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An academic adventure (7)

[COLOR=silver]Okay, guys, we're closing in on the big finale. I guess there will be one (or perhaps two) chapter(s) following this one. No growth in this part, just some plot development and some sex. Hope jou enjoy![/COLOR]


[COLOR=silver]I awoke groggily in a big bed. As I slowly opened my eyes, my mind processed last night?s events. My thoughts filled with images of Aaron?s massive frame dominating Logan and my five incher began inflating. As I reached down to play with my semi-hard shaft, my right hand bumped into a hot, hard mass. My fingers explored the solid bulk and I realized that I was fondling the surface of a striated, meaty quad. A distant, low grunt rumbled next to me.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Aaron??, I whispered as my hand kept exploring the deep grooves.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Already in the gym, C.?, Jeff replied and turned over to face me.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]As he did, the sheets slid off the bed and revealed his athletic frame. I took in a deep breath as my eyes scanned his beefed up torso. ?You?ve gotten bigger?, I blurted out.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Yeah, bulked up 15 pounds of pure muscle. You like it, I see?, he said as he nodded down.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]I followed his gaze to my fully hard five incher, blushed shyly and took my hand from his thigh.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Don?t punish yourself, C. Feel what an athlete feels like?, Jeff said as he grabbed my hands and placed them on his six-pack.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]My dick pulsed as my hands roamed across the rock hard surface. A little sigh escaped my mouth as Jeff tightened his abs and the cut grooves deepened. My fingers followed the deep lines upward to his squared chest. I grabbed a solid, beefy pec in each hand and began groping them.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Uuhh. Don?t stop, C.?, Jeff grunted and flexed his chest.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]My engorged five incher throbbed wildly in the air as I felt the striated muscles harden further. My right hand continued upwards over his nice, round delts and stopped on the solid mass of his right bicep. I tightened my grip and slightly dug my fingers in.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=silver]My eyes went wide as Jeff flexed his arm. The vein-crossed softball hardened and forced my hand open. I felt cum racing through my pulsing shaft and a big load splattered across Jeff?s cut abs.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Clean up your mess, C.?, he said grinningly as he gently grabbed my head and pushed it to his abs. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]My cock soared to hardness again as my tongue licked the cum from hard grooves of his six-pack.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?My turn?, Jeff said as he pushed me aside and flipped me on my stomach.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]I grunted as he maneuvered his 185 pounds on my 150 pound frame. I felt him slide down further and installing himself behind me. My breathing went shallow as the hot, pulsing head of his hard 6 incher teased my ass.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Here we go?, he whispered in my ear, grabbed my sides and pushed in his engorged, throbbing cock. He raised his hands to grab my shoulders and began pounding my ass.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=silver]My mouth hung open and pleasure exploded down my body; my five rock hard five incher, trapped between the mattress and my body, throbbed against my abs as his trusts got deeper and harder.[/COLOR]


