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Andrew Chapter 11: Saturday In Miami

Carrie woke up suddenly to find herself falling into Andrew?s arms. She looked out the right plane window and saw a dark green mass.
?What is that huge green mass, and why can we see it without looking down?? Carrie asked. She rubbed her eyes, trying to wake up, and added, ?Am I seeing things or is the plane tilting down towards that green mass??
"That green mass is the forests of Florida," the flight attendant answered. "The reason we can see them without looking down is because the right side of the plane is pointing down towards them. That's because we are banking right for our approach into Miami International Airport. Would you like some coffee to wake you up Miss? We don't land for another 20 minutes."
"No I'm fine," Carrie replied, as the plane began to straighten out. "I'm sure my boyfriend here will wake me up all the way!"
"What do you want me to do; tickle you?" Andrew asked her, as the flight attendant walked back to the Coach Cabin. He grinned at the thought of more physical contact with Carrie. "I'll tickle you very gently so that I don't hurt you! Or would you prefer I just hold you in my arms again?"
"Go ahead; try to tickle me Big Man!" Carrie laughed.
"Whoa, whoa, calm down girl!" Andrew begged her, holding up his hands. He grinned at her teasing attitude and added, "I'll have to restrain you if you don't!"
"Oh really," Carrie purred, rubbing his massive pecs gently. "Will you let me go if I ask you to, like you did before?"
"Of course I will," Andrew assured her, rubbing her back gently. "You're pretty frisky when you first wake up, aren't you?"
"How would you know that?" Carrie asked him. "You've only seen me wake up once before! But don't worry; I plan to wake up with you more often in about one week's time. We both turn 18 in the same week, you know."
"Hey yeah, you turn 18 the day before I do, don't you?" Andrew asked her. "We'll have to go shopping for your birthday present next Sunday, won't we?"
"I already have my birthday present Big Man," Carrie reminded him, smiling seductively. "It's you. I can't wait until we can sleep together in the same bed. I intend to ask my parents if we can do that once we both turn 18."
"You know, that's a good idea," Andrew realized. "That would make things easier when we go on trips. We wouldn't have to get two separate rooms anymore. We could get one room, with a double bed!"
"Sounds like a good idea," Carrie agreed, smiling at the thought. "There is another reason I was so frisky waking up this time."
"What's that?" Andrew asked her, kissing the top of her head.
"I was dreaming about our wedding night," Carrie replied, smiling up at him.
"I hope the reality can live up to the fantasy," Andrew said. "But we're a number of years too early for that! What kinds of activities did you have in mind in the meantime?"
"More physical contact like we had before I fell asleep," Carrie replied.
"Good idea," Andrew said, rubbing the sides of her face gently.
"That feels good," Carrie murmured, her eyes closing slowly in contentment.
"Hey, don't fall asleep again!" Andrew warned her. "You might have another crazy dream about us!"
"You should be flattered that you're featured heavily in my dreams," Carrie reminded him. She looked up at him and added, "It's quite a compliment, you know."
"Believe me, I know," Andrew assured her. "You compliment me a lot each day. I just hope you're not putting me up on a pedestal."
"You're so tall, it's like you are on a pedestal already," Carrie reminded him. "You're a huge muscle god, staring down at the rest of us mere mortals!"
"That?s very flattering Carrie,? Andrew informed her. "But I don't want to be referred to as a god! I'm flesh and blood, just like everyone else!"
"Are you sure you're not made of steel?" Carrie asked, laying her cheek against his broad chest. "You're so warm, it's like the heat is coming off you in waves! I can almost see the ripples in the air!"
"Are you trying to tell me I'm hot?" Andrew teased her. "Why don't you just come out and say it?"
"Okay, you're a hot hulking muscle god," Carrie said to him. "And we'll probably find out that you're a stallion as well!"
"Last time I checked, I wasn't a horse," Andrew teased her.
"That wasn't what I meant!" Carrie reminded him, glaring up at him. When she saw Andrew grinning at her, she realized he was just pulling her leg. "You're just trying to be funny, aren't you?"
"Yes I am," Andrew assured her. "I appreciate your prediction of my performance, but don't forget, that moment is still years away!"
"Okay Andrew," Carrie sighed, relieved that Andrew wasn't pressuring her. "If you're good enough to wait for me, I guess I'll have to return the favour and stop pressuring you."
"I'd appreciate that," Andrew informed her. "I don't think that either one of us is ready for that kind of relationship quite yet. We have to get through school first, and then I have to get my NFL career off the ground. Then I'd be glad to get on the ground with you!"
"Until you're done waiting for me, we can find other ways to have fun," Carrie reminded him. "I'm just glad that you'll wait until I'm ready, and not pressure me."
"I'll always wait for you," Andrew promised her, running his fingers gently along her cheek. "I'm not going anywhere. You're so beautiful, I can't even think straight, much less think of looking elsewhere!"
"I'm glad to hear it," Carrie said, smiling at the tenderness of Andrew's gentle touch. "Is that why you keep running your fingers along my cheek: because I'm so beautiful?"
"Gee, someone has a high opinion of herself," Andrew teased her. He smiled as she ran her fingers along his massive bicep and added, "But that's because you know you're hot stuff!"
"I should know that by now: you keep telling me that every day!" Carrie reminded him, smiling at his tender touch.
"I'm sorry; would you like me to stop?" Andrew asked her. He grinned and added, "I could start calling you the ice queen if you'd like."
Carrie glared at him, but couldn't hold a straight face for long as she gazed into Andrew's soft blue eyes. She burst out laughing as Andrew smiled slowly.
"Looks I melted the heart of the ice queen already!" Andrew laughed. "Or maybe it's the glow from the Florida sun hitting you. Whatever it is, you look so beautiful today!" Carrie glared at him again and Andrew hastily added, "Not that you don't look beautiful every day." Carrie smiled and Andrew added, "But even in the dead of winter, I'm still a hot muscle stud!"
"You're my hot muscle stud!" Carrie corrected him, rubbing his massive pecs. "I can't wait until we get to the beach and I can see all your muscles again! Your t-shirt teases me; it's skintight and yet I still can't see all your muscles!"
"Well I still have to observe the rules of common decency," Andrew reminded her. "I can't take my shirt off everywhere, even if there's no 'must have shirts on' sign on this plane! I think that's another difference between dumb jock and smart jock I will have to write down for Mike. Smart jocks know when to keep their shirt on, while dumb jocks take it off all the time." He stopped speaking as Carrie doubled over in laughter. "What's the matter Carrie? What did I say?"
"You said 'take it off'," Carrie reminded him. "You may have meant the t-shirt, but I thought you were referring to everything!"
"SHHH!" Andrew whispered, clamping a massive hand over her mouth. "We're on a plane full of people Carrie; in the First Class cabin! There's only so far we can go along that path here!" When he saw Carrie's disappointed look, he took his hand off her mouth and leaned close to her left ear. "But if you agree to restrain yourself, we can try some moonlight swimming tonight. Then we can take it all off!" Carrie grinned at the thought and nodded enthusiastically. "Okay then, it's settled," Andrew decided. "Can we agree not to talk about that anymore until tonight?"
"Yes sir," Carrie agreed. "As much as I want to jump your bones, I guess I'll have to restrain myself."
"That would be a good idea," Andrew said. "And it's muscles, not bones Carrie! I haven't been able to see any of my bones since I turned 11!"
"Fine, fine," Carrie sighed. "I guess I'm not having much luck getting you excited, am I? I?ll have to try again tonight!?
"I'm too relaxed to get excited," Andrew informed her. He ran his hand softly along her neck and added, "I guess I'm so relaxed because I'm getting a taste of my future this weekend. I can't wait to see the Hurricanes' game this afternoon and meet my future teammates! That's why I made sure to make tutoring plans with Mike for next week: I knew that this trip would motivate me to keep my grades up."
"This trip should also motivate you to keep your strength up," Carrie reminded him. "You'll need both that and stamina this weekend! And I'm not talking about strength tests on the field either!"
"I know exactly what you're talking about," Andrew stated. "You have some personal motivation in mind, don't you? You want to coach me this weekend, right?"
"Hey, my big man's not all muscle!" Carrie realized. "He's actually got a brain that can read women's subtle signs!"
"Hardly subtle signs," Andrew teased her, as Carrie slid onto his lap. "It's more like a big flashing sign that says 'Come get me Big Boy!' And why are you on my lap Carrie? Not that I mind; this is lots of fun!" He looped his massive arms around Carrie's waist and added, "You've just been so frisky ever since last night!"
"That's because of the promise we made each other last night," Carrie reminded him. She smiled softly and added, "I really am glad that our first discussion on the subject turned out so well. You really proved that you're a gentleman; willing to wait for me like that. And I promise you: your patience will be well rewarded when the time comes!"
