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Old November 8th, 2012, 10:39 AM
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A Muscle Daddy Built to Order - Vial 5

I was so sore the next day I could barely move without crying out in pain. Only thoughts of muscle daddy Roman empowered me to get out of bed, get dressed, and drive to the gym. Each step I took and every time I moved any part of my body I felt a stiffness and soreness that was completely foreign to me. Roman had taught me so many new ways to isolate muscles when working out that it was like I was doing it for the first time ? and I was a freaking pro-bodybuilder. My body may have been muscled and powerful, but that morning I felt like a big wimp. I was surprised to see that Roman had not arrived at the place before me, as he had before. I sat in the middle of the weight area and tried to remain still ? so nothing would hurt. Some commotion at the front desk caught my attention. I heard Roman?s deep masculine voice before I even saw him and my entire body snapped to attention, especially my cock. When I glanced in the mirrors I saw Roman entering the gym with the bodies of two huge bodybuilders slung over his shoulders. I could tell that both men were unconscious. The big guy was strutting across the floor like he was some huge hunter that was wearing the fur of bears he had recently killed - and he also had one of the biggest stogies I?d ever seen sticking out from between his teeth. He was puffing away with no concern about the ?no smoking? policy of the gym, and no one dared to tell him he was wrong. The room immediately filled with the aroma of the cigar ? a smell that made my cock shoot even harder. Roman looked at anyone he passed and did the jock thing where he tilted his chin into the air to acknowledge the lesser beings ? not saying a word but smiling at the other patrons as their mouths dropped open wide in astonishment. Roman saw it as gift that he acknowledged anyone and everyone else seemed to view it in the same way. The big man noticed me sitting in the middle of the room and headed straight in my direction.

?J-boy, how?s the fucking body feeling today??

?Sore as hell, sir.?

?Just like the ass of each of these men, son. I rounded them up yesterday as I was trolling the locker room. They were practically drooling as they watched me shower and it was obvious they wanted to see what some time with a real man would feel like. I kept them up all night as I plowed them over and over, not even stopping when they begged for sleep. They just couldn?t keep up with all this muscle power, boy. Old Roman had more stamina than both of these big fuckers put together. I?m not sure they?ll wake up for our entire time in the gym. I haven?t slept a bit, but I still feel fucking great, son. I?m going to put you through a hell of a workout again today. I?m juiced up on adrenaline like you wouldn?t believe. All that fucking didn?t tire me at all. I?m mighty proud of you for getting your hurting ass to the gym today, son. It shows me that you?re serious about growing. I have a funny feeling that you also dragged your sore self here to see what the next round of your family water will accomplish, didn?t you??

?Um . . . yes . . . yes, sir.?

?No need to be embarrassed, boy! I know you like all the changes happening to this old man almost as much as I do. Today, I?m dressed a little more appropriate for the gym because as soon as we got to my place last night I challenged these two guys to a wrestling match - with their clothes being the prize. You can see it?s pretty clear who won. It?s a good thing both of them had some posers to wear today. I dressed their unconscious bodies before we came. I didn?t take either of those skimpy things because the tiny material couldn?t come close to covering up all my massive junk ? hell, I don?t think it could even cover just one of my mammoth balls. These shorts can barely contain my monster cock, J-boy. Hell, I?m even stretching this triple large tank so much it practically looks like a man-bra. I think I could rip the thing in two with just one large inhale. We might wait and do that as a little post-workout gift to the guys in the gym ? you?d like that wouldn?t you, son??

?Yes sir.?

?Um, excuse me, um, sir. You can?t . . . you aren?t allowed . . . there?s no smoking in here.?

