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Another Chesty story

I always have trouble posting stories let's see if this works

Wake up big boy, you?ve got a lot of eating to do. Your routine is going to consist mainly of two things. Eating and one exercise, heavy deadlifts. Deadlifts are a great overall exercise, and they will set your metabolism into growth stage. Not like you haven?t been in growth stage, Jacob groped Chesty?s pecs. Chesty started laughing and bobbed his pecs up and down in the ridiculously tight t-shirt. He noticed that his legs and butt were extremely sore from yesterday.
It was also obvious that the custom made pants that he had on were ready to explode at the seams. If I get any bigger my clothes are going to burst. So I am going to need some new clothes. Chesty stood there proud, ballooning out of his clothes. "That?s the spirit, Jacob was feeling the weight of Chesty?s pecs."You are one massive dude Chesty, you have ballooned up even better than I had hoped. We have an appointment with a tailor after breakfast. First let?s feed the growing boy." Chesty was thrilled at the idea of Jacobs specially formulated recipes.
The spread put in front of him was amazing, but Chesty was ready to dig in. As he ate he started getting pumped, he felt almost high from the pump, it was so extreme. The more he ate the more pumped up he got. Chesty shouted to Jacob who was in the kitchen cooking more food for Chesty, "Jacob you gotta see this I am blowing up. My muscles are pumping up bigger and fuller than ever before. My friends from school are going to freak out when they see me. Eat up Chesty you have more growing to do. I love this my muscles are inflating, damn I am looking like I have been hooked up to an air compressor. Chesty?s pecs were now so ballooned up that it was virtually impossible for anyone to not want to grope them. Damn my pecs are enormous, I am swelling up like a balloon. This is great I can?t believe how heavy I am getting. The dishwasher had to check for himself who this massive kid named Chesty was. Chesty stand up you need to meet Maurice he?s our chief cook and bottle washer. Chesty stood up and his gigantic bubble butt split his pants. "Sorry about that, I guess I am getting too big for my britches. "Holy shit Dude, your freakin enormous, damn you have some huge muscles Dude. Damn that chest of yours is massive, no wonder they call you Chesty. Maurice had to grope Chesty?s pecs his hand was patting the giant pec. "Yeah I am quite proud of my chest development. I guess I have huge balloon pecs. Believe it or not I am still packin on the mass. I am blowing up like a balloon, especially these massive pecs." Chesty made his pecs bob up and down in his ridiculously tight t shirt. I need you to feed me more food so I can get bigger. Maurice?s hand was still cupping Chesty?s pec. Chesty expanded his Chest and did a side chest pose for Maurice. Damn, if you get any bigger? How much do you weigh? Actually I don?t know but I must be approaching 400lbs by now. I want to be a lot bigger though. I just hope that I can find some clothes that fit. At school we have to wear dress shirts and slacks, so far I?ve exploded out of all of my clothes. It?s not easy finding a shirt to fit over this giant chest of mine. I need more food so I can blow up even more." Chesty loved being massive. Jacob walked up, with another big platter of food for Chesty. "Eat this and then it?s time for the weight room.
We are going to pump you up, Jacob did a real lame Hans and Franz impersonation.
Chesty walked into the weight room looking massive in the wrestling singlet that Jacob gave him to wear. A team of scientists were there to watch Chesty in action. They were in awe at Chesty?s size. Ok Chesty, today it?s nothing but deadlifts. The first set with 305lbs seemed like he was not even lifting anything, the next set the weight was 610lbs. Chesty started cranking them out, veins were popping out everywhere. With each rep he got more vascular and was pumping up bigger than before. Veins were popping out of Chesty?s neck and his entire body was getting the most amazing pump, he cranked out 2 more. Chesty was breathing heavy and it seemed with each breath he pumped up even bigger. The scientists were all commenting how the big guy is getting even bigger. "Can you believe this young man, he is carrying an impossible amount of muscle on his frame. His waist is still ripped. I have never seen pecs so big they are as big as basketballs. Young man, do you have any idea just how amazing your body is? You are enormously muscular. " One of the scientists was commenting. Jacob added "Chesty here, has literally blown up with muscle." Jacob patted Chesty?s basketball pecs. "Yes sir, my muscles have inflated, I have put on over 200lbs since I came to Warrenvale Academy. I have ballooned up so much none of my clothes fit. I may not be the tallest guy at Warrenvale, but I am definitely the most massive. I love how it feels to be so huge. I feel like a big muscular balloon, my skin stretching as I inflate bigger and bigger. This is really awesome to look like this. Nobody I know has pecs like this, Chesty made them bounce up and down in the tight singlet. Or arms like this he made a bicep and it resembled a cantaloupe in size. Or legs like this, they are huge and my butt is like an overinflated beach ball, all muscle. "
Jacob butted in, "Ok Chesty lets up the weight a bit lets deadlift around 800lbs.
