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Old May 17th, 2006, 07:51 AM
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Andrew Prequel Chapter 1 Version 2


It was late June of 1998. Andrew and Sarah Pearson had just finished their last day of Grade 5 at Couchiching Heights Public School in Orillia.
As he and Sarah began walking home, Andrew asked Sarah: ?What are your plans for your first day of summer??
?I?m going to go and see Chris and Sue once we get home,? Sarah replied. ?What are your plans for today: our first day of summer??
?I am going over to talk to Steve,? Andrew replied. ?Maybe I?ll say hello to Carrie as well. She seems to enjoy seeing me whenever I come over.?
?Carrie likes you!? Sarah teased him. ?Maybe she wants to be your girlfriend!?
?Stop that!? Andrew snapped at her. ?We?re just good friends!?
?Oh, is that what they?re calling it these days?? Sarah teased him.
?I didn?t mean that,? Andrew corrected her, trying to remain calm. He was afraid that Sarah might know how he felt about Carrie and he was anxious to change the subject. ?I just meant that we have known each other for almost six years, so we?ve become good friends over that time.?
?I know,? Sarah assured him. ?I was just teasing you. I didn?t mean to get you mad. It?s just that you spend so much time with Carrie and Steve.?
?The key words are ?Carrie and Steve?,? Andrew reminded her. ?I haven?t spent any time alone with Carrie; Steve has always been there.?
?I think you?re right,? Sarah realized. ?I?m sorry; I didn?t mean to suggest anything.?
?Well be more careful!? Andrew snapped at her, uncomfortable with the whole subject. ?How would you feel if I started calling Chris your boyfriend??
?I understand,? Sarah assured him, determined to avoid the whole Andrew and Carrie subject in the future. ?I guess you?re right; I wouldn?t want anyone to call Chris my boyfriend just because we spend a lot of time together.?
?Glad we had this talk,? Andrew declared, as they turned onto Hillside Drive. ?Looks like we finished our talk just in time; this is where we part ways.?
?No, actually,? Sarah corrected him. ?I have to go upstairs to get something for Sue. It?s her birthday in two days, you know. Then I?m going over to her house.?
?I understand,? Andrew said, as they reached home. ?Say hi to Chris and Sue for me.?
?I will,? Sarah said, waving as she headed upstairs.
Andrew looked in his backpack to make sure he had everything he wanted to take over to Steve?s house. As he looked through everything, he was relieved that Sarah had not managed to find out that he was beginning to look on Carrie as more than a good friend.
?I wonder how I can get her alone so I can tell her,? he said aloud, not realizing he was talking to himself.
?Tell her what?? Andrew?s dad Chad asked as he came downstairs. ?And who is she??
?Uh, no one Dad,? Andrew stammered, embarrassed that his father had overheard him. ?I didn?t know you were home.?
?Obviously,? Chad realized. ?I didn?t mean to eavesdrop, but you really shouldn?t be talking to yourself about private thoughts.?
?I didn?t know I was talking to myself,? Andrew realized. ?But since you overheard me, maybe you could help.?
?Sure I can,? Chad assured him. ?It may have been 25 years since I was in your position, but I can certainly help you. So, who are we talking about? Have I met her??
?Yes you have,? Andrew replied. ?The girl is Carrie.?
?Ah I thought so,? Chad said, smiling softly. ?I suspected as much.?
?How did you know?? Andrew asked, glad that his father knew.
?I?ve seen the way you look at her, son,? Chad replied. ?I could give you some advice on how to tell her, if you?d like.?
?I?d appreciate that,? Andrew said gratefully. ?You and Mom seem to be very happy together.?
?We knew we were meant to be together from the first moment we met in college,? Chad said, smiling at the memory. ?We bumped into each other at the beach: quite literally in fact.?
?So, how did you tell her?? Andrew asked.
?I asked her out right there,? Chad replied. ?So maybe I?m not the best person to give advice.?
?Why, did she turn you down the first time you asked her out?? Andrew asked.
?Give me a little credit son!? Chad admonished him. ?I was quite a catch in college you know. You mother thought so anyway; that?s why she said yes!?
?So, what exactly did you mean?? Andrew asked him, confused.
?You need to ask advice from someone who had been in your position,? Chad informed him. ?Maybe you should even ask Carrie, but pretend you?re talking hypothetically, about a friend. Then you?ll know how she feels, without running the risk of making things uncomfortable between the two of you. Don?t forget, you happen to be best friends with her brother! You don?t want to lose his friendship because you hurt his sister?s feelings, do you??
?Of course not!? Andrew protested.
?Then be very careful,? Chad advised him. ?But if you really feel this way about her, you have to let her know, especially if she feels the same way.?
?Do you think I can go and tell her now?? Andrew asked. ?I need to tell her before I forget how to do it right.?
?Write my advice down while we?re talking,? Chad suggested. ?I?d like to talk to you about something else right now.?
?What is it?? Andrew asked. ?I really want to go over to Steve?s house.?
?He won?t be ready to see you yet,? Chad informed him. ?His dad is having the same discussion with him.?
?What discussion?? Andrew asked. ?What?s the topic of this discussion??
