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A (very peculiar) Civil Action - CONCLUSION (AT LAST!)

Hey guys!

I'm happy to announce that I can get back to my favorite hobby of writing male muscle growth stories.

So, here you have the conclusion of a(nother) story of mine.

Since it's been quite a while, you can read the first three chapters to remember the facts.

I really hope you guys enjoy the conclusion, I'm open to suggestions on which project should I tackle now.


A (very peculiar) Civil Action

Story by Muscl4life


If Judge Thompson had tried to halt the press from covering the previous sessions of the weirdest case of his long career, this time he was compelled to allow a full TV coverage of the trial, simply because it would be impossible to control the hundreds of reporters who suddenly occupied his once calm workplace, they have turned the Courtroom B into a real TV studio.

The thin magistrate nodded his head, looking seriously to the jury members. The defendant was already sat, although it seemed very unlikely for them to win this case, the experienced lawyers hired by ChemTech Labs have pulled some phenomenal victories out of apparent failure before.

The commotion only increased outside, the journalists were running from side to side, practically hitting each other to get a better spot. Suddenly, the massiveness of Miles Callahan could be seen squeezing alongside the hallways of the Courthouse. Even Gerald could see that the plaintiff had gotten even bigger over night, and the several reporters and cameras that surrounded him just covered half of his bestial height, the man kept smiling very uncomfortable, but the questions and the flashes were very annoying.

Miles tried to maneuver and to move inside the courtroom but at some point it was just impossible for him to walk without crushing the several people who surrounded him.

?LISTEN UP! IF YOU DON?T GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY I?LL JUST WALK THROUGH YOU!? Miles? thunderous voice was so strong that several windows on the building suddenly cracked, and most of the reporters just froze in despair and fear of the rage of that colossal man.

Callahan grinned and scratched his mustache ?That?s more how I like it! NOW MOVE!?

The next moment all the path was simply clear, reporters just dropped their microphones and camera men suddenly fled like the building was about to collapse over them. Even the always grumpy judge had to laugh at the scene, mostly because he had to admit that he would love to have such power over people, even though he was a very powerful authority figure, he would never cause the same effect on people.

Miles just smiled and looked down at his attorney. ?After you, Mr. Phelps? The blond lawyer grinned and proceeded into room, passing by the whole that once had been filled with majestic wooden double doors, which have been removed to avoid even further damages provoked by Mr. Phelps? client.

Bradley waited inside as Miles literally crawled to get inside the courtroom. It was only then that everybody noticed that the behemoth?s clothing consisted of a bread spread that had been wrapped around his thin waist that still failed to cover his enormous crotch.

?Your honor, I beg your pardon but given my client?s continuing growth process, this was the only clothing we could fetch at the last possible minute?? Brad said in a grave tone, but even his focused behavior could help the smirk on his lips.

Gerald Thompson just gulped and nodded along ?This case is already completely out of normality, Mr. Phelps, having a barely naked giant in the courtroom is actually comprehensible for this situation?? The judge sighed as he watched the monstrous man getting inside the room, his magnificent stance towering over everybody else, Miles looked like a god among mortals.

?Your honor??Callahan nodded as he sat on the floor, but his magnificent body seemed to irradiate and aura of power and strength, that all eyes on that courtroom followed his ultra ripped muscles as they flexed and relaxed in order to accomplish the gracious movements of his unearthed bulk.

The judge read the briefing of the previous session, noticing that if yesterday?s events read hardly veridical, they actually served as a toned down version of the shocking facts unfolding on Courtroom B this morning.

At such point Thompson actually imagined the defendant would just give up, but albeit the fact that such undeniable overnight growth on the plaintiff?s physique only confirmed his lawyer?s arguments, they have decided to continue with their original strategy.

?Your honor the defense requests permission to approach the bench.? The silver haired lead lawyer asked, visibly trying to disguise his own shock about the latest developments.

?Permission granted.? Thompson replied because he could tell that Bradley seemed just as curious to hear the reason for such request.

?Your honor, the defense would like to examine Mr. Bradley Phelps now.? The imposing figure of Winston Powel usually caused an intimidating effect, but nothing could be more intimidating than a 12 feet tall monstrous barely naked behemoth sitting on the ground of a courtroom.

Thompson rose his eyebrow. ?Counselor, you know quite well this is hardly inappropriate, Mr. Bradley?s personal relationship with his client is constitutionally protected, and he is entitled to refuse to witness.?

Brad played the unsurprised part. ?Your honor, Mr. Powel is clearly trying to procrastinate the inevitable loss of his client.

The smart older lawyer just grinned.