"And I'm sure that it will be well worth the wait," Andrew assured her. "So, you feel much more comfortable with physical contact, now that you know it won't go past a certain point?"
"A certain point that neither of us are ready for," Carrie clarified. "As much as I tease you about our future, I couldn't have said it better that you just did. I'm glad you can tell what I'm thinking Andrew; it proves that you're a really smart guy."
"Smart enough to have found you 12 years ago," Andrew reminded her, smiling gently.
"Stop that!" Carrie admonished him, trying to wipe her tears of joy away. "Why do you have to be such a great guy; tugging at my heart strings like that?"
"It's because I want to marry you when we're done school," Andrew informed her, his eyes tearing up slightly with happiness as well. "Besides, you're so beautiful that I can't help it! You make me say such soft mushy things that I almost make myself cry! And that would ruin my jock image around the guys!"
"But you're not with the guys right now; you're with me," Carrie reminded him. "But you have to let the jock into our conversation just enough to accept compliments! You can't keep acting like a boomerang; throwing compliments back at me!"
"You're so beautiful I can't help it!" Andrew protested, trailing his fingers gently down her face. "Besides, if I let the compliments go to my head, I'll start acting like a cocky arrogant jock!"
"You don't go that far very often," Carrie reminded him. "I think the last time you acted like a typical jock was at Fitness Depot one month ago. And Steve tells me that you dropped the jock act immediately when Mr. Smith came up to you."
"I had to," Andrew reminded her. "My father always taught me to respect authority, no matter how big and strong I get! There's also the military training I went through in Cadets as well."
"Yes that would do it," Carrie realized. "But I'm glad you joined the Army Reserves at age 16. It's better than not joining at all, considering you'll only be in Canada for another year. Have you told Mr. Malcolm that you serve in the Army Reserves??
?Not exactly,? Andrew replied. ?We just talked about football mainly. Outside of my family, you?re the only one who knows I serve in the Reserves.?
?Why don?t you tell everyone else?? Carrie asked him. ?I?m sure they?d be very proud of you; serving your country like you do!?
?That?s part of the reason I don?t tell everyone,? Andrew said. ?The attention from lifting my car is bad enough; imagine the attention that would result if I told them I was in the Army Reserves as well! They would really see me as a hero then!?
?You are a hero,? Carrie said, lowering her voice so that Connor and Ralph couldn?t hear them. Then she looked over and saw that they were still asleep. ?You go out there and fight: preserving the very freedom we all enjoy!?
?Thanks a lot for saying that Carrie,? Andrew said. ?I may not be at the same level as those in the Regular Forces, but I do my best. Colonel Mitchell managed to fit my Reserves duties around football practice. That way, my one weekend a month absence does not interfere with football whatsoever.?
?Why don?t you tell everyone you serve?? Carrie asked him. ?Aren?t you proud to serve your country??
"I'm very proud to serve my country on the battlefield," Andrew said, looking over to make sure that Connor and Ralph were still asleep. ?I just don?t want to show off, so I?d rather keep it quiet for now. I have to act pretty cocky and arrogant when I'm on the base, considering how grueling the drill sergeants are! If I hadn't played football, I might not have been psychologically prepared for being yelled at all day long! At least it's only one weekend a month and two weeks a year!"
"I'm very impressed with your time management skills," Carrie informed Andrew. "You squeeze in football, your part-time job, and Reserves, and still find time to get all your homework done!"
"Don't forget that I also find time to spend with you!" Andrew reminded her. "But I think we got a little off track with that discussion about the Army Reserves. What were we talking about anyway?"
"I think I was telling you how I admire your demeanor most of the time," Carrie replied.
"Does that mean that I have a handsome face?" Andrew asked her, grinning smugly.
"Oh you're a funny guy Andrew!" Carrie laughed. "That's not what I meant at all; though you do have a very handsome face! I meant your attitude!"
"I don't have an attitude!" Andrew reminded her. "I'm nice to everyone; even the so- called unpopular kids!"
"I know," Carrie agreed. "You project an image of a confident gentle jock, just like you did when you signed autographs at the airport."
"Hey, you're right," Andrew realized, rubbing her shoulders gently. "I may have more autographs to sign in Miami: at the game this afternoon."
"I'm sure you'll do just fine," Carrie assured him. "Just be prepared for news cameras this time. I'm sure the Miami news crews will be at The Orange Bowl Stadium, filming the game."
?Oh yeah, Mr. Malcolm mentioned something about that,? Andrew remembered, smiling at the thought. ?Maybe if I flex for all the news crews at once, they won?t chase us all over Miami later.?
?Why would they chase you around Miami?? Carrie asked him, grinning. ?You don?t actually think you?re a celebrity, do you??
?You tell me,? Andrew said, smiling at her. ?You, my dad, and even Mr. Malcolm are all talking about the attention I get these days!?
?I guess you?re right,? Carrie realized. ?You can?t help thinking of yourself as a celebrity if everyone treats you like one! I just don?t get why you don?t tell everyone that you?re in the Reserves! They?re going to find out anyway!?
?Not if I don?t flash my Army ID around everywhere I go!? Andrew reminded her. ?Besides, did it ever occur to you that I might be privy to some classified information that no civilian can know about??
?No it sure didn?t,? Carrie realized, noticing Andrew?s serious look. ?I?m sorry Andrew.?
?That?s okay,? Andrew assured her, his serious look fading into a quiet grin. ?I just think we should change the subject, don?t you??
?Of course,? Carrie agreed, relieved that Andrew was not mad at her. ?You seem to be acting really down to earth, despite all the media and fan attention you get!?
?It would be pretty easy to get swept up in all the attention,? Andrew realized. ?That?s what happened at Fitness Depot in September.?
?But not when you were signing autographs at the airport,? Carrie reminded him. ?You just acted like a confident gentle jock there!?
?I am a confident gentle jock!? Andrew reminded her. ?I?ll prove it to you!? He leaned over and gave her a gentle kiss. Then he looked out the window and said, ?Looks like we?re descending already!?
?Can you see the airport yet?? Carrie asked him.
?Not yet,? Andrew replied. ?I do see a lot of red roofs though. It looks like we?re in California! I guess Florida and California are quite similar after all!?
?Lots of ?fun in the sun? indeed,? Carrie realized, rubbing his massive bicep and grinning. ?We?ll have to go rollerblading down there!?
?Good idea,? Andrew agreed, peering out the window again. ?It looks like we?ll find plenty of things to do to keep ourselves amused down there!?
?Yes we will,? Carrie agreed, leaning over to stare out the window. She purposely trailed her fingers along Andrew?s pecs as she did so, and Andrew smiled at her gentle touch. ?The cars look so small!? Carrie marveled.
?I can probably lift each one of them!? Andrew bragged, chuckling softly. ?I can?t wait until I can lift a tractor trailer, a bus, or a limousine!?
?That would be really scary,? Carrie said, trying to hide her great fear at Andrew?s predictions. She was even more terrified when she realized that Andrew would probably do just what he had predicted he would do. When she looked into Andrew?s gentle eyes though, she realized that Andrew would never hurt her. Carrie?s fear vanished and she grinned at Andrew. ?No matter how big and strong you get, you just seem to become more kind and gentle!?
?Thanks Carrie,? Andrew said, smiling softly at her. ?You may not see much of the gentle Andrew once we get to the game. I?ll have to get into Jock Mode there!?
?I?m sure I?ll see more of you tonight,? Carrie purred seductively. ?Until then, I?ll just have to be patient.?
?Good idea,? Andrew agreed, smiling at the thought. ?I look forward to it.?
Andrew and Carrie put their arms around each other as the plane descended further. They watched the cars gets bigger as the plane got closer to the ground.
?Everyone get ready for touchdown,? the flight attendant said.
Andrew and Carrie stared out the window and watched the runway get closer. Then the plane touched down on the runway and began to slow down.
?We?ve landed safely,? the flight attendant said. ?Welcome to Miami and thank you for flying with American Airlines today. We?ll be reaching the docking arm slowly. Please make sure you have all your possessions with you and enjoy your time in the Sunshine State.?
?Get ready everyone,? Mr. Malcolm called back to his companions. ?Being in First Class, we get off first. Everyone get their bags out of the overhead compartments.?
?I?ll take them,? Andrew offered, eager to show off again. He decided that the best way to step into Jock Mode without scaring anyone was to use his great strength to help others. ?Just hand the bags to me and I?ll take them all into the airport.?
?All ten of them?? Mr. Malcolm asked in astonishment. ?Are you sure you can handle everyone?s carry on bags all by yourself??
?Sure man,? Andrew bragged, grinning arrogantly as he slipped smoothly into Jock Mode. ?These pipes can bench a car, so a few light bags won?t be any challenge to them at all!? He laughed softly, not noticing the shocked looks on the faces of some of the other First Class passengers. Then he added, ?Besides, it will help everyone out and give me a light workout before we get to the game.?