Chesty did a most-muscular pose and shouted I want to be enormous.
These were way more difficult than the last set, on the first rep veins were snaking his entire body. The second rep seemed easier, as did the third and the forth. He managed to crank out 7 reps and he looked ready to explode. Incredibly veiny and pumped up so his muscles were even fuller and rounder than before. He just stood there looking in the mirror amazed with himself. He was the biggest bodybuilder ever, and carrying a ridiculous amount of muscle on his frame. Damn I am massive, Chesty shouted. Jacob, How am I supposed to fit into clothes, look how freaking big I?ve blown up. I am huge." Chesty stuck his chest out.
Obviously, the deadlifts were working. Veins were popping out all over. Not only was Chesty blowing up like a balloon, he was looking amazingly ripped. "Damn, I feel so pumped, my whole body is pumped up." Chesty was amazed at how huge he felt. He was exploding out of the wrestling singlet with an incredible amount of muscle on his frame. He looked inflated beyond belief. "Holy shit, I am fucking huge! I feel so massive my pecs are so swollen I cannot see my feet, these huge babies are in the way. Chesty stuck his hands under his pecs and jostled them up and down. Damn I have a rack on me. I am really loving how enormous I am, this is awesome I have gotten really swole. This feels so great, I am pumped to the extreme. I am so huge this is incredible. I?ve blown up so massive, I feel like I am a balloon. My pecs are totally ballooned up, when I walk I have to roll one thigh over the other, my legs are so big I waddle when I walk. My butt has really bubbled out bigtime." Chesty was posing in the mirror he was enamored with his big bulky body.
Jacob patted Chesty?s pecs and then patted his ridiculous bubble butt. "Chesty my boy, you have ballooned up, your muscles are incredibly round and huge. I guess our supplements are working or else you are absolutely genetically gifted.. One of the scientists butted in, "I think it must be both, he was rubbing Chesty?s pecs Come on you have to be gifted to get pecs like these."
Chesty loved the attention, " I might have had the structure that helped me get this big, but Jacob?s supplements have definitely helped me to blow up the way I am now. I am so freaking massive. I am so ballooned up that I feel like the incredible hulk." Chesty was sticking his chest out and flexing his huge quads.
"Actually, I think you are a lot bigger than the hulk, you are definitely more ballooned up looking. Your muscles are rounder and fuller more swelled up. Once we feed you some more you can expect to blow up even more, Mr. Muscle Balloon. Get showered and dressed for dinner I have had some new clothes made for you, damn you are a freaking monster. Jacob gave Chesty a big thumbs up.
Chesty came out in a light blue dress shirt and grey slacks, of course they barely fit. His huge pecs were straining the fabric and his buttons. His massive guns filled out his sleeves. His enormous bubble buns and massive thighs were ready to burst the seams of his pants. Chesty looked impressive to say the least and by the smile on his face you could tell that he liked the way he looked. "I figured we should get you a new school uniform considering you will be going back to school in a week, but I figure we may have to get you some clothes a couple of sizes larger you are already almost too big for these clothes. You do look awesome though. Chesty, I would like you to meet my son Scott. He is your age. "Damn dude you are bigger than my dad said you were. That?s the most massed out I have ever seen anybody get. You?re thick as hell." Scott was simply enamored with Chesty?s mass. "Chesty that name fits you, you look ready to explode out of your shirt. Nice pecs dude." Scott was ogleling Chesty?s pecs
Chesty made his pecs bob up and down in the tight dress shirt. " I guess I am husky for my age" Chesty knew just how absurd that sounded considering his size. "Dude you are beyond husky, I know some husky dudes, but you are immense. You are huge Chesty." Scott grabbed Chesty?s massive arm.
