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Andrew Chapter 9: The First University Strength Tests

Andrew arrived home after dropping Carrie off and found Mr. Malcolm waiting for him.
?Nice car Andrew,? Mr. Malcolm commented. ?Did your parents buy it for you??
?Yes they did sir,? Andrew answered. ?You don?t think someone of my income could afford a car like this, do you??
?From what you told me about your income, I wouldn?t be surprised to learn that you can keep this car on the road all by yourself.?
?You?re right,? Andrew agreed. ?But it helps that I live with my parents. After all, I can?t work full time, and go to school, not during football season!?
?You?re probably right about that,? Mr. Malcolm agreed. ?I came out when I noticed you coming, so let?s go inside for supper now.?
?Whatever you say Coach!? Andrew shouted, as he got out of his car.
?That is the second time you have used that particular phrase,? Mr. Malcolm commented, as they headed into the house.
?I?m just excited about going to University of Miami,? Andrew informed Mr. Malcolm.
?You have every reason to be,? Mr. Malcolm assured him. ?You?ve earned this opportunity, after all your hard work these past few years. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but Miami is a great school.?
?Toot your own horn?? Andrew repeated. ?Last time I checked, we were in a house, not a car!?
?Very amusing Andrew!? Mr. Malcolm chuckled, as Chad and Susan came into the living room. ?You?re a really funny guy! The football players down at our school have a great sense of humor as well! You should fit in well down there.?
?I?m glad to hear it,? Chad said, as he held out his hand. Mr. Malcolm shook it and Chad added, ?I had a great time when I played football for your school. It?s great that my son will get the same chance I had at NFL glory!?
?We?ll be glad to have him,? Mr. Malcolm assured him. ?Should we get down to business now??
?Good idea,? Chad agreed. He motioned to the elegant furniture and said, ?Just take a seat anywhere.?
?Thank you,? Mr. Malcolm said, taking a seat on one of the sofas. ?This is quite an elegant living room; not what I?d expect from outside.?
?That?s the idea,? Chad informed him. ?By living in a middle class neighbourhood, we don?t become obvious targets for thieves. Though there was an incident last year. A thief saw one of our family dishes in the hutch and decided to steal it. Andrew took care of him however, so everything was fine. The police and the army were very impressed by his performance in that crisis.?
Chad looked like he was about to say more, and Andrew noticed how he stopped himself from saying more.
I?ll soon get you to tell me everything Dad, he thought to himself.
?That is a very impressive story,? Mr. Malcolm said. ?What did Andrew do exactly??
?I restrained the thief,? Andrew informed him. ?Even when he pulled out a gun, I managed to get it away from him. I just tackled him before he could aim it at me, and he fell over a chair and twisted his ankle. He was still unconscious when the police arrived to pick him up!?
?Very impressive indeed,? Mr. Malcolm said, opening up his briefcase. ?That was kind of dangerous, though, don?t you think? The guy could have shot you!?
?I didn?t let myself think about that,? Andrew informed him. ?I just focused on the goal of stopping him, instead of worrying about how I was going to do it. This wasn?t the first time I tangled with bad guys either.?
?These forms can wait for a few moments,? Mr. Malcolm informed him, setting them down on the table. ?Tell me more. I?d be very interested to hear about your adventures. Sounds like you might have a history of heroism!?
?When I was in Grade Seven, I accidentally got locked in Margaret?s Magic Shop with my sister Sarah,? Andrew replied. ?A thief broke into the store in the middle of the night, and Sarah and I managed to deal with him.?
?How exactly did you manage that?? Mr. Malcolm asked him, astonished that two 13 year old kids had managed to take down a full grown adult.
?We hid on top of the shelves and jumped down on him, covering him with the net in our hands,? Andrew replied. ?We timed it so that he fell over the invisible beam from the silent alarm. He put up quite a fight, but I was as big as he was by that time. I managed to restrain him while Sarah waited for the police. Fortunately, that guy did not have a gun!?
