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Books of Prophecy: Matthew

Commentary (and advisory): These are the authentic texts that chronical the
beginning of our third age. They contain acts of violence that
characterized our second age, particularly under the reign of The Tyrant.
Novices and others not of age or of an appropriate disposition shall not
read these words. -- The Council of Masters

Every tyrant must fall. Everything that is stolen must be returned.
Victory when the five shall lead as one. -- The Curse of Julius

>>From the Journal of Todd Rothman, September 5

Jesus, last night was wild. I had always thought Ric was like the most
cool dude when he snuffed someone, but Frank is just the most awesome.

Frank drove while Dad talked. "It's a scam so Frank can have some fun. I
pretend to be Frank's jealous ex lover and our mark rescues Frank. Frank
is so grateful that he offers to be the guys plaything. When we get the
guy away, that's when the fun begins."

"Away from where?" I asked.

"This guy works as a bouncer at some disco. Frank says he's into some
experimental steroid or something that makes him real big and strong."

Frank interrupted, "Strength rules, and this guys taken down a couple of my
friends. It ain't no normal steroid the guy takes, but something that
makes him as strong as some morphs. We can't have that. The guy goes down
tonight." Frank stared ahead, determination in his voice and in his
eyes. We were quiet til we got to the place.

The disco was in an industrial part of town. Frank went in first and got a
beer. Dad and I went in about 15 minutes later. Frank had taken off his
shirt and was dancing with some bimbo. We spotted the bouncer in a dark
corner, concealed by shadows. Dad and I wore jeans and white tank tops
that showed off our muscles. After my experience with Frank, I had to
borrow some of Dad's clothes.

Dad and I had arranged our packages to best show off our huge cocks. Dad
took my arm and led us to the dance floor. Dancing was like an aerobic
workout where our goal was to sweat. The sweat showed off our massive
muscles and brought us the attention we wanted. After a few songs, we had
moved to be near Frank and the bimbo. I backed into the cunt, and knocked
her down. Frank jumped to her defense.

That's when Dad and Frank began to fight. Not punching fight, just yell at
each other. Dad accused Frank of being jealous of me -- that I was a real
man with huge muscles and a huge cock that made him look like a boy. Frank
said that Dad was nothing but a faggot sissy. The fight worked. It got
the attention of the bouncer.

I could hardly believe the size of the guy as he emerged from the shadows.
He was about as tall as Dad, but a lot more muscular. He wore a black
t-shirt with the name Matthew written in white thread across one of his
massive pecs. His black jeans hugged huge legs. His biceps ripped at
the t-shirt and looked about 30 inches around. He came up behind Dad as Dad
was about to throw a punch at Frank. Dad's arm pulsed with force, but the
bouncer just caught the arm and stopped it like it was a child's fist. Dad
then punched the guys abs, and he just laughed. I jumped on his back, but
he grabbed my shirt and flicked me off as if I were a fly. The guys
strength was unbelieveable. I mean, I've wrestled with Eric and even he
didn't seem as strong as this guy. Hard to believe he wasn't a morph.

Dad and I both continued at him, but he just stood there and repelled any
attack. "You two just don't get it. You may think you got muscle, but
ain't no one as strong as me." The guy grinned. I have to admit, he was
damned cute. With two big hands he lifted us by our pants and carried us
to the door. "Now go away and leave our respectable customers alone."

After pulling ourselves back together, we headed to the truck. Dad told me
what was going on inside. He and Frank had run this scam before. Frank
was thanking the guy, oggling his power and complaining about me. Frank
would turn on his charm. Dad said that Frank could make anyone want him
and want him bad, "Like he did to you tonight." I don't know what he meant
by that, unless all that animal lust I felt had been willed by Frank.

