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Old May 18th, 2006, 10:18 AM
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Ancient Relics: Chp 3

Okay, after a long, long, loooooooong hiatus, I've finally got the nerve to finish the next installment of the not so well known story, Ancient Relics. This here has SOME muscle growth, as well as a bit of a teaser for the next one. Now, i'm sorry for the delay, but here is chapter 3, or however I was keeping count of it.

Ancient Relics
Chapter 3

?Fascinating.? A geeky looking professor lifted Dean?s hand closer to his face, his eyes focused entirely on the ring.

Later that morning, Simon lead Dean over to one of the lesser known college buildings. In fact, Dean didn?t even know that the buildings even existed. They were tucked far to the back of the campus, and was hidden behind a small forest of trees. After they had walked past the trees, they came to a small, flat two story building covered with ivy, weeds, and all sorts of garbage. It was funny, because the college prided themselves by keeping it neat and clean.

Inside, it was dark and damp, and was cluttered with boxes and various junk. Moving around the trash as if it was normal, Simon lead Dean to the last door of the long hall. Inside was even more cluttered then the outside, filled with ceramic statues, steel plates, stacks of books and many other odds and ends. There was a large pile of fallen paper and objects on the ground?with a leg sticking out from under it.

So that was how Dean met Professor Perry, the archeology buff. Apparently, he was trying to reach a reference book on the top of one of his many piles of books and paper when it fell over on top of him. It had taken ten minutes to move and dig the professor out from under the pile.

Professor Perry was a small, mousy type of man. He had unkempt dark hair, a small button nose where a pair of spectacles sat precariously, an extremely dull brown suit and white gloves on his hands.

?This is, I believe, a very accurate replica of an obscure Han Dynasty artifact, the Shen Long Ring.? Perry?s eye?s danced as he moved Dean?s hand at various uncomfortable angles. ?The design on this ring is quite exquisite, from the tiniest scale to the tip of the tail, probably using some sort of ancient tool to etch in the??

?Where did you find this nut?? Dean turned his head and whispered to Simon. Perry was too busy speaking to notice.

Simon shrugged. ?I caught him just as he was about to fall down a flight of stairs. I offered to carry some of the things he was carrying to his place, and ever since then I visit from time to time to make sure he doesn?t get buried alive under his work.?

?You mean like just now??

?Sometimes even worse.? Simon yawned.

Dean said nothing for a few minutes, trying to listen to Perry?s non stop ramblings. ?Why isn?t he getting drowsy like you??

?Maybe he has a lot of energy to spare.? Simon shrugged again. ?In fact, he doesn?t seem so energetic today.?

??and yet it is not made out of silver, but of some sort of metal that I do not recall that would require and expert?s examination or lab testing in order to verify it?s identity. My boy, where did you obtain this??

?Er?? Dean shifted his attention back to Perry. ?My, uh, uncle sent it to me. From China.?

?Yes yes, but I wish to know details, my boy!? He took Dean by the shoulders and apparently tried to shake him, but with Dean?s new muscles and strength, he couldn?t make him budge. After that failed, he let go.

?I don?t know.? He responded, looking at the small professor warily. ?And how come you?re not drowsy??

?What what?? The professor looked between Dean and Simon, changing between the two every second.

?The ring.? Simon explained with a half yawn. ?It makes people drowsy.?

?Among other things.? Dean added quickly, before Simon could mention the fact that it caused him to sprout muscles overnight. He didn?t quite trust the eccentric man just yet, even though Simon seemed perfectly fine with him.

?It?makes you drowsy.? Perry said. It didn?t sound like a question. He looked intensely at the dragon?s red eyes, as if expecting them to blink.

?Er, yeah.? Dean said uncomfortably.

?My boy?? Perry laid a hand on Dean?s shoulder. ?I?don?t know how to say this, but?that ring could be THE genuine Shen Long ring!?

All three stood there in the room, quietly. Dean counted 7,8,9 heartbeats until he said, ?So???


?I don?t care about this Shin Lung whatever it?s called!? Dean backed off, but his face held a frown. ?I just want to get it off!?

?We could just call it the dragon ring for short.? Simon said thoughtfully.

?Oh that?s easy.? Perry said, calming down in a heartbeat and ignoring Simon?s comment. ?It is clearly stated in paragraph 2 of page 74 of Ritalin?s Obscure Eastern Myths that there is a simple way of removing the ring from it?s bearer.?

?And what?s that?? Dean said impatiently.

?This.? Perry stood up straight, cleared his throat, then spit squarely on the ring, as well as the hand it was on.

?Ew what the fuck are you doing!?? Dean cried, but even s he did the ring slid off his finger and fell onto the ground.

