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Old November 2nd, 2012, 08:46 PM
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A muscle addicted's diary

Hey guys! this is something that's been crawling around my head for a while now. Feedback is appreciated as always!

Day 1

Oh great, how do I start it? Uh? let me try saying I?ve never had so much fun in my whole life! This afternoon I had the proof that ordinary life can turn into an amusement park! And it only answers to me!! That guy in the supermarket must be asking himself how he turned into a muscle stud right there in the waiting line! Oh God! O love lines! It?s the perfect place for action! I will never forget the sight of those muscles ripping his shirt into pieces in front of all those scared people and how his hairy pecs shot each of his shirt buttons one by one as all of his muscles bulged larger and harder with every passing second! The way he ran to the bathroom trying to hide his raging ? huge ? erection just made things worse for him! It?s a shame people called the police! Everyone around saw he wasn?t guilty for being naked in public! It wasn?t his fault that his clothes were not elastic enough? This scene just wasn?t better than THAT one time in the bank! When I saw THAT guy sitting on a chair! Oh God! My dick pulses every time I remember those perfect hairy forearms! Thick with ropes of pure muscle, each one taking care of a thick finger that looked powerful enough to go through the smart phone he was handling. The thick muscles bulging beneath the polo shirt he was wearing didn?t help me to get distracted while waiting for the attendant to call my number, so, I had to act: he grew slowly enough so it wouldn?t scare people around him. First the shirt got tighter, his quads filled his jeans. He adjusted his increasing weight on the chair while his muscles grew. I?m sure he felt great and tried to keep unnoticed by the people around the crowded bank. I saw him quietly admiring his own arms, flexing the very same ropes of thick flesh which got my attention but soon being invisible was impossible: Everyone turned their heads when a loud RIIIIIIP sound came from under his arm pit ? and the way he lifted his awesomely muscled and veiny arm to check the damage made the gap grow wider until the shirt could be considered just a useless piece of cloth over his hard tanned body. He stood up and tried to walk away as if there was nothing wrong, but his jeans giving up the fight against his growing quads, glutes, hamstrings and calves didn?t help at all! People were all talking about how huge he was when he walked down the stairs and out the bank almost naked? He must still be asking himself what happened that day, but I?m sure he loved it! (his hard dick showed it for sure!)

There is almost no possibility that anyone will ever read this, but I just had to make a register of this moment, but if you reader is anyone but myself you must be asking now what the fuck I?m talking about, so let me start from the beginning: It all began when I was coming back from a business meeting. My boss sent me to somewhere beyond the great nothing to get some stupid papers! I really think he just wanted to get rid of me for a day, so he told me to drive for hours into nowhere just to get the God dammed paper he needed. Hadn?t he ever heard about e-mails?! But one day out of the office, far from his ugly face wouldn?t be that bad ? if I didn?t get lost on my way back? I took a wrong turn on the road and to get things worse the sun was almost out and huge black clouds were above me. In no time it was raining a lot and I was driving right in the middle of nowhere! I stopped in the first hotel I found. It was small, kind of forgotten place, but it had to do for that night. Of course there was no cell phone sign, so no way to tell anyone about my location. So I entered the small stinky room, looking for a towel to dry myself out when I opened the closet and a small box got my attention. I opened it and there was a fabric doll inside it and a small note beside it: ?Take me with you, I?m yours now!? I ignored it for the moment, went to the bathroom where I found the towel, dried myself as good as it was possible and went to sleep. The next day I took my things early in the morning ? it wasn?t raining anymore, finally! - and when I was about to leave the room I remembered the doll. I came back and opened the closet. The doll was still there, kind of looking at me, and I took it ? don?t ask me why! It was small enough to fit into my pocket so I put it there. When I got to the hotel reception to check out, the old lady had a strange somehow happy look in her eyes? I paid for the night and got to my car. After a couple of hours I was home. When I checked my cellphone there were countless messages from my boss asking for the document he needed ? he really didn?t care if I died, he just needed the paper? I got to the office and there he was. My boss was waiting in my chair when I arrived. He didn?t give me any time to explain what happened, He just got the document from my hand and went to his room blaming me as always. Then I felt a strange movement inside my pocket. Scared at first I put my hand into it and took the fabric doll out, but it looked different! The doll I took from the closet at the hotel was the classic little girl doll. This was a male one ? and was wearing a tie! ?Where did this one come from?? I thought to myself and suddenly one of the trainees knocked on the door. I told him to enter with no second thought, but when I thought about hiding the doll he was already standing in front of me. I put the doll on my table and the teenager employee told me someone asked him to get a document in my room. I gave him the doc and told him half joking that if he told anyone that I was playing with a doll I would knock him out. That?s when he asked ?Which doll?? with a confused face looking around. It is clear to me now that even though he looked down at my table he did not notice the doll? ?Ok, Ok, just joking! Go and do your job!? I answered back even more confused now.

