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A Muscle Daddy Built to Order - Vial 6

That night I officially became Roman obsessed. My legs could barely support me moving from chair to kitchen since the big man had worked me so hard, but I didn?t care. Every thought and every urge was directed toward the muscle daddy of my dreams. I was still clearly overwhelmed with the effects of the fifth vial ? making the man handsome. I don?t know what I had expected from that particular dose of Aunt Hildie?s concoction, but the results had been way beyond my wildest dreams. The man?s muscular tanned mature face was now imbedded in my mind, as was his humongous gorgeous body. I looked at the hulking doublewide stainless steel fridge in my kitchen and it reminded me of the man?s big frame. I tried to distract myself by looking at porn on the computer, but every face seemed deficient when compared to the man lurking in my thoughts. I even found myself looking at heavy pieces of furniture as future things the man might easily lift to show off. Roman was slowly becoming my own personal superhero, if not some kind of demi-god. And all these obsessive thoughts didn?t come close to how I craved sexual pleasure from the big older man. I pinched my perpetually hard nipples and dreamed it was Roman?s teeth nipping at my nubs. I found myself constantly daydreaming of what his thick cock would feel like in my mouth or, better yet, in my pulsing tight ass. Any thought of the big man?s pole actually made my hole pucker with joy ? and caused my butt cheeks to squeeze together in anticipation of the overwhelming pain-mixed-with-pleasure when his huge shaft plunged forcefully into my submissive body.

Because of these day dreams, I ceased to notice the intense pain that still tormented my body from the recent lifting with daddy Roman. It still amazed me how the man had been able to find ways to push my already huge muscles to new heights. I could feel my big self growing ? not just maintaining my size, but actually moving beyond what I thought were my limits. The gray-haired behemoth mentor knew how to isolate parts of my body that I had forgotten existed. It was clearly me having an obsession for the improved daddy since the incredible pain that shot through every part of my body when I moved was quickly becoming a huge turn on. My own cock would shoot harder every time I felt terrible aching in muscles being awakened to new growth, caused by Roman?s expertise in the gym. I stood up beside the chair where I was resting and, while holding on to the arm, I squatted down to feel the mind-numbing pain in my quads and calves ? something that actually caused pre-cum to seep out of my throbbing dick head. It was just too exciting to feel this vividly what Roman was causing to explode in my body ? both internally and in my muscles. While pushing my wobbling legs back up to standing position, a thought hit me like a ton of bricks. I was head over heels in love. I was legs ?thrown over my shoulders? in love. I was ?bend my body? over the nearest piece of furniture and spread my ass cheeks wide in love. So much joy enveloped my huge frame with this revelation that I lost control in many ways ? my cock started to spew big gobs of Roman-induced juice, tears streamed down my face, and I was forced to sit down because my legs gave out. Since I had chosen to remain nude for the evening since clothes actually caused my sore muscles to hurt even more, I shot volleys of hot jism all over the coffee table and sofa in front of me. My blissful sobs of joy mixed with pain actually caused me to slightly miss the excitement and pleasure of the powerful ejaculation.

I, Jason, the more than handsome bodybuilder and huge cock tease, had fallen deeply in love. It was something so unfathomable to me that it actually caught me off guard. I had always been the guy that broke hearts; never meeting anyone that could live up to my expectations so I had merely closed myself off to the idea of caring as deeply as I now did for Roman. I was the invincible muscleman ? oblivious to the sting of cupid?s arrow. How in the hell had I suddenly become this blubbering lovesick mound of aching meaty bulges. The answer came quickly ? Aunt Hildie?s concoction. A sudden panic attack happened as quickly as the answer had come. Was Roman?s desire for me and my intense love for him simply because of some potion I had given him? The impact of the man?s expertise in lifting could be felt in every muscle of my body, so I knew that part of the vials? work was true ? but what about the inner enhancements? Were those changes just as true? Did the enriched water amplify what already existed in Roman, as I had thought all along, or did it simply create what I secretly longed for? Was I Frankenstein and Roman was my muscle daddy monster or had I merely unleashed the powerful beast living within the man? My cock was actually still dribbling thick cum as my mind tried to sort through all of these questions. Tears still streamed down my face, but the incredible joy I had felt earlier was now gone. My overwhelming desire for Roman was now mixed with worry and fear ? that everything bonding the two of us together was built on something made up and false. I tried to force this sudden doubt out of my mind and re-focus my thoughts on the hot body of my muscle daddy, his fucking manly mustache, and his inner masculine maturity that stoked my fire, but it was no good. A budding fear was slowly creeping into all of my lustful thoughts about Roman. With Aunt Hildie?s help I had created the perfect muscled robot ? a guy that had no free will. Roman was forced to want me because of what was in the vials ? it didn?t come from a deep place in his soul. I now cried because I suddenly felt very alone. The man of my dreams was an obedient slave ? created by a magic potion.

