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Around the World with Achilles (First Half)

Achilles strived to be a big bodybuilder for many years and finally did so after a great deal of hard work. His once skinny frame filled out with big thick bulky arms, a giant bull neck, and a huge beefy chest. He always was an attractive guy with a handsome face but deep down always wanted to be a hulking brute. He achieved these goals through the normal process of lifting, eating big, and sleeping right.

Life did get in the way of these things sometimes. His job as a barista is sometimes quite hectic and his personal life could also get in the way of his training. He is quite the intellectual too always wanting to focus on his writing and his interests in poetry and music. While Achilles was already a large man by anyone's standards, deep down he’d wanted more. He wanted to be even stronger, even bigger than he already was.

So one day he put his thoughts into his blog, but he never pushed the post button. He closed his eyes in his desk chair and just imagined himself bigger and more massive than he already was. Achilles always wore his favorite denim shirt because it made his arms look very impressive and had a favorite pair of black pants too that he wore to the gym because they were comfortable.

While sitting in his computer chair, Achilles calmly imagines himself growing bigger and pictures what his body would look like if he grew just little bit bigger. His imagination would become his reality as his arms, pecs, legs, and back have started to expand stretching the fabric on his shirt and pants to the point that they bust and shred without much effort. He hears another crack, but this time it is his chair. He crashes to the ground and makes everything in his house shake under his even bigger frame. What was once a 240 pound man is now a 260 pound bigger man. He erases his blog entry after what was a crazy experience.

Achilles is originally from England and he was going to go back there to visit his family and while there he wanted to meet up with other British blokes from the forum, so he posted an entry on there. Almost immediately he got a response from a guy from Manchester. This man said that he was willing to meet Achilles for brunch and then they could discuss 'other things'. Achilles never told him how big he was so this man was completely in the dark.

A week goes by and Achilles arrives in London. He goes to visit his family for a few days and then he would go see the Manchester guy. His family is shocked by how much bigger he is from the last time they saw him. He still remains the same sweet man though as before and bids adieu to them. He arrives in Manchester and meets up with the other guy at a small cafe. He is shocked to see that the other guy is also quite large and quite hot.

The man's bulging arms go down to his amazing chest and huge quads. His cheeky smile says it all when he says, 'are you surprised mate?' Achilles could hardly say anything because he is blown away by the man's beauty. The man then says 'should we just skip this and go to the hotel?' Achilles nods and says, 'yes mate that might be wise.' It doesn't take long before Achilles starts to rub on the man's huge shoulders before they even leave the cafe.

They get to the hotel and without saying a word, the man leads Achilles to the room. Before they can get into the door, the man takes his shirt off and starts to flex his guns and bounce his pecs. Achilles does the same taking his shirt off and following suit. It becomes a mutual session as both men begin to rub and massage each other taking in each other’s scents and slowly but surely tasting the sweat off of each other. The session lasts for quite some time before Achilles asks him what his name was. The man smiles and says, 'call me Nathan mate.' Achilles smiles back and says, 'okay hotness.'
Achilles sits down and imagines Nathan being bigger than he already is. Nathan, still standing, starts making groaning sounds and Achilles can hear popping sounds with his eyes closed.

As he can hear Nathan growing, Achilles opens his eyes and can see his fantasy come true as the gorgeous Brit begins to gets taller. His pants get tighter and start to shred on the sides. Nathan's already big frame gets bigger as his pecs get fuller and his arms get much thicker. His already thick back is getting thicker with more muscles growing on top of his already huge muscles. Finally, his pants give way revealing stupendous quads and impressive calves. The growing stops after Nathan gains 40 lbs and gets four inches taller. His head nearly touches the ceiling in the hotel room.

Achilles can't help but go over and start to massage and lick Nathan's new growth. He rubs his chest against Nathan's and the two of them begin to stroke themselves. Nathan pulls his posers off revealing a nice cock and begins to stroke faster. The two of them eventually get close and shoot huge loads onto each other. Achilles says that he must go soon because he has to go to America and meet up with a man from Boston. Nathan gives Achilles a hug and says to come back to Manchester sometime. They say their goodbyes and Achilles rushes off to the airport to catch his flight.

