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UpDate - Alien to Ambition: ALL 3 PARTS! (str8)

(Not sure if this fits here, please just delete if that is the case)

I awoke staring into the two most beautiful bright green eyes I had seen in my nineteen years of life. They were absolutely stunning, with just the right amount of makeup and eyeliner to highlight and accent the natural alluring quality they possessed. They seemed more like emeralds than eyes. Her lashes were long and thick. The face those eyes were placed in was of the same exquisite quality, with a perfectly shaped nose and flawless apricot skin. While makeup was around her eyes, nowhere else on her gorgeous face was there any hint of it. Her full lips were ruby red and at this close distance I was certain she was not wearing lipstick.

Her long auburn hair draped over me as she looked down upon me. I could feel her warm breath. I saw that she was naked. Her natural skin tone almost seemed to glow in the dim light of? wait, this was not my room! Where was I? I started at the sudden realization, and she put her hand lightly on my naked chest. Her long nails had been painted a vibrant crimson.

"Calm yourself," she said in a melodious voice. The soothing quality of that sound did make me feel calmer. I looked around and saw I was in what appeared to be a windowless metal cabin like that of a ship.

"Why am I here?" I asked.

"Shhh?" was the only reply. As her ruby lips touched mine, all questions fled from my head.

I awoke again. This time from the best, and only, sex I had ever experienced. My pretty partner had been strong, experienced, and most of all tireless. She had taken the lead in every way, forcing me to my physical limit and beyond. I was completely exhausted from our lovemaking. My supple new lover looked at me, this time from across the featureless room. She was still naked, as was I, and stood a little less than six feet in height. Her long shining auburn hair flowed in waves over her shoulders down to her perfect butt. Besides that voluminous mane and the two lines that formed her eyebrows she was hairless. Despite the physical intensity of what had just happened she did not have a bead of sweat on her serene self, while I was still enervated from the ordeal.

I could not help staring at her peerless body and round pert beasts. C cups, I guessed. They did not need a bra and seemed to defy gravity. While I was admiring her superb form she spoke in her musical voice.

"I brought you here to help us." An answer to the question I had asked hours before.

"What?" I said, more than a little bewildered.

"You are on a ship currently in what you call the Asteroid Belt of your solar system. I have brought you here to assist me and my race."

"The asteroid belt? Your race?" I went from a little bewildered to completely.

"This form," she emphasized it by having her long nailed hands outline her lithe body, "was one made for me. It is not my true form, not that my race really has a true form at this point. We switch physical bodies so often." She paused.

My blank expression must have given her a hint that more explanation was in order because she continued.

"I come from a race much more advan? older than yours." She looked a little embarrassed, as if she did not want to say "advanced" to offend me.

Coming out of my stupor, I asked, "Then what do you need me for?" Thinking of how humans normally took animals out of their natural habitat, I dreaded the answer.

"Ah. Well, there is something my race has lost that yours still possesses. We have traveled the stars for countless rotations of your planet. We have mastered many technologies including the transfer of consciousness from one body to another, which has made us immortal. But we have lost something as well. While we have retained our wanderlust, over the eons we have lost our ambition."

"Your what?" I had been studying her more closely, and this time I seemed to notice that her eyes were indeed very much like emeralds. While they were a vibrant green that sparkled in the dim light of this room they were also cold, empty stones.

"Our ambition. We altered our own minds, and in doing so we unexplainably lost our drive to improve ourselves; to strive to be more than we are."

"So, you needed me because?" I let the question hang.

"Humans have ambition. I thought you might be able to teach it to us. Life in the universe is very rare. Nothing can travel faster than light and wormholes are? hard to make. Your planet is the first one we've come across that has living things of any level of consciousness on it. We hope to learn from you?."

"How was I picked?"

She shrugged, her hair cascading off her perfect shoulders. "A male at random."

'And if I don't work out you have many more down below to choose from,' I thought to myself.

Suddenly, she stretched out her bare arms. "Come to me. I have only just tried on this form and I enjoyed our coupling. My race also forgot coupling in our travels."

While I knew it was very possible I was really just having a psychotic episode and all of this craziness was in my head, I could not refuse such an offer. I got out of bed to join her, but my legs faltered as I put my weight on them. I was still completely fatigued from our last "coupling." As I stumbled she was at my side. Her dazzling face close to mine.

"Are you physically injured?" She asked. With her breath on my face I realized something else alien about her: she had no scent. No perfume, no smell to her breath, good or bad. Her perfect blemish-less body gave off no odors at all. This only added to the surreal nature of the encounter.

"I'm just tired," I said straightening myself and trying not to look too pitiful in front of this perfect specimen of a female.

"Oh, I forgot your body still needs rest," she said in her melodious voice. I am sure it was only because of my imagination that I detected a hint of mockery in that sound.

"Yes," I said trying to hide my indignity and knowing I'd not be able to become erect anyway. "I don't think I can be much use to you like this. We can try more coupling after I rest, if that's alright."

Her mouth quirked at that, as if with impertinence.

"I have a better idea. Why don't I move you into a body that does not need rest instead? It will make our couplings more efficient."

"Move me into a? what?" I said. Personally, I was a little surprised at how well I was keeping my civility in this absolutely unbelievable circumstance, but keep it I would. I made a vow to myself. 'If I've gone crazy,' I thought, 'I might as well make the most of it.'

The gorgeous woman in front of me explained, clearly very excited to do so. "I can move your consciousness into another body we can design together. It's one of my race's greatest achievements. It's really very fun."

I blinked at that. I did believe who I was was connected to my mind not any other part of me, but I was rather attached to my body. My hostess seemed like she wanted to do the deed right this second, but I wanted more time to think. I said: "Many of my race believe the importance of one's self is connected to the body, or that it is attached to something nonphysical that can't be duplicated and is separate from the mind. While I am not one of those, this," I spread my hands around the featureless metal room that was empty except for my bed, which she had apparently taken from my college dorm room along with my person, "is all very new to me. I don't even know your race's name, let alone your own. How about we get to know one another before you remove me from my body?"

She looked disappointed at that. "What an odd notion of self," she said almost to herself. Then to me, "My race stopped caring about names, but you can call me First if it's important to you. Yours is not to me."

"First?" I said, "Is that a title or a proper noun?"

She looked a little exasperated at my question. "I am First among my race," she explained coming over to sit next to me on my bed, moving her long hair to the side. She was slightly taller than me.

"Well, First, how many of your kind are there?"

"Is this important?" She asked then said, "several hundred."

I was a little shocked by how low the number was. "And you all live on this ship?"

"Yes, of course. Are we done with questions now? I want to design you a new body that does not require rest and can keep up with this one." Pointing to her own ample chest she bounced to her feet, her breasts jiggling, but very firm despite their lack of support. She took me by the hand and I, not knowing what else to do, followed her out of a door that appeared in the wall. I could not help but wonder what the ship was made of.

She led me into the hallway, where I was immediately met by the second most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Standing next to First was another comely woman. Her dark caramel skin just as flawless as First's, her light golden blonde hair just as long and flowing. Unlike First her pussy was not hairless, but well trimmed. Her eyes were like two cold sapphires. Again, her only makeup was around those cold bright blue eyes with their long lashes. Her breasts were the same size and were just as perky as First's perfect breasts. Other than color, her nose also looked exactly the same as First's. She was shorter than me, just over five and a half feet.

Seeing that I was startled by the sudden appearance of another, First said: "I asked my people to assume forms that would be pleasing to you to put you at ease. If this one's appearance bothers you, let me know and I can ask her to change it."

"Maybe later," I mumbled.

"Oh, I hope not too soon," said the second girl in a voice as melodious as First's but deeper. "I was enjoying this human form. They are so different from us, aren't they?"

"Yes," replied First, "That's why we can learn from them." Then she said to me, "Please don't be scared, she just wanted to see what a real human looked like. Please follow me."

I allowed myself to be lead past the second girl by First.

"Can you preserve my body when I am out of it?" I asked.

"If you'd like, yes," replied First. It sounded like she did not understand why I would want to keep it. She then led me down the doorless hall. The door we exited from disappeared into the grey metal of the ship. We walked only a short distance before another door appeared and opened in the wall. This darkly lit room was full of activity. There were huge glass tubes filled with the bodies of angelic woman of every shape and size, as well as other, wholly alien creatures. I met two other women who were operating a large luminous screen with odd symbols about it. One of the females was well over six feet in height, while the other was just under five. The shorter one had long bright red hair, while the taller one had cropped brown hair. The shorter one had pale porcelain skin while the taller one had a deep brown tan. I could not help but notice the taller one had a muscular build to her. The dainty pale one was hairless below the neck, but the tall amazon was not. Both had eyes like ingots of obsidian. Despite their difference in height and build, I was sure their breasts were of the exact shape and size as all the others I had seen today.

"These are the Twins," First introduced them."This is where we design new bodies. As you can see we were all trying lots of different female forms of your race, knowing that the first human we wanted to bring here would be male. We studied the qualities you value as beautiful in your mates, but there were so many variations. I hope we chose pleasing ones."

I nodded; still a little overwhelmed at all the different things I was viewing. First addressed the Twins: "I wish to continue the human practice of coupling with this one," she gestured at me, "but it turns out that true human bodies wear out quickly. Let us give him a new one. It will probably be fun to design a human body with a human."

Still reeling from the suddenness of all of this I said, almost pleadingly: "What about your stated goal of learning more about ambition?"

"Time enough for that later," First said. "We are what you would call immortal, and I like to put new experiences before work anyway. Come, let us design a new more resilient body for you first. We spent all this time learning about your mating practices; I want to try more of them out before we do anything else."

She pushed me to the screen. I was surprised by her strength. She continued, "If it will make you feel better, why don't we start with few appearance changes. How about a body that looks like your current one, but tireless?"

All I could do was nod. The Twins operated the screen. A 3-D image of myself appeared on it with alien symbols dancing across it, labels pointing at various parts of my anatomy. The Twins seemed to be operating the screen with their minds, as if they had a direct link to the computer. After a few minutes, the Twins presented the image to First.

"How's that?" First asked me. Showing me what, as far as I could tell, was a perfect duplicate of myself.

"It looks just like my body," I said.

"But, it's not," said First. "This one does not need to sleep or rest. It can operate at peak physical capability without ever needing to stop. Breathing is the only nutrients it needs to keep functioning."


"Oh yes."

"Can I make cosmetic changes to it?"

First smiled at me. "I was hoping you would," she said radiantly.

"Well," I tried to explain, "human males value the size of the parts of their body. For example, I've always wanted to be taller. And this," I pointed at my penis on the screen, "should be longer and thicker."

First clapped her hands together in delight. "I knew you'd get into the spirit of this. Isn't this fun?"

Shortly, after some descriptions to the Twins, I was looking at a much more manly version of myself on the screen. I had tried not to get carried away in my first attempt. The body was six and a half feet tall, with a dick that was eight inches erect with a five-point-one inch circumference. Its shoulders were wider and its muscles much more pronounced than my current slender frame. I was told that all of these were only cosmetic changes, since the underlining structure of the body had not been changed from its tireless self. It looked stronger and more athletic, but was not more than before. I had to trust the judgment of the Twins on that.

