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Old November 18th, 2012, 10:13 AM
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This is future dialog in the story.
Tell me what you think.

Character short list:

Mutt - Brian Yarnel - seven foot Muscle giant
Jeff - David Jeffers - five foot three inch Muscle fireplug
Brett - Dr Brett Michaels - mad scientist (enough said)
Sammy - Samuel Richards - Mutt's lawyer

Mutt and Jeff - Teaser

Mutt "What do you mean, why do I call my self Mutt now? You are Crazy !!!! You had MUT #1 plaster across the helmet I had on my head for eight months! Every single time I looked in the mirror, I didn't see how big I got. I saw MUT written on every thing strapped to me. That helmet made sure I couldn't talk or even make a decent sound for eight months. Eight months. You treated me like a thing, not even an animal. Normal human beings smile at animals. You never smiled at how big you made me till I tricked you into the cage."

Brett "The process room, not a cage.."

Mutt "IT WAS A CAGE !!" Mutt's bellow made everyone step back a foot. "It wasn't even a prison. A prisoner has broken the law, but he has recourse to a lawyer, a Judge and a Jury of his peers. And he can plead his case. But you made sure I couldn't do that. I couldn't say a word. I couldn't beg for mercy, or ask for anything. I had to do exactly what you wanted me to do or you would shock my harness when I refused."

Sammy "Brian." He waited for Mutt to turn his way. "Brian, please." Mutt turned. "As your lawyer, I'm asking you to stop now. You'll get to say all this in both trials, at the proper time.."

Brett "Both trials? It's just kidnapping."

Sammy chuckled "Kidnapping is first. There's no way you will get away with that. But we're suing Mutagen and all it's officers for taking away Brian's basic human rights and subjecting him to this process against his will."

Brett "He wanted to be big."

Sammy's hand on Mutt's shoulder stopped him from replying to that insanity. "But not at the price of his humanity. And in case your partner didn't tell you, Jason is gathering funding to go ahead with refining the process and selling it to willing customers."

Brett "What? How?"

Sammy "Apparently your nephew is a lot smarter than you ever gave him credit for. There was not one bit of evidence he was ever in you private lab slash dungeon; or that he ever worked as your lab assistant. But he sure does know how to sell your process to potential backers, with Jason's help of course. I can't say anymore about that as the FBI is still trying to see if they can build a case against them.. But the second trial will involve every member of that company that tries to benefit from my client's suffering at your hands. I'm going to make sure you don't ever see a dime."

Mutt smiled finally. And for the moment, that was enough for him. They left Brett handcuffed to the hospital bed.

Jeff will appear at the beginning of the story.
He's the cocky muscle head with height issues that still likes bigger men.
Go figure.
This story need feed back.
But it will get steamy if you respond.

Mass Driver

Last edited by Mass Driver; November 18th, 2012 at 10:15 AM. Reason: wasn't finished
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