I fell asleep in the chair, exhausted from all the mental angst raging through my mind. My dreams, however, were still heaven-blessed fantasies of Roman?s muscles and the big man growing my body even more muscular than it already was. I awoke late in the morning with another aching hard-on. The doubt from the evening before was still present in my subconscious, but the pleasure from a cum-filled cock overpowered all other thoughts. Visions of my final dream before waking still lingered in my head and I started stroking my morning wood as I focused on them. I had been dreaming of sitting in Roman?s lap, with his hard cock up my ass, as we both curled heavy dumbbells to pump up our already insanely large biceps. The big man pulsed his crotch into my butt each time we brought the weights up to the peak of the flex ? causing me to get some extra punch to the lift. The big man also kissed the back of my neck each time and spoke encouraging words ? commenting on the size of my arms, saying how much he loved being inside me, and constantly complimenting my new size. The sensation of being filled by his hefty meat, the tight pump that I experienced each time my arm tensed upright, and the sweet nothings I imagined Roman was saying to me was enough to send me over the edge. My morning wood quickly became a cannon blasting off a repeat round of thick volleys of cum across the room ? streaking the same places as my load had the night before. The magazines on the coffee table were going to have to be tossed in the trash and the sofa was going to need a thorough cleaning.

Again, my post-ejaculation glow quickly turned into doubt, my mind now being able to return to thoughts about how the vials had created the man of my dreams and that it was all probably fake. I knew there was part of me that wanted to say ?who the hell cares? and go forward, living a life of total bliss with a giant muscle daddy. But there was another part of me that knew how much I had fallen in love and the thought of Roman not loving me in the same natural way caused great trepidation. I wanted the big man to desire me because of the person I was and not due to some concoction I had given him. I wanted our first act of joyful man-on-man sex to be something he chose freely and not because of something he drank from a vial. I wanted to know that Roman truly loved me as much as I loved him.

A glance at the clock quickly snapped me out of my venture into doubt and self-pity. I noticed that I had slept a lot longer than I had thought and I only had about thirty minutes before my appointed time to meet Roman. I immediately jumped into action ? the thought of seeing the huge muscle daddy overruling any anxiety I was feeling. I ignored the cum-covered coffee table and sofa, jumped in the shower quickly, and was on my way to the gym after taking only ten minutes to get ready.

When I stepped into the open area of the gym I was instantly greeted with a vision of the gigantic Roman working out in the middle of the room. It was like a hundred spotlights created a magnetic glow around the man. The first thing I noticed ? and it made my cock shoot achingly hard in mere seconds ? was that the man had clearly grown since yesterday. I couldn?t believe my eyes. Roman?s body seemed thicker at every mind-blowing bulging muscle. The guy hulked out in a way that was intoxicatingly sexy and super masculine at the same time. And the guy was covered in sweat ? his skin-tight wet t-shirt stretched so thinly across his body that I could see the matted down hair covering his chest and bulky abdominals. The word that came to mind was tank ? the guy was a sweaty tank with beads of sweat dripping from his forehead and chin. The heavy layer of salty liquid covering his body made his arms glisten like the sun. My mouth went dry from the immediate lust that devoured my body. I found that I was breathing heavier ? almost grunting like a gorilla in heat ? and my body was actually shaking with desire for the older beast. There were a few holes in the flimsy white shirt and I was positive they had been formed during the workout he was obviously ending. I strolled across the room in my khakis and dress shirt, wishing I were nude so I could entice the huge muscle man to take me right there in the middle of the gym. His body, his gorgeous face, and his perfect mustache made me immediately forget all anxiety and doubt that had crept into my mind over the last few hours. The plain fact was that I wanted this man almost as much as I wanted to breathe. Every fiber of my body ? especially my rock-hard prick ? craved this older muscle god. Suddenly, I didn?t care if the vials had caused him to want me ? I was just happy that the mountain of hard bulges chose to give me the time of day, let alone take me under his wing. I was the luckiest guy in the world and I was about to have lunch with the hunkiest daddy in the world. The smile that broke out across Roman?s face when he noticed me walking up made my legs actually wobble with nervousness. I felt like I was in the presence of a Greek muscled deity.

?Fuck, son, you dress up nice. Old Roman could almost eat you up, you look so good. I popped a stiff one just from one glance at your fine body. You fill out a shirt like a man?s suppose to, Jason. Thoughts of you, boy, made my workout for the last three hours so intense that I think I packed on five pounds of new muscle.?

?I think it?s all in your arms, sir.?

?Yeah, you noticed that, did you? I feel the growth there, especially. I lifted some fucking heavy weight as I visualized doing things to your body that when they actually happen you?re going to feel like you?ve died and gone to heaven.?

?Gazing on your huge sweaty body makes me think I?m already there, sir.?

?Damn, boy, you?ve made my cock pulse up even harder than it was before just from seeing you all dressed up. I?m not sure the clothes I?ve got in the locker room are going to hold a candle to the sexiness you?re blasting off. I may have to buy some new threads to match all of your handsome perfection.?

?I think maybe no clothes on you would be perfection, sir.?

