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Old October 1st, 2012, 01:28 PM
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An American Muscleman in London - Part 21

The Second Full Moon (continued)

The fresh air from my walk home, a nice long cold shower, and a couple shots of good Irish whiskey helped to cool my super-charged engines, which had gone into overdrive during my intense conversation with Roger and my conveniently missed battle with Atol, the giant. I was also still stoked from my time with the handsome James. I had finally settled down ? even below my waist ? and waited for Jim to arrive at my flat with dinner. He had said he?d only be at work for a couple of hours, so I was eagerly awaiting his arrival with promised take-away. I was sitting on my sofa flipping through a guidebook for London, hoping to find some other fun things that my new friend and I could do in the coming weeks. I was very happy that Roger had postponed my start date at work, enabling me to have some more one-on-one time with Jim. I found myself nodding off as I waited ? obviously tired from the day of sightseeing with Jim and from the adrenaline rush that had enveloped my body earlier when I saw Atol. My thoughts of the moment I gazed upon the lurking giant began to make my body tense-up, so I quickly focused on thinking about Jim and the sexual fun we would have later that night. This seemed to soothe my edginess and I became, once again, dozing.

Suddenly, I became aware that the air around me had become freezing. I could actually see my breath when I exhaled. I looked up and realized I was no longer in my living room ? I had returned to the place of my previous dreams, only this time I was not in the middle of the field. Instead, I was somewhere above the large open space looking down. I tried to move my arms and feet and that?s when I realized I was actually attached to something unmovable. I looked down and saw that I was completely nude, my body glistening in the moonlight and rippling with muscles beyond my wildest dreams. I looked huge and it felt as if I weighed a ton. I glanced at my wrists and leaned forward to peer at my ankles. Thick chains were tightly wrapped around these parts of my body and then embedded deeply into a huge stone slab that was part of a cliff next to the field. Just then, a long bright flash of lightning filled the sky and I looked out on the open space below.

There, facing each other, were what seemed to be two giant armies. On one side were the huge muscled studs of my first dream ? sitting on horses. And on the other side were the dark hooded figures from one of my later dreams. It was clear that both groups were preparing for a massive battle. I could sense that I was somehow connected to the fight, but it wasn?t clear my involvement. I could sense that I was not fully a member of one side, per se, but I did have a deep investment in the conflict. In a second flash of lightning I saw two lone horsemen ride to the center of the field and engage in conversation. The feeling this sight evoked was extremely ominous. Suddenly the bright moonlight streamed onto the field, the full orb having moved beyond clouds. I watched helplessly as both riders returned to their armies. Without any warning and with little preparation the silence of the night was interrupted by the collective battle cries of both sets of warriors. The two masses immediately started heading towards each other at full speed and when they met in the center a huge battle began. A dark cloud of dust or smoke rose from the field and caught my attention, as it slowly turned into a gigantic cloaked figure ? clearly dangerous and powerful. I strained even harder to try and free my naked body from the stone, but to no avail. I watched in terror as the giant figured, formed by the dust, turned its focus on me and started moving slowly in my direction. It was no longer just a cloud of smoke ? it was a huge creature intent on doing me damage; that was for sure. I started to yell, but no sound came out of my mouth. Instead I heard the melodic sounds of a cell phone.

In an instant, I was fully awake and back in my living room, sitting on the sofa. I realized my phone was ringing from its place on the coffee table. It was the tone I had chosen for Jim and immediately I smiled and forgot about the disturbing dream. I grabbed the phone and said hello.

?Hiya, Anthony. What are you doing? More importantly, what are you wearing?? came the now familiar sexy voice.

?I was dozing and dreaming of you, so I?m totally nude.? I lied. ?When will you get here? I have a big hard present waiting.?

?I am afraid I have a bit of bad news, sweetie,? he replied and my heart sank. ?I must stay here for a lot longer than anticipated. There are some problems with the new installment and I will probably have to work through the night. It is like someone hijacked the security system or something.?