It takes several hours before he arrives in Boston and is surprised at how gorgeous it is. He has a little time to spare so he goes on to the boardwalk and takes in the view. He is pleasantly surprised and decides to make his date with this other man on this beach. The man calls and tells him that he has to finish his work a little later than usual because a family needs his help. Achilles likes the fact that the man is so caring and has no problem waiting. About an hour after the call, the man shows up in a yellow polo and khaki shorts. He is a tank of a man and has blonde hair, a blonde beard, and wear glasses. Achilles is stunned by how thick and beefy he is for his height too.

The two of them decide to go eat at a nearby pier restaurant and discuss the day and evening ahead. The man tells him how he wished he was a little taller because he feels small at his height. Achilles disagrees completely but understands why the man would feel the way he does. They finish their meals and go back to the beach to enjoy the evening. The man takes his shirt off and reveals thick muscles covered in black fur and lays down beside Achilles to talk so more. Achilles dares the man to go into the water with his clothes off. The man takes the dare and strips his pants to reveal a nicely shaped bum and great cock. He jumps into the water and yells for Achilles to join him. He does taking all his clothes off and jumping in with the man.

The two of them look into each other’s eyes and start to kiss. Achilles holds the shorter man in his arms and closes his eyes to imagine what would happen if the man grew taller and more muscular. He asks the man what his name is and he says it is Jon. Achilles smiles and hugs Jon tightly with his eyes closed. He starts to get a picture in his head of what Jon would look like taller and much bigger because he likes what he sees. At that moment, he can feel Jon start to tighten up and moan fairly quietly. The hunky smaller muscle bear will get a boost very shortly.

In that instant, Achilles can feel Jon's back start to stretch and pop upward getting taller and taller. His back already thick and wide begins to get wider. Jon's glasses break as his head gets more muscular. His hairy pecs get thicker and much denser as well as his abs and quads. Achilles can feel Jon's cock lengthen beneath him as his eyes remain closed. As he is holding him though, his grip gets looser as he no longer feels Jon's face rather it is his chest that is in front of his head now. Jon's voice has deepened too and Achilles can feel Jon's growing rump.

When Achilles opens his eyes, he looks up at a taller Jon and smiles. Jon smiles back and lifts him to give him a passionate kiss. The two of them begin to worship each other rubbing body hair against each other in the waves and taking in the warm evening sun. The two hunks admit that they like each other and must do this again sometime. Achilles unfortunately has to leave Jon though since he has another engagement to attend to the next day. Before he leaves though, Jon grabs him and shoves his huge cock into Achilles to give him a goodbye fuck. This lasts for several minutes before Jon pulls out and cums on to Achilles huge pecs. They kiss one more time and Achilles departs for his next destination.

Achilles looks at his calendar and sees that New York will be his next stop. He manages to hop in to a taxi located near the pier and has it take him to the nearest rental place to pick up a car. Once he gets there, he gets his car and begins his trek to New York. On his way, he calls his next buddy and asks him where he wants to meet him. The other man mentions a park nearby where they can talk. Achilles says that is okay and that it will take a few hours before he can arrive. The man says that he has to get some errands done anyway and he needs to talk with his husband too. Achilles stops at a hotel for the night to get some rest and then gets up the next morning to go eat a good breakfast.

He arrives at the park a little late, but he can see his buddy sitting on a bench looking at the birds. He turns to look at Achilles and smiles really big. He is wearing a white t-shirt and white pants and he has wide pecs on his chest that stick out quite prominently. Achilles notices this immediately. He sits beside the man and starts talking to him trying to keep his distance because he knows the man is married. After a couple of minutes of just random chit chat, Achilles closes his eyes and imagines his older buddy much bigger and thicker than he already is. He can hear the other man start to squirm on the park bench and can hear his muscles start to stretch and pop. Achilles, still with his eyes closed, says, 'RPJ, are you alright?' RPJ answers back, 'oh yeah Achilles I think I am going to be just fine.'

Achilles opens his eyes and sees that RPJ is starting to grow. His pecs swell up into wide hairy balloons as well as his beefy legs stretching the fabric in his pants. Achilles watches in amazement as RPJ's back and lats bust through his t-shirt. His huge pecs shred the front and bounce involuntarily when the shirt falls off. His beefy arms get thicker and more developed as well as his shoulders. He is hairier but not too overly hairy. He flexes his new bis and tris and smiles real big. His greyish goatee actually turns black at this point as well as his body fur.