?Their relationship is precisely the reason why he is being called to the bench. We have new evidences that Mr. Callahan and Mr. Phelps? are not just client and lawyer, they are actually hooker and pimp, respectively. They are currently scheming to get high amounts of money from decent citizens of our County.?

The judge almost gasped. ?Winston, you are walking on very thin ice here??

?It is only the truth, Judge Thompson, we have several footages of intimate worshipping sessions conducted by Mr. Phelps? client where he clearly dominates several men and forces them into physical and mental submission, and Mr. Phelps can be clearly seen collecting huge sums of money from these innocent men. This is clearly extortion, so we believe that Mr. Callahan must be sentenced for perjury and will press charges against Mr. Phelps who should also be punished by the Bar Association for such disgusting behavior.?

Bradley adjusted his tie, which felt suddenly very tight around his neck, the young lawyer had to think on his feet.

?Your honor, I can?t testify against my own client, but at the same time I must protect him against these false accusations.? Phelps said as he felt his heartbeat increasing. He couldn?t show weakness now, the only reason for Winston to resource to such desperate measures was because of Lassiter direct interference.

?The plaintiff is free to access the digital footage; it was legally obtained by one of the men who had attended to these sessions, we are willing to give him time to examine the legitimacy of the evidence and consider his options.?

?These videos will also go public, they want to destroy Myles? case under the public opinion...? Phelps thought, feeling his suit tighter than never. He made sure that none of these men carried cell phones or cameras of any sort with them, if they actually had such footages it only meant that ChemTech had them under surveillance, but at the same time he couldn?t just call the illegality of such proof without compromising his strategy.

?Your honor, I cannot disclose anything that my client has told me, but the defense is free to examine his knowledge about such alleged videos.? Brad considered that his only alternative would be going for an even more desperate strategy.

?Counselor Powel, you are free to examine witnesses, but if you are not presenting any new evidences, I suggest you to stop with empty threatens?? The judge warned the shark, who nodded politely.

?The defense calls Myles Callahan to the bench.?

The immense monster of muscle seemed a bit surprised; he stood up and moved his glorious toga dressed body towards the witness bench, but not before gently holding Brad?s shaky sweaty hand for second and looked straight into eyes of his lover and noticed how nervous he was, things got suddenly very hard and he knew it was time for Plan B.

?Come here my little man?? The monumental monster of inhuman muscularity grabbed the athletic lawyer and kissed him passionately, his hand caressed the back of his neck, he moved like the perfect stallion covering the contours of the other man in his colossal bulk.

The scene was so shocking that it took Thompson a few seconds to react, which the kissing couple enjoyed quite noticeably.

?Order in the Court! What seems to be the purpose of such irrational behavior? Drop this right now or I will?? Thompson realized that banging his gavel would not be the better way to make such a muscular monster to drop his current behavior, but for some reason, Myles lowered Bradley back to the ground and just placed his massive hand over his shoulder.

?I am sorry, your honor? I just couldn?t hold anymore. I love this man with all my heart, and he is sacrificing his career to bring justice, when everyone else turned their backs on me.? The speech was short but firm, exactly how they have rehearsed so many times.

Callahan then acted like nothing had happened, he took the bench filling the space with his uncannily rugged bulk beyond the volume capacity of such space. He was so tall he looked down at the judge, a moment which he deliberately maintained for much longer than necessary.

?You?may sit now, Mr. Callahan.? The judge said in a low tone, the exact reaction Bradley wanted; Miles had to show the judge that he had a strong backbone too, this change of behavior would actually make things even more confusing. The jurors were still mentally reviewing the hot kiss, most of them seemed disgusted, but that could also disguise an utter feeling of jealousy towards Brad.

Myles sat at the reinforced steel chair they had bought for his testimony, but it still squeaked under his epic weight, but it seemed to be holding up just fine.

Winston Powel took a deep breath; he strategically remained away from the reach of the bestial plaintiff before he started his questions.

?Mr. Callahan, you have just given a public display of your feelings towards Mr. Phelps, which seems to be mutual, because he never resisted you??

?He couldn?t have resisted anyway, even if he wanted.? Myles said at once, cutting the counselor.

?Mr. Callahan, you must let the counselor formulate his question before you answer.? The judge said very politely.

?I am sorry your honor, but I just wanted to clarify that Bradley couldn?t resist kissing me, even if he wanted. Look at my size, I can be very persuasive.? Brad?s voice tone was deep and assertive, quite different from the previous day.

Winston Powel smiled. ?So, you are insinuating that you could persuade him to do anything you wanted, even against his will? Do you want us to believe that you would force the man over whom you just confessed to love??

Callahan grinned. ?I never said I would force him, I just said I can be very persuasive if I want.?