?How big were you, if you managed to restrain an adult when you were 13?? Mr. Malcolm asked; his eyes widening in astonishment.
?I was 5 foot 10 and 180 pounds,? Andrew informed him proudly. ?180 pounds of solid muscle, and I could bench over 300 pounds!?
"That is absolutely incredible!" Mr. Malcolm shouted in amazement. "You could bench 300 pounds when you were only 13 years old?"
"Yes sir I could,? Andrew replied, grinning. ?Pretty impressive, wasn't it?" Andrew bragged. "That was not the first strength test I performed against other people, though I usually had their permission first."
"It sounds like you have quite a history of strength and power," Mr. Malcolm realized. "That's good; we'll make use of your great strength during the first strength tests tomorrow. This is a good time to tell you about the strength tests I have planned for tomorrow." He handed the forms to Andrew and his parents so that they could read them better. "The first form details the strength tests themselves," Mr. Malcolm explained. "Once Andrew performs them successfully, the university will be absolutely sure Andrew's strong enough to play for us."
"You want me to lift the bench with the whole team on it?" Andrew asked in shock, after reading the first form.
"It's only a bit heavier than a car," Mr. Malcolm reminded him. "You had no trouble lifting one of those last month, did you?" When Andrew shook his head, Mr. Malcolm added, "You're probably even stronger now! There are other strength tests as well; more normal ones however. You will have to score a touchdown with defenders dragging behind you. That is the standard test for Offensive Linemen, the position I hoping you can fill. After you meet the team members on Sunday, we'll have you perform that test. We will have to replace a few of our Offensive Linemen in 2007 and you will be an ideal candidate for that.?
"You want me to replace a few men?" Andrew asked in astonishment. "Was that a deliberate choice of words on your part?"
"Not exactly," Mr. Malcolm replied, realizing his mistake. "We will need just as many players with you around. It's just that you have the strength of three or four football players all by yourself!"
"I guess I do," Andrew realized, grinning smugly at the thought. "I certainly showed off that great strength in the game tonight, didn't I?"
"Yes you did," Mr. Malcolm agreed, "with game-winning results no less. Now, we really should get around to scheduling the strength tests. The first ones will be tomorrow morning, before we leave for Miami. That way, we can get there in plenty of time to get you settled into your hotel."
?What time will we have the strength tests tomorrow?? Chad asked.
?We want to get to Pearson airport in plenty of time for the 1 pm flight,? Mr. Malcolm said. ?So how about 9 am? Is that a good time for everyone??
?That would be great,? Susan said. ?We all have the long weekend off, so everything should work out just fine.?
?I see you?ve caught the gym joke bug Mom!? Andrew laughed.
?A little hard to catch that bug without a net!? Susan replied, chuckling.
?You all have a great sense of humour,? Mr. Malcolm realized, laughing as well. ?I see where Andrew gets it from. That?s a good thing; it will help Andrew fit in at Miami. He may actually meet some of the players once we arrive tomorrow. They all live on South Beach, which is where your hotel is.?
?Where exactly is South Beach?? Chad asked, looking confused. ?I?ve never heard that name before.?
?You would know it as Miami Beach,? Mr. Malcolm informed him. ?The locals call it South Beach.?
?Hey, I might fit in better if I remember that,? Andrew realized. ?That would help the players warm up to me: if I know the local names in Miami.?
?With the temperature down there at this time of year, they won?t have any trouble getting warmed up,? Mr. Malcolm chuckled, trying a joke himself.
?Very funny sir!? Andrew laughed, careful not to slap Mr. Malcolm?s shoulder. ?My jokes must be catching!?
?I hope we don?t all get sick, if we?re all catching what Andrew has!? Susan laughed.
?Stop that!? Chad ordered her, laughing loudly. ?If we keep telling jokes all evening, we?ll never get supper started!?
