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Old March 19th, 2006, 10:35 AM
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Andrew Chapter 23, finally finished


On Sunday morning, when Andrew woke up, he sat up in bed and saw his reflection in the mirror above his dresser. Andrew just stared at his ripped 10-pack of abs and his massive shoulders, pecs and biceps. Andrew grinned and began flexing his pecs and biceps slowly, admiring their definition.
?Andrew the Greek God,? he said to himself. ?The Perfect Body, that?s what I have! I love being so buff and strong! Anyone gets in my way; I?ll crush them just like an ant! Yeah!?
Andrew crunched his abs, flexed his shoulders downward, and then looked in the mirror. What he saw shocked him. He saw an insanely muscular teen glaring at him as if he wanted to kill him. Andrew slowly relaxed his muscles so that they were no longer red, veiny and heaving, and sat up straight again. Then he remembered Mr. Stevenson?s advice.
?If I scare myself, I?d better think of how much more scared everyone else gets,? he said to himself. ?It?s no wonder the other players are shocked by my size, even when I?m not mad!?
Andrew walked into the bathroom, got his shower, shaved and brushed his teeth. He couldn?t help admiring his muscles in the mirror, but this time, he didn?t glare at himself in the mirror. He just had a smug grin on his face as he marveled at the rock-hard definition of his muscles.
?I love it!? he yelled. ?I love being a muscle god! Yeah!?
Then he hunted around for the largest clothes he could find. But the 3Xl t-shirt and jeans he found still showed off every muscle, even when he didn?t flex them.
?This is ridiculous,? Andrew said to himself, as he looked in his bedroom mirror. ?I want to show off my muscles, but I don?t want to have my clothes rip! I have to find a Big and Tall shop somewhere, so that I won?t tear the seams of my clothes anymore!?
Andrew had to fight the urge to flex in the mirror, aware that the slightest wrong move could tear his t-shirt right off.
?Andrew, come downstairs for breakfast!? he heard his father yell from downstairs.
?Coming Dad!? Andrew yelled back, heading towards the stairs.
Chad heard the heavy footsteps from above, and then looked over to see the huge shadow on the wall. That can?t be Andrew, he thought to himself in horror. He?s huge! As Andrew came downstairs, Chad?s fear was justified when he saw just how big Andrew was. Chad was shocked when he saw the seams on Andrew?s clothes straining to contain Andrew?s muscular bulk.
?Good morning son,? Chad greeted him, trying to cover up his shock. ?Is it just me, or are you larger than you were last night??
?I am bigger,? Andrew replied. ?I couldn?t sleep much last night, so I worked out until I got tired. Then I weighed myself just a minute ago, and I weigh 365 pounds now!?
?You probably brought your adrenaline levels even closer to 100 percent by working out,? Chad realized. ?That is what made you lift more, and get bigger, even overnight!?
?Yeah Dad,? Andrew agreed, grinning. ?All thanks to you and your research. I?m really glad you enhanced me; I just wish you had told me before you did it. But I can?t complain about the effects!?
Chad looked up at Andrew as Andrew stopped in front of him. Chad realized that he had to stare up five inches at Andrew?s face. He also realized that Andrew outweighed him by 135 pounds, or about 1.5 times. Chad felt true fear for the first time in many years, and he could not stop that fear from showing on his face. He knew Andrew was The Man, and he knew that there was no way he could ever control his son again.
Andrew caught his father?s look of defeat and couldn?t stop a smug grin from showing on his face.
Yeah! he thought to himself. I really surpassed the Old Man now! He can?t handle me anymore and he knows it!
Andrew was about to shout those thoughts out loud, when he remembered Mr. Stevenson?s words: ?What would Mr. Malcolm think??
?Hey Dad, it?s okay,? Andrew said, as he saw tears form in his father?s eyes. ?Hey, I hope those are tears of joy because of this!? He pulled the letter out of his back pocket and handed it over. ?I was saving this until I could show it to Mom too, but maybe you should be the first to see it.?