?Does it mean you could have persuaded Mr. Phelps to plot a fraudulent scheme??

?Objection! This is mere speculation, your honor!? Phelps jumped right in.

?Be objective, Mr. Powel.? The judge rolled his eyes; he really hated the ?trial drama?.

Winston stopped and rephrased. ?Mr. Callahan, do you keep private worship sessions for specific men??

Myles didn?t even blink. ?Yes, yes I do.?

?And what would be the requirements for one man to attend such worship sessions??
?Well, in the first place, you would have to enjoy the beauty and power and the manliness of true muscle.? Myles said with a chuckle, which made Winston red of anger.

?And these men who enjoy such thing could just drop by unannounced??

?Of course not, I decide the date and time for such especial events.? Brad replied confidently, and Brad just prayed things worked the way they have planned because it was a suicidal tactic.

?I see, but they all must bring you something, don?t they?? Winston set his trap.

?Oh, yeah, they do. In case you didn?t realize, this massive, powerful body of mine needs lots and lots of food, not to mention supplements to maintain my high nutritional needs and of course, good old money is well accepted too.? Myles replied so fast that the defendant?s lawyer realized he was the one who walked right into the trap.

?Erm?no further questions your honor?? Winston noticed he had fallen into his own trap, so he tried desperately to abort the interrogatory, even though he knew it was far too late.

Brad just stood up and adjusted his suit, he noticed the shirt underneath was too short, his shoes were achingly tight and the buttons on his jacket didn?t close. Under normal circumstances it would be very upsetting, but the rush of adrenaline helped him from stopping for such banal reasons.

?Mr. Callahan, you have just admitted that you are currently earning your living by providing erotic services to wealthy men. Do you confirm it?? Brad?s tone indicated things were going well, but they still had to be very careful.

?I show off my muscular enormity, which was caused by ChemTech?s misconduct, in exchange of wealthy gifts. Yes, I have been living of the generosity of my fine sponsors who support my freakishly massive muscular physique. I provide them with hours of intense sex and muscle worship, and they help me in the best way they can.?

?And are we supposed to believe that you have been managing these financial supports all by yourself, when it has been proved here that you can barely function within the confined spaces of average households?? Phelps asked, looking directly into the eyes of the shocked juror members.

?Well of course not. I need help with that too, have you seen the size of my hands? There?s no way I can operate computers and tablets, what to say about those tiny little cell phones. I need technical assistance to call out my sponsors and to administrate their help.?

The lawyer took a deep breath before he continued. ?And who would you say provides you with such assistance, Mr. Callahan??

Myles acted on cue, his manly face assumed a very irritated expression, his muscles tensed, creating a tsunami of fiber flexing, making the immense physique turn even denser and freakier.

?You know very well that your help is essential for me, my little man. But let?s make things clear to the little men?s jury: Bradley is not my pimp, I live in his house for free and he doesn?t get any penny from the gifts I receive, he shows me every record of the investments and expenses he has to make in order to support my current life style. If he didn?t come into my life, I would probably have gone berserk a long time ago.? The massive behemoth emphasized his point by grabbing the back of his lawyer?s neck and pulled him into another very passionate kiss.

Although by now he was supposed to be used with such displays of affection, even Bradley had to take a few seconds to regain his posture. He felt the kiss so warm and energetic, it was almost like a rush of manly energy surging through his body, which already felt so tight and cramped inside his poor choice for attire, his skin seemed to tingle even stronger. He felt a bit dizzier but decided that it was necessary to continue.

?Mister Callahan do you confirm to the jury that you enjoy your currently lifestyle??

?Oh, I am enjoying it quite much; I mean I need it just as much as they need me. Not just about the gifts, but especially the attention, I became a worship whore after the growth started, I must be always reminded that I am the most glorious, massive, manliest and strongest men in the world. I am a Muscle GOD!? Myles stood up and hit a most muscular pose that actually took the entire view of the audience.

Judge Thompson tried to reach for his precious gavel but he noticed a bit too late that the immense plaintiff, had actually unadvisedly destroyed the wooden object, crushing the little thing against the flexed rugged surface of the bellies of his enormous muscles, the wood offered no resistance to such hard immensely powerful muscles.

The magistrate was not the only who had to resist a sudden urge to touch the mounds of rugged massiveness that stood so close from his shaky hands. Even the defense lawyers had to keep their calm not to jump and climb the titanium hard physique of the juggernaut towering majestically above them.

Brad also had a very hard time to focus, seeing his lover hitting his favorite pose without being there to jump into his glorious mountain of brawn was frustrating. Besides, his body felt particular hot that morning, his whole lean physique was drenched in sweat, and that tingling sensation all over his muscles only felt more intense.