As I looked at the 3-D image of the body I was soon to inhabit, with all of the weird symbols I could not hope to read, a thought struck me.

"Can you implant information in the body?" I asked suddenly.

The Twins looked at First quizzically. I realized they had not spoken since I entered the room, and had interpreted my requests without question until this one.

First looked at me. "What do you mean?"

The gazes of these three almost divine women looking at me made me feel very foolish. "Well," I said, "I was hoping I could learn your language. Could you implant that knowledge into this body?"

"Oh," said First. "Yes we could. We could even give you a linkup to our archive if you wanted. I hesitated doing that because I don't want to damage your personality. It's quite possible such alterations are what removed my race's ambition in the first place."

"Well, I don't think it will remove mine. Humans often become more ambitious when they know more," I said quickly. "And if you mess me up you can always get another human, right?"

"That's true," said First thinking about what I had said.

'I knew it.' I thought to myself. 'They don't mind breaking me because they have so many more humans to choose from if they do.' I kept my face impassive as I thought this.

"Alright," said First, "you can add a linkup, Twins. Might as well implant some other basics into that body while you are at it."

The Twins turned their attention back to the screen and I saw more strange symbols flash across it going into the head of the 3-D image. I was anxious not knowing what would happen to me, but I had gone this deep into the rabbit hole, I felt I might as well follow it through to the end.

Soon I found myself on a table with my new body on a table next to me. My eyes closed. When I opened them I was in my new body. It felt completely different. I sat up with a start and fell off the table, banging my arms on the ground as I tried to stop myself from falling in a body wholly alien to myself. As I hit the ground I was surprised by the complete lack of pain. In fact, my body felt almost totally numb.

First was next to me and quickly helped me to my feet. "Here," she said, "I will walk you back to your room. You should adjust quickly to this new body. An understanding of its own self has been implanted in it." As she helped me past the screen the Twins were working on, I realized I could now read the strange symbols on it. Bewildered and confused I let First lead me out of the room and back to the one with my bed. Once there First laid me on my back as she climbed on top of me.

We had sex for hours.

First started on top, but by the end I was fucking her doggie style. And we tried every position in between. Subconsciously I found I could access what First's race had archived about human mating. With my new tireless athletic body I was very aggressive, taking the lead, pounding away at every angle our flexible bodies could create together, which turned out to be a plethora. First loved it. She moaned and writhed under me as my sizable member surged into her.

After doing this for what seemed an eternity, I suddenly stopped and abruptly dismounted her. First, who had been crying out in ecstasy as she had been the whole time, also stopped. Turning around she looked quizzically up at me. Despite the fact we had just fucked each other's brains out like two wild animals for hours on end, nether of us was even breathing hard. There was no sweat, no smell. First's pussy had only been as lubricated as it had needed to be to allow my dick to penetrate her. But, worse of all, I still felt the numbness I had when I first awoke in this body.

Seeing all this in my face, First asked in her rich melodic voice that had greatly affected me when I was in my other body, "What's wrong?" I did not realize what an effect that voice had had on me before until I heard it with my new ears. Now, I felt nothing from it.

I spoke for the first time in my new body and I realized my voice had not changed at all. Despite the power of my body I still sounded like a nineteen year old skinny kid. "This is too sterile," I said.

"What?" asked First.

"Will I ever not feel numb in this body?" I asked.

First looked at me searching for my meaning. "Oh, that's just the way these bodies feel. No pain, no exhaustion."

"And hardly any feeling," I added. First looked confused. I continued: "This is not how mating should feel. This is a whitewashed version of it. I've not even had a real orgasm this whole time, and I doubt you have either."

"Orgasm?" First asked, clearly confused.

"Yes, that's my point." I said. "These bodies are wrong for this. There needs to be a build up and an ending to our lovemaking. I could have just fucked you for days without end." First nodded at that, as if that was what she wanted to do.

I sighed. "I think I am beginning to understand how to get information from your archive. Can I make us two new bodies that can experience human mating more vividly?"

First looked excited at that. "Well, of course you can. I love switching bodies. I would have expected you to stay in this one longer. Most of my race likes to be in a body for much longer to experience it more fully, but we can switch again if you want. Let's go see the Twins."

She tried to take me by the hand again, but I pulled away slightly. "I know the way," I said. As we went into the hall I noted that the dark-skinned blonde was still there.

Soon we stood in front of the screen with the Twins patiently waiting for us to tell them what we wanted. I said, "Why don't we work on your body first?" Then a thought stuck me. "In fact, how about I work on our bodies with the Twins alone? When we are done we can come get you. It can be a surprise." First looked at me and then the Twins. "I can handle it," I said tapping my skull.

"I do like surprises," said First almost bubbly.

"Good" I said. "I'll call you when we are ready."

First looked at the Twins seriously, as if warning them about something. Then she smiled at me and left the room. I looked at the Twins and we set to work.

I went and got First an hour or so later. I found her waiting in my room. She seemed very impatient for a self-proclaimed immortal that had traveled the stars for uncounted eons. I had a suspicion as to why that might be. I had found many interesting things in their archive. For example, not even First's race knew how long they had been traveling with no ambition, just wanderlust.

"We are ready," I told First.

She squealed a little and then looked up at me. "I hope this was worth the wait."

"I am sure it will be."

On the way there she said, "I can't wait to see our new bodies. You will be the first not of my race to design a body for someone else, you know."

"I have an idea," I said. "Why don't you not look at it first but just jump right in? It will make for a bigger surprise."

She looked at me for a second and then said "OK." I was starting to wonder if her race was capable of real suspicion. Lack of ambition meant a lack of lots of other things, I was starting to realize.

When we got to the Twin's room, I did note she looked at them questioningly. They nodded their reassurance and First looked a little relieved. I escorted her to the grey metal table and set her down on it.

"We will wake up in my bed," I told her. She nodded.

I got on the table next to her and we closed our eyes.

I awoke in my new body, as did First. Her body was similar to her other one, but with many important differences.

For one, it was much weaker and without limitless stamina. I knew that First's race was not afraid of death, since they kept a backup of their consciousness between every body switch, so the Twins had not blanched at my request for such a large strength difference between mine and First's body. However, the Twins did think First would not like these changes, but I assured them I would take full responsibility for her disappointment and they reluctantly followed my requests.

First's hair was still auburn in color, but now went down to her toes instead of her still-perfect butt. Her eyes were their same vibrant emerald. Her skin, as always flawless and a glowing apricot color, was now slightly paler. Her lips full and red. Her nails long and painted. She looked as if she was wearing much more eyeliner behind her long lashes than before. I now knew that it was not makeup, but was actually the skin pigment of her face.

In addition to being weaker, First's new body had much larger breasts and was much thinner. Her mammary glands were so swollen she could barely stand upright. Over 7000 cc, they were both like a two-gallon jug of milk, each. They were still just as perky and gravity-defying and looked freakish on her emaciated frame. Now her waist was only 16 inches in circumference, the Twins had made sure she could still walk, but, at my request, only barely.

Despite these drastic differences, the largest changes were not in her appearance. I had found her old body only had a rudimentary hormonal system. Her new body was completely overcharged with endorphins as well as many others. The nervous system was super sensitive, and wired such that almost everything it felt was pleasure. Her pussy was capable of producing more lubricant than was necessary and the merest touch could cause a positive feedback loop, which would result in orgasm, something her old female body could not even achieve.

In my searching of their archives I had found that First's race did not have a good understanding of how hormonal chemicals could affect the mind. Their race was devoid of hormones. Additionally their philosophy on life seemed to be more focused on how the mind affected the body, not the other way around. They DID have a very good understanding about how implanted knowledge could affect one's personality, but their race seemed to have almost no hormonal or mind altering drug understanding. They had knowledge about it from their quick study of Earth, but no experience or true understanding of it.

I had used that knowledge and my own understanding when creating our bodies. I am sure the Twins and First were worried that I would implant some kind of information into First's new body, so I had not even bothered to request it of the Twins. I also suspected that the reason First was so keen on coupling with me originally was because of that rudimentary hormonal system that was in her facsimile of a human body. That was probably why she had been acting differently than how she normally did. She had not predicted how those simple hormones affected her actions. Now, she was completely unprepared for the new experiences of this hyper-hormonal body. Her nipples and clitoris were engorged with blood like ripe fruit. She had kept her eyes closed until now, and then opened them.

When she saw me she let out a gasp of surprise. This time I had gotten carried away with my own body. I was now drastically superior to every man that had ever lived on Earth in terms of size, strength, and stamina. I was seven and a half feet in height and only a couple hundred pounds shy of half a ton. That weight was primarily thick, solid, defined muscle. My shoulder width was about a foot less than First was tall. My veined legs and arms were obscenely large, but still very dexterous. I was an overexaggerated example of a male.

As you might have guessed, the most impressive part of my body was my dick and balls; they were true works of art. The balls were larger than grapefruits and were full of special semen. They hung majestically under my magnificent manhood. My cock was just under two feet in length; 22 inches and harder than a rock. I could literally destroy walls with it. The shaft was thicker than a coke can; its head bigger than a large apple.

Despite its physical prowess, the masterstroke of my body was its interplay with First's hormones. My new body had an internal hormonal system much closer to a normal human than First's. However, my body was geared to outputting pheromones at a much higher level than any human's body possibly could. This small room was already filling with my musk. I could only imagine what that was doing to First in her hypersensitive body as I looked down on her moist, squirming pussy.

First looked up at me first with surprise mixed with apprehension then with abject want and desire. She tried to stand, reaching for my throbbing cock that, on my gargantuan frame, was well above her. Gently, I reached down to her, knowing she would have trouble rising to meet me with her 16-inch waist and about 4 gallons of milky breasts on her slight chest. I let her breathe deeply of my enhanced pheromones and then stuck one thick finger into her gushing cunt and let my thumb rub her twitching clit. She let out an incredibly loud guttural sound that was something between a moan of ecstasy and primal cry of intense emotion.

At that sound, which was very different from any sound First had made before, the darkskinned woman came into the room, her light golden hair flowing behind her. Seeing my hulking form over First's weak one she shouted, "Get away from her, you savage."

I had suspected that this woman was a kind of enforcer, and that was why she had been right outside of First's door ever since I first arrived. I also guessed that while my new huge body was supremely strong, it was possible her slight frame was stronger. I saw no reason to find out. I backed away from First as non-threateningly as I could.

First looked bewildered lying on the bed. She sat up a little way; her colossal, yet firm, breasts resting next to her. She was looking at me, clearly begging me to continue touching her. When I did not, she looked as if she was going to get up and come to me. The darkskinned enforcer came to her to side to help, clearly thinking something was wrong. First, still looking at me, cried, "Why did you stop?"

In a deep, resonating, commanding voice, a voice I knew would also affect those that heard it, I said: "That one told me to," indicating the darkskinned woman. At this point the room was heavy with my pheromones, and I knew they were wafting into the hallway. I assumed that the darkskinned enforcer's female body also had a rudimentary hormonal system. She would be affected, but only slightly, and her loyalty to First would no doubt take precedence. I needn't have worried, however.