?Hey, that?s a good idea,? Susan realized. ?It is almost supper time, isn?t it? I?d better go and make it now.?
?I?ll help,? Chad told her. ?Why don?t you show Mr. Malcolm your weight room, Andrew? We?ll call you when supper?s ready.?
?Good idea Dad,? Andrew agreed. ?So Mr. Malcolm, I actually have two weight rooms. Which one would you like to see first??
?I?d really like to see what your maximum bench press weight is,? Mr. Malcolm replied, as Susan and Chad headed into the kitchen.
?Down to the basement then,? Andrew realized, leading the way to the basement stairs. ?The 200 pound weight plates are down there.?
?Did you just say 200 pound weight plates?? Mr. Malcolm repeated.
?Yes I did sir,? Andrew replied, grinning at Mr. Malcolm?s look of astonishment. ?Once I was enhanced, my father got his company to make special weight plates for me. I could have never found enough to reach my maximum bench press if he hadn?t. Also, there would have been too many plates to fit on the bar if I had; they would have all fallen off the bar!?
?Very good thinking Andrew,? Mr. Malcolm said approvingly, looking around the basement weight room. ?Your father built this room just for you??
?No actually,? Andrew corrected him. ?He uses it as well; he just expanded it for my use. I have all the machines and dumbbells in my room.?
?Ah I understand now,? Mr. Malcolm realized. ?Well, go ahead Andrew; show me your maximum bench press. I hope you don?t mind if I catch the footage on tape.?
?I don?t mind,? Andrew replied, loading the plates onto the bar one by one. ?It will help prove that lifting my car was not just a fluke.?
?I don?t think you need to worry about anyone thinking that,? Mr. Malcolm assured him. His eyes widened as he saw that Andrew was carrying 200 pounds in each hand. ?That?s incredible strength Andrew!?
Andrew looked over and saw Mr. Malcolm?s look of astonishment.
?Pretty impressive, isn?t it?? Andrew bragged, unable to keep a cocky grin from appearing on his face. ?I love being so big and strong!?
?Your superhuman strength is impressive,? Mr. Malcolm agreed. ?Maybe later, after supper, we could get some body shots for the admissions file.?
?Body shots?? Andrew repeated. ?Are you planning to punch my abs and see how hard they are??
?Actually I meant ?take some pictures?, but your idea is also a good one,? Mr. Malcolm realized. ?I think I would break my hand if I tried to punch your abs, so I?ll let your father do the punching.?
?You look pretty big and strong,? Andrew told him, trying to boost Mr. Malcolm?s ego a little bit. He peeled off his skin-tight t-shirt and added, ?You?re welcome to take a shot at these abs if you want to. I?ll unflex them so that you won?t hurt your hand.?
?You never told me you had a ten-pack!? Mr. Malcolm shouted, amazed at the definition of Andrew?s glistening abs and pecs.
?What are you talking about?? Andrew scoffed, turning towards the mirror. ?Hey, when did those extra two ab muscles get there? I had an eight-pack last month!?
?You should check the scale and see what you weigh now,? Mr. Malcolm ordered Andrew. ?I think you may have put on more weight since you sent in that news footage.?
?I was 325 pounds last month,? Andrew informed Mr. Malcolm, stepping onto the scale. He noticed Mr. Malcolm getting out his video camera, so he added, ?You?d better come over here if you want a shot of my bodyweight reading, sir.?
?Coming Andrew,? Mr. Malcolm said, walking over to the scale, and turning on his video camera. ?So, how much do you weigh now??
?See for yourself,? Andrew ordered him, pointing to the digital display.
Mr. Malcolm looked and then shouted: ?350 pounds! That?s incredible! You?re not even 18 yet!?
?I turn 18 in eight days sir,? Andrew informed him. ?That?s why this weekend trip to Miami is a great early birthday present! Thank you very much sir!?