?Very good thinking Andrew,? Mr. Malcolm said approvingly. ?It will also give you a chance to show off your great strength by helping others.?
Everyone handed their bags to Andrew one by one. Andrew looped the straps of five bags over his left shoulder and looped the straps of the other five over his right shoulder. Mr. Malcolm had only brought his briefcase and a small carryon bag, so he carried those items himself. Everyone stood up and was amazed at how Andrew towered above all of them. Andrew was amazed himself that he stood head and shoulders above his ten companions. He grinned confidentially, but inside he felt uneasy that he was the biggest person in his group by far. When he turned to look behind him, he noticed that he dwarfed everyone else on the plane as well.
I?m not used to being the biggest in the group, Andrew thought to himself as he led the way down the docking arm. I?m used to having Steve and Darrell with me, and they?re almost as big as I am! I don?t feel like the Big Man when I?m around them! I just feel like one of the guys then! But I guess if I am the Big Man on this trip, I should act like it!
Andrew kept the confident grin on his face as he approached the end of the plane?s docking arm. Everyone behind him smiled gratefully; pleased that he was using his great strength to help them.
?Aren?t all those bags heavy?? Mr. Malcolm asked Andrew; amazed that Andrew was able to carry all ten bags effortlessly.
?Naw man, they?re so light I can?t even tell I?m carrying them!? Andrew gloated. He reached the sliding doors and found that he had to turn sideways to fit through them as they opened. ?But now I can tell I have ten bags on these massive shoulders of mine!?
Andrew stepped into the hallway and saw two more sliding doors directly in front of him. He looked out the window to the right of the second set of doors and saw more buildings across the pavement.
?Are those the arrival buildings?? Andrew asked Mr. Malcolm.
?Yes they are Andrew,? Mr. Malcolm replied. ?Just step through those doors in front of you. They take us into the train that will take us to the arrival buildings.?
Everyone stepped up to the doors, which opened automatically to let them get onto the train. Once everyone was on board, the doors closed and the train took them right along the tracks to the arrival buildings. Then everyone got out and headed down the long terminal building to the exit doors.
?You seem to be in a big hurry sir,? Andrew commented to Mr. Malcolm, as he lengthened his stride to keep up with his future coach.
?The game starts in 15 minutes, and I have to be there to support my team,? Mr. Malcolm informed Andrew. He led the way down the terminal building to the exit doors and looked back at the rest of his companions. ?I?ll take Ralph, Connor, Andrew and Carrie to the game with me. If you could check their luggage into the hotel Mr. Pearson, I?d really appreciate it.? He handed all the hotel documents to Andrew?s dad and added, ?All the information is right there; room numbers and the directions to the Orange Bowl Stadium: where the game is today. I already pre-paid for all the rooms so you don?t have to worry about a thing. They?ll even take special accommodation requests into account.? He looked over at Andrew and Carrie and Mr. Pearson followed his gaze.
?I understand Mr. Malcolm,? Mr. Pearson said, smiling knowingly. ?I think we can arrange something for those two lovebirds,? he added, lowering his voice so that Andrew and Carrie couldn?t hear him. ?I won?t tell them. That way, their early birthday present will be a surprise. You must have overheard them on the plane, just like I did.?
?Yes I did,? Mr. Malcolm agreed. ?It seems only fair to accommodate their wishes, since they are on vacation.?
?I agree,? Mr. Pearson said. He motioned to the luggage conveyor belt on their left and said, ?Not to change the subject, but I see now why you asked each of us to bring only one carry-on bag. This way, we can get right to our limos without having to wait for our luggage to come off the plane!?
?We will be sure to get to the game on time this way,? Mr. Malcolm agreed. ?Good thing I remembered the game last night; just in time to remind all of you to pack light!? He led the way through the exit doors and motioned to the two black limos that were waiting outside. ?The front limo is ours Andrew; let?s get going!?
?Sure thing Coach!? Andrew shouted, as his dad took the adults? carry-on bags off his broad shoulders. Andrew was impressed by his dad?s strength, as Mr. Pearson was able to take all five bags over to the limo by himself. ?See you at the game later Dad!?
?I wouldn?t miss it son!? Chad called back to Andrew, as the limo drivers loaded the carry-on bags into the trunks of the limos. ?We?ll get checked into the hotel and then we?ll join you at the game later!?
?The limo driver will get you to the hotel, and let you see some of the Miami scenery at the same time!? Mr. Malcolm shouted. Mr. Pearson waved to him, and Andrew waved to Rick and his friends, who were just stepping out of the terminal doors. ?Plenty of time to talk to your new friends after the game Andrew; let?s get going please.? As Andrew held the limo door open for Carrie, Mr. Malcolm added, ?You?ll meet lots of new friends at the game Andrew!?
Andrew grinned at the thought and closed the right rear limo door as he sat down beside Carrie. The limo driver closed the left rear door once Ralph and Connor were seated in the limo. Mr. Malcolm got into the front seat once the driver got into the limo.
?Look at all the palm trees!? Connor marveled; staring out the window as the limo began moving towards the airport exit. ?I?ve never seen them before!?
?I have,? Andrew informed him. ?Just not from a limo, that?s all. This is my first time in a limousine actually.?
?It?s the first time for all of us,? Carrie informed him. ?It?s pretty exciting: getting a taste of the lifestyle of rich people!?
?A lifestyle you four will soon enjoy in a few years,? Mr. Malcolm declared. ?Thanks in no small part to Andrew?s talent for public displays of athletic prowess.?
?What did that last sentence mean?? Ralph asked, confused by Mr. Malcolm?s big words.
?I can tell you,? Andrew offered. ?It meant that I show off my great football skills for everyone to see.?
?Thanks Andrew,? Ralph said, smiling as he looked around the plush interior of the limo. ?Looks like you can translate ?Smart Speak? as well as ?Jock Speak.? This is a really smooth ride Mr. Malcolm!?
?I?m glad you?re enjoying it,? Mr. Malcolm said as the limos reached the north east corner of the airport. At the intersection of the two highways, Andrew?s limo turned east while his father?s limo turned north. ?Your father?s waving to you Andrew; you?d better respond before he gets out of sight!?
Andrew let the window down and stuck his hand out, waving to his dad. Once his father?s limo was out of sight to the north, Andrew pulled his hand back into the limo.
?Why is my father?s limo going north?? Andrew asked Mr. Malcolm. ?I thought the road to South Beach went east from the south end of the airport!?
?One of the roads does,? Mr. Malcolm agreed. ?But I thought it would be nice for your dad and the others to take a more scenic route to South Beach this time.? He opened up the bar fridge and began passing around bottles of pop. ?Here?s a drink for you Andrew; non-alcoholic of course.? He turned on the TV and added, ?We?re still a few minutes from the stadium; I?d better see if the game has started yet.?
?Good idea,? Andrew said. ?I?m looking forward to seeing another Hurricanes game.?
?Did you say another Hurricanes game?? Mr. Malcolm asked him.
?Yes sir,? Andrew replied. ?My dad has brought the whole family down here every Thanksgiving for the past ten years. We always watch the Thanksgiving Saturday Hurricanes game.?
?You know, that explains a few things,? Mr. Malcolm realized. ?For the past few years, the guys have been asking me who the big red-headed guy in the football jacket was. They say they only see you in the stands once a year, but you get bigger every year! Your size made you stand out in the crowd even three years ago!?
?Well I?m glad I could explain things for you,? Andrew said. ?I look forward to meeting my future teammates today.?
?Not to worry, you?ve certainly earned a place on our team,? Mr. Malcolm assured him. ?Once Coach Everson scouted you in Grade Eight, he told me your name and sent me footage of your games every year. I?ve kept my eye on you for the past three years.?
?Yes you have, haven?t you?? Andrew realized. ?My principal told me that my coach has been sending all my football files and footage to you. Now I know that he was right.?

?Yes you do,? Mr. Malcolm agreed. ?You have a great future ahead of you and we wanted to make sure all the right steps were taken to reach it. That goes for you two as well,? he added, turning to Ralph and Connor. ?You two are great athletes as well. I think we will train you Ralph to be the second quarterback on the team. Once you prove yourself, you may even be the starting quarterback in a year or two. As for you Connor, you?d be a great wide receiver.?
?Thank you very much Mr. Malcolm,? Connor said. ?I really appreciate your faith in me. I won?t let you down sir.?
?Neither will I sir,? Ralph assured his future coach. ?I must say, it?s a bit overwhelming having all this attention heaped upon us!?
?You think you?ve got it bad?? Andrew asked Ralph, raising an eyebrow. ?At least you don?t get swarmed by TV cameras and crowds of autograph seekers! That reminds me Mr. Malcolm: why were there no TV cameras at the airport??
?I think they?re all at the game,? Mr. Malcolm replied. ?We talked about that on the plane earlier, remember??