The disco closed at 2 AM, but Frank didn't come out til 2:30. He was with
Matthew. They got into a run down old Ford and drove off. Dad and I
followed. We went to Frank's place. Frank and Matthew went in the front
door while Dad and I pulled around back. We heard them talking from the

"Ya, I majored in biochemistry in college, but I really wanted to be in the
gym. After I graduated, I started working for these drug companies that
wanted a safe steroid. I began to look at guys' genetics when I stumbled
on to something. That's when I quit and went into business for myself.
You think these guys are building 25, 26 inch bis naturally? Nah. They're
all my customers. I give them the stuff, and they grow huge. But I always
keep the best for myself."

"Gee man, it must be great to be as big and strong as you."

"You like this muscle? Well, the drugs got some drawbacks. When you first
take it, you're like superman for about an hour. Then the strength goes away
to something like normal, but you keep any size that you built. Guys
normally take it before heading to the gym so that they can get a super
pump. I took a quick shot before I dealt with your friends. That's why
they couldn't hurt me, I was just too damned strong."

"And you sell this stuff?"

"Not the stuff I take. I take only the best stuff. Ya see, little man, I
found a way to make muscles invincible. My formula allows muscles to
contract harder and harder without tiring or breaking down. They become
like steel, well for the hour that the strength last. I'm trying to find a
way to make the strength permanent. Soon. I'm on to something, but it
still has some quirks."

"Man, I can't believe that you don't know how perfect you are with all
those big muscles."

I could hear some scuffling I noticed that Frank and Matthew had stripped.
They were hugging and kissing, Frank feeling the guy's huge body. I have
to admit, the guy was impressive. He looked to have no body fat and huge
veins were visible over massive muscle bellies. His cock looked to be
about 10 inches. The guy grabbed Frank's arms and forced them back, or so
he thought. Frank moved to kiss the guy and while he was tonguing him he
suddenly brought the guys arms back. You could see the shock on Matthew's
face and his whole body flexed, but Frank was not to be beaten.

That's when Dad and I came into the room with steel chains and padlocks.

"What the fuck!" screamed Matthew.

We wrapped the chains tight around the man's chest and arms, and used the
padlocks to bind the man so he couldn't move. Frank held him and no matter
how hard the guy flexed, he couldn't outflex Uncle Frank. When he was
bound, Frank walked over to where the guy had dropped a fanny pack. Frank
pulled out a couple of syringes.

"This the stuff?"

"Man, that's the only way you'd get as big as me is to steal my stuff."

"I don't need it, but I think you do." Frank looked and saw that one
syringe was full, the other slightly empty. "That how much you took

"Ya, and that's enough to make your two friends look like the wimps they

"Ever need to take more."

"Ya, when I killed those guys. You're like them, ain't ya? Gotta tie me
up and keep me weak. What ever happened to the rules, huh? Whatever
happened to strength rules!"

That's what Frank always told us when he fucked Dad, strength rules.

"How much you take then?"

"Half syringe."

"Good thing you brought along more than that then. This all you got."

"It's more than I'd need if I weren't tied up."

Frank gave a syringe to Dad and they went to Matthew's arms. "In the
vein, right?"

"If you wanna be stupid."

Matthew flexed his biceps. 30 inches of power fought a losing battle
against the steel chains, but a vein pulsed on each arm. Frank and Dad
inserted the needles into the vein and slowly emptied each syringe.

Matthew seemed to relax as a grin came over his face. "Ah, man, that
feels good." When the syringes were empty, Frank and Dad stepped back.
Matthew taunted, "That was a mistake."

As the serum had entered his body, I noticed a change in the man. He
seemed to gain confidence, but it was more than that. His appearance
changed. He seemed to exude power. Now, the effect was even greater. The
only other man I ever had this feeling from was Uncle Frank. It was a
feeling of raw manliness -- a primitive energy that demanded respect and
commanded authority. His skin changed, becoming transparent to his diamond
hard mass of muscle.

