexy tale!

There's no such thing as TOO BIG!
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Just imagine Terry Hollands standing in front of you:

6'6", 410 lbs, 59" chest, 23.5" biceps, 18 US shoe size

My favorite muscle stories on my tumblr page:
--> 4MFiciton <--
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Great story, you should continue, I want to see where they go from here.
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Old June 30th, 2012, 01:16 PM
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Had to read this in chunks, it got me so hot VERY cool, especially that the bear was excited to be plowed!
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