Jacob butted in, " he didn?t get this big by not eating, its time to feed this young man, he is overtrained and he needs my special diet to pump up his mass.

Chesty kept on getting bigger the more he ate, Jacob?s special supplements were resulting in ridiculously massive pumps. Chesty loved the way this felt, he was pumping up bigger and bigger. "Holy Crap, Chesty you are blowing up! Dad what is in these supplements you are giving him? The more he eats the more pumped up he gets. His muscles are inflating like balloons. His pecs are blowing up, damn they are enormous. Chesty you are pumped up. Dad he is ballooning right in front of us. Jacob pointed at Chesty?s shirt which was getting ready to pop his buttons. "This is the pump I was hoping for Chesty, the supplements are at full tilt. The more you eat the bigger you will pump up. The ballooning phase has kicked in and boy are you going to blow up, that is if you continue to eat this food." In that case bring on more food, If it makes be bigger I want more of it. This pump is incredible my muscles are swelling up bigger and bigger. The buttons on Chesty?s shirt were straining, and his pants were ready to explode from the pressure of his ever growing legs and butt. I love the way this feels, I am so freaking huge, I can?t believe it. I never thought anyone could get this big let alone the fact that I am this massive. Even bigger sounds awesome to me so bring on more food, I am in a ballooning phase." Blowing up even more, getting a fuller and rounder pump and being over-the-top massive is what?s in store for you Chesty. This is amazing Chesty, you are the biggest bodybuilder on the planet." Jacob was pointing at Chesty?s chest "Are you saying he is going to get even bigger? He looks ready to explode." Scott was is awe of Chesty?s pump. "If he keeps on eating, yes he is going to blow up big time that?s what these supplements do." Jacob called the waiter to bring several more plates of food. "Well let?s feed this guy, Chesty I want to see you blow up even bigger. Scott massaged Chesty?s shoulder and then handed him a plate of food.." Scott you feed me and I will get bigger, you just make sure that there is enough food for me to balloon up more and more and more. Feed me so I can grow and blow up my muscles so massive that I break every scale I stand on. My legs are getting so huge that my pants are going to burst. My pecs are so swelled up this huge shirt can?t contain them. I am exploding out of my clothes again. Chesty was wolfing down more food and the pump it was giving him was nothing short of spectacular. Chesty stood up looking ready to pop he was so pumped up. Scott check it out, I guess this is what Jacob calls my ballooning phase. "Holy shit Dad he is inflating. Chesty you look freaky big. Chesty smiled a big smile and then he stuck out his chest just enough to pop his buttons on his shirt. Jacob I think I need a new shirt and these pants are not going to hold out any longer. Chesty bent over splitting the seams of his pants.
Jacob shouted to Scott, go get him his sweats and one of those stretchy t shirts, he is going to need some room to grow. Scott came back with a pair of baggy sweats and a 4XL red underarmour t shirt. Thanks Scott, Chesty put on the sweats and then the underarmour t shirt. I think that shirt makes you look really huge. Scott had to grope Chesty?s enormously swelled pecs. I can?t believe how big your pecs are. Scott was patting Chesty?s left pec. "I am ballooning up dude, believe it. Chesty made his big basketball size pecs bob up and down in the tight shirt. My pecs are massive Scott, look at how big and round my pecs have become. My biceps are like cantaloupes, Chesty made a bicep. My stomach is a ripped muscular 6pack. My butt looks like a giant muscular beachball, just look at the size of these glutes." Chesty slapped his huge bubble butt. My legs are so damned thick , this is incredible. I feel so massive and blown up with muscle. Bring on more of that food I want to blow up even more.