?Well, can I come there and keep you company?? I asked teasingly.

?I am afraid not, good sir,? he answered, laughing. ?You, my friend, would be a huge distraction ? and I emphasize the word huge. I know I ruined our plans for the evening. I am very sorry. There is a fun party down at a club called Compton?s tonight. You should go check it out. It will be another part of your introduction to our great city.?

?Are you trying to push me off on another man already?? I quickly asked, trying to sound dejected.

?Not if my life depended on it, sir,? Jim answered quickly. ?I just do not want your evening to be a complete and utter loss ? since we had such a great day.?

?Maybe I?ll just stay in and dream about you some more,? I replied, trying to turn the conversation back to flirtation.

?If that is what you wish, Anthony, I will not try to stop you,? Jim answered and I could tell he was smiling. ?But, if you choose to go out please know that I do not mind. You only have a few more weeks of non-work time and I would like for you to have a lot of fun. Of course, I would definitely like it to be with me, but that is not in the cards for tonight, I am afraid. You do forgive me, do you not??

?Well, I can think of a few ways you can make up for it, Mr. Jim,? I shot back quickly, ?if you know what I mean.?

?I think I know exactly what you mean, my dear man,? he answered, ?and I will not at all mind being reprimanded fully. I will call you tomorrow, sweetie. Go out and have a fun night.?

?It?s not possible without you,? I whispered. ?Have a good night, yourself. Don?t work too hard.?

As soon as we hung up, the silence in the room depressed me. I had so looked forward to cuddling with the fun guy that evening. I had already gotten very used to having Jim around. I didn?t hold any grudge about the cancellation; I was just very disappointed at how the evening turned out. I also realized I was kind of horny. I got up and moved to the kitchen, scouring my fridge and cupboards for something to eat. I put together a makeshift meal and then made the decision to go to Compton?s. I quickly looked up the address for the place, changed clothes, and left for a runner-up evening to the one I had expected.

Compton?s was crowded and filled-to-the-brim with good-looking men. I walked in and immediately my spirits mysteriously went from depressed to excited and then to over-stimulated. There was so much eye-candy at the place I didn?t know where to let my gaze land for longer than a few seconds. After a bit of walking around with my pint of beer I had already forgotten about Jim not being able to be with me for the evening and I parked myself at the end of the long hand-carved bar. I didn?t realize it, at first, but I had started to act like I was on the prowl. My cock was starting to harden ? mainly because some really hot guys were actually checking me out, but there was some unknown force influencing me below the waist, as well. I started to sense being overwhelmed by the same power that had consumed me when I had raced the bicyclist a few days earlier and when I had easily overpowered Paulo at the dinner party. I felt inches taller than my real height and somehow bigger ? like I was more muscular or somehow more powerful.

It was an intoxicating feeling ? even though, by this point, I had only taken a few sips of my beer. It seemed like I was high on adrenaline or something similar. I also felt like I was among men that recognized me as their . . . I don?t know . . . their comrade, their leader, or was it their competitor. The true feeling wasn?t clear, but something was taking control of my psyche ? and it felt really good. A flash of my dream from the brief nap earlier that evening crossed my mind and I looked out into the crowd half-expecting to see a large hooded figure coming at me. Instead, I saw many beautiful men blatantly staring at me, trying to catch my gaze and all the others were sneaking glances when their partners weren?t looking. The realization that handsome guys were staring at me, with faces clearly full of lust, made something in my mind snap. I changed so quickly that I didn?t even realize how much I viewed things differently. A big smile crept across my face and I instantly spread my legs a little wider and reached up to undo a couple of buttons on my shirt. I was still conscious of everything I did, but I was no longer in control ? mainly because I loved how all that was happening made me feel. I leaned against the bar behind me and allowed my crotch to thrust forward a little, clearly showing off my raging hard-on.

?Come to papa, boys,? I whispered to no one in particular.