?What is it?? Chad asked, rubbing his eyes with one hand and unfolding the letter. He scanned the first few lines and then looked up at Andrew again, beaming with pride this time.
?You got your full academic and athletic scholarships!? he shouted. ?You got early acceptance into University of Miami! Way to go son! You can really make your dreams of being an NFL star come true now!?
?Thanks Dad,? Andrew said, after his dad was finished hugging him. ?You took a small kid 7 years ago and turned him into a huge muscle god. You should be really proud that your research worked out so well.?
?Very funny son,? Chad laughed. ?It looks like you got the letter almost three months before the regular offers of admission!?
?Well, I did mail in my scholarship applications pretty early,? Andrew realized. ?As soon as Coach Everson and I filled them out in October, we mailed them out, along with my application to University of Miami and two other football schools. According to the Hurricane?s website, those individuals who put Miami as their first choice get admission decisions a lot earlier than other applicants.?
?It says here that you will receive the actual scholarship checks once you accept the offers of admission from the three schools you applied to,? Chad realized. ?Any idea when exactly that will be??
?All the websites I have seen seems to suggest April 1st or so,? Andrew replied. ?However, if the information on the U of Miami website is correct, admitted students get overnight visits in February, March, or April.?
?I guess Mr. Malcolm knew the offer of admission would be here by now,? Chad realized. ?Otherwise, he would not have scheduled your strength tests there for your March Break.?
?Again, all thanks to you,? Andrew realized, putting one massive arm around his father?s shoulders. ?You made me what I am today.?
?I only enhanced you,? Chad reminded him. ?You did the work; showing the full effects of the enhancement. And what great effects they are!? He stared up almost 6 inches into Andrew?s face and added, ?Your dream of being The Perfect Man has finally been realized. Congratulations son.?
?I?m hardly The Perfect Man,? Andrew protested. ?Even if I am way stronger than any man I know, including you!?
?Believe me, I know son,? Chad said. ?I just hope you won?t use your power to be a bully and intimidate others. Mr. Malcolm wouldn?t take kindly to that, would he??
?Exactly the point Mr. Stevenson made to me,? Andrew agreed. ?He said that I should think of what Mr. Malcolm would think before I interact with anyone. Then I?ll be sure to treat everyone with respect, no matter how big or small they are.?
?Excellent advice,? Chad said, getting out the video camera.
?What?s that for?? Andrew asked uneasily.
?It might be easier not to show off in public if you show off at home first,? Chad realized. ?Mr. Malcolm requested this footage for the football file, to augment all the measurements they take for upcoming freshmen. The military and the police want to see the footage too, to see the results of the enhancement. Get ready.?
Andrew was a bit nervous, but then he saw Carrie?s face at the front door. She nodded at him, and Andrew grinned, deciding to show off for her.
As the music played, Andrew ripped off his t-shirt and began flexing his arms, astonishing his father with the size and definition of his muscles. Andrew laughed as he saw the shocked look on Carrie?s face, and brought his arms down into an intimidating ab crunch. His muscles and veins turned red as his shoulders bulged, and then he stood up, relaxing his muscles.
?Pretty good, son,? Chad managed, after being shocked speechless. ?That should give everyone an update as to just how big you have become.?
Andrew turned around as he heard Carrie clapping.
?Hey Carrie,? he said. ?Did you like the show??
?Yes I did,? Carrie replied, with a big grin. ?I noticed you didn?t start posing until I showed up.?
?Yeah, you give me the confidence to show off,? Andrew informed her. ?I?m a bit shy otherwise, unless I?m around the guys.?
?I know,? Carrie reminded him. ?You really do show off around the guys all the time, replacing the true Andrew with Andrew the Jock.?
?So, where are you two going today?? Chad asked.
?Probably down to Barrie to get some shopping done,? Andrew replied. ?I need to find new clothes that aren?t in danger of splitting every time I flex. So I?ll find a Big and Tall shop somewhere.?