?We talked about so much on the plane, I?d forgotten that part,? Andrew said. ?But I remember now. Thank you for reminding me. Does that mean that trip to the game will put us right into the path of the news cameras??
?You mean put you into the path of the cameras,? Ralph corrected Andrew. ?All the autograph seekers and news stations want to see you; they don?t even know who Connor and I are!?
?Once I tell the news crews that I trained you, they?ll know who you are pretty quickly,? Andrew informed them.
?If you think it would help raise our profile for the school, go right ahead,? Connor said. ?I think that?s a very good idea Andrew: letting everyone know that your training has helped others reach their athletic goals.?
?You also thought up a pretty smart way of diverting the media attention away from you,? Carrie realized. ?That's a pretty sneaky trick Andrew.?
?Thanks Carrie,? Andrew said, smiling gently at her. ?If you?re not careful, I?ll tell the news crews that you?re my girlfriend, and an aspiring female hockey player!?
?Don?t you dare!? Carrie warned him. ?I don?t need any media attention!?
?Okay Carrie I won?t point the cameras in your direction,? Andrew assured her. ?I?ll just keep them focused on the biceps that helped me bench 6000 pounds last night!? Andrew laughed softly, closing his eyes as he remembered showing off his great strength. He missed the looks of shock and fear on the faces of his four companions. Mr. Malcolm was more scared than Andrew?s friends, because he had actually seen Andrew bench 6000 pounds the night before. Andrew opened his eyes and looked over at his friends with an arrogant grin. ?Do you think the media will be impressed with the power of these babies?? He flexed his biceps and laughed loudly. ?I am a tank and I?m proud of it!?
?Your biceps are very impressive Andrew,? Mr. Malcolm informed him, trying to hide his fear of Andrew?s power. ?I think you might want to keep your true strength quiet for now. Football players may find your great power exciting, but the general public may find it just plain scary.?
?I don?t scare any of you, do I?? Andrew asked, his cocky grin fading quickly.
?I?d be lying if I said no,? Mr. Malcolm replied. When he saw Andrew?s sad look, he leaned over and added, ?But don?t worry Andrew; it?s just going to take all of us a little bit of time to get used to how quickly your strength is increasing. You just remember what we talked about on the plane.?
?You mean how I can use my great strength to help others so that they won?t be scared of me?? Andrew asked.
?That?s it exactly,? Mr. Malcolm confirmed. ?That?s why people love superheroes; they have super powers, but they use them to help ordinary people.?
?I?m no superhero,? Andrew declared. ?Even if I do have super strength, I haven?t used it to help many people yet. But that?s going to change.?
?Good for you Andrew,? Mr. Malcolm said, watching Andrew flex his biceps again. ?You really like to show off your muscles, don?t you??
?Hey I worked hard for these babies!? Andrew bragged, flexing his pecs as well. ?Why shouldn?t I show them off for everyone to see??
?Would you like to show them off for money?? Mr. Malcolm asked him.
?You mean modeling for a muscle magazine?? Andrew asked, grinning at the thought.
?That?s it exactly,? Mr. Malcolm confirmed. ?I?d have to confirm my guess of course, but I imagine some of those magazines have offices in Miami.? He actually knew some of the magazine editors personally, having sent some of his football players for photo shoots with them. ?I could make a few calls this weekend and show them some of the pictures of you playing football if you?d like.?
"That sounds like a great idea," Andrew agreed. "I'd love to show off my muscles and help pay for my college tuition at the same time!"
"That is very good thinking Andrew," Mr. Malcolm said approvingly. "Showing off your muscles and ensuring your continued financial integrity at the same time is a good plan. You're a very smart individual Andrew."
"Smart enough to understand the term 'financial integrity' anyway," Andrew said. "That photo shoot idea may well be an option worth considering, when we have more time than just a weekend."
"Good idea," Mr. Malcolm agreed. "One step at a time is a good way to go, since we have to get your football career established first. Once we get that business taken care of this weekend, we will have to arrange some time for a vacation over the Christmas Holidays for all of you. Then you can focus on more amusing activities like photo shoots and magazine interviews."
?Sounds like lots of fun sir,? Andrew said, grinning at the thought. ?Of course, I?ll be able to show off all my muscles at the beach tonight!? He glanced at Carrie and added, ?I?m sure everyone would like to see my muscles, wouldn?t they??
Carrie lowered her head in embarrassment, smiling quietly and Andrew grinned, looking forward to the fun he and Carrie would have later.
?You may want to take off your shirt after the game is over Andrew,? Mr. Malcolm informed him. ?You are on vacation after all, and I do want this trip to be lots of fun for you and your friends.? Like Ralph and Connor, he had seen Andrew glancing at Carrie and knew exactly what Andrew meant when he said ?show off all my muscles at the beach tonight.? ?Before I forget, here are your complimentary tickets for the game today.? He handed them over to Andrew and his friends and added, ?I also gave a set to your parents; hopefully they will join us at the game later.?
?That would be a great idea,? Andrew said, as the limo turned off the highway. ?And in a year?s time, everyone should be able to see me playing on the field itself. Is that the stadium up ahead, Mr. Malcolm??
?Yes that?s it Andrew,? Mr. Malcolm confirmed. ?We?ll park at the east side of the stadium,? he informed the limo driver. ?I?ll escort you to your seats personally, Andrew.?
"Thank you sir," Andrew said. "That would be a great way to help us find our seats. But how will our parents find their seats?"
"I think your football jacket will stand out in the crowd," Mr. Malcolm informed him. "And you could also text your dad a short video of the path to your seats and a few pictures of the crowd."
"Excellent ideas sir," Andrew agreed. "Since I got full international services activated on my cell phone, your ideas will work really well."
"Almost time to test that theory," Mr. Malcolm informed them, as the limo pulled into the parking lot. "Let's go everyone."
"I'll be back here by 7:30 sir," the limo driver informed Mr. Malcolm.
"That will be fine; thank you very much," Mr. Malcolm said, as everyone got out of the limo. "Let's go into the stadium everyone; the game is about to begin."
Andrew helped Carrie out and put on his football jacket. Everyone walked over to the stadium entrance and Andrew couldn't help grinning when he saw the looks of fear on the guards' faces.
I seem to scare everyone with my size! Andrew thought to himself. Except my friends and family, that is!
He held up his camera phone as he approached the guards and the first guard said, "That's okay sir; you can bring your cell phone into the stadium."
"Thanks dude!" Andrew said. "I'm really looking forward to seeing the Hurricanes stomp their opponents!"
"Enjoy the game sir!" the guard said, tearing off everyone's tickets.
"I will man," Andrew assured him. "See you later!"
The guard waved as Andrew and his friends headed into the stadium, feeling more at ease now that Andrew was being nice.
Andrew wound his way through the roaring fans, holding tightly onto Carrie's hand the whole time. With his other hand, he snapped a few pictures with his camera phone as they got closer to the proper seat block. Andrew heard a loud roar from the field and looked over to the right. He saw a huge burst of fireworks and had to blink his eyes to make sure he was seeing clearly. It looked to him as if the Hurricanes were running onto the field out of a giant football helmet.
"Quite a show sir," Andrew commented to Mr. Malcolm, as the group reached their seats. "I had forgotten how big Collegiate Football is in the States."
"You'll be a big part of the show next year," Mr. Malcolm promised him. He waved and started down the stairs to the field. "Join us down on the sidelines at halftime Andrew; it will be the perfect chance to meet your future teammates!"
"Good idea sir," Andrew said, waving to Mr. Malcolm. He leaned over to Carrie as they sat down and asked her, "How do I look?"
"You look like a high school football star," Carrie replied, grinning at him. "I love having a jock for a boyfriend." Andrew frowned slightly and Carrie asked, "What's the matter Andrew? Did I say something wrong?"
"I just don't like the term jock, that's all," Andrew replied, as they reached their seats and sat down. "The only definition I could find painted jocks in a really bad light, saying that they beat up the smart kids. I hate that definition; I always thought of a jock as a popular athlete."
"That would be a good alternate definition," Carrie agreed. "But knowing how smart you are, I bet you could come up with a better definition that that."
"You're right," Andrew said, smiling at her. "I already told Mike my definition of Smart Jock; I'll tell it to you later when we have more time."
"Good idea Andrew," Carrie said, smiling up at him. "That jacket of yours doesn't look like it's straining to contain your muscles!"
"I got the 4XL jacket," Andrew informed her. "I wanted to pick the largest size to make sure I wouldn't outgrow it. Then Coach Everson told me that there are 5XL jackets for the Big and Tall guys, but he will have to order it special if I outgrow this one."
"Good idea Andrew," Carrie said, excited by Andrew's predictions of his future growth. "Do you really think you'll get big enough to fit into a 5XL jacket?"
"Well, I do want to reach 400 pounds of solid muscle," Andrew informed her. "I may have to cut back if I get too big, but my muscle growth doesn't seem to be slowing down."