When First heard me, she looked at the darkskinned enforcer, who was about to help her rise, First staring at the darkskinned enforcer, as if she had just noticed someone else was in the room. First jerked away from the darkskinned woman saying, "Get out!" First's voice was full of loathing. "Don't interrupt us again." The gorgeous darkskinned woman looked hurt, but turned to leave. As the attractive darkskinned blonde did so, I noticed that her shaved pussy was wet and her nipples were hard. I also saw her checking out my enormous package, despite herself. I watched her perfect caramel butt leave the room before turning my attention back to First.

First's arms were outstretched trying to reach me, her perfect face done up as if she was saying "please."

I walked back to her and lightly sat down next to her and again inserted one figure into her cunt, expertly stimulating the body I had created for her. She cried out again and again. Her gushing gash allowed me to start with great intensity and speed that I gradually lessened. At the right time in her descent I stopped to let her catch her breath. Her massive chest heaved and quivered with her heavy breathing.

I easily picked her up and repositioned her so that her thick ruby lips were at the tip of my titanic unyielding cock. "Now you will suck me," I said in my commanding voice. First looked a little disappointed that I had stopped stimulating her, but in her eyes I saw she was experiencing a new kind of joy as she wrapped her wonderful lips around my vast member. I had made her esophagus with this task in mind and it reformed to fit my full width and length. Her body was actually designed to suck 22 inches of cock, and enjoy doing so.

I smiled as she set to work. In our previous sessions she had not given me any blowjobs, but I knew information about it was in their archive and her throat was built to stimulate my cock. She took to the task quickly, soon both her deft delicate hands were cupping my huge balls as her mouth lubricated the entirety of my lengthy shaft as her throat and mouth muscles stroked it. I supported her weight with my powerful arms as in and out of her mouth my monstrous dick went. My body had superb stamina, but I saw no reason to try to hold back, yet. My balls tightened up next to my shaft as both I and First felt copious amounts of my spunk traveling its length. My body could produce inhuman amounts of the stuff.

The first blast went deep into First's petite belly, my cock buried in her throat. The force was astonishing and I held First in place, forcing two more blasts down her throat before removing my spasming member. Another volley went into her gaping mouth. My sperm had not only been designed to be delicious and addictive, it was a powerful aphrodisiac. I realized at this point making it such a potent aphrodisiac was probably overkill, but it was too late to change it now. First was lapping up everything my dick could produce. I knew it had been eons since she had ingested food, and this was clearly an incredible experience for her. I had also made her emaciated body born hungry.

The experience was no less intense for me, and I closed my eyes feeling the bliss of orgasm as I covered First with my cum. When I finally finished and opened my eyes I saw First's thin belly was stretched with the sheer volume of my seed. I had been standing above her for most of this. I realized that she had been trying to reach me to impale any orifice she could on my rod. The force of my fluid must have repeatedly prevented her from standing to reach me. The effect of the overpowering drug that was my semen was clear on her face. She was mad with passion. Her body was shaking with pleasure.

I came down to her; my dick was still rock hard. With my rich voice I recited: "My dick is 22 inches long and 11.8 inches in circumference. I designed your vagina and cervix to be able to handle a maximum of 19 inches by 10 inches." I saw her eyes widen at that. "The Twins thought it was an oversight; it was not." With that I entered her sopping virgin pussy, cleaving her cherry.

Words cannot describe the sound First made as her head whipped back. I am sure if she had not given the darkskinned woman outside such harsh instructions to stay out she would have brought the whole ship. I started out slowly, enjoying the sensation of my massive merciless member in this overstuffed spasming pussy. First's body was wired to feel both pleasure and pain, and to experience pleasure from pain. By design, the body's very purpose was to be the perfect dick massager. Despite the fact it was comply overtaxed, it was trying to do what it was created to do.

Her vagina muscles rippled over my shaft as her cervix opened to admit me. Back and forth I went; in and out of that gash. Every part of First's insides was being stimulated by my tremendous manhood. She was bucking in a perfect mix of pleasure and pain, her face streaming tears of joy. I picked up one of her now lactating tits and inserted it into her mouth. Her emerald green eyes squinted up at me through her long lashes and tears as she started to suck. Her breasts were each more than four time as large as her head. As she drank her face went from a mix of pain and pleasure to one of complete and utter bliss. I drank from the other tit, having to stoop my huge form down to reach it.

This whole time I had been building momentum with my thrusting. I drank deep of her leaking tits, the creamy liquid flowing down my throat. Then, with a bestial roar, I stood, First's body firmly impaled on my oversized throbbing cock. Her weight supported only by my spasming shaft; her whole shaking body pressed up against my massive six-pack as all but 2 inches of my cock were buried too deep in her. I smiled knowing I would force all of me into her by the end. I pounded away. Soon all of me was inside of her as I crashed down onto the bed, which had long since collapsed, but I made sure not to hurt her at all as I did. My strength was awesome, and I had to be careful not to break anything unexpectedly.

Both of our bodies possessed superhuman stamina, but neither was tireless. As the fucking continued, sweat beaded over our bodies and our breath became labored. First's body gave out first as wave after wave of intense orgasms buffeted her body and mind. My body lasted much longer. Finally, after what seemed like ages, I felt the beginnings of my orgasm, much more powerful than before. The sensation built and built as my enormous cock destroyed First's raw wet pussy that had long since stretched to accommodate all of me.

My gigantic balls tightened up to my mammoth shaft and I came. It felt like it took minutes for my cum to travel down my lengthy shaft. Had I not been so tightly wedged into First, the force of that blast would have no doubt blown her across the room. It felt like pints of the serum were gushing into her. Her tiny belly already swollen, her womb was now filled past capacity. I pulled free from her, hot white liquid flowing out of her gaping pussy onto the remnants of my bed. I collapsed next to her, my chest expanding and contracting as I sucked in air, completely exhausted.

"That" I said in a breathless voice "was more like it."

I rested. Knowing my true work lay ahead, I allowed myself to get some light sleep next to First's unconscious form. I awoke before First. When she did awake she only had eyes for me and was clearly still recovering from our fucking. She looked up at me with warmth in her bright green eyes. The first warmth I had seen in those gemlike eyes. I knew my pheromones and semen would keep her from experiencing anything other than intense love and admiration for me. I also knew that the pain and pleasure of last night was the most she had experienced in her existence. Knowing her pussy could not have fully recovered from last night, I told her about the human custom of cuddling. She agreed to give it a try if - and only if - I allowed her to give me another blowjob while we did.

Without waiting for a response, and despite her obvious fatigue, she climbed onto my hulking form, propped her massive breasts around my shaft for support, and started sucking away. This time she kneaded her full breasts about my shaft while she swallowed my manhood's head. The huge angry red top of my cock disappeared and reappeared from inside her straining mouth past her stretched lips. I had wanted her undivided attention for this part, but I guessed this would have to do. Having her swallow more of the addictive drug that was my semen couldn't hurt anyway.

So, while she slaved away, I told her many things. I had designed my voice to have a certain natural hypnotic quality to it, so she did look at me faithfully with her bright eyes while she serviced me. I explained to her that human males were somewhat territorial, and that it would upset me greatly if she brought any other men on the ship besides me. I asked with my hypnotic commanding voice if she wanted to hurt my feelings by doing that. Her eyes widened at the thought of upsetting me. She shook her head violently in the negative, still while sucking on me vigorously.

I also told her I wished that all members of her race could experience what she had just experienced and stressed the importance of the hormonal system her body had. I told her in my deep commanding voice that future bodies should all have the same kind of system, so that she could continue to experience these wonderful feelings. I also explained that I was a breast man, which meant the larger a female's breasts were the more pleasing they were to my eyes. I went on to explain, in my resonating hypnotic voice, that I felt most comfortable being significantly larger and stronger than those around me, and of the importance of my pheromone system. I told her it was also called "fucking" not "coupling."

Many things I told First as she desperately tried to get me to cum in her mouth, her body craving the taste of my seed. All the while she listened to what I had to say attentively, green eyes wide on her overstuffed face. I told her I would cum if, and only if, she understood my wishes and tried to abide by them. Looking at her face, I knew this was unnecessary, but I wanted her to agree, which she, of course, did. With that, I orgasmed. My balls had been busy filling themselves while I slept, and her mouth was already full to overflowing. She desperately swallowed down as much of my spunk as she could. Trying to catch what fell with her hands. The amount I produced was completely overwhelming as I fired volley after volley of high-pressured serum at her, but she tried her best. I knew this would start to make her uncomfortably horny again, but it was clear her body was still all used up from our last session. I sighed. It was time to test the worth of my plan.

I rose from her and looked down on at her. "I guess I should have made that body more resilient. It was my first time," I said. She looked at me with lust as I spoke. I saw in her eyes she wanted to protest, and to say I did a wonderful job and that she was ready for more fucking even though she clearly was not.

I spoke again: "Why don't I carry you to the Twins and you can design a new body? I would like that. You can surprise me this time." I saw in her eyes her desire to please me. That I would like her to do something was all the reason she needed to do it. She nodded approval, and I picked her up, carrying her out of the room. As I entered the hallway the gorgeous darkskinned blonde came to my side trying to help First, but First waved her away. I could not help but notice how frustrated and horny the darkskinned woman looked. Hearing us fuck all night and smelling my pheromones must have done a number on her. First spoke to her. "Everything is fine; wait here for us to return," she said. The darkskinned enforcer reluctantly backed away, not without checking out my hulking form and manhood appreciatively with her blue eyes.

I carried First to the Twins room. There was apprehension in their cold black eyes, worried that they were right and First was upset with her new body. First assuaged their fears, and I deposited her on one of the many tables and left the room.

I went back to my room. This was the real test. From the archives, I knew that the ship had a very sophisticated air flow system that filtered out harmful particles. Would it consider my pheromones harmful? If so, they would be scrubbed out; if not, they were slowly filling the whole ship and everyone on board with an endocrine system remotely human would start to be affected by them. I had tried to make my pheromones so they would not be deemed harmful, but I had no way of knowing if it worked.

Also, I had to see how much of First's new wants and desires and way of thinking would be passed on to her new body. When she moved from her sperm filled one to a fresh one, would she still feel loyalty and love towards me, or be filled with resentment? There was no way of knowing, but it was something I knew I would rather test sooner than later. I also knew that when she switched again the old back-up of her psyche would be permanently overwritten.

I came to my room and waited on my demolished bed with these thoughts swirling in my head.

Hours passed, and I had no way of knowing what was transpiring on the ship as I waited there. I almost felt like calling the darkskinned woman to see if she was up for some mindless fucking, but decided against it.

Finally, the door opened and First bounded in. Before I could react she immediately wrapped her lips around my cock, giving it a sloppy loving kiss. I looked at her new body, which was again similar to her other two. Her bright green eyes now had a deep warmth to them that had not been there before. This inner glow contrasted even more with her eyeliner and long thick lashes. Her skin was still a shiny apricot color, and her voluminous hair, which now was so much longer it dragged behind her on the floor, was still an auburn color, but somehow seemed even more radiant. Her butt was the same as it had always been, and her waist was back to the size it was the first time I had seen her. She was still almost six feet tall, which was now short compared to my seven and half foot frame. Her breasts were spectacular. Her boobs were at least twice the size they had been on the body I had made for her. Still perky and firm, their bulk forced them to hang low on her body. They leaked milk. The fact she was still standing upright with those heavy mammary glands meant she was probably back to her old strength again. She looked at me with want and need in her eyes.

