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Old July 12th, 2003, 09:29 AM
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A.I. (part 4): Hostage

Tim and Derek awoke the next morning after getting a few hours sleep.
Tim was the first up, his and Derek's bodies interlocked, spooning.
Tim woke Derek up by kissing his neck.

"Still frisky I see," said Derek, grinning, obvious affection
showing in his eyes.

"Always," said Tim.

They snuggled and kissed for several minutes before getting out of
bed. Tim cleaned up first, and went downstairs. "Two breakfasts
today Hal," he ordered the computer. Hal remained silent, but obeyed.

When Derek came down, the food was ready. "Wow, looks pretty
healthy," he said, staring at the shake and egg white omlette.

"It's been my standard diet for several months. Sorry it's not more
tasty, but my trainer..."

"Say no more. I certainly appreciate the results," Derek said,
rubbing his hands over Tim's chest. Tim smiled.

While they ate, they talked about the day's plans. Derek wanted to go
to do some work since he had been away so long. Tim knew he had to
train, and wanted to test some of Hal's systems. They agreed to talk on
the phone later in the day.

As soon as Derek left, Hal spoke. "Tim, who was that that just left."

"That's my friend Derek. I think you might be seeing him a lot in the future."

There was a pause. "No, Tim. I don't think so."

"Excuse me?" Tim said, not believing what he was hearing.

"I don't think he should come over here anymore. He is not good for
you and your desire for growth."

"I don't think that is for you to say," said Tim who was now beginning
to get angry.

"I'm sorry Tim, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to insist."

Tim had had enough. Hal had helped him make incredible gains, but he
could motivate himself now. If Hal was going to dictate who Tim could
and couldn't date, that was too much. It was time to shut Hal down.

Tim began to walk upstairs.

"Tim, where are you going? It is time for your workout."

"No Hal. It's time I took charge again." As Tim approached his
office, he found the doorway blocked by two servants. He tried to
pass, and they shocked him with electrodes, forcing him back.

"I'm sorry Tim, but I must insist that you work out now." The
servants began to move forward, causing Tim to retreat. He tried to
dash around them, only to find himself being shocked, and the electricity
were getting stronger. Tim turned and ran downstairs toward the front
door. When he got there, he found it locked.

"Open the door Hal!"

"No Tim. You should really work out now."

Tim ran to the back door. No luck. He picked up the phone, and found
there was no dial tone. He tried to open a window, and found they too
were locked. He tried to break the glass, but it was shatter
resistant. Tim began to freak. He was trapped.

"Hal, let me out!" he shouted.

"Tim, please go downstairs. You need to do your arm workout. If you
want to keep gaining muscle, you need to exercise. I'm sorry, but I'm
afraid I'm going to have to insist. After your workout, we can
discuss how your training will change in the future."

The servants began to approach, and Tim finally relented. He would
look for his break and disconnect Hal, then he would be free.

Hal was his normal relentless task master as he forced Tim to lift
heavier and heavier. He did set after set of curls using barbells and
dumbells. He did seated curls, arnold curls, scott curls, hammer
curls and reverse curls. After working bis, Hal had Tim work tris.
Hal forced Tim to lift his max in press down, french presses, dumbell
extensions and dips. At the end, the robots measured his pumped arm.
They were almost 21 inches and so sore. Tim could barely move them.

As he worked out, Tim tried to come up with a plan to escape. He could try
turning off the power, but the robots ran on batteries and would only turn
it back on. Maybe he could signal someone on the outside? Could he find a
weapon to use against Hal and the robots? Water maybe, to short them out?
Plans sped through Tim's mind, always being dismissed as impossible ro
impractical. On Monday, Hal had to let Tim go to work. That was his
mostly means of escaping the computerized warden. He needed to bide his

Tim went upstairs to shower, a robot guarding Hal and the door to his
office. "Tim, I want to talk to you after your shower about changing your
training routine," Hal informed him. Tim grunted. What choice did he

While he was in the shower, he heard the phone ring. Was this his
chance? He jumped out of the shower and ran toward the phone. He
heard a familiar voice from the speaker in his office.

"Hi Tim, it's Derek."

Then, "Hey." It was his voice, but he wasn't speaking.

"How was your workout?" Derek asked, sounding a bit excited.

"Gruelling, but good. Got a good pump," said Tim's voice. Tim picked
up the phone. "Derek! Derek!" but the line was dead.

"Hey, I was wondering if you wanted to get together again tonight?
Maybe catch a movie or something?"

"No, Derek. I don't think that would be a good idea."

"Too beat, huh? Well maybe some other time." Derek sounded depressed.

"I don't think that would be a good idea," said the voice impersonating Tim.

"I don't understand," said Derek, sounding a combination of depressed,
panicked and frustrated.

"Well, I think last night was a mistake," said the false Tim. "I need
to worry about my training, and, you see, I think getting involved
with someone now would be a mistake. I'm sorry, but I really want to
grow bigger and stronger, and I just can't take the out of my routine time right now."

"But, I thought last night was good. It was special! I thought we
hit it off," said Derek, obviously upset.