"You idiots just don't get it." He sat in the chair with a smug grin on
his face. "Ain't nothin more powerful than these muscles now, thanks to
you guys." He raised his right hand, easily shattering the chain and
breaking the padlocks that held it in place. Chain links went flying
across the room. Although his arm had been held tight, there wasn't even a
mark on it from the chain. "Ya see, dudes, it took me years to perfect
that serum. First I started working with powerlifters and bodybuilders,
and found ways to enhance their strength. That just got the attention of
these even stronger guys. They call themselves morphs, but you know all
about them, don't you."

Matthew now flexed his left bicep. Like before, the chain shattered with
links flying everywhere. He brought his bicep up to his lips and
kissed it.

"My first formulas had increased strength by causing the muscles to grow in
size and number. I had also found a way to make them immune to lactic acid
and other chemicals that made muscles feel tired. But then these morph
guys began to come around. They were like another level, bigger, stronger.
They were violent too. First they tried to scare me, telling me they'd
kill me if I continued my work. That just made me more determined. I'll
tell you, the first guy that came was incredibly strong and he almost beat
me. After all, I had only been experimenting on regular guys up until
then. It was either him or me, and well," he raised his biceps
triumphantly and the chain around his chest began to show signs of strain,
"I'm still here. And I had some new genetic material to analyze. Ya know,
nobody even asks when one of you guys bites it. I expected someone to come
snooping around the lab, but hiding the body and samples I took was no
problem. I enhanced my formula with the special enzymes I found in the
morph's body. It seems those enzymes had some pretty neat effects." The
guy flexed his chest and snapped the chain as easily as the others. He
stood up, ignoring the flying links of the last of the chain -- he had
broken it as easily as someone would break string.

Uncle Frank had let the creep go on about how strong he was. He didn't
look concerned. After all, he was a morph. He'd just zap the guys
strength then have some fun with him. Frank walked over and put his hands
in the air.

"Think you're so strong, asshole. Those were some of my friends you so
casually killed. I've been sent to put an end to your little fantasy that
you're some kinda strong man."

"Hey dude, strength rules, right? Let the strongest survive." The asshole
lifted his hands, palms facing Frank. Uncle Frank had easily outflexed
this guy once, like some steroid or something could even hope to change

Frank took the guys hands. He began to flex. Muscle chords bulged and
Frank's whole body looked like some sorta 3D anatomy chart. Veins pulsed,
feeding his super-dense muscles with blood. Muscle expanded against skin
as Frank's shoulders and chest pumped huge. Matthew's hands didn't move.
There was a strained look on Frank's face.

"Oh, dude, didn't I tell you. One of the neat effects of the serum is that
your morph powers won't work on me. Ya know, I can feel you trying to grab
my muscle. It kinda tickles. I'll give you this much, you're a lot
stronger than the last guy that tried to take me alone, but it only took a
quarter syringe to beat him. Thanks to you, I have 8 times that much
running through me."

Slowly, the guy began to bring Frank's arms downs. Frank was sweating,
straining. He was grunting "no" as they guy effortless brought his
arms down to his sides. "Ya know, you're kinda cute when you're all
submissive like this." Matthew pulled Frank close to him. He released
Frank's arms and began to hug his chest. Frank instinctely flexed, flaring
wide lats and expanding mountainous pecs. The guy seemed to get off on
feeling Frank. He lowered his head and kissed Frank. Frank tried to
resist, but resistance was futile with this guy. I couldn't believe it,
the guy was actually out muscling Uncle Frank!

Frank flexed and tried to free himself, but the guy began to increase the
pressure of his bear hug. Frank's rock hard body strained against the
crushing force of Matthew's chest and arms. Frank's invulnerable muscles
were forced in, only to expand once again as he strained against Matthew's
power. "Mmmmm, nice and hard." Matthew continued to tongue rape Frank's
mouth as he hugged the life out of him. Frank was dowsed in sweat as his
unbeatable muscle was beaten -- crushed by the diamond hard body of
Matthew. Matthew's cock was sticking out from between Frank's legs. The
guy was using Frank to jerk his meat and get himself off as he slowly
crushed Frank's previously uncrushable body.