?You might be right today, J-boy. I lifted enough weight during my workout to equal shoving an entire city block about a hundred feet. I was on fire today, man. I got home yesterday and fucked the hell out of those two bodybuilders again ? just because working out with you got me so juiced up. They?re still at home passed out on the bed. They begged me to leave them at home and let them get some sleep. I granted their wish, but only on the stipulation that they?d be out of there by the time I returned for lunch with you. At one point last night, I plopped one big guy on the other?s hard dick and then lifted both men up onto my hard missile ? plowing the guy on the bottom so hard that it gave intense pleasure to both men. You should have seen me holding both big bodies up in the air as I stood there pumping my huge rod into that tight ass. My fat balls have become a cum-factory, churning out juice as fast as I can move from one man?s ass to the next. Those big boys probably aren?t sitting down for weeks, Jason.?

?I can?t believe it, Roman. You?re just so gigantic everywhere I look.?

?Yeah, you like your big daddy?s hot body, don?t you, J-boy??

?Yes sir.?

?Well how about I get a little special water from you, son, and then I?ll go throw on my shorts and tank-top and we?ll be on our way to get some grub. How does that sound??

?Incredible. I?m very excited about you having more of my family?s water, sir.?

?So am I, son, so am I. I?m beginning to not remember what the vials have done to me, but I know they help me a lot.?

I watched as the muscleman drank the bottle of water I handed to him. Droplets of sweat hung off of his handlebar ?stache and his gray hair was matted down on his head ? giving him even more of an older jock-stud look than before. I watched as his muscled neck swallowed the liquid in what was basically one gulp. I imagined the fluid going into his body as my eyes roamed down his mega broad shoulders, over his mammoth pecs, and then down his beautiful solid midsection. I felt myself getting light headed as I took in all of Roman?s beautiful physique and realized that he truly did seem larger. I watched as his face revealed that the water was working its magic. My cock started to stir to attention even more than it already was ? something I noticed was happening to his own hefty meat, as well.

?That is very good stuff, Jason. Let me step into the back for a few minutes, Jason, and I?ll be ready to go.?

?Yes sir.?

There was something in the way that Roman excused himself that was totally new and super exciting. I could tell there was a change to his personality, but I didn?t get a good enough glimpse of how the water had changed him to figure out what it was. He still had that unbelievable sexy sparkle in his eye and he carried himself with so much confidence that it bordered on cocky, but there was something definitely different. It was something about the way he carried himself ? something in the way he said he?d be ready in a few minutes. I watched every head follow him as he walked by different people in the gym. He caught everyone?s attention and it was clear that each man wanted Roman in a powerful way. As I waited for Roman I began to think it might be necessary for me to beat off before we went to lunch at his place. I had never been so sexually turned on in my entire life. I could not believe that I, a gorgeous hung of a bodybuilder, was head-over-heels in love with someone. It was way beyond infatuation. It bordered on stalker level. I craved Roman on some internal level that I had never experienced before. When I closed my eyes I could picture every muscled curve of his body, every gray streaked hair on his head and mustache, and every beautiful mature masculine part of his face. I began to think that the aches and pains I felt in my body were not from the intense workouts my daddy put me through, but were actually pining throbs of desire for the man. I suddenly started to doubt that going to his condo was a good idea ? for fear that I would not be able to wait for the final vial of Aunt Hildie?s concoction before attacking the gorgeous specimen. My erotic dreams of the muscled man were suddenly interrupted when I noticed that the gym had suddenly become as silent as a library. Without even opening my eyes I knew that Roman had emerged from the locker room. I was petrified that raising my eyelids and beholding all of his magnificence was going to make my cock spew with more pressure than a badly shaken two-liter cola. I could not, however, refrain from seeing what was causing the entire gym to freeze in place.

What greeted my opened eyes could only be described as what people saw when they beheld an angel in heaven. Standing on this side of the door to the locker room was the beautiful and impeccably dressed body of wet-dream-come-true muscle daddy Roman. The big man was pulling gently on the cuffs of a beautiful light blue dress shirt underneath the jacket of a perfect cream-colored Armani linen suit. The giant man still looked butch as hell, but now there was an air of style and grace surrounding him that made James Bond seem like a hick. My mouth dropped open wide as I drank in all of the man?s tanned hugeness. The handlebar ?stache looked as tailored as the suit, the man?s head of attractive senior hair looked like it had just been styled by the world?s best hairdresser, and the massive muscled body looked even larger covered by a wardrobe that clearly cost a year?s worth of my salary. When the man finally looked at me it was like lightning bolts shot out of his eyes into my chest ? that?s how bowled over I was by his gorgeousness. Clearly defined muscles bulged and relaxed as the man-angel walked towards me. I knew, before he even reached my area of the gym, that the newly improved Roman out-classed me by many levels. I even smelled his incredible cologne before he got close. I had never felt so inferior in my entire life. The only thing that saved me ? that made me even remotely capable of speaking to the man ? was his intensely confident and inviting smile.

?Are you ready for lunch, Jason??