I sat on my table, trying to understand what just happened when I took the doll in my hands. Only now I noticed the resemblance between the doll and my boss! ?It?s him!? I said quietly to myself a little scared now. Then I shook some crazy thoughts out of my head ?No, such things don?t exist!? and tried to get back to work, but before putting the doll back on the table I gave a good flick on the dolls head. ?That?s what you deserve you know?? Right after that I heard someone screaming. I ran outside my room and there were some people gathered around the corner of the room: My boss was on the floor unconscious!

It was like I couldn?t feel my feet on the floor! I knew somehow the flick I gave the doll knocked my boss out, but how? Anyway I was scared as shit and I did everything I could not to touch the doll again, but soon people got him to the doctors and he was OK ? but I was not! That day I got out of the office feeling the worst human being on earth! I decided to go home walking to think about some things ? that?s the great part living by the beach! There?s no better adviser than the sea! I was walking slowly, watching the sun sink into the sea in an amazing sunset when someone talked to me: It was a Gypsy woman. She used to hang around the beach those days offering her ?hand reading? services. She started talking, trying to make me stop and get my hand read but then suddenly SHE was the one who stopped frozen! She just stood there for a while eyes wide open and then she said ?You got it!? and stood there staring at me. I tried to pretend I didn?t know what she was talking about ?Got what?? I answered trying to go past her ?The doll you have in your pocket! Be careful because it will try to use you much more than you use it!? she said still into some kind of trance. I got past her, trying to hide I was scared as shit. When I got home I took the doll out of my pocket and when I looked down at it I almost jumped through the ceiling! It had changed back into the shape of a little girl! I threw it to the other side of the living room and ran to my bedroom and locked it! I decided I would burn the doll the following day (if I was courageous enough to ever get close to it again!)

It took a while, but I got to sleep that night ? But I wish I hadn?t! That night I had the strangest dream yet: I was walking by the beach, the same place the Gypsy woman talked to me, but instead of the gypsy there was the doll ? in human size! I walked near it and a noise came from behind it. I waked around it and saw a big gap along the back of the big fabric doll but the weirdest thing was a man was coming out of the doll! He dug his way out from between the sawdust that filled the doll. When he was out he looked deep into my eyes and said: ?I?m here to serve you master!? He was an old man, white long beard and bald head. His clothes were nothing but old looking pieces of fabric hanging from his skinny body. ?Who are you?? I asked ?I?m the one who knows everything, and can do anything? the old man answered ?Are you God?? a small smile appeared in the corner of his mouth ?Not the one you thinking of, but you could say I?m almost like him!? He answered and continued ?I just have to tell you one thing: I?m bound to your will. Everything will be as you wish? and suddenly I woke up! I thought my heart would jump out of my chest at any moment and it almost did when the clock rang a matter of seconds after I woke up from the dream!