?Mr. Callahan, please?sit back down?I still need to ask you a few questions.? Brad also felt that Myles? uncanny physique smelled so manly and musky that it actually sent his sexual drive into frenzy, and he was sure the entire courtroom was just drenched in his manly odor, but none of the present members of such audience would ever complain about the funky sexy inebriating aroma overwhelming their smelling sense.

?Oops, I am sorry. I just love flexing these days?? Myles grinned and returned to his place, which was pretty much destroyed by his unwarned display of muscular monstrosity.

Myles tried to keep focused on his train of thought, since the success of their venture currently depended on convincing the jury member that Myles was not exactly the crying victim they wanted them to believe initially.

?So after all you have confessed, the jury might understand that you are happier now with your life even with changes triggered by that event??

?Fuck yeah, I am happy. Before the accident I was a scrawny little lonely guy working day and night in that antique shop, now look at me, little men. I am a massive monster of hard bulging muscle who deserves to be worshipped. Stronger than many crowds, and sexier than any human in the surface of the planet, who managed to catch a hot little dude who is willing to worship me, a guy can?t get much happier than that.? Myles blinked and blew a kiss to his gorgeous lawyer/lover.

Bradley grinned; he looked right at Lassiter?s intense expression before he proceeded to the next question.

?Then, if you are that happy, why would you sue ChemTech for 25 million dollars??

Myles knew this was the time for him to bring victory home. He stood up tall and flexed his right arm for a long time, admiring his own power and shoving the enormous gun right in front of Judge Thompson, and the little guy actually reached for the glorious mounds of massive beef, and he was about to hug the entire peak if he didn?t listen to the loud coughing of the bailiff, reminding him that he shouldn?t surrender to such blatant temptation at the moment.

?Because it is their fault if I have turned into a gigolo to earn a living! I love being huge and constantly growing. Sex life has never been better and I could even find me a nice little boyfriend who is smart and sexy, but still, I feel entitled to a decent compensation for their negligent behavior!? Myles affirmed as he got back at sat position.

As much as Bradley enjoyed the muscle showdown, he quickly shook his head, after all the lawyer still had to go through lots of questions they had rehearsed to convince the jurors that despite his transformation into a massive monster of muscles with uncanny strength, Myles was still the victim of the whole situation, and for that he deserved at least 25 million, even if it suddenly felt impossible to do anything else whether than worshipping Callahan?s monstrous proportions from such privileged position.

?Dear jurors, please take note that my client never wanted you to believe he is totally miserable in his current lifestyle, but the arguments maliciously summoned by the defendant had the sole purpose to make Mr. Callahan pose by a schemer, someone who only tried to take advantage of the situation to ?squeeze an easy money??? Brad knew he was pushing the envelope, but thanks to the intense show his lover offered, the defense team and even the judge were just too distracted, they simply nodded along.

Nevertheless, Powell had noticed how manipulative Brad could become if he didn?t try anything.

?Objection! Your Honor, Mr. Phelps is misleading the jury into assumptions! He is being obnoxious and disrespectful towards my clients, which clearly shows that he has no work ethics??

?HEY!? The thunderous voice tone echoed in the courtroom. Everybody froze as Myles pointed at the shocked defense lawyer.

?Watch your dirty mouth, little man! Don?t you dare talking like that about my lover, or you will taste your fucking shoes!? Myles said so firmly that Winston quickly sat, obliging the authority of such massive muscles, but kept staring at the shocked magistrate.

At this point, Judge Thompson realized the plaintiff had simply taken the control over his precious courtroom.

?M?Mister Callahan, you ?have no right?? Thompson never felt more scared in his life, he was trying to impose his own authority over such massive behemoth.

?Oh, come on, Judge! Don?t you play that role with me now ok? We all know you have a major boner under those ridiculous robes of yours. Just keep quiet and let Brad do his thing okay??

Myles was fed up with playing the little lamb, he was a freaking muscle monster who demanded respect, and those little fuckers had toying with his nerves for too long. He simply stood up and picked the judge by his tiny waist and lifted him in the air.

?You are all comfortable and I have to sit in the remains of a chair, why don?t you change? After all, you are so skinny and little!? Myles said as he deliberately took the judge?s higher seat and grinned.

?Yeah, that?s much better?? Colossal Callahan said as he still held an immovable Judge Thompson like a skinny teddy bear. The bailiffs tried to do something but the giant man just looked at them.

?You have seen me lifting 18 wheelers on TV, do you really think those stun guns will hold me? Besides, I get the feeling you are enjoying the muscle show, so just relax, I?m not even hurting our friend here?he can even sit here with me on my lap, what do you say Judge? Are you okay with that??