I couldn?t form words for a few seconds. The man was even more stunning up close and personal. I could not take my eyes from his ? it was like some powerful light beaming from within him hypnotized me. I closed my gaping mouth, licked my lips, and attempted a smile. By this point I had forgotten he had asked a question. I was simply basking in the beauty of the man ? overwhelmed that this god had chosen to speak to me, even though I knew him so well. Roman did not embarrass me by asking the question again or by saying anything. He simply did the polite thing and waited for me to gain control of my body and mind. I suddenly realized that our interaction called for some kind of response from me. I dug deep into my soul and gathered all of my strength in order to offer the only reply that fitted such an astonishingly handsome and well-built classy man.

?Yes sir.?

Roman bent down and grabbed my gym bag and then held out his hand to me. He held out his beautifully manicured thick manly palm and fingers, causing me to feel like fucking Cinderella meeting the prince as I placed my smaller hand in his. His fingers firmly clasped around mine and his arm didn?t budge as I pulled my entire weight upward using him as my anchor. The man?s massive linen-covered limb stayed in place as my huge body unsteadily stood and pressed into him. As soon as he sensed that I had command over my legs he released my hand and moved his perfect paw to the small of my muscled back to guide me out of the gym. As we walked through the big room I felt a rush of pride flow through my body knowing that everyone else was jealous as hell because I was leaving with this man. I was sure that every person in the place ? whether gay, straight, male, or female ? wanted to be with Roman. I felt like I had just been crowned queen of some fucking parade and every other girl in town was full of murderous envy. Roman reached out to open the door for me and allowed me to walk through first ? a move that was both alpha-cocky and gentlemanlike at the same time. My brain was on stimulation overload as we walked toward the parking lot. In the bright sunlight I was able to regain a little of my own confidence and I stared at my striking friend as he put on what I knew were ridiculously expensive face-complimenting sunglasses. The good-looking mega stud smiled at me and guided me to a dark blue Porshe Cabriolet turbo coup. It was my dream car of all dream cars and the top was already down. Roman opened my door and actually slid his hand down to my ass to half guide-half lift me into the seat. The overtly virile move thrilled me beyond what I could have imagined and my cock actually started to throb achingly from being too hard.

?Your obvious arousal, young man, is very flattering. I hope I am not causing you any discomfort.?

?No sir.?

My answer came quickly because I did not want to disappoint the man in any way. I could not have this hunk of muscle daddy perfection think for a second that anything he did bothered me in any way. That would have made me very sad. I wanted him to sense that I was literally on cloud nine whenever he was around ? and even when he wasn?t, for that matter. As he moved around to his side of the car I quickly looked down at myself to make sure I looked presentable for the man. I immediately felt underdressed, not muscular enough, and inadequate in my handsomeness ? all new feelings for me, which he must have sensed when he easily squeezed his huge frame into the driver seat.

?You look exquisite, Jason.?

My heart nearly exploded with delight. Roman had looked deep into my eyes and praised me in a way that melted any self-doubt that had entered my brain. It was a comment that had been mixed with a command, a compliment, and an invitation all at the same time. He was ordering me to be happy with myself ? a demand I could not say no to. He was admiring me in a way that thrilled me like a young schoolgirl. And he was requesting that I view myself through his eyes ? something that empowered me to rekindle my own self-worth. My cock twitched with excitement ? a movement in my pants that did not go unnoticed by my huge date. He smiled to himself and started the car. As we pulled out of the parking lot of the gym I noticed that Roman turned in the opposite direction of mid-town ? the area of his condo.

?I thought you lived in the opposite direction.?

?No, I live at the beach. What made you think that??

?Well yesterday you said . . . um, never mind. I was mistaken. I can?t wait to see your place. Where shall we stop to get lunch??

?I?ve already made lunch for us, Jason. I hope that is okay.?

?Oh, yes . . . yes, it?s fine. I just thought you said you couldn?t . . . uh . . . just forget it.?

Roman smiled at me ? again, it was a smile that put me at ease instantly. I also suddenly realized what was happening. Aunt Hildie?s concoction changed everything ? not just the man, but also everything around the man. Roman was not the same guy as the day before. The clothes were different, the car was different, and the house was different ? just as his attitude and demeanor were different. I had wanted a cultured muscle daddy and the concoction did not disappoint. This was a little hard for me to grasp as we traveled down the road toward the coast. I knew we were going to what most people considered the ritzy part of town. I was trying to understand how the vials were completely changing the man I had met in the gym just a few days before. It was clear that Roman remembered nothing of his former self and I could not decide if this was a good thing or not. I loved the new improved Roman, but I also had come to love the inner Roman ? the original guy I had encountered. I also again wondered if the man I had created only liked me because of the magic in the water. I realized that most men would have said ?what the hell? and just accepted things as they were, but I couldn?t do that. I desperately wanted Roman to love me on his own ? not because of what I had wished for. Only the big gorgeous body of the elder man sitting in the car helped me to stuff all these feelings deep inside. I wanted to enjoy this day without second guessing everything. I knew the time of reckoning would come with the last vial. I leaned back in my leather seat, turned to look at the smiling face of the man I now loved, and sighed out loud before I even realized what I was doing. It was a sound of contentment and joy. It was also noticed by my huge date for the day.

