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Ancient Relics: Part 2

Something was crushing him. It was squeezing his body, suffocating him. Dean tried to cry for help, but he couldn?t even make a single sound. His hands reached up and grabbed whatever it was on his chest and tore it off. Instantly, he could breathe again. Slowly, Dean?s mind drifted back into sleep

Dean woke up, half expecting the smells of Simon?s breakfast almost done. Yet instead of the same, mouth warming aromas he was so used to waking up to, instead he smelled?.nothing. Puzzled, Dean opened his eyes and sat up. The bright and sunlit, but there was no signs of life at all, save for Simon?s snoring. Dean was about to get out of bed when he felt a cold draft. His arms went instinctively up to wrap himself when he felt his bare skin under his fingers. Confused, Dean looked down and his mouth dropped open.

His shirt laid in two around him, but that wasn?t the thing that shocked him. He had muscles! His chest stuck out like two slabs of steaks slapped onto what used to be flat. His abs?god, he had ABS! They were cut and defined, each abdominal was shown clearly in his 8 pack. Slowly, he reached down to touch them, only to stare and his arm, and arm that couldn?t possibly belong to him. The hand was huge and covered with light hairs. The hand was connected to a meaty forearm, connected to bulging tennis ball sized biceps and triceps, connecting to his shoulder.

He threw off his bed cover to take a look at what had happened below. His legs now filled his once loose boxer shorts completely, leaving almost no room left. The quads bulged and twitched through the fabric. Dean?s eyes moved down to his calf muscles, which had swelled up as if someone had stuffed rolled up socks under his skin. His legs, which used to be skinny and hairless, were now like a bodybuilders, covered with a coat of soft, black hairs. But the most eye popper of them all was his dick. It?s outline bulged through the fabric, far larger then what he had. Not bothering to wait, he ripped off his boxers and gawked at what he saw. What was once 3 inches flaccid had become 6 inches, soft! His balls laid heavily at the base, the size of small lemons, nestled in a forest of black hairs.
Dean smacked his cheeks several times, trying to wake himself up. He pinched his arm, only to find that there was not a bit of his usual flab on it. In fact, it looked as if there wasn?t an ounce of fat on him anywhere!

?This is a dream.? Dean said to himself, covering his face with his large hands. ?This is all just some big, freaky dream. When I wake up, I?ll be my normal skinny self, wearing my normal clothes, and perfectly, absolutely normal?? Slowly, Dean moved his hands from his face. The body that didn?t belong was still there, attached to his head. Just to make sure, Dean poked several of his muscles to determine that they were indeed real.

?SIMON!? Dean yelled jumping out of bed as he climbed up to the top bunk. ?Simon, wake up!?

?Go away?.? Simon said sleepily, turning away from Dean and pulling the covers over is head.

?I said WAKE UP DAMMIT!? Dean threw off the covers on Simon and grabbed his arm. A spark flashed between Dean?s ring and Simon?s arm. Simon bolted upright, giving a cry of pain and surprise.

?OWW WHAT THE FUCK!?? Simon looked at Dean with a wild look on his face. ?That?s the second time that stupid ring shocked me, mother fu-? Simon stopped yelling as he got a full look of Dean. His eyes traveled from Dean?s face, down the bulging neck, ripped pecs, chisled abs and then lower. ?Dean?.you know you?re naked, right??

Dean nearly fell down from the sheer stupidity of the remark. ?That?s not the point you should be making!?

?I know, I know.? Simon said, giving a big yawn. ?You sprouted muscles overnight, it?s weird, I get that.? The combined expression on Simon?s face with the tone of voice made the whole thing was just natural and boring.

?Simon?? Dean tried to say as calmly as possible without grabbing him. ?I know you?re easy going and all, but this is serious now wake up dammit!?

Simon blinked, as if coming out of a trance. He gave another look at Dean, and pinched himself. ?Whoa?so this isn?t some sort of a dream??

?Hello? Are you high or something?? As Dean said this he realized how foolish is was to say that, since Simon absolutely hated drugs.

?I just feel?so?tired.? Simon said a little wearily. ?Ever since last night, I?ve felt like the life was sucked out of me or something.?

?Ever since?? Dean looked at the ring on his hand. Everyone around HAD looked like they had the life sucked out of them. What if all that energy was transferred into Dean? It would explain his seemingly endless energy yesterday. Perhaps the same went for the ring as well? ?Simon, can you weigh yourself right now??

?Why? It?s the same as it is last week.? Simon gave Dean a weary look.

?Just do it.? Dean insisted. ?Please? For me??

?Sure, I guess.? Simon said drowsily. He jumped off of the bed and pulled out the scales. When he stepped on, the numbers flashed 227. ?Weird?I lost 10 pounds in one week.?

Dean?s heart froze. Could it be that Dean had stolen muscle mass from Simon? After all, Dean was lying right below Simon all night, so the ring could?ve been sucking the muscle right out of him for all those hours. If the ring kept it up, how long will it take before Simon became a 90 pound weakling? And what about other people? What would they do when they notice themselves losing weight, while Dean was miraculously packing on muscle? In a panic, Dean rushed to his dresser, pulled out the drawers, and started to pack.

?Where do you think you?re going?? Simon asked, raising one eyebrow at the growing pile of clothes.

?I?m getting out of here.? Dean said simply. His heart was pounding quickly. He couldn?t let this happen to Simon, of all people. But where was he to go? There was no way Dean could get away from people entirely, unless he lived as a hermit in some forest or mountains. Yes, the mountains, a nice, secluded place, where there will be no one for him to steal from.

?Dean?stop being so silly.? Simon took the suitcase and dumped it?s contents out. ?I?m not letting you run out of here.?


Simon shrugged. ?I don?t know why, but this all seems natural to me.?

?WHAT PART OF THIS IS NATURAL?? Dean grabbed his chest, squeezing them.

?I don?t see why you?re so upset.? Simon said calmly. ?Usually, people would die for a body like that.?

?That?s not the point!? Dean slammed his fist on the bed. ?I?you?We??

?Ah?I see.? Simon reached up and gently touched Dean on the cheek. ?You don?t have to be afraid of what?ll happen to me. I?ll just lift weights until I get back what I lost. We?ll figure out a way to get that ring off, promise.?

?Si-Simon?? For some reason, Dean?s knees trembled. Even though the whole situation was crazy, somehow Simon made perfect sense. ?All?Alright.? He said as he sat down heavily on his bed. ?I?I?ll ask Uncle Harry or?or something.?

?You?re Uncle?s halfway around the country, dude.? Simon pointed out. ?How are you going to reach him? I?ve known you long enough to know that that man is harder to reach then the moon.?

?Then what are we going to do?? Dean asked, looking up.

?We ask an expert.?
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