?Stop flexing and you won?t have to worry about your clothes splitting,? Chad joked, putting the tape from the camera into an envelope.
?What, stop flexing these babies?? Andrew asked, flexing his 31 inch biceps. He grinned at the rippling mounds of muscle and at the amazed look on his dad?s face. Then he turned to Carrie and sneered, ?You think we have any chance of finding clothes that can contain these muscles??
?Only one way to find out,? Carrie replied. ?So, let?s get in your car and get going.?
?Wait just a moment, Andrew,? Chad advised him. ?Did you forget what?s being done with your car today??
?What do you- oh yeah!? Andrew remembered. ?You?re going to turn my car into a sports car, aren?t you??
?I was afraid you had forgotten,? Chad said. ?I remember how embarrassed you were last night when I brought it up.?
?That?s true I was,? Andrew remembered. ?But I guess I have another reason this morning to enjoy my new car, don?t I?? He flashed a cocky grin and asked, ?Do you want to tell Carrie the good news, or should I??
?How about you tell her,? Chad suggested. ?I?ll turn your car into this.? He showed Andrew the picture of the Bomex Superstreet Honda that Andrew had seen at the Source in October. ?How does that sound??
?That?s perfect,? Andrew replied, as he struggled into his t-shirt. ?I?ll be really happy with a car like that.?
?You deserve it,? Chad said, as Andrew and Carrie headed towards the front door. ?Have a good day, you two. I?ll see you- oh wait!?
?Yeah Dad?? Andrew grunted, caught halfway through the front door. He caught the keys his dad tossed him, and looked down at them. ?Oh yeah, I guess I need to use your car, don?t I??
?If you don?t mind delivering this letter to the police station for me, I?d appreciate it,? Chad said, handing it over.
?Sure Dad,? Andrew said, grinning. ?Since you asked nicely, I?ll help.?
?Thanks a lot son!? Chad laughed, noticing Andrew?s smug grin. ?The huge football player helps out others, even when he outweighs them by almost 150 pounds!?
?I don?t outweigh you by that much, do I?? Andrew asked in shock. ?150 is the weight of a small guy!?
?Yeah you do outweigh me by that much,? Chad reminded him. ?So you remember that when you two are out there having fun. See you later.?
Andrew waved and led Carrie out to the garage, where his Dad?s Honda Accord was parked.
?So, which mall do you think we should go to after the OPP Station?? Andrew asked Carrie, once they were in the car.
?We might try Georgian Mall first,? Carrie replied, as they headed off out of the driveway. ?Hopefully we will find a Big and Tall shop there.?
?Good idea,? Andrew agreed. ?You know, I don?t think I ever apologized to you about how I was yesterday. I was so shy; I didn?t realize I was keeping others from getting on with their day.?
?Are you referring to how reluctant you were about moving the tree off the road?? Carrie asked. When Andrew nodded, she said, ?Don?t worry about it. Steve told me everything when he got home yesterday. Of course, he barely got in the house, with all the people with cameras that swarmed him. What made you trick him into a strength test like that??
?He was getting so jealous, I thought I would help him overcome it,? Andrew replied. ?All the media attention should help him understand my shyness, as well as helping him secure his own academic scholarship.?
?Good thinking Andrew,? Carrie commended him. ?That?s a great idea.?
?Thanks Carrie,? Andrew said. ?I?m glad you accept my apology.?
?How could I not when you stare at me with those big blue eyes of yours?? Carrie asked, grinning at him. She gave him a big kiss and added, ?I?m so glad you?re my boyfriend. I?m really lucky.?
?Not as lucky as I am to have you for a girlfriend,? Andrew reminded her. ?I?m the true lucky one, especially since you?re not scared of me like everyone else is.?
?Stop it!? Carrie pleaded with him. ?You?ll make me cry!?
?Sorry about that,? Andrew apologized, laying a hand gently along the side of her face. ?I love you do much, do you know that??