?Happy, Jason??


?I?m glad. I?m very happy, too.?

?I hope so.?

?What is there not to be happy about ? I?m tooling down the road with a gorgeous man and the sun is shining brightly. It?s a perfect day.?

?I couldn?t agree more. You know, that suit highlights your muscles perfectly.?

?Thanks, big guy. I have a gay tailor that seems to only put me in tight clothing. He says when he dresses me it?s like I?m his work of art.?

?I?ll say.?

?We should get him to make you some clothes. I think he?d love dressing you, too.?

?I?m afraid I couldn?t afford your tailor, Roman.?

?It could be a little gift from me to you. After all, your family?s water continues to improve my body. It?s the least I could do.?

?How much do you remember about your life before the water, Roman??

?What do you mean??

?Well, for starters, how long have you lived at the beach??

?For years. That?s a funny question.?

?How long have you been big, Roman??

?Ever since I started working out ? in my teens. I mean I wasn?t this big, of course, that?s what your family?s water did to me. It made me get a lot bigger.?

?It sure did.?

I now understood that Roman was slowly becoming completely the man I had dreamed of when I wrote to Aunt Hildie. Her potion was working perfectly and, yet, I was getting more nervous about its effects. Roman still had free will ? since he had not taken the last vial. Since the final drink of water was labeled ?loving? and Aunt Hildie had made this liquid for me ? it was clear that that dose would make Roman?s huge body, his mature and cocky attitude, and his cultured flair all directed towards me. And while the thought of this made me extremely excited, I began to wonder if it was truly what I wanted. If I was I turning Roman into a robot that automatically became and did everything I wanted, was that truly love? Or was it making him my muscle slave? He clearly remembered drinking the water, but he was slowly forgetting how dramatically it changed him. I must have had a worried look on my face, which Roman noticed.

?It looks like my gorgeous boy needs some food, quickly. Hang on there, sport, we?re almost to my place.?

We shortly pulled into the garage of what could only be described as the beach house of my dreams. It made sense that the house would be what I liked, since the water was turning Roman into my dream man. As we entered the brightly sun-lit house I recognized a Lucien Freud painting I had always admired, some pieces of sculpture that I had dreamed of owning if ever I won the lottery, and noticed that the place was filled with pieces of my dream furniture. At this point I began to freak out a little. It was like I had created an alternate universe for myself. All of this anxiety disappeared, however, as soon as Roman took off his coat inside the front door. The light blue silk shirt clung to the muscle daddy?s body in a way that was erotically flattering and emphasized the man?s torso perfectly. An overwhelming desire for the muscle god welled up in my body and helped me to forget about being freaked out. I stopped in my tracks and stared open-mouthed at the mustached daddy in front of him. Roman let out a soft chuckle and walked over to close my mouth by placing a thick finger underneath my chin and pushing upward. The physical contact snapped me out of my lustful trance.

?I picked this shirt out just for you, sweet boy, so I?m glad you approve.?

?What?s not to approve ? you look good enough to eat. I think you?ve grown since yesterday.?

?I hope so. You?ve gained about ten pounds of muscle yourself.?

?No way, I haven?t gained anything in about ten months. I think I?ve hit my plateau.?

?Really? Check out the scale in the master bathroom down the hall ? I think you?ll be surprised. I?ll pour us some Prosecco and finish getting lunch ready. We?ll eat out on the deck, if that?s okay with you.?

?That sounds great. I?m telling you you?re wrong, though, about the added pounds.?

I walked down the hall, marveling at every detail of the beautiful home. The master bedroom seemed made for a movie and had all the gadgets and furniture I had ever wanted. I stepped on the top-of-the-line electric scale in the incredible bathroom and was, again, shocked beyond words. I had actually gained about twelve pounds and I instantly knew it was all muscle. Roman?s incredible tips in the gym had worked miracles, even in just a few short days. My head spun in disbelief. I reached out and grabbed hold of the beautifully tiled counter to steady myself. I also let out a gasp because I had thought it impossible to grow any more. Roman obviously heard me, even from down the hall.

?I told you so, Jason. Stick with me, kid, and we?re going to blow your mind all the time. Come get lunch.?

I was, again, surprised by the changes in Roman when I gazed at what he had prepared for lunch. The day before he had said he did not know his way around the kitchen, but the spread on the table in front of me rivaled anything made by Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa. There were some light appetizers, a seafood salad, and a couple of options for dessert. A wine that Roman had chosen specifically to compliment the food accompanied every part of the meal. He explained perfectly how each drink brought out different parts of the dish it was partnered with. I quickly realized that the ?culture? vial of water had made the huge man a walking encyclopedia for art, architecture, food, music, and so much more. He had become a true renaissance man with a body to die for. I tried desperately to focus on what Roman was saying as he spoke, but my eyes kept wandering to his fur-covered chest, exposed by the open shirt, and his bulging arms. It became clear that Roman realized what I was doing but he never commented on it ? ever the gentleman. The meal was exquisite and I eagerly complimented every part of the meal. Later, after we had rinsed everything and loaded the dishwasher, Roman made a proposal that made my heart stop.