"You were right about the hormones!" She exclaimed. "I told the Twins that every body they make from now on needs to include a robust system of them. They make you feel soooo good." She closed her eyes and breathed in my musk that was heavy in the air of the room.

Opening her eye she looked slightly abashed. She went on: "I had to make this body stronger than the one you made for me so that it could support all of this extra weight." She hefted her jiggling breasts. "I needed to look my best for you. I know you said that you liked to be much physically stronger than those around you, so I went over your current body. You used human muscles as a template. I know ways of making it at least 254 times stronger than it is now. So don't worry, we can make you about 302 times as strong as all of the other bodies we will be outfitting my race with. We will have to increase your stamina anyway. I really want every single one of my people to experience what I have! You'll have to fuck all several hundred of us!" She was very excited as she explained all of this to me. "I would bring more males, or make some of us male, but you told me that would upset you." She put her small hand on my chest. "The last thing I want to do is upset you," she said sincerely. "Come. We need to fuck while the Twins prepare your new body, and work on the new bodies of everyone on board." She continued, clearly very proud of herself, "I made this body's pussy too small again, that was really a brilliant idea of yours. I thought I could go even smaller than before, just to see. Maybe we should make your tool larger as well when you switch to your new body." She laid me on the bed and got ready to mount me. Her tight virgin pussy oozing; her long flowing hair cascading all over the room. I was posed to take her cherry again.

"Oh," she paused and said almost as an after thought. "You mentioned the importance of those chemicals your body is outputting. I think I found a way to increase them, if you want. They seem to be circulating about the whole ship. I love the way they smell." She again breathed deep of the musk in the room as she prepared to impale herself on my unyielding towering cock.

Dumb stuck at how well everything had worked, I could only nod.

"Good," she smiled with satisfaction. "After all this, you have to start teaching us about ambition."

I smiled up at her at that. "I am pretty sure I already have," I said to my new sex slave. "I am pretty sure I already have."

End of Part 1
Mr. GreyMan

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Well, I loved it! And I hope to read more of this story. Of course, it wouldn't be bad if our hero, tired of all that pussy, tried to create some other, weaker males. Just for the fun of dominating and fucking them...
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Two thumbs up. I'm as gay as they come but I love a good straight muscle story, especially when there is a dramatic size difference between the big muscle guy and the girl(s).
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Awesome story, wish there were more like it!
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Really great! A nice change, keep it up!
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Alien to Ambition: Part 2

First's battered body lay next to my massive one. My member was finally soft and had shrunk to 16 inches. First's long shimmering auburn hair was draped across the featureless grey room. Between servicing me, she, at my request, had instructed the ship, which was apparently very mutable, to make us a new bed, one that could accommodate my mass and our vivacity in lovemaking.

For those of you just joining us, I was currently in a body I had manipulated an alien race to create for me. It was over 7 feet tall and several hundred pounds of hard, defined muscle. Additionally, it produced copious amounts of potent pheromones and aphrodisiatic semen.

The green eyed apricot skinned beauty next to me, with leaking breasts that were at least 5 gallons each, was the leader of that race. They had come to Earth and abducted me to learn about ambition, a quality that was unknown to them. Because of this, and because of their lack of hormonal understanding, I had been able to utterly seduce First and planned on doing the same to her race. Due to their lack of ambition, I had no idea how much they'd object. Time to find out I guess.

"I have been thinking," I said to the worn out female at my side.

First responded quickly: "That it's time for me to get a new body? This one's pussy, as you call it, is already completely stretched and very sore. I'd be more than happy to continue sucking your wonderful cock, but I feel like I should switch. Also, these breasts," she hefted one of her 19,000cc orbs, "feel small now. I think I should get bigger ones."

"Umm…" First acted like no human, male or female, would. I was a still a little overwhelmed and by First's responses to many things, and her alien outlook, but I had learned to adjust quickly in my life. "Well, we can do that in a bit, but I wanted to talk to you some more about your interest in ambition."

"Oh, that," she said, a little disappointed.

"Yes," I said. "I was thinking: on my planet many times one person's ambition is used by others."

She looked a little confused at that. I tried to explain.

"A person that is the head of a group will often direct that group based on their own wants and desires. Their ambition."

"Oh, you mean a leader."


She looked at me. "So, are you saying you want to become our leader? To replace me?"

I knew with my phonemes heavy in the air First would have difficulty getting upset with me. At least, if she was still in the body I had created for her, which she was not. I did not know anything about this current body of hers, or how my phonemes were affecting it. Thus, I was slightly frightened by this question, not knowing how I should respond. When it was clear I was not going to answer, First continued.

"I really wish you would."

"What?" Again, I was bewildered. That seemed to be happening a lot.

"I was only our leader because no one else would do it. We needed some direction, and I had the most wanderlust of all of us so I naturally became our First."

"You don't want…" I realized how foolish I had been. Of course in a race with no ambition no one would want to be the leader. Composing myself I said, "Yes, I would be happy to become your leader, if you'll help me with it."

First squealed with delight. "You can call me Second from now on then. We can inform the rest of the crew. This is all very exciting!"

She sprang to her feet. Her slight body was actually very strong and she had no trouble with the hundred pounds of perky mammary flesh on her chest. The firm orbs did sway and jiggle from the sudden movement, but she was out the door, which appeared for her, before I could follow. I noticed this time how the door was much larger than it had been when I was smaller. It seemed the ship automatically adjusted to the needs of those in it.

Outside in the hallway was the caramel skinned, blue eyed, golden haired vixen I had taken to be an enforcer of some kind. First, now apparently Second, was telling her that I wanted to become their leader. The darkskinned woman looked me over. Of all the people on the ship, she had the most resistance to my actions onboard. But, she smiled at me. "How wonderful. Second was getting very tired of being First, but no one else was willing to take the job, and she was so suited for it. I am sure you'll make a competent leader. You've already given us much to do."

Everything had been happening so fast and I suddenly realized that this darkskinned woman was in a new body. The Twins, whom made the bodies of everyone on board, and been instructed by First, now Second, to make new hormonal bodies for her race. This new body before me had breasts about 10,000cc, easily bigger than E-cups, on her frame. Since I was surprised, it took this long to realize. Other than that, it was more or less identical as before. Her golden haired pussy was trimmed and her eyes were the color of sapphires, but there seemed to be more warmth behind them. She seemed to be a little slighter of build and she seemed to have more eyeliner than before, her lips full and crimson. Her hair was also longer but, I could not help but notice, not as long as Second's. I guessed that Second had given orders that she was to have the longest hair and biggest boobs.

If this darkskinned vixen had a new body, then she was no doubt being affected by my pheromones, which I was told were permeating throughout the ship. I had no way of knowing if that was the reason why she seemed completely OK with my becoming the new leader.

"I know," said Second. "Why don't you allow this one to experience fucking while I tell the rest of the crew? I will still have to help you, of course, but it's been ages since we had a new leader." I looked at the darkskinned huge breasted woman and could only nod. Second clapped her hands in delight and scampered off. Her beasts bouncing with every movement, leaking milk onto the grey groundfloor, which seemed to absorb it.

The darkskinned vixen looked at my massive frame and monolithic cock that was now rock hard at its full 22" length and 11.8" diameter. "Yes, I would like that," is all she said.

I took her into my room. She was inexperienced, but a quick study, no doubt hooked up to the central achieve of the ship like everyone else. Her race had extensively studied human mating. I started out slowly, not knowing what the Twins had done with her body. I massaged her clit to start and was able to quickly bring her to orgasm. This darkskinned beauty seemed to have more self-control than Second, and she did not cry out, but closed her large bright blue eyes and rolled her head back, purring as I pleasured her. It being our first time, I thought I should go down on her first, trying out my elongated tongue as she sat at the foot of the bed. When she was good and sopping, and letting out moans of satisfaction, I stopped. Then I positioned the huge head of my member next to her ready pussy. Her trimmed golden hair was wet with her juices. I wondered how large her vagina and cervix had been designed. So, I decided to find out. She looked at me over her huge breasts with her bright blue eyes, her body waiting to be penetrated for the first time. I surged into her, claiming her cherry. Her self-control forgotten, as her head wrenched back and she let out a bestial howl. I guessed her pussy had also been made too small, and when I hit rock bottom, I knew it had been.

I hoped the Twins had kept the masochistic nature I had implanted into Second's body when they made this one. As I looked into those wide bright blue eyes, I was sure they had. Pleasure mixed with pain-becoming-pleasure flashed across her dark face as my long shaft pumped away at her. Slowly at first, I built momentum, buffeting her cervix with my massive head and forcing her to take more and more of my gargantuan pole into her too small gash. I realized I would be wearing out the bodies rather quickly at this rate. I could see orgasm after orgasm wash over her face as milk leaked out of her massive tits. I massaged and squeezed them, squirting the white liquid everywhere. She was completely lost in desire and bliss as I did, her whole body rocking back and forth. Her cries filled the air. Soon she was hoarse as sweat beaded all over her body. I was happy to see that the Twins had not made her body tireless. After I finally forced my entire mammoth pole into her, I could feel my own orgasm building. My grapefruit sized balls tightened up to my vast rod and shot pints of my serum into her. I was careful to shoot all of it in her. I knew that if she tasted it, she would want more and would only become hornier, and I had other business ahead of me at the moment. Her womb, therefore, received all I had to offer, her tight tummy swelling from the force and volume of blast after blast of my spunk.

Finally, I finished. Pulling out of her, a torrent of cum pouring out, I looked down at my handiwork. Her pussy was permanently stretched and she looked completely exhausted. Her body was covered with sweat gasping for air, air filled with my musk, she looked up at me, her new leader towering over her, with awe.

"You are happy with me being your new master?" I asked

Still gasping, she nodded. "You are our leader." She said, almost matter-of-factly.

Also being hooked up to their archive in this body, I suddenly realized that I was listed as such therein. The ship now acknowledged me as its leader, and I could control everything. I closed my eyes, overwhelmed by the realization. I had not known that I had only access to a small part of what this ship and everyone on it could do. The force of that knowledge almost brought me to my knees as I stood there in the dim light of my room. A single tear fell from my eye. The knowledge and capability was so awe inspiring.

Truly, this race was not living up to its potential. It could do so much, but had lacked the ambition to do so. I resolved to change that. This room was the first thing I would change. I now knew the ship was made up of thousands of tiny machines, nanites, and they could be used to reform into almost anything. I had them change this room into a throne room. With my darkskinned concubine still panting below me, I made the room become a massive atrium. The bed she was draped on disappeared. Columns came down from the ceiling, which rose to 70 feet in height. Platform after platform, one on top of the other, rose in the center of the floor, forming stairs. At the top of that was created a massive throne. On a whim, I had the nanites create gems to place on the outside of that chair, which I had them make out of gold. The ship only had a finite amount of gold lying around as well as other elemental metals, and I used all of it to center this massive throne. I added high windows in the room, and had fake sunlight come from them and fall on that throne. I was thinking about making a mural of myself taking over the ship, but decided against it, settling for a Victorian style pattern and theme. No images, just shapes.