?There, nothing to it!? Perry said cheerfully, reaching down and picking it up. He pulled out a handkerchief and began wiping the ring clean. ?Now, I?ll just deposit this in a safe place for you, and perhaps I?ll show it to the committee, so I can?? He voice disappeared as he walked away into a side room, leaving Dean and Simon alone.

??Gross.? Dean grabbed some paper from the top of a stack, which reached about waist high and began wiping the spit from his hand. ?That bastard actually spit on me!?

?At least he got the ring off.? Simon pointed out positively. ?That makes up for what he did.?

?He could?ve warned me!? Dean grimaced, shaking his hand as if it was still covered in saliva. ?Or at least let me do it myself.?

?As long as it worked, who cares?? Simon peeked over some of the objects laying around the room, occasionally touching and poking them.

?I do.? Dean muttered, but low enough so Simon couldn?t hear. He shook his head and looked around the room more closely. In the far corner of the room, there was what might have been a desk, but it was loaded with stacks of paper and piles of artifacts. Similar stacks and piles were scattered across the room, and even the floor they were standing on was entirely covered with paper, the flooring hidden beneath the scattered pages.

?Hey, check this out.? Dean snapped his attention back to Simon just as he pulled out a red and gold belt.

?What are you doing?? Dean said, walking up to his friend. On a closer look, he saw that the belt was two inches wide and looked as if it was gold plated. The buckle, which was about the same size as his palm. It was gold and red, with several rubies encased into it.

?This thing caught my eye, so I thought I?d take a closer look at it.? Dean held it out.

Something about the belt interested Dean. ?Here, let me see if it?ll fit me.? Dean took the belt from Simon and wrapped it around the waist. It was a kind of belt that snapped at the buckle, so it was impossible to adjust it when it fell off of his waist and fell to the ground.

?It looks a bit big for you.? Simon chuckled, reached down and picking up the belt. ?Though?it looks like it might fit me though? Before Dean could say anything, Simon wrapped the belt around his waist and snapped it on.

The moment the belt snapped on, Simon was suddenly completely swallowed up by a gold flame. Before Dean could do anything, the flames completely died out, revealing?a golden god.

At least, it HAD to be a god. The man?s face was impossibly young, yet more mature then anything Dean had ever seen. He had long, flowing golden hair which extended all the way to his knees, and a rich, golden tan that radiated with a kind of glow, despite the scant sunlight from the window. His eyes burned a fiery red, yet instead of anger or rage, they showed a kindness deeper then possible. His chin had a square, masculine touch, with just a bit of hair on them to increase his masculinity. Yet what really caught Dean?s eye was the man?s body.

The man was huge! He stood almost 8 feet tall, and his entirely encased with muscle. The man?s neck was about as thick as Dean?s own thigh, rippling and connecting the seemingly small head to the gargantuan body. The man?s shoulders were impossibly broad, appearing as if a teenager can easily lie down on top of those rippling deltoids, which stuck out like bowling balls from under the skin. His arms were frightening, long and thicker then any man, possibly 30, no 40 inches around, with a very thick long vein streaking across the massive muscle.

The man?s torso was absolutely breathtaking. His pecs stuck out like two oversized watermelons, stretching his silver dollar size nipples out, forcing them to point downwards and possibly even a bit back towards the body. They were pulsing and dripping with sweat, appearing as if they would burst from the skin from the slightest contact. His lats spread thick and wide, and despite the ripped and chiseled trim ten-pack, Dean doubted he could completely hug around the body and expect to have his hands touch each other.

Last but not least was the man?s lower body. The man?s quads were at least as thick as a tree trunk, an not as a figure or speech. The rippled and twitched from the slightest shift in weight, looking perfectly able to sustain the body it held up. The calves were similar, looking as if someone had stuck two party balloons under the skin and blew them up as big as they could. The legs ended with a pair of gigantic feet, possibly fitting size 18 sneakers if there were any. Simon?s eyes drifted back up to the man?s midsection, where the belt shone brightly on top of a bulging leather loincloth.

?My goodness, what happened!??

Perry had returned, his mouth agape at the sight of the man.

?I?I?m not sure, professor.? The man said, his voice sending shivers down Dean?s spine. It was impossibly deep and rich, and it made goose bumps on the arms of both men. ?I was trying on the belt, then all of a sudden-?

?Wait, Simon!?? Simon?s jaw dropped. ?Simon, is that you??

?Of course it?s us.? Simon responded, not noticing he had said ?us? instead of ?me.? ?Who did you expect, Bill Gates??

?Bill Gates is a twig compared to you.? Dean said, his body shaking a bit. He turned to Perry for an explanation. ?What happened to him??

