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Old November 23rd, 2012, 06:23 PM
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Auctus' Ability-Chapter 1

I was encouraged by the warm reception of my other story The Singlet, so I give you the first chapter of a hopefully long and growth-filled saga! Not a lot of growth (or words) to be had in this first chapter, but that'll change as time goes on. Suggestions, comments, and criticisms are welcome.
Auctus sighed, his white tipped ears giving a flick of irritation. He had just gotten off the phone with yet another enraged customer, and it was only an hour into his shift. Trying to rub the tiredness from his eyes, the steely blue fox picked up another call.
"Cellix Communications, this is Auctus speaking. How can I help you?" A shrill, female voice came over the line.
"I need a new cell phone mailed to me BY TOMORROW!" shrieked the woman.
"What's wrong with your current phone ma'am?" said Auctus wearily, already sure of where this conversation was heading.
"I just barely dropped it in a puddle, and now it won't let me do anything."
"I'm sorry, but the replacement policy doesn't cover water damage, so you'll have to buy a new phone at full-"
"What do you mean it isn't covered?! I want to speak to your manager right NOW!"
Giving an exasperated groan, Auctus transferred the irate woman to Eric, his manager.
I need a break right about now, he thought. Exiting his cubicle, Auctus made his way to the break room.

Having poured himself a rather questionable looking cup of coffee, Auctus turned to leave and head back to the monotony that was his job. As he reached the door, however, his wolf coworker Luke stepped in. Auctus narrowed his emerald eyes in hatred. On the outside, Luke seemed perfect. Flawless smile, a snow white coat, and dazzling blue eyes. Not to mention a body that would surely win amateur bodybuilding competitions. But on the inside, Luke was rancid. He was pretentious, conceited, malicious, and had an ego that would dwarf an elephant. Carefully sidestepping him, Auctus scurried to his cubicle, hoping Luke lacked the motivation to bother him today. But he was not so lucky, and a few seconds later the large wolf strode through the doorway of his cubicle.

Auctus attempted to appear busy, but Luke was not fooled. Stepping behind him, Luke gave a small laugh.
"Hello there, shorty. I see the gym's been treating you well," he chortled, apparently tickled by his own joke.
Auctus suppressed a retort and focused on his monitor as if it would tell him the meaning of life if he looked long enough. So what if he was only 5'4"? So what if he could only bench the bar? Who cared if he could barely do a sit-up, or even jumping jacks for that matter? In reality Auctus cared greatly, but he wasn't about to let Luke know. A little miffed by the lack of reaction he got, Luke reached over and picked up a photo of a grey fox with blue eyes and a brilliant smile.
"Who's this, your boyfriend?" he taunted.
Auctus whirled around and was standing with his hand around Luke's wrist before he realized what he was doing. Lowering his other hand, which he had clenched into a fist, he glared at Luke.
"You put that down. Now," said Auctus, his voice a little more forceful than he expected.
As he said this, Auctus felt a small jolt travel down his arm and settle in the center of his chest. Apparently Luke felt something too, as he tried to wrench his arm away from Auctus. Oddly enough, he was unable to, despite his superior strength.
"Let go of me, you weirdo!" he exclaimed. "You can have your stupid picture!"
Auctus took the picture with his free hand and let Luke go, who retreated from the cubicle. Setting the picture back on the desk, Auctus gave an inward sigh. While it was true he had a boyfriend, but the picture wasn't of him. It was actually of his older brother, who had sadly died in a car accident a few months before. It was the only picture he had of him, and reminded him of his brother's kindness and encouragement.

Auctus sat down and returned to his calls, shuffling in his seat a bit. His pants seemed to be constricting his legs and 'package', while his shirt seemed a little too tight around the chest. Must've shrunk in the wash, he thought absentmindedly. What had actually happened, and what would happen, had only existed in Auctus's wildest fantasies.
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Old November 23rd, 2012, 07:52 PM
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as a fellow furry im really lookingforeward to this!
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Old November 24th, 2012, 10:16 AM
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Great start! Hope there's more soon!!
it`s not about getting big, it`s all about getting BIGGER!!
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