?Sure I do,? Carrie replied. ?I love you too. I look forward to the day we get married.?
?You mean you?re not tired of me, even after 4 years?? Andrew asked.
?Of course not,? Carrie admonished him. ?You always find way to keep things interesting, like when you lifted your car for the first time. You?re such a great boyfriend, but you don?t even know it, do you??
?I guess not,? Andrew grinned, smiling shyly. ?Why don?t you tell me all about it??
?Later, during the drive down to Barrie,? Carrie decided. ?We?re almost at the OPP Station now.?
?Ah yes of course,? Andrew realized, as the building came into view. ?Do you have any idea where we deliver the tape of me flexing??
?Why don?t you ask Chief Collins?? Carrie suggested, pointing to the front door of the building. ?He?s waiting for us.?
Andrew got out of the car and opened Carrie?s door for her. They both walked up to Chief Collins and Andrew handed him the tape.
?Thank you Andrew,? Collins said, taking the tape from him. ?I hope you won?t mind performing some strength tests while you?re here.?
?Actually, Carrie and I were heading down to Barrie to get some shopping done,? Andrew declared. ?And you wouldn?t have much luck stopping me if I try to leave. I forgot that you?d want to try the strength tests. But I found out yesterday.?
?Oh, Dr. Johnson told you before you left the hospital, did he?? Sam said, having no idea that Johnson had said nothing to Andrew.
?What are you talking about?? Andrew asked, confused. ?I heard about it from my father. Is this how it?s going to be, everyone making plans behind my back? I?m out of here! Don?t try to stop me, or you?ll be sorry!? He held up his hands and Sam quickly locked the cuffs around them. ?Why you little?? Andrew snapped, as he lunged at Sam.
Sam ducked quickly out of the way and stood behind Collins.
When Andrew glared at them in rage, Collins said, ?Don?t just stand there; snap the cuffs if you want to leave!?
Andrew ripped his hands apart, shattering the cuffs into useless scraps of metal. He lunged at Sam, but then had to dodge out of the way as a police car almost ran him down. At least 10 cops swarmed Andrew as he tried to get up again, struggling to keep him down. Andrew almost managed to shake them off, so they were forced to use tazers.
?Oww!? Andrew yelled, as about 50,000 volts hit him from several directions at once. The cops kept zapping him, and then Andrew looked up in fury, increased adrenaline suppressing his pain. ?You?ll be sorry you tried to stand in my way!?
Andrew heaved upwards, sending all 10 cops flying as he stood up.
?I told you you?d be sorry!? Andrew gloated, as he saw the ten cops lying on the ground unconscious. ?You?d better learn that? hey, what are you trying to do??
Andrew tried to dodge the police car that raced towards him, but it still pushed him backwards. Andrew gritted his teeth in fury and planted his feet firmly. He lifted the front end of the car off the ground and the driver?s face showed horror as the back wheels spun uselessly.
The driver jumped out of the car and headed for the helicopter. Andrew flipped the car over to get it out of his way and ran after the cop, determined to catch him. But those few seconds cost him, as the cop had already jumped into the helicopter and was preparing to lift off. Andrew had to fight to get thru the wind from the rotor blades, but managed to get right next to the helicopter as it lifted off. He managed to grab the right landing skid and pulled the helicopter back down to the ground. The pilot looked over, shocked, and gunned the engines to full power. The helicopter soared upwards, faster than before, almost pulling Andrew off his feet. Andrew summoned his full strength, and managed to hold the helicopter in place. The engines died in a shower of sparks, and the helicopter landed on the ground again.
Andrew grinned to cover the shock he felt at his amazing strength. As his adrenaline faded away, he felt a bit embarrassed and scared at the damage he had caused. To help alleviate the pilot?s fear, he helped him out of the helicopter.
?Thanks a lot man,? the pilot stammered, scared to death of Andrew?s power.
?You?re welcome man,? Andrew said. ?Hey, it?s okay man; I?m calm now. Thanks for the great workout! I loved it!?