I should say it took me a while to get enough courage to look for the doll. I was decided I was going to burn it as it was clear to me now that this doll was somehow enchanted, but I just put it back into my pocket and went to work. During the day I confirmed what I noticed the day before with the trainee: even if someone saw the doll, they just didn?t care about it! It was like I was the only one who noticed its presence! ?It must be part of the spell? I concluded. At least it remained in its original shape!

The day went by until it was lunch time. I went to an open air restaurant by the beach to have my lunch (living AND working by the beach has its good side!) It was a sunny day and I really liked to see the guys playing volley on the beach the other side of the street while eating. You must have already noticed I like muscles! Maybe it?s because my father used to be a bodybuilder. He even competed for three years. The last one was when I was 10 years old ? the year my mother died. He gave up bodybuilding after that but he still has a great body to this day! I think he?s around 56 years old but he?s still capable to turn some heads when he walks down the beach! I wish I had inherited his genetics, but unfortunately I?m all my mother?s side of the family: short and fat!

Anyway, while I was eating ? and quietly worshiping the fit guys jumping for the dammed ball on the other side of the street ? I felt the movement on my pocket again! I took the doll out and as I feared (or expected) the doll had changed its shape to the volley player?s resemblance! ?What the fuck!? I exclaimed quietly to myself and looking back and forth to the doll and the tallest guy on the beach I remembered what the old man said in my dream ?if it?s bound to my will then it doesn?t have to be a bad thing!? I though. Then I held the doll in my hand and looking at the guy on the beach I wished he was the best volleyball player on earth. After that he started scoring all the points in the game! That guy just didn?t need a partner! He was a team on his own! When I was done eating I crossed the street on my way back to the office and heard the other guys complaining about the things he did. They couldn?t believe how that guy instantly became such a good player and said he was just too lucky that day, but I was sure he wasn?t! After that episode I saw that this ?power? I had acquired - without asking for it - didn?t have to be a bad thing if I didn?t want it. I put the doll back into my pocket feeling much better for turning the beach guy into the next gold medal winner.

I just couldn?t stop thinking of countless possibilities for the rest of the day! ?Wait!? I told myself when it was almost time to go home ?I?ve gotta go carefully until I can fully understand what I?m dealing with!? then I got my stuff and got out. Since then I?ve been trying to use it only for the good but it seems there is some rules I still can?t fully understand. Choosing the target is an example: sometimes I can choose who the doll will be ?bound? to (it?s when it changes its shape the person?s resemblance) but other times no matter how much I try it will not change into the one I?m aiming for. Most of the times (if not always) it happens when it?s already bound to a person and I want it to change to another one. It seems I cannot do anything to myself either! I would love to do some of the ?morphs? I?ve done round these days to myself but it seems impossible?

Anyway, to this point, all I can say is I?m having a lot of fun making my lustful dreams come true right in front of me ? and everyone around! I didn?t talk about it to anyone. Don?t ask me why, but I feel I shouldn?t do it. That?s why I started this diary so I can get it out of my chest. I prefer not to talk about it to anyone before I fully understand what is happening?
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Mdlftr will become famous soon enough
Great start! I can't wait to find out what the gypsy meant about the "doll doing more to you than you do to it!"

Sounds very mysterious!

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Love it! Lots of possibilities where this story can go.

Would like to say, if you see me at the supermarket or shopping mall, please feel free to make me muscle up and hulk out of my clothes. I won't go running! I'll flex for all I'm worth, and let everyone see a HUGE muscle monster!
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This is really interesting, a modern urban legend adapted to house great muscle growth fantasies.

You should preview the post before submitting your story becaause humongous chunks of text makes it exhausting to read throughout the story. Make sure you make smaller blocks so the reading flows more naturally.

So far you have showed us how he currently uses the power and how he had come to find it, I would be really interesting to see who was the first guy he changed into a muscle freak, was he someone he knew or just another stranger?

Keep up the great work!

There's no such thing as TOO BIG!
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Old November 4th, 2012, 04:22 PM
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Looking forward to many more chapters!
--It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. Charles Darwin
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