[COLOR=silver]A deep moan left Jeff?s mouth and rumbled in my ears as he came. I felt torrents of cum shooting from his bouncing dick and filling my ass. The pressure increased as a second and a third big load splashed up my ass. My own cock blasted out another load on my abs as Jeff pulled out.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?That was great, C. I could get used to do this first thing every morning?, he said exhaustedly as he fell on his back next to me.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Me too?, I said with a smile and noticed the clock behind him, ?9:15? Shit, I?ve got to get to class to hand in my assignment!?. I jumped out the bed, cum still dripping from my ass, got dressed and rushed out before Jeff could say another word.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]I rushed into my room, grabbed my books and hurried out. I nearly bumped into Logan as I sprang out the door. I halted and backed into the wall, but he quickly made room for me to let me pass. Guess he still remembers the lesson Aaron taught him, I thought. I ignored him and sprinted to room 6.66. I put my assignment on the pile in front of the room and took my place in the back.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]Twenty minutes later, professor Faudistuef walked in and began his lecture. ?We?ve burned through the chapter on witches last week?, he said and laughed at his joke. None of the students joined in and he continued. ?Today?s topic is still in the more esoteric side of medieval literature : spells and magic forces?.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Feel the power of the dark side!?, someone said out loud and laughter filled the room. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]Since he didn?t understand the joke, professor Faudistuef simply continued his lecture, muttering something like ?disrespectful kids nowadays?. ?In the Middle Ages, people strongly believed in supernatural powers. Anyone that possessed some knowledge on plants was considered a witch or a sorcerer. That?s why there are so many wizards, witches and magic spells in medieval literature. Off course, we all know that those spells are, well, plain nonsense.?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]I grinned at that remark and thought at the adventures I had lived since the discovery of the mysterious book.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?You think that?s funny, Carlos? You really aren?t that stupid to believe in magic formulas, do you? How on earth did you get in your final year??[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]Professor Faudistuef?s sarcastic comment chased my thoughts and I returned my attention to the lecture. He can even make something cool boring, I thought as I took notes.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]Two and a half hours later, I left the room and grabbed lunch at the veggie restaurant. Since Jeff didn?t show up, I finished my lunch quickly and without ruining my briefs. I returned to my room, where a surprise awaited me. The door was slightly opened and all my things were thrown on the floor. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]The book, I thought as I jumped inside. I rushed through the pile of paper thrown on my bed and relaxed as I saw the familiar red cover. ?What did they look for?? I said to myself as I began cleaning things. I opened the middle drawer of my desk to put in the book and discovered that the steroids were gone. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Who could have known I had these in here??, I asked myself. The image of Logan came to my mind as I remembered that I had passed him in the hallway before class. He?s too stupid to think there could be steroids in my room and he won?t mess with me after last night?s lesson, I thought.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Let?s consider the facts?, I said to my reflection in the window, ?I can?t speed up Jeff?s growth anymore since I have no money to buy more steroids. If I steal his muscles now, I?ll have to drain every ounce to slightly outsize Aaron and have a go at his mass. Can I still feed on Aaron?s size after he saved me from Logan last night? ? I?ll wait till the end of the semester; like that Jeff has plenty of time to gain some more size and it will be easier to drain away Aaron?s muscles if I outsize him by twenty pounds.? The thought of growing huge pumped blood to my five incher.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]I opened the mysterious book and began decrypting the text where I had left off.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]Daemonium monitionem Isidoro venefico dabat?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]A devil gave the sorcerer Isidorus a warning. It would be impossible to steal youth from someone he had already taken some.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Crap!?, I said out loud, ? It?s no use I speeded up Jeff?s growth. I can?t steal any more from him.?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]Aliam formulam cognoscere opus erit.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]It would be necessary to know another formula to be able to do so. A cursed formula known only by the most evil spirits in Hell. It would cost Isidorus? soul to obtain this powerful formula. The sorcerer gladly complied and agreed to sacrifice his soul for this supreme, dark knowledge from Hell. Isidorus stepped into the pentagram and closed his eyes. A cold darkness filled his lair and he let out an icy scream as he felt his soul leaving his body. The sorcerer opened his eyes and the new cursed formula filled his mind. He left his lair and began searching to woods for another prey. A bandit crossed his path and forced him to hand over his possessions. Isidorus took him to his lair, where he chained him with the chains from Hell. The sorcerer pushed the thief into the pentagram, said the old formula and drained some of the thief?s youth. Isidorus loosened his grip and said out the new formula: ?Iovis et Orcus, da me omnis vigor suis!?. He grabbed the thief?s shoulders and felt the energy racing through his veins. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]That?s easy, I thought, I don?t have to sacrifice my soul cause the formula is written in this book. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]For a week, I continued studying the text. Around 8.30 pm., I closed the book as someone knocked on my door. I hid the book in my desk and went over to the door. I opened it and stepped back involuntary as I saw Aaron?s godlike body standing in front of me.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?We need to talk, C.?, he said with a serious expression on his face.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Come in?, I muttered and let him pass. He remembers that his size came from me draining Jeff, I thought. The sight of his massive frame stretching his skintight shirt distracted me and send blood rushing to my hardening five incher. I took in a deep breath, closed the door and turned to face him.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?You have to explain something?, Aaron said as he sat down on my bed. ?Why was Logan after you? He usually only goes after guys that could outsize him. That?s why he chased me out the gym at the beginning of the semester. He saw the potential threat as I was 5 pounds heavier than him. Since my latest growth spurt I outsize him by 45 pounds of pure muscle and after last week he won?t come near me again. So, why did he attack you, C.?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]Better be honest, I thought and I looked Aaron in the eye as I began my explanation. I told him how I discovered the mysterious book containing the magic formula to steal one?s muscles; how I used it to take some of Jeff?s size and how Aaron had accidentally drained it away; how I drained Logan last night. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]Aaron didn?t say a thing as I finished my story. He opened his mouth and began laughing out loud. ?Hilarious, C! A formula to drain muscle! Are you on drugs? The last time Jeff was bigger than me, is ages ago. Since I hit my first growth spurt at 15, he has always been the smaller one; especially since my body responded so well on working out. Jeff wishes he could be as big as me.?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?I?m serious, Aaron?, I said.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?You?ve read too much of those medieval stories, C. You should write a book, man. There?s only one way to build muscle: working out?, Aaron said as he got up. ?Off to the gym to hit the weights and grow.? He flexed his right arm in front of him to illustrate his form.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]I just stared at him as the rock hard, football-sized, vein-crossed bicep rounded on his arm. My five incher throbbed and was instantly hard.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?Come on, C.?, Aaron said, ?Let?s go!?.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]?I uh can?t uh spot you?, I muttered, ?You?re using way too much weight for me to handle.?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]He laughed. ?You don?t have to spot me, C. Even Jeff can?t spot the weight I use during the first half of my workout. You?ll have to make some protein shakes.? He strutted out the door and I followed him admiring his broad, muscular back.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]We didn?t waste time in the locker room. I began making the protein shakes as Aaron headed over to his locker to get changed. I returned a few minutes later, hoping to drink in the sight of his godlike physique. Aaron had already gone to the gym. I opened the door to the gym and was greeted by the sound of Aaron grunts. The gym was completely deserted this time at night. Aaron was squatting in front of a mirror; his powerful quads bulged as he moved the insane amount of weight; thick veins snaked across the teardrop-shape next to his knee; deep grooves outlined the hard, beefy mass.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=silver]He winked as I put his shake on a bench with his towel. I didn?t want to disturb his training, so I began cleaning the closet in the gym. I stepped in to arrange the spare weights and left the door slightly open. Time went by as I struggled to move the dumbbells and I heard a voice in the gym. I glanced through the slightly opened door, expecting to see Jeff to join Aaron for the second hour and a half of training. I blinked as I saw 6, no 7 football players enter? [/COLOR]
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" I blinked as I saw 6, no 7 football players enter…"
keep working out, stay focused and you will achieve your goals in the gym!
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Originally Posted by polomuscle View Post
" I blinked as I saw 6, no 7 football players enter?"
That would too obvious, don't you think? I'm still working on some ideas what to do exactly with those 7 football players...
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