Perry was staring at the golden belt Simon was wearing. ?You?you?re wearing the Sun Belt.? He trembled more then Dean, but his voice was still strong. ?Astonishing?.absolutely-?

?We know, we know.? Dean said impatiently. ?What?s the Sun Belt??

?It?? Perry paused to mop his face with a handkerchief. ?It was supposedly an artifact of immense power, made for Apollo, the god of the sun. It was said to hold the power of the sun itself inside it. B-but n-n-n-o one has ever- I mean, this is- this, he, it?s-?

?Impossible, we know.? Dean snapped. ?Just how do we get it off??

?Hey, who said we wanted to get it off?? Simon cut in. Both Dean and Perry flinched visibly as his muscles bunched up, radiating a sort of heat that suddenly grew a bit hotter.

?It?s just t-that people will n-n-notice you?ve changed,? Dean sweated nervously. ?A-and we don?t want to cause trouble, d-do we??

?A-and the b-b-belt will w-wear off at s-s-s-sun down.? Perry looked as if he was about to faint, but held onto Dean to keep him standing. ?S-so once you turn to?.normal, you?ll be, er, v-vulnerable.?

Simon considered it carefully. ?There?s truth to what you say. Very well, we?ll retire for now, and enjoy our time here on earth.? Without waiting, Simon turned around and began walking away. The ground shuddered slightly from every step he took, his calves and quads bulging as he powerfully walked out of the room, exiting sideways through the small door, as he was too broad to fit otherwise. Still, his mighty chest touched the edge of the doorframe, breaking off a fist sized chunk as he effortlessly moved into the hallway.

The moment the shuddering in the ground faded away, Dean turned to Perry, grabbed him by the front of his suit and shook him. ?What the hell is going on with him!? Why is he acting like a completely different person!??

Perry paled even more, if that was even possible. ?I-it says vaguely in Rodwel?s Collection of Minor Grecian Mythology that Apollo placed a sort of a piece of his, er, mind into the belt.?

Dean stared at Perry. ?Are you saying?.that Simon is being controlled by Apollo!??

?More like it?s semblance.? Perry said more confidently. ?It?s a part of his mind and personality, though not exactly part of a whole. My theory is that Apollo created a whole new soul and placed it into the belt, to think and act according to how he wanted to, similar to uploading a program to a computer. B-but what scares me is that Apollo could have, just possibly, placed his, um, ego into it.?

?Oh fuck.? Dean swore, letting go of Perry and running after Simon. ?You find something, anything that might help. I?ll keep him from causing too much trouble.?

Without waiting for an answer, he exited the room, rushed down the hallway and out into the open. It only took Dean a half a second to spot Simon, flexing an arm for a group of stunned girls who were visibly drooling at both the massive peak and the considerable bulge behind the loincloth.


The Greek god paused in mid flex to turn around and look at Dean, who was running up to him.

?Yes, little one?? He said softly. The girls suddenly shook in pleasure as small wet spots appeared on their pants.

?Er?? Dean hesitated as feeling of lust swarmed through him. He thought quickly, fighting his desire. ?C-come with me b-back to the room.? He dared to look up straight into his face, resisting with all of his willpower not to leap up and kiss those perfect full lips?

Simon looked at Dean, his face slightly puzzled. Suddenly, his eyes lit up, as if he suddenly understood something. ?Very well then, little one.?

Dean breathed a sigh of relief. He didn?t think Simon would actually listen, but he did. He had little time to think, however, as Simon began to walk towards home, causing stares and astonished looks as he walked by. Dean had to jog to keep up with the god?s massive strides as they headed across campus, into their dorms, up the stairs and into their room.

As they entered, Dean closed the door and locked it tight, so no one could accidentally walk into anything that might happen. When he turned back around, he found himself face to face with the valley that was between the god?s two giant slabs of pecs.

?Now little one, we will allow you to fulfill your deepest desire.? Simon smiled down at him.

?And wh-what?s that?? Dean backed up into the door, both excited and frightened by this massive man.

Simon smiled broader. ?To worship your god.?
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Links to previous installments

Part 1:

Part 2:
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What happend with this story were is the ending!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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yikes, talk about major flashback. I had all but forgotten about this story. Honestly, I think I was trying to forget about it because I felt like I didn't do much of a good job...

either way, it was a surprise to find someone commenting on it. Plus It made me realize that I used the name Simon before (whoops! imagine that...)
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personally it's really not that bad man...CONTINUE!!
(haha, such small comfort i provide, eh? XD)
just my thoughts as a writer

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Originally Posted by msman View Post
What happend with this story were is the ending!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
: )
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Would love to see this storie finished, it's just...amazing hot!!
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