Now lying on the floor, the darkskinned vixen looked up at that seat. "Is that a chair for you? It looks too big."

She was right, of course, the chair was made for someone larger than myself. I smiled, "Yes, it is." And I walked out of the room.

I immediately went to the Twin's room, where new bodies were made. When I entered it, I saw that Second was already there, overseeing her new body design. I could see from the symbols on the screen that it had the ability to vary its breast size. 'Clever' I thought.

The Twins had not changed bodies. One was still a very short, slight redhead with pale skin; the other was still a bronzed towering Amazon. Their eyes were still black and their breasts still C-cups.

"Second," I said, in this body's communing, resonating, hypnotic voice. She was at my side in a moment, her breasts jiggling.

"Yes?" she said, her wide green eyes looking at me with a true willingness to please. "I need to talk to the Twins, alone," I said. "Leave the room and don't let anyone come in." Second looked disappointed, but complied with my wishes.

When we were alone I looked at the Twins. I now know they were far and away the smartest beings on board. They were called "the Twins" because they had at one point been a single entity that had accidentally cloned itself in a body swapping experiment. I looked at them. "You know that the chemicals this body is outputting is changing the behavior of everyone on board, don't you?" They looked at me with there cold black impassive eyes, and nodded. "But, you don't really care, do you?"

They looked at each other and shrugged.

I almost laughed. "Here I thought I was tricking your race into becoming my servants, but I'm really not am I? You're all willing."

The Twins just looked at me. "Well," I continued, "of everyone on the ship, it's your cooperation I am going to need the most. Do I have it?"

They both looked at each other, then at me, and simply shrugged. At that, I did laugh. "Good enough," I said. "Now, we need to work on my new body. I need you to use all of your skill on it. I will be back later. Also, I have an ambitious plan for the nanites this ship is made out of. I will be steering it out to Jupiter."

Suddenly, I realized I was in control of the ship. I did not need to tell anyone to move it; I could just move it. So, I did. I instructed it to release some of its nanites when it got there.

After I made sure the Twins understood how I wanted all new bodies on the ship to be made, I called Second back.

I told her she could continue her work, on her body, but that I had a few alterations I had told the Twins about. As always, she was very amenable.

After that I went around the ship fucking everything that moved. The ship was completely filled with my pheromones. Everyone on board knew I was the new leader of their race, and all of them wanted to try out the new concept of mating. After I had decimated five tight virgin pussies, I realized I would never be able to fuck all several hundred of Second's race with this body. While I was supremely strong, I had made this body without the limitless stamina it would need to complete the Herculean task of pleasuring everyone on board. After I had gone through fifteen cherries from stunning, dexterous, accommodating women of all shapes, sizes, and colors I was completely worn out, my giant member raw and sore from overuse. I had wanted to hold off a little on switching bodies, but could no longer continue on like this.

At my request the Twins had been making new bodies for every member of the crew. The bodies all had hormonal systems built to my exact specifications. All had masochistic tendencies as well, turning the pain of an overstuffed pussy into pleasure. Other than that, the crew had all picked out their own shapes, sizes, and color. There seemed a natural affection for some to pick out bodies that had similar colors.

When I entered the room, I saw Second was also there. She was still green eyed and auburn haired, but her skin was very pale now, and her waist was back to being only 16 inches in circumference, just as I had designed for her originally. Her hair was probably about 15 feet in length, and dragged heavily behind her like a veil. Her breasts were each about 30,000cc orbs. Her body was very thin and emaciated, and she could barely walk, her engorged nipples leaking milk onto the floor.

She had been waiting for me in the Twins room. I had instructed the Twins not to switch bodies. I wanted them, and them alone, to be thinking straight.

When I entered the room, Second tried to jump on me. She clearly wanted to give me a blowjob on the spot. Her virgin pussy looked like it was begging for release. My spectacular body was already partially recovered from its recent experiences, but I still wanted to switch first. "Sorry Second," I said, "I would like to get a new body first."

Second's full, red lips formed a pout. "But I was waiting for you," she said peevishly, swaying her breasts as she did, leaking milk all over the floor. Her face still looked like it had perfectly applied eyeliner as she batted her lush lashes at me, her large green eyes looking longingly at my tremendous tool.

"I'll tell you what, when I get my new body I promise you will be the first I fuck, alright?" She looked delighted at that. "Now," I said, "I would like to be alone with the Twins for a while, why don't you meet me in my room, which is now called 'the throne room,' by the way." Second nodded, and happily dragged her humongous knockers and perfect butt out of the door. Her weak body was having a very hard time moving. She had clearly built it with only one thing in mind, fucking me, and not for moving about the ship. I realized it would probably take her a while to get to my room.

After she left, I turned to the Twins. "You ready for this?" I asked. "This must be the most powerful and accomplished body your race has ever created." They nodded their understanding, and we set to work.

There was so much knowledge this race had wasted, but I and the Twins put all of it to work making that body. Now that I was their leader, they seemed not to blanch at any of my request, but simply did them. I was a little surprised at that, but then I remembered how this race did not have any ambition. The Twins did not really care what their leader did, and were simply happy to help me. They had many ideas of their own as well that they'd never cared to try out. I was getting more and more excited as we worked for hours and hours. Finally, we were done.

I lowered my old 800 pound, 90-inch-tall body on the table and shut my eyes.

I did not even need to open my eyes to know I was in my new body. It was indescribable, like a continual orgasm of power. The ship buckled a little from my very presence in this body. As I opened my glowing kaleidoscope colored eyes that could see the complete electromagnetic spectrum, not just the few wavelengths of visible light. I looked down at my perfect body. It was 9 feet tall and weighed over 5 tons. Its sinew was obscene. Legs like redwoods, arms more massive than a strong man's waist. Its muscles perfectly defined, and not like human tissue at all. They were much more dexterous, dense, powerful, and nearly tireless. Even if I had been normal sized with them, I could have won a fight with a bull elephant; but now I was the size of a bull elephant. I could easily run through buildings if I wished.

Again, much of our work had gone into my member. It was colossal before; now it was over twice that. Far past a meter in length, it was 48 inches and diamond hard. I could fuck the side of a car with it and not feel any pain. It could punch through steel with the force I now had. It was almost as big around as my last huge one had been long. I hoped the Twins had listened to me when I asked them to make Second's pussy; I did not want to kill her. My balls hung heavily underneath my massive unmovable monster. At the size of soccer balls they were the most efficient sperm factories ever conceived. They would never run out. I could cum continually if I wanted to, drawing mass from all around. The semen they produced was no longer addictive or an aphrodisiac, it was much more insidious. The sperm was more like nanites than anything else.

Again, the real masterpiece of my body was the pheromones it produced. I could now control the kind and output of them, making those around me feel what I wanted them to feel. But, it was always emitting ones that made people feel intense admiration, loyalty, and awe towards me. Not that it was really necessary on this ship, since I knew this race didn't even had a word for "mutiny" in its native tongue. The ship would quickly fill with those pheromones; I now had control of its air system and would instruct it to do so. No corner would be without my presence.

This body also had a much deeper connection to the ship. I could even control the nanites that had been released on Jupiter. They were doing as instructed.

I could feel the table straining under the weight of my new body. The energy my body was outputting was actually destroying the nanites that came in contact with it, but luckily others quickly repaired and rebuilt them. I could feel people moving around within the ship. I could even feel Second impatiently waiting for me in my throne room. She was sitting on my massive golden throne, her hair cascading down on all sides. On a whim I closed my eyes and extended my consciousness. I made a small tendril come out of the throne and stimulate her waiting cunt. She let out a cry, and I laughed. Bringing myself back to my stupendous body, I got up. I had to be careful moving around in this powerhouse of a body, since I could easily physically destroy the ship if I wanted. I could feel the nanites in the floor straining to hold up my body. I stood at my full 9 feet of height, looking down on my now small old unoccupied 7.5 foot body.

I smiled, my teeth a radiant white that almost glowed. With a wave I indicated to the Twins I wanted that body destroyed, as I strolled out of the room.

In the hallway, I willed my throne room to come to me, instead of the other way around. I opened the door, which was automatically big enough for my frame. I was well over 5 feet wide at this point, my body forming a perfect V. I looked up at my golden chair and the supersexy willing woman sitting in it. I caused the chair to unceremoniously kick her out of it, as I strode up the steps 5 at a time. Second, looking put out, rubbed her perfect porcelain butt as I sat down in my huge throne, which was the perfect size for me. My erect humongous member, whose weight was probably comparable to my original body, throbbed proud in the air before me, casting a shadow over Second on the ground.

I looked down at her, seeing some resentment in her eyes after the way I had just kicked her from my chair. I said, in a voice like thunder that completely filled the vast room. "No one sits in this chair unless I say."

I tested out the use of my new pheromones, and I saw all resentment completely disappear from her bright green eyes as my body output the proper chemicals. "I am so sorry!" she said, sincerely, her eyes widening, "I did not know!" she looked almost desperate.

"It's alright" I assured her in a calmer voice. Then, in my booming commanding voice, I said, "Pleasure me." I leaned back in my throne, my colossal dick straight and unyielding. The soft gold of the throne molded itself to my diamond hard body. Within this body gold was as malleable as a pillow.

Second looked up at my vast cock with unchecked want and absolute desire. She started to make the climb up, hesitating to mount the throne, but I nodded. Her weak emaciated body having difficulty, so I gave her perfect butt a little boost.

Looking relieved, she continued the long trek to my tip. She laid her whole body down the length of my shaft, her cunt rubbing the base and her mouth sucking the tip. My tree trunk- sized member easily supported her body weight. Her huge leaking breasts hung on either side and she used her hands to rub them back and forth along the shaft. Her thick lips wrapped around my elephantine bulbous cock head. Unbelievably, she could take my whole head in her mouth, but even at a different angle I doubt she could've fit the rest.

I let her perfect cock sucking mouth do its work. Expertly, she pleasured me. She used her whole body to try and simulate her master's cock. Her gushing cunt rubbing, her massive breasts kneading, and her perfect mouth sucking. I watched her lithe slight frame writhe on my tool, desperately doing all she could to bring me to orgasm. I realized, by design, how useless only one woman was to me now. This body had been created to fuck hundreds, but I had promised Second she would be the first, so I allowed her this honor. I closed my glowing eyes and did my best to allow my superb body to feel everything she was doing. I could feel her whole body contort over my cock and my swinging soccer balls moved into position next to my mighty shaft. I reached out and grabbed her perfect butt. The force of my orgasm almost took her head off. Had I not been holding her she would have been blown off of the throne and down the 5-story drop to the ground floor. With a squeal of delight she deliriously tried to drink from my raging fire hose. I was outputting gallons of sperm. Second's body absorbed what it could.

I lowered her to the floor next to my throne, and stood. She was facing away from me, and looked back up at her master, past her perfect butt. Her wide green eyes on the other side of those long lashes looked so content knowing she had made me cum. She smiled her radiant smile.

