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Andrew Part 3: Version 2


Andrew came back through the forest until he could see the school again. Then he headed to the examination gym to look for Carrie. He carefully avoided the gym where he had worked out with Steve, still upset about the fight.
I think I will stick to working out at home now, he decided. If Steve?s jealousy is typical of other people?s reactions, it is best if I workout by myself.
Carrie came out of the gym and Andrew walked up to her.
?How was your exam?? he asked her.
?It was fine,? she replied. ?I didn?t expect you to be here waiting for me. Weren?t you working out with Steve after your exam??
?That didn?t go well!? Andrew fumed. ?He accused me of showing off in the weight room! Then he ranted about my father paying my way!?
?But you are paying your way, with your job and your scholarship applications,? Carrie stated. ?Did you tell him that??
?I was too mad to tell him,? Andrew realized. ?I just snapped at him to shut his mouth and stormed out. I?m not going to work out in that gym again if this is the reaction I get when I show my true strength!?
?That shouldn?t be too difficult,? Carrie realized. ?School is over for the year, and you won?t have to be back in that gym until football training starts again.?
?Good,? Andrew declared, ?Because I don?t want anything to do with someone who puts down my father or me!?
?I hope you won?t let your friendship with Steve be ruined because of one fight,? Carrie said. ?I?d hate to see that. You only have one year left anyway, and then you might never see each other again.?
?You?re right,? Andrew agreed, hugging her gently. ?When did you become so smart, anyway??
?Ever since I started hanging out with you,? Carrie grinned. ?I love having an Academic Genius for a boyfriend!?
?Don?t say that too loudly,? Andrew warned her. ?You and Steve are the only ones outside my family and the testers who know that. I?d appreciate it if you didn?t tell anyone else.?
?Stop getting 90s in class and you won?t have to worry about that,? Carrie teased him. ?Everyone already knows you?re really smart, even if they don?t have an IQ figure to base it on.?
?If I stop getting 90s in class, my football scholarship could be in jeopardy,? Andrew reminded her. ?Then my ?rich daddy? would have to pick up the slack. I didn?t work all those years on the field and in the classroom to have that happen. Not when I?m so close to achieving my dream.?
?I was joking Andrew,? Carrie told him. ?Try not to take it so seriously. Football is just a game, after all.?
?Not to me it isn?t,? Andrew declared. ?It?s the means to secure my financial future, and yours too. After all, if we do get married someday, it would be comforting to know that one of us could support both of us, wouldn?t it??
?That?s right,? Carrie agreed. ?If I finally figure out what I want to do, than I can secure my financial future as well. Maybe I?ll start a home-based business and become rich like you mom did. Now, school is finally over, for both of us. Do we really want to talk about money all summer??
?Of course not,? Andrew agreed. ?There?s nothing more I can do about my marks now, is there? All my exams are over.?
?Then let?s talk about what we?re going to do this summer,? Carrie decided. ?Do you have any ideas??
?I might have a few,? Andrew replied, grinning quietly. ?I can show you better that I can tell you. Come with me please.?
They headed into the woods, Andrew?s 6 foot 7 frame completely dwarfing her 5 foot 10 one. They walked until they got to the ravine Andrew had left earlier.
?What happened to this tree?? Carrie asked in shock. She pointed to the stump and added, ?It looks like it was just ripped apart!?
?It was,? Andrew agreed.
?How do you know?? Carrie asked. ?Did you see it happen??
?Yes I did,? Andrew replied.
?Are you going to tell me what happened?? Carrie asked. ?Or shall we keep playing Twenty Questions all afternoon??
?I caused it!? Andrew yelled. ?These pipes aren?t just for show!? He flexed his huge biceps and grinned.
?Wow, your biceps are huge!? Carrie marveled, trying to fit her hands around them. ?They feel as hard as rocks!?
?That?s what they call rock-hard muscle then,? Andrew agreed. ?I?ll just go down there and bring the tree back up here.?