Roman turned to look down at the nervous gym worker standing behind him, the cigar hanging out of his mouth as big as a small log. The huge man used his teeth and lips to make the thing spin a little in his mouth and then puffed a huge could of smoke down towards the little guy. I heard a soft guttural sound turn into a loud growl as Roman obviously thought about how he was going to react to the order from this dweebish man. For a few seconds I was nervous for the smaller guy, but then Roman merely shrugged the two heavy unconscious men off his broad shoulders and quickly lifted his forearms to catch their falling bodies. He then placed both guys side by side on a bench across from me. The muscle daddy then turned back to the worker, pulled the cigar out of his mouth and crushed the lit end into his other open palm. The sound of fire being extinguished hissed throughout the room. The small guy?s eyes grew extra wide and I could see he was actually shaking in fear. Roman took the cigar and crushed it in his hand. He then took the smashed remains, pulled the front of the workers gym shorts slightly out and dropped the mess inside, making sure to press his open palm into the guy?s crotch so cigar could warm his hard dick. The small guy did nothing to protest the big man?s actions. He just mouthed the words ?thank you? and walked away. Roman turned back to me.

?That?s a pretty hot ashtray, don?t you think? It?s legs today, pup. You think you can handle it??

?Yes sir.?

?Yeah, that?s a good boy. I can already sense what you?re going to look like when your muscles start to pop out even bigger, son. You?re making this old man really proud. Time for squats after you warm up. I jogged over here from my house with both of these sleeping beauties flopping around on my shoulders ? so I?m good and pumped for our workout. I?ll load the rack for you. We can work out side by side ? I?ll use the two guys as my weights. It won?t be enough, but I can pretend. Using them as makeshift barbells should be fun and I?ll bet it will turn you on in a powerful way.?

He was spot on, knowing that I was going to get to watch the huge muscle daddy dipping low with two large and mostly nude bodybuilders draped across his expansive shoulders got me fully hard in an instant. I even forgot about the excruciating pain that was shooting through my body any time I moved. I stared at Roman as he loaded the squat machine with enough weight to cave in the roof of a car, but I didn?t care. I was ready to do anything my mentor told me to. I knew he wouldn?t ask for anything I couldn?t do. I loved how the flimsy tank top was stretched to all hell across his body. I kept hearing parts of the material tearing as he moved. I had a feeling none of it would be left by the time we finished for the day.

?Now J-boy remember to bring that ass of yours down low and get a good pump even as you come down. Watch the knees, too, son. We want to get those glutes as big and strong as possible ? so they give my cock as much resistance as possible later on. Yeah, I can see the idea of my hefty pole battling your tight hole gets you excited, boy. Look at that bulge I?ve caused in your shorts ? that?s a beautiful thank you to your daddy. Maybe we can cause a big old wet stain today, too. Speaking of wet things, how about my bottle of water, Jason? Did you bring something special for old Roman??

?Um, yes sir. I almost forgot.?

I grabbed the bottle of water from my bag, noticing the pain in my arms and shoulders as I reached down. I also glanced at the list of changes as I pulled the container out. This vial was going to make him more handsome. That thought was almost too much for my cock to handle and I could feel my body fighting hard not to spew. I looked at him closely as he gulped the liquid down. Roman was gorgeous already ? huge everywhere, a slight weathered look to his face that added maturity and grace, a mustache that oozed testosterone, graying full hair that made him look like a modern day Greek god, and an air of confidence that almost physically knocked you over when he walked into the room. I wondered how the liquid could possibly improve on perfection. When the big man handed back the bottle I could sense an immediate change in his demeanor.

?How do you feel, sir??

?On fire, boy, on fire. I can sense the world on a whole new plane, now. Damn, that?s some potent shit your family has passed down over the years. Son, I suddenly realize just how special I am. I know that might sound really boastful, but I can?t help it. It?s like I can tell what everyone?s thinking ? you know, so I can give them exactly what they want. It?s like I have this sixth sense that helps me know how to please each person individually. Damn, boy, what you want is coming through the loudest and clearest of all. Your mind is a jumble of desires, ain?t it son? Yeah, I know you want some ass-pounding sex ? and that will come soon enough - but I can also sense you really want this big man to help you grow, too. Yeah, and man I love how you also desire to be dominated a little. You need a big man to take care of you son, don?t you??

?I . . . uh . . . I guess . . . I mean, um??