I also smiled at her. Using my sperm, which was now within her, I willed her breasts to grow. Already over 5 gallons each, they started to swell, the nanites of this ship augmenting her mammary glands. Her red full lips, still a little stretched, let out a moan of delight. I made sure this would be an awesome experience for her. Her pale breasts filled with milk and swelled, larger and larger, her areola spreading and her nipples thickened and lengthening. Her body, still with its thin frame and 16-inch waist, started to spasm in pleasure. Her breasts became bigger than her whole petite self. As they grew, her pussy - as well as the rest of her - rose off the floor, supported by her milky orbs. Up and up her body went until her pussy was right at the tip of my 4-foot long, 16.6-inch circumference monster. I let my cock head touch her gaping pussy.

She looked scared. "No, its too big!" she cried, "I can't take it! Not with this body!"

I smiled, listening to her pleading; her telling me how massive I was, and how she could not hope to accommodate all of me. That seemed to be more what was upsetting her. Not that I might kill her and she'd have to reboot, but that I would not be able to get pleasure from her too tight pussy.

Finally I took pity on her. "Don't worry. I informed the Twins to make this body able to handle me." Second's relief was tangible. "But, only barely," I continued, grabbing her hips.

I drove into her, demolishing her cherry and feeling her hips straining apart as I did. Second screamed in masochistic pain mixed with indescribable pleasure. While she could just barely accommodate my width, which was even now stretching her mini waist, there was no way she could accommodate my length. Her whole body contorting and spasming as indescribable feelings raced through its hypersensitive self, her breasts wobbling and her nipples spraying. My massive member battered against her cervix, but to no avail. Less than half of my behemoth cock was buried in her, and there was little hope of getting much more inside. She was trying, begging me between tears and cries to completely enter her, but it was impossible. I wailed away, her adept pussy muscles doing their best under the most extreme of circumstances. With the help of my sperm, she was experiencing what could only be described as a continuous orgasm. Amidst that, her body was striving to do the only thing it was designed to do, pleasure me.

After what seemed like hours, her pussy was beyond repair. I could feel my own stupendous orgasm building. Deep within my balls the sensation started, as they visibly moved up to my titanic shaft. The voluminous semen started its long journey down the length of my cock, which went from 16.6 inches around to a nearly 20-inch circumference. Second's body nearly gave up at that sudden increase in circumference, as gallons of my spunk traveled the length. I came.

The pressure was intense; its force might very well have blasted a normal woman apart. Second's slight body had been reinforced to handle the pressure, but her cunt and womb could not contain any more volume. As fast as my seed gushed into her it gushed out. After two volleys I exited her, but continued to cover her body with my spunk. My powerful knees bucked from the sensation of this intense orgasm. I almost blacked out.

After cumming for long minutes, my member started to soften and I slid to the floor. As I touched the ground, I felt completely refreshed and renewed, and my cock became rock hard again. This body was not tireless, but it had almost instantaneous recovery time.

I stood again, looking down on Second, her breasts were deflating, milk flowing out of them. Soon they were back to their 'normal' selves, each larger than several watermelons.

Second was battered and almost broken. She heaved, breath after breath of musk filled air entering her. Her whole body still spasmed, experiencing aftershocks of the ordeal. My rock hard 48-inch member was above her, casting its shadow on her worn sweaty body. She looked up at it with awe and admiration, tears of joy filling her eyes. "We wasted all those years," she said, as she started to sob. "You have shown."

"Yes," I said in a voice that seemed to shake the room. "But, through me, your race will find its way."

I looked at the edge of the throne room, and a door opened. This room was now right next to the Twins, and they had been busy at work. I could see tens of Second's race had already been fitted with new bodies, able to handle - if only barely - my massive merciless member. I looked passed my 4-foot weapon down the 5 stories to that door, which was filled with women of every shape and size. All with huge breasts leaking milk. Some had mammaries so large they could barely walk. Some were, in fact, immobile and needed others to help them forward. All of their bodies were designed with only the thought of pleasuring me. They existed only to be fucked by me; nothing else was taken into consideration. All had too-tight pussies and a burning need to be filled with my divine tool. They all looked at me with bright eyes, as more started to fill the doorway, the Twins working tirelessly. I looked down on my subjects, the room and ship filled with my pheromones. On a whim I closed my glowing eyes and had this body output the right mix of chemicals.

"Cum" I commanded in a resonating thunderous voice, and all of their bodies buckled. They fell to their knees as powerful orgasms rippled through them. Moans of their pleasure filled the air. Second, still by me, too exhausted to move, also came again, twitching on the ground as she caught the full force of my overpowering pheromones. I strode down the stairs towards my subjects, and stood before them.

They all looked up from the floor at my towering tool and me. A deep longing within their large warm eyes, each ready to serve their new master. "Attend me," I told my sex slaves. Happily, they complied.

For days I ravished pussies, my monster dick cutting a swath through those virgin holes.

The orgy was unending. They would help each other as I entered them. My oversized weapon could not fit completely inside any of them, and the others would massage, simulate, and suck any part of my package not buried in someone's gushing gash. My recovery time made me basically tireless. I would completely use up snatches, permanently stretching and contorting the lower halves of my masochistic servants' bodies, and they would just crawl back to the Twins to get new, fresh, virgin cunts. Always tight, always overstuffed and overtaxed, their cries of pleasurable pain filled the large room. Huge lactating breasts were always being offered to me and I sucked them dry. Using that milky mass to create more and more gallons of my spunk and musk. My servants' bodies were wired to be able to have an orgasm just from being milked, and many became delirious from that experience long before it was their turn to feel my mighty rod. On and on it went, a continual loop of sex. My seed infecting all of them, breasts growing and shrinking at my command. They all desired only to bring me pleasure with their perfect, fresh bodies. When they became too exhausted or ravaged they would simply get a new one.

Finally, I called a stop to it, and told my servants that on this day we would rest. They all told me they did not need rest, they all begged me to continue the orgy, that never in their long existence had they ever done anything as wonderful as this. They pleaded with me to fuck their pussies raw unremittingly.

I told them no.

Looking at their pouting disappointed faces, I promised them we would continue later. I told Second to stay, and ordered the rest out. Second was on her fifth or sixth body. I had always made sure she was in the thick of things, and in her liveliness she had gone through bodies quickly. I looked down at her, and decided to turn off my pheromones for a bit.

"I would like to talk to you," I said, in a calm voice. She looked up at me with her big green eyes.

"I was thinking of subjugating Earth," I said.

I went on to tell her a story about my life. How I had been bounced from one foster home to the next never having a true family; that, despite my good grades, I still had to debase myself to get a scholarship; how women had scorned me. Second looked up at me though all this. When I was done with my sob story I looked to her for a response.

When I was done with my explanation, she laughed; a very musical sound. "Well, I don't know why any of that would bother anyone, but if you want Earth just take it. We'll help if you want, should be fun."

I shook my head. Despite my mastery of Second's race, I felt like I would never understand them.

"I will." I said. "You will."

I brought her head to the tip of my tremendous cock. With a squeal of delight she stretched her ruby lips over my titanic bulbous head and did what she did best.
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AtA 3: The Forgone Conclusion

[COLOR="PaleTurquoise"]AtA 3: The Forgone Conclusion[/COLOR]

There was no longer any reason to pretend to be what I was not. The mask of civility had dropped away; I had put on the Socrates' metaphoric Ring of Gyges and was never taking it off. Closing the eyes of my perfect body, I sent my mind to the nanites I had left on Jupiter. The advanced nanites of this race could create almost anything out of anything. They could break mass down into its base elements and rebuild it. I had instructed them to build more ships out of Jupiter's mass, growing exponentially since the ships were made of nanites that were building more nanites. I sent some of those ships out to the other masses in the outer Solar System. Earth would be mine. It might as well already be mine; it was a forgone conclusion. Everything else would just be for my amusement. And, it would be amusing.

You see, I had taken over a race of advanced shape-shifting aliens. They were all mine, body and soul, if you believe in such a thing. I had been able to this because they had no experience with the effects of hormones on the mind, and had no concept of ambition. They had taken me in order to study me, and now did everything and anything I asked, including building me a perfect body. Nine feet tall and weighing more than several tons, it was a perfect pheromone factory, which is how I controlled my alien subjects. It was impervious to harm by any Earth standards, with a 4-foot dick hard enough to derail a train, and balls that made nanite sperm. I could have simply used it to take over Earth by force, but what was the fun of that? Physical subjection was so… incomplete and barbaric. It was below me.

I had subjugated this alien race with the pheromones from this body, and I could easily do the same with Earth. No human could resist. I contemplated just having my alien slaves drop me off in my old college dorm. There I would just walk around campus and all would be forced to feel nothing but love, admiration, and awe at my divine presence. I could make all of the women that did not see my greatness when I was with them have no feelings other than the deep need to please me. The men - no, boys - that had mocked me behind my back would pay the ultimate price, but not before they felt the humiliation a hundred times worse than I had. But, that was too personal. I was above being personal now. Not that I really ever was personal, never having a family.

On the way from the Asteroid Belt to Earth I ordered my slaves into new bodies. The Twins, who made bodies into which an uploaded consciousness could be inserted, would make statuesque female bodies six to six-and-a-half feet tall. They were supermodels that were more dazzling than any supermodel could be, super-supermodels. Everything about them screaming sex. They were of every hue. Perfect gravity-defeating EE breasts the size of watermelons, silky soft skin, perfect lips, hips and hair. Their bodies would be tight, toned, and majestic with flawless faces that would make angels jealous, their legs long and regal. Before I had made bodies for my girls with no other thought than to pleasure the one I was in, now they would be made to dominate others, as well as to pleasure this one. They too would be outfitted with pheromone producers, but nowhere near as powerful as my own, of course. They were the definition of "man killers;" no one could resist their perfect looks, and no one would. I had to teach my girls the use of clothing. They were all happy to try something new, but did not see the point. I find that clothed women can often be more provocative than naked women, but that is only when you can imagine something greater than it is. This was not the case with my girls, so the clothes themselves had to be made in such a way to add to the impossible sexiness of my girls.

After the Twins had made such bodies for a dozen of my girls, I ordered the ship to break off a smaller part of itself, which was easy since it was made entirely of nanites that could reform themselves in any way I imagined. Instructed the dozen girls into the shuttle. My favorite girl, Second, was among them. I wanted to give her the honor of being with me for this moment. To be honest, they all said they did not really see the point of this excursion, and of what I had instructed them to do. Second reminded me I had said that I did not like other males, and did not understand why I would go to a planet full of them. I explained that I wanted to assert and prove my dominance over those males. Second told me that there was really no need to prove my dominance, since it was so clearly obvious. I assured them that it would please me to do it this way, so they shrugged and agreed to go along.

We all flew down to Earth. I made the ship absorb radar so that we would not be seen by the military. Any person seeing it in the early morning would just be considered crazy. When we touched down in a run-down part of a city, the ship turned itself into a moving van, as to not attract attention. I instructed the van to drive to a Victoria's Secret fashion show. All of my girls were very excited. While the van drove itself, I had them message and fondle me. Despite their pleading, I did not enter them with my girthy rod since doing so would no doubt ruin their new perfect virgin pussies. Time enough for that later. I did, however, allow them to expertly give my 48-inch member a 24-hand job, and as a reward I got them off with my mastery of pheromones.