Once Chesty started eating it was like he couldn?t stop, shake after shake, plate after plate was cleared. More, I need more food. His stomach should have been full but these supplements were digested and integrated into Chesty?s body at a rapid pace. This was causing the extreme muscle pump where his muscles were inflating fuller and rounder. The more he ate the bigger he pumped up. Chesty was high from the ever increasing pump in his muscles. He kept wolfing down more food, giving him bigger and fuller pumps in his muscles. Every muscle in his body was pumped up, even his hands and his face looked muscular. "I?m inflating like a balloon. Scott you have no idea just how awesome this feels. I am so damned pumped, this feels great. My big muscles are blowing up even bigger. A big muscular balloon blowing up bigger and bigger. I am so round I love it, can you believe how huge my chest is inflating. Even my muscles have muscles. Being massive is so frickin awesome. More Mass! I wonder what even more mass will feel like. I am absurdly inflated with muscle right now and I am blowing up even more massive. Whaddya think Scott, Do you think I can carry more muscle on my frame. Feel the weight of these pecs. They have gotten so bloated out big. My pecs are huge, Huh?
Scott was rubbing Chesty?s mega pecs. Damn your chest is incredible. This is so cool you are so frickin huge Chesty. Eat up Chesty, we want to see just how massive you can get.
Chesty kept up with Jacob?s routine of heavy deadlifts and heavy feasting throughout the entire week. Mr. Rasmussen was scheduled to take him back to school and Chesty knew that Mr. Rasmussen would be astounded with his progress. He was now so huge that even his underwear had to be custom made because his legs and butt were just enormous. Most chairs were too small. His pecs were so inflated that he could not see his feet when he looked down. On top of the ridiculous size he was ripped to shreds, veins snaking his body. Every muscle rippled bulged and flexed with even the slightest movement that Chesty made. Everyone who saw Chesty had the same reaction they had to feel his muscles to see if they were for real. Chesty enjoyed the attention and loved to show off. He was always bouncing his pecs up and down or making a bicep or sticking his chest out until his shirt strained. He was just so freaky big and the smile on his face said "look at me I am massive". Chesty could not pass by a mirror without posing, besides posing in mirrors he was always happy to pose for people on the street. The amount of attention he got was almost overwhelming. But Chesty enjoyed it too much, being this big was is fun Chesty proclaimed this to anyone who cared to know how much he loved being so freakishly massive and muscular. The stares he got when he went out in public just made him want to show off even more. Just yesterday Chesty went to the water park with Scott and his friends, they were all the same age as Chesty and about his height but Chesty was just absurdly enormous compared to these "normal" kids. Scott was the first to take notice in the wild difference in size. Chesty your muscles are really big dude. Can you guys believe this guy he is our age and just look at how freaking massive he is. Chesty was exploding out of his tight t shirt and painted on corduroys. He decided to make his pecs bob up and down. "I?m 427 lbs of massive muscle, he started flexing for the guys looking ready to burst out of his clothes . I am so damned pumped up I love the way I?ve managed to blow up so freaking muscular and ballooned out. You would not believe how difficult it is to find clothes that fit. I am just too damned huge. I am exploding out of all of my clothes, I guess that is the negative of being muscular. Dude you are more than muscular, I am muscular Justin made a bicep. Chesty you are freaky man, your muscles look inflated these pecs of yours look like balloons they are so freaking enormous. Chesty stuck his chest out and Justin put both hands on the big balloon pecs. Holy shit, if you competed you would definitely kick some butt in the Mr. Olympia, that is if you could find a posing suit to fit you. It looks like there is an overblown beach ball in your pants, your gluteus sure is maximus.
That is from all of the heavy squats my butt just bubbled out and kept getting bigger and rounder from all of the heavy lifting. I love it, this muscular bubble butt is like a trophy that attests to how heavy I squat in the gym. I just hope that I can fit into my swim trunks. My legs and butt did not get this huge without lots of work. How hard did you have to work to get a chest like yours. Scott?s friend Pete grabbed Chesty?s pecs and was cupping the weight of them in his hands. People are going to freak when they see you at the waterpark, you are a monster Chesty damn your pecs are all blowed up dude. That?s why they call me Chesty, because my chest is huge, Chesty expanded his chest making his t shirt strain to contain his mass. I want my chest listed in the Guinness book of world records. Biggest pecs in the world! Chesty made his huge bloated pecs bob up and down in his tight shirt. Then he made a bicep, check this out, now this is a set of guns. Chesty?s bicep muscle was bigger than a cantaloupe.