If anyone had been analyzing my actions at this point they would have surely said, ?the man has gone into hunt mode.? My entire body suddenly wanted one thing and one thing only ? to show off and to dominate. I could tell I was acting differently, but the pleasure this new attitude caused in my body made me forget any semblance of modesty or self-reflection. It was like my libido had taken over every fiber of my being and I had suddenly realized, for the first time, that I could have any man in the place. And I meant ?have? in every sense of the word. I was on fire with confidence and actually felt the need to crush or punch something with my hands. I started clenching my fists tightly, holding it for a few beats, and then releasing the tension. I could tell this caused my body to pump up slightly and that awareness made my cock twitch wildly in my pants. I watched a few guys sitting at a table across from me as they stared, transfixed by the action at my crotch ? clearly pleased and a little frightened. I knew I was sending off some kind of vibe or pheromone that both excited and intimidated other men. I could intuit that the smile on my face had turned to something a little sinister, and I loved it.

?Anthony needs to fuck,? I again whispered, as I looked around the room.

My gaze fell on two healthy young lads that were standing against the wall to my left ? whispering to each other as they watched my every move. The thought of having two guys to play with suddenly pleased me very much. Why did I have to settle for just one, especially when I had two aching nipples ? one for each of them! I also had two cum-filled balls that were begging to be kissed and licked. And then there was the exciting thought of me getting off when I took turns slamming my cock into each man?s hard ass. I came off the bar with a swagger that seemed so natural and intensely cocky at the same time. As I neared the two twenty-something old men they became like giddy schoolgirls being approached by the campus stud. I stood in front of them and just let them stare at my magnificence. I could see intense desire in their eyes. They were both slightly bigger than me ? even though I had grown recently. Their body language, though, made them appear smaller. They were waiting for me to speak, as if there was an instinctive sense that I was automatically the alpha in the situation. The two men stood beside each other in a way that made it clear they were a couple, which only intensified my need to have them. I was obviously so desirable that they were willing to put aside their feelings for each other and focus on pleasing me. This showed me what good boys they were and I was surely ready to reward. By this point my blood was boiling and my cock was achingly fully hard.

?You boys clearly like what you see,? I said loudly and noticed that other guys in the bar were instantly disappointed since I had obviously made my choice.

?Yes . . . yes, we do,? replied the slightly thinner guy of the two, a young lad with sandy blonde hair and a gorgeous tan.

?You?re American?? asked the larger one, a dark haired beauty with a scruffy three-day growth.

?I?m from Texas, where everything is bigger,? I answered boastfully.

?We?re . . . um . . . from New York. We?re here for a vacation,? the blonde one stammered.

?How about I accompany you two back to your hotel and both of you let me fuck you silly,? I growled, as I leaned in toward both men.

?Um . . . yes, yes, that would be nice,? the dark haired one said and then added, ?I mean, we?d like that very much . . . sir.?

I?d never seen two guys move so quickly. They almost stumbled over each other trying to get to the door. I laughed out loud and followed them slowly, knowing that I now controlled everything. They would wait for me outside as long as it took me to exit, but I was ready for some action. I stepped out into the cool evening air, which immediately made my excitement and cockiness dip a little ? as if the bar had created the persona that was now leading my actions. I quickly moved in between the two guys and threw my arms around their shoulders. When my body made contact with theirs, I became like a powerful battery that had been recharged in mere seconds. I noted, again, that I was slightly smaller than both men, but my attitude and my dominance made me seem bigger ? especially to them. I squeezed my arms and pulled their heads toward me as we walked.

?I?m Anthony, fellas, and what lucky hotel gets to be filled with your screams when I plow your ass?? I asked, with a slight chuckle that made both men shake with delight.

?We?re staying at the Savoy, Anthony,? replied the one with the three-day growth. ?My name is Robert and this is Trent.?

?That?s some high class living Trent and Robert,? I responded, ? I?m duly impressed.?

?Robert got us a suite for our two year anniversary,? Trent added proudly.