?I was wondering, Jason, if you might care to stay the night. I believe it?s okay for me to take the last vial at midnight and we might want to see what comes after that.?

We were standing at the edge of Roman?s large deck that stuck out over the ocean. His eyes and entire body seemed to reflect the astounding beauty of the water below. The muscled daddy radiated strength, sensitivity, and manliness ? all at the same time. My legs began to wobble from excitement at the idea of spending the night with Roman. I knew the final vial was in my gym bag in the entranceway and, clearly, he did, too. During the meal, however, I had begun to contemplate not giving him the final vial. My fear about Roman not having the free will to choose to love me was causing doubt about finishing what I had begun. I figured I could leave things as they were right now and our relationship could develop naturally. It was clear that we were wildly attracted to each other. My hesitation was not lost on the big man.

?What is it, Jason??

?I was thinking you might not want to take the last vial of water. I mean, look at how you?ve changed already. I think it?s enough, don?t you??

?I?m not sure, Jason. I?ve begun to forget what the vials have done to me. I know I?ve taken them and I remember they come from you, but I don?t recall who I was before you shared them with me. I understand, however, somewhere in my gut, that I need to take them all. It?s a packaged deal and we need to trust that. You feel it, too, don?t you.?

?No, Roman, I don?t. I can?t explain it all to you, but I think the last vial will change you in a way that?s not good. I originally wanted . . . I mean the original plan was to take them all, but I?m not sure that?s a good idea now.?

?I think we should stick to the original plan. You should trust the vials, son.?

?How about we don?t make a decision until midnight. Okay, Roman. Let?s just have the evening to ourselves ? just as we are right now ? and then we can see what we want to do later on.?

?If that?s what you want, Jason, then we?ll wait to make the decision. I don?t think I?ll be changing my mind, though. I?ve just got a gut feeling that I need to complete whatever transformation that has taken place.?

?You really can?t remember anything, Roman??

?I have a vague memory of growing ? both the muscles and the mustache ? and I kind of remember having a different personality, but it?s getting more and more sketchy all the time. I just know that you?ve helped me a lot and I want to return the favor by making you grow bigger. I also feel a strong voice in my head that says I shouldn?t be physically intimate with you in any way until after the last vial. My gut tells me that the changes won?t take hold or something like that if we hook up in any way.?

Roman?s gut feeling resonated with a similar hunch that was eating away at my own stomach. I had slowly realized that Aunt Hildie?s concoction would only be permanent if Roman drank every vial ? but I also had come to understand that the last vial would probably erase all memories of his former self and make him my own hugely muscled adoring daddy boyfriend, but it wouldn?t be his choice. Roman would be responding to the magic of Aunt Hildie?s concoction and love me unconditionally. It was every gay man?s dream - to have a muscle daddy slave - but I had begun to wonder if it was truly what I wanted. I had set out to make the perfect man ? and in almost every way Roman had become exactly what I wanted, but I now doubted my dream. I wondered if it would be better to let Roman go back to being the man I had met in the gym a few days ago and love the inner muscle daddy I knew existed inside him - knowing that his mind was clear and his decisions were his own. Or would it satisfy me more to have him be the perfect specimen of manhood now, but understand that he adored me only because of Aunt Hildie?s concoction. I was leaning toward the former because I thought that I would be able to, over many years, release the inner Roman and come somewhat close to what he was right now, but there were no guarantees.

?Just because we can?t do anything too intimate until after the last vial, Jason, doesn?t mean we can?t have a little fun this afternoon.?

?What do you mean, Roman??

?I mean a guy can still look, even if he can?t touch. I?d like to see you flex for me, boy. It would be good to see what my training has done to you. And if I choose to get a little relief from all this pent up tension, well, there seems to be little harm in that.?

My cock, which had become deflated during my inner turmoil about the last vial, suddenly shot back to being fully hard ? achingly hard, as a matter of fact. The thought of seeing my muscle daddy work off a little sexual tension was enough to almost bring me to an uncontrollable explosion. At the same time, though, the thought of posing for my dream man intimidated me. I had been a natural exhibitionist ever since I had added my first few pounds of muscle as a young man. I was a champion bodybuilder that usually strutted through the gym like I owned the place. What was happening to me? Roman, the elder muscle god of my dreams; was making me embarrassed about my body ? my huge body. It was just that he was so much larger and muscle-packed than me ? it caused me to feel inadequate. I looked down at the ground ? torn between intense lust at the thought of seeing Roman pump his huge cock and extreme discomfort at the idea of stripping down to some posers for this gorgeous man. Again, the giant muscle daddy in front of me sensed my awkwardness perfectly.