In line at the waterpark, Chesty and his friends could not help but overhear the comments being made about Chesty?s freaky muscles. Holy shit that guy is huge, he looks like he is going to explode out of his clothes. Damn I?d do anything to look like that, boy it would be cool to be that massive. I bet nobody messes with that dude. Even his muscles have muscles. Where does that guy find clothes his massive muscles are pressure testing his shirt and pants. I bet he is a professional bodybuilder or something nobody is just that big unless he takes shitloads of roids. Chesty loved hearing all of the chatter about his body even if it was negative, he loved drawing attention. Standing there with his friends Chesty drew a lot of attention, he was so massive people had to do a double take when they saw that much muscle. When he walked his big glutes flexed and bounced straining his pants. Scott had to comment, "Chesty do you think your bathing suit is going to fit, your butt is huge. Scott patted Chesty?s overdeveloped glutes"Damn that massive bubble butt is going to explode right out of your pants. "Hopefully I can buy a swim suit here if mine doesn?t fit. Chesty walked up to the counter to pay his entry fee for the water park. "One day pass please," Chesty made his pecs bob up and down because the guy behind the counter was staring at his chest. "I think we are going to have to charge you for an entire family, you are the size of three people so we have to charge you more, the dude behind the counter said this with a serious look on his face. You?re kidding right? Chesty stuck his chest out until it was pressed against the window. Of course I am kidding but damn, you are freaking built like a brick shithouse, dude! I have never seen anyone so huge in my life, you have more muscles than the hulk. Your chest is gigantic.
"Thanks It?s fun being this massive, my muscles feel enormous and none of my clothes fit, I hope you sell bathing suits here. My huge legs and massive muscular butt are just too damn big for my bathing suit. I need a fairly large size to accommodate my mass, Chesty flexed his biceps and took the entry ticket.
We do sell suits here but it?s the square cut racer style, they are stretchy so hopefully we have one that fits. The clerk took a look at Chesty?s legs and butt and he gasped, "Holy shit, damn you are a big dude let?s see what we may have. He happened to have a 3Xl swimsuit so Chesty bought it.
Chesty put on the suit in the locker room and started laughing, damn this thing is tight.
The suit made him look absolutely gigantic, his enormous butt stretched the suit to its very limit.
Chesty?s huge quads looked like they exploded out of the tight polyester bathing trunks.
Chesty lumbered out of the dressing room onto the main patio by the waterslides. What was a noisy waterpark went completely silent. There was a collective gasp at the sight of Chesty?s body. Scott jumped up on one of the picnic tables and shouted?"Behold the most muscular man alive my friend Chesty Kowalski. A crowd started drawing around Chesty so he started doing his posing routine. Everyone was cheering and whistling, Chesty was loving it. Then the best benefit of being so massive happened. The hottest girl anyone had ever seen walked up to Chesty and whispered something unrepeatable in his ear. Her tits were so damned perfect and she pulled him into a dressing room to give him a good slathering of hawaiin tropic coconut suntan oil. She was rubbing oil into Chesty?s ballooning pecs. The pure sexual energy this gorgeous woman commanded was amazing. She took off her bikini top, offering the most lovely display of beautiful round firm perky breasts that Chesty or anyone for that matter could ever imagine. She oiled her breasts with the suntan oil. Chesty was entranced and the pure rush of testosterone he was getting counteracted with Jacob?s supplementation program. The amount of growth hormone that his system was generating cause the most awesome reaction to this gorgeous girl who still had not even formally introduced herself to Chesty. She started rubbing oil into Chesty?s pecs again, embarrassed by the lack of conversation Chesty said What?s your name I am Chesty. You sure are, she slapped his big pecs, I am Ethel. He thought she was kidding him, No my name really is Chester and your not Ethel what?s your real name. Ethel she said harshly and then she noticed that Chesty seemed to be getting even bigger. Chesty?s testosterone rush was causing him to get one of those ridiculous pumps that he usually only gets in the gym. As she massaged oil into his pecs they pumped up bigger and rounder, they are like balloons Chesty, you are the most beautiful man I have ever seen, I love your muscles. She gave him his first blow job, and as he was aroused he pumped up, veins snaking his body looking absurdly muscular. He could not believe what was happening as he blew his load into her skilled mouth, Chesty was having the other pleasure of an extreme muscular pump. His muscles were ballooning fuller more absurdly pumped up. He felt awesome, he was pumping what seemed to be gallons down Ethel?s throat. All the while he was blowing up even bigger. Ethel was grabbing his massive glutes as they expanded and Chesty blew gallons down her throat.