Dad ran over and started pounding on Matthew. The guy didn't even seem to
notice. "Stop, you're killing him." I heard a snicker come from Matthew.
Suddenly, he pushed Uncle Frank away, sending him flying across the room.
It didn't even look like he tried very hard. He tried less hard with Dad,
giving him a slight push that drove him into the far wall with
enough force to knock him out. I ran over to him. Frank appeared

"So, little man, waddya see in these two wimps anyway?"

Frank groaned and tried to get up.

Matthew walked over to me and grabbed me. The first time at the disco it
was impossible for me to resist him. Now it was even harder. The bouncer
grabbed my shirt and ripped it off. Then my pants. It was like he was
tearing tissue paper. My dick bounced up, half hard. I didn't want to,
but the guy's power and muscle was turning me on.

"Ah, so that's the attraction. Man, you are one horse-hung kid." He
pulled me close so that I could feel the heat of his body. He grabbed my
dick and began to jerk me off. He moved his head toward mine and we
kissed. I could feel my dick grow and get hard over this man. "Man dude,
I ain't never seen a cock that big before. Bet you could even satisfy me.
I've been with guys with footlong dicks, but they ain't been able to get me
off since I started doing this shit." He flexed his bicep. My tongue
lapped at the peak of power. He let me suck on it.

"Leave the kid alone. You're argument is with me." Frank was back on his
feet and walking toward us. Matthew flicked me aside and grabbed Frank,
immobilizing his arms and stopping his powerful legs from getting any

"You just don't get it, do you dummy. I'm the boss here. I'm the
strongest thing on this damned planet. Fucking way stronger than your
little muscle. I got more mass than you. I can flex harder than you. I'm
just bigger, tougher and more of a man than you could ever hope to be. I
can kill you fast or I can kill you slow. The choice is yours, but only
the strongest will survive." He pulled on Frank's arms. Frank tried to
resist, but he screamed in pain as the monster twisted Frank's arms to the
breaking point.

"Kid, I want you to fuck me now. I wanna feel that huge meat of your
inside me. If you can get me off, maybe I'll let the wimp live a few more
minutes. If you don't fuck me now, though, he dies, you die and the lump
of flesh over by the wall dies."

I'd never admit it to Dad or Uncle Frank, but I wanted this guy. I loved
his confidence and his power. Man, he beat Uncle Frank. For all I knew,
he was going to kill us all anyhow. Why shouldn't I die with a smile on my
face after fucking this super muscle man.

The guy pointed his ass in my direction and bent over. He still held Uncle
Frank, who was forced to bend backwards. Frank was straining to straighten
himself, but it was impossible against the superior muscle that was holding
him. I walked over and aimed my monster meat at his hole. He welcomed me
eagerly -- it wasn't the struggle it was with Frank, thank god. This guy
wasn't resisting me. He still had to adjust to accomidate my girth, but
after I popped into him, I slid in with little problem. After about a foot
of my cock was inside of him, he began to smile again.

"Damn kid, you feel good." I pushed in another couple of inches, then I
felt his ass clamp down on me. "Fuck kid!" I pushed harder, forcing the
last couple inches of my dick into him, then began to pull out and push in
hard. "Oh, ya! Damn. Ya, like that." The big guy was really getting
into it. So was I. It wasn't as intense as with Uncle Frank, but it was
damn hot muscle sex. This guy had phenomenal control -- as I thrust in his
hole would grab me, forcing more blood into my huge cock, guiding me in as
deep as I could go. I could feel my cock hit his rock hard abs and be
deflected into him deeper. If he hadn't been so powerful, I'm sure I could
see my cock poking on the other side. I reached around his powerful chest
and found a nipple. The skin on his chest was tissue thin and didn't move
over the diamond hard muscle underneath. I pinched his nipple as hard as I
could. I could tell he was enjoying my cock, losing himself in our man