?No need to be shy, boy. Roman knows exactly what you want and need. And I?ve got the stuff to make all those dreams and desires come true. Fuck, knowing what would please you is making me hornier than a pinned up bull surrounded by a field of heifers. What?s wild is that I can?t read minds, per se, man; it?s more about what you desire and what would satisfy you sexually. I just know somehow that you are aching for a hug or kiss from this big man ? but you still got to wait, son. We have two more bottles of water, if my memory serves me correctly. Whoa, boy, I?m suddenly being overwhelmed by the desires of other people in this place. It?s like my body is sending out some kind of signal that, when it hits people, makes them suddenly ?in tune? with me. You?d be shocked at what people desire from me??

?Like what, sir??

?Well for one thing, the big guy Jaime, over there, enjoyed having his big body benched by me yesterday so much that he?d really like me to lift him some more ? especially over my head. Yeah, that would make him real happy. Well I?ll be dammed; the little guy at the front desk wants me to light up another stogie, son. He?s got a big fetish for smoking musclemen. He loves watching a huge guy sucking in on a cigar and then blowing big puffs of smoke out ? especially if the man is flexing at the same time. He?s still hard as hell from watching me put out my stogie against my palm. That got him very excited. He even left the remains of the thing in his pants. That guy over there on the leg press machine wants me to take his place and as my giant trunks push out insane amounts of weight he?d like to sit on my big cock and feel all my muscles growing beneath him as he gets deeply plowed. Hell, this gift you?ve given me will make me a huge attraction to anyone.?

I glanced around the gym and realized that every face in the room was either blatantly staring at Roman or shyly stealing glances at him when they got up the nerve. It dawned on me immediately that the vial for making him handsome wasn?t going to do much to his physical appearance, since he was already the man of my dreams. No, this specific dose of Aunt Hildie?s concoction made the man irresistible to everyone ? and not just because of his looks, but mainly because it was clear he was a man that could satisfy everyone completely. Having the ability to know what it was a person desired the most ? both sexually and romantically ? would certainly make you the most handsome guy in the world. This would be true on so many levels. Roman didn?t need to change at all to be handsome to me, but having a mature muscleman that ?got? exactly what turned me on made him the most gorgeous guy on earth ? not only to me, though. I could sense that everyone in the place wanted Roman and that was an even bigger thrill for me.

?Whoa, boy, you need to turn down your orgasmic drive a little. You?re causing this big daddy to overheat. Yeah, the pup loves the idea of everyone in this place wanting his muscle friend Roman, don?t you??

?Yes sir, it?s fucking hot.?

?It is, isn?t it? Well, it?s thanks to your family recipe in that water, boy. Like I said yesterday, I think you have a direct connection to what your water is doing to me. I haven?t figured it out, yet, but I feel it in every one of my huge muscles. I can wait, son. I don?t need all the answers now. I only need one thing ? and that?s to make you bigger. We?re going to push those big legs of yours so much today that I may have to carry you and the two unconscious guys out of here, since your trunks will be wobbling so much. Yeah, I thought that comment would please you. Okay, son, get up underneath that bar. Give me some powerful squats. Remember to stick that hot ass of yours way out. Let me first load my shoulders with my big man-made weights.?

I watched Roman bend over and flop the bodies of the two unconscious bodybuilders over each of his shoulders. He made it look simple, like he was tossing pillows. I knew, however, that each guy was over three hundred pounds. The giant man positioned himself beside me and we both stared at each other in the mirror. I stared because it thrilled me so much to watch him use two huge guys dressed only in posers as his weights and he stared to make sure I maximized every part of my body during the exercise. He was my coach and mentor above all things.

?That?s it, boy, squeeze those cheeks hard when you come up. Pretend like you are trying to protect the entrance to your chute from my huge battering ram. Yeah, son, I love how that thought makes you work even harder. Look at that sweat seeping out all over your beautiful body. That means you?re working J-boy. I know you?re hurting something awful, but look at you go. It?s almost like you?ve been squatting this much weight all of your life. Yeah, you?d forgotten that I loaded the bar with a hell of a lot more poundage than you?re used to. Now your legs are getting a little nervous, aren?t they? Don?t give up, boy. This big daddy will not be happy with you if you don?t give him what he wants. Remember, we?re here to make you so fucking big you won?t recognize yourself. And to give you a little more kick to your lifting, remember that I?m going to be growing right along side of you, son.?