Achilles can now hear RPJ's pants rip down the sides and expose his new gargantuan quads noticably thick and beefy. Achilles rubs RPJ up and down to feel his new mass. He doesn't try to have sex with him, rather compliment him on his transformation. RPJ is thankful for Achilles' help and says that he will remember this someday. Achilles admits that he has to go meet someone in Georgia and that he has to leave very shortly. RPJ wants him to meet his hubby first to see how he would react to his change. Achilles thinks that is a great idea and waits to meet RPJ's husband. His husband barely recognizes him when he sees RPJ in his underwear. They laugh though and start kissing. Achilles says his goodbyes to the couple and set off for the south.

It would take him nearly two days to finally arrive at his next destination, Atlanta. There he would meet his good buddy, GTlifter, and take in the sights. He finally reached him by phone the night he got there and wanted to meet up. GT told Achilles to meet up with him at the gym he was currently at. When he got there, GT was in the middle of a set on the dumbbells. He watched GT pump his huge beefy chest up and down and really liked what he saw. He already had a huge back, but Achilles was starting to imagine what GT would look like with a bigger one. He was wearing his glasses that he always wore and had short curly body hair all over his chocolate-colored skin.
Achilles stood there and closed his eyes painting a picture in his head of what GT would look like bigger, thicker, more muscular then he already was. The clanking of the dumbbells slowed down and he could hear the big black man start to grunt. He started to hear a faint sound coming from GT's body, one that would be very promising.

This time, Achilles opens his eyes to watch GT change, but it stops when he opens them. GT was lying on a bench doing dumbbell flys when he was feeling something going on in his chest. Achilles closes his eyes again to think about GT's growth again and starts to focus on his arms. The grunts start again and Achilles can hear something happening. GT notices his arms start to stretch, gets beefier but more solid. He doesn't have vascularity, but his muscles are definitely growing. He does a rep and watches his hairy pecs push up and out growing more beefy also. His legs get much thicker and his back gets incredibly wider than before.

Achilles finally opens his eyes and notices the much thicker GTlifter still lying on the bench, but his body nearly goes off the side with its new girth. He gets up and smiles still wearing his glasses. The two men get a few rubs in with each other before GT has to go find clothes that are a few sizes up from his previous weight. Once he does, the two men go to dinner and discuss workout tips. Achilles receives a text from a buddy in Miami to come meet him while he is eating with GT. GT wanted to spend the evening with Achilles but that will have to be postponed until he has more time. They eat their meals and Achilles says goodbye for now.

The trip to Miami would take nearly a day for him. When he arrived in the city, he was blown away by the beauty of the city and the wonderful beaches. He stopped by one of them to just take in the air and look out on the Atlantic Ocean. He received another text from his buddy and he was told to meet him at his house. Once he got there, he is greeted by a tall and gorgeous man wearing all UnderArmour gear with a well-kept beard and has an impressive tattoo that covers his entire huge right arm. The man smiles big at Achilles and they hug for nearly an entire minute. He is then introduced to the man's boyfriend. After the introduction, Achilles and the hunky man leave to go get some food.

It was just natural to go eat Cuban food, so they did. Achilles sits there and takes in the man's huge frame and incredible body lines. He knows that the man has a boyfriend, but he is absolutely smitten with him anyway. They start talking about books and music and learn that they both have some similar interests. The conversation changes to the beaches and the man mentions South Beach and how they need to go there and just relax. Naturally, Achilles is all for it so they finish their meals and go over to the beach. When they get there, the man sheds his shirt and pulls his pants off showing off his incredible legs. He is wearing a speedo underneath and it really shows his butt off. Achilles is amazed at how good the man looks already. As the man starts walking a little ways down the beach, Achilles closes his eyes and thinks about the man growing as he walks. Achilles says, 'Victor, hold up mate, you are getting too far from me.' Victor yells back, 'Then get your butt over here.' Achilles remains in his spot to just visualize his buddy growing with every step. What will happen to Victor's body as he walks down the beach?
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