?Yes!? Judge Thompson affirmed as he proudly took his place on Myles? mighty lap.

?Oh, Judge Thompson found my special cushion huh? Be careful skinny dude, that thing gets harder if you keep shaking like that.? Myles chuckled.

It was Bradley?s turn to be shocked. He rushed towards the bench.

?Are you out of your mind? Don?t ruin this for us now??

Myles smiled sweetly, knowing Brad would never give up on him, his determination and focus didn?t allow him to see the obvious.

?Relax, honey. This is just a fa?ade after all. Don?t you think these ChemTech guys have already everything ready to appeal from anything this little guy decides? He?s totally sided with us, I mean, my muscles of course. The jurors, the bailiffs, the stenographer, even those puny lawyers are all boned because of my massive size, we will never have a result that we can use, you should know it, tell him judge.?

Myles gently lifted his leg and the skinny magistrate sighed.

?I am afraid your client is right, Mr. Phelps, this judgment will never make it in the higher courts as much as you get a nice sentence from the jury.?

?It can?t be?I mean we had the case, we had the TV and the media, these guys have messed with your life.? Brad had never felt desperate before. He thought he had it in the bag, but Myles was right, they have ruined everything, this could never be a valid trial.

?We can still have fun and just grilling them, maybe draw attention to our case for a next trial, but those sharks are not gonna let us walk out of here victorious, babe.? Callahan explained why he had just given up believing they would be successful in their original intent.

?Don?t tell me I have failed on you, Myles. I have never failed before, I have it all under control, please just get back to your place.?

?It?s okay, little man. We can still have fun! Look, we have humiliated them and still got some nice sponsor contacts from our media exposition, everything is going to be fine.? Myles tried to comfort Brad, extending his massive hand to reach for him, when suddenly, something unexpected happened.

Bradley was furious with himself, he had planned everything so carefully, but he couldn?t expect Myles? growth would be so intense, and the overwhelming effect of his size and strength had backfired in the end. The poor Callahan had grown so immense it would be impossible to keep him seriously into that role of a victim he had chosen for him.

?I have done everything wrong, I have failed on you Myles?damn you must be so disappointed.? The lawyer suddenly felt a sharp pain throughout his body, his limbs felt heavy and his heart was beating so fast, something was wrong, his body it just felt on fire!

?Baby, how can I be disappointed with the best little guy in the world? Don?t worry, you will find a way to make profit from this mess, I know you will.? The humongous monster?s incredibly deep tone sounded tender and concerned.

?ARRRGHHH!? Phelps screamed as he arched his back and heard the unmistakable sound of his expensive Armani suit being ripped with the thick new layers of muscle that grew along his spine.

Myles?s shock was immediately replaced by a blossoming smile because he recognized the same signs of an upcoming muscle growth episode. The behemoth chuckled as he pointed at his lover?s struggle.

?Look at that tiny judge, it seems that I am not the only muscle freak in this courtroom anymore.?

The muscles from the lawyer?s neck and deltoids grew so much thicker and wider, ripping the expensive suit from the shoulder height all the way to the middle of his uncanny back, revealing the tremendously bigger bellies and cervices underneath the thin layer of expensive fabric that flimsily covered the rugged surfaces of those road map muscles on Bradley?s expanding back.

?What the fuck is happening to me?? Brad literally drooled as his body continued to expand outwards, his figure widened while his arms bulged, the relaxed biceps engorged while the triceps continued to push their way against the sleeve fabric of his once perfectly tailored suit.

?Well, if I had to guess, it would have something to do with our latest session. You drank all my cum with such eager?no one had ever been able to drink so much from me, I think you were exposed to whatever made me grow like that.?

?That?s impossible! I had done it before, and nothing like that ever happened!? Brad protested, feeling his body convulsing with involuntary spasms of newly born super dense muscle fibers augmenting the weight of the amazing development of his physique.

Brad continued to moan, after his shoulders and neck muscles had grown so ultimately larger, his legs simply exploded from the tightness of his trousers, revealing waves of expanding sinewy proportions that flexed harder and thicker at each passing moment .

?How the hell should I know, babe? Those over there are the guys who created the shit and they look even more shocked than you right now.? Myles chuckled as he noticed the commotion in the defendant?s bench.

The lawyer hissed as his arms enlarged, from the uncanny roundness of his shoulders the quickly engorging biceps and triceps ballooned with sheer size and strength, veins popping seaming, the silk tie which already ripped from the neck expansion now hung low at the expanding width of the abdominal blocks of muscle.

?YOU!? The hulking lawyer lost his composure, overwhelmed by the testosterone flood that surged through his growing physique, clouding the judgment of the normally controlled young man.