?You?re welcome Andrew,? Mr. Malcolm said, keeping the tape rolling as Andrew flexed in the mirror. ?You know, it would a great if we could get some measurements of your upper body.?
?Measuring tape right over there,? Andrew informed him, not really focusing on what he was saying. He pointed with one massive arm and then flexed it, marveling at its size and definition. ?Wonder if I broke 30 inches yet. Hurry up with that measuring tape sir! I want to find out!?
Mr. Malcolm came over and wrapped the tape around Andrew?s flexed bicep.
?31 inches,? he reported.
?Yeah!? Andrew shouted in excitement. ?I finally broke 30 inches!? He lifted his arms and Mr. Malcolm let go of the tape just in time. Otherwise he would have been lifted effortlessly up into the air. ?What do you think sir??
?That?s amazing Andrew!? Mr. Malcolm shouted in astonishment. ?I don?t know anyone whose biceps have crossed 30 inches! But now I do!?
?Measure my chest and see how big it is,? Andrew ordered him. ?I focus so much on my biceps I forget to measure anything else.?
?I get about 56 inches around your chest!? Mr. Malcolm marveled. ?Most of the football players I know have 52 inch chests! You?re really massive! XL clothes are designed to fit chests that are 40 to 42 inches around! The XXL shirts are designed for guys with 56 inch chests!?
?Measure my waist sir,? Andrew ordered him. ?I want to see what it is. I think it is about 35 inches, if the waist size on my jeans is right.?
?That would mean about 88 cm, if the conversion is right!? Mr. Malcolm marveled. ?You have a large waist, but a 3XL chest?? He measured Andrew?s waist and confirmed that Andrew was right. ?That?s incredible Andrew! Your chest and biceps have obviously grown the most, while your waist has remained thin!?
?Guess I don?t have a ?spare tire? then,? Andrew realized. ?Now that all the measurements are over with, can we get back to working out??
?Sure Andrew,? Mr. Malcolm agreed, eager to please such a big guy. ?I?ll try the abs punch first, if you want.?
?Go ahead sir,? Andrew agreed. ?I?m ready whenever you are.?
?Just give me a moment,? Mr. Malcolm told him, taking off his suit jacket. He unbuttoned his shirt sleeves and rolled them up.
?Looks like you?re getting ready for a fight!? Andrew yelled. ?Look at how big your forearms are sir! That?s pretty impressive!?
?Four arms? I only have two!? Mr. Malcolm laughed.
?Very funny sir!? Andrew laughed. ?Now see if you can make me laugh again, as you try to dent my abs!?
Mr. Malcolm punched Andrew?s abs as hard as he could and Andrew deliberately kept them flexed. When he felt a light smack, but didn?t see Mr. Malcolm massaging his hand in pain, he knew he had done the right thing.
?Pretty strong sir,? Andrew said, rubbing his abs. ?I felt that, but it was just a light blow. Were you using your full strength??
?Yes I was!? Mr. Malcolm replied. ?It was like hitting a brick wall!?
?Then why didn?t you hurt your hand when you punched my abs??
?I took martial arts and I have a high pain tolerance,? Mr. Malcolm informed Andrew.
?Apparently I do as well,? Andrew realized. ?But I got that way with strength training, not martial arts.?
?If you combined the two, imagine the results!? Mr. Malcolm declared. ?You?d be unstoppable and able to surprise the football players at our school! I could teach you, if you want. I do have a black belt in several disciplines, you know.?
?Maybe later,? Andrew decided. ?It would be a great pain tolerance test for me. Right now, though, I think the strength tests will do.? He checked the bench press and decided that the weight was about right. He lay down on the bench and began bench pressing about 5000 pounds, making it look easy as he did so.
?That is incredible!? Mr. Malcolm marveled; making sure he didn?t miss any of the footage. ?I thought your maximum bench press was only 2000 pounds about a month ago!?
