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Old December 7th, 2012, 04:48 AM
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An academic adventure (4)

[COLOR=wheat]Here's part four, guys. Hope you enjoy![/COLOR]


[COLOR=wheat]?What ?.? was all that Aaron said as he began feeding on my newly gained size. I stared in the mirror of my private shower and witnessed his growth even though he was standing behind me.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=wheat]His grip tightened on my shrinking traps as his forearms inflated. His already impressive bis bulked to softball-sized, solid masses of meat. A big, blue vein travelled along them up to steady broadening shoulders. His round delts grew into two hard bowling balls of striated muscle, which gave Aaron an unreal wide v-taper. His pecs swelled into rock hard half watermelons, stretching his skin and pushing his nipples outward. He?s quickly approaching Jeff?s seize and height, I thought as I saw him rising upwards in the mirror. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=wheat]I looked down and saw an unconscious and diminished Jeff lying on his back. I had only taken about 25 pounds of muscle and 3 inches of cock before Aaron stepped into the pentagram. Jeff still looked good, but no longer impressive. He had the solid look of a jock that spend all his time in the gym: solid 16 inch arms, round delts, strong looking pecs on top of a nice six-pack leading down to an average sized 6 inch cock and well trained quads that needed a bit more mass. He looks just like Aaron used to, I thought.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=wheat]As an increasing fatigue invaded every cell of my body, my head slumped down further and I noticed my own shrinking form. I had already lost every pound I took from Jeff and my muscles continued deflating. My arms once again looked like toothpicks; my shoulders hunched forward as my delts seemed to evaporate; I could once again count my ribs as the meat disappeared from my chest; my newly formed six-pack flattened out into a skinny two-pack; my quads regained their old, undefined schoolgirl-size. And my cock! The head of my cock slowly crept back into my, now loose, speedo.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=wheat]?Mmmugh!? [/COLOR]

[COLOR=wheat]A low, baritone moan rumbled in my ears and made me look in the mirror again. All this time, Aaron had continued his path to perfection.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=wheat]His tight skin was pushed to its limits by his mammoth size muscles. His big, masculine hands, still clamped onto my now disappeared traps, covered my shoulders and half of my chest. His forearms were bigger than my calves and bulged with power; low hanging, thick horseshoe-shaped triceps jutted out from his arms; his bis had evolved into two rock hard, vein covered footballs of meat. His round, cannonball sized delts had cuts I?d never seen before and flowed over into textbook exemplas of perfection: his pecs. These slabs of hard, striated beef, the size of watermelons, looked flexed even though Aaron was completely relaxed. His big, hard nipples pointed outward and down. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=wheat]Aaron released his grip and I slumped down to the floor without taking my eyes of his reflection in the mirror.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=wheat]His once solid six-pack had hardened beyond belief into an eight-pack that seemed carved in stone; the striated obliques led down to a sight that took my breath away: between two intimidating massive, vein infested, deeply grooved quads hung golf ball-sized balls. A rock hard, 14 inch cock throbbed before his abs; veins snaked along the pulsing shaft that was thicker than my arm. Precum was leaking from the dark red head.[/COLOR]


