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An academic adventure (5)

[COLOR=lemonchiffon]Inspiration came faster than I thought, so here's part five. Enjoy![/COLOR]

[COLOR=lemonchiffon]Several times, I nearly drowned in the pool as I kept thinking that Jeff didn?t remember a thing. He had even invited me to another show in the shower. If I played my cards right, I could probably have a second try at stealing his muscles. Instead of calming me down, my swim just stimulated my excitement as images of me feeding on Jeff?s athletic body filled my brain. I watched the clock on the wall and noticed that an hour and a half had passed since I got in the pool. They?ll be under the shower, I thought and I headed over to the locker room.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=lemonchiffon]As I opened the door and got into the locker room, the sound of two familiar voices hit my ears. Silently, I sneaked towards the end of the row of lockers and peeped around the corner cautiously. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=lemonchiffon]Aaron was sitting on the bench, taking in deep breaths, his tank top drenched in sweat after his grueling workout. Jeff had stripped off his shirt and was standing in front of the large mirror. His hands roamed his athletic torso, groping his solid pecs and caressing his hard six-pack.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=lemonchiffon]?I?m definitely seeing results faster since we started working out together. If you hit a plateau, I?ll catch up in no time, big guy. See the solid mass on my arms??, Jeff said as he raised his arms into a flex.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=lemonchiffon]Nice, a bit striated, triceps defined themselves at the back of his arms; solid, hard looking peaks emerged to complete the picture. My three incher throbbed in my speedo.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=lemonchiffon]?Catch up to me??, Aaron said in his low baritone voice, ?Those 16 inch sticks are starting to look like my biceps, when I began working out.? [/COLOR]

[COLOR=lemonchiffon]He got up and put his right hand on Jeff?s flexed right arm. His large hand completely covered the flexed bi and a big part of the low hanging tri. Jeff let out a soft, painful groan as Aaron tightened his grip. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=lemonchiffon]?I?m not even using half of my force?, Aaron said, ?You?ll have to stuff yourself with proteins and train like a madman to start approaching my size. I?m 235 and outweigh you be 65 pounds of rock hard muscle.?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=lemonchiffon]He took in a deep breath and a tearing sound filled the locker room as his pumped muscles burst through his tank top. The fabric, stretched to the max after his workout, ripped to shreds and fell to the floor. He stepped up right behind Jeff and completely hid him from sight with his massive 6?3 frame.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=lemonchiffon]I drank in the sight of Aaron?s amazing back: broad, thick, bulging lats capped with beefy traps that nearly touched his ears. My marble-sized balls sent a load down my rock hard cock and my three incher pumped it into my speedo.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=lemonchiffon]?Now see what a real man?s biceps look like?, Aaron said to Jeff as he began raising his arms.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=lemonchiffon]Incredibly striated rear delts jutted out the back of his shoulders; vein crossed, meaty, horseshoe-shaped, low hanging triceps hardened at the back of his arms; a big, blue vein was pushed outward by the bulging masses of his biceps as they swelled on top of his arms. Jeff brought in his forearms even further and the two football sized bis rose higher. The intimidating big, vein infested, rock hard peaks emerged in all their glory.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=lemonchiffon]My hips bucked as my pulsing three incher spurted out dribble after dribble of cum as I contemplated the godlike perfection Aaron had evolved into.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=lemonchiffon]?You really like my 22 inch canons, don?t you Jeff?, I heard him rumble as he lowered his left arm and effortlessly tore off Jeff?s shorts and briefs. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=lemonchiffon]In the mirror I could see Jeff?s throbbing, rock hard, 6 inch cock. Jeff?s face went red as he quickly lowered his hand to shamefully cover his pulsing erection.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=lemonchiffon]?No need to blush, little guy?, Aaron said, ?I?ve seen you checking me out in our room and sporting wood when you spot me in the gym.? He pushed Jeff?s hand aside with his left hand and grabbed Jeff?s cock. The throbbing, rock hard 6 incher disappeared completely in Aaron?s large, meaty paw. ?How much can you take, J.??, he said as he teasingly tightened and loosened his grip.[/COLOR]