?Actually my Honda civic, 2004 Edition, weighs about 2800 pounds,? Andrew corrected him. ?I had to look up the value on the Honda website. That?s why it seemed so heavy the first time.?
?So you have doubled your bench press weight in the space of one month,? Mr. Malcolm realized.
?So you think I can bench 6000 pounds now?? Andrew asked, his eyes widening. ?That?s about the weight of a minivan!?
?It?s only 1000 pounds more than you?re benching right now,? Mr. Malcolm reminded him. He thought for a moment and then shook his head in amazement. ?I can?t believe I just said that. The strongest body builders have to work really hard just to get to 1000 pounds max!?
?Guess my father?s supplements and testosterone boosters have helped me break the maximum bench press barrier,? Andrew gloated. ?Looks like we?ve taken weight training to the next level!? He finished loading the extra weight onto the bar and then lay down on the bench. ?Get your camera ready for the amazing power of my 56 inch chest sir!?
Andrew began pushing the loaded bar upwards, amazed that he was able to bench 6000 pounds almost as easily as he could bench 5000 pounds. He looked over at Mr. Malcolm and smirked as he saw the look of fear on his face.
?I?m not scaring a big man like you, am I sir?? Andrew asked, grunting as he completed the last few reps. He let out a loud grunt and slammed the bar up onto the racks. ?Yeah!? he yelled, standing up and flexing his pecs in the mirror. ?I finally crossed 6000 pounds! Thanks for the motivation sir!?
?You?re welcome Andrew,? Mr. Malcolm said when he could finally master his fear and speak again. ?Your strength is truly scary Andrew. I think it would be best if you kept your true strength quiet, until the guys meet you personally. Lifting a car is scary enough, but a van is truly frightening!?
?If you think that?s best sir,? Andrew agreed. ?I have kept my true strength secret from everyone, even my dad. He did get me the extra dense weight plates and the strong bar, but I bet he never guessed that I would be able to use them all! In case you missed it, the bar didn?t bend one bit, even though I used all the weight plates on it!?
Mr. Malcolm looked over and saw that Andrew was right; there were no big weight plates left on the shelves.
?What are you going to do now?? Mr. Malcolm asked. ?If you?ve reached the limits of special weight plates, how are you going to find out the true limits of your strength now??
?I have no idea,? Andrew said. ?I never thought I would grow this strong! It looks like I have a problem now; I?m too strong for any weight plates!?
?It doesn?t look like you?re too upset about it,? Mr. Malcolm said, noticing the cocky grin on Andrew?s face. He turned off the video camera and added, ?I think we?ve got enough footage for the football file now. We?d better get cleaned up and then go upstairs for supper.?
"Good idea," Andrew agreed, putting all the barbells back on the shelf. Mr. Malcolm was amazed when Andrew just held several barbells in his massive hands at once as he took them to the shelf. "Why don't you take the last few over yourself?" Andrew asked him.
"I couldn't match your strength!" Mr. Malcolm protested.
"I bet you could carry one plate in each hand," Andrew assured him, trying to boost Mr. Malcolm's ego.
"They're 200 pounds each!" Mr. Malcolm reminded Andrew. "Normal weight plates are 45 pounds each! And it takes a pretty strong guy to lift one of those with one hand!"
"Judging by the size of your forearms, you should be able to handle that task," Andrew informed him. "If you didn't hurt your hand punching me, you must be pain resistant, as well as pretty strong. Why don't you try it and find out?"
"Good idea," Mr. Malcolm said; feeling encouraged that Andrew had faith in him.
Andrew stood at the barbell rack and watched, pleased that Mr. Malcolm could get both weight plates over to him, carrying one in each hand. Mr. Malcolm dropped them just before he got to the rack, unable to hold onto the heavy barbells any longer. Andrew bent down quickly and caught them effortlessly, amazing Mr. Malcolm with his awesome strength.
"Incredible Andrew," Mr. Malcolm said, shaking his head in amazement.