?Holy crap, this thing is contagious!? One of the jurors said as he pointed to the continuing transformation on Brad?s body.

?ARE YOU HAPPY NOW? Ruining one life was not enough, right?? The lawyer unconsciously hit a most muscular pose, the energy contained by his expanding physique was simply too intense for the remains of his trousers to resist, the crotch tore with the pressure of the lengthening cock underneath.

Meanwhile, Judge Thompson felt something lifting from his comfortable position, and although Myles was so huge that the little man couldn?t see his face, which was covered by the immense thickness of his pectoral plates, but still, the chuckling on the monumental behemoth?s voice could be heard.

?I told you things would get harder?? The monstrous Callahan chuckled as his cock augmented and forced its way up, pushing Thompson?s legs aside and going inside his dark robes. In a few moments, it just pushed the black fabric like a huge tent, and all Judge Thompson could do was muttering a prayer between his lips.

Brad?s temper flared as he noticed his plans were totally screwed. ?Look at me now! That was a three thousand dollar suit!? The growing lawyer punched the thick redwood table and it simply exploded in a cloud of thick splinters flying all over the place.

The incredibly chiseled physique on the barely naked lawyer continued to augment as he produced loud sounds, which only showed how intense his transformation was. Just like Myles? spasms, the thickly muscular limbs on Bradley shook as innumerous layers of new muscle fibers spontaneously erupted on his body, and although it was quite uncomfortable at first, the growing Phelps couldn?t help the uncanny feeling of sexual satisfaction associated to his muscular augmentation.

?Oh you will have to pay for this! I?m gonna make you pay for EVERYTHING!? Bradley screamed, taking his hands to his face, he was caught by surprise to realize the immense size of his once perfect pianist hands, changed into powerful veined, paws with super thick calloused fingers that could easily rip through steel like it was tin foil.

Suddenly, ChemTech Labs? VP noticed that Bradley pointed at him with a furious glare.

?You knew this could happen! I?m gonna CRUSH you!? The massive new body on Bradley reached a new pace for his growth, which made him even bigger in just a matter of seconds, and his anger boiled as the lawyer reached for Daniel Lassiter, who could just shriek in horror.

A loud noise echoed in the courtroom, so frightening that it felt like the entire building collapsed over their heads, but after such terrifying moment, Lassiter realized he was still in one piece, only because the even more massive bulk of Callahan had prevented Bradley to realize such dreadful intent.

Myles gently held his lover in a powerful hug, that expressed his understanding, but it was also noticeable that he used an incredible amount of strength to hold down Bradley, even if still proved to be a more than simple task for such inhuman muscles. Bradley tried to break free from such powerful grip, but when intent proved itself simply unreachable, the still growing muscle creature attempted to look at Myles?s face, which also turned out impossible.

Their glorious physiques pressed against each other, pumping into even more monstrous proportions. Bradley was growing very fast, but he still was nothing close from the truly humongous proportions of the other behemoth. Myles had anticipated that his lover would get overwhelmed by the transformation, his beautiful eyes were so widely opened, it actually looked like Bradley?s clever mind was losing the battle to the uncontrollable testosterone flow, but Callahan knew he was the only one who could bring Phelps into sanity, so he took a deep breath and talked in his deep, rich thunderous voice tone:

?But little: I am arm'd and well prepared. Give me your hand, Bassanio: fare you well! Grieve not that I am fallen to this for you; For herein Fortune shows herself more kind Than is her custom: it is still her use To let the wretched man outlive his wealth, To view with hollow eye and wrinkled brow An age of poverty; from which lingering penance Of such misery doth she cut me off. Commend me to your honourable wife: Tell her the process of Antonio's end; Say how I loved you, speak me fair in death; And, when the tale is told, bid her be judge Whether Bassanio had not once a love. Repent but you that you shall lose your friend, And he repents not that he pays your debt; For if the Jew do cut but deep enough, I'll pay it presently with all my heart.?

No one else in the courtroom understood such pompous quote but Bradley himself. Since the first time he read Shakespeare?s The Merchant of Venice, the young Phelps became fascinated by duality of the characters, although he wanted to play the role of the dubious Shylock, because of his dazzling looks he was wrongly casted as Bassanio, the valiant adventurous gentleman of Venice who takes a loan from Shylock.

A smile flourished in Bradley?s lips as his muscle growth rage was calmed down by the words of the Bard and the even bigger muscles of his lover. The lawyer blushed as he remembered how that it was no one else but the young skinny Myles who played the role of Antonio, the merchant whose heart would be taken in exchange of Bassanio?s overdue debt.