?I?m glad,? the cop said. ?I?m also glad that we have a replacement chopper. The strength test we put you through wrecked this one!?
?Hey, I?m sorry about that,? Andrew apologized. ?When I?m a famous NFL player, I?ll buy you a new helicopter, how about that??
?You don?t have to,? Chief Collins assured Andrew, coming across the lawn towards him. ?When your doctor told us about the strength tests, we found money in the budget for a replacement. And a replacement squad car too, since you also wrecked one of them!? He motioned behind him at the flipped over car and shrugged helplessly. ?When we put together the strength tests, this was not what we had in mind!?
He headed over to Sam, who was desperately trying to wake up the 10 cops Andrew had knocked out. Andrew followed him, a little ashamed of the damage he had caused, even though he knew now that it had all been part of the strength tests.
?Hey Sam, don?t be scared of me!? Andrew advised him, as Sam backed away in fear when he noticed Andrew coming over. ?Don?t forget, you?re the ones who tried to run me over!?
?For all the good it did!? Sam stammered, motioning at the flipped over car.
?Oh yeah, I?d better clean up the mess I caused,? Andrew realized. He walked over to the car and casually turned it back over again. ?There, how?s that?? he asked them, turning around to the Chief and Sam again.
?That-that was incredible!? Chief Collins shouted. ?You performed so many strength tests in such a short space of time! Are you tired now??
?I guess I am,? Andrew replied, as the ten cops began to wake up. ?It?s good that I am, or they would be even more scared of me.? Andrew was referring to the fear on the cops face?s as they backed away from him, terrified of his great strength. ?Hey, hey, don?t worry guys, I won?t hurt you anymore! You certainly tried to hurt me with those tazers! Not that it did much! Great strength tests guys!?
?It was a great session of strength tests,? Collins agreed. ?I knew that if we took you by surprise, we?d see your full strength! Good job Andrew!?
Andrew grinned, feeling perfectly calm now. The cops were relieved that Andrew was calmed down, so they all crowded around him, congratulating him on his great strength. Andrew grinned, acting confident at first. But when the admiration became too much, he got a bit embarrassed.
?Okay, okay guys!? he protested, holding up his hands. ?There?s only one of me, and I?ve already committed myself to the University of Miami! I can?t join the OPP as well, as some kind of super trooper!?
?That?s too bad,? Collins said. ?If you joined the force, there wouldn?t be any crime at all! Everyone would be too scared of you to try anything!?
?Now, that?s a bit of an exaggeration,? Andrew reminded them. ?Don?t forget, Daniel Herrington tried to kill me, even though I?m much stronger than he is! That occurred mainly because of jealousy, however. But if my father?s enhancement continues to have such good effects, you may be able to enhance future recruits. Let?s just consider this a successful test, shall we gentlemen??
?Yes sir!? all the cops shouted.
?At ease,? Andrew ordered them, amused at the cops treating him like their superior.
They all saluted Andrew, and he grinned and saluted back. Then he noticed Chief Collins coming up beside him.
?Yeah Chief?? Andrew said, turning to look down at him. ?You?re not going to try to recruit me as well, are you? I must say: it?s amazing how their attitudes shifted to admiration, once I calmed down, isn?t it??
?Yes it is,? Collins replied. ?While I?m not going to try to actively recruit you, I will ask you to promise me something.?
?What?s that, Chief?? Andrew asked him.
?Promise me you will remain on the side of Law and Order,? Collins ordered him. ?Your great strength today proved that no human has any hope of restraining you! And when you?re mad, there may be no reasoning with you either!?
?I hadn?t thought about that,? Andrew realized. ?I promise I will never turn to crime. In fact, I wouldn?t be opposed to helping out the police force in any way that a civilian could. Do you think there?s any area in which I could be useful??
?You might think about being a volunteer EMT,? Chief advised him. ?Your great strength could make the Jaws of Life obsolete, helping reduce response times in medical emergencies. I could sign you up for a First Aid course if you?d like.?