?Your future,? Chad replied. ?Specifically, your quest to play in the NFL.?
?Are you sure we?re ready to talk about that now?? Andrew asked. ?I?m only ten years old! Isn?t it too early to talk about weight training??
?You?re turning 11 in less than four months,? Chad reminded him. ?And after what happened about two weeks ago, I think you?re ready.?
?Are you referring to the incident in Alexander?s cavern?? Andrew asked.
?Yes I am,? Chad informed him. ?Sarah and your mother told me how you helped them out of the debris when the rock wall exploded on all of you.?
?Well I?m glad they?re grateful, but what does that have to do with anything??
?Do you ever wonder why you were the first to get up?? Chad asked him. ?After all, you are smaller than Sarah, even though you are the same age! And your mother should have been the first one to get up, considering that she is bigger and stronger than either of you!?
?So what is the explanation?? Andrew asked. ?Have you figured out what caused me to get up first??
?It was adrenaline, caused by your great anger at Alexander,? Chad realized. ?You anger made you stronger than either of them at that moment, letting you get up before either of them. That revelation made me realize that you have great potential for strength and power. That is why I want to start teaching you how to lift weights now, instead of waiting until you hit puberty.?
?That would be a great head start,? Andrew realized. ?Imagine how big and strong I could be at age 13 if I started working out now!?
?Exactly right,? Chad agreed. ?And imagine how big you would be at age 15, when you enter high school! You would have a much better chance of getting into college on a full scholarship, and then into the NFL!?
?That would be great!? Andrew shouted in excitement. ?Ever since you told me about your high school, college, and NFL glory days, I knew I wanted to enjoy the same sports career for myself!?
?Well, I?m glad you?re motivated,? Chad said, smiling at the thought of helping his son?s dreams come true. ?High school is only three years away now. I know that seems like a long time to you, but believe me, it will be here in no time. Wouldn?t you like to be the biggest guy in Grade Nine, instead of the smallest??
?Yes I would Dad,? Andrew replied. ?I have always been upset that I have been the smallest kid in my class!?
?With a two year head start on most high school football players, you?ll be one of the biggest guys in Grade Nine,? Chad promised him. ?One of the benefits of having my NFL career cut short by injury is that I was forced to pursue other avenues in the sports world. That?s what led me to be a Certified Personal Trainer.?
?Are you maybe thinking that if you had started training at age 11, your injury might never have happened?? Andrew asked.
?The thought has crossed my mind,? Chad agreed. ?But I cannot change my past. All I can do is help you make sure you don?t miss this opportunity to pursue your dream. It is your dream, isn?t it? You?re not just getting excited because I was an NFL star, are you??
?No I?m not,? Andrew assured him. ?I am excited that you were an NFL star, but even if you hadn?t been, I would still want this. If I didn?t, I?d be sure to let you know.?
?I know,? Chad realized. ?You?ve never been good at keeping your thoughts to yourself, even at inappropriate moments! But weight training can help you with that too.?
?What do you mean?? Andrew asked. ?Do you mean that working out will help me control my quick temper??
?Exactly,? Chad agreed. ?If you feel yourself getting angry, release that energy in the weight room! If you use your anger to lift more, you become stronger much faster! Then you?ll be able to lift more, and get bigger! You can turn your anger into something positive; like a mechanism for your muscular growth! Then you?ll become a muscle monster in no time!?
?When do we start?? Andrew asked, getting pretty excited at the thought.
?Tomorrow, in the company gym,? Chad informed him, happy that Andrew was fully on board with the idea of weight training.
?I get to come to the company gym?? Andrew asked. ?I thought you told me that you couldn?t bring family members in there!?
?Well I guess I should tell you now,? Chad realized. ?I wanted it to be a surprise at supper, but since no one?s going to be here, I?ll tell you now.?
?Tell me what?? Andrew asked.
?Mr. Harrington just promoted me to Fitness Manager of the company today,? Chad informed him, smiling at the thought. ?Now I can bring you to the company gym.?
?Congratulations Dad!? Andrew shouted, hugging Chad. ?I know how long you have waited for this moment!?
?Thanks son!? Chad shouted. ?I have waited ten years for this! Now I can help you make your dreams come true!?
He slapped Andrew?s shoulder in excitement.
?Oww!? Andrew yelled, almost falling over from the force of the blow. ?That hurt Dad! You have to be more careful! I?m not as big and strong as you are; yet!?
?Sorry about that son,? Chad apologized, steadying his son with one massive arm. ?I guess I don?t realize just how strong I still am. I got carried away by excitement.?
?I bet I can still get carried away by you!? Andrew reminded his dad.
?You?re probably right,? Chad realized, stepping forward and hoisting his son into the air by his collar, with one hand. ?After all, I can still do this!?
?Ha ha! Put me down Dad!? Andrew laughed, trying to pretend he wasn?t scared of his father?s strength. ?You?re tickling me!?
?Good thing I?m not hurting you!? Chad realized. ?But this should prove to both of us that I?m not over the hill yet! Not bad for an old man, is it??