We got there very early and I drove to the back and had the ship/van unfold it's back as to open. The security guards in the back were instantly stunned at the sight and smell of my girls. I had instructed them to overpower any man they saw, and that is what happened. The guards fell to the floor as we got out. As we got out I stopped for a moment to feel the sun on my back. I had designed this body to absorb sunlight and this was my first time in the sun with it. After pausing I entered the building and went to the changing room.

The fashion supermodels were all getting ready for their big day as I ducked my head and strolled in. My pheromones almost instantly filled the room, and all of 20 of the supermodels stopped what they were doing and looked at my nakedness with awe in their glossy eyes. I knew even without my pheromones I was a sight to behold. A more than perfect specimen of what a man should be. Tall, insanely muscular, and with a cock that instantly demanded respect from all who saw it, and respect is what I saw in the eyes of those Victoria's Secret supermodels.

Sadly, to my kaleidoscope eyes that could see everything, all I saw was their blemishes and flaws. These earthly supermodels were ugly compared to my unearthly supermodels. I saw my girls looking on them with contempt as well. They had studied beauty extensively and, while these women before them might have been examples of it, my girls were far far superior - and they knew it; I had shown them the way.

"Ladies," I said to my girls, "get ready for your big debut. I will stay back here and have these models keep me company." The supermodels were, of course, completely spellbound by me at this point.

"Are you sure," said Second, "they look so homely, and I know none of them will be any use in pleasuring you. I doubt their pussies could even handle 10 inches without breaking."

"Yes," I said lowering my hulking self into a sofa, which slowly gave way under my might, "but they will have to do."

"I could stay with you," Second almost begged, looking at my rock hard throbbing cock.

"No," I said. Despite her want, Second did immediately as I commanded, and they all got ready to go out on stage.

The audience was not prepared for the sight that awaited them as my super-supermodels walked out on long stately legs, their watermelon-sized gravity-defying breasts jiggling just enough. Their faces were perfect, hips swaying in the most hypnotizing way imaginable; their pheromones sweeter than any perfume.

Each one of my girls was wearing lingerie designed on the ship, since I had known full well no clothing here would fit them. It moved with the girls in ways not understandable. Each movement of their perfect bodies accentuated by it, causing the mind to becoming inflamed with thoughts of lust. The heterosexual girls in the audience fainted from shame; the men almost could not contain themselves. And soon, as each of my girls walked out, they could not. Unable to control their primal response in the presence of both the girls sexiness and the pheromones I had commanded them to output, the men in the audience threw themselves on my girls. The young handsome fashion designer laid hands on Second.

My girls thought it was very funny. They just laid down on stage laughing, as the men tried to ravage them. Their bodies had been created to withstand my 48-inch long, 16.8-inch circumference cock; normal men could do nothing for them. As the men pulled out their peckers all they received from these impossibly pretty girls was scorn. Feeling hurt they tried to assert their manhood, but it was as useless as throwing a hotdog down a hallway. Additionally, the enhanced females were too much for most of them and many came almost immediately; the small quantity of their sperm only made my girls giggle.

While this was happening, as I could see with my perfect all-EM spectrum eyes from backstage, I ordered the Victoria's Secret models to start to pleasure me, but it was equally useless. Their weak hands could not create enough pressure. Their bodies could not take any part of my imposing size. They did try, all the while telling me what I was, perfect in every way, a dominating superior male that could do whatever I wanted with any women I wanted. They kissed and messaged every part of me. Sucking on my soccer ball sized sperm factories. I sat there, uninterested.

Meanwhile, my girls were mocking the men trying to pleasure them, telling them how useless they were and laughing at their feeble attempts to rape them. The men were becoming more and more frantic. Then I saw the fashion designer punch Second in the face. At that, I stood, knocking over the girls that were trying as hard as they could with every part of their body to get me off. But, Second just laughed and punched the designer back. His head spun around as his neck snapped.

I decided to come out at that point. Walking on stage, everyone looked at me. My girls looked at me with admiration and love, the audience saw me and was afraid. Behind me the half dressed Victoria's Secret supermodels trailed out, trying to touch me. My pheromones filled the room. I was in complete control.

"Stop," I said in my resonating commanding voice, and everyone did. Awe was the only emotion in their eyes.

I looked at Second. "To me," I said and she rose to me, pushing the useless body of the fashion director off her. I guided her to my cock, and aimed it at the Victoria's Secret supermodels behind me. I instructed Second to pleasure me, and she did. Messaging my massive member was quite a task, and I almost called over more of my girls to help, but I saw such commitment in Second's bright green eyes I did not. Expertly she climbed up on my throbbing cock, her weight easily supported by it, her long legs on either side of it like it was a horse. Her clit rubbing my cock as her watermelon breasts fell on either side of it. Milk came from her perfect nipples and she used that as lubricant as she inched her way to my red bulbous head. Her full crimson lips skillfully stretched around it as she used her whole body to pleasure me. Her voluminous breasts, her gushing gash, her month and her hands, even her legs and toned thighs, her hip-long auburn hair cascading down - everything was used. The audience saw her use every part of herself to jack me, writhing on my colossal cock. One perfect woman giving her all to message a weapon made to subjugate hundreds. I closed my eyes as my balls moved up to my immense shaft, which expanded as the sheer volume of that first blast traveled its length.

I came.

Second tried to swallow that first volley, but it was too much even for her enchanted month, and my sperm flew into the air. The Victoria's Secret supermodels squealed in delight as I covered them. Gallon after gallon of nanite sperm flowed from my cockhead. It was more intense than a fire hose and they were knocked down by the force. I painted all of their bodies with the stuff. I used my pheromones to make sure this was the most fulfilled they had ever felt in their lives.

As the sperm worked its way into their bodies, I was complete master of their bodies. I closed my eyes and could feel their bodies. They gave out little cries of alarm, but they quickly gave way to moans of ecstasy. I fixed every flaw of their bodies. Their breasts filled with milk as the nanites altered their body chemistry. Their bust growing steadily larger until their mammaries were more massive than beanbag chairs, the women resting on them, unable to rise from the weight. Second looked a little upset at this, since she knew I liked bigger breasted girls. She had always insisted on being the biggest one. I put my hand on her shoulder to comfort her as I helped her dismount from my cock. At my commanded the nanites continued their work on the supermodels, fixing blemishes, reinforcing pussies, smoothing skin. The supermodels moaned with abject want and pleasure as their bodies contorted themselves to my will, and soon I knew they were ready.

There, on the stage in front of the spellbound audience, I had my girls come to me. Second had already done a good job lubing me up, and I positioned my cock head in front of the snatch of one of the waiting Victoria's Secret supermodels. She was a tanned blonde with silky straight hair. Her cunt was in spasm and gushing.

"I don't care if it kills me," the supermodel was screaming. "Please! Violate me! Split me in half with your tool! If I can't take the only real man, let me die trying!"

I let her continue as she listed her inadequacy and my domination; my cock poised, her cunt squirming and dripping. I was used to virgin holes, but I surged into her anyway.

She cried a savage scream of complete fulfillment. Her pussy, even with the help of the nanites, barley able to contain my girth, and woefully ineffectual for my length. Her hips bent apart as her stomach deformed. She let out scream after scream of pleasure mixed with pain of her overstuffed pussy. Her mind buffeted with orgasms and pheromones, she pledged to be mine, now and forever and into the next world. She cried that her only purpose was to pleasure me. She screamed that her body and soul were mine to use up to that end. Her pussy tried to massage my too-huge tool as in and out it went, battering her cervix. All the females in the room, the models and mine, looked on with envy at that spasming girl. All of the men looked on with shame, knowing they could never be what I was.

Even this was not enough for me. I allowed my girls to fondle every part of my exposed rod and balls. They sucked with their full ruby lips and deftly moved their hands up and down nearly 3 feet of my exposed shaft, the gushing cunt of the supermodel providing the lubrication needed at one end of my great piston. With their help I could feel my soccer balls once again moving into place. The first high-pressure shot spurted me out of the supermodel's overtaxed pussy. I covered her with sperm. This time, I had the nanites become a sliver dress for her, complete with a delicate collar and chain that attached to my wrist. I thought about having it attach to her clit, but decided that the neck was sufficient; it was wired into her nerve center anyway.

Each supermodel got this treatment. As I cut a swath through the waiting women, I had to draw in mass from the room to fill my massive balls again and again. The models told me how unworthy they were. Each pussy was ravished in such a way that no man but me could ever pleasure it again. It was fitting, since no man but me could give a women such a heightened experience anyway.

Soon I had two bracelets full of chains attached to the delicate necks of all of the women in the fashion show. All of them lay on the ground, unable to rise because of their huge overinflated breasts, and because of the overwhelming ordeal I had given them. I could feel each one through the silver chain attached to my wrist.

I looked out at our audience and than called Second to me. I looked deeply into her bright, warm, green eyes as she walked over. "I want you to have this." I said, and attached each of the bracelets to her perfect wrists. I had wired them slightly different this time. She looked expectantly up at me, and I looked down at her.

She seemed to be able to see my thoughts in her mind and no doubt could feel the way I had wired the bracelets. "Is it my turn now?" She asked, impertinently.

I laughed in the affirmative and she giggled in delight.

The supermodels lay moaning in bliss on the floor while I turned Second around positioning myself to enter her. Her pussy was shaking and squirting in anticipation, but she did not beg for it like the other girls had.

I penetrated; her taking her cherry for at least the 8th time. All of the decimated supermodels she was attached to cried out in surprise and rapture. The ecstasy I was giving Second was being transmitted to them by way of the collars and, in turn, their sensations traveled back to Second. It did not take many thrusts until they were each orgasming, which fuelled Second's own monumental orgasm, which fed back to each of the supermodels who again orgasmed. The feedback loop was undeniable and grew in intensity with each iteration. Twenty fed one, who fed the 20 again. Second's face was twisted with delight and delirium. The sensation must have been mindblowing. I was sure nothing in the history of the galaxy had ever felt anything like it before.

On and on it went, Second seemed well past the point of sanity and I pounded into her again and again. Finally, even I could take no more and my balls again dutifully took their position as I felt a stupendous orgasm start in my massive member. The sensation was overpowering, my own sinewy legs nearly giving way under the awesome feeling.

I came. The blast fired deep within Second's writhing body. Over and over again I shot gallons of my cum into Second, her distorted body unable to take the sheer volume being forced into her and copious amounts of it spilled out on the floor. It felt like I came for hours.

Finally, I was finished and though a haze of bliss I could feel myself sliding out of Second and onto the floor. But in moments I was fully recovered and stood tall and proud, my 4-foot member fully erect in front of me. The supermodels were completely wiped out. By my command, milk had started leaking out of their overfilled breasts, and they were back to DD cups, but still larger than before. I looked down at Second, who did not look up at me, a glazed look in her beautiful green eyes.

I turned and stood before the audience and they looked up at me with awe and fear. I looked out at them, demanding their respect and knowing they could feel nothing but.