?Antonio, I am married to a wife ? Which is as dear to me as life itself; But life itself, my wife, and all the world ? Are not with me esteem'd above thy life: I would lose all, ay, sacrifice them all Here to this devil, to deliver you.? Bradley replied as he gently kissed the immense arms of his massive knight in muscle freak armor.

Convinced that his lover was back in the control of his still augmenting physique, Myles just kissed him in the lips while their hard cocks rubbed against each other. Bradley blushed as his still smaller python reached for the size of Myles? humongous Cobra King.

?Welcome to the Freak Side, little dude, we don?t have T-shirts because of obvious reasons!? Callahan chuckled as he gently let Bradley back on the ground.

?Thanks for saving me?? Brad whispered before he took a deep breath, filling his chest with even more size. Bradley?s mind was still being flooded with testosterone while his muscles augmented constantly, he noticed Dr. Lowenfeld on the audience and smiled.

?Doctor, since my clothes are already ruined, would you care to take my measurements?? Myles kindly asked, still behaving like he was dressed in an expensive suit, something that seemed a bit funny since he was totally naked with a raging erection.

It goes without saying that Doctor Lowenfeld was more than willing to comply with Bradley?s requests, although it was quite different to weigh and measure someone who was still growing in all directions.

?I can say that you WERE 7?6? tall and weighed 785 pounds, Mr Phelps, but you do seem much bigger than that now, perhaps we should do another measurement once you are done growing?? The lust on the doctor?s tone made Myles? chuckle.

?Back off, doc. I welcome you to be my toy, but Brad?s MINE!? The massive monster advised.

Bradley just shook his head and thanked the doctor while he still insisted on carrying that trial.

?Doctor, could you explain what would be the cause of mu sudden growth??

Lowenfeld clearly preferred to worship the new muscles on the lawyer, but he just wouldn?t be able to deny anything to such amazing naked figure in front of him.

?I can?t be sure without further testing, but judging by the details that you have erm?disclosed, it seems that Mr. Callahan?s organism is replicating the same growth inductors of my original formula, only??

?Only what doctor?? Bradley casually flexed his expanding 40? biceps to the jury members while he felt his 14? inches long hard cock with the free hand.

?You have shown a much faster and more intense reaction, the formula seems much stronger now, I wonder if these effects are cumulative??

Bradley grabbed placed one jury member on each of his expanding arms and casually lifted them up and down.
?Care to elaborate that dear doctor??

Lowenfeld gulped.

?I?d rather not jump into conclusions?? The scientist tried to escape but he noticed that Callahan didn?t like his attempt.

?Spit it out at once, little man.?

?Yes, sir. The effects of your semen are most likely to be much more powerful than my formula, it is just a hypothesis but in theory, Mr. Phelps? own emissions can be even more effective?that is what I call cumulative effects, but it can also prove unreal.?

?Well, did you hear that gentlemen? Doctor Lowenfeld now imagines that I can be another carrier of this muscle growth condition, but on even more powerful proportions! Giving that I am still growing right in front of you, this is truly something to consider huh? But how are we going to prove him right or wrong??

?I could help you with that?? Judge Thompson volunteered trying to sound if it wouldn’t be a dream coming true, and Brad just had to hold his laughter.

?No offense your honor, but I would never dare to ruin your career and personal life by passing this condition to you. In fact, I don?t think it would be ethic of me to have sex with lots of men, making them into big muscle behemoths, and they might also pass this forward, creating a contingent of hulking muscle monsters that are all gonna blame ChemTech for such drastic change on their lives right??

If Daniel Lassiter and his expensive team of lawyers were afraid of Bradley when he was raging mad, they were simply petrified of horror now that his brilliant mind joined the humongous and still growing proportions of his glorious physique.

?I think that the only available solution for such conundrum is returning you the favor, don?t you agree Myles??

Callahan grinned. ?Are you telling me that you want to test this theory by feeding me your cum and see if I grow even bigger??

Bradley gingerly nodded. ?Of course, I want to make sure that you get even bigger than myself, after all, we monsters of immense massive muscles who can?t control their urges??

?Well, I can?t argue with such compelling arguments.? Callahan approached Bradley and easily lifted him from the ground, he was about to engulf the hard 16 inches of manhood between Phelps? immense thighs when Winston Fox screamed.

?DON?T DO IT! We agree to pay 25 million dollars; you?ve got your settlement.? ChemTech?s chief counselor announced, but suddenly the plaintiff?s team didn?t seem that much impressed.

?Oh, we are not interested in that settlement anymore. We can get much more than 25 million just with the several contracts on Media, can you imagine how much guys will pay for some of the diluted version of our cum? We can build super heavy muscle bodybuilders with a drop of our semen, we are gonna literally crush competition.? Bradley grinned.