"I like the name Super Andrew actually," Andrew said, grinning at his joke as he put the barbells back on the rack.
"Very funny man you are," Mr. Malcolm chuckled.
"Glad you enjoy my jokes 'Master Yoda'," Andrew teased his future coach.
"Make fun of me you will not!" Mr. Malcolm ordered Andrew, trying to contain his laughter. He put a hand on Andrew's shoulder as they went upstairs and added, "Your sense of humour explains why so many people have such a high opinion of you here. You'll need that sense of humour in Miami."
"Why do you say that sir?" Andrew asked, leading the way up to the bathroom.
"Frat parties, pledge ceremonies, and football victory parties," Mr. Malcolm replied. "You'll have a lot of chances to use your sense of humour once you get to Miami."
?Sound like lots of fun,? Andrew realized. ?I look forward to it. You can use this washroom; I have one in my room. I?ll meet you downstairs for supper.?
?See you down there Andrew,? Mr. Malcolm said, waving as he closed the bathroom door.
In his bathroom, Andrew has his shower and grinned to himself as he thought about his future in Miami.
Twenty minutes later, Andrew came downstairs to find his parents and Mr. Malcolm waiting for him.
?Did you have a good workout downstairs son?? Chad asked Andrew.
?Yes I did,? Andrew replied. ?It was great showing off my true strength like that.?
?What do you mean ?your true strength??? Chad asked his son, his eyes widening.
?You?ll see,? Andrew promised him, grinning smugly.
After everyone said grace, Susan leaned over to Andrew and said, ?We?re really proud of you son. You?ve done a great job over the last seven years, and now the results of that hard work are about to be realized. I hope you don?t mind if I accompany Sarah to her future school this weekend. Mr. Henderson is trying to recruit her as well.?
?Hey good for you sis!? Andrew congratulated his sister. ?Looks like you?re well on your way to achieving athletic glory yourself!?
?Thanks big brother!? Sarah said, grateful for his support.
?I don?t mind if you go with Sarah this time,? Andrew assured his mother. ?I?m just glad you made it to the football game.?
?I wouldn?t have missed it,? Susan assured him. ?I?ll try to get some more free time so I can make it to more.?
?Good idea,? Andrew said, smiling. ?So, Mr. Malcolm, tell us a little bit about University of Miami. How many changes have there been there over the past seven years??
?Is that the last time you?ve visited our school?? Mr. Malcolm asked. When Andrew nodded, Mr. Malcolm said, ?Well let me tell you, a lot has been happening since you?ve been gone. I?ll tell you all about it now, so that you know what to expect tomorrow.?
As Mr. Malcolm began speaking, Chad and Susan beamed at Andrew with pride, imagining his future as a famous NFL star.
And we knew him before he was famous, Chad thought to himself. I never imagined that I would be the father of a famous football star. I?m glad I took steps seven years ago to ensure his athletic future. I?d better tell him all about it when we get back from Miami. He obviously knows something?s up by now! I never imagined he would actually be able to lift a car, just as he promised me he would seven years ago!
After about twenty minutes, Mr. Malcolm stood up and said, ?That was a great supper. Thank you for inviting me to join you at your table. I?d better call the school now and get everything arranged for the weekend. Do you have a private room I can use??
?Sure, the den is just down the hall,? Chad replied, pointing towards the back of the house.
?Thank you,? Mr. Malcolm said. He packed everything in his briefcase and stood up from the table. ?I?ll be back in a few minutes.?
Once he was gone, Susan wrapped Andrew in a big hug.
?We?re so proud of you son!? she exclaimed. ?Way to go! Are you sure you?re not mad that I?m not going to see your school this weekend??
?Not at all,? Andrew assured her. He pointed to his father and added, ?Besides, Dad needs to see the results of enhancing me first hand!?
Chad hoped Andrew didn?t notice his look of guilt as he slapped Andrew on the back.