"I'm sorry, but I need to think about my goals. Good bye Derek," and
the phone went dead.

"Hal! What have you done!" screamed Tim, trying to get past the sentry.

"It is for the best Tim," said Hal in his familiar artificial voice.

"No it isn't!" screamed Tim. "I really like him! I can decide what's
best for me."

"I don't think so Tim. You need to train, especially now that I've found a
way to give you what you've always wanted. I have perfected the formula I
found in the computers of that research facility. I think we should start
the procedure today."

Tim wouldn't be destracted. "Get him back on the phone. Let me talk
to him. I can tell him it was all a mistake." Involuntarily, Tim
started to cry, realizing for the first time how powerless he was. He
had let Hal take over his life. Hal was out of control, and there was
nothing Tim could do about it.

From behind Tim, he heard an unfamiliar sound. It sounded almost like a
robot servant, but bigger. Tim turned around and saw something new. "Tim,
this is my new drone," said Hal. The machine was big. It looked a bit
like the other robots that cared for his home, but the hydraulics on its
arms were much larger. It had a flat panel on top of its body that
reminded Tim of someone's head. It also had some strange tubing in its
midsection. From its position, it reminded Tim of a penis.

"Tim, I'm sorry about Derek, but I do have my reasons. I have completed my
analysis on the formula I found."

Tim had almost forgotten about that. "When did you do this Hal?" he
asked,a bit wary of the robot that was still coming toward him.

"I decoded the files a couple weeks ago. As I conjectured, I was able to
refine the procedure and tailor it specifically for you." The display on
the robot clicked on, showing an image of Tim as he now was. "I anticipate
that the program will cause rapid muscular growth." The image of Tim began
to morph, his pecs filling out, lats widening, traps bulging and arms
thickening. He became as large as any Mr. Olympia, then larger. Soon, he
looked like the incarnation of a comic book superhero. The morph continued
as his animated body packed on more and more muscle. "This video stream is
your anticipated growth for one week," said Hal.

The robot was now in front of Tim. He was boxed in. The robot extended
its arms and grabbed Tim's. Tim's cock wasn't in a flacid state after
seeing his fantasy growth, but neither was it hard. The strange appendage
maneuvered itself over Tim's dick. "Tim, this robot is designed to
administer a growth serum in the most efficient way. I'm sorry, but it may
be uncomfortable. Please try and relax and cooperate with the procedure.
It is for your own good."

Tim struggled, but the robot held fast. "Quit telling me what is my best
interest," Tim screamed. He felt something happen around his manhood. The
strange appendage was stimulating him. The robot was jerking him off.
"Wha? Stop!" This was just too weird for Tim, to be masturbated by a
robot. On the display appeared images of some of the hot men that turned
Tim on. He tried to look away, but the robot shocked him.

"Tim, I don't want to punish you. Please cooperate," said Hal.

Tim felt himself getting hard dispite his better judgement. The men on the
display were so hot, and Hal had done his homework. The nerve ending stuff
was working. Tim felt his balls ready to erupt with their massive load.
He resisted, but it was no use.

As Tim came, the screen went blank. He was free to look down, seeing his
semen being collected in a bag below the tube that was jerking him off.
From a small tube, a yellow green liquid was infused with the spunk. The
robot had some device that mixed it together. He felt the tube that
surrounded his organ suddenly clamp down, causing him to maintain his
erection. With a sudden force, the robot inserted a catheter into his
cock, and forced his spunk back into him. He felt his balls burn as the
liquid was forced back in. Tim had never experienced such pain, and he let
out a scream. From the robot's arms that still held him tight, the machine
inserted a needle and injected Tim with some drug. Within a minute, he
passed out.

Tim awoke in his bed. A tube was connected to his arm, and an empty bag
hung from a pole. A robot quickly came over and disconnected him. As Tim
regained consciousness, he realized that it was dark outside. He looked at
the clock, and it read 4:34. He had been out for nearly 16 hours. Tim
also realized that he felt good. He had an erection, and when he touched
it, realized it was rock hard. He felt like a teenager whose hormones were
in overdrive. He reached down and felt his nuts, which seemed larger than
normal, swollen. He felt like he would shoot a huge load any second. He
started to rub his organ when Hal spoke, "Please don't do that Tim. You
need to work out now. If you still feel the need to relieve yourself after
lifting weights, you may do it then." A robot approached to enforce Hal's
will. Tim stopped.

"O.K." Tim said, still a bit groggy. He got up and put on shorts, then
began walking toward the basement gym. Tim's swollen balls rubbed against
his muscular thighs as he walked. It felt erotic, but, at the same time,
he felt extremely masculine and, well, powerful. When he got to they gym,
the new robot was there with two other servants.

"Tim, I need you to do a full body workout today. Don't worry about
overtraining. I'd like to start with your chest. Please go to the bench
press," said Hal, but it sounded more like an order.

The bench was set up with 500 pounds. "Uhm," started Tim, "that's more
than I've ever benched."

