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andrew Prequel Part 2 Version 2


When Andrew got to Steve's house, he had to sit on the curb for a few minutes to catch his breath.
"I had better ask Dad to give me some lung training," he said to himself. "I wish I knew the proper word for it. Maybe Steve will know."
Andrew got up and knocked on Steve's door.
"Hi Andrew," said Steve, after he opened the door. "Come on in."
"Thank you," said Andrew, stepping inside. "Where are your parents?"
"Mom and Dad went out to get some shopping done," Steve replied. "My dad is picking up some gym clothes for me."
"Are you starting into weight training too?" Andrew asked without thinking.
"Yes," agreed Steve. "My dad just told me. He said that I should start bulking up now, if I want to play football in three years. Since he is big, and so am I for my age, it should work out."
"Very funny," laughed Andrew.
"Oh yes!" grinned Steve, catching on. "I guess it was. I didn't even think about what I was saying. So, you are trying to work out too?"
"Yes, my father just told me," Andrew replied. "What gym are you going to?"
"The YMCA," replied Steve. "What about you?"
"Oh I haven't picked one out yet," replied Andrew. He remembered how his father had told him to keep his promotion secret until he could announce it officially. Andrew also realized that his dad had picked out the Company Gym, and Andrew had not. So Andrew was not lying to Steve. "But I'm sure my dad will help me pick one out."
"Hi Andrew," said Carrie, coming into the room. "How are you?"
"I'm fine," replied Andrew, trying not to notice her too much, but still determined to talk to her later. "How are you?"
"I'm fine," Carrie replied. "I guess I'll see you two later."
"Bye Carrie," said Andrew, smiling softly as his gaze unintentionally followed her.
"Hey, stop looking at my sister!" teased Steve. "You're too young to have a girlfriend."
"Very funny," laughed Andrew, turning red from embarrassment. "Let's go for a run. I
need the exercise."
"Okay," agreed Steve. "Let me leave a note for my parents so they don't worry."
Once Steve left the note, he and Andrew left the house, and began to jog around the block. Andrew managed to beat Steve at first, but then Steve caught up. They raced past Sue and Chris's house, and Andrew was lagging behind, panting loudly. He saw his house as they rounded the corner, and he sped up, trying to beat Steve. Then he realized that if Steve beat him to Steve's house, Andrew might have some time alone to talk with Carrie. So Andrew held himself back slightly, even though he was getting his second wind. Steve managed to beat Andrew to the Peterson house, but just by a few feet.
"Good race man," Steve panted, bending over as he tried to catch his breath. "You almost beat me."
"Almost," Andrew agreed, putting his hands on his hips to try to catch his breath.
"Do you want the first shower?" Steve asked him. "I beat you in the footrace, so it seems only fair to let you get cleaned up first."
"No that's okay, you go first," Andrew said, getting an idea of how he could talk to Carrie alone. "I just need to catch my breath for a few minutes. I don't mind waiting."
"Okay, if that's what you want," Steve said agreeably. He led the way inside and they both headed upstairs. "I'll let you know when I'm done. Where will you be?"
"Talking to Carrie," Andrew replied. "We haven't seen each other for a few days and it's time we got caught up."
"Good idea," Steve agreed. "From the way you've been looking at her lately, it seems you two may have a great deal to talk about. I've seen her sneaking glances at you as well."
"Really?" Andrew asked, smiling at the thought.
"It's okay man; I know you like her," Steve said. "Go for it big guy; let her know how you feel. I think she may feel the same way, though she's never actually said so."
"Thanks Steve; I really appreciate that man," Andrew said, feeling very relieved that Steve did not mind. "I'll treat her right, don't worry."
"I know you will man," Steve said, closing the bathroom door.
Andrew felt very confident as he knocked on Carrie's door.
"Hello Andrew," Carrie said, opening the door for him. "Come on in; we need to talk."
"I was about to say the same thing," Andrew said. He came in and sat down on the bed as Carrie closed the door. "So, what should we talk about?"
"Us," Carrie replied, sitting down beside him. "I think you must know how I feel by now."
"The same way I feel about you," Andrew answered, the rest of his nervousness vanishing. Inside, he was jumping for joy as he realized Carrie felt the same way he did. "So, who should be the first one to say it?"
"I knew that you were the one for me from the first day of Kindergarten five years ago," Carrie declared, squeezing his hand softly.
"I knew the same thing about you," Andrew said to her, squeezing her hand softly in return. "I think I fell in love with you the first day I saw you."
"I'm glad we got that straightened out," Carrie sighed happily. "I have wanted to tell you how I felt for the past few months now."
"So have I," Andrew said, "but I just didn't know how to tell you. Since we told each other, I guess we have nothing to worry about now, do we?"
"I guess not," Carrie agreed. "I think Steve has known how I feel about you for a few weeks now."

"He told me as much just before I came in here," Andrew informed her. "He gave me his blessing and told me to go ahead and tell you how I feel."
"I'm glad you did tell me," Carrie said. "So, what shall we do now? Did you want to try kissing for the first time?"
"I thought you'd never ask!" Andrew shouted. "I've been saving myself for you!"
"I've done the same thing for you," Carrie informed him, sliding closer to him until she was sitting on his lap. "I wanted you to be the first boy I kissed."
"If my father's plans work out, I won?t be a boy much longer," Andrew told her. "I'll soon be a man!"
"Then kiss me and let me feel what a real man tastes like!" Carrie ordered him, lowering herself onto the bed.
"Yes ma'am," Andrew said, grinning at the thought.
As he lowered himself into Carrie's waiting arms, he realized how lucky he was to have found the love of his life.
Sean Lackie
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