"You want to be 400 pounds of solid muscle?!" Carrie yelled in astonishment. She noticed the fans around her looking over in amazement. Then they saw Andrew and looked away quickly, terrified of his size. Andrew smirked, forgetting to act like a gentle jock. "That would be really hot," Carrie whispered to Andrew. "How much do you think you could bench if you got that big?"
"Probably 10,000 pounds," Andrew bragged, grinning at the thought. Carrie looked over at him in astonishment and tried to hide her look of fear as she did so. Andrew saw the fear in her eyes though, and he smirked slightly. Then he remembered that he was with Carrie, not just the guys, and his smirk vanished. He rubbed her shoulders gently and said, "Hey don't worry Carrie: no matter how big I get, I'll always be your Gentle Giant."
"Thanks Andrew, I appreciate that," Carrie informed him. Her fear melted away as the warmth of Andrew's gentle touch seeped into her shoulders. "I'm sorry if I get scared of you; it's just hard not to when you get bigger and stronger so quickly!"
"That's why I'm aiming to help people out with my great strength from now on," Andrew informed her. "If I could bench-press a limo or a bus, then I would be using my great strength to help others, not just show off. Mr. Malcolm and I discussed that idea on the plane and it seems the best way to keep people from being scared of me."
"Just don't do it too often," Carrie informed him. "You'll only be around Orillia for the next 10 months and then you'll be down here for months at a time. If you do too much for others, they won't know what to do when you're not around to help them."
"That must be one of the most frustrating things about being a Police Officer," Andrew realized. "They can't be everywhere at once to stop every crime. So the public begins to say 'Why is there never a cop around when I need one?' I will have to avoid that somehow."
"Why don't you use your great strength in your job, where people already know that you won't be around forever," Carrie suggested. "Don't advertise that you're always around to help anyone whenever they need it, because you won't be."
"Good idea," Andrew said, as they watched the action on the field. "I guess having superhuman strength could be very complicated if I'm not careful."
"How about you just help out when you actually encounter a situation where you can use your great strength," Carrie suggested. "Then you should be able to make appointments to help others. For instance, if a machine operator called in sick, you could move the cars in a junkyard yourself."
"Hey that would be a great idea," Andrew said, grinning at the thought. "I am going to need an activity to take the place of football in the winter."
"Aren't you going to play hockey in the winter?" Carrie asked him.
"I don't think so," Andrew replied. "I think I will train Mike instead once football season ends. If Mike really wants to get into U of Miami as an athlete, I'll have to get him into shape while we still have time. Besides, since my scholarship will be for football, not hockey, I don't think Coach Everson will mind if I don't play hockey this winter."
"Good idea," Carrie agreed. "Car lifting will make a very useful workout alternative that will actually challenge your muscles. Didn't you say that you used all the weight plates in your weight room to bench 6000 pounds?"
"Yes I did," Andrew replied, grinning arrogantly as he remembered what great strength he had. He flexed his massive bicep and added, "I need something that will actually challenge these huge muscles!" He laughed loudly and then looked over at his flexed arm. "Hey, my bicep is making my jacket sleeve bulge, but it's not straining the seams! That's good: my jacket will last a lot longer this way. I won't complain if my muscles bust out of my t-shirt; after all I can always buy another one! But the jackets cost a lot of money and they are specially fitted for each football player. Also they serve as a real symbol of my success on the field. I don't want to damage my jacket, so that's why I ordered a size larger than my t-shirt."
"Looks like the football players don't have the same reluctance to damage each other," Carrie realized. She pointed down to the field and said, "Did you just see that big Miami linemen run right through the other team's defense?"
"Yes I did," Andrew agreed. "Hey, there's Mark; he just threw a pass to that big guy in the end zone!"
"That's the same guy who broke through the offensive line," Carrie reminded him.
"I have eyes Carrie!" Andrew declared, standing up with the rest of the crowd as they roared in celebration.
"That's the first touchdown of the game for the Miami Hurricanes!" the announcer shouted. "And there's the kick; and it's good! U of Miami is ahead 7 to 0 now!"
Andrew and Carrie clapped and cheered along with the rest of the crowd. Andrew couldn't resist smirking as he towered head and shoulders above everyone else in the crowd. He noticed Mark turn towards the stands and wave. Andrew waved back, not sure if Mark was waving at him or not. Then he looked around at the other crowd members and realized that no one else was wearing a football jacket, not even Ralph and Connor. When Mark pointed directly at Andrew and held out his hands to shoulder width, Andrew knew Mark was amazed at the width of his shoulders. Andrew decided to flex his bicep and see if Mark was really watching him. When he saw Mark's look of shock, Andrew knew the bulge of his biceps could be clearly seen, even through his jacket sleeve.
"I must be pretty big to shock Mark with the size of my muscles," Andrew commented to Carrie. You'd think he'd be used to big guys by now; look how big the Offensive Linemen on his team are!"
"Even the biggest Offensive Lineman on the field is not as big as you are," Carrie reminded him. "You truly are the Big Man, no matter where you go! And you're not even wearing football pads!"
"I guess you're right," Andrew agreed, as they sat down again.
"These are great seats Mr. Malcolm picked for us: right in front of the line where the players butt heads," Carrie commented.
"That's the Line of Scrimmage Carrie," Andrew reminded her, with a slight smile.
"Thanks Big Guy," Carrie said, smiling back at him. "Now maybe we should be quiet and enjoy the rest of the game."
"Good idea," Andrew agreed.
He took his football jacket off and draped it over the back of his seat. Then he reached over and held Carrie's hand gently while they watched the action on the field.
By Halftime, the Hurricanes were ahead of their opponents by 30 points. Coach Malcolm congratulated his team on their successful plays and then looked up into the stands.
"I think Mr. Malcolm is looking for you," Carrie informed Andrew.
"I guess I'd better make it easy for him to find me," Andrew decided. He stood up and flexed his massive biceps until Coach Malcolm saw him. The Coach's eyes widened in shock and then he recovered and waved Andrew down to the field. "I guess the Coach saw me," Andrew said to Carrie, grinning smugly. "I'll be right back."
"You just loved flexing your biceps again, didn't you?" Carrie asked him, laughing at him. "But that is the best way for you to get noticed in a crowd."
"That's why I do it," Andrew said. "And I also do it just to show off and act cocky when I'm on vacation. I'll leave my football jacket here; easier for our parents to find our seats that way. See you later Carrie."
"Bye Andrew!" Carrie shouted, waving at Andrew as he made his way down to the side of the field.
Andrew grinned arrogantly as everyone hastily backed out of his way.
Everyone is scared of me! Andrew thought to himself. I wonder if the Hurricanes players will be! I guess I'll find out in a moment! he realized, as he approached Mr. Malcolm and the crowd of players.
"Were you waving at me sir?" Andrew asked Mr. Malcolm, as he approached the group.
"Yes I was," Mr. Malcolm replied, as the players stared up at Andrew; in awe of his size. "I thought that you could get to meet some of the players now and help us plan out strategy for the second half of the game."
"I'm flattered sir," Andrew said, feeling a wave of embarrassment wash over him. "Do you really think that my ideas will useful to you guys? After all, some of you are three or years older than me!"
"Give yourself some credit Andrew!" Mark reminded him. "Your personal training got me here, and now I'm the Freshman Quarterback!"
"I guess you're right man," Andrew realized, missing the look of jealousy in the Offensive Lineman's eyes.
"Don't forget that your ideas helped your team win the game last night," Mr. Malcolm reminded Andrew.
"I think you're right sir," Andrew said, resisting the urge to say, 'They were Ralph and Connor's ideas, mostly.' "I'd be glad to help, in any way you think I can."
"First, I'd like to introduce you to the players on our team," Mr. Malcolm said. "You already know Mark Stevenson, our Freshman Quarterback. And then there is the other Co-Captain of our team; Anthony Anderson, our Head Offensive Lineman."
"Pleased to meet you man," Andrew said, shaking Anthony's hand. "I've seen you play before, but until I met Rick on the plane, I didn't know your name."
"Rick Myers is here already?" Anthony said. "That's great. I look forward to seeing him at the post-game party tomorrow night. But in the meantime, we have more important things to discuss, like the next half of the game."
Andrew agreed and began offering a few useful suggestions as the group of players sat down on the bench. He was still amazed that the players seemed to find his ideas useful.
After the strategy session, Mark pulled Andrew aside, anxious to speak to him privately.
"How've you been man?" Mark asked Andrew, a little intimidated at his size.
"Pretty good," Andrew replied. "It looks like you've become pretty successful as the new Freshman Quarterback."
"Thanks to your excellent personal training over the years," Mark reminded Andrew. "If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have become the Starting Quarterback in my first year!"
"Hey, I only showed you the path," Andrew said, trying to be modest. "You're the one who decided to walk down it."