I had just squatted down low as he said this and his comment caused the exact reaction he desired. I paused briefly with my ass pushed back and my quads burning with pain. It suddenly hit me that Roman, the man of my dreams, was working out with me and this was certainly going to impact his body at the same time. The thought that the muscle daddy of all my secret desires was going to continue to add more bulges to his perfect body gave me more adrenaline that I had ever thought possible. This was just the response that Roman had intended. I cranked out the rest of my squats like some kind of powerlifting pro. I could tell the man was impressed. I certainly wanted to get bigger ? but mainly because it would make my mature friend proud ? but thinking about him getting bigger was the icing on the cake. I suddenly wanted to work out for an entirely new reason ? to make Roman grow. A newfound energy overcame my body and it was like I had busted past some unseen wall or reached a new lifting plateau. There was a new drive in me that stemmed totally from my thoughts about another person. I had never realized how self-centered I had become, but this desire to watch Roman become even more beastlike than he already was, fueled me way beyond my normal tolerance level for pain.

?Damn, boy, I just got a big rush of pure love from you. These last few minutes have probably been the most unselfish moments of your entire life. I almost tossed these big men off my shoulders and wrapped my arms around you in a backbreaking bear hug. I have a strong feeling that you started this little project with the water and me for selfish reasons, but suddenly the coin has flipped to the other side, hasn?t it? You desire old Roman getting huge even more than you desire it for yourself. That?s what makes you special, Jason. That?s why we?re going to wait until the last bottle of enhanced water has gurgled down my throat before we even kiss, let alone fuck. You?re making me into some kind of dream deity for yourself, but today you?ve realized that doing it for me is just as ? if not more ? important. You?re a fucking hundred times more sexy right now that you were even just ten minutes ago, son. I like what?s happening to your soul as much as I love what?s happening to your body. Here?s the real kicker, boy. I feel the same way about you as you feel about me. Yep, I?ve wanted you from the moment you first spoke to me just a few days ago. I have a feeling my desire is mostly physical right now, but over the next few days I think it?s going to grow into something much more. It?s time to wear out those huge legs of yours, son. We both need to work out some sexual tension.?

Suddenly, it was like I understood the word ?enlightened? for the first time. I didn?t second-guess anything Roman had just shared. I knew it was all fact ? like I knew my legs would ache like hell tomorrow. It was true I had intended on making the perfect man for myself, that?s why I had turned to Aunt Hildie, but I had not planned that I would turn into a different man, as well. I was slowly giving up control to this muscle daddy. I had always been the alpha ? the dominating one ? but suddenly I was learning what it meant to be equals and to actually let someone else lead some of the time. I was beginning to do the unthinkable ? love someone else more than myself. And this is what made Roman the most handsome person on earth.

For the next few hours, Roman put my thick, skin-covered trunks through the kind of abuse usually reserved for torturing prisoners. I had to stop many times and sit on the bench ? completely afraid that my big legs were going to give out at any minute. My huge daddy didn?t mind waiting for me as I rested. He usually continued whatever exercise we were doing ? with the added weight of the two unconscious guys and did about three more sets than me every time. Watching the monstrous legs of Roman bulge out with every exercise kept me hard throughout our entire time together. His size was insane ? quads and calves that ballooned out way past my muscled legs. I began to become fearful that I would never be able to keep up with this new mega-sized older man. I started to doubt my own abilities ? something that had never happened before. My new mentor easily detected my state of mind.

?Quit comparing yourself to me, boy. You made me into this fucking huge bull. I think the whole purpose of me growing is to give you inspiration and, hopefully, help build you into something monstrous, too. You need to be patient, pup. I?ve only got one goal in life and that?s to grow you huge, too. There might be quick goals here and there for me, like taking time out to fuck big things, but pumping you up super crazy is embedded in my DNA. My balls tighten and become filled with boiling cum when I watch your muscles straining against heavy weight. I already see what you are going to become, boy, and that vision could easily make me blast a load of my juice across this gym if I let myself be weak. But I?m going to stay strong for you, son - I?m going to wage some hot-daddy war on your body and push you harder than you ever thought possible. You?re going to want to beg me for mercy, but you won?t because deep down you can see where you?re headed, too. You want to grow for your muscled pops so much that the desire is eating you up inside. Hell, you?d lift twenty-four hours a day if you thought it would make me happy ? wouldn?t you J-boy??