?Aw, happy anniversary, guys. Either of you ever have a three way?? I teased as we walked down the street, many people were staring at us ? but I quickly noted it wasn?t in disgust, guys were still staring at me with lust in their eyes.

?Um, no, and we really weren?t planning on it tonight,? Robert said quickly.

?But then you got one look at me and couldn?t help yourselves, could you?? I said as I got even more excited about their uncontrollable devotion to me.

?Yes. We feel so honored that you chose us and we don?t even know why,? Trent added innocently.

?Gentlemen, in about an hour I guarantee you?ll know why. I promise to make this an anniversary you?ll never forget.? I spoke with such authority that Trent cooed loudly and Robert brushed his cheek against my forearm in appreciation.

Minutes later we were in their huge four-room suite and none of us had on a stitch of clothing. Both men were down on their knees and each had their faces shoved up underneath my hard cock, sucking on one of my big balls. I was purring out loud like some wild animal in heat and had my hands intertwined in both men?s hair and was holding them tightly in place. As soon as I had grabbed both of them in the room and easily forced them to their knees I felt a surge of power overcome me that seemed to emanate from the very place they now worshipped. With each slight tug on one of my melon-like balls I felt cum bubble up further in my huge shaft. I finally pulled their heads away form my gonads and used their hair to yank them to their feet. As soon as they were standing I placed one of my hands on each nicely developed chest and shoved them both against the wall behind. It was such a powerful looking move and I did it with such ease, that they gasped in appreciation. The two men didn?t know what had hit them and it took a few minutes for them both to get their breath back.

?My nipples demand a little attention, fellas.? I ordered, wrapping my hands around their heads and pulling them into my chest as I also stepped forward.

They both started sucking immediately, like twins that were going to town at their mother?s breasts. The suction at my nipples caused a jolt of pleasure to shoot through my already charged body and it sent me over the top. I moaned loud enough to wake the entire floor and clamped my hands around the back of their necks hard, but they did not notice. They had one, and only one desire ? to please me completely. This caused them to ignore the pain I brought to their necks and to not even notice when I moved my hands around to the front and squeezed them teasingly. I loved how fragile this part of their body felt in the crook of my hands. I toyed with them, closing my hands slightly and then adding more pressure. They merely continued to suck on my reddened tender nipples. My hand squeezed their necks a little more tightly and there was a surge of power that rippled through my body. I knew I could easily crush their windpipes if I chose to. There was a great urge welling in me to do damage to these two men ? because it would show off my strength and my dominance, and they?d love it for a while. I wanted to manhandle them not for mere destruction, but to learn more about this incredible energy that was building within me. I suddenly squeezed in a grip of iron and shoved both men against the wall with great ease. The look on their faces was priceless ? there was surprise, but there was also intense lust. I loved how they thought I was just playing. I heard them both begin to gasp for air, but the sound only fueled me on. I lifted my hands slowly and growled loudly in delight when I could feel their feet leave the ground. I was easily sliding their squirming bodies upward as they desperately tried to inhale. Each man grabbed my hand at their neck and struggled to break my grip ? but it was useless. By this time my power was fueled by my need to see them fight. The more panicked they became the more pleasure it gave. I could not wait to see their bodies become lifeless. I had entered into the darkness of my dreams that now completely surrounded me.

?Please . . . no,? one of the guys spat out softly, with what little breath that remained.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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Tony the tiger is out to play.
Anthony could use a sparing partner.
Then he could get his warrior mojo worked out without harming the innocent prey.
His attitude could be coming from his feeling of being trapped in a role.
Chained to a persona he didn't get to choose.
I get this feeling you will have him break free of his chains.
Keep Writing.

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Originally Posted by Londonboy View Post
The Second Full Moon (continued)
Compton’s was crowded and filled-to-the-brim with good-looking men.
Anyone going to Comptons after this discription is going to be very sadly disappointed.

This story gets better and better
size IS everything

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Darker and darker! but still interesting and riveting!
--It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. Charles Darwin
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