"Don't be so modest man!" Mark admonished him. "You single-handedly turned me into a football star with a full scholarship! I was just a skinny runt before!"
"Don't put yourself down man!" Andrew admonished Mark. "You did all that hard work and completely transformed yourself into an awesome football star! And don't forget, you stand six feet tall and weigh almost 200 pounds! You're an awesome jock man!"
"Thanks Andrew," Mark said, getting slightly embarrassed by all the attention. "I may not be in your league, but I'm doing okay."
"Of course you're not in my league!" Andrew shouted. Mark looked over at him in surprise, but then Andrew added, "That's because I'm still in high school!"
"Very funny man!" Mark laughed, slapping Andrew's massive shoulder. "You really had me going for a second there!"
"Going where?" Andrew asked him, grinning smugly. "Are you in a hurry to get somewhere Mark?"
"Yeah, to the NFL!" Mark shouted, turning Andrew's joke into a prediction.
"With your athletic abilities I have no doubt about that," Andrew said, patting Mark's shoulder gently. "Oh, before I forget, I have something for you." He pulled the folded-up newspaper article out of his back pocket and handed it over to Mark. "Your brother asked me to give this to you."
"What's this?" Mark asked, unfolding the article. His eyes widened as he saw the picture of Andrew benching his car. Then he saw Andrew's signature and said, "You're signing autographs now?"
"The fans asked me to," Andrew said. "I was a little embarrassed at first, but then I adapted to the role of a football star."
Andrew didn't notice Anthony's eyes burn with jealousy, because he was too busy flexing his massive biceps for the rest of the team members to see.
"Pretty impressive aren't they?" Andrew bragged, grinning at the amazed looks on the faces of Mark and his teammates.
"How big are your biceps man?" Mark asked, scared and amazed at the same time.
"31 inches man!" Andrew laughed. "These babies attract attention everywhere I go!" Andrew then turned around to see the news crews approaching the players. "Oh no, did I attract media attention again?"
"It's your own fault," Mark chuckled, his delight at Andrew's embarrassment overriding his fear. "That's what happens when you flex your massive biceps!"
"Okay I get it," Andrew said, noticing the news crews getting closer. "But it looks like you're going to get it now!"
Mark turned around to see Andrew deliberately squatting down behind the team bench to loosen his shoelaces.
"Drat you Andrew; you're leaving me alone with them!" Mark shouted in fury.
"Who are you talking to Mr. Stevenson?" one of the reporters asked him.
"I was talking to Andrew-" Mark began. Then he realized that Andrew was no longer behind the team bench. "I guess I was talking to myself," Mark muttered, clenching his teeth in exasperation. "How can I help you?"
The news reporters began congratulating Mark on a successful first half. This gave Andrew a chance to duck behind the big linebackers, allowing him to continue eluding the news cameras. He had to duck because he was taller and wider than Anthony, who was the biggest of the team players. He sat down on the hidden team bench and began getting tips from the players for his high school games.
After the news reporters finished congratulating Mark on a successful first half, Mark tried to convince them that Andrew Pearson the 'Car Lifter' was actually at the football game that day. He even pointed to the second team bench where the rest of the team players were. But the reporters could not see any trace of Andrew. That was because Andrew had seen the interview coming to a close and took that as his cue to get back to his seat. He used the crowd as cover and managed to get back to his seat without any news cameras noticing him. Andrew grinned at his successful evasion of the Miami reporters.
"That was pretty sneaky of you son, leaving Mark alone with the reporters like that," Mr. Pearson said to Andrew.
"Hey Dad, glad you made it to the game!" Andrew shouted, slapping his dad on the shoulder. "Yeah, I thought I would let someone else enjoy the spotlight for once. I'm sure I'll have plenty of time to be mobbed by the cameras later."
"Or maybe you're just shy," Chad suggested, leaning closer so that Ralph and Connor couldn't hear him. When Andrew nodded, Chad added, "But I understand why you had to give the 'Confident Jock' answer, considering where we are."
"Excuse me sir," Rick said from behind Chad.
"Yes, may I help you?" Chad asked him, turning around.
"My dad wanted to know if you would sign this for him," Rick replied, holding out an old football photo.
Chad leaned closer to the picture and saw that it showed one of his touchdowns from his NFL career.
"I'm flattered that you still remember me from my glory days almost 20 years ago," Chad said, nodding at Rick's father. "I'd be happy to sign the photo for you."
"Thanks a lot sir," Ricks' dad said, smiling. "Once I saw the news footage last month, I knew that Andrew was following in your footsteps."
"Yeah, he's a chip off the old block!" Chad said, beaming with pride.
Andrew smiled and turned back to Carrie, pleased that his dad was getting fan attention, even 20 years after the NFL.
"You really seem to enjoy the break from the fans? attention," Carrie said, smiling at Andrew. "You have a hidden shy streak, don't you?"
"You're right," Andrew agreed, squeezing her hand gently. "I'm glad to get a break from their attention; before I give into the Jock Act."
"Plenty of time for that later," Carrie suggested. "I can't wait to get a peek at Andrew the Jock, instead of Andrew the Gentle Giant!"
"Not to worry Carrie, you'll see Andrew the Jock soon enough!" Andrew assured her. "But for now, I'm happy to let the Hurricanes get all the media attention. If Mr. Malcolm doesn't wave me down to the field at the end of the game, I'll be fine."
"Oh, you think they'll win again, do you?" Carrie teased him.
"Hey, Miami's won more National Championships than any other football school!" Andrew reminded her. "Their website agrees with Wikipedia on that point!"
"I know that Andrew; I was just kidding around," Carrie assured him. "I'm sure that they win again, even if it means Mr. Malcolm will call you down to help them celebrate. I think you'll find that your ideas are useful here as well as at home."
"You really think so?" Andrew asked her in amazement.
"We'll find out in a moment," Carrie informed him, pointing to the field. "The third quarter is about to start."
Andrew put his football jacket back on and sat down in his seat again.
The second half of the game proved to be just as successful for the Hurricanes as the first half had been. The Hurricanes crushed their opponents, thanks to Mark throwing a few more successful touchdown passes. Andrew beamed with pride, very impressed with his former trainee. He was also impressed with the Miami's Offensive Line, especially Anthony, who sacked the opposing team's quarterback several times. Andrew noticed the Hurricanes helping their opponents up with outstretched hands, and was very impressed with their sportsmanship.
When the final whistle blew, the Miami Hurricanes had won their game with a score of 51 to 6, totally dominating their opponents. Fireworks went off and the fans rose to their feet, cheering in celebration. Football whistles and horns blared and Andrew grinned hugely, really happy to be caught up in the excitement of another win by the Miami Hurricanes. The team members jumped up and down in excitement, hugging each other and hoisting Mr. Malcolm up onto their shoulders in celebration. Anthony heaved Mark up onto his massive left shoulder, with one hand!
I'm going to have to challenge Anthony to an arm-wrestling contest, Andrew thought to himself. He may give me my best competition yet!
"Looks like Coach Malcolm is waving you down to the field again," Carrie informed Andrew, pointing down to the sidelines.
"I guess there's no avoiding the cameras this time," Andrew realized. "Wish me luck Carrie."
"You don't need luck," Carrie informed him, giving him a big kiss. "You succeed on pure talent."
"Carrie's right son," Mr. Pearson informed Andrew. "Go out there and make us proud. It looks like your ideas helped the Hurricanes win their game."
"Thanks Dad," Andrew said. "See you guys later."
"We're coming along this time!" Carrie reminded Andrew. "You're not going anywhere without us!"
"Indeed, it's hardly possible to exclude you three, even when Mr. Malcolm waved at me and not you," Andrew teased his friends. "But what better time to meet Mark and his teammates, right? See you at the hotel later Dad!"
"No curfew tonight; we're on vacation!" Mr. Pearson shouted as Andrew started down the stairs.
Andrew grinned and flexed, pleased that his dad had trust in him. Then he made his way through the screaming fans, holding tightly to Carrie's hand the whole time. Andrew's width helped to blaze a path for Ralph and Connor, and his size made the fans step back hastily in fear. Andrew smirked, slowly getting back into Confident Jock Mode. The four friends made it down the stairs just in time to see Anthony hoist Mr. Malcolm up onto his shoulders effortlessly.
"Glad you could join our celebration Andrew!" Mr. Malcolm shouted. ?Your ideas were really useful, helping us win another game!? As the players stepped forward to congratulate Andrew on his game-winning advice, Andrew noticed Anthony holding Mr. Malcolm on his shoulders effortlessly, with one hand! ?Give me a high five Andrew!? Mr. Malcolm shouted, raising his hand up high so that Andrew could slap it.
Andrew stepped forward and slapped Coach Malcolm's hand, pleased that he did not have to stand on his toes to do so. He wondered why and then looked down to find that he was slightly taller than Anthony. Andrew smirked slightly when he realized that he outweighed Anthony by at least 50 pounds. Andrew noticed a slight look of jealousy in Anthony's eyes but it didn't concern him.