?No way!? Andrew shouted in astonishment. ?Do you really think I?m that strong??
?You did it once before, when you got Meghan out of her car, didn?t you?? Chief remembered. ?I see no reason why we couldn?t ask Doctor Johnson and see if you can become a volunteer EMT during the next 8 months.?
?Speaking of Doctor Johnson, was that bombshell dropped to force me into this strength test?? Andrew asked.
?Yes it was,? Collins replied. ?I knew we?d never get you to use your full strength unless we got you mad first. So I told you that he told us about the strength tests, knowing he had never told you about them.?
?That was kind of dangerous though, don?t you think?? Andrew asked. ?I could have really hurt someone!?
?But you didn?t,? Collins reminded him. ?Don?t forget that. Even when you were mad, you controlled your great strength and didn?t really permanently injure anyone.?
?I guess you?re right,? Andrew said. ?It?s just that my great strength scares me.?
?That?s a good thing,? Collins realized. ?Remember that fear anytime you get tempted to intimidate anyone and multiply it by ten. Then you will know how scared everyone else is when you?re angry.?
?I hadn?t thought about that either,? Andrew realized. ?Now, can you do something for me??
?What would that be?? Chief Collins asked him.
?Once my car gets tricked out, I?m sure I?ll enjoy it, if you know what I mean,? Andrew predicted. ?Promise me you won?t let me off with just a warning if I?m speeding. I don?t want special treatment because of my football or because of who my father is.?
?You just proved how smart you are,? Collins realized. ?A lot of guys in your position might think they were above the law. I mean, you just flipped a car over effortlessly, twice! And you pulled a helicopter down to the ground as well!?
?I think the pills are beginning to have a more permanent effect,? Andrew realized. ?It is good to be myself again. It has been a long time since I felt this calm.?
?Well, that?s great,? Collins said. ?So, I have the footage of these strength tests, and I will hand the tape over to the military.?
?I suppose Dr, Johnson told you about that as well,? Andrew realized, grinning. ?Fortunately my father told me as well. See you later Chief.?
Collins waved as he went back inside the building. Andrew walked back over to Carrie, and waited for her to say something.
?There?s my huge muscle man,? Carrie declared. ?How did it feel, showing off the limits of your great strength??
?It felt great,? Andrew replied, grinning. ?I love being so strong, when I haven?t hurt anyone with my power.?
?Just make sure that you don?t hurt anyone with your power,? Carrie reminded him. ?You couldn?t see the look on my face, but I was really scared of you! You have to promise me that you won?t ever hurt anyone with your great strength!?
?I can promise that I won?t deliberately hurt anyone,? Andrew declared. ?But until I can learn to fully control my own strength, I cannot promise that I won?t accidentally hurt anyone. I wish I could, but I still don?t feel I have found the true limits of my power!?
?I guess that?s the best we get for now,? Carrie realized. ?Why don?t you give me a hug, and I?ll tell you if your grip is too strong.?
?Who do you think you?re ordering around?? Andrew sneered, lifting Carrie in his arms effortlessly. He carried her over to the car and sat her on the roof so that their eyes were level. ?Do you really think anyone would dare tell me what to do??
?Well, no one had to tell you to loosen your grip,? Carrie realized. ?That?s something good, anyway.?
?Yes it is,? Andrew agreed, as he opened the door for her. ?So, should we go to the mall in Barrie now??
?Good idea,? Carrie agreed. ?I hope we have better luck finding clothes that fit you properly that the police had restraining you!?
?We?ll find out!? Andrew declared, as they headed down Memorial Avenue towards the highway.
Sean Lackie
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vlad is on a distinguished road
this was one of the better chapters in a while. awesome.
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Glad you enjoyed it

Thanks for commenting on the story.
I was beginning to wonder if I had lost the interest of the readers.
Fortunately it appears that taking longer to write each chapter paid off.
Glad you enjoyed reading it.
Sean Lackie
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