?Yes sir.?

?You get a good picture in your head of your soon to be swole body, son. I want you to latch onto that vision of Jason-the-beast. You?ve thought yourself big for a long time, buddy, but you were just seeing the tip of the iceberg. My fucking huge muscles are here to help you, son. And down the line, when I?m fucking that tight hole of yours senseless, you?ll be awakened to new levels of inner-power, too. I?ll unleash in you desires you?ve never dreamed of, boy. I?m the biggest genie ever released from a bottle ? and you?ll have released seven bottles into this daddy by the time we?re done. Today?s water unleashed something powerful in me, Jason. I?ve appreciated all the bottles ? but this last one didn?t just change things on the outside, it opened a part of me that would have never even been noticed without your help. I?ve got some kind of direct line now to your deepest desires ? to those things buried so below the surface that you aren?t even aware of them yet. I know, instinctively, that rubbing my hard-bristled ?stache across your inner thighs would make you cum instantly, I know that you kissing your own flexed biceps makes your cock-head ache from need of release, and I know that for the last few minutes you?ve only thought about one thing - sucking on my big hairy balls until you get off. But all of these thoughts pale in comparison to the one basic need fueling you right now, son ? to please your huge friend Roman. You want this daddy?s approval so much that you?d do anything and you know deep down that I?d never take advantage of that. I?m going to turn all that burning desire right back into momentum for growing you big. We are both halves of the incredible cycle that completes what you wanted when you gave me the first bottle of water ? a mentor, a teacher, a muscle daddy, a boss, a dominator, a lover, a friend, and ? most of all ? inspiration. I?m all that, J-boy, and then some.?

My mind was spinning so much from his words that I merely focused my thoughts on a deep desire to suck his balls ? something I didn?t realize existed until he mentioned it and then it was like he had opened the floodgates of my soul. Every atom of my body desired the muscled behemoth in front of me. I wanted his body, yes. I wanted to experience sex with this man, yes. I wanted to grow for the daddy, yes. But there was something else that had blossomed over the last few days and it was the one thing I had never expected when I chose Roman for this journey. I had fallen head over heels in love with the man. And it dawned on me that I was not just in love with the new improved Roman ? no, I realized that Aunt Hildie?s concoction had merely unleashed was existed already in this older man. I was seeing what Roman truly was at his core ? his life circumstances had just never allowed this much of his true self to materialize. And, in turn, Roman was causing my hidden core to be revealed, as well. We were both becoming what our upbringing and environment had covered up over the years ? and it was magnificent. Suddenly, I wasn?t unsure of myself any longer. I could clearly see all of my potential ? exactly what Roman saw. I didn?t think of myself as unworthy or not good enough ? no, I fully realized I was just a work in progress. That thought released me from so much baggage of my past and caused my love for the muscleman in front of me to deepen even more.

?Yeah, my boy is finally getting it. I can sense the new awareness flowing through your body. Aw fuck yes, you are even seeing your full potential now and the thought is making that cock of yours grow harder. You are beginning to open yourself to all of my suggestions and all the growing tips I?ve been giving. Soon, we?ll just work out together and not even need to say a word to each other ? we?ll just naturally know how to encourage the other to keep getting huge and more powerful. I may be the one drinking the water, Jason, but both of us are being changed by its power. Feel it, son??

?Yes sir, I do. It?s so amazing.?

?Yes it is. I think that we should call it a day, boy. You?ve worked hard, again, today and I?m very proud. I see that the two big boys are starting to come around from their post-Roman fuck slumber and our workout has made me super horny. I think I?ll take them back to my condo in midtown and give them both some seconds. I?m pretty sure they?re going to wake up craving more pounding from my meat. And even if they don?t, they?re going to get it anyway. Your legs steady enough to get you home, boy??