?You have nothing to be shy about, boy. You?re fucking gorgeous. Don?t compare yourself to me, son. We?re going to get you this huge very soon. And right now, you?re more muscled than almost ninety-nine percent of the world. Your body gets this huge muscle daddy worked up more than you?ll ever know. Hell, I?d throw you down on this deck and fuck the shit out of that tight ass right now if I didn?t know it would break the spell you?ve been feeding me in that water. We might be tempting fate getting naked and everything, but I?m just not sure I can take being this close to you and not chugging out a big load. How about I open a six hundred dollar bottle of wine, we get a little drunk, and you show off that fucking hot body for your daddy. What do you say, son??

?I say I?ll get the opener while you get the bottle of wine.?

We stood there staring at each other for a few seconds. I was seriously worried that we were going to pounce on each other for some throw down man-on-man sex and forget about Aunt Hildie?s last vial. I?d be lying if I said that part of me didn?t wish that we would, but Roman broke the tension by letting out a loud, somewhat uncultured cowboy yell, pounded his huge thick chest with his fists a couple of times and then backed away to go get the wine - never taking his eyes off of mine until he got to the door. I exhaled loudly after he disappeared and immediately sank into one of the oversized cushioned deck chairs. I felt light-headed ? mainly because all of the blood in my body was pumping powerfully into my stiff cock ? and worried that I might pass out from the excitement Roman caused in my body. I wanted to feel his huge muscles pressed up against my hard body so badly that I worried I was going to burst into flames from the heat he produced within me. I saw the same exact lust in Roman?s eyes. He desired me as much as I desired him ? even before he drank the last vial. It suddenly dawned on me that if I could be convinced that Roman loved me unconditionally prior to taking the last vial then maybe the guilt I felt about turning him into an unknowing slave could evaporate from my mind. If he was already a total lovesick puppy ? devoted to me ? then I didn?t have to worry about what Aunt Hildie?s concoction did to him. I realized I had already begun to rationalize reasons for giving the last vial to Roman ? again, a sure sign I was head over heels in love with him. The big man clearing his voice interrupted my mental revelry. I looked up and gasped out loud when I saw my muscle daddy standing over me holding a bottle of wine and realized he had taken off his beautiful shirt. I had seen his upper body many times before, but the intensified sexual tension between us caused me to take in his massiveness in a new and exciting way.

?Somebody was dreaming of his muscle daddy so much that he forgot to get the opener.?

?Guilty as charged, sir.?

?Not to worry, I stopped by the kitchen to lose the shirt and grab the corkscrew.?

?Watch out when you say ?screw? big man ? I may not be able to prevent myself from attacking you.?

?No, no, dreamboat, we have to wait until after midnight for all that touchy-feely stuff. That means we have about eight hours to kill. I?m thinking we can find a lot of things to do to keep our hands occupied until then. Watch this little trick I learned today, sport.?

Roman pushed out his monstrous pecs and held the bottle of wine in the deep valley between the hard mounds of flesh. He then tensed his chest causing a ton of striations to become noticeable even through the fur covering the huge muscles. I watched in awe and lust as he dropped his hand and the wine bottle stayed tightly in place. I then loved every second of the show as he took the kitchen tool and proceeded to uncork the bottle while he held it in place with just his pecs. Some of the deep burgundy wine squirted out on his right massive pec shelf as he pulled out the cork and I immediately wanted to lick it up ? excited about tasting the mixture of his salty sweat and the sweet wine. Roman shook his finger back and forth at me and shook his head from side to side.

?Not yet, sexy big boy. Cool your jets. Did you like my trick??

?Look to my crotch for your answer, daddy.?

?Ummm, indeed you did. Care for some wine??

?Only if I can slurp it up from within that big crevice between those massive muscled puppies!?

?Maybe later on, boy, maybe later on. Right now, you?ll have to settle for a glass. I also think we should simply sit here for a while and sip our wine ? before we start your little show. I think we are both too wired for any kind of stimulation right now. We might not be able to control our hands.?

?Or our cocks.?

?So true, my young pup, so true.?

Roman poured both of us a big glass of the wine and almost all thoughts of sex immediately left my mind after he swirled my glass for a few seconds and then allowed me to sip some of the unbelievable aged vino. It was like having a sweet grape orgasm in my mouth. I had never tasted something so incredible. Roman could instantly tell how much I loved the wine and this pleased him very much. He sat down in another deck chair, across from me, and watched intently as I took my second sip. I was blown away by the taste even more the second time.

?He likes the wine. I see my boy has good taste.?

?Of course. I chose you, didn?t I??

?Smooth, sir, smooth.?

?Almost as smooth as your wine, daddy.?

?When you call me daddy, Jason, it takes every ounce of my strength not to leap from this chair and throw my big body on top of you. Who knows what would happen after that.?

?Daddy, daddy, daddy.?

?You, my friend, are incorrigible.?