?Old man?? Andrew repeated in astonishment. ?You?re only 35! And you?re holding me up effortlessly, with only one hand!?
?Hey you?re right,? Chad agreed, looking up into Andrew?s eyes. ?Don?t worry, it won?t be long before I have to look up to you, without lifting you first. After a few years of weight training, you?ll be able to take me on, and lift me like this! In fact, you seem to be getting heavier already! Since you haven?t started weigh training yet, maybe you?re entering puberty early! I did the same thing when I was your age! Maybe my genes have passed my size and strength on to you; it just didn?t become noticeable until now. That proves that it is now the right time to start your weight training. Once we add more food, Creatine, and my special supplements to your daily routine, you?ll grow into a muscle god in no time!?
?None of that will happen if you don?t put me down first, Dad!? Andrew yelled, unable to hide his fear this time. ?You?re really scaring me; holding me in the air effortlessly for so long!?
?Sorry son,? Chad apologized, setting Andrew down on the ground again. ?But that is a good reason to get big and strong, so that no one else can lift you like this.?
?I?ll try to remember that,? Andrew assured his dad. ?Thanks for setting me down; your strength is really scary! If you can lift me with one arm, how much can you lift with both arms? Can you lift a car over your head??
?Ha ha, very funny son!? Chad laughed, careful not to slap Andrew?s shoulder this time. ?No one can lift a car! Though I wish I could! If I ever got stuck in the ditch, I wouldn?t want to have to wait for a tow truck!?
?Don?t worry Dad; I will be able to lift a car one day,? Andrew predicted.
?Right son, sure you will,? Chad chuckled, ruffling his son?s hair with one hand. ?I only wish it were possible to make you that strong, without resorting to illegal drugs!? As Chad spoke those words, he began to get an idea about how he could actually make Andrew stronger than any human. But he didn?t tell Andrew his idea, because he wasn?t sure himself if it would work. He didn?t think it would be fair to get Andrew?s hopes up if the plan failed to meet expectations. ?In the meantime son, we?ll just have to use my supplements and the company gym to make you as strong as possible. You may not be able to lift a car, but we should be able to get you ready for the NFL with no trouble.?
?I was serious,? Andrew informed his father, staring at him with a serious look on his face. ?I will lift a car one day!?
?Not without a revolution in sports supplements you won?t,? Chad realized. He decided to tell Andrew just a little bit about his idea, without revealing his whole plan. ?My company is working on some new testosterone boosters. If I test them on myself first, we can make sure they have no side effects. Then I can give you some. Combined with puberty hormones, the new supplements may just allow you to lift a car!?
?That would be great!? Andrew shouted in excitement. ?I want to be so strong I can wipe the floor with Alexander the next time I see him!? His face turned red in fury and his little fists clenched until they turned white. ?I hate him!?
?Calm down young man!? Chad shouted. ?Save that fury for our first workout tomorrow! I will help you get superhuman strength, which will have much more useful applications than revenge!?
?What kind of applications?? Andrew asked, trying hard to calm down.
?Sports, military, and medical applications,? Chad realized, thinking out loud. ?Imagine the benefits to the human race if we succeed! I?m glad I became Fitness Manager today! Working for a sports supply company, I could help revolutionize the Fitness, Military, and Medical Industries!?
?What are you talking about Dad?? Andrew asked, getting confused.
?If we are successful with you, imagine how strong we could make pro athletes!? Chad realized. ?If they were much stronger than the ordinary human, imagine how much longer their careers would last! They wouldn?t be sidelined by injuries like I was!?
?How would this benefit the Military and the EMTs?? Andrew asked.
?Superhuman strength would help more soldiers come home to their families,? Chad realized. ?If we could make their muscles strong and dense enough to stop bullets, that is. As for the EMTs, having the strength to rip car doors off wrecked cars with their bare hands could help them save lives much more quickly! You know, with one sentence, you may have just helped choose the next step in human evolution!?
?Stop it Dad, you?re scaring me!? Andrew shouted. ?I?m not a genius who just helped shape human evolution! I?m just a ten year old kid!?
?Apparently a really smart ten year old kid!? Chad realized, scribbling furiously on his notepad. ?You?ve really given me a lot to think about; work that will occupy my company for years to come! You?d better go and Steve now, before you miss supper. I have to call my boss and tell him your great ideas, before I forget them! I?ll see if I can get you in to present your ideas to Mr. Harrington yourself. You do still want to work for the company when you reach working age, don?t you??
?Yes I do Dad,? Andrew said, edging towards the stairs, a bit scared of the adult responsibilities that his father was trying to give him. ?Can I go to Steve?s house now??
?Go and have fun son,? Chad told him. ?Just be back in time for bed, and then you?ll be sure to get a good night?s sleep. You?ll need it, since we start the training tomorrow.?
?Thanks Dad!? Andrew shouted, running down the stairs.
?Don?t run down the stairs!? Chad shouted after him. ?And don?t forget what I told you about your feelings for Carrie!?
?I won?t forget; I wrote them down!? Andrew called back, as he ran out the door.
He ran down the street to Carrie?s house, anxious to tell her all his good news.
Sean Lackie
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