[COLOR=wheat]Aaron let out an incredibly deep, deafening, baritone moan that filled my private shower and echoed down the common shower area as his cock exploded. A huge load splashed across the mirror and slid down to the floor. Spasms went through the massive muscles of his godlike body as five more loads geysered from his cock.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=wheat]I felt a dribble in my Speedo. Aaron?s broad back, filled with bulging muscles fighting for space, was the last thing I saw as he picked up the still unconscious Jeff, threw him on his boulder shoulder and left, before I passed out.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=wheat]The cold brought me back to my senses and I cautiously sat up in the peace of my deserted private shower. Was it a dream?, I thought as I scanned this private corner. The red pentagram on the floor and the cum covered mirror reminded me off the experiment. ?What could have gone wrong?, I said to myself as images of Aaron reaching bodybuilder sized proportions filled my mind and inflated my dick. Gripping the shower valve for support, I got up off the floor. As I did, my now loose speedo fell to the floor.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=wheat]I rinsed the cum off the mirror; tears filled my eyes when I saw my reflection. I?d lost way more mass than I had taken from Jeff. I looked like a boy awaiting puberty: my bones were clearly visibly through my pale skin and my cock, although it was at full mast thinking about Aaron, was down to 3 inches. I even shrank in height, I thought as I checked my height and noticed that I was down to 5?2.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=wheat]I raised my speedo to cover my shame and held it as I walked into the locker room. I stepped onto the scale and cried softly: 100 pounds of skin and bones. I quickly put on my baggy size small shirt and my pants. I even had to tie them with a rope to prevent them from dropping to my ankles. I left the locker room, rushed to my room and cried myself to sleep.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=wheat]I awoke from a restless sleep and was sadly greeted by my meager morning wood. My brain also came to live and I began considering my options. ?Aaron didn?t break my bones?, I said to myself, ?If I can just avoid both of them during the rest of this year, I?ll be fine.? I instantly realized that such a thing was impossible: as soon as Jeff figured out that I had stolen his size, he would come for me; with Aaron to back him up. ?Why did I mess with some demonic ritual??, I said out loud.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=wheat]This thought made me suddenly gaze at the mysterious book on my desk. The red cover seemed to tease me; did I hear whispers come from it? I grabbed the book to throw it out the window, but my brain froze my arms. Perhaps there was an explanation and a solution for my problem in there?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=wheat]Veneficus ridens maligne exibat?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=wheat]The sorcerer let out an evil laugh as he left his lair. He carried the weakened knight on his shoulder and climbed to the top of a hill. There he threw Reinoutus in a deep canyon. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=wheat]Nothing but the rest of this stupid story, I thought as I read on desperately.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=wheat]Post paucos dies Isidorus aviditatem sentibat?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=wheat]A few days later, Isidorus felt a strong desire flooding him. He still had his youthful looks and strength, but he wanted more. He left his lair and roomed the woods for a new victim.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=wheat]?What if Aaron wants more??, I asked myself and visions of his swelling form towering over my shrinking, skeleton-like body filled my mind. ?Get a grip!?, I loudly reprimanded myself, ?He doesn?t know the formula to start the ritual.?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=wheat]Pererrarens silva Isidorus veneficus cernit currere monachos duos?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=wheat]The sorcerer Isidorus wandered through the woods and saw two monks walking by. He lured one of them to his lair and chained him in the pentagram. Isidorus said the cursed formula, stepped into the pentagram and grabbed the monk?s shoulders. Youth and power flooded his body.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=wheat]Subito molestiam sentibat?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=wheat]Suddenly, he felled a strange feeling coming over him; a weakness invaded his limbs. The other monk had followed him and was now grabbing Isidorus? arms to free his brother. Youth and power were sucked into the monk as the sorcerer shriveled down. As the monks fled from his lair, Isidorus noticed that he had lost all his power; he now had the strength and the looks of an old man. Cursing the monks, he began searching a new victim.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=wheat]If I had only read on, I thought. Why had I been so eager to drain Jeff?s power? Damn my impatience! Okay, there are two things to do now: avoiding Aaron and Jeff and finding another prey. ?Easier said than done?, I said out loud, ?No other jock will let me grab his body to suck out his muscles and I don?t have chains forged by demons to tie them down. Perhaps there?s some recipe for a potion to drug them in this book.? I paged through the book but didn?t find anything useful. Frustrated, I tossed the book aside and decided to go for a swim.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=wheat]A week had passed since the incident and I was greeted by a large pile of dirty towels as I entered the locker room. I threw them in a closet, took out fresh ones and provided every locker with one. I got undressed and put on my baggy speedo. I turned around to get to the pool and bumped right into a solid pec. My hart started pounding as I looked up into Jeff?s face.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=wheat]?Easy there, C.?, he said, ?I don?t want to hurt our assistant locker room manager. Who else would bring our fresh towels??[/COLOR]

[COLOR=wheat]I stumbled back a bit with a quizzical look on my face. He doesn?t remember a thing?, I thought. ?You?re not mad??, I asked him.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=wheat]?Off course I?m mad?, he said, ?You didn?t come in for a week. Everyone had to grab fresh towels themselves and the dirty ones kept piling up; the smell was terrible. Why didn?t you come in? Sick??[/COLOR]

[COLOR=wheat]?Yeah?, I blurted out, ?Couldn?t eat for days. Finally feeling up for a swim. Working out alone today??[/COLOR]

[COLOR=wheat]?Nope?, Jeff replied, ?Aaron is already in the gym for two hours now. I join in at the end of his workout not to hinder him too much. When his muscles are fatigued and he?s using a bit less weight, I can spot him.? He moved to his locker and began stripping down.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=wheat]My three incher began expanding as I scanned Jeff?s still athletic torso. It raced to hardness but was concealed easily by my baggy speedo. ?You don?t mind being smaller than Aaron?? [/COLOR]

[COLOR=wheat]?He has great genes. His body just responds very well to training; always has. He has outsized me since we began workint out together. I?m doing my best to keep up and he pushes me to my limits every workout. Better not keep him waiting?, Jeff said as he put on his workout gear. Passing by, he bounced his pecs; my cock spurted a load in my speedo.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=wheat]Jeff noticed the wet stain and grinningly said: ?You really are into my body, aren?t you? We?ll meet in the showers later when Aaron?s gone.? He winked and headed over to the gym.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=wheat]I went to the pool and dove in to cool down.[/COLOR]
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This is really good. Does Aaron realize what happened? Can't wait for more.
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Enjoying this a lot!
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Thanks for all the positive comments and "thank you's", guys. I'm fine tuning part five. I'll have it ready after the weekend. Still working on putting Aaron's new size into action...
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