[COLOR=lemonchiffon]A pleasure filled moan escaped Jeff?s mouth as orgasm wrote itself across his face.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=lemonchiffon]?That?s fast; you can?t take much. But my rock hard, perfectly sculpted muscles deserve more. I?m going to milk you dry, little guy?, Aaron said mischievously as he continued tightening and loosening his left hand.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=lemonchiffon]Ecstasy filled Jeff?s widely opened eyes as the strong, meaty paw continued to milk his 6 incher. His mouth hung open but no sounds came out as his dick squirted out load after load, filling the meaty paw encircling it. As cum began dripping down between Aaron?s big fingers, Jeff started to fall forward as his knees gave out.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=lemonchiffon]?We?re not done yet?, Aaron said and he lifted Jeff off the ground and tightened his grip again.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=lemonchiffon]Jeff?s 170 pound athletic body was supported entirely by Aaron?s strong left paw that kept milking his dick. Shooting his tenth and final load, Jeff?s body went limp as he passed out.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=lemonchiffon]?Good boy?, Aaron grunted deeply, ?Let?s hit the showers after our intense workout?. He threw Jeff?s limp body on his beastly, thick shoulder and strutted over to the shower area.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=lemonchiffon]My three incher had soared back to hardness as I witnessed this dreamlike scene. Two more loads filled my speedo before I slumped to the floor. My balls kept blasting cum through my pulsing shaft as I saw Jeff being milked dry. As Aaron disappeared with Jeff in the shower area, I slowly sat up. Realizing I couldn?t handle anymore, I decided not to shower and rushed over to my room, wearing nothing but my baggy, cum filled, speedo. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=lemonchiffon]Back in my room, the thought off Aaron?s incredible strength haunted my mind. I just couldn?t get the image of him effortlessly holding up Jeff with one arm out off my mind. I jerked four more times before my sore marble-sized were completely empty. Rational thoughts emerged in my brain. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=lemonchiffon]Okay, I thought, let?s consider the facts first. Jeff doesn?t remember me trying to steal his muscles. He still likes that I?m into him. He?s serious about catching up to Aaron, so he doesn?t remember that he was the bigger one. And then there?s Aaron. He really thinks that he has always been the big guy and apparently likes dominating Jeff with his perfect body. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=lemonchiffon]I?ll have to focus on Jeff, cause Aaron is just too big to try anything on. If I start feeding on his size and he realizes it, he?ll have enough power left to crush me like a bug. But even if I drain 100 pounds from Jeff, I?ll still be smaller than Aaron. I?ll have to wait until Jeff gains another 40 pounds, I thought desperately as I began pacing up and down my room.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=lemonchiffon]A plan slowly formed in my racing mind. Recently, I had heard some football players talking about steroids in the locker room. If I could obtain these, I would only have to convince Jeff to take them. I would help him get bigger to have more mass that I could steal. Then I would outsize Aaron and grow truly huge by draining his last ounce of muscle.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=lemonchiffon]?Why not take steroids myself??, a little voice in my head said. I quickly put the thought aside. Why put my body through the strain of working out as I could just take the size and grow big effortlessly?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=lemonchiffon]A nice occasion to talk to Jeff presented itself the next day. As usual, I was sitting in the back of the veggie restaurant on campus for lunch. I was about to leave as Jeff sat down at my table. His tight, black shirt accentuated his athletic muscles and send blood to my hardening cock.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=lemonchiffon]?Hey, C.?, he said, ?Everything ok??[/COLOR]

[COLOR=lemonchiffon]?Yeah, thanks?, I replied as calmly as possible. ?Sorry I didn?t wait in the locker room last night. I was too tired after my swim.?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=lemonchiffon]?Oh, right. I don?t mind. My body was over stimulated and my muscles were drained completely after the workout Aaron put me through?, he said as he quickly gulped down some food to hide the blush spreading on his face.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=lemonchiffon]?Where is Aaron by the way? Doesn?t he have to eat??[/COLOR]

[COLOR=lemonchiffon]?He?s in the gym again; twice a day since the start of the semester?, Jeff replied coolly as he stopped blushing. ?He spends every free minute lifting weights. He even eats in there: always gulping down protein shakes to feed his muscles. He drinks five of them a day, I only three.?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=lemonchiffon]?So that?s why I have to make massive amounts of protein shakes lately?, I said grinningly, ?You?ve ever considered steroids to get as big as him??[/COLOR]

[COLOR=lemonchiffon]?I would never inject that poison in my body. I'm natural, like Aaron. He just has very good genes that make his body grow just by looking at a dumbbell. He has always been bigger than me. I?m happy with my toned, athletic body and I?m not the only one?, Jeff said as he winked.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=lemonchiffon]It was my time to blush now and I got up muttering that I had to get to class.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=lemonchiffon]As usual I found it very difficult to focus on professor Faudistuef?s lecture. As he went on and on about dragons and witches, my mind kept plotting how I would help Jeff bulking up rapidly. I began searching the web on my hidden ipad and came across a website that sold oral steroids. ?That?s it!?, I said out loud.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=lemonchiffon]Every student in the room looked at me and professor Faudistuef sarcastically said: ?I?m glad to see that you admit having a witch in your family, Carlos?. Laughter filled the room and I pretended to take notes as my face went red. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=lemonchiffon]The lecture went on and I ordered a big supply of oral steroids; I would slip them in Jeff?s protein shakes. He would never know it.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=lemonchiffon]I rushed out the room at the end of the lecture and went straight to the locker room. I found a note from Aaron asking more protein shakes. I made the shakes, put on my speedo and dove in the pool. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=lemonchiffon]An hour later, I got back to the locker room and noticed that Aaron?s protein shakes were gone. I heard clanging weights and his deep, baritone voice rumbling in the gym. He really is a beast, I thought as I stripped and went to the shower area. I passed the common showers and strode to my quiet, private corner. I turned around the wall and took in a sharp breath as I was greeted by the sight of Jeff?s athletic back.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=lemonchiffon]?What took you??, he asked as he turned around. ?I?ve been waiting for 20 minutes.?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=lemonchiffon]My three incher was hard instantly as I laid eyes on his solid, toned pecs. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=lemonchiffon]He bounced them a few times before he slid his hands down his torso to caress his hard six-pack. Below them, his flaccid cock began inflating. ?You know what to do.?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=lemonchiffon]I kneeled down, positioned my hands on his quads to steady myself, opened my mouth and took in his engorged 6 incher.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=lemonchiffon]Jeff closed his eyes and a moan of pleasure left his mouth as I started sucking like my life depended on it.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=lemonchiffon]?Fuck, you?re good?, he grunted and he let out more pleasure filled moans as my tongue joined in to massage his pulsing shaft.[/COLOR]


[COLOR=lemonchiffon]His moan filled my private shower as he blasted a big load down my throat. My three incher followed his lead and squirted out my own meager load.[/COLOR]
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