Uncle Frank could tell that I was keeping the guy busy. Matthew's grip had
loosened and Frank made his move. With a sudden flash of power, Frank
broke Matthew's grip. He fell to the floor, rolled on his back and jerked
his legs up. Frank's feet, backed by his massive leg muscles, hit Matthew
in the abs. The guy was unprepared, and the force knocked us both backward
into the wall. In the position I was in, my cock had no choice but to go
into him with the force of our impact.

I'd like to tell you that that had hurt Matthew, but just the opposite. He
began to cum. Huge shots of jizz knocked a hole into the plaster on the
other side of the room. He aimed his eruption at Frank and drove him into
the far wall. I quickly reached around and felt a throbbing iron cannon
expelling load after load onto Frank, who was a good 15 feet away, unable
to move away from the wall where the force of the huge man's ejaculation
kept him pinned.

"My balls. Do my balls," Matthew grunted as he continued to cum. I moved
my hand down. His balls were pulled tight and they were huge. They
pulsed with each shot of cum. No, that's wrong. They were growing! The
guy was producing so much jizz that he couldn't shoot it fast enough.
"Arggh..." Matthew groaned and came harder. The guy shot for a good
minute and there was gallons of cum everywhere. Where the cum had hit
Frank, he was black and blue.

I had lost my load sometime during the big guy's orgasm. When he was spent,
I pulled out and stepped aside.

"Man, kid. No one ever did me any better. I might just let you live as
my sex slave."

"Ya still have to get through me." Frank approached. He was covered in
spunk, and it augmented his own musky smell. Frank didn't wait for the guy
to react. He drove his fist into the guys abs. Then another, and another.
Each impact sounded like thunder -- real loud. Frank was holding nothing
back. His fists flew hard. I looked at Matthew, but he was just grinning.
His abs were flexed -- huge cobblestones with tissue thin skin totally
immune to the pummelling of Frank's fists.

"Ya, a sex slave, and if you're a good boy, I'll even let you try this
serum, after I finish my new batch that is." With a single swing of his
arm, Matthew threw Frank across the room. "The last time they sent three
guys. Guess they thought this Frankie-boy was stronger than them. Well,
to be honest, it was only two morphs and some other guy that seemed to make
them stronger. I think they said he was their battery or something.
Anyway, that other guy was real interesting. Seems he could feed them
strength. My new formula adds that little touch. No hour time limit then
-- the effects will be permanent. I still have a few kinks, but I'll work
them out. And now I'll have some new genetic material, thanks to Frankie
here. Now, come here little man so you can begin to do your bit for
science. Be a nice lab rat for Big Matthew and help make him stronger."
Matthew chuckled.

Matthew walked over to where Frank was still shaking off the last assault.
He grabbed Frank by his pec and single handedly lifted him over his head.
I could see blood where the guy's huge fingers cut into Frank's flexing
pec, ripping into the iron hard muscle like it was clay. Moving his finger, he
began to spin Frank like a propeller. His forearms were cables of power,
moving faster and faster as Frank was spun around. Then, the guy made a
little tossing motion. Frank flew upwards, still spinning. As he began to
fall to the ground, Matthew made a fist and punched Frank, sending him
flying into the ceiling. Frank hit an iron beam and dented it pretty good.
If it had been any other man, he would be dead. As it was, Uncle Frank was
pretty battered. He dislodged himself from the now bent beam that had kept him
from flying into orbit, and fell to the floor.

Matthew moved in for the kill. He grabbed Frank when suddenly, a knock
came at the door. "Fuck off". Matthew tossed Frank at the door, breaking
it down.