?Perhaps, we can make a deal then? Lay down your terms and conditions? It was Daniel Lassiter himself that offered something this time, and this only meant they were completely desperate, much to Bradley?s happiness.

?Easy. You guys enter with the money, we enter with the raw material, the ownership of this joint venture will be split 80-20, and your investment will come from the compensation for Myles? losses so far. The new company will be under my legal supervision.? Phelps said very directly without even looking back at the ChemTech staff, while Callahan easily supported him off the ground.

?What do we get in exchange then?? Lassiter still tried to sound unconvinced, but anyone could hear desperation on his tone.

?You will get the chance to keep your little asses untouched.? Myles explained as he toyed with Bradley?s still growing cock. ?I am fed up with this dirty little game of yours. You created me, now I am here to make you pay for this, now if you excuse me, I have to grow much bigger and go trash some companies afterwards.?

?That won?t be necessary, gentleman. I have a much better counter-proposal.? Someone else entered the courtroom and this time Daniel Lassiter nearly faded.

?Uncle Max? What are you doing here?? The Vice President sounded like a spoiled little boy complaining about not gaining yet another expensive gift.

?Undoing this mess you?ve caused. Now get back to the car, and take those lawyers with you, they?re just as useless. In fact, everybody else should leave!? Maximilian Powers spoke at once and he was immediately obliged by most of people.

?This is my courtroom!? Thompson tried to protest, but Bradley just rolled his eyes.

?Beat it, little man, you are lucky if they let you keep your job after that.?

The courtroom was emptied in just a few moments. The legendary CEO of ChemTech Labs was indeed a very handsome older man with a respectable toned physique for his alleged age of 78, he had silver fox hair and a respectable clean shaved goatee.

?Gentlemen, I am not gonna try to sugarcoat reality. We?ve screwed everything, the whole nation is making fun of us right now, but we can change things in our favor.? The CEO sounded very much in comfortable with two naked massive muscle freaks

?And what is this magical offer of yours?? Bradley still sounded very suspicious.

Max smiled openly. ?It is not magical, Mr. Phelps, it is just pure science. We want what you?ve got and we want to pay for it, on your terms. You have my word.?

?Are we supposed to believe on you?? Myles asked sincerely.

?You are not, but then again you have nothing else to lose. After all, this whole idea started with a product I?ve ordered Dr. Lowenfeld to create.?

The two behemoths exchanged looks. Maximilian Powers just grinned and opened his shirt, revealing a chiseled rock hard vigorous set of 8 pack abdomen.

?So it was you who wanted to gain muscles the easy way huh?? Myles chuckled.

?Guilty as charged, but they didn?t come easy by any chance. I was given a much weaker version of the prototype that infected you, so I want everything that the original formula couldn?t give me!?

?So why did you let your nephew run this matter?? Brad still demanded some answers.

Max rolled his eyes. ?I?ve been faking illness ever since the treatment; I had to let Danny run this incident until I noticed the formula reached such powerful standards. Now that you can share this gift, I want to help with everything you need to take it even further.

?Are you telling us that you will put ChemTech at our service? At our full service to help us grow even bigger??

?Lowenfeld is already back on the team. He expects our return to keep investigating the further changes.? Maximilian answered right away

?Honey, would you look at that? Our little experiment just became a threesome?? Callahan grinned as he noticed Maximilian was getting harder as well underneath his expensive suit.

The three enhanced men engaged into a very powerful hug. Although Max was the smallest among them, his wisdom and experience was just everything they needed to become the mightiest beings on the planet.

And that was the beginning of everything.
There's no such thing as TOO BIG!
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Chestman is on a distinguished road
I'm happy to see you writing again, and hope that this is just the start of your big comeback :P
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Awesome and hot and totally you :P
Ancient Proverb: Whatever doesn't kill you today will only make you sore the next morning.
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A (very peculiar) Civil Action-Conclusion

I love your story. It is GREAT. The only thing I can not find Part 2. You show the beginning, Part 3, and the Conclusion but NO Part 2. Is the sequence number posted wrong or what? I am glad you are starting to writing again.
With the passing of Mr R Chris Cooper, who is sure missed. You write in his style and I love it. Remember The Bigger the Better. Sorry I did not mean to write a book. Thanks again
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Hey guys
Thanks for the feedback, most appreciated. I actually couldn't find part 2on the forum, so i gave the link for the post on omelissokomos site. I am honored to be compared to R Chris Cooper, because he was really talented, but I started writing these stories a long time ago...
I still don't know what my next project if I write something new or finish pending stories...

There's no such thing as TOO BIG!
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