?I?ll believe it when I see it,? Carrie teased him, grinning. ?Show me what you?ve got big boy!?
?I?ll be back,? Andrew advised her, and he started down the slope of the ravine.
Carrie stayed at the top, thinking of how she could get Andrew and Steve talking again. Maybe Andrew can tell me how he got so strong and then I can tell Steve. She looked down the slope and her jaw dropped in amazement. Andrew was dragging the 100 foot dead tree up the hill effortlessly. Seeing her watching him, Andrew heaved the tree up onto one shoulder and carried it up to the stump. Then he dropped the tree onto the stump with a crash, shattering both into pieces.
Grinning hugely and panting, Andrew turned to Carrie and asked, ?How was that??
?How-how much did that tree weigh?? Carrie stammered in shock.
?I?m not sure exactly,? Andrew replied, no longer panting. ?I can bench-press at least 800 pounds regularly so it must be somewhere around that weight.?
?You-you can carry 3 times your body weight on your shoulder effortlessly?? Carrie stammered in shock.
?Yes I can,? Andrew bragged. ?Is this boy big enough for you??
?Oh yes!? agreed Carrie. ?Come here you!? Andrew came over and hugged Carrie gently. ?How did you get so strong?? she whispered in awe.
Andrew told her the story of Alexander as they headed back to his car. He explained that at age 10, he had been too weak to fight Alexander. So he asked his father to help him weight train once he reached puberty.
?My father also gave me access to the new workout supplements he created once he got government approval,? Andrew reported. ?They must have worked, because now I?ll be able to crush Alexander like a bug! There?s also another secret to my great strength; I use my anger to lift more. Then I put on more muscle a lot faster.?
?I should tell Steve that last bit,? Carrie realized. ?Maybe he could use it to help himself match your strength.?
?What angry thoughts will he get extra energy from?? Andrew asked, confused. He had calmed down so much that he had forgotten about his argument with Steve.
?I bet he could use his jealousy of you to start with,? Carrie reminded him. ?Did you forget about the big fight you had with him today??
?I forget about all my problems when I?m with you,? Andrew informed her, holding her hand gently and smiling.
?That?s really sweet,? Carrie said. ?Thanks for saying that. I feel the same way when I?m with you. I guess we really are in love.?
?Yes we are,? Andrew agreed, as they reached his car. ?If you see Steve before I do, tell him how he can increase his strength. I also want an apology from him for what he said about me and my father. That was completely uncalled for.?
?Don?t tell me, tell him,? Carrie advised him. She pointed towards the school and added, ?Here he comes.?
Andrew looked towards the school and saw that Steve approaching them.
?What do you want?? Andrew snapped at Steve, crossing his arms and glaring at him. ?Come to take more shots at me and my father??
?I guess I deserve that,? Steve realized, stopping in front of them.
?You deserve a good shot in the face!? Andrew snapped. ?How dare you think that I?m trying to sabotage your chances of getting into a good school? And what makes you think my father?s income is any of your business anyway??
?I guess it?s not,? Steve realized. ?I hope you can accept my apology for my thoughtless comments. I wouldn?t want to ruin an 11 year friendship with a few harsh words. You?re just trying to work your way to college like the rest of us.?
?Finally figured that out, did you?? Andrew snapped, frowning. ?What took you so long to realize that, anyway??
?Well, I?? began Steve, ?I just??
?Forget it,? Andrew assured him, smiling. ?The fact that you came up to me and apologized shows your character. I?m sorry I got so mad as well. Friends again??
?Sure man,? Steve agreed. He shook Andrew?s outstretched hand. ?I?m glad you accepted my apology.?
?If you can accept mine for my short temper, we?ll forget the whole thing,? Andrew advised him. ?Agreed??
?Sounds good to me,? Steve agreed. ?How did you get so strong anyway??
?I might as well tell you the story of Alexander as well,? Andrew realized.
So he told Steve the story as well, hoping that a better understanding of his motivations would prevent any more jealousy from Steve in the future.
Sean Lackie
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