?Yes sir. I might need to rest a little longer before leaving, but I?ll be fine.?

?That?s good son. We?ll take a break from working out tomorrow, but I think it?s time you came to my place so we can get to know each other a little better. We?ll meet here at the same time and then we?ll grab some take-out for lunch. I don?t know my way around a kitchen. See you tomorrow, Jason.?

?I can?t wait, sir.?

Roman hoisted the two awakening bodybuilders back onto his monstrous shoulders and walked away. I watched him leave and marveled at how deep my connection to the man had become. I trusted and loved the guy completely. I was amazed that I felt absolutely no jealousy towards the two men that were about to get to experience the powerful lovemaking of my muscle daddy, but I knew it was just temporary. I knew we had two more vials to go. The big man just needed a way to release the sexual tension that developed every time we were around each other and, especially, after we worked out together. I was also deeply aware of his intense desire for me ? something I had not been tuned into before. Today?s vial had been about much more than just making Roman physically beautiful. That was part of the total picture, but he had already been gorgeous to me ? the perfect man. The change had been mostly internal for both of us. His beauty clearly radiated from within ? his muscles being just icing on the already very tasty cake underneath. I suddenly understood that if Roman went back to being the shy un-mustached skinny guy of a few days ago, I would still love him deeply because I now knew what was buried deep within his soul. I knew who he was at his core. I also knew that I would be able to help him release his inner self, just as he was doing for me. I realized that I would be able to see the huge confident muscle daddy deep in his eyes, even if he didn?t. That?s how Roman could see the huge beast-like body that I would become ? even before I could, he knew of my potential because he could see my inner self. Every fiber of my body ached to be held by the big man, but I reminded myself that there were just two vials left. I knew we needed to wait until the finished product was revealed. My excitement about being able to be at Roman?s condo ? alone with him for a meal ? gave me enough inner strength to wobble my tired ass out of the gym and head home. I was worried that my legs would stop working before I made it to a hot bath, but ? as it had been every other day ? my cock stayed hard way into the evening. It was a continual reminder of what Roman could easily do to my body.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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WOW Londonboy this latest chapter was just amazing! Whenever I read something so good I just can never shake off the awe and excitement to properly critique it and share my thoughts. Keep it up man! Can't wait for the final 2 installments. That is IF there are only 2 left.

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Hmm, interesting take on attraction... a very true take, but I'll confess a bit of disappointment that Roman didn't physically change this time (and also get off) like he did in the earlier changes. Maybe to me it seems like "desire sense" isn't quite as arousing as some of the other changes. On the other hand, my personal anti-smoking bias might be coloring the story as well.

I thought your rationalization for the desire sense ability was really well done, and as a plus and a minus I found Roman's reassurance interesting (plus in that, from a Romantic perspective, it shows that Aunt Hildie's potion and Roman's changes are helping Roman and Jason get together; minus in that it makes him a little less overpoweringly sexy/intimidating if he's explaining this... it makes him NICE, but maybe not as hot, perhaps, as some of the earlier changes).

Your points about Jason's earlier attitudes is also a good one... the whole idea of remaking someone to suit your tastes is pretty arrogant, but it's interesting that they're becoming equals, and I really like that idea that there's a balance and a draw for the two of them.

Also, it is amazing that you got this out so swiftly after the last one... I am going to have to use you as inspiration to get my own writing done.
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A thousand thanks, master!! You're a muscle-stories magician!! It's getting better chapter by chapter....yeah, you rock!!

Pd. Sorry for my English, I'm just learning and I know that sucks! LOL!!!
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Londonboy will become famous soon enough
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Your English is fine makurra. Thank you very much. I'm glad you like the story. I hope it continues to satisfy.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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Old November 8th, 2012, 11:04 PM
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Another great job and still 2 more vials!!! Be still by racing heart!
--It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. Charles Darwin
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Your story is amazing. Thank you soooo much for continuing it. It's turned me on so much to see the character of Roman improve with each chapter both physically and changing emotionally and mentally as well! Definitely a really well thought out twist. Excellent.
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Londonboy (November 9th, 2012)
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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE finish this story! This is the best I've ever read.
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