I was surprised to see Larry on the other side. He was with some big guy
who Dad later told me was Joe. That must be Larry's bud from the gym.
Larry seemed to slink into the background, but Joe ran over to where Frank
lay. He hugged Frank, and Frank got back to his feet.

"Cool. Saw that little number last time. Guess you must be one of those
battery guys. I could use you too, as a specimen. I mean, man, you
fuckers dosed me on power. I think getting me two new lab rats will just
about even the score."

Joe held Frank up, supporting the battered man by his waist. Matthew
flexed his huge arm, then began hitting his fist in the palm of his hand.
He walked over to the two.

When he was ready to punch, Frank grabbed him. Matthew froze, almost
stunned. I could see a grimace on Frank's face, then a grin and a look of
shock on Matthew. Joe still had his arm around Frank's torso, but Frank
was standing on his own now. His chest had stopped bleeding and his
bruises looked like they were healing before my eyes.

"And that was your mistake, fucker," Frank finally said. Frank's bicep and
forearm bulged as he made a fist and hit Matthew's diamond cut abs. Like
before, there was no outward effect. After a second, Matthew doubled over
in pain.

"Ya, how's it feel to pick on someone as strong as you?" Frank signalled
Joe away.

"You morphed me. How? I don't..." Matthew didn't get to finish his
question as Frank's fist hit his face.

"Easy, fool. That's one of my talents. You felt it before, but with a
little help from Joe here, I could get past that defense you put up." Joe
grinned and made a muscle. It looked as big as Matthew's! Was he really
that huge when he walked in?

Frank kicked Matthew in the face, shattering the guy's nose. "We are man's
incarnation of muscle power, not some steroid freak like you." Frank
grabbed Matthew by his massive pec. "Never let assholes like you beat us."
Matthew flexed, and Frank's fingers still couldn't dent the hard muscle,
but that didn't matter. Punch after punch hit the guys face until his
skull shattered. Frank dropped the guy's massive body. There wasn't a
scratch on his powerful form, only a shattered mass of unrecognizable flesh
where his head use to be.

Joe and I went to see about Dad. He has a bad headache, but other than
that, he'll be fine. Frank slept at our place since he was in no mood to
clean up his place. Larry and Joe went off somewhere too.

>>From the diary of Lawrence Morgan, September 5

When Joe and I got to Frank's place, we heard what sounded like a war.
Frank came flying through the door and plaster dust was everywhere. The
naked guy inside the apartment was huge beyond any man I'd ever seen. Joe
ran to Frank. I could tell that he was combining his powers with Frank's.
I could actually feel it.

When Frank touched the giant, I could feel him trying to morph the guy. It
was like when I touched Frank, that feeling of being stopped, but this time
it was Frank being stopped. I could actually feel Frank straining his
morphing ability to out muscle the giant dude. What was weird was that it
wasn't just Frank who morphed, but Joe too. Joe became as big as the

Frank took care of the big guy. He won't be causing anyone any harm

I asked Joe about what happened, but he didn't want to talk. He couldn't
deny that something happened. I mean, we went back to his place and he let
me measure him. His bis were 31 inches, and his chest was 7 feet around!
"Don't worry, I'll be back to my normal size tomorrow, but you can enjoy
this muscle tonight if you want." Boy did I!

He did tell me that he and Frank had this happen before. Something about
Frank's power combining with his to syphon off muscle power. The result is
that he morphs too, becoming even stronger than before and storing it for
morphs like me. I could feel that when I touched him. Joe was fucking
awesome. I asked him if we could try it sometime, but he said that it only
worked with Frank.

I tried to ask more. I wanted to know about the first time, and about
other morphs. Frank said something about us being living power. What did
he mean by that? Joe wouldn't say -- he told me that I had to ask

"Stand firm for what you believe in until or unless logic or experience prove you wrong. Remember, when the emperor looks naked the emperor is naked. The truth and a lie are not sort of the same thing. And there's no aspect, no facet, no moment of life that can't be improved with pizza." Daria
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