"Do you want me to help you down Coach?" Andrew asked Coach Malcolm.
"Go ahead Andrew," Coach Malcolm replied. "Just let me down gently!"
"Not to worry Coach," Andrew assured him, looping one massive arm around Mr. Malcolm's waist. He set his future coach down on the ground gently and said, "There you go Coach; you're safely on the ground again."
"Thanks Andrew," Mr. Malcolm said, trying to hide his fear of Andrew's great strength.
"You're welcome Coach," Andrew said.
He didn't see Anthony's eyes burn with jealousy every time Andrew called Mr. Malcolm 'Coach', but Anthony's jealousy didn't concern Andrew anyway. Andrew knew he could beat Anthony in any strength contest, though it might be a slight challenge for him to do so. Andrew did see news crews coming over to congratulate the Hurricanes on another victory. Andrew tried to back up, so that the news crews wouldn't see him, but the crowd of players wouldn't let him move.
"Congratulations on another successful game Coach Malcolm!" one of the reporters shouted. "51 to 6; you blew your opponents away!"
"Yes we did," Coach Malcolm agreed, smiling proudly at his winning team. "Our players came up with some good plays during the second half of the game."
"Who came up with that 'fake the pass twice' trick sir?" another reporter asked.
"That would be Mr. Andrew Pearson: the High School Football Star," Mr. Malcolm replied. He stepped back so that all the reporters could see Andrew clearly. "It's your turn to be in the spotlight Andrew."
Andrew found all the cameras and microphones pointing his way. He felt a sudden surge of panic at being in the spotlight. Then he felt Carrie squeeze his hand gently. Andrew felt a surge of confidence flow through him and he straightened up to his full height. "So, would you like to know how I came up with those successful plays?" Andrew asked the reporters. When the reporters nodded, Andrew began filling them in on his success so far that season. "We've won every game so far, thanks to these muscles!" Andrew bragged, flexing his massive biceps.
He was so immersed in Cocky Jock Mode that he forgot to mention that Ralph and Connor had come up with a lot of the plays that won their high school games. Andrew took off his football jacket and tossed it at Ralph. Then he flexed his biceps again, now that they could be clearly seen. The cameramen snapped his picture repeatedly and Andrew grinned at the attention, not noticing Ralph taking Andrew's jacket off his head, where it had landed when Andrew had tossed it at him. Ralph and Connor were slightly annoyed at Andrew for hogging the spotlight, especially when he had said that he would tell the reporters about their success during the games as well. But when Ralph and Connor got a good look at just how massive and muscular Andrew was, they decided to keep their mouths shut.
"Do you want me to take my shirt off so that you can see all my muscles?" Andrew asked, getting ready to take his shirt off anyway. When he saw the reporters nodding eagerly, especially the female ones, Andrew ripped his t-shirt off. "Go ahead, take all the pictures you want," Andrew told the reporters. "Now you know what a real muscle god looks like!"
The camera flashed increased in frequency and Andrew grinned arrogantly, getting caught up in the media frenzy he had generated. Andrew began flexing all his muscles slowly, making sure that each camera got good shots of his muscles. Since it had been a long time, about a month, since Andrew had taken off his shirt in public, the attention of the public was quite a thrill for him. The camera flashes increased in frequency and intensity, and Andrew grinned arrogantly, immersing himself fully in Cocky Jock Mode. He flexed each muscle slowly, making sure that each camera got a good view. Andrew allowed himself to fully enjoy his status as a photogenic jock.
Once the cameras had stopped flashing, Andrew collected a few modeling agency cards from the agents in the crowd. Then he motioned the reporters and photographers towards the Hurricanes and Ralph and Connor. He held Carrie's hand gently and smiled, slowly switching from Andrew the Cocky Jock back to Andrew the Gentle Giant. Carrie noticed however, that Andrew did not put his t-shirt back on. Instead he tied it around his waist and put his jacket around Carrie's shoulders.
"Thank you Andrew," Carrie said, smiling up at him. "You certainly had no trouble slipping back into Cocky Jock Mode, did you?"
"Naw girl, I didn't," Andrew replied, draping his massive arm around her shoulders. "Remember when you wanted to rip my t-shirt off last night?" Carrie nodded eagerly and Andrew added, "I saved you the trouble, or robbed you of the pleasure, it depends on how you look at it. I took my shirt off myself, but I didn't rip it off, because I'll need to put it on later. For now, I'll leave my shirt off so that everyone can appreciate the results of all my hard work over the past seven years."
"The hard work that made your muscles rock hard, you mean," Carrie corrected him, rubbing his massive pecs. "Don't forget that I am your biggest fan!" Andrew grinned and didn't even try to stop her from worshipping his muscles in front of the whole crowd. "Aren't you going to tell me not to rub your bare chest in front of everyone?" Carrie asked Andrew in surprise.
"No way!" Andrew replied. "I'm going to enjoy being a jock this weekend!"
"Don't worry, I'll make sure that you enjoy yourself this weekend," Carrie whispered in his ear as Chad approached.
"Okay you two; stop grinning at each other like that!" Chad admonished them, noticing the huge smile of anticipation on Andrew's face. "Anyone can tell what you two are planning to do tonight!" Andrew and Carrie looked down at their feet, suddenly embarrassed. Chad stepped closer and added, "Don't worry though, your mother and I both agree Carrie: Andrew will treat you right, no matter what you both plan to do this weekend. We trust you both and we know that you'll be responsible." Andrew and Carrie looked up at him, and Carrie's mom, amazed at how understanding their parents were. "Hey, don't look so surprised!" Chad told them. "After all your hard work getting to this point, you both deserve to have lots of fun this weekend! Just be discrete about it; even though you're both almost 18, you're still out in public!" Andrew and Carrie nodded, smiling at each other with anticipation again. "Now that we have that subject out of the way, I'd like to say goodbye for now. The other parents and I have a few things to discuss with Mr. Malcolm and the other coaches, including the coach for the Women's Hockey Team!" Carrie's smile widened at that piece of information. "You two go to the beach and have lots of fun with your friends tonight; that's an order!"
"Yes sir!" Andrew shouted, saluting his father.
"As you were Soldier," Chad said, grinning at his son. "See you later son."
"See you later dude!" Andrew shouted, waving at his father as Chad and the other parents followed Mr. Malcolm off the field. He turned to Carrie and said, "Well how about that, our parents gave us permission to have fun with each other this weekend."
"Kind of takes the risk and fun out of it!" Carrie pouted.
"You're such a bad girl Carrie!" Andrew teased her.
"You have no idea what I'm capable of Big Boy!" Carrie informed him. "But I assure you, by the time this night is over, you'll know just how bad I can be!"
"I can't wait," Andrew whispered in her ear as his friends approached them. "Hey guys, let's get to the hotel now; our limo's waiting for us!"
"Wait for me Andrew!" Mark shouted, running up to the group of teens. "I'm coming with you, if you don't mind!"
"Not at all Mark," Andrew assured him. "What about your friends though; are they going to join us at the beach later?"
"Yes they will," Mark replied. "They're just being swarmed by the media that you pointed in their direction. Anthony, the big lineman you met earlier, is talking to a scout from the Miami Dolphins as a matter of fact!"
"Hey good for him!" Andrew shouted. "I knew that he had NFL potential!"
"Yes he does," Mark agreed. "He and the other linemen will join us at the big public park at South Beach later."
"Is that the same park with the South Beach Gym on it; the one you?re a member of?" Andrew guessed.
"How did you know that?" Mark asked Andrew in astonishment. "I never told you that!"
"No, but Mr. Malcolm did," Andrew informed him. "We had quite a long talk about how I started training you three years ago. The plane was the perfect place to have long conversations. Mr. Malcolm was very impressed with your performance as the Freshman Quarterback. You are truly a credit to our school Mark!" He opened the right rear door of the limo, and ushered his friends inside. "Let's go everyone: get in and we'll be on our way to South Beach!"
Everyone grinned at Andrew, especially Carrie: who was pleased to see the return of Andrew the Gentle Giant. Andrew smiled at Carrie gently as he stepped into the limo.
"Do you want me to put my shirt back on sir?" Andrew asked the limo driver.
"Not until we get to the hotel Mr. Pearson," the limo driver replied. "And after what Mr. Malcolm told me, I should be calling you sir!"
"What did he tell you exactly?" Andrew asked nervously, afraid that Mr. Malcolm had figured out that he served in the Reserves.
"Mr. Malcolm predicted that you will be an NFL Superstar!" the limo driver informed Andrew, starting the limo. "If that's true, then you'll soon be riding around in a limo a lot more!"