Then I looked at my girls. "Come along," I said "and bring Second's girls. We will not rest until each one of you has experienced what Second just did." My girls squealed in delight as they each took one or two supermodels in their strong arms. I took Second myself, the chains still attached from her wrists to the supermodels' necks. As much as she was mine, they were hers.

Walking out I didn't even look at the broken men behind me as we passed back stage. Going outside we walked past the yet-to-be recovered security guards. I stopped a moment to feel the sun on my back, my body sucking in the energy. Finally, we loaded everyone into the van/ship. I then instructed the van/ship to the next fashion show.

It took a long time before Second was with us again. The fucking I had given Second, amplified by her models, had put her in a comatose state. When Second finally came to, and was feeling well enough to speak, she looked at me and asked, "Why did you give me these pets."

"Because," I said, "you're dominance over them makes my dominance over you mean more to me."

"You humans are so strange," was all she replied and I shrugged.

We crashed 11 more fashion shows, one for each of my girls. We flew all over the world in record time with the van/ship: Paris, Russia, London, New York. Some were upscale some were not. The police were called twice, but could do nothing against the biological weapons that were our pheromones. Finally, each of my 12 girls had their own entourage of supermodels. I could go into greater detail of how I subjugated women all over the world and humiliated men, how I made beautiful women pledge their lives and souls to me, how I drove all thoughts of others out of their heads and then gave them to my concubines as pets. But you see, all of this had nothing to do with my takeover of the Earth. That was just for my amusement.

I had ordered nanites from the ship to every part of the outer solar system. There they had been exponentially making more nanites to make more nanites using the matter found there. While I flew around the world all of the outer solar system, from Neptune to the asteroid belt, was being converted. I even sent some to the Kuiper belt and Oort cloud. All of the outer Solar System was being turned into tiny robots to obey my will. Now, when I had finished playing around, they were coming to Earth. When my 12th girl had her own slaves, I closed my eyes and expanded my consciousness out to those nanites.

I had to be careful moving that much mass. I had tried to make sure that the planets kept their shape as to not disrupt things, but I was sure most astronomers thought that their equipment must be malfunctioning as this was taking place.

Now it was time to dispute things. From every part of the outer Solar System the swarm came. Mars was instantly obliterated, its mass feeding the every growing body of nanites.

I did not need to blot out the sun or anything that dramatic. The nanites hit Earth from behind like a massive wave instantly covering the moon. I peeled the Earth like an orange, being careful not to completely destroy everything on the face of the Earth as I did. The crust folded out until every part was facing the sun. The inside of the Earth was converted into nanites and they worked their way from the night side to the dayside. At that distance from the sun, 1AU, the nanites started to form a ring around Sol; Earth's folded crust stayed were it was as part of that ring. At that point, instead of extending my consciousness I simply wired everything to my perfect body, and the rest of my girls from the ship joined me. There, I built a new massive throne room, impossibly large and created from all of the gold in the Solar System. My body was deified in the center. Second was by my side as I was plugged into all of existence.

The nanites extending around the sun were creating super thin solar panels; that collected energy was being sent back and channeled through my divine body. I glowed with its power, the light from my eyes changing color. The feeling was indescribable to mere mortals. I looked out at my alien subjects that had made this all possible.

"Earth is ours," I said in a voice that shook the heavens. "The women are mine."

Everything that existed was mine to command. I could see all and hear all. The upheaved ground of the Earth was mine to control. People were running chaotically on it, not knowing what had happened, not knowing what the earthquakes had meant, not knowing why it was high noon everywhere. They had heard my voice, but could not fathom what it meant.

The nanite-infused ground rocked everywhere and rose, grabbing everyone in long tentacles. Instantly, all human nonfemale organic matter was converted into a proxy of my perfect penis.

Using my mastery of matter, I positioned each proxy to face an orifice of all women on Earth. Every woman had a different expression on their face, but soon with the help of my pheromones, which now oozed out of every pore of everything, they had but one simple expression: Want.

I heard every human woman cry out to me, to beg for me to violate them in every hole, forever. Each one telling me in her own way that their only want was to be used up in service to me by servicing me. A world praying to their god.

I could not say no. In one moment every human women on Earth was impaled on my rods. Writhing in pain mixed with joy and fulfillment they screamed in unison. I could feel it all. Every hole of every girl overtaxed and raw. Everyone trying under such extreme circumstances to please me. I would try to explain it to you, but what's the point? Form your simple perspective you could never understand.

Quickly, normal women were not enough for me. I started changing them, making them perfect, angelic or demonic. Some became filled with bliss as their breasts expanded and their imperfections were wiped away. Their hair and legs lengthened as they were filled with the joy of my gifts.

Others were not as luckily as I experimented on them for my wildest and darkest fantasies. My tastes were ever-changing.

Some I had their breasts swell well past building size, the nanites making them produce milk to feed armies. Some I turned into giants 50 feet high, and then thrust into them with even bigger facsimiles of my piston, their squirming impaled bodies rising into the sky, held aloft for all to see, even their monstrous pussies being overworked by my tool.

I did literal experiments as well, the Twins and I working on making stronger and resilient organic tissue, or simply ones with more nerve endings to experience more and more. Everything changed faster and faster, the surface of Earth became a writhing sexual heavenhellscape.

I had the nanites construct huge solar panels well above everything, which did blot out the sun for everyone but me, since I was wired directly into the power those panels collected. My body literally glowed with energy, as well as the experience of continually fucking every woman. My eyes brighter than the sun, I could see all, feel all. Every woman on Earth was my plaything, and I violated each and every one in ways unimagined and impossible. They writhed in pleasure mixed with just the right amount of pain, each one mine in every way. I had started to program each with the knowledge that I was their god, for what other term could describe me at this point?

With the sun encircled by nanites, I was getting a full solid angle of the energy outputted. But, soon that did not seem to be enough. The more I had, the more I wanted. I instructed the nanites to draw that ring in closer, and as they did, to expand the surface area of the solar panels. The panels spread father and father. Soon, we were at Venus' orbit and its mass was absorbed by the nanites. "Fitting," I thought. "The planet named after the goddess of love. I conquered War first, and now Love."

Closer and closer to Sol the ring came. If the panels were not there to protect the inhabitants of my world, they surly would have burned up. Second and her race all had new bodies that could withstand the energy of the Sun. My throne room was the only place where the sun was allowed to shine. Only we could feel the heat of that orb. We stopped at Mercury's orbit and the Messenger was also absorbed.

Sol was now mine. Using all of the matter in the inner Solar System, except the Sun, I formed a circle around Sol, a Dyson sphere. Even with all of the matter, I had to stretch parts of the sphere pretty thin, but I did it: I caged the sun.

Its light no longer wasted by being beamed into the void. It was given a purpose, not to shine into the dark, but to shine into me. All 3.846?10^26 watts of energy flowed through my perfect body. Minds cannot even fathom power like that. All of the energy ever produced on Earth, all of it, was nothing compared to what I now had. It was the power of 1,838,095,238 fifty-megaton bombs going off every second in my veins. I was the star.

The light from my eyes would burn anything I looked at. Second had to shrink back from my awesome divine form. I radiated power. I exposed my body to the sun, staring at it will my kaleidoscope eyes. I could see it as no one ever could. I could see the magnetic field dance across its surface. I could anticipate a solar flare and watch the arcing plasma. My eyes were not burned by it; I burned it with my eyes.

We were so close I felt like I could touch its surface. That I could walk proudly out into that luminescent world. But, why settle for a stroll? Sol was mine; my prisoner feeding me, and that I could do with as I pleased.

Slowly, I had my nanites collecting the mass of the sun itself, even the 6.7 billion tons per hour it outputs in plasma. That mass was channeled into me. My indestructible veined cock grew and grew, becoming a monolith that represented my might. Soon it was larger than the Earth; more massive than Jupiter. I had it rise ever closer to the surface of the Sun until, finally, it penetrated. Flares went off all around it, but could not burn my perfect skin. I was raping Sol. No words in any language could ever come close to describing the sensation. Deep into the heart of the Sun my tool moved, collecting energy and mass as it did. The power flowed in and out of my throbbing member. I took what I wanted from this star and added it to my own divinity.

The Solar System now had one purpose: to be mine; to please me and grovel before me; to move as I willed, body, mind, soul, all of it was my dominion.

I remembered back to when I had met Second, then First. She had told me it was hard to build a wormhole; now with the alien knowledge, I understood how hard. You needed the energy of a star to do it, and the gravitational force only found in the center of one. That was were the tip of my perfect manhood was headed. The next time I came the force would literally blow a hole through spacetime.

I said into Second's mind, "Why are their so few of you? Where did you come from? Are their others like you? I found in your database none of the answers to those questions, but I did find where you are from. I will create a wormhole to that solar system. Your race will go home."

"And," said Second in a surprisingly proud clear voice, "when we get there, if you find more of my kind, what will you do? Will you wield your ambition as an ever-consuming weapon? Will you subjugate them as you have us?"

Even ascended as I was, the question surprised me, but I responded with the blunt truth.


"Ah, good," said Second. "Then the plan worked."


Edited by: Michael-Leonard

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Author's End Notes

I cannot seem to edit the title of the thread to indicate that there are all 3 parts in it now. This story was edited by Michael-Leonard.

The Nameless Protagonist was crafted such that the reader could easily put themselves in his place. I only ask that the reader not look too closely for my true self within him, for I put only the blackest parts of my soul into the Nameless Protagonist. I cannot -with a clear conscious- completely disavow myself from him, but he is without any of the white that makes me Grey.

I am not sure if this tale fits here. While the facts seem to lend themselves to me being bisexual, I have never be able to self identify as anything but straight. My story reflects that, I am afraid. And I have difficulty reading stories that my subconscious has deemed "too gay."

Regardless, people should feel free to expand on this story, or even to reimagine it as a homoerotic tale if the fancy takes them. I only ask they mention me if they do.

People have asked how this story could continue. My thoughts on the "next part" would be he would find and dominate the rest of First's race. He would use her Solar System as a huge laboratory to invent ever more powerful ways of collecting energy. He would turn Earth's Solar System into a biological laboratory and First's Solar System into a physics lab.
From there he would start linking Solar Systems together using a series of wormholes, channeling the energy from each back to his defied body which would be housed in another Solar System. A whole Solar System acting as a palace for one man as he oversees the takeover of the Milky Way.
That would combinat with him taming* the Supermassive black hole in the center of the Milky Way.
Then, on to the next galaxy.

I don't think I'll ever write that part, however. This is my end of the written part of the story.

*(read: 'raping')
Mr. GreyMan

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Loved this story! Although I wanted our mega-hero to conquer earth using more of his strength, shattering earth's armies ;-) But hey, it's hot enough the way it is! Thank you, and do post more!
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I very much enjoyed this story when it was posted on DeviantArt, and it's just as fun here.


"And so, may Evil beware and may Good dress warmly and eat lots of fresh vegetables."
-The Tick
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Thanks for this story! The straight ones are few and far between on this board, so I'm glad to see it. Even better, it was a good one too. Keep writing!
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Whew! I just finished reading all 3 parts.

Raping the sun to create wormholes to an alternate universe where the alien women originate!

What an imagination!

Terrifically horny story! Fun read!

Very different version of muscle growth and perfection!

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