We both took a long sip of wine and stared into each other?s eyes. It was a natural break in the strenuous work of not attacking each other. The air was filled with the kind of sexual tension that was so palpable we both knew that even a stiff wind could send us over the edge. I wanted this elder specimen of muscled daddiness more than I had ever wanted anything in my entire life. I was lost in his confidence and his masculine beauty. I could not believe I had been granted the chance to create my fantasy man. I mentally stumbled for a few seconds when the word ?fantasy? crept into my thoughts. Is that what Roman was ? just a fantasy? Had I taken away his ability to choose things for himself and would the final vial seal his robotic love for me completely? Suddenly, my mind was clear and I knew what I had to do. I loved this man too much to make him my slave ? even if his new body and his cocky attitude was everything I had ever wanted. I made the decision that would cause me great grief, but I knew it was also the right thing to do.

?I need to step into the little boy?s room, sir.?

?You?ll find that there?s not any room here for little boys, Jason.?

?Well, then I need to step into the big boy?s room, sir.?

?No fair jerking off in there, big guy. Save that sweet stuff for later on.?

?I wouldn?t think of it, sir.?

I placed my glass on a side table and slid off the chair. I had to reach down and readjust my hard cock, so it would be easy to walk. This caused Roman to chuckle slightly. I looked down into his beautiful eyes and I immediately got the sense that he knew exactly what I was doing. I thought I saw sadness in his eyes, but there was also some pride mixed in. I was instantly confused and stopped in my tracks. I must have had a quizzical look on my face. Roman smiled at me and then nodded his head.

?A man has to do what he?s got to do.?


?I mean, when you have to piss, you got to piss. Am I right??

?Um . . . yes . . . yes, sir.?

I moved away slowly and knew that Roman followed my every step. I got the feeling we had not been talking about bodily functions. It really creeped me out when it seemed that Roman knew what I was thinking. I quickly moved into the house. I walked to my gym bag in the foyer and grabbed the last vial. Once inside the bathroom I stood over the toilet like a frozen statue ? torn between what I knew was the right thing to do and what my cock told me was the thing that turned me on more than anything else in the world. I did not want Roman to be a robot. I did not want his love unless it was given freely. I knew what I was about to do would mean that the muscle daddy of my dreams would be back to his original dweebish self by morning. I also glanced around the fancy bathroom and realized the beach home would be gone, too. Remembering that the house was furnished and decorated to my own taste hastened my decision ? since it was a sign of the big man?s automatic commitment to me. I opened the vial, sighed heavily, and then poured the liquid in the toilet ? and flushed. I immediately felt great relief with my decision, but I had to lower the seat cover and sit down to recover fully. I had basically just given up on everything I ever dreamed of having. I had watched Roman change into the muscled senior stud of all studs and now I was giving it all up. But I realized I was sacrificing my own orgasmic happiness because I loved the man ? the true man. I had come to love everything about Roman. I hoped that I would one day help him to once again become his present macho muscled self, but I realized it would be a long process. The man sitting out on the deck existed somewhere within the original Roman ? I knew that now - but I also understood that it might take a lifetime to help him reach his full potential. I gathered my strength, wiped away the tears that had begun to fall down my cheeks, and returned the vial my bag as I made my way back outside. I inhaled deeply, to regain some confidence, and stepped back out onto the deck.
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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I've literally been checking every day for this story to continue! I'm so damn excited!

EDIT: After reading it, I didn't expect to be so *touched.* Insanely good!

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Londonboy will become famous soon enough
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I hope you like this chapter aperion. Thanks for sticking with the story!
(A place for me to post my stories in progress and other stuff I like)
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Another awesome vial and story! I greatly anticipate the last part of the story. Great Job! Thank you for posting it!
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I love it. I found true love recently and I know how he feels you want it to be so true so real it hurts
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Can't view this is personal context but if he feels guilty he can just tell him and let it be his choice. All the deception and making decisions for him is just the same dang thing.
Be brave.
That's my only complaint. Even the punctuation turned me on and let me visualize, or smell-ilize or whatever, was happening. Thank you for this Christmas present.
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Really wonderful stuff and just my sort of thing. Great work.
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A beautiful story, fable, morality tale. Thanks for doing what you do.
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the biggest stud of all?
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LB. Have enjoyed this tale immensely. Awaiting what happens with the final vial. Will this last chapter be an awesome end to 2012? Or are you going to make us wait until the new year?
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The 6th vial made him cultured. The 7th would have made him loving. Looks like he had already become quite loving - just not sexually expressing it until he would have drunk the 7th vial which is now kaput. If you're going on with this, as I hope you are, the 7th vial was unnecessary, since both have fallen madly in love already! Am I wrong?
--It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. Charles Darwin
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I have a funny feeling that his Aunt knew just what was going to happen, and is.
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Interesting how his past started being rewritten... maybe after the second vial? Roman knew what was happening (or seemed aware of it) when he grew his mustache.

I do like how the narrator made the right choice and returned his freedom to Roman, but I have to wonder... there was some time when Roman was out of the room and the narrator was away from his bag with the water in it... could Roman have already emptied the water into some other container and replaced it with tap water just so that the narrator wouldn't be able to get away with this?
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Thanks Londonboy!!! Man, I'm your humble admirer!!!!
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O-M-G-!!!!!!! Never been so into a story before. UGH! I feel like a latina housewife when her novela is over! DANGIT! LOL
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