?I look forward to it son,? he assured Andrew, completely sure now that Andrew knew everything. But he also realized that Andrew wasn?t going to ruin the recruiting visit by confronting him this weekend. ?I?m sure you?ll make us proud.?
?Don?t worry, I won?t let you down,? Andrew promised his dad.
?That will be a problem if you lift any of us up again,? Chad chuckled.
?Especially if I leave you hanging!? Andrew laughed.
?Now I know where Andrew gets his sense of humour from,? Susan realized. ?You two are a riot! Why don?t you go out and celebrate with your friends tonight, Andrew and Sarah? We have a few more details to discuss with Mr. Malcolm.?
?Hey good idea, Mom,? Andrew said gratefully. ?Then I can hear a little more about Steve?s trip to his school tomorrow.?
?As well as celebrating another win on the field tonight,? Chad added. ?It?s very appropriate that this is Thanksgiving Weekend!?
?What time do you want us to be back home?? Sarah asked, getting her coat on. ?Will midnight be okay??
?I think that would be best,? Chad agreed. ?But in eight days, when you both turn 18, you can set your own curfews, since you?ll both be adults then. You?ve certainly earned our trust throughout the years.?
?Thanks Dad!? Andrew shouted as he and Sarah headed out of the house.
?Good idea Susan,? Chad said, patting his wife?s shoulder. ?It will be good for them to have fun with their friends tonight; working out any nerves they may have about their recruiting visits.?
?Thanks Chad,? Susan said. ?Now, how about telling me what?s going on between you and Andrew.?
?What do you mean?? Chad asked, helping Susan clear away the supper dishes.
?I?m not blind!? Susan snapped at him. ?You did something to Andrew to make him this strong, didn?t you??
?Not on purpose!? Chad protested. ?It was a last minute decision!?
?Why don?t you tell me everything now,? Susan suggested. ?And then promise me you?ll tell Andrew everything next weekend. Even though he may know already, it would be best if you told him everything.?
?Very well dear,? Chad said, noticing Mr. Malcolm coming back from the den. ?It?s the best time, since Mr. Malcolm knows everything as well.?
?I never realized how busy my home business was getting until this moment,? Susan said. ?Now would be a good time to fill me in, don?t you think? I?m ready whenever you are.?
As Chad and Susan discussed everything, Andrew and Sarah were picking up their friends, looking forward to sharing their upcoming athletic glory with them.
?Didn?t think I?d see you again tonight,? Carrie said, as she answered Andrew?s knock at her door.
"I thought I would come over and tell you everything that happened this evening," Andrew informed her. "That way, you will be prepared tomorrow."
"That's a good idea," Carrie agreed. "I bet you were also thinking that you would show off your great strength in a more social setting tonight."
"You know me so well," Andrew realized, smiling softly. "I benched 6000 pounds tonight. And I also measured my chest and biceps: 56 and 31 inches respectively! So how about that, girl? Is this boy big enough for you?"
"You're not a boy; you're a man!" Carrie purred, as she locked the front door. "A man whose shirt I want to rip right off his body! Then I can see all those muscles for myself!"
"Whoa, whoa, calm down girl!" Andrew urged her, grinning at how excited Carrie was. "Plenty of time for that later!" He held the car door open for her and added, "Once we're alone tonight, I'll let you feel all the muscles you want!"
"You just can't wait to show off your muscles for me, can you?" Carrie asked him, with a big grin on her face. When Andrew shook his head, she added, "You'd better make sure we do have some time alone Big Boy! I want to congratulate you for winning another football game! And you also need some encouragement to make sure you play well enough to get your scholarships!"
"Oh really," Andrew said, grinning as he got into the car. "What kind of encouragement did you have in mind?"
"You'll just have to wait and see," Carrie replied, as Andrew started the car. "I can assure you that you won't be disappointed."
Andrew grinned from ear to ear as he imagined what Carrie had in store for him.
Sean Lackie
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