"Ah I understand now," Andrew realized, breathing a sigh of relief when he realized that his secret was still safe. "I hope Mr. Malcolm isn't jinxing me though, with all his optimistic predictions. Aside from Law Enforcement and Military Duties, I think Professional Football is the most injury-prone occupation there is! And who knows how much rougher college ball will be than high school football!
?With your massive muscles, you?ll have no trouble,? Mark predicted.
?You mean because I?ll be able to run through anyone who gets in my way?? Andrew asked, smirking.
?Yes, and also anyone who tries to run you over will bounce off your muscular armour like a bug off a windshield!?
?I guess you?re right,? Andrew agreed. He turned to Carrie and said, ?So girl, are you looking forward to feeling these massive muscles??
?Oh yeah Big Boy!? Carrie purred enthusiastically, rubbing his massive pecs.
?Stop it guys!? Connor yelled. ?Why don?t you two get a room for that kind of thing??
Andrew looked over at Connor slowly and reminded him, ?No one?s forcing you to watch us; if you don?t want to see us making out, stare out the window instead.? He glared at Ralph and added, ?Same goes for you punk!? Andrew reached out and forcibly turned their heads towards the window. Then he turned back to Carrie, who was grinning at the reappearance of Andrew the Cocky Jock. ?I?m all yours now,? He informed Carrie. ?Go ahead and worship these massive muscles; now!?
?Whatever you say Big Man,? Carrie purred softly, snuggling up into Andrew?s massive arms. ?I don?t need to be ordered to worship you!?
Andrew grinned arrogantly, feeling free to let out the Cocky Arrogant Jock now that he was officially on vacation with Carrie. Carrie grinned as well, pleased that Andrew was acting cocky and tough. She had been trying to break through Andrew?s shell of politeness and she was pleased to have finally succeeded. However, she did realize that Andrew only revealed his Inner Jock when he took off his t-shirt. It was as if his shirt represented his shell of politeness. Once he took off his shirt, he also took off his Gentle Andrew shell. Carrie was pleased that she had figured all that out, and she was pleased that Andrew's touch was really gentle, even when he was in Cocky Jock Mode. But then she realized that if Andrew hurt her, their fun would be interrupted.
Connor and Ralph, on the other hand, found themselves scared of Andrew for the first time in their lives. They had never been on vacation with Andrew before, like Carrie had, so they had no idea that Andrew always acted like a Cocky Arrogant Jock in Miami. They stared out the limo's right rear window as the limo turned onto the Macarthur Causeway, which was the road to South Beach.
In contrast to Connor and Ralph, Mark knew how cocky Andrew acted in Miami, having invited Andrew along for his recruiting visit the year before. Andrew had just sat quietly in the stands that year, but Mark had made sure to point him out to Mr. Malcolm. Mark was pleased that his big friend was having lots of fun on his own recruiting visit so far. Mark was also happy that he had his own girlfriend, Anthony's sister Amber. Andrew had no idea that Anthony was planning a post-game party the next day, but Mark was planning to tell him soon. Anthony had a post-game party every Sunday, and that is where Mark has met his new girlfriend one month before. Anthony and Mark were really popular, being the Co-Captains of the Hurricanes. Mark had been amazed at how popular the Hurricanes were in town, until Anthony reminded him that the Miami Hurricanes had won more National Championships than any other college football team in the nation! Anthony replaced Andrew as Mark's Personal Trainer, having worked at the South Beach Gym as a trainer for several years. Just one week before, he had helped Mark bench 500 pounds for the first time. Anthony had been very pleased with his new friend and Mark's girlfriend had congratulated Mark personally the next day, which happened to be their one month anniversary.
The limo pulled up to the hotel just as Mark finished his analysis of his life in Miami so far. Andrew and Carrie got out of the limo and then Andrew put his t-shirt back on. As Ralph and Connor got out of the limo from the other side, they saw the arrogant grin on Andrew's face vanish as he pulled his t-shirt down over his head. When Andrew pulled his shirt down again, revealing his face once more, they noticed that the cocky grin was gone from his face. Instead Andrew had a confident grin on his face. Connor and Ralph were amazed at Andrew's transformation from Cocky Jock to Gentle Giant. Then they remembered how Andrew had gone through a similar transformation at Fitness Depot in September. That helped them make the same connection between Andrew's attitude and his t-shirt that Carrie had.
"Let's go everyone; our rooms are waiting!" Andrew shouted, as the bellhops came down the stairs to get their luggage.
"Yes they are sir," the Hotel Manager said, coming down the front steps behind the bellhops. "And I'm confident you'll enjoy them."
Andrew smiled at the Manager, as the limo driver handed the teens' luggage to the bellhops.
"You're probably right," Andrew agreed, shaking the Manager's hand. "From what I saw on the website, this is a really luxurious hotel!"
"Glad you're impressed Mr. Pearson," the Manager said. "I'm Mr. Perkins, and I'd be honoured to show you to your suite personally."
"Did my reputation precede me again?" Andrew asked, grinning at the thought. When Mr. Perkins nodded, Andrew motioned to Connor, Ralph and Carrie and said, "Don't forget about my three companions here; they're pretty well known in their sports as well."
"That's why we reserved the Recruiter's Suite for all of you," Mr. Perkins said, leading the way up the front steps. "I can promise that you won't be disappointed!"
"I have no fear of that," Andrew assured him, nodding at the doormen as they opened the front doors. "From what I've seen of Miami so far, college football players are really well thought of here."
"And you'll be really well treated as well," Mr. Perkins assured Andrew, leading the way down the hall to the front desk. Andrew and his friends marveled at the marble pillars and the soft carpet. "Do you like the layout of the hotel Mr. Pearson?" Mr. Perkins asked, noticing Andrew's amazed look.
"It's amazing how luxurious everything is!" Andrew marveled, running a massive hand along a marble pillar. "This is real marble, isn't it?"
"Yes it is," Mr. Perkins replied. "Just as real as the marble and mahogany on the Front Desk," he added. "Here are your room keys."
"Don't you mean suite keys?" Andrew asked.
"Taste one and tell me if it's a 'sweet' key," Mr. Perkins suggested, grinning at his joke.
"Ha ha!" Andrew laughed, as Mr. Perkins led the four teens up the long staircase. "Coach Malcolm must have told you how puns make me laugh!"
"Actually your father did," Mr. Perkins said, as they entered the hall on the second floor. "He also made some special arrangements for you and Carrie during your stay." He led the way to the double doors at the end of the hall and opened them. "Here we are Mr. Pearson; I hope you enjoy your stay with us."
"Wow!" Andrew marveled, staring at the luxurious furnishings in the suite. "This is really impressive sir!"
"You haven't seen the best part yet," Mr. Perkins said, walking over to the window. He opened the double balcony doors and then stepped back to let the teens get a good view. "Let's just say that they don't call our street Ocean Drive for nothing!"
"That is a gorgeous view!" Andrew shouted in excitement. "I can't wait to ride those waves!" he added, pointing one massive arm at the endless expanse of sky blue ocean.
"You'll get your chance soon enough," Mr. Perkins said. "But first, take a look at the Master Bedroom and let me know if it meets your approval." He opened the double doors and stepped back so Andrew could see around him. "What do you think?"
"I can't describe how wonderful the room looks," Andrew said, staring closely at the raised king-size bed and marble pillars surrounding it. "Is this the normal Master Bedroom in a suite?"
"No, but then this is not the normal suite either," Mr. Perkins informed Andrew, as the bellhops brought the teens' luggage into the suite. "This is the Recruiters Suite, a little taste of Ultimate Luxury in a four star hotel. Even the Four Seasons, a five star chain, does not have a Presidential Suite like this! But knowing how much NFL players make, we thought we'd invest in a tiny slice of billionaire luxury to motivate the future Hurricanes players."
"Do you really think even an NFL star could afford a bedroom like this?" Andrew asked in amazement, running his hand along the deep blue marble pillar.
"If they invested wisely, millionaires could become billionaires by the time they retire," Mr. Perkins informed Andrew.
"That's what I want for myself and Carrie!" Andrew decided. "Together we could start a legacy of wealth for both our families and become the Orillia Bluebloods!"
"Good luck with that Mr. Pearson," Mr. Perkins said, as the bellhops set Andrew and Carrie's bags into the Master Bedroom. "Is there anything else I can help you with today?"
"No, just take this with you," Andrew said, tucking a 20 dollar bill into Mr. Perkins front jacket pocket.
"Thank you very much sir!" Mr. Perkins said, his graciousness raising a notch. "If there's anything you need, don't hesitate to let us know."
"Just some privacy while my girlfriend and I get changed," Andrew said, handing the bellhops 20 dollars each as well. "Thanks for escorting us to our suite personally."
"Enjoy yourselves sir!" Mr. Perkins shouted, as Andrew slowly closed the Master Bedroom doors.
"Oh we certainly will!" Andrew shouted, as the doors closed.
Sean Lackie
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