In the background Chesty, could hear his friends, they were pounding on the door of dressing room. Chesty abruptly thanked Ethel , and ran out of the dressing room. Ethel was left there in a daze with a full stomach. Thinking to herself about how wild it was that this young guy put on over 20lbs by having his dick sucked.
Chesty came out of the dressing room, shiny from the suntan oil and pumped up bigger than ever.
Holy shit dude, where have you been you look freakin big man. I will explain it to you later lets go on some waterslides. While waiting in line with his friends Chesty continued to flex his pecs, making them ripple and bounce. He was drawing a lot of stares and he loved it.
He had model good looks with dirty blond hair and piercing blue eyes, and with all of that muscle Chesty could not help but draw attention. Damn I am big Chesty had to shout that out. "So you just realized that now? You are enormous" Sean was patting Chesty?s ballooned out pecs, and getting tanning oil all over his hands. Chesty, Chesty, Chesty, a bunch of teenage kids started chanting. Chesty started posing for them and soon he had the attention of the whole waterpark. Chesty made his pecs bounce up and down and the crowd went wild, Chesty was basking in the attention, he loved being so massive and inflated with muscle. Chesty always one to know how to make a buck shouted out to the crowd, for ten bucks you can feel my massive muscles. Chesty?s friends collected the money and before you knew it the line to feel Chesty?s muscles was longer than any of the waterslides. The owners of the waterpark, had to kick Chesty out because they could not run a business with him charging people to cop a feel of his muscles. Chesty made enough money to take all of his friends out for dinner so he was happy to leave the attention was fun but he had enough. That was fun and I made over 600 bucks, lets go out to eat. I don?t want to waste away you know. Chesty started laughing his oily pecs were bouncing from the laughing. "I don?t see you wasting away Mr. Muscle Balloon, you a so fricken pumped up man. Every muscle is blown up." Bill?s eyes were bugging out looking at Chesty?s freaky mass.
"Yeah Chesty here looks like an overinflated balloon, your muscles are so fricken round man. You have blown up dude, damn you are massive. I have never seen such mass your muscles look like they are going to explode they are so pumped. Chesty you are looking freaky. Scott patted Chesty?s oily pecs, and then wiped his hand off on Chesty?s bubble butt that was looking to make his swimsuit burst it?s seems. Chesty started posing again by first making his overinflated balloon pecs bob up and down, then he did a side chest that was so ridiculous that everyone looked like they were going to faint. The management came up again, "If you are going to show off like that you have to leave. Chesty said he was sorry and went to the dressing room to shower and change.
When Chesty came out of the dressing room he looked ready to explode out of his tight t shirt and ridiculously tight corduroys. Holy shit dude, Scott?s eyes were bugging out of his head. You are so damned massive Chesty. Chesty was smiling from ear to ear he loved being massive and he loved the attention he was getting. You have no idea just how awesome it feels to be so muscular and massive. I love it, I just feel big and that is a great feeling. I have a constant massive pump feeling, like my muscles are going to pop. It really feels awesome, I am so pumped up my muscles are bloated round and ballooned up massive. My pecs are like basketballs, I am so big I can?t believe it this is so damned awesome.
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Now that's nice.
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That was great. I had to go back and read the rest to know the basics of the story but this addition was great. I think everyone has been waiting for a while.
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I love Chesty! What a great story with a good story line. Keep it up and bring us another one soon!!!
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Yeah! Bring us more Chesty. We've waited so long for a sequel, you can't stop now!
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