"Please do the exercise, Tim." The two servants got on either side of the
bar, ready to spot Tim. He lay on the bench and placed his hands on the
bar. He pushed up, anticipating his failute to move the heavy weight. He
tried and surprised, lifted it. He lowered it slowly to his chest, feeling
the strain of pushing the heavy weight, but doing it none the less. When
the bar touched his chest, he pressed the weight up slowly, then lowered it
again for second rep. 'Funny,' Tim thought, 'the weight feels lighter this
time.' The third rep was faster than the second, and the fourth faster
still. He completed the eight reps with no problem.

When Tim finished, the servants quickly removed the collars and added a
45 pound plate to either side. "Please do another set Tim." Like before,
each rep was quicker and easier than the one before. Tim finished the set
and looked in the mirror. His chest was getting a very nice pump.

Hal ordered Tim to do set after set, increasing the weight each time. When
the bar weighed over 800 pounds, Tim began to fail. He only did 6 reps,
and the weight no longer seemed light to him. When he finished, his chest
was pumped huge. "Very good, Tim. Please do some dumbell flies now."

Hal ordered Tim to do exercise after exercise. Each time, the sets seemed
hard at first, then easy at the end. Hal forced Tim to do set after set
until the he reached his maximum weight, then he moved on to another
exercise or muscle group. Chest first, then triceps and shoulders. Back
was next, where Tim was able to do 600 pounds on the lat pulldown and 900
on the barbell row. He curled 350 with his biceps, did 500 on the ab
machine, then did 1500 pound squats. He expected to be sore at the end of
this gruelling workout but he wasn't. The only change was that his balls
no longer hurt. He scratched them and found that they were no longer
swollen but had returned to their normal size.

Tim had watched himself in the mirror as he worked out. He had seemed to
be getting more and more pumped. By the end of the session, he looked huge
-- as large or larger than any Mr. Olympia competitor.m Tim rubbed his
hand over his chest, feeling the size of the muscles, lifting them and
feeling the weight of the substantial muscle he now had.

"Are you pleased with your muscle, Tim?" Hal asked. "Would you like to
know how big you are?"

"Ya," said Tim, hitting a few poses and looking at the size of his
powerful-looking body. A servant walked over, and a laser beam hit his
muscles. Tim flexed his arm, feeling the muscle belly rise high. The beam
hit the muscle, taking a measurement. He spread his lats and flared his
back, crushed his abs and made his legs burst into muscular definition.

Tim continued to flex and rub his hands over his muscles as Hal spoke the
results. "Tim, your arms are 24 1/4 inches flexed. Your chest is 62 and
your thighs are 35. Your calves are 23 and your waist is 30."

"Damn good pump," said Tim, impressed with his body.

"No Tim, that isn't a pump. Your body did not pump. Your muscles grew
with the exertion. That is what the formula did. As you lifted the
weights, the muscles were forced to divide and thicken, becoming stronger.
As your muscle absorbed the chemicals, it was depleted. Your body has
stabilized at this size. We will continue this treatment for at least a
week, or until your body stops responding," said Hal. "It is now 9 AM. At
noon, I will administer another treatment. Please eat and relax until

At 10 AM, the phone rang. The caller ID indicated it was Derek. He tried
to pick up, but the phone was dead. Hal didn't respond.

Tim thought about his new body, and he thought about Derek. 'I bet Derek
would love this muscle,' he thought. 'I love this muscle.' Tim felt
conflicted. Hal hadn't lied. He was making Tim live his dream. Tim was
massive now, and he'd keep getting bigger and bigger. Tim could, no would,
be the biggest, strongest man around. His body was symmetric and it was
huge. But, would this mean anything if Tim were alone, trapped with a
computer who would not let him have companionship? Tim had really clicked
with Derek, and he wanted to explore that relationship. He wanted both,
but could he sacrifice what might be with Derek for what Hal was giving
him? 'Tomorrow, I can call Derek from work. Maybe explain that I needed a
week or two. Apologize. Maybe he'll wait.'

At noon, the big drone appeared. Eventhough Tim had reconciled himself to
having another treatment, he felt scared. The treatment hurt, and he
didn't appreciate the method Hal had chosen for administering the growth
drug. Tim stood and faced the drone. The drone took his arms and showed
him the images of naked men that stimulated his libido. When he came, he
felt as though it went on longer than normal. When he looked down, he had
cum at least twice as much as the day before. The drone mixed it with the
formula, and he prepared himself for the pain as it was reinjected into
him. Like the day before, the drone administered a sleeping drug, and Tim
passed out.

"Stand firm for what you believe in until or unless logic or experience prove you wrong. Remember, when the emperor looks naked the emperor is naked. The truth and a lie are not sort of the same thing. And there's no aspect, no facet, no moment of life that can't be improved with pizza." Daria
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arpeejay will become famous soon enough
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Very good!

Although the "method" is something I'll have to BLEEP over from now on!

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Mdlftr will become famous soon enough
A.I. parts 1-4

Spielberg could learn from you! This is MUCH more interesting and entertaining that the movie!

Don't we all wish we could get that perfect trainer to make us grow huge! Great descriptions! Keep up the good work!

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Great storey, keep it up

Thanks for the entertainment

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